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By Gertrude Robison
WITH tlio ibeautifully conducted
breakfast at the Marion hotel
ithi morning, the Salem Wo
man's club officially opened its social
season. As most of the year's work has
already been laid out, the affair was
strictly social. A large number of wo
"men, including some of the cities most
prominent leaders, attended, and the
break-fast Was as great a success as
had teen anticipated.
,.- -
. The following social item from the
Oregon Journal will foe of interest io
number of"8aIeni folk and er Univer
sity of Oregon students:
"Coming as a surprise to their many
friends is the announcement of the
marriage of Miss Mildred Cooper of
The Dalles to Francis Q. Galloway,
also of Ths Dalles, The young Cbla
'slipped away from their friends and
came to Portland on Wednesday where
they were married in the presence of a
ew relatives nt Atkinson Memorial
x'hurch at 4 o'clock, the Reverend Kl-
: fcert E. Flint officiating.
'' "Mrs. Galloway was graduated from
Portland Academy and attended Miss
topen's sahool in "Northampton, Mass.
She has been deputy Bounty assessor
in Wasco county for several years and
1ms lived in The Dalles most of her
life. She is a daughter of Mr. and
.Mrs. D. J. Cooper and a member of
a pioneer family of Oregon.
"Mr. Galloway is tho son of Judge
William Galloway of Salem, former
circuit judge of Marion county. He has
.'been a resident of this city for some
years and was graduated from the Uni
versity of Oregon. Ihiring the war per
iod ho was commissioned in tho offi
cers rcsorve at - Louisville, Kentucky.
. For a time he wag instructor in Wiish-
'.- ington high aeliojjl, Portland. Gallo
way is district attorney of Wasco
county and grand exalted ruler of Uio
Elks lodge.
' ' Following a brief honeymoon spent
at Mansanita beach the young couple
trill return to The Dalles -where they
Will make their home."
i The Y. W. 0. A. make the following
" 't ' ui.i ;n j,.i.4 iZ
m m m
. of great interest to aU the girls and
"young women in the city:
: 1'hysical culture classes in comiec--H
Linn with .wimminv alasum for women
and girls arc starting at the x. M. C.
A. on Wednesdays. Tho morning class
Is hold at ton 'o'clock and the evening
"class at seven thirty. After the physic
. al culture classes the members can en
ter the swim in in;; classes. All who do
not wish to take physical culturo are
requested to ontor the swimming class
es at 10 a. m. and 7:;iO p. m., so that
tho tank will not bn crowded.
Another class in swimming will be
started in tho afternoon for young
girls. Tho hour will be arranged 'suit
able for school girls and it is hoped a
largo class can bo started. Instructors
re present at all causes.' For further
information regarding physical exam
inations and membership fees see Mrs.
Pake, club secretary at the Ys W. C.
Announcement is made of the danee
to be given Friday, October 24, iby the
Junior Guild of St. Paul's church. For,
years, previous to the outbreak of the
. war, this was an annual event but
upon our entrance into tho struggle the
t representative class of women engaged
In war work and the social activities
of th Oui'ld were given up entirely.
As society gradually settles down to
a, pcaco time basis and affairs begin to
assume- n morn normal appearance, the
Quild,-like other organizations of its
kind in the city, la beginning to re
sume its social affairs.
' Tho dance on October 24, will lie es-
snntinlly a Salem event. The musicians
, mil aro Salem people, and any money
realized from the dunce will bo used
for the consumption of expenses in Sa
lem. Sponsored by a group of promi
nout and responsible women, and bear
ing all the characteristics of refine
ment and enjoyment for which the st
tivitics of the Guild aro noted, a plea-
uriune treat is assurea all tuose who at-
The North Salem Woman 's club mot
fit the homo of Mrs. Emil TJoth, 1113 et were, Mesdames F. W. Settlomeir,
Worth Oottago street, Wednesday af- Ityott Lawrence, H. Overton,
ternoon. Tha time was occupied cxelus- i Maine McCord, Lyman H. Shorey, Al
ivoly with a Ibtuinesa session, at whichl lca Monnawsy and- J. W. Richards,
tho club officially endorsed Miss Mat- Cake.s, ice and chocolate wero served
tie Heatty as camlulate for the pros-
idency of tho Oregon federation of
women's clubs, and delegates were ap
pointed to attend the annual conven
tion in Corvollis. Mrs. Myra Shanks
end Mrs. J. F. Hutchnson wore appoiut
oil to roproseait the club, with Mrs. C,
Pollman and Mrs. Hoy Shields as al
ternates. Vollowing the meeting tho "women
retired to the plant of the Salem
Kings Products company where the
r: i ...i .1 i,
TOrioua dopartinents and explained- the
process of dehydration. The next meet
ing will tbe held on November 12 at
tho home of Mm, Straufibauth.
Mrs. W. J. Hawkins, chairman of
tho Oregon ratificntinH committee, has
announced that Thanksgiving diiy has
I'i'en soUn-ted fur the opening of a wo
man 's liberty drive in all states where
la'ificntion is already completed for
raising funds for tho final half of the
ratification campaign. Ballot boxes la
beled "ballot box of 1!20. If vou want
.... . . i - ,
to put in vote in llKit), put a dollar
will be used for collecting
lun ls.
Of the 23 stales expected to ratify,
only four will hold regular sessions bo
fore 1920, said) Mis. Hawkins. "It is,
therefore, nooesrtiry to secure special
sessions in 14 other states. Aproitimste
lv !7,000,(X!0 women lire already eligi
ble to vote in the t'nitcd States in
llt'JO." ' , , - .
liepiililicnns aro still in tho lead in
eallinu extra sessions for the ratifica
tion' m me repumienn governors or
iowa, .rnwra.Mks) Muraemia, acw
Hampshire, t olenido aud( hanns, and
tho democratic governors of Aiktui
sas, Missouri, Utah, Montana and Mew
York have so far called sessions.
Mrs. Parks
Brlile classes opened
Tuesday at the V. V. C. A. with a resideneo of Mrs. CY M. Epply. 1
Rood attendance. These classes sre , , iuitial mmilng ot 1lle" iWSll
very pepular in the city among the ,)friopr!, win bo elected and the lui
womiwho are interested in Bible ,., p,Bn, jfor tho eoming ear mado
research, and promnte to have a large outa '
Uendaoc during the winter.
The first of a Tegular series of stu
dent recitals will be held at the Chris
tian church next Friday evening. This
.series of programs will afford splendid
practice in public appearance for de
serving pupils and a general invitation
is extended to the public. The members
presented will be representative of the
work done in the studios and listeners
are promised a splendid variety in a
short time. Sponsors for these programs
are Mrs. Leiand (Porter, teacher of dra
matic art; frank Churchill, organist
and piano teacher; Miss Lena Belle
Tartar, instructor in singing. The pro:
gram this week will include readings
iby Rebecca Samuels, Lota Schulz, Lau
ra Purvine and Virginia Dorcas; -vocal
numbers by Frances Ward and Macyle
Hunter; Mien Viola Ash will assist
with a violin solo and Mr; Churchill
will be heard in some beautiful organ
solos. A cordial invitation is extended
to the public.
(Following an established custom, the
new students of Willamette universi
ty were entertained Wednesday eve
ning by the members of two societies,
with a view to increasing the person-'
nel of both organizations. Tho "Phi
los" chose their building on the cam
pus as a desirable scene for the festiv-,
ities and a merry evening was spent;
Thoir guests were those new comers
whose surnames began with any ini
tial between A and M.
The "Crestos, " after a pleasant
program at their club house took thoir
guests to the Spa where a delicious
luncheon was served in tho Boso room.
Now students whose names begin with
any letter between M and Z were in
cluded in the guest list.
The numerous friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Burton A. Myers will be sorry to"
learn that they will leave for Califor
nia next Wednesday to make their
home. Mrs. Myers has hold a reapon-1
sible position with the Capital Journal
since her arrival in Salem last winter
and has made , large number of
'f,ion( .Mr- Myer hos . wtly
.turned from overseas whore he
, T"VU!6. , w.lth a. " ilo hosp.tal unit,
Int!ho?rnv1ln Call!nlt
1 " h, dd,',ng f Mr-rMyerS
",u.U Br. " '.
and later will go to Los Angeles where
Mr. Myers will complete his course in
a medical school.
Mis. Al Steiner entortainod tho
mcmbors of the Sweet Briar club "Wed
nesday afternoon, at her lovely home
on tho Wallace road. Offtcors for the
ensuing "year were elected as follows,
Mrs. Glenn Adams, president; Mrs,
Carrie Chaffee, vice president; Mrs.
ai fnoiner, secretary-treasurer. An ad
ditional guest of the club was Mrs.
Olifford Chaffee of. Alborta, Canada,
After the business session a social hour
ensued pleasurably,. spent in neighbor-'
ly converse and noodilowork. The af
ternoon culminated with the serving of
dainty refreshments. , , ,
The club will meet, with Mrs. Chaf
fee in two wecks1 ';' . ' "'
A great deal of interest is centering
on the Columbus dav dance to be given
in the Mooso hall Monday evening by
tho Knights of Columbus and Daugh
ters of Isabella. Compctont committees
have been working zealously for the
past fortnight to insure the succesB
of tho affair. The services of one of
the best orchestras in the cty has been
secured and with an efficient decorat
ing committee beautifying tho hall,
everything is now in readiness for the
big event.
The following prominent women are
acting as patronesses: Mrs. Eugene
Eekerlin, Mrs. R. P. Boise, Mrs. Frank
Durbin, Mrs. Ktta Squire Scetey, Mrs.
.laskuski and Mrs. T. K,. Ford.
Woodburn, Oct. 11. (Special)
Mrs. J. M. Poorman entertained the
Past Matron' club of tho Eastern Star
,ul ncr Bom luesaay anernoon. -jans
"& ' a'"""""
festival were discussed. Mrs. Keith
Powell was an additional guest. The
past matrons, he-sido the hostess, pros-
'" um!imi y, . oinuu-
The lovely W. C. Kantner resideneo
on t enter street was the scene of a de
lightfully inflormal gathering yester
day when Mrs. Knottier entertained
the mai'lKrs of the Home Misoionary
society of tho. First. 'ougrpgational
church lit a protty tea. Hot house plants
were used in the artistic decorations,
l,nd an enjoyable program was Ten-
'ilkm.! i,,..l.,. th Xfa V!1.
.lln... Tk.. I.n.1
liam Fleming. The hostess ws Sraf-
umsly assisted bv Mrs. F. B. Talking-
ton and Mrs. K. M. Hoover. About thir
ty women were present.
A huge pink birthday cake, prettily
ornaiueuted with ten white candles,
t- tho principal feature of the on
joyiiblo party at which Mrs. Lowell
Tweedalo presided yesterday, honoring
tho tenth anniversary of her daughter,
Misi Dorothy.: Other goodies ami an
entire afternoon Of games completed
the celebration. Guests at the pretty
affair wero Dorothy . TwePdale, Kosa-
j lie Uuren. Carolyn "Umbrith, Moxine
Myers. Maxina Glover, Perry Buren,
May wassom, Paulino : Johnson and
Josephine Albert.
Tho many friend of Mrs. George
Wower, who is visiting here from At
lanta, Georgia, will be glad to learn
that she is convalescing from tho oper
ation she underwent recently, nt the
Palem hospital, for appendicitis. Mrs.
Blower will be remembered as Miss
Kffie Myers, who before her marriage
wai eue ot the cities most popular
young maids, V
The Priscilla club, composed of a
group of prominent Sulom women,
will nmM .niivitiua TV
tv,.. i, -,;n . k
Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Meyers and
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge G, Brown re
turned yesterday from a week's visit
in Eugene where the men attended tha
Knights Templar meeting. An enjoy
able feature of tho visit was a trip up
the McKenzie river where the visiting
women of the convention were guests
at a pretty luncheon at Kimrod Inn.
With an opening dance at the Mooae
hall, Monday, October 2(Hh, the Mon
day Wight Dancing club will resume
its activities for the winter. Prepara
tions for the event are now under way
and from aH appearances it will more
than equal the pleasurable enjoyment
the previous affairs of the club; Offi
cers are Dr. W. Darby, president. Hen
ry Compton, treasurer; Walter J- Kirk
secretary. " . . ' ;
.The Elks lodge announces an infor
mal dance at their club house, Friday,
Octooer 17th. As usual, " this is ex
clusively for the Elks and their la
dies, and as usual also, an evening of
unlimited pleasure is promised for
those attending.
Mr, and Mrs. W. UT. Hulsey and chit-
dren, Clifford and Beryl Dean, have
returned to- Salem, after spending a
month in Texas and Oklahoma, visit
ing with relatives. They visited itheir
old home and had a very pleasant trip.
Soven thousand miles were covered in
the journoy.
Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Lane returned
last evening from a six weeks-' trip in
the east. They attended tbe- G. A. it.
convention in Columbus, Ohio, from
whence they went to itforth Platte, Ne
braska, where they, were the guests of
tneir son, A. u. Jjane, a prominent pro
fessional man of that city.
Mrs. William Page Douglass, who,
t t
T o room -house fairlr modern lo- f
X catcd on Hood street. If sold
soon, price $900- . ...
7 room house, good lot, fruit
and -ganen $200 down and
12.50 per month. Price $900
T Good 6 room house. Good ibath,
T A-tOA lAln..n A-tfi v
civ., ip.iy.. iiunn, luaiuuva fii.j yy X
monta. Jfrice S140U
Good B room modern ' cottage' oil T
a. iin.sireei. uooa terms auuu
Nice home in West Salem. Good
terms. Price $2000"
Good 5 room bunaralow in South
I Salem. 2 blocks from car line.
T A-lnft Jnn... i.nin..n. r:u.
Good 8 ' room bungalow, ' one
block" from -ear' line right off of
paved street. Good terms, $3200
Good modern 7 room house on
paved street, close in. $2500.
5 room modern bungnlow. Good I
basement, South Salem. $400
down. Balance monthly pay- T
5 room house on N. High street.
'Good terms. Close in. $800 -
3 acres, unimproved. All clear- T
, a i
e(i. I., miivs irom iwir grounus.
$1100 . :
14 acres, 6 miles north of Salem.
All under cultivation. Fair set of
buildings on good road. Close to
church and school. $3200
10 acres close in on Garden T
road. Mostly prunes and other I
fruit. Good 6 room house snd oub
buildings. Price $7500
5- acres close in. No buildings
great deal of grub oak on the
place. Price $900 ' -,
1ft acret just outside of the city
limits. Fino modern bungalow,
and other out buildings. All in
prunes and loganberries. If sold,
by .November 1st, $16,000 : -
17 acres about 1 miles from T
Hillsboro on good road. No im-. 4
provements. 180O
303 acres aoout S miles from
Salem. Over 200 in Cultivation.
Dark Ted soil. Good 8 room house
and otjier buildings, per acre $73
7ti acres, 8 miles north of Eu-
gene. Good 8 room modern
house. Fireplace, electric lights,
good big barn. -Poultry house,
granary, ma-chine sheds. This
farm is all .undjer cultivation
and one of - the best places
around. Eugene. $22,00
, 406-407,40Y Oregon bldg:
with her two small daughters, has been
visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. William McGiichrist,
Sr., for the past month, has returned
to her home in Oakland, California.
Mr. and) Mra. Av. C. Kerron will mo
tor from Portland tomorrow to spend,
the week as the guests of Dr. and Mrs.
B. E. Lee Stedner. They will be ac
companied hy Mrs. H. 1L Olinger. who
has been visiting in Portland for the
past three days.
Franklin Launer of this city, will be
presented in a piano recital, Saturday
afternoon, October 18, by the Aurora
Woman 1b club, in that city. The home
of Mrs. Frank L. Miller will be the
aeene of the recital.
1 Mrs. Raymond Walsh snd small
daughter, Priscilla, -has returned te her
home in California after a delightful
visit at the 'horns of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Don Fry, Sr.
Miss Buth Johns, popular member
of Salem's younger social set was so
loist at the regular meeting of the
Commercial club, Wednesday evening.
Mrs. W. C. Kantner will leave for
Seattle tomorrow to visit her daugh
ter, Mrs. O. A. Thomas.
Mr, and Mrs. W. E. Thomas left yes
terday for a week's visit with the lat
ter 's sister at Summit, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Martin motored
to Albany last week on a brief busi
ness trip.
The Bridge Luncheon club will meet
with Mrs. William Boot, next Wednes
day afternoon.
Mrs. BT. W. Meyers and- Miss Stough-
ton spent the day in Portland Friday.
.'.. w w
Mrs. Charles Gray is spending a brief
visit with friends at Camp Lewis.
Saul Janz and Esten Williamson are
enjoying a motor trip to California,
In New Store
270 N. Com'l St.
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v -
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dress shirt front a "bathing suit insists
on eing Jufc'k JPickfrjids 'valet in
' Burglar by Proxy", a comedy drama
in, five riotous reels. . ,
Ye :
.z '1
t Oat-of-Town Sodely. $
the meeting of the Aurora Wo
man's club last week, Mrs. W. P. Wurs
ter, president, was elected as delegate
to the state federation convention at
Corvallis and the-candidacy of Mrs. J.
W. Sadler for director of the state feo
eratiott was endorsed. The following
committees were also appointed to
serve for the current year;
Program, ehairrnan, Mrs. William
Wurster, Mrs. Ernest Piper, Mrs. . iB.
F. Gdesy; civic, chairman, Mrs. Albert
Ehlen, Mrs. Earl Cribble, Mrs. John
Miller; house, chairman, . Mrs. W. W.
Irwin, Mrs. J. W, Sadler, Mrs. George
Ehlen; memfMrship, chairman. Mrs.
Fred Yergen, M.sr A. Powers," Mrs.
William Wurster; art, chairman, Mrs.
Ernest IPiper, Mrs. John Miller, Mrs.
S. C. Barkman; press, Mrs. Clara At
kinson; music, chairman, Mrs. J. W.
Sadler, Mrs. Frank Miller, Mrs. Guy
hickok; librarian, Mrs. IB. 1. Giesy.
Mrs. Wurster, the new president. Mrs.
Ottaw&y, the retiring president, and
Mrs. Hadler, an ex-president' of the
An Investment
because it brings
returns it
the mainspring of alt
business the voice
that carries the met.
sage to establish con
fidence and good will
-to create a desire to
buy. ' Is your printing
rAts kind?
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ter imprest if impor
tance and your own
indiuiduality by iff.
Quality the work of
Shaver Press
2 17 9
(MI lift
DiCB. ONeill
LaddBush DankMdiifrf
: Sn!emOr
ll tWn t t
club will all attend the Corvallis meet
Five hundred was the feature of the
afternoon Friday when Mrs. Chris
Giesy and Mrs. L. G. Gieey entertain
ed a coterie of friends at the formers
home near Donald. The guest Jist in
cluded Mesdames Aufranc, Moore, Sex
smith, Freeman, Suikct. Garrett and
Flynn, of Donald; K. R. Gribble, Fred
xergen, a. i. xergen, u-eo. W. Yer
gen, Glenn Yergen, Badcliffe, See,
Powers, Chas. Bccke, Ottawav. Diana
Snyder, Vandeleur, Sadler, Wescott,
Mjenry u Bents, rrank L. Miller, of
Aurora; Moshiberger of Woodburn;
Webb of San Francises: Vadnais of
Portland, and Misses Veiuia Bents and
Georgia Kraits of Aurora.
Dallas 'At the inLtial meefitior nt
the Dallas Woman's club, which was
held in the Hbrarv. Tupurinv. th fnl.
lowing delegates were elected to at-
tiuiJ . 1. n ....... J I . n i
lis next week: Mrs. H. A. Woods, Mrs.
Oscar Hjlvter Mra -"fi! V rioltM . alu
ternates, Mrs.' Eugene Hayter and Mrs.
c. a. Hamilton.
To the People of Polk and Marion Counties.
We are opening a produce market and will be prepared to purchase
all kinds of produce. ' . ' .
, This will give the people one of the greatest opportunities for jell-"
ing and buying, our place will be in operation at o'nee. ,
We are already now for Poultry, Veal, Pork, Hides, Pelts, Wool,
Potatoes, Onions, Beans, Hay, etc.
We are connected with an eastern firm and are prepared to pay the
highest prices. '
Give us a trial and you will be convinced;
A market price will be published in tho Daily Capital Journal so
you may know every day the latest quotations.
' Our place is located at 255 Ferry street in rear of the American
Automobile Garage, Temporary Phone 399.
BEN. MORRIS, Manager.
The New Philadelphia
Diamond Grid
For All Lighting Purposes
The Battery Shop
tmi i i nil i m
- 1
Arrangements were also made by tho
literary, section to adopt the ehautaur -qua
reading course for , the year.
"America Among the Nations." will
be the theme. Mrs. Oscar Hayter ia
chairman of this section. -
,' Aurora Miss Ida Jones was pleas'
antly surprised with a party last Sat
urday evening in honor of her eigh
teenth 'birthday. A pleasurable evening
was spent with, cards, games and danc
ing. Those present were Leona Will,
Diana Snyder,- Mary Gibson, Hester
Welch, Bernice Burger, Ida Jones, Vel
ma Bents, Mr. and Mrs. A.-Eblcn, Bob
Bonn, Boh. Shiinmin, Bert Shimmin,
Percy Will, Guy Gibson, Harold Jonee,
Henry Bents, Eugene Jones,
- ' - :- - . r .
Mies Rosemary McGuire was honor
guest. at a pretty surprise-party last
Tuesday, honoring the sixteenth anni
versary of her birthday. The afternoon
was pleasantly spent with games and
music, and delicious refreshments were
served. The guests were Mary McGrew,
Marion Rafinot, Anna Hapfinger, Le
(Continued on page three) ;
Thiiteen blue coats, a French named
highball and an abscessed tooth mak
Jack Kobin's life one continual round
of surprised in Jack Pickfoid's latest
First 'National Exhibitors' Crlcuit re
lease ."Burglar by Proxy."