Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 10, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Eola News Notes.
(Oc'pitBl Journal Special Service.)
There are rumors at Salem tliat H. J.
Kola, Or., Oft. 10. The Kola oclionl
li:;s 22 scholars enrolled with Miss Hoi
lin us the teaeher.
R. Knink sold a cow thift week for
100. The socoud he has sold this xiuu
Mr. and Mrs. Holmaa weut to I'ort
laud Momlny, returning the same even
fag. (ieorgo Mitty visited at the home of
Alfred Brown Sunday.
Four members of the erew which is
working on the road near Kola- are board
ing with Mrs. Aeuff.
Mrs. Clement has been sick the last
few dry. .
Miss Klora Clement is teaching the
ixth grade at the Greenwood school.
pbeaMint shooting. . .
.1 v r;,.i,.,,,i.. ., :;f !..,. ,......,i
to Stay ton and are occupying their Schuldermnnu, corporation commissiou
lioiise near the Catholic church. er, will enter the. nice for public crv-
J. (J. Halfman, who recently arriv-,jr0 commissioner at the primarv next
ed from California, is occupying the,.. ,. '' i n r ,
Christian church .msoua-e. 1 C. i ! May iu opposition to tred fa. Burhtol.
j I.oos and family from near West May-' '
I ton, have moved into the Mrs. Kori-1
nek houpe. ; I
Frank i-iiefnmmd and family are now
hicated on the .1. F. iticltardi, place, ,
which they recently purchased. ,
Jdp Hendricks, who bought the Ru
dolph Kusv farm. In now nccnnvli. ir. I
Floyd Crabtree has fcSfasyd ihe
Wright place, west of the Spaniol mill.
Ho will now have a place where he
can put in his time when not .carrying
mail. He is talking of planting lognn
berrie. The Murphy-Gardner saw mill is now
operating on ithe 'rabtroo place east
of town, and tiirnin? out .considerable
lumber. Thev have a supply of good
log .
F. A. Smith, who lives about four
. Examination of persons wishing
eiii;g,.' in the practice of law in Oregi !.
begat, before the s.ipienie court Tueso
iiic.rr.ini;.- There an? u(. applicants.
I. Patterson.
miles oast of Stiiyton on the Mehnina
Mrs. Antrican is picking apples for I. road, has aold his place of about 50
acres. ine purcnaser is a stranger here
'abouts. ,
$ i Mr. and Mrs. Everett Crabtree are
pieasea over the arrival of a daughter
ar tneir nomc, wincn event occurred
Leo Klerker has arrived homo from
Seaside, and will spend a time visiting
Mrs. Martin Berg and children, are
Rosedale Items.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Rosedale, Or., Oct. 10. Mrs. Wholeliol
ami family have moved to Vancouver
Miss Helen Canimack and Lowell
Gardner, also Gerald Pearson of Sunny
ide, went to Newberg Monday, tin'
SOth, to enter Bchool there.
Miss Estclla Stroud returned to Kew
lierg Thursday of lust week after visit
ing relatives here and helping to harvest
Hlaine Bronner of Marion 'preached
at the Friends church Sunday, the 28th.
Miss Verda Bates spent, Tuesday night
f last week with her friend, Miss Jig
ti'ilrj Stroud,
The addition to the Rosedale school
louse is nearly completed, and school bo
Rim last Monday. The teachers aro Miss
Florence Fraxcr and Miss Anderson,
Mr. and Mrs. Deb Blinston uro mov
ing three or four miles south 'In the
Ankeny bottom.
'.. A. Hadley and wife and the Gard
or family attended the wedding of Miss
Allies Cook in Toi'tlnnd, Wednesday
Mrs. Alice, Cook is again living at her
Jiome hero after spending the summer
near Hopmere.'
la tie root of nearly all slif estivn
Till. If Tour digestion it weak or
out of kilter, better eat test sad tua
the new uid to better dietitian.
Pleaaeat to take effective. Let
Ki-moiJi help itraiirntea out Tour
digestive troubles ,
MADK r acOTT ft BOWNat
makzns of acurra emulsion
Bitro-Phosphate Is
Good For Thin
Nervous People
A Physician's Advice
Frederick, S. Kollc, M. D., editor of
jvew York Physician's "Who's Who
. (Ci.pit.nl Journal Special Service.)
Hazel Green Notes.
Hazel CJreen, Or., Oct., 10. Tho Par
4nt-Teachers association will hold its
first meeting on Tridny evening, Octo
ber 17, at Huzol (iron school house.
Henry Keppliuger and fu-inily from
Mill City visited at the E. A. Dunlgan
to mo Sunday.
Oeorgo Rhodes lias moved Into tlie
Utility house,
Mr, Uoyington has rented tho Kildalil
place, formerly occupied by Georga
Rev. J. U, Parker of Philomath will
speak at the 1'nited Brethren Sunday
school rally, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs, Archie McCorklo of
I'oitland recently visited the bitter's
Utor, Mrs. O. Freed.
V. Hasellmeher is building a new
lain for Clem Wo,lf.
Mrs. Hummer of Auburn is visiting
lor daughter, Miss tiulo Harford.
MUs I.ula l.instrom of Polk county is
visiting her sister ,Mrg. Clem Wolf.
I Bechtol lias routed 123 acres to
the Japanese, to plant strawberries.
Stayton. $
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Stayton, Oct. 10, Mrs. Fawk, from
li "iir Salem, visited her sister, Mrs. J.
M. ltuigo, over Sunday.
Miss Vanda Sestnk came home from
(). A. C. for nil over Sunday visit.
Lester Hmitll and his friend Mr.
Kuka, from 'Portland, have returned
Jiume. They eiuno up for a few days
To Relieve Catarrh,
Catarrhal Deafness
And Head Noises
here trom Seaside whero they have snvs that weak, nervous people who
been the past year She will keep house want increased weight, strength and
nerve force, should take a 5 grain tab-
before or
her father ii. Klocker.
Af..., TLf U...., J 1
...... ,s., vi amuia, ".let of JBitro-l'hosphatc just
V""" "rr I'a'cnis, jvir. ana mis. i. jdnring each. meal.
. CTOl.tree and brother, b C. "rnb- This particulaf phosphate is
vjiic unit IM-r HllOUJl(l 'X leCl IO Civni-u- nf a fnmn.ia XA1.
leave soon for California, to reside.
W. J. Warren, who has been the
Methodist pastor here the p-.:st two
years, will go to Yamhill. Ho will bo
succeeded here by ft B. Rees.
Miss Maryaa Alexander returned
she has been visiting the past month.
Tuesday evening from Portland, where
Whore .friendship ends "It if
wrong to envy anv man his prosperi
"Of course it is," replied Cactus :vnn Imvo mnntv... it n ....,.
Joe. "But when Tarantula Tim holds 'are not steadier: if vn An not Wn
better and have more vim, endurance
the dis-
and reports of remarkable results from
its uso have rocently apjiearcd in many
medical journals.
If you. do not feel well; if you--tire
easily;, do not sleep well, or are too
thin; go to any good druggist and get
enough fiitro-Phosphate for a- two
weeks' supply it costs only fifty cents
a week. .......
' Eat less; chow your food thoroughly,
and if at the end of a few weeks you
do not feel stronger and better than
three nce fulls in. succession we're en
titled to indulge in a certain amount
of .inqiiisitivenesa about tho dock and
Ihe deal." Washington IStar.
auu vitality, your money will bo e
turned, and the Bitro Phosphate will
cost you nothing. (Adv)
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets v
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bad taste in your mouth
a lazy, no-good feeling you should
take Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for calomel were prepared by
Pr. Edwards after 17 years of study.
? Dr.Edwards'OliveTabletsareapurely
vegetablecompound mixedwitholiveoil.
Vou will know them by their olive color.
? To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
ihildhooddaysyou must Retatthe cause.
: Dr; Edwards' Olive Tablets act on
the Ever and bowels like calomel yet
have no dangerous after effects.
; They start the bile and overcome con
stipation. Millions of boxes are sold
annually at 10c and 25c. Take .one or
two nightly and note the pleasing results.
are the things that count
when it rains
Ihave made good
since Ifl36
ko or tat ncfUXEItt :
"syrup of figs" z
child's Laxative
Look at Tongue! Remove Poison From
Stomach, Liver and Bowels
Persons suffering from catarrhal
tli'iifnoss, or who are growing hard of
luaiiug and he head noises will be
jr'nd to know that this distressing af
fliction can usually bo successfully
tfea ed at home by an internal inedi
iv n that in many instances has effect
id complete relief after other treat
Jiicuts have failed .Sufferers who could
.rmeely hoar have had their hearing re
oi-ect to such, nil extent that the tick
i'f a wilt -h was plainly audible seven
nr eight inches away from either oar.
Therefore, if yon know of mieone who
is troubled with head noises or ca
tarrhal deafness, cut out thia formula
Mid hand it to them and yon may have
been the means of saving some poor
sufferer perhaps from total deafness.
The pi'cucript'iou can be prepared at
liome and is made as follows:
Si-cure from yur druggist 1 o. Par
mint (double strength.) Take this
liumo snd add to it Vt pint of hot wa
iter ami a little granulated sugar; stir
l'util dissolved. Take one teaspoonful
four times a day.
Parmint is used in this way not only
1o reduce by tonic aclion the Inflam
mation and welling in the Kus'achian
tubes, and tlm to eiualie tho air
J vesture on the drum, but to correct
i.nr en-ess of secretions in the middle
lar, and the results it s'ves are near
ly a'way quick and effective.
fcvery person who has catarrh in any
form, or distressing rumbling, hissing
Sounds in their ears, should give this
N KeepYourShoes Neat M M
jSfcs. (DARK brown) shoes rJik
Accept "Oaliifornia" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name "California on
tho package, -then you are sure vour
child is having1 the best and most harm
loss laxative or physio for the littU
stomacn, liver and bowels. Children
love its. delicious fruity taste. Full di
rections for, child 'a dose on each bot
tle. Give St' without fear.
. JIoth.ee!.. You must say "California"
The Salem Sample Store
Women's Suits and Coats
'Factory Samples just received in
various colors and styles. These are
priced to you right and must be seen
to be appreciated.
Suits, $29.85 to $65.00
Coats $33.50 to $34.85
Misses and Children's
Wash Dresses, plaids and Plain
colors, $1.39 to $2.98
Misses Corduroy And Serge
Dresses $2.45 to $3.98
These make good school dresses '
Sizes 10 to 16.
Boys' and Girls L C.
Skuffer Shoes, $2.65
Girls' Brown Vamo -
Cloth Top, $3.25, $3.45
Women's Brown Kid
Louis Heel, $8.45
Same, Black, $8.45
Women s Brown Or Black
Vamps, Cloth Top Lace Shoes
$3.85, $5.85 to $6.85
Women s Kid Juliets
$2.45, $2.85, $2.95
Ladies' Skirts and Waists
We are unpacking a shipment that
just arrived. These will be priced t
you at our usual low prices.
Ladies' Outing Gowns
$1.45 to $1.89
Cotton, Mixed and Wool Blankets
$3.95 to $13.85
Boys' Knee Pact Suits
Greys and Browns, Mixtures
$3.95, $4.50, $6.85 to $8,45
Men's Dress Shoes
$4.20, $6.90 to $9.50
Men's Work Shoes
$2.85, $4.65, $5.85 to $7.50
Chippewa Loggers And High Tops
In many different styles and leathers
$7.85 to $12.95
Bergman Spring Heel
Calked Shoes, $16.50
Logger Shirts- $8.59 "
Men sMack'm85 to ?12.00
.. . i
C J. Breier Co.
locipe trial,
You Do Better Here for Less.
Our line of Hanan Shoes and Pumps Are now in, in both Brown and Black, in high
Shoes. Also Two Tones in Lace and Button at
$15 and $18
Pumps . .
Thousands of Pairs of New Styles in At Famous Selby Shoe in Black, Brown
: and Two Tones, Very Moderately Priced at : '
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We Are Showing the Most Complete Stock of Shoes both in Style and Sizes ever
Offered the Salem Public. We are offering the only high grade line of shoes in
the city. If you want good shoes now is tie time to select them as the prices are
Ball Baud Boots
Bergman Boots
Dux Bax Oil
326 Statetreet
Fox Partv Pumps
Hanan Shoes
Selbv Shoes
Phor e 616 Next to Ladd & Bush Bank "
San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 10. (lrnita
prpS!1.)W,mi, Tuo, was shot ami
killed at ii a. m. today as lip stood in
front of his home in Washington street.
His wife saw him fal land saw two
moil scurry away in the somi darkiiess.
Mrs. Foo could not say whether the men
she saw were Chinese or whites.
in ...
v ATonefFun
For Indigestion
Constipation, Sick Headache, Bilious
ness, Bloating, Sour Stomach, Gas on
the Stomach, Bad Breath you will find
nothing better than that wholesome
Never disappoint. Take - one tonight
and feel better in the morning.
Gcorfti Jenncr, San Antonio, Tens: Foley
Cathartic Tablet bar proven to be the best
laxative 1 ever have taken and I recommend
them for constipation and biliousness,"
Use The Journal Want Ads
! Loves Her Cows
I And Chickens Agal
nave naa stomacn trouble tori
Ivears and for the rut venr hav oi:il
nothing lint stale bread and drank r
water. Was too weak to do any klj
j of work. Six weeka ago I took the fiij
dose of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy a
(nm now doing all my housework besid
: looking after my chickens and milky
1 2 eow every day. Mine has beenj
wond'iful recovery." It is a simj)(
harmless preparation, that removes ti
catarrhal mucus trom tlie lutestni
.trj.t an, allavs the inflammation whi
causes practically all stomach, liver a
Uiti-stinal ailments, including a piieiH
citis. One dose will eonvinets or uioo.'
J C Prrv nil lmTiisi
Steinbock Junk Co.
--WANTS-- ;
All kinds Scrap Iron, Junk, Metal, Rubber, Rags j
Sacks, Hides. .
Highest Cash Market Price j
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Ye Liberty
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