Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 09, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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nr A octTTnTTTk An E A TTPQ
Bate pes., word New Today:-
Each insertion
..... Be
On . week (6 insertioas)
On s'.onth (26 insertions)
One year, per month , .
Minimum per ad 25 cents.
Cash in advance, except where ad'
vertise-rs have monthly accounts...
New Today.
61S room bungalow, modern, full base
ment, furnace, built in features, pav
ed street, well located; leaving,
owner. Address Home A cure Jour
nal. 245
FOR RENT 3 room furnished apt.,
private bath and telephone. 30.) N.
High. Phone JS45. 240
WANTED Auto truck -hauling of all
hinds. Phono 1608J, A. H.- Bieder-
man. 248
FOR SALE 02 acres located 8 miles
south of Salem, 30 acres in prunes,
logaus;' raspberries and English wnl:
nuts, 18 acr.es of timber, balance in
cultivation. All tools, machinery and
stock goes. Price $200 per acre. See
E. B, Grabenhorst, 275 State St. 241
FOR .SALE Light weight,, good team,
$133 if sold at once. Work for same
team and man $8 per day, 8 hours,
skipping gravel. Inquire time 'keeper
Eola Springs day time, or 903 Union
street evenings. . 240
FOR SALE 10 acre3 located north of
Salem 3-4 mile of Oregon Eleetric sta
tiou, Vi mile school; 5 acres in lo
gans, 4 acres in Evergreen blackber
ries. This is one of the ibest traets
in the county. Price $4500. See Fred
W. Durbin, 275 State St. 241
FOR SALE 57 acres all cleared ex
cept l? acres of timber, about half
liver bottom and all the best of soil.
A snap ait $4750. See Fred W. 1 tar
bin, 275 State St. , ' -241
FOR SALEA good house just north
of Court apts. the lot is 33x80 feet
and the price as only $2100. You had
better, see Fred W. Durbin, 273 Stato
St. , . ; - . - ' 241
OS account of other interest will sell
my business making ibettor . than
$200 month for $450, this is just
what its worth. Unexperienced man
..fan. handle. Call 544 State St. z-u
We have houses close- in, 5 to 7
rooms, plastered, electric lights, baths
oud toilets, improved streets, priced
from $i-'p() -to B'fo5 tnese, are reai
buys and-are, now on the market ; see
us in our new offices on the 2d floor,
the above house can be (bought with a
small payment .down and long, time on
balance. 'John H. Scott Realty Co., 22S
Oregon bldg. , a
FOR RENT Barn for auto. 622 INorth
High. , 241
JIODER'N' five room cottage for sale
or trade at Ashland Or., close in.
Call G070J. , 241
WANTED 3 unfurnished rooms. Call
441 from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m., 1240
lifter H. , . , 241
FOR auto truck hauling, try the Bicd-.
ennan'itransfer snnd at No -Vary
grocery, 3S3 Court St. Phone 409. 252
1X)R RENTHGood 9 room' house mod
ern, cement basement, 2 lots with
fruit, on State St. Price $23. per
month. Squnre Deal Realty Co. 239
WANTED Teains to bank out wood.
easy to haul, good wages. Call 1203
'N. Cottage St.--evenings. , . -239
WANTED Practical nursing. Thone
191 7W. -. : . 244
FOR SALE 3 'houses on Union St. by
owner, Miss Zanker, 443. Union. 245
IOST On Sunday afternoon " broocS
set with pearls. Return ta Journal
and receive reward. 241
FOR RENT Small furnished apart
ment for light housekeeping. 333 S.
19th St. , . - 240
FOR SALE 3-vear old filly, weight
about 1250. Phone 80F2. 241
FOR SALE 1 team of chunky Jjuilt,
matched mares, weight 1050 each.
2863 Brooks ave., near fair grounds.
' 240
FOR SALE 1 team 2100 lb. mules, 6
and 7 years old wefll matched, al
ways worked together. 223 Center
atreet. ;' . 240
fKIR SALE Seven ewes and buck for
sale or exchange for shoata or brood
sows. Phone 1138J. . , . 241
FOR SALE Siy owner, cozy lit tle mod
era home, 529 (S. Commercial. Inquire
355 Bellevue. 341
SV003? Swing. Phone 1350, E, A. Bur
ton. We are old hands at tb" busi
ness. - i 244
205 Oregon Building T
fresh, yel- '
FOR SALE 1 six year old
w J-.- ,.w. mvino- 5 aallons
test 0. 1 two-year old heifer giving
1 gallon at milking, gentle and pick
et broke. Also one nice pig and 1
fat hog. Inquire at, 723 S. 13th St.
; 240
FOR SALE Cheap, with terms, or ex
change for Ford car, good, lot very
close street car; garage and bases
meat, close to business 'streets. St.
Johns, 1'ortland. Address B. M.
Woods, lit. 2. 239
FOR SALE 'Ford automooile. Inquire
Adolph cigar store evenings. 240
FOR SALE 9 room bouse, bath, fur
nace, barn. 110l Ferry St. Lot 39x
140, 3. lots adjoining 396x140 feet,
alley and street paved. Tho K.
Campbell, 3012 Court bldg, Port
land. - .
FOR SALECorner 14th and Court
streets, lot 80x442 10 rooms, 2 .batns
cement porches, furnace, laundry,
garage, $7500. . Thos. K. Campbell,
301-2 Court bldg, l'ortiana.
WASTED -Waiter at 138 S. High
street. '4l
FOR SALE Good heavy raincoat,
worn only few tunes, cheap, mono
FOR- SALE On Court street, modern
8 room house, plenty of fruit. Phone
2413R, 193 S. 18th St. . Z-
FOR SALE The last peaches of the
season are now ready. Largo yellow
.freestone. ,, vine flavor, limited
amount. M. C. -Pctteys, Phone
.... - . 240'
vim SALE iRuick five tiasseneer, 4
cylinder, good condition, little used
in pood condition. Inquire 277 'X
iCanitol 1 n. m. 241
FOR SALE Small house, large lot.
bearing fruit of all kinds. McFar-
lin. .Tndson and S. Cottage, 244
WANTED To buy a Unnk. 1135 Waller-street.
. 241
For Sale.
FOR SALE 70 acres fenced and
cross fenced, all under cultivation.
30 ajres 'bearinw -runes, 5 acres cher
ries, 5 acres pears and apples. Will
subdivide. Would mecept modern
house as "part payment. Terms. Phone
I. 11F2, Rt. 4, box 101. ' 243
FOR SALE Good Jersey cow. Phone
11 F2. Bt. 4 239
FOR SAtE-Leavihg town, household
furniture and chickens tor sale. iua
Waller street. ,243
FOR JsALE Ten acre fruit farm,' 5
miles east (of SSalem, block north
Yeoman station, on good graveled
road, acre of Joganiberrics, family or
chard in bearing, large house, barn,
hen house, etc., chickens, hay, wagon
horses and farm implements. Best
of soil. Will sacrifice at $3200. H. C.
Bressler, Rt. 6, box 2SB, Salem. 240
FOR SALE IFull Mood Jersey cow,
" fresh. 240 21st St. south. Phone 2030
W. "239
FOR SALE Fully equipped late mod
el inuian motorcycle, wim or wiin
out sidecar. Will- take air good bicycle
Call 204 State. Phone 2153W. 239
FOR SALE Extra fine Jersey heifer
calf, 2 months old, price reasonable.
Call at 1795 Fairmoiint ave. 240
FOR SALE Tomatoes, extra quality,
3c lb. 733 N. Com'l St. " 240
SPITZENBURG, Northern Spy, Bald
wins, Kings, Snow and Waxen ap
ples. Hand picked. , W. R. Hicks,
Fruitland road. 243
FOR SALE By owner, 98 aeTes, 1
mile south of AumsviUe, U, p. mbi
burn. Aumsville. Or.'' 242
64 ACRES good land, 5 miles south of
Salem. 2ood house and B&ca. au
fenced Tind all under cultivation.
$100 an acre. Address 04 care Jour
nal or nhone 1118. ' 241
FOR SALE By owner, 31 acres first
bench land, best or rruit lanu;
eight miles, from Salem,
spring and small creek, 27 acres in
Milinv inn -Q ami nrfltmrd ITT TIT R flfrt
apples, walnuts and jiherrie, bear
ing; some improvemenra, jasuu; n
cash, balance terms. Write Owner 31
cnrA .Inurnal. 242
FREESTONE peaches, 3-4 mile from
eoment Ibridge on Wallace roaa.
"Bring your boxes. M. P. Adams, Rt.
1. i'hone 5GF12 after 6.n. m. 243
FOR SALE" Office partitioning, in
- eluding doors and windows. Capital
: Journul office. .
FOR. SALE Titan tractor and 3ot
torn plow, 8 foot tandem disc Har
row, cox 9 journal omce.
SPLENDID light dray wagon $23 cash.
Call 940. ' 241
FOR SAI.K50 eight-weeks old pigs,
choice $0. L. F, Hill, Rt. 8, Phone
39F4. . ...... . 241
FOR SALE A-l fresh Jersey cows. C
. H. Riches, Turner, Or. ,
FOR SALE: Cabbage for kraut, good
quality; aeiiverea two cents a pouuu.
Address Rt. 3, box 32 Gervais, Or.
Phone 48FM, . . 242
FOR SALE River bottom land situ
ated 13 miles north of Salem, of lol
acres, : 40 acres ? cleared. Hard end
cottonwood timber, house and barn.
The finest .iind of loganberry land
at-$0a per acre.. Will take somo trade
Merlin Harding at Salem Hardware
company. : ' 242
FOR SALE Good heavy work team,
and cow-. J. E; Grunsl'oy, Rt. 7, box
82 .. . . .. . ; 241
FOR SALE--Jersey heifer calf, good
stock. Pride $3.. Phono 2502W2. SJ4U
FOR. SALE 4 acres with buildings
and orchard, 2 miles east of Sa
lem. . A. Grimm, Phone 111F5. 242
CAMPBliLL'S early- grapes for sale,
lie 11). lit. 9, box 32. ruone aifa. vz
FOR SACEOr rent, .one- of the best
stock grain- and dairy- ranches in
Marion county, 372 acres, about 300
acres . bottom laud. . Fine improve
ments. F. P. Farriugtoii, owner, Elks
.!..!; 239
)R SALE 3 acres corn and Molinc
gang plow. I. H. Moore, Rt. 7, box
202A. 239
FOR SALE My farm, of 117' acres
- about 13, miles south of Salem and
8. miles from p. E. depot. Very
best of river bo'ttom land, . nearly
' Yi in cultivation, rest timber and
pastiuo. Good orchard, fences, and
buildings. $75 . per' acre. J-40 care
Journal. ' - ; 10-18
NOT necessary ito wait longer. If'yoju
' want to build a new homo, 1 can loan
:- you the money NOW; All the require
ments is good security and title,; easy
. payments, 3 to 8 yean time. No. red
tape, no delay, money advanced; as
building progresses. The best recom
mendation is several of Salem's
best people who are satisfied. Sea me
today and get busy on a new" house.
H. E. Boliuger, 328 Oregon bldg.
FERNS and palms and other -potted
plants, for salo.. Maruny's -gceon
house, 211 Miller St. Phone 916.
Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY razor blttdo sharpening ' ma
chine; first installed at A. IS. stew
art's Repair shop, 347 Court St.-y-
SOLWAY and late Foster peaches' now
ripe, bring boxes, lmlah ii;uit tarm,
y-i mile from west ena or Baiem
bridgo on, Wallace road. Phone 52F
For Rent
FARM FOR BENT 171 acres for rent
or sale. Phone 63F22, farmers line.
FOR SALE jOr rent, 3 houses. Inquire
H03 in. ljtberty. vv. o. 'ennot, zi
FOJt RENT Sleeping room in modern
house close m, to business or profes
sional- man. Call at- 640 Chcmcketa
street. 241
FOR RENT Good farm for rent, eith
cr cash or shares, immediate posses
sion given. See J. H. Lautcrman,
Argo hotel. j
WANTED 150 fewes on shares for
one to two years, nave a nair sec
Hion of fine vasturc. S. L. Hulen
Turner, Or. ' ... , 243
WANTED To trade 5 year old m.,
1400 for good milk cow, Uatl iwiz
or write box 190, Kt. 3. 24U
WANTED Cood bicycle cheap. Chas
H. Raymond, 650 i. Winter. 240
WANTED Work by young lady 18
years oia. I'rcicr worjc in store. itoi
E B Capital Journal. 240
NOTICE Last call for old fir limbs,
Phone 731. 241
HOUSES WANTED If your house is
for sale, let us sell it for you. We
need more houses and have waiting
buyers. Try us first. John II. Scott
Realty Co., 404 Oregon bldg. .
WANTED Hello, Hcllol Another
new and secondhand furniture store,
415 8. 12th, a block from S. P. de
pot. If you have anything to offer
call for H. M. Canon. Phone 906. '
' 260
WANTED To rent from 20 to 40
acres farm land- with buildings.
Phone 17F14. , , -, " 241
WANTED Heavy team.
Salem, Or., Rt."7.
Wm. Roth,
Real Estate Houses:
FOR SALE Furnished. II room, mod
em bungalow clwir of all incum
brnnce. Will sell for cash only. Br
B care Capital Journal. - 24)
FOR SALE Modern five room cot
tage on paved street, close in; large
lot. Phone owner at 514.
FOR SALE By owner, - seven room
house m irt class condition; two
lots 115x129. on corner with both
streets paved, (rood burn anct cveral
fruit trees npon nroperty. Excellent
location. Will give immediate pos
session. Terms to suit. I'houe 122 be
tween 9 and, 11 a. m. 239
HOUSE FOR SALE House, 2 lots,
plenty of fruit; a. snap for $1000
cash. Call at 442 State St:, room 2.
FOR SALE 7 room house with eleep-
ing porch and garage, lot 100x180,
block from State street .in-: East
Salem. Nearly all .modern: conven
iences including gas. All kinds beat
ing fruit trees, grapes, berries Hud
walnuts, ornamental trees aiid flow
ers. Price $3000. See owner 240 Nv
Com'l St. or phone -1051W.' : 239
FOR SALE-Modern six room house
centrally located, eleetric light, gas,
furnace. -Some fruit. Street assess
ments paid; Inquire 805 Union St. 239
FOR SALE House and barn in Myers
. addition,. 20tK and Leo. A. G. Kufr
. ner, Rt. 7. . - - 241
H' ' m Hi
FOR SALE A big snap, large houso
fit for rooming house or apts; also? 7
room modern house. Call 360 N. Cap
itol St. ' '," . 240
FOR SALE House and 2 lots, 485
S. 22d St. Call 10 a m, to 12. 242
FOR SALE 100x52- ft.- S. W. cor.
.. Court and 13th streets, torms- to, suit
purchaser. Oswald West, 500 Journal
bldg., Portland, Ore. , " , . ' 241
FOR SALE My seven room house 1 at
340 Union street,- between (ommer
cial and Liberty. Half bolck from
Marion: square. Gas, bath and base
ment. Price $1750, - small payment
down, balance 4 dollars a week. Ad
dress L. F. HilL Rt. 8, box 125. Phone
59F4, - - ', ; -- -241
., Lost And, Found.
LOST Purse Sunday night, contained
line, vrluahlo as keepsake to owner.
also 2 ichevks. Phono 624W. ' , 239
LOST On last Thursday a child's blue
coat. Pleas? notify Mrs.' Floyd Utter,
phone 385R. . . 239
LOST Teachers Bible on river road
south of Salem, Sunday p. m., return
to this office and receive reward.
Help Wanted
WANTBDs-Eldorly lady for cook on
ranch, for one -pei son.'' Phoiio: 20F12.
Bookkeeper'..- youne man
tfi soqigi oxiirHce, preferred. Sa-OT-'-f
v 240
WOOD haulers wanted, can make about
$15 per day. Phone 629. 239
WANTED A iboy at tho Farmers Pro
duce CO. ' 6dV
AGENTS WANTEDrr-Eithor ladies or
gentlemen. Apply to Box 281, l-'ity,
for details. 242
WANTED By responsible party, a
furniBhed house tor a few mourns.
Address box 18 Capital Journal. 239
WANTEiD-t-30 apple' pickers, transpor
tation to "and from, orchard.; K. w.
Clark, Phone 58P12. . 210
WANTED Men and women to help
harvest carrots. Phone 14F32. Write
J care Journal. 240
WANTED Man with family wants
work on farm or orchard, experienc
ed hand. Call 2179 iN. -Front St. 241
WANTED- Census clerks,, meto, wo
men), 4000 needed." $95 month. Age,
18-50. Experience unnecessary.. Ex
aminations Salem Oct. 18. For free
, particulars, write J. Leonard, (form
er government examiner) 1382. Equit
able bldg. Wasliingtoji. . 242
Deliveryman, Fairmoiint
WANTED Men and women to help
harvest carrots. Phone 14F32 or call
at 208 Oregon bldg. 240
WANTED At once, men and men
with teams for ranch work. Can
work all wintor. Houses, wood and
pasturage furnished without charge,
E. C. Horst Co., Independence, Or.
FOR SALE 5 passenger Ford car,
$429. Socolofsky, 341, State. 239
For Sale
A Snap In Houses.
That strictly modern and well-appointed
homc.ut 404. North Church
street (coiner of Center, and Church
The location is everything that
can be desired; the business district
is cdnonient also the various schools
and churches. In fact the lot. may
be considered a really choice one.
The size is 66 feet by 85 feet.
Beautiful shude trees surround the
house in addition to several varieties
of shrubs and roses.
All the rooms are largo and have
high ceilings. Furnace heat through
out. There is a nico entrance hall; com
modious drawing room and & cosy
dining room. Telephone, recess; two
very large bedrooms with roomy clos
ets; bathroom; well-arranged kiteh
ne; fine pantry. m
The basement is full-sized aiidlinii
a cement laundry room, fruit room
and garage. . ..
A good supply of fuel iu the base
ment goes with the property also a
combination gas, coal and wood
Tangc and a gas heater.
Price $4,650.00
The property may be viewed at
any time by appointment.
C. W. Niemeyer
213-216 Masonic Bldg.. Phones 1000
Salem. Orceon ' ' 1014
IF IiOOKlJfG- for bargain in a car,
. call and see the Buick I have hero
' now, this is sure some buy. Salem
-Auto Exchange, 229 W. State St.
vPho8sr.r,.--. , 240
W. BEAVER well driller. Phone 827J.
: 1163 N. 19th St. .Salem, Or. -10:9
LEAVE your- children with me. while
: you work. 2751 Laurel Ave. 10-22
.XJTO PAIXTIXQ r-?. Fords repainted
$1J and up; other cars in proportion.
All first class work guaranteed. J.
E. Johnson, 220 S. liberty. 10-11
AUTO "PATis'TING-r-We will be open
for business on and .after Oct. 1st at
1156 S. 12th. St. We hre in a position
to "give you good service in , auto
painting aim laundry, xour patron
. ago1, will be appreciated. Alt ! work
, guaranteed. Oullett.ros. ":! 10-29
INVESTIGATB1 the' Texas Interstate
Oil 4s Refining' company today. Drill
ing ini-proran. gusher territory and
, bwilding modern, refinery. Write for
' partic-ulars.- United Securities -com-'
pany, Houston, Texas. . 241
! 20 acres bearing prunes, good loca
' t.ion,. $8000. .' . .
13 acres prunes ,.naid, ..loganberries,
good buildings,, close in, right'price.
70 acres mostly prunes, good improve
.mcnts, $430 . per acre; will divide.
Take hoine part pay. Room 8 'Bnyno
bldg. .' . ' ; 243
Auto Repairing
TO Oakland owners, we are fully pre
pared to take care of your cars no
matter in what shape they are in
and can guarantee absolute satisfao
. tion, We are also prepared to do first
class repair work on any make of
cars. American Automobile Co., 185
197 South Commercial St., Salem, Or.
Phone 399; -.-
C'V"'" meets ..every Wednesday
evening at 7:30 at I. p. O. F. hall.
MdCornack hall . on every Tuesday
. at 8. Harry Levy, C. C; P. J. Runts
K. R. & S, ; '.'.'.'
ROYAL Neighbors of " America, Ore
gon Grape camp No. 1300 meets everj
Thursday evening in McCornaek hall
Elevator service. Oracle. Mrs. Car
rie E. Bunn, 648 Union St.; recorder
' Mrs. Melissa Persons,- 1413 N. 4th
St. Phono 1430M.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
8. p. . in, Masonic1 Temple. Glenn C.
JNiIcb, M. A.; C, A. vittbert, secre
tary, 340 Owens street. .
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 5246 meets
every Thursday evening at 8 o cloel
in McCornacr; building, Court and
.Liberty streets. W. M. Persons, V, 0.
Frank A. Turner, clerk.
Machine Shop Work
Expert machine shop service by Mr.
Bergman at high school machine shop.
12 years experience. Uear cutting
specialty. High class machine Jools.
Quick service. Phono 440.
. Wood Saw.
PHONE 1090R. Our prices are right.
W. M. Zaudler, proprietor. 1235 N.
Summer street, Salem, Or.
Everything Electrical.. .
SALEM Electric Co., Masonia Temple,
127 North High. Phone Main 1209.
Office 124 South Liberty Street.
Phone 937. 1211. Real Estate and
Stock Sales.
W. F. WIRHOT, Turner auctioneer.
Why not get him He only charges
2 percent. tf
Why Sell Por Less?
We will pay you mpre cash for
your household goods. Oct our bid
before you sell. Peoples Furni
ture and Hardware Store, 271 N.
Commercial Street. Phone 734.
REPAIRS and supplies, Office appli
ances. We make rubber stamps. Sims
143 N. High, Phone 340. 10-10
Second Hand Goods.
No Cash Required Good overcoats,
shoes and suits, all Kinds of musical
instruments, shotguns, rifles heating
stoves, gas stoves, suit cases and 1000
other useful articles to sell or trade.
What have youf The Capital Ex
change. 337 Court Street. Phone 493.
'New and secondhand giiods bought,
sold awl exchanged; farm machinery
. sold on 'commission. Bring in whut
you have to sell. Stock and farm
' sales. Geo. Satterlee, auctioneer; Lu
cas and Xeedliam, proprietors. Ferry'
and Liberty ts. Phone U'7,
Look at This: v
S room well located modern 'bunga
ow with some furniture, $2000, terms.
. 341 State St. . -, tf
Water Company.
corner Commercial and Trade streets
Bills payable monthly in- advanc
Phone 606.
We Want.
Your used furniture, stoves, carpets
and tools, as we pay fair prices for
everything, uau v(.
885 North Commercial St.
Money To Loan. " .
On good real estate security"
Over Ladd ft Bush Bank; Salem, Ore.
Best Buys.
5 acres close to paved road, all in
cultivation. $200 per acre, easy, terms.
5 acres half mile from street car, all
dn cultivation, well fenced, black grav
el soil, tuo best of berry land. $1500,
$300 cash, balanco to Suat.
10 acres, 5 cultivated, 5 btush and
timber, running water, , lots of Ever
green blackberries, the best of logan
berry soil. $2250,' half cash, balance
easy terms.
10 acres, fair improvements, all in
cultivation) all 'the best, of valley loam,
family orchard, fenced, two miles rrom
city limits. $4500. Terms df desired. -
15.38 acres,' 15 cultivated, .38 timber,
good house,, barn, family orchard, good
well, rock road,, mail route, two mii.es
from city, stock end equipment inciua
ed. $5500. terms if dosired. ,
20 acres, 5 acres Italian prunes, B
Potites, &V4 loganberries, balance
stumps pasture, all the best of soil, on
macadamized road, old nouse ana Darn
eight miles from Salem. $7250. Terms
20 acres, aood 7 room bungalow, ton-
ant house, all necessary outbuildings,
well fenced and cross fenced with wov
en wido. 13 acres in fruit, 10 dn bear
ing prunes, balance . walnuts; apples,
peaches, on rock road close to eaiem.
$10,500 if sold soont Price subject to
change without notice.
20 acres, all cultivated, won arainea,
tho best of soil. 2 acres logans, fair
house and barn, family orchard, stock
and equipment included, close to pavea
road on rock road, 5 miles out. $6500,
terms on $3000. t.
i 36 acres, 28 cloar, family orchard,
all tho best river bottom loam, on rooli
road, close to school, 6 room bungalow,
fair barn and- necessary outbuildings,
woven wiro fence.. Price, $6500, half
cash, balance terms bux per cont.,
5 acres, 4 bearing logans, rocky,
close to Salom. A splendid investment,
Only $2250.
320 acres, 290 cultivated, goou sou,
fair improvements, and 4 miles from
best town in PoHt county, only $125
per acre.
92 acres. 70 cleared, balanco pasture,
family orchard. Old house and barn,
fenced, 4 miles good town, school on
place. $10,000.
14(1 acros. 50 cleared. 96 timber, i'lo-
cans. 1 peaches, 1 family orchard, all.
river bottom soil, old house ana Darn,
well fenced, 3-4 mile from school. $83
por acre, half cash, balance 6 percent.
37 acres, 14 bearing prunes, 10 in
cultivation, balance .timbor, rock road,
4'j mil" of Salem, $200 per acre,
Will accept house as part payment.
For best buys see
341 State strei.t ' '
Stove Repairing.
Stoves rebuilt and repaired. 50 yean
experience; Depot National and Ameri
can fence, sizes lib to om incnes aign:
Paints, oil and varnish etc; logan
berry nnd hop hooks.
250 Court Street, Phone 124
Salem Scavaogcr Oarbage and refuse
of all kinds removed on monthly con'
tracts at reasonable rates. Cess pools
cleaned. Dead animals romoved, Offio
phone Main 167.
Notice is hereby given that tho fin
al account of Ceoi-ge F. Oucrne, admin
istrator of the estate of Charles A.
Guorno, has been filed in tho county
Court of Marion county, Oregon, and
that the said court has duly fixed the
20th day of October, 1919, at the hour
of 10 o'clock a. m. thereof, at. the
court room of said court in Salom, Ore
gon, as tho time and place for tho hear-
ne of objections to said tinal account
and the settlement thereof, at whieh
time any person interested may appear
and file objections thereto ana contesi
tho sumo.
Administrator of the estate of
Charles A. flueme. 10-18
To all whom it may; concern: Notice
is hereby given that the undersigned,
Ludwick, MickclMW, administrator of
tho efftnte of Nannie Cleaver, deceased,
has this day filed in the county court
of Marion county, Oregon, his final
account in said estate end taat snia
court has fixed and appointed Monday,
Aovember 3, 1919, at the hour of 10
o'clock a. ni. of said day at the coun
ty court house, in said county ana
state, as the time and place, for the
hearing of any objections to such final
account and for the settlement there
of. Dated at Salem, Oregon, October 1,
Administrator of the estate of Nan
nio Cleaver, deceased.
Carey F. Slnrtin,
Attorney for estate.
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