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Bin (Eapttal Smtrnal
Publslied every evening except 8un
diy by tho Capital Journal Printing
Co., 13C Smith Commercial street,
Salem, Oregon, i
Editor and Publisher
Telephones Circulation anil Busi
ness office, 81; Editorial rooms 82.
National Advertising Representa
tives V. 0. Ward, Tribune Building,
New York, W. H. Stockwell, People's
Was Building, Chicago.
IN a few days a special train of Portland jobbers and j
merchants will leave nn an exploration and exnloita-!
tongues wagging anew in house and! boys out of .Russia and Europe.
Certified by Audit Bureau ot Circu
Entered ns second class mail matter
at Salem, Oregon.
. Rippling Rhymes.
By Walt Mason.
I once was clerking in u shop, dis
pensing lemonade anil pop, and doududs
of the kind; and us I worked 1 used
to tliink the store would sure be on
the blink if Imply I resigned. I thought
it 1 should jump the sti'o the put runs
would go there no mure, -but follow
whore I went; they'd ask the boss,
"Where is tho , lud whose i-htmiis of
milliner uinde us' glndl Where is thut
joyous gent" Ono day when I was
'dreaming thus, the boss i-uino up, the
ilamniy cuss, and said, M Young man,
you're fired; too long .this useful job
you've held; the way your fut young
hull J is swelled would make an iiiiug3
tired. " Oh, I wub thunderstruck and
dinted,' and flabbergasted and nniuzod,
' but w hen I got my breath, 1 said, "I do
nut care three whoops; that store will
straightwny loop the loops my going
means its death, " And every tirao 1
pussed ulong I hoped to see things going
wrong, no customers on huiid; alas, the
custom did not stop, but people galloped
to that shop, and bought to beat tun
baud. Siuco.that udventure eamo to
pass I feel I do not cut much grass, or
ice or wood or hay; and I am humble us
1 toil; 1 strive to limke tho kettle boil
without u grandstand play.
senate cloakrooms, to the effect that
Johnson is going to prove mighty
formidable claimant to the G. O. P.
presidential nomination - that is to be
handed to somebody the coming sum
mer. Johnson of course, lias been regarded
all along as having only an "outside
chance" because the standpat leaders
of the party find his progressiveism un
acceptable. .-. .
Kut now, the talk goes on, there is
reason to believe that Johnson's en
thusiastic greeting in the middle west
is 'but .one evidence that whether they
Evidence that this is true is submit
ted by his friends in the form of polls
taken aboard returning transports. In
half a dozen" such polls, where the sol
diers voted for anybody they fancied,
Johnson 's name led all the rest. . ThjQ
soldiers represented practically - every
Again, it is whispered that Lodge,
Knox and other conservative leaders
are not so alarmed by Johnson's pro
grcssiveism as they once were. They
understand now,, it is said, that he is
not a radical, is in fact as much against
"reds"-as anybody in the party and
is forward looking' rather than bol-
like him or not. repu!blican leaders will
have to Vive a respectful ear to John-! shevik
son's claims. Johnson's forte is Americanism. In
There is' Johnson's popularity a"?; his campaign for the nomination thats
American. soldiers, for 'one thing. The' , .. , , .
soldier vote, all the political wiseacres 4he thmS u counting on-that he is
here fay, is going pretty far towards ; tho man about whom will rally-those
deciding who, will be the next presi-1 American voters who want this nation
dent. Also, they, afwt, the 'Soldiers ; to sH,.k t traditional Americanism, as
will not vote tor another soldier. Per-' , ,
shing and Leonard-. Wood therefore, I a's "u,sl'ci1 f,om Uu' lu'w uri5l'r he'
won't do, if this sort of reasoning is'1"'? preached by President WHson and
correct. his supporters.
Be"i Postpones Circuit -Coort
Cf Polk County
'Oiillns Or. Oct. .O.-nC'lrcuit Judge
flurry H. Belt has issued a notice to
the effect that the fall term of circuit
court tor I'ulk county thut wus to have
convened in Dallas Monday has been
postponed until Friday, October 10.
Tins action wus tukieu because ome of
the cases will nut be ready for trial
The eases filed so fur are ns fol
lows: Hen Short vs Viola Keeney, uc
turn for muuny; Chniles S. Huge, v
tlsirold Sooyamllh and II, M. Il.-irtwell,
action for money; John A. Wood vs
J. U Ilunna et al, damages; It. 1'.. L.
Wood vs John H. Kussell et ill, to quiet
title; Wiliuer S. Cooper vs L. . Demi,
fiireulosuie and Louise iSta;benuW vs
illiaiu Mubcnow, divorce.
Captured German U-Boat
Now Visiting Portland
I'nrtliiuil, Or., Oct. 0. .for tin ml cit
izens are not losing any sleep nights,
despite the fuct there is a subitm riiio
in the local hlirbur, for it is a reform-t-fl
U bout one looking for navul re
cruits. the vessel is the U-NS, a former pride
of the iiei'tnun niivy. The submarine
was accompanied here by the Bittern,
a mine sweeper he.se bouts are open
to inspectiou ihy the public, in the in
terest of recruiting. '
The V-88 surrendered to the English
nt Harwich iNovcmber 2S, litis. V'p to
that lime she had. sunk 1(1 allied ves
sels. The British turned her over tu the
Ainci'icnu navy, since which time the
Sitluiiiinin.' has cruised 13.1)00 miles.
iiiciuuuiuj VYiii icavc uu aucAuiuiavwu onu. ca.m , Wash nut on. Oct. 3. Senator Hiram t Rut .Tnlmmn. mnr rennhlicnns hern
tiOn trip tO SOUthern Oregon. VisitS Will bemade in the Johnson's rereption in the middle west, believe, can get the soldier vote, be-
Vflrinns tnwti? anrl learlincr riti7Pn5 mrl hn!irie5 men will;39 ho 'oure.(1. opposition to the lea-1 cause he has won popularity among
VariOUS LOWnS ana leading Clllzens ana DUSHiebS men WUI gue 0f nations, has set republican j them by hi fight to bring American
De mncneonea ana ainea, witn trie purpose 01 granting
a ore business for the metropolis.
1 For many of the tourists the journey will be one of
discovery, for though they know the district to be invaded
is a part of Oregon, because it is so marked on the map,
they have never seen it or had interest enough to visit it,
and their newly found interest is due to the fact that Cal-
Jiornia is annexing the region commercially.
For years cities of southern Oregon have appealed in
vain to the metropolis for financial aid in the building of
railroads and in development projects. They have enjoy
ed the great privilege of paying taxes to Oregon and been
neglected in return. 1 hey have given their business to
Portland, only to be strangled by unfair railroad rates and
monopolistic methods as a reward of merit. Their every
move for development has found the metropolis thwarting
their effortswhether it be for fairer jobbing rates or
lumber rates or what not. -
At the last session of the legislature, Senator Baldwin
of Klamath county, introduced a resolution for the ces
sion of that county to California. Were it left to a vote
of the people of southern Oregon, Lake, Klamath, Jackson
and Josephine counties would vote overwhelmingly for
secession. Yet even this has not awakened Portland to
a sense of her responsibilities and duties.
For five years the people of the Klamath basin have
been appealing to Oregon for aid in constructing, a rail
road that would make their section really a part of Ore
gon, iney nave snown tneir own laitn by putting up
their money to construct the first unit of the proposed line.
They have received promises galore, columns of praise in
the press but no cash. Not a dollar has Portland sub
scribed to annex commercially her own territory by con
structing the tew miles ot railroad necessary
Portland has probably the narrowest vision of any
western metropolis. She would confine all the state in
dustries to her limits and do all the jobbing for the state,
forgetting that only as the state develops and grows can
her own markets and business increase. The money in
her banks is for use in Portland only other sections
must finance themselves. The result is that Oregon is the
least developed and most backward of coast states and
Portland top heavy.
And Portland's answer to the appeal of southern
Oregon for financial aid in development projects is a
junket of jobbers to glad-hand for business developed by
local enterprise and California capital! An answer typ
ical of the enterprise and.vision of the metropolis.
Silverton Girl Dies Soon
After Operation Performed
Closely following an operation for
oiiii'iidicit is Miss (Hildio Wilier, the
eighteen ear-old daughter of Mrs.
Willie Warner, died early Saturday
morning at the Silverton Kunitarium.
Dr, fisher of Solent performed the op
cuition Kriilay forenoon. The funeral
wiiM lield in the chapel Sunday afte
rnoon and interment wis made in :he
f-il verton eeineti ry.
Miss Miller was bnru near 'his ritv
and luid spent proeticiilly all of bel
li e in filverton ami vicinitv, Tribune.
JUDGE W. N. Gatens of Portland declares that the de
sire of married women for complete economic inde
pendence is threatening the home and .constitutes a men
ace to the nation, to religion and to civKzation and he is
considered the best informed man in Oregon on the di
vorce question. ' '
The divorce evil is spreading: rapidly, according to
Judge Gatens, there being four times as many divorce
cases as ueiore the war. in most ot the cases, the wife has
worked at positions away from home since her marriage
and the desire to be independent financially, to wear good
clothes, go to shows, escape household duties, outweigh
the appeal of fireside, children and home. .
The war is held responsible for the increased divorces.
the women who took the places of the men called to ser
vice, refusing to go back to the wash-tub, kitchen and
cradle the husbands are held at fault also by not shar
ing their income with their wives, but doling it out a few
cents at a time as if it was a gift. '
The remedy the jurist suggests is for married women
to remain at home and for married men to regard wives
as partners instead of dependents.
By Mary Douglas
Miss Leatha Cone went to Newberg
Sunday where she will attend high
school this year..,-: .
Walter and Billy Freeman went to
Salem Friday and were guests in the
L. L. Busic home u itil Sunday evening-
Miss Wilda . Dawes returned, from
Salem on Friday, where she had been
visiting at the -In.: DcSart home during
the week and taking in the fair,
ilr. mid Mis. .1. P. Feller were fair
visitors on Thursday.
Mrs. Tialph Connett was a Portland
visitor Monday, goil g up to see her
brother, Mr. Krigbawn, at tho Good
Samaritan hospitah
Mrs. W. ' Landers who has- just
bought a new home at Wiseacres was
a Donald shopper on Wednesday.
Mr. DoGobin, formerly of Independ
ence, is visiting the- family of Mrs.
Lander. , '
Mr. J. Eyan and family and Ben hp
pers and family Wero fair visitors on
Friday. , . ,
Feared He'd Have
To Give Up
Hayes' Health Badly Eun Down When
Ho Began Taking Tanlac Gains
" . 18 Pounds
Tobacco Habit
says Dostor Connor formerly of Johnl
Hopkins hospital, thousands of men
suffering from fatal diseases would be
in perfect health today were it not for
the deadly drug Nicotine. Stop tht
haibit now before -it's too late. It's a
simple process to rid yourself of the
tobacco haibit in any form. Just go to
any up to date drutoe and get some!
mcotoi tamots; take tlieui as-directed
and lo; tho pornieious habit quickly
vanishes. Druggists refund the money
if they fail. Be sure to read lurge And
interesting announcement by Doctor
Connor soon to 'appear in this ;j(a.per.
It tells of the danger of nicotine pois
onin id how to avoid it. In the mean
time uy Nicotol tablets; you will be
surprised at tho result D. J. Fry.
"T was worried all the time with the
fear of gettilig to where 1 couldn't
I'carn a livelihood," said J. Haves, a
well known employe of the Seattle
Street diailway company, living at tho
New Central hotel, Seattle, Wash., in
n statement at tho Bartell ikug store,
"But a few bottles of this Tanlac,''
jho continued,.,- have turned things
ri"ht a'bout for me, for .1 am now en-
L.loying as good health as T ever did. I-
had gotten in such, bad Fhapc on ac
count of stomach trouble and rheuma
tism that I had to stop work. The rheu
matisni was so bad in my right arm and
shoulder that I lost all use of them. I
couldn't even pick up my tools while
trying to work and 1 simply suffered
agony. J allied so bad I eouid scarcely
get out of bed in the .morning and
when I did manage to get on my feet
f felt worso than on going'to bed. My
stomach was. in ;sueh a bad fix that
nothing agreed with me and at times I
would have cramping pains that would
almost double-me up. I would bloat all
up with gas and have such, a pressure
For Middle-Aged
Men and Women
It Un t always on-coming old age
thai causes men and women in the
middle years of life to slow up and
feel a loss of ambition and energy.
Weak or disordered kidneys do not
filter waste matter and impurities out
of the blood ns they should, and back
ache, tired feeling, lameness, stiff
joints, sore muscles, rheumatic pains,
biliouiness, irritation of (he bladder,
"The Mi I vert wn Lumber company huf
s'lld Pi"' acres of land the pnot week
to three parties who will use the land
for f u lining and raising goats.
The tVioH Bnv Shipbuilding company,
' which constructed 10 ships fur the Emer
gency fleet corporation, has obtained
final settlement for its output.
Evan, 15-yoar-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Pecblor of La (inilide, 'is dend
from injuries receivod when the boy's
clothing was caught in a harvester combine.
Dr. L. M. Spalding, Pendleton physi
cii.n who served during the recent war
n a . lieutenant in the medical corps,
ha received from th war department
it commission ns captain.
Mother nud Aunt Kmilv are delighted
at the prospect of my spending the win
ter with them iu South Minster.
"Bring your warm clothes." Aun
Kinily wrote, "for the winters are vcrv
severe here."
I louked lit luy uew bluo to fur. Mrs!
Ashhy had thrown it around my shoul
ders us.l left. .
"No, no, you must Hike it,nnv," she
Hit ill when 1 demurred. "I want you to
think of me now and then. You have
meant so much to me.''
Now that I am home, again, I find
I cannot stop thinking of George Ar
nold. , Perhaps it wis not mv fault
only my ignorance. His standards nre
not. my Hliuidurds. It is all life, experi
ence. And I shall know more, be' more
keenly alive to situations. Yet I am
glad so glud to leave nil that behind
me. And turn my face to the now.
And now South Minster! .'
A I walked down town, this morning,
I mot Jeanne. . Her fact lit up when
she saw me. Happiness at eeoing nie!
What could it meant
"Miss Lime," she snid at once,
"would you help met"
1 could not very well refuse her.
Though 1 do not like Jeanne.
"I do wimt to muke up with Tout.
Vou lire un old friend of his like un
older sister. Couldn 't you help met
Tell him some imp. wants to meet him;
and then bring me in?"
"Vou w nut To make up with Tomf
Then why don't you any you were
"I couldn't do that," said Jeanne,
"I have never begged a man's pardon
in mv lite! "
The silly pride of this whole attltud.i
angered me. Hut didn't Tom still love
lier! l'erhups his love would change all
"I will do what I can for you
Jeanne," T said. "But not iu your way.
I'll toll Tom you want to seo him. You
must do the rest." .
Jeitiine tluinked
pumness under the. eyes or other
symptom or ailment appears.
"I feel so much better thin I did before Z
got Foley Kidney Fills. They ere fine end
you may use my name in your advertisement,
lamgUd to help you, as yourmedicine helped
me ii really. 1 truly hope ioim one else who
need it will net eomeof yourmedicine. Your
Kidty Pills are wonderful 1 cannot thank
you enoutlh fur them." Laura Peiry, 1540
Twiggs St., Augusta, Ge.
Foley Kidney Pills
strengthen the kidneys, stimulate the
bladder and tone up the liver. They
help the kidneys remove the accumu
lated poisons and soothe and heal the
passages. When the kidneys and
urinary tract are doing their work
perfectly ,the whole system is benefited
and restored to health and strength.
Why suffer when a reliable remedy
can be so easily Bad?
Penetrating, Antiseptic Zemo
Will Help You
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, youcanstopburning.itcliing
eczema quickly by applying Zemo
furnished byanydruggistfor35c. Extra
large bottle, $1.C0. Healing begins the
moment Zemo is applied. In a short
time usually every trace of eczema,
tetter, pimples, rash, blackheads and
similar skin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the sldn and making it
penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It is not
a greasy ealveanditdoesnotstain. When
othera fail it is the one dependable
treatment for skiatroublesof all kinds. -
; The E.W. Rose Co., Cleveland. O.
Less Meat If Back
And Kidneys Hurt
Take a gl'afs of Salts to flush Kidneys
if Bladder bothers you Drink
lots of water
nte with a prettv
smile. ; .
Hut somehow I cannot feel thnt Tom
should marry her.
(Tomorrow lllessed IVaee.)
Fire in 'Willnmins has destroyed t
block in the business part of the town j au uout(
on iuo souin uue or die niaiu sireet,
' A young man uuidiytified by Linn
county officials was killed Tuesdr.y in
tho woods nenr Mill City by a fulling
tree. Letters in his pocket , were nd
dressed to Fred ivirshim, :
. The Longshoremen's union has noti
fied the Tort of Astoria commission
that unless the commission makes the
port a closed shop the union will order
a walkout and declare tho Tort of As
toria unfair. The waste demand is fixed
At n specinl meeting ot the taxpay
ers of Ovook county, held recently, it
was decided to put the matter iif a
2L0,H0t road bond "issue before the
voters some time in November.
Kuting illicit i I'nuliirly cveiituaily pro
duces kidney trouble un some form or
other, aays a, well known authority, be
cause the uric acid in Wat exeites the
Lj kidneys, they ibeeomo overworked; get
"'"Kb'11; e-iug up aim cause un sorts 01
distress, particularly backache and mis
ery in the' kidney region; rheumatic
twinges, severe headaches, acid stom
ach, constipation, torpid liver, sleepless
ness, bladder and urinary irritation.
Tho moment your back hurra or kid
neys aren't acting right, or if bladder
bothers you, get about four ounces of
Tad Salts from any good pharmacy;
take, a tablespoonful in 8 glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
mid your kidneys will then ait fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemou juice, com-'
bined with lithia, and has been used
for generations to flush clogged kid
nevs and stimulate them to normal ac
tivity; also to neutralize the acids in
the urine so it no longer irritates, thus
ending bladder disorders.
.lad iSalts cannot injure anyoue;
makes a delightful effervescent lithia
water. drink whwh millions of men and
women take now and .then to keep
the kidneys and urinary organs clean,
riuring tho coming spring Calvary
Kpiscopa) parish at Renside will build
H handsome new church, build house,
parish house and rectory.
The Kaiuicr Review hag been pur
chasod from Charles A. Xntt by A. E.
Vciitoh. one of the most widelv kuown thu avoiding serious kidney disease.
Washington newspaper men. ..... i, . (Adv)
Don't live on the reputatici
of the reputation you
might have made
first made their reputation
Now they're keeping it
Choice tobacco well blended
A mouthpiece to keep it on
of the mouth. Amaispapei
wrapping. The whole t
cigarette unequaled.
' 10orl3c
Tito John Bollman Co. Brand
Accidents will occur.
but infection need not
Yotl never know just when it is going
to happen. Generally without warning
a slip is made a deep cut a broken
and bruised akin it the result That'
the time to be careful to guard against
infection. There's safety and security
in a jar of Resinol Ointment
Aiwinl Uu wtnri uu) tao&sa-it hols
twice at fut this way. Rtsmol gup tni
Retinol Oiwtenenliaod iinllyreeacclWrrt -for
th trranMM ot til tkia duonlcia o
limbs, MTU lac, Ttnr rk eaickir
MdwtU. .
around my heart that I would nearly
suffocate. I was badly constipated and
constantly taking something for this,
as well as for my other troubles, but
kept getting worse.
"Finally I just got right down to
where I couldn't work at all, and. was
worried because I could see no hope of
getting anv bettor. Why, at the time
I got Tanlac I had ibeen unable to
work for & month and it looked like- I
was going to ibe disabled for good. I
had dropped down in weight from one
hundred and forty six pounds to one
hundred and twenty eight. But since
taking Tanlac I have gained eighteen
pounds and am now up to one hundred
and forty six. I could feel good results
almost as soou as I began taking Tan
lac, and it was only a few duys until
I was 'back on the jub. I have taken
four bottles now and all my ailments
have left me, and I mean by that, that
the rheumatism s'omach trouble, con
stipation and everything is gone. I can
now pk-k up my tools and go aibout
my work as only a strong, well man
can. When morning comes I bounce out
of bed like a sixteen year old and am
just feeling fine all the time. Tanlac
has certainly been my friend and
l there 's nothing too good for me to say
tor it."
Tanlac is sold in Salem by Dr. S. C.
Stone, in Hubbard..by Hubbard Drag
Co., in "Mt. Angel r Ben Goochj in
Gervaig y Join tieby, in Turner by
H. P. Cornelius, in Woodburn by Ly
man H. oaorev. in Silverton by Geo.
Steelhammcr. in Gates by Mrs. J.
P. WcCurdy, in otayton by C. A.
Beauchamp, in Aurora by Aurora Drug
bt-re, in St. Paul by Groceteria Stores
Co., in Donald by M. W. Johnson, in
Joffwson by Foshav & Mason and in
Mill City by KarKeteria Gro. Co.
RuddyCheeks SparklingEyes
Most Women Can Have
Says Dr. Edwards, a Well-Known
Ohio Physician
Dr.F.M.Edwards for 17 years treated
scores of women for liver and bowel ail
ments. During these years he gave to
his patients a prescription made of a
f;w well-known vegetable ingredients
mixed "with olive oil, naming them
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. Vou will
know them by their olive color.
These tablets are wonder-workers on
the liver and bowels, which cause a
normal action, carrying ,off the waste
and poisonous matter in one's system.
If you have a pale fa, sallow look,
dull eye3, pimples, coated tongue, head
.aches, a listless, no-good feeling, all out
of rxla, inaclive rowels, you take one
of Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets nightly
for a time and note the pleasing results.
Thousands of women and men take
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets the suc
cessful substitute for calomel now and
then just tolteep them fit, iOc and 25c.
Fine tea costs only '
of a cent per cup.
"Then common tea
must cost less."
No, indeed! common
tea costs more. .
"Why, how can it be?"
pound of Schilling
Tea makes so many more
cups than a pound of
common tea, that it is
really cheaper per cup.
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Uraokfast. Ail one quality. In
parcbmyn-linedmoisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Yes; S. S. S Is Purely Vegetable
Nature's Safe Blood Treatment
On the Market Half a Century.
When you are in perfect health,
and are enjoying a strong and
vigorous vitality, it is then that
your blood is free from all impuri
ties. You should be very careful and
give heed to the slightest indica
tion of impure blood. A sluggish
circulation U often indicated by
an impaired appetite, a feeling of
lassitude, and. a general weakening
of the system. It is then that you
etini,11 .-I.- a i.n4..l.
of S. S. .S., the great blood purifier
ana streng'iener. it win cleanse
the blood thoroughly and build
up and strengthen the -whole sys
tem. S. S. S. is sold by all drug
gists. Valuable information about
the blood supply can be had free
by writing to the Swift Specific
Co, 50 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta.
' T1,'
Your Teeth Need Looking A fter
The first important step in good dentistry is de
ciding what shall be done with the teeth. If the
dentist's advice is wrong, a long chain of troubles is
sure to follow.
It ought to be worth a few
moments of your time to have
your teeth thoroughly ex
amined by a dentist who
makes a business of examin
ing teeth. Such a man is in
every dental office using the
" E. R. Parker System.
His duty is to find out what
your teeth need and tell you.
His advice is well worth hav
ing, for he examines so many
"mouths he knows what he is
talking about. For this ad
vice there is no charge. " '
If you don't want to take
the dentist's advice, all right.
If you do take it, he will tell
you the price for doing the
work under the E. R. Parker
System, which means that it
will be done without a waste
of your time, without fear of
pain, and done so well that
you will be satisfied. E. R.
Parker System dentists are
not satisfied until you are.
Registered Dentists Members
303 State Street .
Salem, Oregon.
Dr. Pitoleu Parker
Dr. Wallace Hylander, Dr. Fred G. Bunch,
Dr. Ray J. Greer