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Associated Bible Students.
' Associated Bible Btudeuts meet at
W.JOSO hall, eorae High aud Court
streets, from 10 a. . to 12 n. Study in
gijttb Vol. ' and- TaberDncle , Shadow
Junior elass at 10 a. m, friends and
f ulilie invited.
Tirat Church of Christ, Scientist.
Sunday service is belli at 440 Cheme
kera street at 11 a., m. subject ol Bible
lesson "Unrealitr-" Sunday school at
45 a. m. Wednenday eveuiujj, teata
mouiul meeting at 8 p. m. Beading room
20 Masonic temple, open every day ei
' eept Sunday and holidays from 11:45
a. ni. to S p. m. All are cordially invited
to our services and to .our reading room.
First United Brethren.
Yew I'ark. Bible' school at 10 a. m.
Public worship at 11 a. m. subject
"Weighed and Rejected", i'ouug peo
pies meeting at 7:30 p. m. Carmul Mara
ter leader. Mid week prayer meeting
ml -quire practice every , Wednesday
eveuiHg at 7::i0 p. m. C. V. Corby, pas
tor.,.,' ' .. .; ' ;'. . .;, .;'
, . ' . '' . .
Castle Chapel,-jnltcd Brethren,
foriier of Nebraska and Seventeenth
streets. Sunday morning services: Sun
d:iv wliuol 10 a. m: W. W. Roxebruugh
superintendent, iseruioa by pastor at 11.
"SH-eial music and owning services at
7 ;!.. l'rayenucefing Thuvsduy eveniu
Bt 7-.:tl. All are welionie to these ser
vices. . . . " . ... -
'.'. . . . . ; . . -
, Catholic Church.
( oiiimtiuion muss, at whuli the Soda
lity and Altar societies will receive
communion iu a body at 7:30. Hubject
for uistruttion "The -Urea teat Comman
dment.'' High mux with sermon by tho
pnxtor, "Keal Vnity of Religion." at
lO-SO. Benediction follows high mass. A
cordial invitation is extended to every
one. Rev, J. R. Buck, pastoa.
Nazarene Church.
Nineteenth and Marion streets. buu
day school 9:45. Preaching at 11 and
7-.S0. Midweek prayermccting Wcdues
dav evening at 7:30. The subject for the
morning will be the Signs of the Coming
of Christ. Yoaiiig people's Bible study at
6:M Kunduy evening. .Everybody, wcl
rnnw. W. b'. Hardy superiutendeut. A.
Wells, pastor. Florence Wells deaconess.
- - ' j : -
. Center Street MethodiBt Church.
Ceuter. street corner Thirteenth. Oeo.
K. Koedor, pantor. Sabbath school lO a.
in. by Rev. F. R. Spauldine of the Co
lumbia River conference (uliject, Christ
Revealed to the Believer. Alj are cor
dially invited. No evening service oi.
account of the mass meeting of the Ep
wurth league's at the I'irst M.. K.
church. ' .
: Salvation Army. .
' Street meeting Katuriiuy cveulnfj a
7:1.". r"ull Snlvatioa with testamony and
auiijf at 8 o'clock. Street Sunday morn
ing t 10:"o.' Holiueas meeting iu the
ball at H. Smitlav school t 8 p. ni.
Hhnip. Cuited Mission at 3. Y. P. I., al
6:l." p. m. Street meting nt 7:15 p. m.
Pleaching chorus and testamony in the
lint lot 8 p, in. You are cordially invited
to all our meetings. Capl. und Mrs.
Hunter officers in charge.
First Baptist Church.
Corner "Marion mid North Liberty
streets. Rev. (!. F. Holt, pastor. Public
worship with 'preaching 11 a. in. und
7:.!il ii. in. Tonics: Morning, "God's
Wlmpcred Secrets." Evening, "As
'Many its Received Hun," Mr. (, .
Tr.n- will sing and conduct the service
of i-ong. Sunday school 9:45 a. in.
Yuuug People's meeting 0:30. p. in.
Tluii'sdav eveniuir ut 7:30 Dravermeeting
ami couferenco meeting. Everyone is
invited to these, services.
Court Street Christian Church.
Corner. North 1'tU aud Court, wui
and summer slump is over and we have
hud no sluek iu the work at any time.
Our Bible school attendance has been
fine even- Lord's day. Smidiiy is rally
und promotion day; let us have every
class room filled. There are to bo a few
spcciiil numbers at the Bible school
hour. Mrs. Clara D. Esson, state Bible
school superintendent will speak at 11
a. in. All who know Mrs. Esson will
want to hear her. Junior C, E. at 6 p. ui.
Young people's meeting at 7; Mrs. Es
eon will sneak again at 8 o'clock. Ev
eryone welcome to all the services. B.
1 Putnam, pastor. .
Central Congregational Church.
4'onicr Smith lth and Eeny streets.
H. O. htnver, minister. A serivee com
bining the Huiiilay school and Morning
worship at Kl o'clock. Mrs. Rnrtoa E.
tlnnriU in chate of the .HiiikIhv srhool.
l"lui-H:in Eulnvor al G;l. p. m. Holy
vtMiiuition nt 7: 3" p. ni. ltally Hrek
0,'toVr th tu 12th. A joint rally of the
w-uir aud junior I tiristicm Eudeavor so-ei.-tiea
Tuendar -uiiii Ortolxr 7. An
ail .(y rally of the ijidies social cir
cle Wednesday. A rally prayer meeting
7'huriulay at 7:;i0 p. m. A tuadav school
raiiv Friday October lHh at 7:30 p. in.
A laiiv day program Sunday OctoW 13,
at 11 a. ui.
St Paul's Church.
.Sixteenth fiinirlav after Triuity.
7:.'l . m. holy communion. 9:43 a. m.
church seliont, tl a. n. choral celebra
tion of the holy communion aud sermon,
Mind's Out of Ikwrs." 7:3o p, m. ev
eniiiy jirnyer anil' address "The Coni
niaiulinent Auinst Hatriil." This will
lie rM lit" duy for linth School and church
service after the vacation period of the
summer time, und Imth puuils and cam
iiiiiiirHiits are itrgcd a SJ pr,'s-iil aud
TCMiime their studies and wors)iir. At
the morning service the choir will sing
AdduMiu's "The Pjiai'ious Firmanent ou
It Pays to Buy the Best
Ask For
Olympic Flour
? Bread
-J - eiivuuv
Made from carefully selected Northwestern Wheat, thor
oughly cleaned and scoured by the most modern methods ,
known. All the nutritious qualities of the Wheat are re
tained and it reaches you clean, pure and wholesome.
Trie Portland Flouring Mills Co.
jtJ Call your nearest dealer for information
AT ONCE. Then take the earliest opportunity of conveying
to said dealer the idea that you wish to acquire one of these
TMs Mas Talks Like It Wu
Hood River, Or., Route, Mar. 4.
vauf ban Motor Works,
Portland, Oregon. -
Dear Sirs: Am having fine suc
cess with the little old bog. Aver
age ten ricks to gallon of gas; al
so cut 300 ricks at 4 l-8o coat
per rick. Going some for an old
rig. Respectfully yours. I. I.
t Main Street Portland, Oregon.
High" to Haydn's Creation tune, and
those whose names have been added to
the parish register by transfer recently
will bo welcomed to ear fellowship.
Everybody welcome. Chas. 11. Powell,
Jason Lee Memorial M. E: Church.
Comer of Winter and Jefferson 8ta.
Thomas Acheson, pastor. Sunday school
9:ir. (.'has. Itujjemau iu charge, classe.
tor all ages under the care of capable
leaders. Strangers looking for a congen
ial Sunday school home, are cordially
invited to attend our classes. Public wor
ship 11 a. in.; acrinoii by the pastor
Hew . l. Irvine, u former pastor of
tho church. Special music by the c.o.V
uuder the leadership of Prof. Clark.
Class meetiug at 12:1." There will not
be any uieetiug of the league iu order to
attend the young people's mass meeting
at tho First M. E. church. This will also
apuly to the evening service. Remember
prayer meeting on Thursday evening at
H o'clock. We cordially invite the public
to ttuiahip with ns.
First Congregational Church.
Liberty and Center streets. W.' C.
Ks-atner, pastor. This rally day, every
setvUe will b a rally service. 10 a. iu.
Nuaday school with rally day prura:.
W. I. Staley, superintendent. Every
member of the school should be present.
11 a. in. "Rally ltiv Message, Our Or
ders From on High."' Xo member of the
church should miss this service. 6:3t
p. m. Sociti) hour. Come aud get anjuaiu
led. We want to know Ton. The Chris
titn Endeavors will meet at 6:1 J and
plan for their full meetings after which
they will serve in connectain with the
social hour 7:30 p. m. musical service
by the congregational quartette with
brief addres by the pastor. Foilowiug
Uiis a flue gliaipse of 'The Mt. Rainiei
National Park.'' Com? and eujov the
day with us.
Rally Day at Presbyterian Church.
Sundcy, October !th will be a im-
A Gasoline Motor Driven
Drag Saw Machine that saws
up to 25 cords of wood
per day.
NOTE: We also suggest that
for good results you should
specify a VAUGHAN
Drag Saw.
For further details address
poi taut day at the Presbyterian church.
iu the uioruuig at 9:oi the buudny
school will hold its annual rally day ex
ercises with a special program in the
church auditorium. At 11:U0 the morn
iug, church service will be the annual
harvest home festive! with special mu
sic by the -new chorus choir uuder the
direction of Miss Ada Miller, nad an
appropriate address by thej pator. The
decorations for this service will be ela
borate consisting of many varieties of
fruits, vegetables and produce of the
fields. A cordial invitution to attend
these .services is extended to the public.
James Elviu will speak at the rally day
service ot the Sunday school. Instead
of usual eveuiug Services there will be
a conc-iegational sung service with
special luiiuUem by the choir.
First Christian Church. -
l.el:tnd V, Porter, pastor, ol Center
si reel one block uorth of citv 'hall.
Moiuiug worship begins with the Bible
school -siou at S:4.1, followed by
romiiiMniou and sermon 11 to 1- o'clock.
All services being open to all comers.
The K. society will resume activities
at (i:3U p. ui. with Miss Anna llobacek
ia the chair, ie.-on, l.uke . 10:2S-3,
' ' World brotherhood. " 1-et ,us ' make
this a rousing meeting. All ynuug people
are uiged to be present, A special mu
sical Service" will be the feature of the
evening service, beginning t 710. Sec
the printed program. Keep October 19
open to hear Dr. Ira Laudrith of Tenae
sseo., at the evening service lecture on
"World Wide Temperance." Also note
Armenian relief drive for clothing on
Monday and Tuesday. Yo and your
friends ar invited in a service at the
First Christian church Sunday evening,
October Sth, The program is as follows:
Pipe organ prelude .... . McDowell
,- "To a wild "rose."
Dixoloffv ami invocation.-..,
Pipe organ
"Aogplu?" . Massenet
"At Twilight ' Frysinger
""Andantino" 1 .Lemare
"Household Wor
Buy tht RED PACKAGE of Noun&mg Soda
1 l-"-7;i?
,1 ja
Most Housewives Prefer I
I Flour
Becaiist it is always de
pendable; not good one
time and poor the next,
but ALWAYS good.
; Crown - flour is as
nearly right as the best
wheat, modern machin
ery and expert milling
knowledge can make it..
Every househdtd
should use this splendid
A trial will convince
you. .' , ;
Scripture reading and prayer.
Violin ; Miss tola Ash
"Meditation from Thais, " Massenet.
Anthem .. - .....v. oir
' ' Something" for Thee ' 'F Fillmore.
Address by the pastor.
' ' The Love He Bore. "
Duet Mesdr.mes Babcock and Torter
Offertorv "Memories" St. Clair
I'ostlude "Murch in B flat"
Organist, Prof, Frank Churchill.
Portland, Or., Oct. 4. More than 300(1
shipyard workers of the Standifer com
panv at Vancouver, Wash., and Portland
struck today upon orders of the Port
land Metal trades council.
About 300 men employed by the Coast
Shipbuilding company are striking and
those who are not ou the job at the
contract shops of .the city . bring the to
tiU number of strikers' iu this, district
to approximately 4500. . .
Ben Oehleu; -t has had the mil
route front Startou to'fWest Stayton
for a "long time', cold out to Herman
Marking. "Mr. Marking took charge of
the route on October 1st.
Ben has purchased an interest In &
big farm near Conncll, Wash., and will
move there iu the near future, Mail.
I The Sign Of Good Quality
-Because .
The Quality is Excellent.
Their Cost is Seasonable
Thev are s- Home Industry pro
Cereal Millers and Poultry Fool
You Can
and rid the skin of un
sightly blemishes, quicker
and surer, by putting your
Mood,- stomach and liver in
cjood order, than in any
other way. Clear complex
ion, bright eyes, rosy
cheeks and red lips follow
the use of Reecham's Pills.
They eliminate poisonous
matter from the system,
purify the blood and tone
the organs of digestion Use
Lama SW W Ar afedklaa ia t WotM. .
SM mrrwbara. fat ban, 10b. 25c
is a pure, wholesome and nutritions product
delicious spread for toast bread and biscuits, and
;: : fine for cakes and pastry. The rich oil from the :
t - : meat of the cocoanut, .churned -with A generous
; quantity of pure pasteurized, sweet milkana
.:. : just eneughsallfet's "UMJSUU."
. , .... i
-a Pacific Northwest Product- ;
' : strictly a Quality Product :
Tiftplcprl in naraffined odor-Tjiroof
cartons. Your Grocer can
Union Meat Co.
North Portland, Oregon.
, "flapjacks" ;
111 savory hotcakes, full of I I -:
luill goodness, are for your break-.
Mil eu8tful treat, so in- 11
lllll expensive and simple . to pre- l li
u pareyou can enjoy them every I I
Ml day in the year, I II
THE BANE of old age is constipation. The bow
els become weak and unable to perform their
functions without aid. For this purpose only
the mildest and gentlest laxative, should be used.
The use of harsh cathartics aggravates the trouble
and makes the, constipation worse. Chamberlain's
Tablets are a favorite with people of middle age
and older on account of
Plumbing and Water Systems Installed
by GRABEK BROS, 141 South Liberty
St, Phone 550. Also agent for Talc-banks-Morse
Gaa Engine.
supply you.
their gentle action. -
oius Douuni Bsrnuui do ikwwi
no opiates just the finert mte-
ta&le propertwft. tspecialiy i
mcoaeo lor leeuuag tune.
- At mil drmmmirt
HT Happy , I