Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 03, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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All Around Town j
No dance at Macleay Saturday night
Dr. Chalmcr Lee George, dentist, 313
314 Masonic foldg. Phone 181. 238
Capital Junk Co. closed Saturday on
account of Jewish holiday.
Dance at armory Saturday night. All
the new music. 234
If its pep you want, hear Talmadgcs
jazz bunch at Query's dance Saturday
night. . . . , 234
Dance at Livcsley station Saturday
night, 4 miles south. ; 234
E. It Tripp, roal. estate dealer of In
dependence, was a visitor in Salem
Thursday. Ho transacted business in
the capitol. i
Talmadgo's orchestra Liveslcy sta
tion Saturday night. ,- 234
Beginning next Sunday with a con
tinuous show, you will hear our Hope
tfonea Orchestral Pipe Organ at each
shnw Thn Opnfrnn, 234
iRov. nd Mrs. Cooke from Independ
ence, are attending the conference of
the Methodist Kpi9Copal church in this
ity this week.
Banco at juvmory Saturday night. All
the new music. 231
once. Work on the farms pays from $40
iu ipuu a. uiontn, witn board and room
and contractors are paying 50 cents an
hour for road workers. Skilled help is
nut rtryuireu.
E. Underwood, a Salem barber, who
was arrested at seven o'clock Thurs
day evening by Officer Branson for
being drunn. and disorderly, was fined
$5, and ordered to leave the city by
City Recorder Race Thursday morning.
Underwood, when . arrested, was at
tempting to pilot his way up Commer
cial street with a supercargo of bay
rum. Th course being somewhat mis
laid, ho encountered Officer Branson.
J Cidor apples. We are ready to re-
eeive good cider apples. Bring them to
" th L.oju plant.. Pliez company. Phono
Fred D. Haugliavvonst, son of Mr.
.' find Mrs. J. D. Haugluiwoust, 687 North
Front street, who was discharged from
tho servico' of Uncle Sam last April,
left this city Wednesday night for Los
Angeles where he will enter a govern
ment echool. Young Haughawoust will
take a course in optical grinding.
Western Conservatory of Music of
Chicago, 111., Prank E. , Churchill rep
resentative of Salem branch. Fall term
begins Sept. 15th. Complete courso in
piano and theoretical subjects. Studio
uite 1-2 Odd Fellows bldg. Phone
J671K. -' . 10-15
J. A. Churchill state superintendent
of schools, looked in on his office in
the capitol building for a few min
utes Thursday, between jumps on his
way from attending the teaehers in
stitute in Grant county to Koseburg
where ho ia today attending the Doug
las county institute.
And now the drygoods men say silks
will be higher than ever next spring.
While one manufacturing mlant an
nounces the probability of lower wool
eu prices, another is Bonding word to
the trade to look out for higher prices
next spring in ladies' suits. The cotton
goods- market s&ems to have reached
its limit, this Salem authority says.
and the fancy gingham dress next
spring will cost about the same as it
did this year.
We wish through tho columns of
your paper to thank thet mnny friends
and neighbors for their floral offer
ings and words of sympathy during the
recent bereavement of our husband and
father. Mrs, W. W. Johns, Mr.- and
Mrs. D ili. .Cummins, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Van Laanen. '234
E. I. "Davis of Hermiaton, engineer
for the Hermiston Light and Power
eompany, was a s:ate capitol visitor
Thursday, in conference with State En
gineer Cupper on irrigation matters.
J. W. Fer.guson of the Industrial ac
cident commission is in Portland to
day conducting the regular Friday ses
sion of tho commission in the absence
of Chairman -Wm. A. Marshall who is
in the east. ;-,:-,
' Mr. and Mrs.' M. Sotof of Salem,
have Teceived word from their son,
Ijouis, stating ht he has arrived in
Winchester, England, from Palestine
n hu way home, after serving under
the command of General Allenby in the
' near east. ,. ; k
The new, modern home being' built
at 1509 North Fifth street by Justice
of the Peace Glen Unruh, will be fin
ished in about ten days, according to,
Lt. Unruh Friday., The new home will
cost $5000, and is one of the best in
the city. It has 12 rooms.
Maijor Chas. A. Murphy, captain of
Company M, 162d infantry in France
until last December, and news editor
of the Oorvallis Gazette-Times previ
ous to entering service, was visiting
with friends in Salem Thursday. Ma
jor .Murphy received his discharge at
Camp Lewis several days ago, but has
not vp TOade any definite plans for
tie future.
that prohibits house to house distribu
tion without a license interferes with
lis rights as a citizen, F. A. Jelly, who
was arrested several days ago and giv
. en a preference sentence of 5 days or
10 fine has started action to revoke
the city recorder's ruling. Through his
ettorne"- he has applied for a formal
writ of review.
Miss Florence Frazier, who has been ' npm suggestions for improvements of
campaigning in North Salem with more r. a . ' .
1 ... , ... , 1 ln aci v H'U cuutuiueu iu
or less success, will speak at the meet- , V i. 1
ing tonight of, the .North Salem Ial , ' Pub',6erv,1c? et
ntnvotiMmt n;t; rr;t,io a i b" '' gas expert a formal invi
a report sub
ptovement association, Highland school -1 T """. t ""gatioi.
auditorium, in behalf of the "Bo a pf tho t,,a,;"'tt wlU instituted by
brick, buy a brick' ' relief fund for the 1n eommission, Chairman Bucht.l
Pacific Coast Rescue and Protective tr.-ted Thursday.
society. Subscriptions will be taken in ..
the crowd. Miss Frazier, who resides at "TT'C! CT A "MTV f TJC3
24005 North Fifth street, teaches OKAiNLT MKft.
scjiool; and. atter. classes devotes kcr .. . . . iJLriK STA1KS
enure epare time to campaigning for
me tuna.
Couldn't Eat Meat or Bread for Two
Years Gains 18 Pounds Taking
No one could - see the wonderful
The recent storm has shaken many
apples from the trees. If theaound ones change that has taken place in me dur-
are gathered immediately and put in mg tne past tew weens and doubt Tan
boxes we will buy tnem for delivery lac being a grand medicine," said Mrs.
at our Lojtt plant and loan you the Louiso Rogers, who resides at 4017
Doxes. Apples are a rood product and . urooKiyn avenue, iios Angeles, ,'!., in
should not be wasted. Phone 204. Phez
Company. 237
Wo wish to express our gratitude to
our friends and neighbors who so kind;
ly assisted us during the recent illness,
followed by the death of our beloved
husband and father, Charles Arnold.
Mrs. Charles Arnold and family. 234
Portland Bank Deposits
Aggregate $164,340,688
Deposits aggregating $164, 10,6S8.il
were contained in the 24 bs.nks anfi
trust companies in the city of Poi t
land ot the time of the last call, Sep
tember 12, according to a statement is
sued by Will H. Bennett, superintendent
of bunks, Thursday. This represents- ail
increase of $58,049,401.90 over tho do
posits of August 31, 1918, and en in
iTease of $32,512,67614 over the de
posits of June 30, last. .
We wish to notify our many friends
and patrons that wo have moved our
office rooms from the Oregon Electric
building to rooms 211-212 Gray block,
adjoining Commercial club rooms.
Thanking you for past patronage we
extend a coTdial invitation to call at
our new location. Yours for business,
Pernne -s Marstcrs, Rooms 211-212
Gray bldg., Salem, Or. Phone 907. -
Astoria Gas Company Told
To Improve Its Service
Unless the Astoria Gas company acts
Under the supervision of C. A. Dav
idson and Miss Lena Belle Tartar,' of
the Salonx high school faculty, the or
ganization of a band and orchestra
from the ranks of the students is under
-way. Tho musical department is an orig
inal and new branch of study in the
high echool, and many of the children
are taking a keen interest in its de
velopment. . Due to a breakdown in the power
system of the Salem Street Railway
company about noon, car service was
delayed for about a half hour. Wild
rumors that the company's shop and
street men had gone on strike spread
rapidly through the city, but was put
to an end with the announcement by
companv officials of the real cause for
the cessation in service.
An urgent call for men to work on
farms and on the road being construct
ed between Dallas and Salem was is
sued Friday morning at the municipal
labor bureau. Bureau Manager Race
declared that he could use 30 men at
W. T. RIGDON & CO. .
. Undertakers
.: 252 North High Street .
Here are some of the rea
sons for trading at the
ouagx emeu picmu iia-iiia,
Sugar crued Cottage rolls,
nor nnnnrt
The best shortening,
per pail - $1.25
Pure TLard (guaranteed)
per pail .......... ........$1.50
5or Saturday we will have
an extra fancy lot of milk
fed veal at our usual low
It is our policy to give our
customers the advantage of
any drop in meat prices.
It pays to trade at the
an interview, recently. Mrs. Rogers
uvea tor six years in wenatchee, Wash
ington, and her many friends thore, as
well as those in California, will be glad
to learn of her complete recovery.
"I have been in perfectly wretched
health for the last four years," she
continued, "and had become almost a
nervous and physical wreck. I suffered
rrom nervous indigestion, liver trou
ble and disordered kidneys, and I don 't
'Deneve i nart a wen uay in all those
four years. I had indigestion in- its
worst form and everytime I ate any
thing I would bloat up -with gag until
I was miserable. For over two years I
did not eat any bread, milk or meat,
and just had to Jive on the very light
est of foods. I fell off twenty pounds
in weight and suffered so with pain
and nervousness that sleep was almost
impossible for me. I was under treat
ment for eighteen months but kept
getting worse in place of better until
I just became so discouraged and de
spondent that I lost nearly all hope of
ever getting any wetter.
' 'Tn April of this year my condition
became so serious that my husband
thought I was going to die. He finally
decided a health resort' might help me,
But x was. so low l had to be carried
and have an attendant all the time. It
was then thnt I was persuaded bv a
lady from Vancouver, B. C. to trv
Tanlac end got my first bottle. Well,
I have never seen or heard of anything
like. HonetIy iu three days after I
began taking it I noticed a change for
the better. I am now on my fifth bot
tle of Tanlae and have actually gained
eighteen pounds. The medicine has just
renewed my whole life and built me up
until I nin like a different nerson. I
am eating three good meals a day now
and am never troubled! a particle with
gas or any other eigns of indigestion.
My nerves are perfectly calm and now
I sleep all night long like a child. In
fact, my health seems to be just per
fect, and I- am just so thankful for
what Tanlae has done for me that I
want to tell everybody about it."
Tanlae is sold in Balem by Dr. S. C.
Stone, in Hubbard by Hubbard Drug
Co., in Mt. Angel - Ben Qooch, in
Gcrvais y JuT.n Kcby, in Turner by
H. P. Cornelius, in Woodburn by Ly
man H. ouorov. in Silverton by Geo.
Steelhammer. in Gates by Mrs. J.
P. McCurdy, in etayton bv C. A.
Beauchamp, in Aurora by Aurora Drug
store, m St. Paul .by Groceteria Stores
Co., in Donald by M. W. Johnson, in
Jefferson by Foehav ft' Mason and in
Mill City by MarKcteria Gro, Co.
to 270
Hot Wa t e r
Tyler's Got 'era for Almost
Ming. On Saturday-
Pioneer, regular $2,00 bottle
for .. . $1.25
Or. 2 for ..::.' . . .$2.00
Flannel covered bottle, reg
ular $2.25 lor ........$1.25
About dozen Goodyear
bottles, regular $2.35, spec
ial .. ...l$i.50
Or, 2 for .$2.35
reg. $1.25 bottles for ......79c
Or, 2 for . $1.39
Challenge Fountain Syringe
regular $1.25, for ...,.;.,.;....69c
Or, 2 for ..s......$19
Full line of invalid air
: Cushions.
157 S. Commercial St.
Gasoline Famine
But that's only the general condition of all the
t markets. However, through this crisis we shall
i hammer away as in the past, making QUALITY
t our watchword. After this storm of stress and dis-
X turbance, "Meyers" will stand more solid than ever
X in the Willamette Valley for "GOOD GOODS"
Quaker Corn Flakes, 2 for........J25c
Oceanic Salmon, peran ..........,.....30c
Old English Mustard, 2 for 25c
White Navy Soap, 5 for l....,..30c
; Swift's Pride Washing Powder ;
j?er package 23c
Sunbrite Cleanser, 2 for '....15c'
Wool Soap, 3 for .23c
Palmolive Soap, 3 for .......29c
Curtis Ripe Olives, per can 23c
Egg Noodles, per package ..10c
Folger's Golden Gate Coffee,
. 21-2 pounds $1.35
Palm Sardines, 3 for 25c
Del Monte Tomato Sauce
. per can .- ....9c
Okra, per can ..;...; ...... ..i.....20c
Liberty Jelly Powder .....,.,. 10c
Sierra Sardines, 2 for ..L. 45c
None Such Mince Meat, pkg ........15c
Minute Tapioca, pkg. 14c
Old Faithful Catsup 24c
I. X. L. Pork and Beans, 2 for 25c
383 Court Street
Phone 409
New Shipment Waists
In the very last word in FABRICS and STYLE
You Can Always Do Better At
Moderately Priced
Our Millinery stock has never been so large,
so complete as this Fall season. An elabor
ate showing of REAL VALUES in hats for
women, misses and children. Dozens of sty
lish models to choose from, best quality ma
terials and trimmings at prices much lower
'w than you would expect to pay.
We Invite you to see our Millinery Display
J . If
1 If r- . Alt
A fine showing of dress goods in a
variety of materials, patterns and
colors. At prices you can afford to
pay. .
'We carry a large stock of notions,
Articles which you are unable to
find elsewhere you are apt to find
Save Money On Hosiery by Baying it Here. Good Quality hose for Women and
Originators of Low Prices
351 State Street
' raMf sort
Dry Goods
Kitchen Ware
vyorv da
Buy it Fresh from the Big Electric Ovens
Our bakery products are different than the ordin
ary kind, and better than you are used to buying.
Bake-Rite Sanitary Bakery
Saturday Night I
All the New Music
w-ivT-.-, ri
We need more women to build up our crews for
the winter. Work will be steady. Good wages. Cour
teous treatment. Apply at once to
Salem King's Products Co.
Front & Llarket Streets
Salem, Oregon.
$15.15 at tho clone ot tbo murkct yestor-
Cliiwgo, Oct. 3,-KotaU prle. of . A toT iU cason M -pork
ohould drop .hortly, pat-kef ' lowut Poiut lhe mark,!t has rea1,cl
Kucntutivci said today. HogR Bold lit aiuce July 1917, '