Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 03, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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tilt? (Eapttal 3mtntal
Fiiblshed every evening except Sun
day by the Capital Journal Printing
Co., ;, 136 South Commercial street,
Salem, Oregon.
Editor and Publisher
Telephones Circulation and Busi
ness office, 81; Editorial' rooms 82.
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tives W. D. Ward, Tribune Building,
New York, W. H. Stock well, People's
Cas Building, Chicago. -
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Certified by Audit Bureau of Circulation,
Entered ns second class mail malter
t Salon; Oregon.
? (WodW V, . (PetamaW
' AVe lmve in our county; a woolen mill
thrit ''uianufui'luri'i's i fiuo an nuto
ruho ns any in America.
They are mad of "Oregon Wool,"
luiii tiro orlunauship nuects tlio com
petition of tlio 'big eastern factories,
Mr. Wilbur the owner of the Slay
ton -Woolen Mills, placed some his
product with the JAuleiu mrohaul who
uuild, and do profitably goll this robe
fur ti,95, . . ll
The output of the mill is greater
tlniu Marion county cuu handle so the
mill ncllii all its ibulanre 10 one of the
great liiuil order houses! in the east.
This mail order, house catalogues' and
gcll this rube fur tfH.W, and uumbers
ore bought by. Marion county residents
thinking they are getting uiukrprrctd
Bii'vc.hiuidise. ":" "
1. Hiving out of consideration riostajio
lamps and express charges this muUes
li difference of $1.5"). (Suppose just ouo
thousand robes are sold ill n year, Ma
rion t'ount.V contributes $J!V0 excess
profit to nil ' outnliler; true it isn't
much, but this is. only ono item. Think
what our county court could do with
.ti."iit R year mid 'then we holler about
liifjli rust of living and taxes.
Who's to blami-f Wiilso up! let's
lh;iUl mir own and 'put Marion county
where it belongs on top.
GERMANY is, with German thoroughness, planning the
conquest of Russia.Demoralization under Bolshevist
rule ,has paved the way. German emigration is pouring
into the Baltic provinces. German armies are gathered
on the border. German intrigue only awaits favorable op
portunity to press the advance. . The only obstacle is the
possibility of the league of nations. Should it fail of suc
cess, as Germans hope, Russia will become a German pro
vinceand Poland lose her independence.
France has ratified the peace treaty and the league.
Britain will follow, but if the efforts of the American sen
ate obstructors are successful, and the treaties fail, all
nations including the United States, must prepare for war
and economic losses. All we gained by the war will be lost
in the chaos that will overwhelm Europe.
If the balance of power is restored in Europe, with a
European league to hold Germany in check, and America
out of it, it will eventually become a league against Amer
icathe creditor country and our commercial and eco
nomic supremacy be lost and we must go back to the old
system of standing armies and gigantic navies with war
as the goal.
The intent of the league is to prevent war and there is
no obligation for America to engage in military opera
tions abroad or permit interference in home affairs with
out the sanction of American representatives in the
league. Without the league, the old order will prevail.
The league is not perfect, but is a move in the right
direction. It can be altered and revised as necessity de
mands in the years to come. But it holds hope of a better
day and it alone can realize the aims and objects for which
America fought.
Look at Tongue! Remove Poison From
Stomach, Liver and Bowels
i " "
Accept "Caiiforuia " Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California on
the packngo, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most harm
less laxative or physic for the little
stomach, liver and" bowels. Children
love its delicious fruity tost. Pull di
rections for child's dose on each bot
tle. Give lit without fear.
Mother! You must sny "'California"
Blackheads,' batches and pimples
are generally eaused by improper ac
tion of the bowels. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea regulates the bowels,
cleans the stomach, clears the com
plexion from the inside nature's way
"Get that healthy, happy look." D. J.
Pry. ' ..:'
Was Eventually Cured by
Lydia . Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
Rippling Rhymes.
' By Walt Mason.
IT WOULD appear that the lessons of thrift learned dur
ing the war are being rapidly forgotten, for as a peo
ple we are indulging in more extravagance than ever.
Needless luxuries are in greater demand and with the
general prosperity and profiteering, there seems little in
clination to save. - . -
Thrift means the continuous practice of saving, .econ
omy and the avoidance of waste and needless expendi
tures. It does not mean solely the purchase of war savings
stamps and bonds, but the saving of a surplus by curtail
ing useless and lavish disbursements.
France proved that thrift was a national asset of the
greatest value for French thrift made possible the finan
cing of the French army and enabled the nation to con
tinue the conflict until succor from abroad arrived. It
gave to the people the stability and confidence that was. an
essential to success.
It is important that thrift became an American char
acteristic. In the early days of the republic it was, and
New England thrift laid the foundation for. American
supremacy. Thrift should be taught and inculcated in the
public schools, for it is an important factor in the living
of a successful life.
, Thrift teaches moderation, conservation, self control,
and self reliance. It strengthens- the will power and
makes for better citizenship. It involves no real depriva
tion and its effect is cumulative.
There is trouble everywhere, ns 1Ji!
:iy dispatches show, discontent is in
tlic n'ir, every fellow 1ms his woe, 1'roui
our homes in Knsy street we come chntg
imr forth, euch day, nuking, ill the
name of l'ete, for all kinds of higher.
"iy, lu our guudy cms no lide, up mid
down the crowded pike, roaring tint we
uro denied luxuries enjoyed by MlSe.
n our silken shirts mid bocks we de
nounce the plutocrats, wh.i liava gnth-,
tred hi more rocks than we've hoarded
in our flats. All this discontent in view
in tin lift, rwr.r disease', it is like the
.Spanish flu. which but lutoly niude us
sneeie. Aud the flu, ns you've been
told, inn its course and fizzled out. giv
ing place to ailments old, rheiiiniiti. and
mumps and gout. And the present nil
meet dire, wh'iih hi scaring us today,
rai'iiig like a house afire, soon will wilt
dud fade away. Moon we'll gather as of
yore,, chewing topics snf'e and snne,
gitlier at the Blue Kronf store, talking
of the need of rain; Unit we'll analyze
the crops till the theme hi: made iia
hoarse, when this plague of crazy yawps,
like the flu, has run its course.
Do You
Read Much?
Vim hear uaiiiy men and wo
men sny they do not rend
in icli because
That 's tin acknowledgument of
eye strain. You should be
ti'ili' to read for n long tiuie
v hliout even tltinh'iiig of your
eyes. 'Try your ryes see ho
hum you ran read without tir
ing them or your bend begins
to ache or feel heavy or dull
liendiwht. "
Your glasses regardless of pre
seriptiou ground in our own
shop and. iu most cases out 1 lie :
sMne day.-'
We will gladly serve you to
"day. 'May wef
i Ilecrv Mcnris & Co.
Eye Sight Specialists.
.115 State Street
By Mary Douglas ,
1 told t'otisiu Madeline I was to go to
ten with Air. Arnold, on his yncht alone.
Slit, raised her eyebrows. Then said,
''You're old enough to take euro of
yourself, Hart;. ' '
Alrst. Asliby lidded, "And you've pie
tended to be such n little innocent. Oh
these still waters!" She laughed with
a wicked glen iu iu her eyes.
But wliyi It puzzled mo their at
titude. They knew Air. Arnold well.
Why could 1 not spend an hour, or so,
aboard his yuehtf 1 am no child to
lie ehuperolicd nt every turn.
lleiinie has avuided me theso last few
iluys. 1 have not heard from his moth
er. So 1 have' Kept away, too. Mill even
he emtio to me, us 1 stepped into the
"Don't, go, ISniu. l'leiise. You must
I know why " lie fliini off angrily us
I only laughed.
Again why,' George Arnold whom
they have all welcomed a special guesu
lint X forgot them III. I Forgot them
in my happiness. For 1 knew he must
;ifk me today.
W'e had ta under the broad-striped
p wiling. Hut (leoige Arnold did not
talk. He seemed very nervous, restless,
lint not so restless ns I felt. The after
noon 'slipped any. And still ho sail
nothing. My words fell like dead leaves
i the still nir. 1 could not even get
awny. 1 was caught, entrapped on the
shining deck. As I stood leaning over
the rail, looking at the white line of
shr.re, he came to my side. . .
"Sura," lie began, "1 love you. W'e
were made for each other." Ilia voice
fcaihered strength as he, centime, "you
ituow that love is bigger than mere con
vn.tiou. I will do everything for you.
Make you hnppy. I swear it. Sara." 1
What a strsnge proposal, I thought.
And heard the waves lapping the white
side of the bei t. I did hot raise my
eyes to his. I could not.
"My wife may even give mo a di
vorce. Then I will marry you."
"Your wlfef" The blood receded
from my lieart. It wont pnunding tn my
, "Yon know it. Why pretend! Yon
hne nronraqed pie led me on "
"Your wife!' I si;id nsrnin. Tne
words were strained mechanical.
"Don't play that game, Sara. Come,
sar yon will "
"T.et nf go! T.et mo go!" I tr!nt
nguin. " At mice! " .
I thiuV I saw his strained, white face
watching me ns I left. I l.ni not sure.
1 reached the shore. There wt.s Bonnie,
lieai Beuuio wtis waiting for me in Jen
kins' rllace.
He asked 1113 nothing. Sn'id nothing.
I sat chill and silent in the little cnr.
" His wife." I cannot believe it. It
is too hoiible. I crept softly to niv
(Tomorrow -Mrs, Ashby to the Rescue.;
An Investment
because it brings
returns is
the maintpring of 'l
butineii tho voice
that carries the mes
sage to establish con
fidence and good will
to create a desire to
buy. It your printing
I hit kind?
Let your printed mat
ter imprets its impor
tance and your own
individuality by its
Quality -the work of
Shaver Press
2 17 9
Qsili Laxatives,
Purges; Try IIP
KR Tonight Tomorrow Feel Right
. . v '
It 1s a mistake to continually dose
yourself Willi so-called laxative pills,
ciitornol, oil, purges and cathartics
and .force bowel action. It weakens
tlio bowels and liver and makes con
stant dosinfr necessary.
Why don't you begin right today to
overcome your constipation and get.
your system In such shape that daily
pinging will bo unnecessary? You
ran do so if you get a 25c box of
Nature's Remedy (NB Tablets) and
take onu each night for a week or so.
Kit Tablets do much more than
merely cause pleasant easy bowel ac
tlcn. This mctiieine acta upon the
flisestlve as well as eliminative organs
promotes :ood dlpestion, causes tha
boily to get the nourishment from alt
die food you eat, utvos you a good,
licarty appetite, strengthens the liver,
'vcrcomci biliouBncas, regulates kidney
rntl bowel action and pives the wholo
body a thorourrt cleaning- out. This
accomplished you 'will not have to take
medicine every day. An occasional NB
tablet will keep your body In condi
tion and you can always feel your best.
Try Nature s Ramedy (NB Tablets)
r.nd provo this. It is the best bowot
inediclno- that you cn uso and costs
only 25e per box, containing enough to
inst twenty-five days. Nature's Rem
edy (Nit Tablets) ts sold, guaranteed
i.ad recommended by your druggist.
Daniel J. Fry, druggist!
f-&nt Cnravor,
Use Schilling Tea once
and you'll keep right on.
Try the tea If you are
not satisfied your grocer
pays your money back.
We pay him. You keep
the tea. tv
Schilling Tea is the fine
practical economical tea of
this country.
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. Ail one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof packages. .
At grocers everywhere. ...
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
At the first sign of
sldn trouble apply
That patch of eruption is not ttects
sarity a serious matter! Even in severe,
well-established ouses of ecienia, ring.
worm or similar affections, Rcsiuol
Ointment and Resiiml Soap usually re
lieve the itching t onccunJ cpuckly
overcome the tnmble cmfiptetely. How
much more, then, can this simple, in
expensive treatment be relied on to dis
pel skin troubles in their earlier stages.
Rwbwl Sor nil Rnlnol OinttMM an U Ur
atl arut tntt. tot atmptai of etch, lre, wm to
Dtpt 1-K, katioai, lUiwn, Ma.
Philadelphia, Pa. "I suffered fot
seven long years with a lame back,
irregularities and
pain. I had one
physician after an
other but they did
me no good. Ireatl
about Lydia K.
Pinkham.'s Vege
table Compound and
gave it a trial and in
a short time I felt
benefited and am
now feeling fine,
and without weak
ness orpain. Many
of my friends have
also taken Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound
and been hetoed by
it. 'V-Mrs. Maijgaret NEsa,.1846 E.
Hazzard St, Philadelphia., Pa.
Women who suffer from displae
ments, irregularities, inflammation,
ulceration, backache. sideache.v head-
I aches or "the blues" should not rest
until they have given this famous root
and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, a trial. If
comnlicntions exist, write Lydia' E.
j Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., fot
special suggestions, ine result oi ia
long experience is atour service.
For Coated Tongue :
Bad Breath, Sour Stomach, j
Bloating, Gas, Biliousness, Sick Head-"
ache, Indigestion, Constipation, take j
the always reliable
They clear the bowej, sweeten the stom
ach and tone up the liver. Do not gripe,
J. E. Colver, 103 Labor Temple, Lea Angelct,
Cat: "After 56 yean' experience with all aorta
and kinds at cathartic rem edict, 1 tot wiae to
Foley Cathartic Tablets, and they are the beat i
ever uied.'V'
to 270
N. Com'l St.
You Can't Cur3 Rheumatism
With Liniments and Lotions
If you are -afflicted with Rheu
matism, why waste time with lini
ments, lotions and -other local ap
plications that never did cure
Rheumatism, and never will?
Do not try to rub the pain away,
for you will never succeed. Try
. the sensible plan of finding the
cause of the pain. Remove the
cause, and there can be no pain.
You will never be rid of. Rheuma
tism until you cleanse your blood
of the germs that cause the dis
ease. S. S. S. has no equal as
blood purifier, scores of sufferers
say that it has cleansed their blood
of Rheumatism, and removed all
trace of the disease from their
Get a bottle of S. S. S. at your
drug store and get on the right
treatment to-day. If you want
special medical advice, address
Medical Director, 49 Swift Labora
tory, Atlanta, Ga.
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
' r '
and They All Look Good
they not only look ffood. but they feel cood
and they wear veil and keep their shape for
ever. There's a wonderful difference between a well
knit, all wool-of -high-grade, ribbed stitoh
sweater and the common sweaters that you buy
- in the dark, as it were.
Buy your next sweater or bathing suit care
fully; look at the label, and if you find the
name Jantzen thereon, you can rest assured
that you are srettinsr a erarment that
you will enjoy owning for a long, long
There's a Jantzen dealer in
Sold by ; ;
... i i " ' "" "' i!-;,.-, n. n. nriTtimin , ma?- f
"V7"OU are the consumer; the most im-
portant link in the great industrial
Whether or not Oregon factories shall
grow; whether or not the producer shall
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