Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 02, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Gertrude Robison
1TII the reopening of the achool
year in Salem a number of so-
cial activities will be resumed,
which were necessarily dropped during
the vacation months. The high school
literary and social clubs, of which
there are a goodly number, will begin
irith renewed energy, and the student
organization of Willamette universi
ty have already begun plans for the
year's activities. By reason of the in
created attendance at the university
the clubs and societies of the institu
tion will, naturally have larger mem'
bershipa and the year promises to be
replete with many pretty informal
The teachers in the local schools are
ails organizing, and with charaeteris-
ue feminine initiative are planning a
number of original and interesting meet
.... Ti... u:l.:.. i..u u : l , a..
Jigs. The Hiking club, which proved to
oe sncn success last term, nas been re
organized and the members are only
awaiting the inevitable good weather,
whi -h an Oregon Indian ' summer
tilings, to enjoy the long pleasant hikes
that were universal favorites in the
past. Viewing the situation from these
particular standpoints, the coming sea
am gives promise of, being a busy one,
.1 -. c .. j .
nd if no unexpected interruption oc
curs, like the unfortunate epidemic of
last winter, students and- teachers in
both the high" school and university
tnay look forward to an eventful school
year. - ' ; i
The C. W. B. M. will, meet in the
church parlor Friday afternoon at 2:30
with Mrs. Jjcland WV Porter leader.
Americanization institutes,' for the
purpose of standardizing Americaniza
tion work, will be held tliis Jear in ev
ery city, town and hamlot in the Unit
ed States where a woman 's club is lo
cated. This is to bo the speciul feature
of the 1919-20 program of tho hundreds
of Organizations represented in the
general federation of women's clubs.
The purpose of the Institutes will be
two fold: First, to adjust the American
mind to admit the foreign horn into
democracy; and, aoeond, to prepare Am
. rican citizens to undertake the work
of properly reaching the foreign born
In an effort to Americanize them. In
this great work the club women will
have the cooperation of teachers, social
workers and memoers of other great or
gnn'fcations. The holding of tho community gath
erings of American ind foreign born,
at which exliiliits of the arts and hand
icraft! of lour newcomer will be made
in nn effort to foster these gifts and
show their, value as contributions to
American life. Other attractions at
these gatherings will ho pageants and
community singing in which there will'
lie a blonding of tho voices of the old
and new worlds in a itruly democratic
Naturalization laws will be studied,
aupplcmentcd by visits to naturaliza
tion courts, to observe the legal pro
ceeds, -that workers Jiinv be ablo,to
assist the foreign bom In tho proced
ure noeeeaarv for them to coma into
full citiaonnhip.
(Oontimied fron page one)
admimtioa for the soldier monarch in
their own. way,, and .they did. The roar
of welcome that . went up from their
throats and from the whistles and sirens,
in the bay and river, curried no spirit
of "hail to tho king," but instead, a
typically American, man to man 'how
dy Albert."
Btate department Orders prevented
the royal party's progress from Bandy
'iiuok, whom tho Ueorge Washington
Anchored during the night, to the army
1 icrs in nououoii, from being the same
triumphal entry that was accorded Ueu
4ral Pershing. No private craft were
permitted to go down the bay and the
noisy welcome thoy furnished was ro-
erved until the George Washington
aieared the Htatue of Liberty.
The Goorge Washington broko out
tne Jiolgisu flag from tho mainmast and
as escorted by destroyers and seanlanes.
ahe passed through tho narrows, the
-miicm was greeted with a saluto of 21
guns from Forts Hamilton and Wads
worth. the king and queen stood on the
i.i-:.iA e -it... .
" mo uuurgu n HsnillL'ton
alio warped into her dock.- The former
wept the crowd through field glasses
and the queen busily snapped pictures
ith a small camera. The steamer wus
docked on the north side of tho pier,
the berth of the Imperator, which wu
moved to tho south side of Pier No. 2.
Vice President Marshall delivered the
address of welcome. The king replied
Tho king said that he and the queen
greatly regretted President Wilson's
illness end expressed hoie for "speedy
Te estaMishment of hi health, which U
o precious. " Ho said their voyage to
this country was a distinct step in their
lives and that they hoped to gain many
new thoughts ami ideas.
After, the greeting!" were exchanged,
the royal party shook hands with the
members of tho welcoming committor,
then boarded automobiles for the ferry
trip to New York. '
The royal party arrived at the Wal
durf -Astoria shortly before I o'clock
and was acclaimed by thou'itmds ill the
treets about the hotel.
000,009 Highway Bond
I-sae Is Delivered To Buyers
Another two million dollar issue of
ti-t highway bonds was delivered by
the stste treasurer's deprrtment to "sr
trn 4 Earles of Seattle, Wednesday.
Jo Buhm-dfloii, assistant state treB
tirer, made the trip to Portland to de
liver the bonds which are a- part of the
10 00,000 issue authorized by the last
The institutes will also demonstrate
the need of ooenin? the nubile sehool
i buildings for night and day elasses for
the- training of new citizens and will
also work for every possible form of
educational opportunity in industrial
The promotion of community centers
in school buildings and libraries will
be undertaken, at which it is proposed
to hold Americanization conferences.
To these all women's organizations and
others interested will send represent
atives, including the leading women of
each national and racial group, to con
fer ou the ibest means of reaching the
foreign born. Every effort will be made
to study the immigrant and his needs.
A great many interesting persons
were visitors in tne city last week at-
tending the state fair and availing
:., . ... '
themselves of the opportunity to re
new old acquaintances and visit friends
Among them were a number of guests
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Owen
voiwrmnn, most or wniwn were con
nectcd with various booths and cxliib-
its-at the fair, They wre J. L. Porte,
Canadian government agent, in charge
Tiehener, deputy U. S. marhall Port
, . , ' . ' ; . . ,
"i ia vunsaiuu xmrm; r ranK is.
land: J. A. Smith of Marshfield with
the Coos county exhibit; Mr. and Mrs.
(iuy Ford of Myrtle Point, represent
ing the cheese association of Cook
county- X. F. Donnelley of Portland,
looking after the interests of , tho
Weatherly Ice cream company; H.
Sporch of Tacoma, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Montgomery of Sacramento, who had
entered a number of race horses; Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Thoen of Portland; h.
A. Hitchcox, with the eastern Oregon
exhibit; W. Zoimer of Portland; L. D.
Smith of Marshfield; H. Lidvard of
Forest flrove: M. G. Hushes of Hilln-
uorto; Mr. and Mrs.
i. H. C. Elliott anrl
laushters .Susan and Florence of Port:: .
L' 1 ., . ,,- . --
'.urn; r. . vuiemau or rortianu, rep
resenting the Alliers rBos. products;
I. A. Vunce of Portland; Charles Cleve
land of reshum; Mrs. W. J. Ward of
t'ortlmiit; w. H. Walton of Khedd:
Miss Maud Sparks and Mrs. Willi
sparks of Forest Grove; Mr. and Mrs.1"" goT", Senator Kenyon asked.
v. v.. l nomas Of Uswego; A. Clark of
Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Moses and son.
and Mr. and Mrs. Chose of Chohalis,
Mr, and Mrs. John Brooke of Garvaig
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Dorothy Juno, to Knytnond
.1. Lambert of Ht. Paul. Tho wedding
win uo an event oi early lall.
Mr. and ilia. Thomas Burrows re
turned from Newport Friday after nn
extended stay nt their Nyo beach cot
tage. .
. . "
Mrs. V. L. Griffith, left for Portland
today, where she will be the guest of
friends for several days.
'harles K. Spaulding is a Portland
visitor, being domiciled-at the Imper
ial hotel during his stay in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Cotterman entertain
ed as their guests Saturday at thoir
homo on Highland avenue, Dr. and
Mrs. Constance, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Jensen and children Leroy and Agnes,
nil of Portland. '
Among tho Sulem folk who are in
Iortlnnd today on business matters,
are Herbert Kuan and Joseph Bichard
son. i
htw An Economical, Delightful, Light Place to Trade
j ' "
The Supremacy of our Blouse Values is Splendidly Apparent in the
Wirthmor Silk Blouses
Never before have we been rible to more strikingly demonstrate
the decided superiority of our Blouse values than is permitted in
the remarkable offerings of these Wirthmor Silk models: Styled
most atrtactively and appealingly; developed of quality fabrics
(beautiful Georgette Crepe, Crepe de Chine and Wash Satin),
made with painstaking atte ition to details, and cut otf full gen
erous, correct fitting lines, they are the kind of Blouses f ot v hick
you would expect to pay and ordinarily would have to ppy a far
higher price, , s '.
Ladies' Store
466-474 '
State Street
i i
Portland Woman
Takes Own Life;
Was Dallas Girl
Portland,' Or., Oct. 2. Lvdia Cullen,
srife of E. F. Cullen of HillBdale, shot
and killed herself while alone in her
h ime between 6 and 8 o'clock Wednea
diy evening. 8ho had returned an hour
Ki'Jier from a four-months visit with
her parents in Dallas.
"We'll cat su;4-cr at my brother','.'
mid Cullen. His wife demurred, and
Cullen set forth with their 8 year-old
son, Brewster. When they returned from
their meal at the home of C. E. Cullen,
Mrs. Cullen 'g body, with the fatal tiil
let wound in the right temple, was found
on the kitchen floor.
Shu left a short noto. It read; '.'.Vor
my little Brewster," ami on top of it
was a pursj containing 10.
" The employment ef a'night watchman
at the state school for the blind was au
thorized by the state board of control at
its meeting Wednesday. This action wit
taken nn ihn lirtrpnf rannmrmtnlntinn nf
Superintendent Howard of the school
who declared himself fearful of the eon-
' "ufncfs ,if VTesel dion" whicu
involved lnnvmor th instttntinn nn.
involved leaving the institution un
guarded at night, were permitted to
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If the investigation could be made
more simple for the benefit of the com
mittee, it ought to be done," Gary
said. "There is danger of a misunder
standing upon tho part of the working
,., i. .:
"It might bo desirable if the repre
sentatives of your committeo make a
thorough investigation of our mills, tak
ing two or three weeks."
"n vou think the committeo ought
The dignity of our
professional eti
quette matches the
high standards we
have set for the con-
wuvb ui uui uiiaiuLsn- .
o 01
Salem's Exceptional
"No, I don'fsay that," Gary replied.
Kenyon reminded Gary that he had
referred to a newspaper article saying
that the -proposed visit, of the senate
committee to the Steel district would
prolong the strike. '
"I am inclined to think there may
be something in that," Gary said.
He then read letter he said were ro-
eeived by. the employes threatening
them If they did not strike. Gary stat
ed that net profits of the United States
Steel Corporation in recent years are as
la 1924, $58,267,925.
. In 1915, $107,832,016.
I 1918, 30B,449,476. -
- Ia 1917, $253,608,200.
Ia 1918, $167,562,380.
. Gary said only 82 men out of 191,000
ra the manufacturing plant worked a
continuous 24-hour shift at any time last
year and only 344 worked an eighteen
hour shift at any. time.
Women, Here Is
'iff A Money Saver
Save five to tea dollars,fquiekly by
Jry cleaning everything in the aome
just as easy as laundering, yon ean dry
clean suits, coats, waists, silks, lac.es,
gloves,-shoes, furs, draperies rugs, mens
clothes everything that would be rum-
ea Dy soap and water.
Place a gallon or more of gasoline in
a dish pan or wash boiler, then put in
the things to bo cleaned and wash them
with Solvite soap. Shortly everythir
comes out looKing UKe new.
'Nothing fades, shrinks or wrinkles.
No pressing' needed. Do not attempt to
dry clean without Solvite soap. This
gasoline soap is tho secret of all dry
A package of Solvite soap contain
ng directions, for home 'dry cleanine
costs but a few cents at any drus. gro
cery or department store. Dry clean
away trom name or out of doors.
Salem People
Prevent Appendicitis
Many Salem tieoole are usinir simnle
glycerine, buckthorn bark, etc.", as
mixed in Adler-i-ka. This - flushes
BOTH upper and lower bowel so com
pletely it removes all foul, accumulat
ed poisons from alimentary canal and
pre? tints- lappenuoeitia, Adler-i-ka re
lieves AMixt CASfy gas on stomach or
sour stomach, otten CUBES constipa
tion. In one case of chronic stomach
trouble ONE bottle produced wonder
ful results. J. C. Perry, druggist, 115
ooum commercial,- (Adv.;
Do Away With Indigestion
How to Purify a Sour, Distressed Stom
ach in a Few Minutes
Let us talk plain English; let us call
a spade a spade.
Your food ferroewtg' and your stom
ach- isn't strong enough to digest the
rood you put into it, so the food sours
and forms ipoisonous eases, and when
it does leave your stomach it has not
furnished proper nourishment to the
I blood, and has left the .stomach iln a
I filthy eondituon. , r
Take Mi-o-na stomach tablets if you
wMui r.u I'luuigtr your, iiiiny siomau. to
'a healthy, clean, purified one.
t IT Mi-o-na fails to relieve your mdi
gestdon, rid you of diKziness. bilious
nesa and sick headache your dealer
win cneerruliy rotund your money, i
1 If you want to make your stomach
1 o strong that it will digera hearty
meal without distress, and you want
to be without that drowsy,- all tired
out feeling, take Mi-o-na; - it should
gave you prompt relief. For Sale by T.
J. Fry and all leading druggista.(Adv)
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. i ... ....
Chamberlain's Congi Remedy
This is not only one of the best and
most efficient medicines for coughs,
colds, eronp and whooping eough, but
is also pleasant to take, which is inr
portant when a medicine must be giv1
en to young children. G9itmberlain's
Cough Kemedy has been in Use for
many years and has met with much
favor wherever it-' ood qualities have
become known. Many mothers have
given it their unqualified endorsement
Win. Seruby, Chilucothe, Mo., writes,
will mend
shoes, gntia
b a u s. etc.
to sew up wlra cnts on stoct. Special with
needle and spool of waxed thread, 6M cents.
By mail, 75 cents. Full directions with
same. The Brown Mercantile Co., 171 First
atreei, Portland, Oregon.
When the body begins to stiffen
and movement becomes painful i
is usually an indication that the
kidneys are out of order. Keep
these organs healthy by taking
The world's standard remedy far kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles.
Famous since 1606. Take regularly and
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V -v ...
V '
To reduce the Itch,
ing, use soothing
applications of
The Joy Of Ai
Perfect Skini
(tVKnow the joy and
W happiness that comes
to one thru possessing
a skin of purity and
beauty. The soft, dis
tinguished appearance it
raiders brings out your
natural beauty to its full'
est In use over 70 years.
Jiffy-Jell desserts carry
teal fruit flavors in es
'sence form, in vials.
A wealth of fruit juice
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sert. So you get a fresh
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This is the new-type
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old kinds.
Loganberry and Pine
apple are two of the best
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a package
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Honesty, speaks fpr,
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are bo honest in their work-,
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tobacco well blended, smoke
so fragrantly cool through the
mouthpiece, that they speJt
quality in any company j
10 for 13c .'v,
The John Bollman Co. Branch
Any man or woman vho keeps It ;
Handy will tell you that
same tbint
ESPECIALLY those frequently ;
attacked by rheumatic twinges. ;
A counter-irritant, Sloan's Lini
ment scatters the congestion anden
trales without rubbing to the afflicted ';
part, soon relieving tne ache and pain, j
nepr. nanay ana usea everywnero
for reducing and finally eliminating
the pains and acheis of lumbago,
maiifTfria trtticrlA etraftl. 4nin AtifTnraA.
wwu.u.6.u, , , I
sprains, bruises, the result of exposure
10 weatner.
Sloan's Liniment is sold by all drug
eists. 35c. 70c., $1.40.
the war
the war