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elie (Eapttal 3Jmmtal
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day by the Capital Journal Printing
Co., 136 South Commercial street,
alem, Oregon.
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ness office, 81; Editoria) rooms 82.
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at Salem, Oregon.
Odds and Ends
Backyard baseball doesn't wholly sat
isfy the kids unless the enighbors gel
m:id and hide the ball occasionally.
C'nbool (Mu.) Enterprise-Press. .
Too often 'Tin So.
Ed Have you forgotten you owe me
five dollars f
Ned No, not yet. Give me time, und
I will. l)e Jnnge Monthly.
The Worried Ktago Manager Well,
what's the mutter nowf
The Hinge Oarpenter The Moon's
truck, sir: 'e snvs as 'o 'e won 't rise
under fifty bob ft week an' a pint o'
hcer duriu' the eelipse. .London Sketch.
"Now, Master Jaeky, if you brenfc any
more of your toys I shall buy a stick to
punish you with! " ' : .
"Auj may I plav with il when you're
not mine itf Windsor.
Everyone Is striking but the Uplift
Squad. New York Evening Sun.
r , .
Know What He Was About.
A member of a national medical asso
ciation tells the following story at the
eicpeuso of a physician:
"Arc- yon sure," an anxious patient
once askod "are you sure that I shall
recover! I have heard that doctors nave
Bometiinos given wrong diagnoses and
treated ft nntient for pneumonia who
afterward died of typhoid fover."
"You have been woefully misinform
ed," replied the physician Indignantly.'
"li I treat a man for pneumonia, .ho
dies of pneumonia." Harper's.-
Tor Economy's Sake.
"I want a perfectly noiseless lawn
Mower. "
"Considerate of the neighbors, eht"
"It Isn't that. If 1 ouu get up early
paid cut grass without the neighbors
bearing me I won't have to lend that
luwuiuower seven times before I get to
use it again myself.", Boston Trans
THE Portland Journal refers to the demand for fruit
lands in this vicinity as "the Salem boom."
. ' The phrase is unfortunate, for Salem is not-booming,
nor, with her calm indifference to fate and complacent
self-sufficiency, is she likely to boom. Temper-mentally
she is "agin" it. - Nature can spill her bounties about her
and the state shower its tax roll over her, but Salem can
not help it and is an unwilling Barkis to opportunity's
How can Salem boom, When her citizens refuse to
supply h.ousing accommodations for new residents? How
can a community gam rapidly m population, when there
are no quarters.for homeseekers? . ... . j
Boom has several meanings. ' The Journal used the
word in the sense of rapid growth based upon the tardy
realization of the merits of natural resources; But boom
also means "to drum, sound as an empty barrel," and "to
cry with a hollow note." It is the latter kind of a boom,
the hollow note ol artiiicial inflation caused by clever ex
ploitation and over capitalization, which sooner or later
is followed by the slump of collapse that Salem should and
must avoid.
The actual value of farm land is based upon the pro
fit it can "be made to yield under average conditions. The
speculative value is that based upon artificial or unusual
conditions. . If hop land was selling on the basis of the
present market, with hops at 70 cents a pound, we would
have a parallel to the inflated vajues at which fruit lands
sold in the orchard belts of the northwest in the apple
boom of a decade ago. High prices for land must be dis
couraged if we seek the permanent prosperity of the set
tler and resultantly, of the city.
Vegetable, fruit and berry lands in the Willamette
Valley are in great demand because Salem industries now
furnish a competitive market for the producer. The grow
er can contract his yield in advance to be utilized in any
one of half a dozen great industrial plants, thus stabilizing
the market. He does not have to ship long distances to
uncertain markets and become the victim of railroad de
lay, speculative sharks, and commission vultures. Thus
Salem offers more inducements to the producer than any
section of the northwest, and the intensive development
and payrolls assured, will force an unwilling growth upon
Salem. , (i j , ; " f
Salem can, however, materially speed-up this legitim
ate growth by providing needed housing facilities," and
stabilize it by discouraging land inflation and speculation. I
The developer and worker is needed, not the speculator
and get-rich-quick boomer. As a burned child dreads the
fire, so does anyone who has been through a boom based
upon the inflation of land values, dread its repetition. We
cannot afford to handicap the producer by over-capital-
lzation of the land he is dependent upon. , -
The Journal's article follows: . ,
"Near Hulem a man bought, four months ago a !i3-acre farm, on which is
a 5-aero prune orchard in full bcniintf. He paid $180 un acre for the property.
"After nulling J00 worth of prunes, ho' disposed of the farm the other
day. The salo price was .KM) an acre. His gross profit ou the property in
four mouths is 124,900, ' - ,
"A farm of about JllO acres several miles southeast of Salem changed hands
the other day for 00,000. It was bought-by; n man residing in the commun
ity, ft comprised 75 acres of prunes, 2fi acres of cherries and 00 acres of tim
bered land. The prune orchard and the higher price of prunes had a great
deal to do with both sales.
Quibs and Quirks
him," said Dr. Jennie Callfas, promi
nent welfare worker. "If I had been
'the girl's mother,. I would have wanted
to riddle that man with bullets mvself."
All the logs are not in cold storage, r The future of our air service is plan
Washington oPst. - . '':.' ncrt wirti imnlioi fnifh t. .1,.
mgton oPst!
-- ...
Seems easier to get into war
peace. 'Wall Street Journal. .
nea wini implicit taith in the power
iof the league to prevent war. Green
tlmu.ville (S. C.) Piedmont.
'Perhaps the "Irish Republic" would
aCuf Pn man(,a,c t0 govern Boston. ! future is like near-beer, something that
rnrm uurnai. isn't. -Nashville Banner.'
Laugh and grow fat. This method is The chap who went through that hell
the only one now-in reach of the aver- j on the western front can't be persuad
age purse.-Grecnville (S. C.) Pied-led that the cost of living is too high
ureenvme (M. C.) Piedmont,
'Pork is said to be on the, toboiriraii in
Chicago, but the slide we want to see
Jt on is toward the home-plate. Sas
katoon Star. '
Eight People Injured In
'Frisco Street Car Wreck
San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 1.-
rress.) tight persons were
Prices, we are 'told, will come down
in the near future. Mavbe that near two seriouslv todnv when n T'nitnd TJnil.
ways car jumped the track at a slippery
The soviet party has been born. Its
promoters plan to make America just
as happy a IKussia. Omaha Bee.
(Fourteen points,-forty five amend
ment, and four reservations seem to
be .all we have got out of tho situation
to date. New York Morning Telegraph.
curve at Chencry and Thirteenth streets.
Over 100 persons were on the car.
The car's speed was checked when it
struck a fence.
The brakes failed to work as the car
was going north down' a teep grade.
The car remained upright.
A superfluous clause in. the new Ger-
T1,a ..... I ft i !,. ii.uiiuuwii jiuYiuca uiut a vi c
straighten out the affairs of the world !nmn s0,a11 not acccPt 8 titU or a do"''
tho more we 'believe in prayer. 'Rich- j mtibn from any foreign government.
mond News Leader. 'Albanv Journal.
Omaha Women
Split on Justice
of Negro's Death
Georgo Bca er and M. Green, one of
who was formerly game" warden, are
under arrest at 8t .Helens for fishing
for salmon is Scapppoose bay.
Women Who Are
Former Mine Workers Head
Leaves $259,009 Fortune
(New York, Oct. 1. The will of John
Mitchell, former head of tho United
Mine Workers, was filed here today.
It was in his own handwriting, but
because there was no witness it was
believed to be invalid. It disposes of
an estate of $250,000, divided equally
among his widow and two children.
Oinnha, Neb., Oct.' 1." (United Press)
Omaha women, discussing the lynch-
public j 'iaS Sunday of Will Brown, negro, iden-
tliritt registration . day in a manner:
that will be a credit to the state which!
has nevor yet faired to respond to
tified by Miss Agues Loeback as ei
Teachers and pupils in the
schools ot Oregon are urged, m a proc
lamation issued by O'ovornor Olcott to- assailant, stand divided upon the justifi
day, to lend -.-their assistance to the cation for tho hanging,
federal sovernment in its attack on: "Tk h( t ;.
high cost of living toy observing )n ,.' miA Ura j w. ii,.w,,,i ,.;.
inally a Louisiana woman. -"Mob
rule is never iustjfiiible, " said
the call of the. government for cooper- Mrs. Draper Smith, former president of
at ion in patriotic .enterprises. " ..the Nebraska suffrage association.
"As one phase of its attack on hitrh "Omaha can never live down the dis
places, the federal government . has- graceful performance of Sunday night."
itamcd.October 3 as thrift registration "I am utterly stunned, crushed and
day iij all the sehools throughout the humiliated to think that such a thing
United States," the proclamation reads 'could happen, hi Oumlia,'" said, Mrs J.
" On that, day evory teacher and 8tu-'ll. Dumont, prominent 'club woman.
...... ... o-i
huch women get little iov out of
lite, they-are "dragged out," "worn
out," ''tired out" and nervous, but
how few realize there is a way to
overcome this condition.' Druggists
guaiaiitqo Vinol, the end liver and
iron Ionic without, oil, to build up
strength and energy for over worked,
run down, devitalized men and women
or will return your money. Why .not
take advantage of this guarantee?
Emil A. Si-haefer, druggist. (Adv)
a ser
Bs the
The Sacrifice.
'(To the ludy who advertises fu
vnt with medium or dark hair
only qualification.) " ' .
I'd love to match a- Morris frieze,
iM golden-ochro potiore,
A black brmiettisli Pekingese,
Ih- old brown Windsor kitchen chair,
Though I can neither wait nor cook,
And will nut answer knock or ring,
I ahould be very proud to look
In harmony with everything.
Hot Nature with a head of low
Endowed me in the davs gone by,
I cnniiot serve you, ma 'am, but, oh, ,
I 'd gladly dye.
A. W., in London Daily Chronicle.
The Road to Paradise.
"My darling," said a fond mother,
who believed in appealing to children's
tender feelings instead of pimishiiig
theui, "if you are so naughty you will
grieve mamma so that she will get ill
find have to fie in bed in a d:irl( room,
and tnk( misty medii iue; and then she
may die mid have to lie taken nwny out
to the cemetery and -be buried, and
you " ..-
The child hud heroine more solemn,
!ut an anirelic smile overspread his fac,.
nt liis mother's lest words, and, throw
ing his arms 1mut her neck, he ex
"Oh, iniimiun, and may I sit beside
tJie ei)iichmniif " Tit ltils.
"A year ago a man bought five acres of loganberries near Salem paying
SSOO for the property.' The five acres of 4-year-old vines netted him $700
an acre this year, and he has just sold the place for .1o00. At an investment
of 2500, he look off in net profits for his year's work jtWOO.
'There is a fruit land boom around JSalein. Loganberry men raised three"!
nnit a Unit' nnd lur tons per acre and i.uut at rents n pound. Numbers -of
them netted $700 an acre, in some instances hero and there, even more.- The
average, of course, was considerably lower. ,
. ''Prune growers who did not seli too soon uro making fortunes. The dried
product is selling around IS cents. The scarcity in Europe iiiul war prices, have
created jniirkets never li no wjl before. The Snlein district has found itself. Jts
soil is wonderfully ndnpti-d to fruit growing, and the farmers have become
skilled in the game. .. ..
"I t is assumed uf course,-that- they realize that, prices and profits may
not always be what they are now, and that over-capitiilizat inn of their land may
ultiinatelv bvi : rr disaster,"
By Mary Douglas
the government of tho United States
torce down exhorbitant prices by agree
!ug to, practice thrift through saving
and investment in government secur
ities such as thrift and war savings
stamps and treasury saving certificates
"The authorities at Washington feel
that while prosecution of profiteers
may 'be of some aid in bringing the
necessities of life to a proper price
level', yet furtdamen tally the remedy
for the present unbearable price situa
tion is restriction of demand to abso
lute needs, increase of capital through
strict personal economy and nso of
this capital, in greater production of
rlie necessities, of Jife." , i
"Let thrift and economy ,becomc ail
effective weapon with which to com
bat tho profiteer," the proclamation
concludes. ' . v N
Australians Here To Study
Farming And Fruit Growing
Three Aiistrnlinn soldiers, with the
typical Austrian hat were in (he city
yesteidr.y, coming to Salem for the
special purpose of interviewing- C. I.
Lewis, publicity manager 0f the Oregon
Growers Cooperative association as to
oo operative work among fr.iit growers.
The thre young men have ben select
ed by the Apstiafian government to
study agriculture and fruit growing on
the coast and are visitiug.various fruit
flections. From Berkeley they came di
rect to Salem to learu of tho wtij-s of
tho Oregon Growers Co operative asso
eiat ion and their next Visifit will be in
Hie Yakima section.
Puriug (heir year in this country,
their expenses will be paid by their
home government, s it is recognized
that tho Pacifje coast states are taking
he lead in fruit growing as wall as in
the organization of fruit growers.
A were all down on the dock. Cousin
John and Mrs. Ashby wore fishing. She
soeuied us gay, an imperturbable as ever.
Yet I know. And between us there U
a deper bond of understanding, confi
dence. '" . '
Little Anno was sitting on the edge of
the platform swinging her legs, lint I
hud no eyes for niiything but Winlhrop
Carter and Mnrgot.
nithorp Carter, the penniless heiress
hunter. And Margot, penniless, too. Hut
with her beauty as a grout stuku for
fortune. And these two lire in love. I
suvv it. Too, I saw they were strug
gling against it. I'or they each one
of them must marry money. And here
they hud been caught unuwares by the
chubby god.
What would be the outcome f I could
only wonder. I saw Margot 's fleeting
look from sea-green eyes. And Win
lhrop Carter!
The eomedv iif sm-h il is was no.
played out ttiis afternoon.
I was caught by my own drama. Coin'
edy, tragedy, whatever it is td be. For
George Arnold came swinging down the
The color swept over me, as I watched
h'm ronie striding along. Such man
Then into tho quiet, sun lit afternoon,
came unother element. Little Anne had
slipped off tho dock. Into tho water
sixteen feet below. Iii n flash, it seem
ed little more, George Arnold hud
thrown off his cont. He dived into the
water. Wo watched breathless. There
was no sound. Then he appeared with
Anno in his arms.
Cousin John took her from him. It
had been othing. A child slipped sud
denly into the water. There wero two
men here. Hut th0 third mini Goorg,:
Arnold had lenped without thought.
He-shook off tho water.
"Would you take these, Miss Lane?"
he said. 11,, held out & roll of bills and
his watch. So ! went with him to the
house. I could not keep the admiration
out of my eyes. It was so like him, so
quirk, so ready.
" Awfullv nice of yon to come up," he
said. "Would you wait for me?
won 't be long."
The Woman's Missionary society of
tho churches of the Central Baptist as
sociation will hold its semi-anual meet
ing with the Baptist women of Stayton
Friday, October 3, It is expected there
will be delegations from a number of
the churches. The niorning session will
begin at 10:;)0 and tho afternoon session
nt 1 :4fl. During tho Don hour the Stay
ton women will serve lunch.
Mrs. O. F. Holt of Salem, president
of tho associationnl circle, wtlh preside.
An interesting missionary program will
be given and all the women of tho com
munity are invited.
Among the features of the afternoon
program w ill be an address by Mrs. Ida
Warnock of Albany, who leaves soon for
missionary work in Nicaragua and an
suitress bv Dr. (i. t . Holt .of Balojn oh
"Tlic New Baptist Program.?'
The outrage upon Mayoy Smith was
unforgivable." .. , "
-. 'It was not lawful, but in view of
the long , list of crimes against women
in Omaha in the past 30 days, it was
up to the people to augment the luck of
policy protection, " aid Mrs. Thomas P.
Reynolds, wife of the president of the
Nebraska Federation of Labor.
"The lynching was a blot upon tile
city," said Mrs. C. H. Hempel, presi
dent of the Omaha Woman's club.
"I deploro mob rule and consider the
attack upon the mayor a disgrace, but
the hanging of a- man guilty of such a
crime is to my mind justifiable; , he
punishment could-' be tob- aewtsfi for
to 170
N. Com'l St.
LA "laid servant by day
a v's'ot'nJsijcsby night j .
re . Mum, -mmim,
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
For being placed tinder arrest and
obliged to put up bail amounting to t0
to keep out o fthe .Multnomuli county
jail, Violet McOritnm hu brought 'Suit
in the circuit court here against B. Cuu
iiinghain for $10,000.
She alleges that on July 7, 11, Mr.
Cunningham mnliriously and falsely ac-
I.cused her of stealing a tent. She claims
unar a warrant lor ner arrest
a warrant for her arrest wa us
There - was something almost boyish sued and that she was arrested by the
in his question. It made me feel older
than he. Though he must be thirty-eight,
thirty-five at least.
Now he likes me! He has shown it.
And I admire him. Since Jim he Is
the only man I have ever felt this way
about. , '
I see a .lung 1 path of shilling liappiuos
strong virile. Powerful. Th sunliirht i
touched his mffleil hnir. Tl lniil a. fin. f
ger on his deep-cleft features. He was au,,,ul 1
an ugly -handsome man. Ho I said to) The diania is still to be played.
myself. ; - (Tomorrow Aboard the Blue Jay.)
Sheriff of Multnomah county.
Crimiiinl action against her was dis
missed and sht was acquitted she says.
Due to the fact that she ia well known
in Portland, the reports of her arrest
greatly, injured her reputation, and that
the shock has made her become nervous
and ill and incapacitated for work.
Agricultural Agent For
Lane County Resips Job
N. Uobli for the past three years
agricultural agent for Lane county,
left Monday afternooa for southeast
ern Kansas, whore ho will locate. Uis
resignation as county ageat took ef-
ievt tu tii dojxi of
Mr. Rolib returns to Kansas to take
charge of his mother's stock and grain
ranch, bin father having recently died,
leaving no one but the son to fill the
place. Kugone lurd.
Business men of Oregon City will pre
sent i; handsome American flag to tie
iH-wly-oriraniaed American Lesion of
the tieptember ciackamas county.
Charter Granted To New
Bank In Portland Today
A charter has been issued by Will H.
Bennett, state superintendent of hank,
to the new Broadway Bank of Portland,
to be located in the Elks Temple. The
bank is capitalized at 10ojo00. W. B.
Haines is president of the institution.
11. H. lluynes is vice-president and Col.
Creed C. H&mmotid of Kugeno is to be
the cashier.
"Forget It -Buy At Hoi
II i -4?Yourftwsackof
Mi y MlMm HourwiU - A
4 I give the same satisfaraory results as
'Sfi'f .-.I . V your last. From wheat field" to '
ill!! : " Tj i 1 ''' . . Y ' flour sack, aftual baking tests'
f l : r : AL5eir" ifllR '3 made at every' step
fj " - j to assurc uniformity,
III ' iJ-M-KMljifisS I V M There is no guess J j
iMIjl! ' - tbadc mass i V I work in the making J
t . .Best Patent " o StSTEESSg; there
" i J in the baking with it. " 1
III silWf. Simply say "OLYMPIC to your near-
... MUCiv mi3i, r.u"u J groosr when you onUr flour, nd uk
" kttl ,nvii bimtomaayouthemontrdyitdpecaro.
L ; , j