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prediction that Willamette will once
again take, its place in the football of
the northwest. '
For the past week, preliminary prac
tice has been under way under the di
rection of Captain Dimick. He has been
trying out about 45 of the would be
players. With the number of old play
erg on hand Mr. Mathews feels confi
dent that when the final 15 are pick
ed. Willamette, will have a football
team worthy of its past record.
Mc Mathews was first engaged as
eoaoh for the university in the fall of
"'vet ' -ii u , . ' M"1- 'w"hin a few months he had
Efforts will bs made, this fall, to whipped . the. team into such fighting
place football at 'Wi lamette university shape that it wen the championship
just .where' it wag in 1915 when the of the non-conference league of the
university team won the non-confer-! northwest and did it all over again in
ence league of the northwest and where 1916. In 1917 only two paineg were
it was Bgw-i . l9W.whi --th-tea--pr4vbs.ifrqOT8-nhe-Sr-: T. C. of the
won for the secoud time the champion- iunivevsity took the place- of all- ath'-i
snijj of the non-conference league of- leti'C activities - ' ' l
the northwest, : q.ah c Mathews said j He savs athletics will go' big this
;?y'r.t "t" - , , 1 fall and for his foottball team hd has
;M.r. Mathews has just returned from' alTeadfv lihed : up 'the- following old
spending a summer, in-government eon-j timers": :Dimick, Wapato, Rarery" Soc
struetion work out . of Victoria, B. C.,, olofskv, Medlcr, Brown, Irvine, Bass?
and construction work in Washington. , ler an(j (jrosvenor. '-
While he hag not as yet-looked thor j , , 'm , ..-. ;
oughlv over the prospects, he says '
there are enough former football" nlar: ! Ilea Tli " I
V-thfl'- - W 'IIHUI 11UW
ers on deek this year to justify -the
By Hugh Baillia -
(United Press staff correspondent) -rthnnrr!
the President's Train en
rant' -tn f'hpvenn'e. Wvo.. SeDt. 24.-r-
Batif ication of the peace treaty with
ljB.iaioor provisions wm wiuuio men w
forget war and 'begin working toward
industrial democracy which will "pre
vnt lnhir plnshes like the present
steel strike, President Wilson believes
today. - ' . ,
.This can be given as his attitude,
not tnw Ard the steel strike in particu
lar, but toward labor difficulties in
general,, with regard to which he is pre
serving an attitudeNif absolute silence.
Although there was no Hint irom urn-
cial circles, it may ie stated that Wil
son, having once already attempted to
avert that strike, is disposed to wait
until iboth sides are ready to ask his
aid. Then it is probable he will pro
pose an armistice until tho industrial
conference meets in Washington -Octb-her
6. , '
Wilson is firm in tho belief that the
"cooling off" process provided in the
league of nation covenant tor inter
national differences can with good re
sult be applied also to industrial dis
putes and that if the representatives
of both giaes win get toerncr ana
talk it over, a settlement will result.
- Should labor ask his intercession in
the steel strike, . 'Wilson's probable
course would be to intimate to the cm
ployers that ho is ready to act if they
also request it. There is a feeling that
the president, did not like tho manner
. . . . . . j. - i -
in whicn nis nrsi oner was sninii-u.
There is no doTjut that Wilson re
irards the steel strike as of the utmost
seriousness. He has repeatedly warned
that, labor unrest w spreading as a re
sult of delav in bringing about a final
peace and that this unrest is coming
from .Europe.
t .
' Psycho-Analyst and Vocationaltherapist
A personal Letter To You
r 1 'this is du? seconU visit to Oregon's State Fail- in the Capital
City. The weather is ideal and will continue so every day this
week. The new Stadium, new buildings, new cement walks, new
and creater arrangements of exhibits, new attractions and amuse-
jnents calls forth the greatest appreciation to be privileged to visit
' such a wonderful fair. On every side one can hear : "We hope the
present management will continue year after year, their excellent
work." From the smallest "Kewpie stand" to tne largest attrac
tion, each vendor of his or her wares will constantly seek your at
tentionthat's the word ATTENTION! From shouts,lacards,
to personal approach will each endeavor to convince you that his
or her goods are the very best. This is right, absolutely right from
"their viewpoint and will become right from your viewpoint if your
INTEREST is awakened through your attention to create the same
judgment. '
Perhaps in a day or so your INTEREST will prompt you to
NEED the article and your judgment will BUY their "Goods." So
it is all through life. From attention to interest; from interest to
needs and from needs to purchase. Your needs awaken a DESIRE
and I claim that every sincere desire backed by the best motive that
causes every earnest effort to be put forth, can, as one conditions
environment, he realized.
. Not only have I New Professions that I wish to call your at
tention to but I have a life I am living a life with my wife and
two children to Exhibit. May I call your' attention, first, to the
following new professions :
A Psycho-Analyist
1 (1) A PSYCHO-ANALYST one who is skilled in the art
of purging your mind of pathogenic ideas (fears, worries, sorrows.
etc.) caused by psychic trauma, hereditary influences, internal sub
or abnormal growth or functioning, and detrimental environ
ment. You personally would be surprised if you knew how many
"repressed ideas" ideas of fright, disappointment, grief, anger,
etc. are now actually causing nervousness, mental and physical
disturbances in your Being. You know of course, that your Brain
and nervous systems are like not only a "dispatcher" but a receiv
ing board" similar to the workings in a telephone operating room
Yes your mental "wires" become "crossed' 'and "very cross," too
This causes catabolistic (low resistance and disintegrating) condi
tions, which according to the intensity and prolongation of cross
ed, very cross, or, even sorrowful activities," creates non-functional,
mental and psychical disease. This notice Will Create suffi
cient Desire in You, if you have a relative or a friend, to cause the
NEED of an examination, the manner and thoroughness of which
no other in your state is able to give, which is my GOODS I am
Now calling your ATTENTION to PURCHASE.
A Vocatfonaltherapist
(2) One who understands "the science of directing tho best
or highest Natural adaption in Vocational Expression. It is the
"knowing how" to select the right position for the greatest bcdliy
and mental development of the employee. You well know that 05
per cent of the people, in any country, are Vocational Misfits. The
Natural results therefrom are sickness, accidents, discontentment,
unhappy homes, poor-workmanship, and simply an existence on
Earth. To Know and Work in your Natural Vocation will obtain
for you greater health, success and happiness. I could tell you
of many hundred people who years rgo wore slaving as misfits in
life, but, who now are on.joying the bless:n3 of a contented mind,
greater success and hapohess. Why try tJiitch a Haioiltcnian
horse to a plow or attempt to train a Dray horse for the race track.
Fit minds to fit places should be the rule rather than the exception
in your Home. There are physical bodies with superior mental
tendencies tnat fit certain tyie3 of people. I hav classified these
types as : Agrarian, Domestic, Mechanical, Tradesman, Business,
T3i,;i0i T.itornrv. Sp.ienticfic. Artistic and Musical. Why
trnoss at vour child's vocation? I have had 29 years experience
with mankind in public and private humanitarian work and I
claim to Know man I Know You. You can Know yourself, then
your Desire Can Be Realized!
A Personal Truoble Specialist
(3) One who is qualified to correctly advise in persons!, do
mestic and b isiness troubles. One who unjenangcr-ne cwsciuut,
ness of a person about to unwisely prrcure sdivqrc- to "quit h..
position" ; to .-hantre residence ; to leave the city ; to w rry. about, a
certain man or woman; to commit a crime r worry about political
or religious point; to give up certain wishes in life. concerning
ciVIrrawa nr nims in life. Listen ! I do' not tell fortunes nor do I
nf the mvsterious arts or use hVDotism. Your Atten
tion! I do claim that Personal, Domestic, Business, etc., Troubles
Caused, directly or indirectly, the initial and pre-natal influences
or acquired activities of EVERY PERSON NOW IN ANY IN
SANE ASYLUM. Now you understand me when I say that Every
City should have a duly qualified Personal Trouble Specialist,
whose office woiui be iff prevent Insanity and Crime. I may be
able to get the 'ATTENTION of those who laugh now those who
when no one is looking seek the babblings of ignorant and illiterate
"Head and Palm Readers" when I say that (1) You can name
no disease which" could have been prevented. (2) You can name no
accident which could not have been prevented. (3) You can name
no failure in life which ould not have been orevente.1. Why not
begin now to Prevent SIN'- - SICKNESS an-1 a Hngerng DEATH
(daily troubles) in your place of work and at Home.
AFewQuadfications v
.'', (I) I was born a teacher and a minister;'-1 Mynarents under
stood jnitiandjsreTnatal influences and their desires were real
ized in my birth! (2) Since a child I have faithfulv studied, day
and night the Science of Life Law Medicine Religion Psy
chologyHereditary and Moral Philosophy. The wonderful pos
sibilities of man always interested me and I have evolved a method
of Vitalization and Regeneration that wll actually recerate the
body, brain and soul of man.
; (3) I am an ordained Baptist Minister. Having studied com
parative religion and understanding mankind, I am able to free
your mind of the jealousies and prejudices that fill so many minds
of those who profess so much and Live So Little of The Christ Lite.
Go to our Booth upstairs in the New Pavilion any afternoon and
see My Family then judge my life mv teachings. We know of
no greater religion than to be Healthy in Body, Intelligent and
Poised m Mind, .Pure in Soul, ever Aspiring Godward or Su
preme in Spirit-in the life and blood of 100 per cent Americanism
through the Homo Christ Divine Consciousness. And, while
climbing toward perfection, help those onward who seek your serv
ices. 1 am
A Doctor Of Philosophv
(4) One versed in the Philosophies of life. I admit this: I
Do Not Know It All But I Live All I Know ! If you are Living
more life than our family I Desire to seek and will pay you your
price for a Greater Life. Iam
A Doctor If Psychotherapy
(5) One skilled in the science and are of administering Sug
gestion, mentally and physical instruction and treatment for the'
mentally and psychically sick. Psycho-Analysis and Psychiatry
are advance branches of Psychotherapy. I am a member of the
Oregon State Naturopathic College of Drugless Physicians. I be
lieve in advertisine. I'd rather be called unethical bv those who
in other ways desire to attract Attention to create a Desire or The honor of being among tho best
Needs so that their "goods" will be Purchased, than to die without !! tVT'J SlS
telling You who are now reading this notice of my original infor- Kaiph Butler of Kruitiand, Nicholas
mation and methods in the treatment of Neuronic, Mental and iBrinkiey of Bethel and Marion Matthos
Psychical Diseases. .I'd rather.be known while alive and servo, p Kei?r- T"e wan wm Monday.
humanity in the prevention and cure of the above troubles and d!--
-SteMlXxl pill," S:
frm 'wh V 1 ;:You Travel i
wm pllM ;or Stay:at:v"
h 'Wm W BISHOP'S V j
Rf mM h. V Can Make You f(l
iS : Loot
1 A
TO look right your feet must be properly taken care of The
JUST DRIGHT SHOES are the correct shapes and give the
best values in service.
; WE are receiving a shipment of 100 pairs by Express in the
new and popular Two-Toned shoes, they are in Brown English
Shapes, with contrasting shades.
SOLID colors are represented in all
h the most wanted shapes you should
i ' fw' V see them at once..
Priced from $5.00 to $15.00.
' They are "Just Wright"
BISHOP'S guaranteed means that they are "JUST WRIGHT"
Every Family in Marion and Polk' Counties a Patron"
Salem Woolen Mills Store
eases, then to have others ATTEMPT to Jeach and Practice what
I Today Live. After you have seen the healthy chicken, pigs,
cows, and horses, just take a look at Yourself then stop at our
Booth any afternoon from 4 to 8 p. m. and see my family.
bpecial Announcement: Call Thursday. September 25, from
2.to 4 p. m. and see the wonderful baby girl, Ruth Alice who for
10 years attempted to enter the home of her present parents. Her
parents were told by five M. D.'s that her life on Earth would be
impossible. Also, mother was operated upon and still no child.
After a few months instruction and treatment, 8 months before
her birth, I named the sex and suggested Ruth Alice as her name.
She was borrf June 16, 1919. Mother and baby in excellent health
throughout all time. Go, see and hear about this wonderful baby
and her mother ! - . ,
Just a word in conclusion : There is eood in All systems of
treating the sick. Any system or method that has helped or cured
but one Person should be investigated. Do not give up until you
have tested my New Professions. Consultations and Ex? min&tton
at Room 37, Bligh Hotel and at Booth New Pavilion Fair
Grounds. I will leave Salem Sundav t 4 n. m. for Portland. Port
land office, No. 30 North Seventeenth. Phone Broadway 2597.
Lecture every Sunday night in Christensen's Hall on Eleventh, be
tween Morrison and Yamhill streets.
I thank you for VOUr Attention. Tf vmi aro in tronhlp vmi will
Need my Services. My charges are reasonable. I contenmlate
opening a sanitarium in Portland next venr. fnr t.ne ran nnH treat.
ment of certain Neuronic, Mental and Psychical Disease.
Yours Respectfully,
The honor of having the privilege to
c: nip a week at tho state fair grounds
at the expense of the state fair, from
this county has been awarded to Loui
Drager of Pringle for his sjiccial work
with pigs, and to Louis McCain of Mid
dle Grove for his club work with pigs
and potatoes.
Kach county is also entitled to send
two girls and the winners from Marion
are Alice Pendleton of Donald, who won
first pri.o in a- local fair In both cook
iii" and sewing, and Grace Dunagnu of
Noble, near Hcotts Mills, for her work
in cookinir-
Tho camp for the four pupils from
eiieh county will continue until Satur
day evening, although there- is the nrivi-
'Idge of staying until Knndny morning.
Give Colicky Babies
Mrs. Winslow'3 Syruo and watch
the smiles that follow. This has been
the happy experience of many mothers
after being sorely tried over baby's fret-
fulness, sleepless nights and other disorders
due to stomach and bowel troubles.
M RS. 7 1 N S LOW'S
Tha InfuU' and Children's Regulator
is purely a vegetable preparation that causes stomach
to digest food and bowels to move as they
should thereby overcoming constipation, diar-
rnoea, flatulency, wind colic and similar trou
bles. During teething time it is especially good.
Umtain no omates, narcotics, alcohol or other harm-
i arugs. Absolutely harmless. Formula on every
Agreeable and useful at a household remedy.
At Alt Drutthn
Blackheads, blotches and pimplos
aro generally caused by impropor ae-'
tion of the bowels. Hollister's liocky
Mountain Tea regulates the bowels,
cleans the stomach, clears the com
plexion from the Inside nature's way'
"Get that healthy, happy look," B. J.
Fry. -
S I Kl. i ;W -4.
I IX V"V Dottle
is unsurpassed for
table and cooking pur
poses. ' Made by tho
cold-pressed process.
Sold in sealed tins.
' Ask for
Wash with weak solu- ,
tion of blue stone or
lime water, dry thor
oughly , follow with light appli
cation of
i. O. Perry's.
IrOUR. BODYGUARD" -30, 50'..20