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AH Aromidl Town i
. I to boy liberty bonds. 205 Oregon
building. w ,. tf
: -
41 Sept. 22-27 Orego- state
4c Sept. 29, Monday Opening
of public schools of Salem.
4c Oct. 1 Oregon Methodist
4c conference.
4c Oct. 26 Turn time back one
One marriage license was issued Man
day to Osburn P. Bond, 42, of Salem
rural route 6 and Miss Annie Him of
4S6 North 14th street.
Dr. Mott. Bank oi Commerce, 407-8.
....:-.v. -. v ' tf
Will H. Bennett, s'.ate superintend
ent of banks, accompanied by Mrs.
Bennett and infant son and Mrs. E. J.
Burchell, Mrs. Bennett's mother, re
turned Tuesday morning from a two
weeks' visit at Pendleton. ;
Jerry Busk of La Grande, speaker
of the house of representatives during ,
tne ivu session of the state legisla
ture, was a state capitol visitor Mon
day. - . ...
The Giese method of sinsrin? tauffht
by Lueile Barton, especial attention
given to fundamental principles of
music. Voices tried free of charge. 598
North 17th street. Phono 1588.
Try Northern Flour. It's a Bear.
Every , sack guaranteed. At your gro
eers. , tf
- The Southern Pacific railroad
Oregon is short 252 cars of meeting its
demands, according to a report receiv
ed iby the public service commission
this morning. The 8. P. & S. is short
zl2 cars, a similar report shows.
Artificial teetn, nave expert plate
man, with over 35 years experience,
at my office. Dr. D. X. Beechler, den
tist, 302 U. S.. Nat. , bank bldg. tf
Dance M. B. A. hall near Chemawa
Bat. nick Sept. 27. 9-26
School credits piano course. Lucile
Barton, 598 IN. 17th. Phone 1588.
Lena Belle Tartar, teacher of singing
132 Liberty St. N. Phone 334 or 1615.
' Three army discharge were filed
yesterday those of It. B. povis, B. E.
Sparks -and O; E .Netee!-- - . . -
; Call Patton Plumbing Co. for your
repair work. Phone 1668, 220 N. Com
mercial street. tf
W. M. Hamilton, local superintend
ent of the Portland Railway Light &
Power company, left this morning for
Seattle to attend the Northwestern
Electric Light and Power association.
tie will return Monday.
Selling Pordson tractors by phone is
a new experience of the Valley Motor
Co. Mr. G. W. Thnrman of Waconda
phoned in bis order. As Watt Shipp
says, "there is a reason."
Mr. Ohas. Kirk of Klrk-MeKern, Al
bany representatives of Fordson trac
tors, is attending the' tractor show.
The Oherrians. will put tho new Au
tmrn dance pavilion, on the map the
sight of Oct. 4th. ThiB dance is free to
the public.
Dr. G. E.Prtmo in Dr. O. B. Miles
office, Ladd & Bush bank bldg. 9-25
Dr. J. A. Rcuter of The Dalles was a
visiter at the office of the state indus
trial accident - commission, Tuesday
morning. , .
J. W. Hilbraid, salesman for Bried-
wcll & Tiilbury, lYamhill representa
tives for Fordson tractors, is attending
the Fordson exhibit in the interest of
his firm.
Printers and pressmen . employed in
the state printing house have been
granted the same scale of wages as
were accorded employes in private
plants in Salem, according to State
Printer Bosshard. The new scale calls
for $6 for day work and $6.50 for
night work with a seven hour and 20
minute day.
We have the new 1920 Ford with ex
press or panel side delivery 'bodies for
immediate delivery. Valley Motor Co.
; 9-26
I wish to thank my friends and
neighbors for their help and sympathy
in my recent bereavement and also
the Masonic lodge -No. 4, A. F. A.
M. for the beautiful floral offerings.
Mrs. S. F. Walters
Notice: All members of the Elke en
tertainment committee are requested
to meet at the Elks lodge promptly at
7 .o'clock Tuesday evening. Business
of the utmost importance. Wharton L.
West, chairman committee. 9-23
Wednesday morning at 10:30 0 'clock
all stores in the city will elose as this
lias been agreed upon iby the Business
Men's League of tho Commercial club.
Beginning tomorrow for three days, all
DanKs win close at noon. And as Wed
nesday ia Salem day, there will Be but
one delivery of the mail. At noon to
day the barometer needle was still
pointing towards fair weather, not
changing to any extent in its indica
tions for the past four days.
We wish to thank the Degree of Hon
or, A. O. U. W.. I. O. O. F.. Silver Bell
Circle and our many friends for the
beautiful floral pieces and many acts
of kindness bestowed upon us during
the illness and death of our beloved
mother Walter . Warner, Mrs. May
Roberts, Clara E. Warner.
"Forget If-Buy At Home
Anticipating a recurrence of an in
fluenza epidemic, many directors of
rural schools are including in' the con
tracts with teachers a provision cov
ering the possibility of the school be
ing closed dining the term. In general,
directors agreo to pay the teaeher for
one month even if the school is closed
this length of time on account of the
flu. In some contracts it is provided
that should the school be be closed
more than one month, the teacher will
be permitted to make up the time.
Lloyd E. Ireland wishes anyone he
ewes an account to, to send the bill to
him at .313 West Court St, Pendleton
Oregon, and the same will be paid. 9-25
The watermelon season is gradually
coming to a close and fruit men say
now is the time to eat as a pretty
fair sized melon may. be had! for two
bits. A few local melons may be on
the market for some time but no more
will be shipped in. And the same is
true of cantaloupes.
A small building entirely of tile will
be erected adjoining the meat market
on Liberty street between State and
court by Bay S. -Cooper, .formerly of
the fire department, at a cost of about
.$400. It will be used for a eonfoetion-
m err store. The building adjoins the one
owned by Dr. Mark S. Skiff, former
ly used by him for a dental onipe.
Stopping for the week to attend the
state fair in Salem i John Hollings
worth of "Sdlverton. For the past few
months Mr. Hollingsworth has been em
ployed in a logging camp in Washing
ton. He is a student at the University
of Oregon and will return to Eugene
ior the opening of the institution next
Stjejnwgraphers who take pride in
their work always want a Royal type
writer because their efforts show to
best, advantaee. and another reason is
they can turn out more work with less
effort on the Royal than any other
timnwritnr made. For sale bv Graham
& Wells. Corvallis. Or. tf
"Without a doubt the fair this year
is to fle twiee as large and mueh more
interesting than even last year," opin
ed C. T. Mudgo, secretary of the Farm
Utilities company, of Portland, who
has an exhibit on the grounds. Mr,
Muds?n'. who was formerly an instruc
tor in the Eugene Schools, now resides
in Portland.
State Fair
The" final account of Jos. J. Keber of
Mtr Angel, executor of the last will
and testament of Kasper Meier, has
been approvedi by the county court
and the executorship closed. Included
in the bequests paid was that of $2000
to St. Benedict Abbey, Mt. Angel.
Fordson tractor is showing a rubber
tired tractor for road use. This model
is creating a great deal of attention.
This model in being used to harrow
and scrape the race track as 'woll as
hauling wagon trailers, etc. With such
a model it is easy to realize the many
uses a Fordson tractor may be put to,
Western Conservatory of Music of I
Chicago, 111., "Trunk E. Churchill rep
resentative, of Salem branch.. Fall term I
begins Bept: 15th.' Complete course in
piano and theoretical subjects. Studio I
suite 1-2 Odd Fellows bldg. .rnone
1671R. 10-15
' Geo. C. Will wont to Portland Mult
nomah hotel banquet for Edison deal
ers, given by Wm. Maxwell, vice pres
ident Edison Phonograph Co. Mr.
Maxwell is touring the U. S. in inter
ests of his firm.Mr. Will reports a fine
time and that Mr. Maxwell is a 'goer'!
In his suit against E. D. Berry for
$30 involving the value of two hogs,
George W. Eyre has filed an undertak
ing of appeal from the justice of the
poace court to the circuit court, with
R. M. Hofer as surety. The case was
4MHTtMMtM 4t
Vnr consideration of $10,500, Aug
nut Rahlfeld and wife of Mt." Angel
tinvB old to Marcus N. Wampaeh their
89 acre farm, about half way between
Mt. Angel and Monitor. The deed filed
today describes the farm as a 50 acre
tract and also a 38.x6 tract, part of
sections 34 and 35 of township 5 south
of range 1 west of the Willamette me
. ridian.
John F. Keller has brought suit against
J. A. Webber and wife to quiet title
to 30 acres in sections 28 and 44, T. 4
S. R. 1 W. In the complaint, it is al
leged that the plaintiff is the sole own
er and in possession of the tract, but
that the defendants claim some inter
est, thereby depreciating its value. Mr.
Keller asks for & decree of court that
Tie be the owner in fee simple and that
11 other be debarred from an inter
eat in the land.
Store Will Close at 1 0:30 a. m. Wednesday, Salem Day
Suits, Coats,
Dresses, Waists
ii - or -'
I I tfrar -- :
km .
' "
ii - i : n -
The garments we offer this season possess
which imparts to the wearer that Desirable dis
tinction so dear to the heart of every woman.
Fashioned from the season's popular mater
ials in the very heart of America's high art
workshop by skilled tailors no wonder we are
doing a substantial business. .
COATS FROM $19.85 to $115,09
WAISTS FROM - $4.95 to $iq.qq
PRESSES FROM $18.50 to $60.00
SUITS FROM : $28.50 to $135.00
Fair "week is Salem's gala days'
of the year. You can look just right
in a Meyers Suit and the price is
consistent with the quaity.
Salem is at the threshhold of a won
derful irosperitv. It has the possibil
ities of being one of the most beauti
ful cities 6f America. A city unequal
ed for its geographic location, its di
ed for its geographic location, its bcaur
ty and prosperity.
If we do not grasp our opportunity
now, we shall loose that which is ours.
We prate of, Americanism, which is
loyalty and common sense in active ex
pressionbut we do not practicalize
onr Americanism.
Americanism is the elimination of
self for the benefit of the whole, and
to repeat a truism used in the late war
community interest la the basis of
American liberty."
How many of our good citizens are
guilty of neglecting their own home
merchants ana buying away rrom oa
lemt As the Aditorial writer it is my
duty to investigate, and my investiga
tions thus far have surprised me. I
have found some of our leading citi
zens who have made their money here
in Salem, now taking it, or sending it
awe- for purchases they eould make, in
their own "Home town."
There is enough none" going out of
Salem every month that if spent here
would make Salem a busy center, start
into activity needed Improvements, and
as we keep tne money in tne H-arcie we
eould not only develop our beautiful
Salem, but trradually reduce our taxes.
and make living cheaper.
38 inches wide. Just the
things for neat, service
SchoelWear $1.50 Yard
AH colors; extra quality
36 inches wide
$1.98 Yard
envelope ;
Embroidery trimmed.
Made of soft, dainty
Stripes and Checks, in
pink and blue. Fine ma
terial for gowns. 27
inches wide
19c Yard
56 inches wide.
Donegal tweed effects
$3.85 Yard
A very fine cotton fab
ric. Especially adapted
; ;for under garments
36 inches wide
29c Yard
Plain hemmed towel,
Soft finish. Very
23c Each
Soft finish, bleached.
Good Quality
17 inches wide
19c Yard
Mixed and plain effects
56 inches wide.
. Just' the thing for
Motor wear
$4.85 Yard
for Boys
for Girls
A big showing
98c Yard
You Can Always Do Better At
Lion Special An animal
omedy for kids of all
252 North High Street
lc Word Class Ad WiH Sell U
ll7-MfMlk t
Report for School Monday, September 29th
' With Shoes from
Buster Brown Shoe Store
125 N. Commercial St.
Shoes that wear arid fit and are fit to wear
Novelties for the Children
docided against Mr. Eyre in the justice
court and he appealed.
Th estate of W. W. Lander has been
appraised at $2570.25 by Hugh Aspin-
wall, W. 1. VtUBKcn una uign urfj.
farm is in section 22, T. 0 8. R. 2 W.
was given a valuation of $2000.
Tuition at the Ca-pital Normal is
very reasonable because we pay no
rent, no interest, and no water bill.
If you wish to take the teachers ex
amination in .December, J. J. Kraps
can assist you in reviewing the new
text books.
Anvone having accounts "against
Lloyd B. Ireland please mail same to
him at 315 W. Court St. Pendleton,
Oregon, and payment will be made at
Will Haves, a sopnomore at the Uni
vorsity of Oregon, is spending the week
in fiiilom attendine the tte fair. He
expects to return to the Eugene school:
for the reopening ot eouege nexi ween.
Laree erowds gathered near the en
trance to the fair g-ounds this morning
where Tommasino's Dana or UMew xorn
offered musical selections during the,
Among Portland visitors who are en
joying themselves at the fair, is O. J.
Hull, a business man of that city. Mr.
.null formerly was proprietor of a drug
store in Eugene.
Very much impressed by the automo
bile show at the state fair grounds,
Walter McCornack a well known citi
zen of Eugene, was a visitor at the
grounds today.
eased, it was found that lie had a ono
fourth interest in lot 62 of tho Capital
City fruit farms. This interest was ap
praised at If20() by Robin Ihiy, Max
Uehlhar and Haaello (.Icaihart.
(Continued from page one) r
Otho Boberts, a prominent resident
of Eugene, is spending; the week in Sa
lem and was at the fair grounds this
afternoon. Mr. Boberts was formerly
associated with Huberts brothers cloth
ine store in Eugene.
A petition has been filed with the
county court for an order f adoption
wherein Mr. and Mrs. 3. H. Mack
I. wish to adopt Esther Agnes Laviguer
f and to have her name legally ehanged
1 1 to Esther Agnes Mack.
- A A A A A. LLL4
i si n - : l.j - i - j
"v.. " ", ''TCTgd;
The case of the city of Salem against
Paul do Autremont. charicd with as
saulting William Johnson, a, bootblack
on State street, which was to have been
tried this morning betore city itecora1
er Rnce, was postponed until Friday,
due to the illness of attorneys.
The greatest number of ' campers
ever gathered in tent city t the state
fair grounds are at the fair tnts year,
according .to officials in charge. Jester
day the reeeipts for tents and season
tickets issued to the campers amounted
to $751. 5, it was announced this after
noon. Miss Janet Frasicr and Miss Brown
ell Frasier of Eugene are spending the
week in talem attending the state fair
Miss Brownell raier is is eharge oi
the information desk in the educational
exhibit of the University of Oregon.
Both are students at the University of
Oregon. .
Elks To Complete Plans
At Session This Evening
Members of the Elks' entertainment
committee will hold a meeting at the
lodge this evening to complete final ar
rangements for th tag Elk day, Thurs
day, at the state fair. The neeting is
called for 7 o'clock. Prom some inside
information given out, the impression in
given that not only will the Elks put
on some fancy stunts about 12:30
o'clock .Thursday at the coliseum, but
chcre is likely to be some real genuine
actors and actresses take a.rt in the
program. Then there is the ladies Elks"!
lace three times around the arena of the
Edgar Fred of Portland was today
permanently admitted to the practice of
law in Oregon on an order issued by the
supreme court. Permits to practice in
Oregon for the probationary period arc
granted to Oscar G. Iarson of Silvnrton
who comes in on a Montana certificate,
end Ancel C. Jones of Portland, who is
admitted on a certificate from Indiana.
.... .... :Jt
ordinary Order through of regulation i ;
sizes, let alone something special. Tho
rnco snoo company sent in a special
order for three pairs and inslead of
receiving a courteous lotter of thanks
from tho manufacturer, ho got the fol
lowing letter: "Leather has been ship
ped abroad tho last few months ut an :
alarming ftit.n and it makes a great I
scarcity here, to say nothing Of the
very high prices. Our works are so
crowded that special orders, are not
likolv i V.o nuf until TWom. I
ber or January. If you wish tho three dwyn Earl, 19 years of egej Lillian
pairs of Bhoes made under these condK ILuclla, age 11, and Eugene Franklin, 7,
tions, please let us know and the order, aI of wnom live to mourn ,,; at,ftth-
win nave our best attention."
' Samuel F. Walters, was born Septem
ber 2, 1877. His boyhood days were
spent in Sioux Falls, S. D. Later go
ing to Brookiiigs, S. I)., where in 180
he was united in marriage to Miss
I.uella Loveland.
To them were born three children,
Until 1911 ho had a cigar factory in
Klamath Falls Is tho latest Oreiron uroomngs, out Ins Health failing 111!
town to report to the state scaler of move(' to Balem Oregon, and later en
weights and measures a complete ex- in the eigtr business again,
haustion of the gasoline supply. I In Oetober, 1918, he bought tho Salpni
mmmmmm , wigd at,tuijr, wui:n nu TU Pllll rilll-
A forestry airplane from the Eugene
headquarters will be present at tne
Hood River county fair to participate
in maneuvers over the city and fair
An Appeal
For boarding places. The
Capital Business College will
have a large number of pu
pils from out-of-town next
week and has no place for
them to board and room.
Most of them prefer room
and board at tho same home.
A few house keeping rooms
will be needei. It is impor
tant that those out-of-town
young people shall be cared
for. It means much to the
business interests of the
city. Telephone information
to the school on Thursday or
Friday. Telephone 388.
nine at the time of his death, Septem
ber 17,
Funeral services were conducted by
the Chrisitun Scientists in tho Webb &
Clough undertaking parlors at 2:30 p.
m., September 11). The Masonic Loilsjti
No. 4, A. F. & A. M., having charge of
the services at the grave in City View
Besides his wife end three children,
ho leaves to mourn his earthly departure
h'H father, J. F. Waiters of Snlem and
iiree sisters, Mrs. W. W. Boone, Salem;
Mrs. W. H. Powell, Sioux Falls, 8. I).,
aid Mrs. J. K. Smith, Seattle, Wash.,
and two brothers, O. D. Walters of Sau
Francisco, C'al., and A. W. Walters, Chi
cane, III., and many other relatives.
Mr. Walters was a member of the Mn
irmic Lodge No. 24, Brookings, 8. D.f
also of the Maeeabeea Lodge No. 40.
Xew York, Sept. 23. Liberty boinl)
quotations: 3 Vs. 100.06; first 4's, 05.10
second 4's, 94; first 44's, 95.20; second
4V, X 64.25; third 44 's, 96.0fij fonrth
44's, 94; victory 3's, 99.98; victory
4 's, 99.90.