Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 20, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Albert Stastnyj -unmarried, deeded to'
W. N. Thomas and wife, 52 cres, part
nP 1. . rt- wt i no 1 il nil a 1 i nil Ignil plnim f
.&4nt tf-trAnltAK't Whrt tfllfl ftrirlfl 111
f hpir urk jdiKaVt-iitaiit a.JLuual tVDe-
BriM ikii!BA their effort ii Rhow to
James M. Bates in township 10 south
best advantage," and another reason is
or. ran.70 o wesr. .ibim-'Ids improw
merits, this places ft valuation of $134
an acre. The farm is about 15 miles di
rectly south of Salem.,... ,
they can turn out more work, witn iess
afftit-t An th :"RnifA,j than, juiv other
typewriter made. '3?' sale by Graham
4 Wells, Corvallis, Oi .. .tf
-: . .7
Trv JsoTthem Flour. It's a Bear. , famiH are for'dlal, y inrited t attend
Svery sack g laranteed. M your gro-;the adversary meeting Monday eve-
j n in?, Sept. 22, at the Odd Fellows hall
State Fair Exhibitors Notice Order
Dest work at reasonable prices. Phone
' 756 or call Seley at 417 Masonie
your signs and snow cards now. me
in Salem.
Sept. 22-27 Orego- state
Sopt. 29, Monday Opening
of publie schools of Salem.
Oct. 1 Oregon Methodist
conference. 1 ;
Oct. 26 Turn time back one
hour. : '
Attorney F. A.. Turner arid daughter,
Miss Joy, Mrs. Fannie B. Burgess and
bldg, . 9-20 j her daughter, Miss Pearl, motored to
' I Portland yesterdav, returning nome in
John Fonwick. son of Mr. and Mrs. thn vcnini?l ' Mr. Tamer renorts the
road, via St. Paul and New-berg in fine
Frank Fenwick, and Ernest Lester, son
of Mr. and Mrs. J. 3. Lester, are iwo
Hood River boys who have just arrived
home afteT being discharged from the
'" IN
Wanted Girl to work in parlor, Ap
ply The Spa. tf
, Wanted Girl to woTk in parlor, Ap
ply The Spa. tf
1SW Snlrt rkvorlnnd PiitipI BeliverV.
1918 model, excellent condition, runs
hue new. Wood-Kose Motor company,
248-ptate street, rnoie an.
condition, with the exception of a short
stretch of about two miles this side or
St. Paul, and that is not tad by any
(Ftortlm Jim Tarhv. 679 ST. Cottaee.
Phone 1950IVV, teacher of piano, theory,
Tim noArlla in .tlin HflTnm f AT ift nttint-
ing high today noon all of which indi
cates a continuance or tair weainer
for this evening at least and possi'Diy
Vnl!fa Rov.rl arnnd TWljntioilM Awn
for girls that want steady work, 8a-1
icin xaunary .o.
TntV.ar F.lVnf All Elk in thin viein-
itv with their todies are requested to
meet at the saiem ioage rooms on usd
day, Thursday, September 25, 8:3P
a. m., where a light luncheon wfll e
wrvWL At 10:30 a. m. all will join in
mi. anTA jinnifiR hi un hihlh i .1.11
rrrnnnita Anil Tll'W Coliseum.. WheTfi &
grand vaudeville performance and the
latest iew loret -suecaso, ihuicd- bhj
show, will take place 'between 11:30 .
m. and 12:3ft p. m. In the evening. there
will ibe a high class musical entertain
ment in the coliseum. Remember this
is Elks day at the state fair. Big time
Glad time! Wharton L. West, chairman.
.' In an' Attempt to escape' from an of-
fini. .Tnhn Nnser who claims to oe 10.
jumped from a train near The Dalle
and was seriously tinjured. He had been
arrested at Pendleton charged with
theft, i,.,.
Troy .Branson was yesterday given
a divorce from Luella Branson. He al
leged in -hw-complaint that they were
married in 3898 dn Sheridan county and
that in 19i6 aha deserted. They have
one son and the father was willing that
he should remain with his mother.
Dance at armory tonight. ':'
Dr; Mott, Bank M Commerce, 407-8.
Wanted, man or wpman to assist
cook. Apply at Spa Confectionery, tf
' 'Teacher of violin, best of methods,
orchestra training, Elizabeth Levy, 563
Court street. Phone 244.
It has 'been definitely decided by the
business men that all doors will close
t 10:30 o'clock Salem day of the
alate fair, Wednesday, the 24th. The
closinz reposition was diBeusBed at a
recent .meeting of the Business Men's
league and it was thought that by re
maining open until 10;30 o 'clock, alt
clerks would have an opportunity to
observe the day. ;' '.; ;
. ' '7
Dance at armory tonight. '"J-
Call Patton Plumbing Co. for your
repair work. Phone 1008, 220 N. Com
mercial street.
Wanted, man or woman to assist
cook. Apply at Spa Confectionery. - tf
Dr. O. E. Prune in Dr. O. B. Miles
office, Ladd & Bush bank bldg. : 9-25
Danee at armory tonight. ' .
r The Oicse Method of Singing taught
! by Lmcile Barton," especial attention
giveu to fundamental principles of
music. Voicca tried free of charge. 598
North 17th Street. Phone 1S88.
Wo buy liberty bonda 205 Oregon
building. ... '-. ...... " : tf
Artificial teetn, nave expert plate
man, with over years experience,
at mv ofrfen. ' Dr. D. X. Beechler. den
tist, 302 V. S. Nat. bank bldg. tf
Tn tinva' -llliio-illfT ftnTltftHt of live-
Stock at Medfdr4 recently ,the Phoenix
team won, which gives them the oppor
tunity of judging in the interstate con
test in Portland in November.
State Fair Exhibitors Notice Order
your signs and show cards now. The
best work at reasonable prices. Phone
OS or can oeiey ai i auuonm
Western Conservatory of Mnsic of
Chicago, 111.,. Frank E. Churchill rep
r!cs8ntative of Salem branch.. Fall term
ho(riiit pnt' liith.. omnletfl course in
piano and theoretical stfb.ieets. Studio
suite 1-2 Ddd Fellows Diag. rnone
1671E. .,. 10 15
Perry D. ' Smith has- Ibrought suit
against Laura E. Ellis and John W. El
lis, and Frank W. Banna and wife for
the collection of a note of $200 and in
terest. The note waa originally given
Lby. Mr.- and Mm. Ellis and leenred by ,
a mortgage tm lot 1 Block 23 of lew
Parlt annex. The complaint also asks
for a -foreclosure of the mortgage and
judgment also for $50 attorney's fees.
The lot is on ine west siao or souxn
12th street adjoining, Lewis street.
School eredits piano course-rLuile
Barton 598 N. ,17th. Phone 1588. ' '
-rt..aifo -will VnCAl
mmnln uviflnjr ind Snturdav of each
week. Btudio'2d floor Derby ibldg.
The Ford belonging to G. W. Cool-
ltin(T vmith ftf tho P.it.V. ' W8S
found yesterday along the side of the
road near uregon luuy. it was stuibu a
fnur rtavtt Atrn while -narked in the bus
iness section of the. city. The thieves
who. mado wav with tne car nave noi
been found. '
J. T. Hunt, W. J.' Colver and J. H;
Dunlap have been appointed by the
county court as appraisers of the estate
nt Inn T Whin ThR court also clos
ed the estate of Benjamin P. Daven
port and the executrix, Jjucretia juaveu
port, relieved of further responsibility.
(By a decree of the circuit court, Mi
randa McDonald is the owner in lee
B-miiln at lot No. .17 McDonald Fruit
nvA in 'tna aflmh vniil: order it
is stipulated ithat F. V. McEoynolQs,
w. J. iay, rienry :AiiuerB imu mauuo
Mnv Johnson have no nue nor inter
est whatever in tne tract. -
Hear! Hear. Dr. George H. Parkin
son, 11 a. m. James Elvin 7:30 p. m.
Leslie Methodist church : Sunday.
T f. XSgTiai ha fhronirht. unit -ncrainst
w .T T.infnnt. ni otherst.- Ha alleaes
Xl.n ra.avanToanntfttinnfl wprA mflde tO
htm by Mr. Linfoot in an exchange of
hn deeded hio 320 acre
farm near Alberta Canada, for a Polk
county i arm. sie as a uecree re
scinding all transactions between him
and Mr. LinfoM ana aiso lor oou
and also the sum of $1920.
G. B. MdCullough, bridge engineer,
anil .T. M. Devera. attorncv for the
state highway department, returned
this morning arter an ausence ui uuv
eral days during which they have been
at Arlington, The Dalles and Heppner
in attendance upon. hdarings before
the puoiio service coumuasiun nun
reference to highway crossings .'over
the tracks of the O.-W. railroad.
Lena Belle Tartar teacher of sing
ang, 162 Liberty street North. Phone
334 or 1615.
Work 'wmrlt wrvrk-rem(im-her able
bodied boys over 18 years old and un
der 60, the Crown Willamette Pulp
JLiUs at Oregon. City and West Linn
wjjll need men in .October or November
for the winter season. Just keep thera
in mind when arranging your winter
work schedule. They have a live hotel
just fbr employes, nt low rates.
A reception was given Friday eve
Tiirwr tn thn Riiv and Mm. Gcorire B
Abbott, at the home of the Rev. John
Woodfin, 1565 North Winter street. Mr.
Alihntf ha !bemi anointed castor oi
the- First Methodist church at Des
Mn,ii,ps Wm.. near Seattle and will
Iddva Dnnn . fnr tHAiv new Tifiin or la
bor. Tho evening's entertainment was
in charge of the Rev. John Woodfin
an1 .Tinliirlpi nrlH rp.Rfipa of annreciation
ov UT. n. it, laa-uin, xr. j. jtuiumuui
i vr l.'ilwin Hherwnod. The urogram
nf. mimin for tha evenine include vio
lin Kolos. . readings, niano duet and
vocal solos At the close of the program
Ti fthpTwnnii'rtTesentp.d Mr. and Mrs.
Abbott a silver sugar and creamer. .
. V ;.
.Tn m m Klsin will brinir a thrilline
message to you Sunday evening at the
Xieslie-Methodist chureh.
Radiators, fenders and gas tanks
repaired. Tractor radiators a specialty.! a real erate transicr inviuviug ti,- me inir were wen j.n-oacii.
Tori radiators for sale. 190 S. 12th 000 was filed today for record in the fact that the band gave them plenty
Bt Salem 'Or. 8-22 offiee of the county recordor with of music and piayea wnat mignt oe
' ' ' ' - in revenue stamps attached in which termed a maximum program both days
Oscar Steelhammer director and
John Graber, manager mid others of
the C'herrian band are home from St.
Helens where -they furnished (music'
for the -Columbia county fair. Mr.
QfnnllmmniM a VB tllA hflTlfl Sfl TVlPPa
iade a fine impression from a musical
nnrln.:t AIka tnat hty clirpp.tnrs flf
$7,- the fair were well pleased from the
tVrt mnnpr mnv YlA UPTlt -fhtniUyh DOSt
nrrlnrtt tn nartdes living
in n.armnnv .nftnia. Austria or Rou-
mania 'but money may ne sent tnrougu.
banks to theso countries except bol-
sheviki Huss-ia. Toe nome service de
partment of the Red Cross is in re-
cepit of a 'bulietan stating tnai ir aiun
air ia tn no .ant to these countries, ex
cepting Eussia, it must be done thru
the banks. JNo instructions nave uren
received at the Salem post office to
rpunmn mnnpv order business with Aus
tria, Germany or Rourhania.
rvim tn ttiA faet that, an entirolv new
i;Ma nf tavt ihnnka -will bA used in all
public schools, CoMftjf Superintendent
omitn 18 senaing out iiuiacoo iu
county teachers, urging tnem to aneiiu
'MFlan day," to be held Saturday Sept.
9.7 4n tna ftfllpm niirli nihonl building.
hannninii nt. 1f O'clock. Th TJUrTJOSe
nf tho mpnri-nir. Mr. nmiia amies. b iv
discuss plans for ths school year and
to call attention to tne many wihukct
in teaching that will be necessary, due
tn th fact that many: aubioets will be
presented in a different way. One
method of teaching remains inwmo,
and that is in handwriting.
' 9
Rev. George H. Parkinson D. D will
oronch at the Leslie Methodist church
Sunday morning.
Baltimorej Md., Sept. 20. Joe Lynch
New York featherweight and Frankie
Mason of Fort Wayne, Ind., fought a
12 round draw here last night.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 20.Middle
weight .champion Mike O'Dowd out
classed Soldier BartfieW in a ten
round bout here last night. O 'Dowd
oimiHiBf.ififi tomnfl TuiniNtimeui:. xiuri-
Iieid was groggy in tne last, vwu iuuuwb
nTotit VnrV Sont 9.0. Bennv Leonnrd
is willing to moet Lew Tendlo in a 15
or 20 round bout at 135 pounds ac
cording to Billy Gibson, manager of
tho lightweight champion. He says he
is ready to guarantee tne j-uimuuipiu.
ngntwejgnt T'tiwv-
San Francisco, Sept. SO. ' ' Goat "
Idtnn an A .Tnk Knnvpn feuont to ft
draw last night. Tho "GoatV friends
av hn wna in nruir condition.
.... "r-- , . i
Jimmy xrarcy was tuo iur .
Norton, but Referee Irwin awardod a
50-50 decision, '
lc Word Class Ad Will Sell I!
c Word Class Ad Will Sell It
nhtndriAoro Gouorryrrlervt 'PcoL at C&& 33 & fin; I Xf(
ourWant Ads-Tl.eyvvillbrin
ypuTwantmay bof:
A Utile "Waul": Ad Sells I
Use The Journal Want Ad
? J
l - Hill U i: mi . n
-vr hr JZarvPP Spring Jiote.L
constantly heatinff vast quantities of
water in its (ieptha ana impreR
nating it, with sulphur and other
minerals beneficial to man. Con
stantly, too, it expels the heated
sulphur water and part of the flow
eagres of the .mountaujs . . - by
Sulphur Mountain r. . -, r-"-..- mpnt at a cost
ha thousand feet above tne pic- Thrown the summer
lureaque vmrej v" -f v.. visitors from all over L.anaaa
which, . tan. bot feVtuniUd States bathe in thi;
TbB avraee man's idea of a vaca
tion in the mountains does not in
clude the pleasure of aquatic sports.
but Banff, Alberta, in we neart in
.i T7 nVica nfTpra PWl TT1-
jning in addition to the ordinary
pleasures oi tne mouiiuui.
feet wide and from 2 to 9 feet
deep. The pool is leo irom ww
springs, in nearly cav
spring na a now oi lb,vvi b y
an hour at a icmperatuiw u
100 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Dominion government of
Canada maintains another pool on
the wooded slopes of Sulphur Moun
tain, into which the water pours at
BOO lit lr vauic -
Banff Springs. Hotel likewise has f
sulphur pool, and, in addition, a
Voluntary Mediation Between Capital
' and Labor.
The Church and
Social Reconstruction
Sunday evening at 8 o'cloci
Employers and Employes and the Gen
eral Public Are Invited to Hear This
JSubjcct Presented by Representatives of
and the ;
REV. W. C. KANTNER, Pastor
Chinese Pheasants
October 1 to October 31
Peters N
U. M. C.
Remington and Winchester
Anderson & Brown
The Sporting Goods Store
Formely Watt Shipp Co. . 126 S. Com'l. St.
You See What You Buy Before Paying-Buying At Home
V. T. RIG DO If & CO.
252 North High Street
. In this week's .
Saturday Evening Post
Is a reminder that ARMCO IRON
is used in the construction of ,
Rrnints Rust.
It really doutili-
the life of a Gas
tm ana w Mlw Vj - M
Auk to ce the
Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.
The Ratification
or Lasting Peace Assured',
Moose Hall, Sunday, September 21, 2:30 p. m.
1 fresh water pooL