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Briefs Of Governaient In Suits
To Recover By Innocent
v Buyersruea
'" Briefs prepared by S. W. Williams,
, jpecial assistant to the attorney gen
: eral" of the United States, in defense
-f the government in actions brought
' iby Andrew B. - Hammond, Charles J.
,iWintou and 'the Booth -Kolly , Lumber
Company to ., recover approximately
300,000 aid to be due 'because of al
' leged illegal contracts conveying to the
plaintiffs land formerly owned toy the
lOregon & California Railroad company,
Jiav been received-by Attorney Gen
eral iBrown for filing in the Oregon
! supremo cotfrt. '
- Because the state of Oregon and each
ounty in which the lands -involved are
"located are' interested in -the outcome
(of -the action to the extent of $76,942,--40
Attorney General Brown appears
amicus curiao. In other words the at
torney general will not be allowed to
argue the case before the court, but
bis contentions will be given considera
tion through briefs filed in conjunc
ition with those of the government. The
case originated in the Multnomah coun
ty circuit court, when Messrs. Ham
knond and Winton and the Booth-Kelly
. Iumbor company , (brought joint pro
eecdings, the former two men asking
for the recovery from the railroad com
The two cases came on for hearing to
gether in the circuit court on demur
rers filed by the, defendant, and by di
rection of the attorney general of the
United States, a memorandum was pre
sented to the court suggesting the in
terest of the federal government in the
subject . matter. ..of the . controversies.
The circuit court sustained the demur
rers and the plaintiffs eued out on
these appeals.
' For a Weak Stomach
The greatest relief afforded by
Chamberlain's Tablets in a multitude
of cases has fully proven the great
value of this preparation for a weak
stomach and impaired, digestion. In
many cases this relief has become per
manent and the . sufferers have been
completely restored to health.
Warrant For Deportation
Of Emma Goldman Issued
fit. Louis, Mo., Sept. 18. (United
PreRB.) A warrant for the deportation
of Emma Goldman, anarchist leader
serving a term in the- Jefferson City
penitentiary, was executed last Friday,
it. was learned here today. ,
Miss Goldman has completed a two
year sentence , for- opposing the army
draft but is being held in default of
10,000 fine. Her release ha been set
for September 27.
Prisoners In Vancouver
Jail Escape Over
Vancouver, Wash., Sept. IS. When
jailers took break fast to the prisoners
at the Clarke county jail here this morn
pany of ill4,932.0O and the lumber cor- ing they found they had four meals too
Jioration the sum of Ia,S37.ll. Ham
nond and Winton claimed they , paid
(to the United States under an act of
1 (congress approved August 20,1812, the
amount sought in their complaint,
' iwhile the Uooth-Kclly company charg
' 'ed that their recovery wag based on
monoy paid to the railroad corporation
pursuant to an alleged illegal contract.
i uoya noicomn, aims nogan; joe
Brennnn, alias Lane: Fiord Baxter.
alias Hamilton, and Harry Gregory, ac
cording to Sheriff Johnson, had sawed
their way to fredom during the night.
In the boys' judeine contest of live'
stock at Medford recently, the Phoenix
team won, wliich gives them the oppor-
State Hatchery At Bend Is
Wefl Stocked With Trout
Clanton Reports.
there are more than 1,000,000 young
trout at the state hatchery at Bend
ready for distribution, according to
the report of B. E. Clanton, master fish
warden, Covering hip work If or the
month of August, and filed with Gov
ernor Olcott thig morning. '
A similur , number ti young trout
were also found by the warden upon
his recent visit to the Crooked river
hatchery in Klamath county. These
trout are now being fed in the ponds
and arrangements Save been complet
ed to have them distributed in me va
rious streams and lakes of that sec
tion. -
IWhile in Klamath county Mr. Clan
ton made an inspection of the propos
ed egg station location on . Diamond
lake and at Fresk lake, also on Spring
river, and plans were outlined with the
superintendent in charge for next sea
son's work. If no unforsecn difficulty
arises, Mr. Clanton says the establish
ment of these plants should materially
increase the state a output of Kainoow
and cutthroat trout fry. i ,i-
Surveyors have established a line
and bench for the now pipe line at
Klaskoninp hatchery, and material for
the work hag already been o'btaiend.
Other improvements there, including
protection of the banks which were
washed out by the spring freehets, are
progressing satisfactorily. ;
The new dam on the ealmonberry
river is now under construction, and
rapid progress is being made.
Improvements at the Oregon City
fishery, under supervision of Captain
Sweeney are now completed, and the
'workers have been transferred to Des
chutes jriver to remove obstructions in
that stream. '
"uA J"""i SiSS unlt7 of judging in the interstate con
1 iim saonnjjip uufl -sjuas m, 'um Jt , tOBt in Portland in i
; tjuao on 'pnwiu paxnk jo roods pug eipaen , ,
111 PUMiS ..'Jioew uo sins uia an mt o j0hn Fenwick. son of Mr. and Mrs.
w'Vifa ' ; .Frank Fenwick, and Krnost Lester, son
, niu3'iaot i!6"3' ' au(l - Sr Ij0Btpr' ro two I jumped from a train near The Dalles
' mSSi'mi V J""L ""Ll 'Iool Riv" T who have just arrivod and was seriously injured. He had been
2V1HX .... ' om after .being discharged from the arrested at Pendleton charged with
! 1 - service. , , ,' theft. '
Constitutionality Of
r Hyde Inspection Bill Is
? ' Attacked In Court
The constitutionality of " the law
law passed at the last session of the
state legislature providing that cattle
hides offered to common carriers for
shipment must first be inspected by a
duly authorized agent of the state, will
be attacked in the case of the state of
Oregon, appearing in relation to Kis
singer & Company of Portland, against
walker v. nines, director general or
the United States railroad administra
tion, . which is scheduled for hearing
before the supreme court tomorrow.
The suit is the outcome of tne rail
road's refusal to accept hides consign
ed to Kissinger & Company for ship
ment to Portland from Pendleton and
Eugene. Under the law the inspection
of hides pertains to all counties in the
state except Multnomah. It is charged
by attorneys for Bissingor & Company
that the act discriminates against cer
tain sections of the state, namely,
those counties outside of Multnomah,
and consequently is unconstitutional
and without effect.
Rotary Club Organized And
First Directors Elected
The Salem Botary club was officially
organized at a meeting held at the Mar
ion hotel when a number of Portland
men came down to confer. The Port
land visitors were taken about the .city
and to the fair grounds. The directors
chosen at the meeting yesterday wcro
Theodore Both, F. B. Thiclsen, F. G.
Deckebach, B and H. S. Gilo. Another
mooting will be called at ah early date
to diacuss plans for future work. This
is the second Eotary club in Oregon. '.
Frank P. Skaggs, prominent drug
gist, Harrigburg, 111., writes: "(Num
ber 40 is still going good. If a custom
er says 'Blood Tome," 1 say 'Number
Tn an attempt to escape from an otnio as it irives the best satisfaction of
ficer, John Ncscr, who claims to be 16, anv blood 1 have over sold."
Fair Week Sept 22 to 27th
You Will
st Values In
Prom the J. C. Penney Co., who are well supplied with a fine stock of shoes
which were contracted for before the recent big raise in price. This fact, to
gether with the many other reasons why we can sell cheaper, will enable us to
save you lots of money on shoes whether it be for :
Just note the few mentioned here as a Sample v ,
.Employed in blood -poison, chrome
rheumatism, and catarrh, scrofula, mer
curial and lead poisoning, constipation,
malaria biliousness, liver and stomach
troubles. Under its use, nodes, tumors,
glandular swelling, pimples, skin erup-
'tions that have withstood all other
! treatment disappear as if by magic. ,
Wold by Sschaeteis drug store.
Fordson Dealers
Co-Operate On Tractor
Exhibit At State Fair
Children's Foot Form Shoes
In black, or brown, or witch elk.
Sizes 5 to 8 $2.49 and $2.98
Sizes 8 1-2 to 11 , ..$2.98 and $3.25
Sizes 11 1-2 to 2 .......$3.50
Men's Dress Shoes
Ve have the best of style and quality
$3.98, $4.98, $5.90, $6.90, $8.90
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Military heel, good shaped toe with a
tip. A very dressy and durable shoe
Women's all grey kid shoe with
Goodyear welt sole, French or mili
tary heel. Here is one of the best at
Women's All Black Kid
Shoe with Military or French heel,
plain pointed toe. It is a good -one,
dressy and a bargain $6.90
Girls shoe in gun metal calf, low heel,
English last. An excellent school
. shoe ....$4.50,
Do Not Overlook
It is becoming more popular all the time due to the wonderful values""
give. We continue to get new arrivals in this department each day, which
NOTE: We have engaged Mrs. Lester, who is an expert fitter of 20 years
experience, to take charge of our fitting department. You can be assured of
every attention and the first class service of the J. C. Penney Company.
Both farmers and dealers, will flntt
themselves intcvested in the big display
of Fordson tractors, and implements to
be put on at tho lair by the Valley Wa
ter company under the direction of Watt
tihipp. i or tins purpose Mr. Blupp has
tf eVred the co-oporation of tho principal
dealers of western Oregon from Portland
to Rosoburg, all of whom will coitributo
to tho exhibit. '
This will be installed in a special tent
3Cx70 in dimensions, in wliich will bo
found every typo of tho i'oidsou truelct
and implement, among which one of the
most interesting features will be a
"cut-away" tractor showing every de
tail of the mechanism in operation. Ex
perienced demonstrators will show tho
capacity of the machines on the grounds
and plowing demonstrations will alsj be
made on land outside the grounds. In
theso tests it is expected to duplicate or
exceed tho records previously mado in
Salem, and which secured for the 1'ord-
son tractor its acceptance oy tao state
for the institution farms.
Mine Workers Convention
Kills OneKg Union Plan
Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 18. Tho' Uni
ted Mine Workers of America conven
tion here today stood strongly against
all radical organization of workors. A
resolution calling for endorsement of the
one big union was defeated by an over
whelming mnjority; This followed do-
fent of the proposal to have the orga
nization withdraw from the American
Federation of Labor. L,-
380 Miles Of Paving Being
Laid By State And 200
Miles Of Macadam.
Highway improvements representing
a total cost of $18,015,000.68 are now
under contract in Oregon, according to
a report issued by tho state highway
commission today.
The contracts include 380.95 miles of
paving, 197.50 miles of macadam .and
567.9 miles' of grading, and in most
instances the work 1b ow well .under
The improvements, together with the
price bid on each follows:
Pacific highway, 118.8 miles paving,
44.0 miles macadam, 103.7 miles grading
Columbia Kiver highway, 105.85 miles
paving, 69.5 miles macadam, 142.4 miles
grading, $4,104,079.21.
West Side Pacific highway, 49.8 miles
paving, 14.6 miles macadam, 4(i.7 miles
grading, $1,383,118.30.
Salera-Dallivs highway, 13.1 miles pav
ing, 13.1 milcB grading, $320,742.50.
xainlull-JMcstueca highway, 8 miles
paving, 19.1 macadam, 17.1 grading,
John Day highway, 11.1 macadam,
31.9 grading, $339,913.65.
La Grando-Enterpriso highway, 9.6
miles grading, $42,370.
Portland-Forest Grove-Mc Minnville
highway, 31.4 miles paving, 6.7 miles
macadiim, 18 miles grading, $817,502.oO.
Ashland-Klamath Falls highway, 19
miles grading, $177,9o7.50.
Oregon-Washington highway, 27 miles
paving, $036,076.25. '
Old Oregon Trail, 6" miles paving, 13.6
miles macadam, 42.5 miles grading,
Bukcr-Cornucopia highway, 4.7 miles
macadam, 27.1 miles grading, $178,411.75
. ' McKenzio River highway, 19.8 miles
grading, $268,136.44. - :
Crater Lnko highway, 22 miles grad
ing, $246,000. . : ,
Flora-Entorpnso highway, 13 miles
grading, $73,560.
Coast highway, 19 miles pavmg, 8.8
miles grading, $601,0u4.
Mount Hood Loop highway, 12.2
miles grading $227,567.60.
Giants Pass-Orescent City highway,
2.3 miles grading, $62,985.35.
Central Oregon highway, 36.7 milea
macadam, 16.7 miles grading, $197,967.
Dallas- California- highway, 2 miles
paving, 2 miles grading, $46.188.it&
Ten per cent contingencies, $l,50t,
250.05. Ten per cent engineering, $1,501,
250.05. -
t ' '-
New Silks
Dress Goods
Chiffon Taffetas in every wanted
shade. New Georgettes and Crepe
de Chines in all colors. A splendid
selection for your choosing.
Our Prices Always the Lowest
Commercial and Court Streets
Formerly the Chicago Store
furnished serum for use by the heal'th
authorities of the city. .
New York, Sept. 18. Liberty bonds
i quotations: SVj's, 99.98; first 4's, 95.10;
I second 4's, 93.16; first 4H's, 95.06; sec
jond 4&'s, 93.34; third 4V's, 95.30;
fourth 4'-t 's, 93.32; victory 3 a, .w;
victory i 'a, 99.92.
i Importation
"edwoyt fresh"
Packed in
r. Caaa
Sold Everywhere
National Billiard And
Pool Champions Will Be
Decided By Tournaments
- New York, Sept. 17. (United Press)
Tournaments to determine the na
tional billiard and pocket billiard chain
pions of America will tako place this
Tho tournament for the 18.2 balk--lano
billiard championship will open
here Oct. 20 at the Astor hotel. The en
tries will be limited to a field of six
players with an entrance fee of $250.
The gamos will be 400 point affairs.
The first pri?.o will be $2500, second
$1750, third $1250 and fourth $750. In
addition the winner will draw an an
nual salary of $4000 as long as he holds
the title.
The three cushion championship tour
nament will be held at the Moose audi
torium, Cleveland, starting November
6th. It will be contested by ten play
ers for prize money aggregating $4500.
To the winner goes $1500 and an an
nual snlarv of $2400. second prize is
$1250, third $1000 and fourth $750.
Tho pocket billiard series will be
hold at the Parkawny auditorium, Phil
adelphia, starting Nov. 1. Prize money
runs the same as the other series with
an annual salary of $2400 to the win
The three champions decided in the
tournament will then 9tage an eithteen
weeks tourney for which they will re
ceive $100 per wek and up.
Columbia University To
Have Strong Aggregation
New York, Sept. 17. (United Press)
--4'olumbia's football candidates were
called to report today by Coach Fred
Kven better results are expected for
the coining season than last year, when
the eleven, crippled by losses of regu
lars to the army, went through the
season with a lone defeat and that to
the unbeaten Syracuse team.
Houlnkan, t anapary and Shaw, last
years back field, are expected to re
turn to the university as well as tne"
following linemen, Eccles and Scott, of
last year's freshman team, Robison,
Modarelli, Kienntnger, Grace, Parks
aud Tower. Joe Brown, center and Jack
Kennedy, end of the 1916 team, will
probably be out of the service in time
to tram with tho squad. Tne loss ot.l
Kobb, last year s captain, and Half
back Collins" by graduation will be felt
The Western Lumber 'Export com
pany of Cottage Grove has purchased
from the federal forest service 2,500,
000 feet, board measure, of Douglas fir
in the Umpqua national forest.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
This iB not only one of the best and
most" efficient medicines for coughs,
colds, croup and whooping cough, but
is also pleasant to take, which is im
nortant when a medicine must be civ-
en to young children. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has been in use for
many years and has met with much
favor wherovor its "ood qualities have
'become known. Many mothers have
given it their unqualified endorsement
Wm. Scruby, Chillicothe, ito., writes,
I have raised three children, have al-
wavs use'd Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy and foun dit to De tne nest lor
coughs, colds and croup. It is pleasant
to take. sotn aomts ana cnuaren ime
it. My wife and I have always felt
safe from croup with it in tho house,
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy contains
uo opium or other narcotic.
Keen Them Home!
lc Word Class Ad Will Sell It
care of
Chinese Medicine and Tea O. 7
Has medicine which will eure ny I
known disease.
Open Sundays from 10 A. M. I
- until B V. M.
153 South High St.
Salem, Oregon Phone 282
We are in the Market for all va
rieties of Late Apples. Call np
Warehouse, High and Ferry Sts.
Phone 717
Office 542 State St. Salem, Or.
For Long Distance Auto Trucking
Willamette Valley Transfer Co.
me help you.
, Hotel Marion, Saiem, Ore.
147 Morgan Bldg., Portland, Ore.
No)i-orislBli. Kussia (iBy courier to
Constantinople) An epidemic of Asi
atic cholera is raging in this city.
. Durinjr the past week the death rate
from the disease has averaged 120 per
day. Sixty five percent of the case
prove fatal. Shore leave from ships in
harbor has beeu discontinued.
Instructions against the use of un
boiled water and uncooked food have
4een issued, hut careless living habits
of tho people render them averse to
precautioliary measures.
Physicians of ' the American Red
'Cross are treating the rcws of foreign
ships with anti-cholera serum and have
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Ranges, Heaters, Dishes, Graniteware, Beds, Spring; : :
Mattresses,'Chairs, Tables, Rugs, Sewing Machines, : :
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