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Into the rug department they come, carious to see these
' revolutionary floor coverings of linen these
And sway they go, wondering &H the more at the dis
tinctive excellence of the thing they have purchased.
Let us tell you how the tough durability of linen is given
to these Klearfiax Linen Rugs, how the flax is piled, strand
upon strand, until a weight of four pounds to the yard
makes them thick and flat-Tying. They are reversible,
sanitary, mothproof and extremely economical when you
consider their wear. And the rich solid colors they come in!
No wonder the verdict of the discriminating is Klearfiax
Linen Rugs for every room in the house. May we show
them to you today?
See Window Display
Hamilton s furniture Store
j , 340 Court Street
One Company Sells 568.772
I Gallons Of Gas In August
i " r- . , . .. , :
; The statement of the Union Oil com- j
pany of California, of motor vehicle !
fuel sold in' the statu of Oregon during J
the month of August, 1919, shows that
during that ' period it- sold5S8,77a' gal
lons- and 115,193 gallons of distillate in
which the tax of 1 cent and Vi cent poi
gallon respectively amount to $8-63.68
The July statement of this company
shows total sales of 550,427 gallons o
gasolene and 86,809 gallons of distillate,
on which is paid a total tax of $5,9o8.31.
What Is Rheumatism?
Why Suffer from It?
Sufferers Should Realize That,
It is a Blood Infection.
Doubtless like other sufferers,
you have often asked yourself this
question, which continue to re
main unanswered.
Science has proven that Rheu
matism is caused by a germ in your
blood, and the only way to reach
it is by a remedywhich eliminates
and removes these little paia de
snons. This explains why Jinj-1
menu and lotions can do no per
manent gooa. tor tney cannot pos
sibly reach these germs, which in
fest your blood by the millions.
S ! ? 5 I,,, t,..-
used for Rheumatism for more
than fifty years. Try it to-day,
and VOU Will finit vnnr1 " t 1-
nil t h r. th f t -..t a- ' I i.
your Rheumatism. For treatment
of your individual case address
vjiim Meoicai Adviser, Swift Spe
cific .Co, Dept. 45, Atlanta Ga.
save iv
Our assortment of new, up-to-the-minute woolens is
now complete. Hundreds of the finest fabrics for
men's wear direct from the best mills in the coun
try. We will make to your order a suit from all wool
materials at
With a positive guarantee of wear, style, fit and
Vorkmanship. Let us show you our line this week.
Looking over our line puts you under no obligation.
We also take orders for the well-known White Swan
Shirts, made as you want . them ; also, the famous
Saniga, made-to-order underwear. "
426 State Street
liniform Policy To Govern
Public Utility Extensions
Is Sought Uy Commission
Tn nrdpr tn PRtnhliuh RnniA ui.ifnrm
policy for the guidance of public util
ities in the extension of water, light or
gas service, the public service commis
sion has iusttiuted an investigation intt.
the Droblem on its own mntinn. A heur
ihg in the matter has been set for Sep-
leinuer a ai rortiana. At the present
time there is no uniform riuliav invnrn.
img extensions, each utility extending its
service on a policy or jts own. The pol
icy under which the P. B. L. ft P. prim -
pany extends its light and powor service
10 Buouroau districts adjoining Balem
provides that the eost of the
shall bo paid by the patrons to brt
Borvua Dy .tue particular extension. Tht
patrons, in turn, are credits wi:h ti.,
cost of the line and are given two years
111 wnicn to consume electricity to the
extent of this credit. Whil tha .
mission does not expect to promulgate
v mu uu iast rule it is hoped to
form some policy for the guidanco of al
utilitios alike and one which will tend to
a more libera! extension of service.
Standardization Of Prune
Crop For Shipment Urged
Solicitous for the standard and repu
tation of the Willamette valley prune, a
conference of growers and packers Was
recently neia in Salem, following the
suggestion of .Secretary W. T. Jeliks, of
the Willamette Prune association and
tho Gile Mercantile company, one ob
ject of the meeting? beinir
against the packing and shipping of
uiimagca prunes, winch have suliored
more or less from the rains. T1iim
large percentage of the cracked prunes
can be salvaged and will make a per
fect article for table use, the slignt dis
figurement will put them out of the
first class. Tho point was emphasized
that it would be necessary for the glow
ers and packers to co-operate in segre
gating the damaged primes, to bo put in
a class by themselves. With this in
view it was arranged that all the or
ganizations affilliated with tho North
west Packers association should mail
out circular letters to the growers
throughout the prune area, urging upon
them the necessity of action in this mat
ter in order to forestall future trouble
with the eastern buyers.
Portland Railway Company
Objects To Extending Line
The Portland Bnilway, Light & Power
company; in an answer filed with the
public service commission this morning,
makes vigorous objection to the applica
tion of the city of Portland for the ex
tension of the St. Johns line of the
street railway from its present terminus
to the; newly constructed tewiinal eleva
tor. Tho umpany claims to bo sustain
ing a loss on every passenger hauled on
the St. Jones line now and assorts that
any addtiion to the service could only
result in a larger loss if required to
operate on the present basis of fare.
Operation of the extension as an in
terurban line, as had been suggested in
tho application, would bo impractical
unless the whole line was so considered
and a rate established on & mileage of
zone basis, it is argued.
Correspondent Says Italy's
Adriatic Claims Are Lost
Sept. 14. The Paris correspondent ot
the Idea Nassionale, reports to his paper
that notwithstanding Foreign Minister
Tittoni's efforts, Italy's fight for her
Adriatic claim has been lost. He says
that under the last 'project submitted
to tho peace conference neither I'vumc,
Zara nor Zebenieo will be Italian, He
added that President Wilson might even
veto these concessions made to Italy in
the settlement proposed.
New Haven Reporters On ;
( Strike; Issuue Own Paper
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 15. Report
ers on New Haven's four papers went
on strike today for an increase in wages.
The reporters, fully organized, imine-J
rtiately began pubiismng a daily paper,
the Reporter.
(By. United Press.)
Yesterday's winners Sacramento,
Salt Lake, San Francisco, Los Angeles
2, Portland 2. '
Home runs Wolter, Sacramento;
Comptou, Seattle; Fitzgerald, 8a.i fran
cisco; Sbeely 2, Salt Lake; Eiiis, Los
The Tips made it eight straight wins
and the complete scries from Seattle by
tapping Thomas, Beigcr and Williams
for a six to four victory.
After winning the first game 10 to 4
by hard hitting, the Bees weakened in
the seeond and the Seals clouted Stioud
and Dale for a 7 to 5 win.
The Angels tied the Tigers for league
leadership through climbing while the
Tigers slipped. Both games yesterday
went to Killifcr's side. Fournier's dou
ble with three on won the morning game
6-5 and the afternoon game ended 6-2 in
the tenth with three singles and Hube
Ellis' homer.
The Beavers took both from Veraon,
out-hitting the Tigers in the first, five
to three, and in the second, dragging
them down to Los Angeles' level by
winning a tightly played game 3 to 2.
S$ Keep em In The Circle
$$$ Keep Them Home $$$
One of these days,
you're going to give your
husband the surprise of
his life.
. You'll hand him his
first cup of Schilling Tea.
better .it is than common
tea, and free from the
puckery taste of tannin.
And then .
You'll tell him that it is
actually cheaper per cup
than common tea there
are so many cups to the
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. All one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling Sfo.SanFrancisco
are - generally caused by improper ac
tion of the bowels. Hollister's Bocky
Mountain Tea regulates the Ibowels,
cleans the stomach, clears the com
plexion from the inside nature's way
"Get that healthy, happy look." D. J.
Fry. .
Oriental Immigration Into
. Lower California Blocked
El Centro, Oal., Sept. 15. All Japa
nese arid Chinese immigration into the
northern district of Lower California is
prohibited until tho Mexican coiigresi.
passes new immigration laws, under an
order Governor Cantu of Lower Cali
fornia is reported to have issued.
It is designed to relieve umcst in
Lower California due to anxiety of the
Mexican population1 over the sudden in
flux of oriental laborers.
In the Imperial valley the oraer is
expected-to have a good effect on tho
campaign to stop smuggling of oriental
labor across the border.
Vionna, Sept. 14r& dispatch from
Prague reported today that Czecho-81o-vak
leaders, fearing a royalist coup
d'etat, have arrested Prince Zdcniko
Lubkowitz, former adjutant to Emperor
Karl of Austria.
"Explaining the Britishers," the
story of England 's mighty effort in lib
erty's cause, as seon by an American,
by F. W. Wile.
"Modern and contemporary European
history," by J. S. Schapiro. 1 '
"Retail credits and collections," mod
ern principles and practice by Dwight
E. Beebe.
"The federal reserve act," as passed
by congress.
The A B C of the federal reserve
system," why the federal reserve sys
tem was called into being, the main
feotures of its organization nnd how
it works, explained by Edwin W. Kcm
mcrer. "Report of the Social Insurance
Commission of California for 1917."
"Modern seamanship," a smaller re
production of the standard work 011 the
subject, by Austin Melvin Knight.
"The effect or diet on endurance," a
careful study of tho nocds of reducing
the amount of protein in the usual diet,
and its possibility ; through more thor
ough mastication, by Irving Fisher.
"Accidents and emergencies,1' a man
ual of the treatment of surgical and
medical emergencies in the absence of
TU better to do than to
promise -
represent years of experience
in the purchasing and blend
ingof tobacco.They Ye beyond
the Mpromie" stage a ciga
rette for the wise ones who
know a good thing. Buy and
see for yourself.
The John 8 oilman Co. Branch
PRICE $80,000
: And why not $2000 an acre ! When grain land is selling at $200 an acre
which nets around $40 an acre a year. ; On the same basis loganberry yards
should sell for at least $2000 an acre. Many of them are netting as high as $500
an acre. And what is more the day is not far distant when it will be almost
impossible to buy first-class land near Salem under $1000 an acre.
I have a splendid selection of tracts and farms at all prices from $100 an
acre up. ... , . ' -(
"Just Real Estate and High Class Investments" '
215-216 Masonic Building. "
Buy Stock in the Salem Kings Company. It's good for Salem and it's Good
; for you.
Telephones 1000
Tobacco Habit
says Boater Coanor. formerly of Johns
Hopkins hospital. Thousands of men
suffering. Srom fatal diseases would be
tn perfect health today were it not for
the deadly drug Nicotine. Stop the
habit now before it's too late. It's a
simple process to rid yourself of the
tobacco habit in any form. Just go to
aiy up to date drug store and get some
Nicotol tablets; take them as directed
and lo; the pernicious habit quickly
Vanishes. Druggists refund the money
if they f aH. Be sure to read large and
interesting announcement by Doctor
Connor Boon to appear in this paper.
It tells of the danger of nicotine pois
oning and how to avoid it. In the mean
time try Nicotol tablets: you will be
surprised at the result. D. J. Fry.
a physician, by Charles W. Dulles. -
"French pronunciation," principles
and practice and a summary of u&engo
in writing and printing,' by James tted-
"Boom number 3," a group of de
tective stories by Anna Katherino Oroon
"Fore," a golf story by C. 13. Van
"My lady's garter," a Btory by Jac
ques Futrello.
(Continued from page one)
ignored in the majority report or treat
ed with sarcastic disdain or jingoistic
"The committee amendments seek to
compel the United States to abandon
its allies," ho continued.
"The amendments would f iirtiisi pre
vent the United States from assisting
Poland, Czecho slovakia and other chil
dren born of the war," he asserted. "To'
my mind such an attitude is most self
ish, immoral and dishonest."
McCumber ohjectcd only to the
phraseology of the first reservation re
garding America's right to withdraw
from tho league.
"It would bo far better and far more
appropriate to declaro that the United
(Capital Journal Special Sorvice.)
Walter Rhodes and family fro.d Wor-
ley, Idaho, and Fred Rhodes and family
oi i'ortlnnrt spent tho last wook-end in
August at George Ehodes.
Miss Louise Davis is spending the
week with her aunt in Silvorton.
William A. Dunigan landed at Ho-
boken September 1 with tho First divis- j
ion. M, CI. B. Ho spent ten months in
France nnd one in Germany with the
eighth infantry.
Friends of Rulph Harvey will be In
terested to learn of his marriago to Miss I
Loona Wells of Portland at tho homo of i
tho bride's parents, Mr. And Mrs. J.I
Wells, on West Twelfth streot Thursday
September 11. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey I
will attend the U. B. conference at The
Dalles and then make their homo at :
Philomath for the wintor. ,
F. W. Jones returned from Philomath
Tuesday. . , I
lc Word Class Ad Will Sell It
Thirty Years Trouble Ends In
A Few Weeks After She
Takes Tanlac.
Remarkable, indeed, was the state
ment mnde recently by Mrs. Emma Bice,
who resides at 9i0i Bering Cross, Los
Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Rice declares that
four bottles of Taulae have completely
relieved her of a rheumatic troublo
which she hus been trying for thirty
years to overcome. Here is her state
ment: "Some astonishing things happen in
this world and what Tanlac hr.s done for
me in the past few weeks is one of
them. I had sulfercd with a severe
pain, like rheumatism, in my back for
thirty years, and while I was under
treatment a number of times and tried
many different kinds of medicines I got
no relief. Then in January of this year
I caught a severe cold and my bands
became so affected with rheumatism
that I v:' unable to use them to do my
work. I was nlso badly run down and
so weak I could scarcely keep up and
about. '
"After Tcading in, my home paper
where so many friends and neighbors
had received such good results from
Tanlae I decided to try it" myself and
words can't express my gratitude fot
what it has done for me. The pain dis
appeared from my back before my firs
bottle of Tanlae was gone. I am now
on my fourth bottle and feci better than
I have in thirty vcars. The rheumatism
has also left mv hands completely and
I am now able to do my housework and
attend to my chickens and little garden
without any trouble whatever. Tanlae
certainly is a grand mcdieine and I can
recommend it to everyone, especially
those suffering from rheumatism, ana
States woul be the solo judge as to
whether her obligation under tho treaty
had boen fulfilled at the time of her
withdrawal than to indicate a right to
disregard her obligations," ho Baid.
The reservation proposed to Article 10
is in reality an "amendment," McCum
ber declared, to the "most important"
article in the league of nations.
The Shantung amendment expresses
an idlo sentiment," rather than ae-
eomplishes " a result for the good of
"If the committee amendment is
adopted, Japan is thrown out of the
league, or more accurately kicked out
of tt, by the. United States," he as
serted. .
Ho urged adoption of six reservations.
The first would be designed to allow the
United States to withdraw from the
league on two years' notice, this aountr;
to be the " solo . judgo " of whether it)
international obligations have been ful
filled. -
The Original
Malted Milk
For Infanta and Invalid
Avoid Imilatiena nnd Substitute
Mrs. F. Chapman and children aro
picking hops near Hopincre. i
C. J. May reached his 74th milestone
Sunday and was given a birthday din
ner by his daughter, Mrs. Q. G. Looncyi
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Juhn
Van Cleave, Rev. F, Fisher, Mesdamcs
Matilda Van Cleave and Kate .Basher,
and Mr. and Mrs.' Clem. Wolf. -
Mrs. Martha Wolf is spending tho
week in Portland with her duughtor,
Mrs. D. R. Peterson.
Clarence.. Parmenter arrived home
Wednesday from New York and over
seas service.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bingnuin arrived
from San Francisco on their honeymoon
Inst Saturday and spent a few days vis
iting Mrs. Bingmun's rolntivcs the Vim
Cleaves. :
Tho M. W. A. held a most interesting
meeting at Mrs. Idyls Dunigan 's homo
Friday afternoon. They laid plans for
work, .both helpful and financial.
Stop Itching Eczema
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, you can stop burning, itching
eczema quickly by applying a little zemo
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8,'cin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the skin and making it
vigorously healthy, always use zemo, the
penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It is not
greasy salve and it does not stain. When
others fail It is the one dependable treat
ment for skin troubles of all kinds.
The E.W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O.
Do You Want to
Save Some Money? I
Re-insulating a battery is about the ,
moot expensive repair there is. J "
And there's only one kind of battery
in general use that isn'f practically .4
certain to be re-inaulatedor .
junked within thenext year X
or two.
s7 uBi-;.
That one exception it the Willard
Battery with Threaded Rubber Insu-)
Come in and weTl tell you why,
Degge & Burrell
238 North High Street.
Automobile Electricians
Use The Journal Want Ads
rnn down condition."