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CHURCH I 1 f P lC "
-" - ' " ' ! i " ' " ' ' ' ! "
-,' First Methodist Episcopal Churcll.'
Corner Stats and Church streets, Bev.
Jt. N. Avison, pastor.- Class meeting at
9:15 a. in- Sunday school at 9:43 a. m.,
Mr. Todd will welcome strangers aud
visitors; 11 s. m., sermon, "Harvest
Home, or the Message of the Season";
3 p. hi., devotional hour at the Old Peo
ples Home; 6:30 p. m., Epworth League
meetings senior, Miss Myrtle Mason,
Reader, solo by Miss Faye Bolin; second
chapter will meet, for re-organization in
Xpworth hall, Dr. Avison will be in
charge of the meeting; junior, Mrs. M.
B. Foroagion, superintendent; 7:30 p.
m., harvest home service. Dr. B. L
Rteeves will speak of his vacation, wan
derings, or, "Seeing the Homo Land
First." Dr. .K. i, Avison will give s
brief sermon on "The Crown of the
Tear," Prof. Sites has returned from
his vacation and will be in charge of
the music, with Prof, .Boberts at the
organ. --J ' ,. i
h First Presbyterian Church.
, i 2iurch : street, n between Chemcketa
"'ml Center streot, Thomas S. Anderson,
minister. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m.,
Joseph H. Albert, superintendent, class
es for all ages; public worship at 11 a.
m., theme, "Realizing the Presence of
GodV; Y. P. C. E. at 7 p. m.;' even
ing worship :vt 8 o'clock, sermon, "How
Are We the Sons of God ? " A welcome
for all.
Fin Baptist Church.
' Corner Marion and North Liberty
strcts, Bev..G. F. Holt, D. D., pastor.
Public worship with preaching by the
pastor, 11 a. m., and 8 p. m. Topics:
Morning, "The Prayer Spirit and the
Prayer Life"; evening, ."Emulating the
Athlete.' Sunday school, 9:45 a. in.;
Toung People's meeting, 7 p. m. Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock prayer and
conference meeting. Topic, ' ' Overcom
ing Hindrances to Prayer." Strangers
and visitor cordially welcomed to all
, these services.
It Pays to Buy the Best
Ask For
Olympic Flour
Health '
Success .
Made from carefully selected Northwestern Wheat, thor
oughly cleaned and scoured by the most modern methods
known. All the nutritious qualities of the Wheat arc re-,
tained and it reaches you clean, pure and wholesome. -
The Portland Flouring Mills Co.
St. Paul's Church.,
Holy communion, 7:30 a. m.; 9:45 a.
m., church school; 11 a. m., choral cele
bration and sermon; 7:30 p. m., evening
prayer and address. . Vacation, time is
now past aud the full- services will be
resumed including the regular sessions
of the church school. ; Music at the
morning servic will be rendered by the
choir now under, the direction of Miss
Mnrio Churchill. The junior choir will.
render the evening service. Everybody
cordially welcome to all the services of
,his chufch. Chas. H. Powell, rector.
1 Evangelical Association.
Liberty street church, 6. F. Leining,
pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m. The
preaching services tod the communion
services in the morning at 11 o'cloek
will be conducted by C. L. Schuster, pre
siding elder of Portland district; 7 p.
m., Y. P. A. meeting; 7:45 p. m,, preach
ing by Bev. W. F. Lanncr from the Che
mcketa street church. The pastor wii
bo at Albany filling the pulpit in the
Evangelical church there, both morning
and evening in tho absence of Bev. C. L.
Schurton, who will be here looking after
the work as presiding elder.
First Civgregational Church.
Corner Liberty and Center streets,
Bev, W. C. Kantner, minister. Sunday
school, 10 a. m., with classes for all,
W. I. Stalcy, superintendent; 11 a. m.,
worship with sermon, "God Who Is Our
Home"; 8 p. m., sermon theme, "Get
ting the Best Things." Following this
there will two reels of motion pictures,
"A Trip to St. Augustine," "A Trip to
Norwich. " Prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 7:45 o'clock. ,
Court Street Christian Church.
Corner of North Seventeenth and
Court streets. The young people ot the
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"Household Word"
is a puret wholesome and nutritious product a
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fine for cakes and pastry. The rich oil from ths
meat of the cocoanut, churned with a generous
quantity of pure pasteurized, sweet milk and
just, enoujjn sais uiuia umiauv.
a Pacific Northwest Product
strictly a Quality Product
packed in paraffined odor-proof .
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- Mil'
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Bay the RED PACKAGE of Noitmlmg Soda
hiked m 'Portland bis DA YUCH1 tAK.lunr
Union Meat Co,
North Portland, Oregon.
This Han Talks Like It Was
a Ford.
Hood River, Or., Route, Mar. 4.
''aujhan Motor Works,
Portland, Oregon.
Dear Sirs: Am having fine suc
cess with the little old bng. Aver
age ten ricks to gallon of gas; al
so cut 300 ricks at 4 l-8c cost
per rick. Going some for an old
rig. Respectfully yours, J. I.
NOTE : We also suggest that
for good results you should
specify a VAUGHAN
Drag Saw.
Fox farther details address
-t Main Street Portland, Oregon.
South Salem Friends Church.
Corner South Commercial and Wash
ington streets. H. E. Pemberton,' pastoit.
Bible school are.m charge of next two fc j. ftt 10 & elass f0r ai1;
Lord's days. This is home coming day. .nrt.rintPiient
There will be a special program from Dr. Carl E. .Miller, superintendent ,
10 to 12 o'clock, The morning praching meeting for worship at 11 a. m. and 8 p
service will be in harmony with the!m Good singing and gospel preaching.
Bible school program in the form of- a Young People meet at 7 p. m. in C. E.
reception service for all the new mem- . Thursday, 8 p.
licrs of the church who have come in sluuy- .
during the present ministry. A special
sermon, ' ' Growth from a Babe to a Full
Grown Man in Christ." The monthly
program of the Christian Women Board
of Missions, local auxiliary, will be held
at 3 p. m. Junior Christian Endeavor,
6 p. m. Xoung .Peoples society of C. E.
at 7 p. m. .Song service and sermon 8
p. m., subjeet, "The Foolishness of
Preaching." Let's have a good attend
ance at all these services. , You are
welcome to worship with us. Come hear
the trosnel nreached with power. R. L.
Putnam, pastor.
Salvation Army. ."
f Street meeting on Saturday evening
on State street at 7:30 o'clock; free
and easy in the hall at 8 p. m.; street
meeting on Sunday morning at 10:30 1
o'clock; holiness meeting in the hall j
ot 11 o'clock; Sunday school at 2 p. m.
sharp; United Mission meeting St o
p. m.; T. P. L. at 6:15 p. m. street
meting at 7:30 p. m.; full-salvation will
be preached in the hall at 8 p. m. Ev
erybody cordially invited to all our
meetings. Capt. and Mrs. Hunter, otw
cers in charge. '
United Evangelical Church.
Corner Cottage and Center strcots,
Rev. G. L. Lovell, pastor, xne regular
Sunday school will meet at 10 a. m.
Rev. P, Conklin,.of Monmouth, will
preach at. the morning service at 11
o'clock. The evening services of the
church will be resumed Sunday. Even
ing worship and sermon by the pastor at
8 p. m. Mid-week prayer serviee Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock.
Central Congregational Church.
Corner South Nineteenth and Ferry
streets. Sunday morning service and
Bible school at 10 a. m., Mrs. Burton E.
Edwkrds. superintendent. "Christian En
deavor at 7:15 p. m. Evening service w,
8 p. m. Morning and evening sermon by
the pastor, H. C. Stover.
Nazaxena Church.
Nineteenth and Marion streets, one
block from the Chemcketa car line on
Center at Nineteenth. Sunday school at
f)-45 a", m.. W. B. Hardy, superintendent
p!hinT at 11 a. m. and again in the
evening at 8 o'clock. At 7 o'elock Sun
day evening the'e will be a Bible stndy
with the vounir peonlc. On Tnesdty
night of nert week there will bo a mis-
Associated Bible Students.
Meet at Moose hall, comer Court and
High streets, every Sunday from 10 a.
m. to 12 n. This Sunday the entire two
hours will be devoted to Sixth Vol
Studv. A junior class will be formed
and all friends with ehildfcn are urged
to brinz their children and hearty co
operate with us in this new class. Bro,
Miller of Portland will address the pub
lic in the hall at 2:30 p. m. on the sub'
jeet of "Cleansing of the Sanctuary or
More Than 2300 Years of Daniel." Mr.
Miller is a deep Bible student, s'o don't
fail to hear him. Seats free. No eolles
tion. "
Church of God.
No. 1346 North Church street, J.
Gillespie, pastor. Sunday school, 10 a. m.
and preaching at 1 la. m., subject, "The
Kingdom of God." It is now here, or
shall we look for a millennial reign ef
Christ's kingdom on earth 1 Young Peo
pies meeting, 7 p. m. and preaching rot
lowing at 8 o'clock. Prayer meeting
Wednesdav eveninz at 8 o'clock. All
are iavited to these meetings.
Free Methodist Church.
- Sunday services: Sunday school at
30 a. m.; preachina at 11 a. m. ind 7:45
p. m.; preaching Wednesday night at I
o'clock bv Rev. F. L, Burns; prayer n . 0,elock. MiJweek
meeting Thur3day, ?J-i Z.Jr meeting at 8 o'clock on Wed
prayer meeting at mm ixortn ; These are aH interesting
rtreet Wednesday t 2 p. Young mectines tt. thing,
People's meeting Sunday at 6:15 p. m. ..Wion from sin. A.
All are welcome. W. J. Johnston, T! pagtor. Florence Wells, deacon
or- ess.
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Among the men coming to speak tf BOILED" SMITH
the conference is Dr. A. C. Dixon, who
recently returned to this eountry from
London, where for a number of years he
has been pastor in the famous Spurgeon
Tabernacle. Ho is one of the foremost
preachers of the world. Dr. Henry Os
trom, the evangelist, well and favorably
known in Salem, will speak three times.
Dr. W. L. PettSngill, dean of the school
of the Bible in Philadelphia, speaks once
and Dr. W. Leon Tucker, of New lorft,
will give three addresses.
The conference is interdemoninotional
and is being arranged for by ,nlimber
of tho local pastors. All who are inter
ested in a greater knowledge of the
Bible and in hearing experts speak on
fundamental questions are invited.
Conference in Salem.
An event looked forward to with
ercat interest by Bible students and
earnest Christian people is the confer-
ence on nnsiian iuiiuBmemiiiB i,:,.h ;n l,
will be held in Salem, September 19, 50, .7 Z f .ik ,
This conference is one of a scries be
ing held in a number of eentcrs in the
northwest and alone the coast by a
group of well known Bablc teachers who
are in this way bringing to many locali
ties the discussions of the great confer
ence on Christian fundamentals held In
Philadelphia last May. Salem is fortu
nate in being inelnded in the itinerary
of these leaders. , '
The sessions of the conference will be
held in the First Bantint church, corner
Marion tnd North Liberty streets, be
ginning Friday eveninz. September 19,
at 7:30 o'clock, and continuing through
Sunday evening, September 21.
Catholic Church.
Corner ' Cottage , and Chemeketa
streets. Communion mass at 7:30 a. m.,
hah mniw the pastor will speak on
"Catholie Marriages." This subject
will be of interest to many who are not
Catholic, especially in this day when
easy divorce is a common thing.
Strangers will be welcome. Benediction
follows last mass. Bev. J. E. Buck, pas-
tor. . . .
. 1 e
Among the recent arrivals of western
troops in New York are. the following
Willamette valle- bnvn: Sergt. Her
man C. Backer, Hillsboro; Warren
Fowler, Eneen; Perrv B. Beilman.
Salem; Harold A. Tavlnr McMinn
ville; .Tas. E. Wi)liams,Forost Orove;
CO. OIn. Mt. Angel; Oias. Chris
tensenr Willamette.
savory hotcakes, . full of
goodness, are for your break'
fast A delightful treat, so in
, expensive and simple to pre
pare you can enjoy them every
day in the year. '
Hillsboro, Or., Sept. 6 (United Press)
"They calt bie 'hard boiled,' and by
O I am."
Orai it Dorland, who has returned from
overseas eredits Lieutenant "Hard
Boiled" Smith with that statement in
France. Dorlnnd is another vetorau
who has publicly gone on record with
the statement that all soldiers who etroc
in contat witn nninn ueepibeu mm.
He savs ho has heard at least 50 return
ed soldiers say they would like to get
"iust one swing at Hard Boiled,
Doruuid was a guard nt a military
prison not far from Paris. "Smith
asked me, one day, for a list, of prison
ers," said Dorlnnd. "A photograph of
a young lady fell to the ground when I
brought out the lict. Smith beat me to
it and tore it to pieces."
Dorland forgot it was a case, of offi
cer and man. It was jilst a case of
man 'with him then. He cracked Smith
with his rifle butt, between the- eyes.
Of confsc he was court martialcd, but
tho officers who tried the private prob
acy carried picture of their own. They
held tlmt Smith had trK-meended his
authority and freed Dorland. '
The girl, whose picture was inKnltcd
Jy "Hard Boiled" is now the wife of
Dorland. '
!c Word Class Ad Wi3 Sell It
Fast Express
Slow Beside
Elgin Scout
A now record for the Elgin Sis one
hundred and ninety three miles over
ordinary roads between Chicago and
IndiunapiAis in four hours and six
minutes, beating fastest express trains
by SO mi n u leu.
Tiit' the news contained in a tel
egram received by Lee L. Gilbert, El-
jfin distributor, rrom tne raciory mre
week, which reads as follows::
"Elgin gix scout model yesterday
established new record of four hours,
nix minutes carrying four passengers
Chicago to Indianapolis, one hundred
ninety three miles, beating fastest ex
press' trains bv fifty six minutes. Aver
age forty seven seven tenths per
hour. Seventeen and one third miles
per gallon gasoline. Motor wonderful.
Cooled perfectly. Xo water placed in
rtwiititnr ph mute. I'naacncets ana jue-
gage weighed almost ei;.ht hundred
pounds. ar in perfect condition and
ready to repent. Strictl - slock mo ld.
Officials of test, Will' tm K. .iibbs,
formerly of Motor A?'; Chester Fotist,
Chicago American; 1'viver .). G. Jam
ison, Elgin sale d' artment. Fourth
passenger, Elmer V der, Elgin engin
eering department."
The first fall meeting of the Salem
Floral society will be held next Mon
day evening in the auditorium of the
Commercial eliti. The meeting is held
especially to consider plans for a floral
exhibit at Ihe state fair. All members
and thoso interested in flowers are urg
ed to attend this meeting.
Akro'n, jjO., Se,pt. 6-Httle frecn
coupons are providing ammunition ;a
a war which one A-ron factory has do
c'larcd on the high cpst of living. In
much tho same manner as meal tick
ets are used, tho coupons are utilized
by the 10,000 employes- of the factory
in obtaining groceries . at cost.
For redeeming the coupons, tho
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. is now
operating a grocery, opened recently.
It carries a complete line of staple
jet ceries, including butter and eggs.
Uent, light and taxes will be paid by
th company. Wages of personnel cm
ployed make up practically tho only
overhead expense item added to coit
priers of goods sold, which are bought,
by the company in large lots. Purchas
er must carry their packages homo.
The grocery, which is exclusively
far Firestone employes, was opened re
cently as the result of their petition1
mr.da at a meeting of factory foremen
wih H. S. iF-irestone a monta ago. A
that time Mr. Firestone promised to
flh'C the plan proposed careful eonfcicl
ration. As the result of an invcatiga
.ti in, wherein 'tho re (aU market in
general and the cooperative store in
pt'ticulnr were close I- stuaieil, ho d
ci'l d the compuny could aid its em
p'qveH considerably in overcoming tho
rr-sant high nrice of foodstuffs,, hy
roersiting the store. Tie nt once or
dereil the plan to be carried out.
The company already hns a 'build
plan in operation by which tn em
"! can acrnire a new home at a
s-'-'n;? of over twenty per cent of tho
price that prevail in the open market.