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By Gertrude Bobison
.UlttfcB surprise in the way of i an extended Californian motor trip.
weaaing announcements came to Tiuin (a.i -u.,, . ,
Salem when it became known
that the engagement of Joseph Lind
ey McAllister and Miss Alma. Haines
of Portland had been announced.
Mr. McAllister is one of the city'
most popular young men. He is an
overseas man and at present is drill
. master for the Cherrians, .Salem 's most
important organization of men. He
haa recently been put in charge of the
iArabian Knights' Patrol of the Shrin
ks. Concerning' the announcement the
Portland Telogram says: :
The betrothal of Miss Alma S.
Haines, one of .Portland s most' popu
lar maids, to Joseph Lindsey McAllis
ter of fctalcm, was made known at a
beautifully appointed luncheon at the
lienson hotel this afternoon given by
Mrs. M. A. Newell, mother of the bride
cioet. Fifteen intimate friends of Miss
mamcs were invited, and to these, as
to her- other friends, the announce
ment conies as a complete surprise
the news was told by means of small
rnras bearing the names of the bride
elect and her, fiance, which were at-
Jacned to tiny Kewpie brides about the
floral centerpiece with white ribbons
from each of the various place cards.
Miss Haines is a charming and lov
able young woman. She devotes much
of her time to philanthropic and social
work, and i an enthusiastic member
of the junior league. During the war
he was an ardent worker,, devoting
her services to the Red Cross and war
relief work. Before making Portland
her home she attended private schools
in San Francisco and the east. Sho has
also traveled extensively.
Mr. McAllister is from an old and
prominent family of 'Canada and serv
d almost two years in France with
the JStfa ngifieertj. ,A present his
liome is in Salem, where he is in tho
the state reclamation service. He is
well known in civie and fraternal or
ganization! and it a Phi Delta Thota
nan. No exact date hR been set for
4he wedding, but it will take place this
winter. '
Leaving Salem about four weeks ago
the party has spent the past month in
visiting all the points of interest in
the southern state. Tia Juana,. Mexico,
was tho -most southern point toucher)
at. Los Angeles, Ban Francisco, Fres
no, Stockton, Eureka and Crescent
City were all included in the itinerary.
The return trip through Oregon was
made by way of Bandon, Coquille and
.... "-'- . - '
Honoring her sister, Miss Ella Ruge,
whose wedning will be an event of the
early fall,. Miss Mabel Huge presided
at a pretty shower last riday evening.
The bride-elect who was the recipient
of a number of beautiful and useful
gifts, is well known in Bplem where
she wa employed for a number of
years in the office of Dr. D. X. Becch
ler. Among those present at the show
er were, Mrs. D. X. Beechler, Mrs,
Floyd Springer, Miss Hallio Gibson,
Miss La Yicrne Gibson. Mrs. L. B. Gib
son, Miss Ruth Bedford, Miss Beth
Bedford, Miss Flossie Becker, Miss
Alida Becker, Mrs. Earl Bushnoll, Mrs.
oRss Ottncroll,- Mips Mildred Douglas,
Miss Mabel Patrick, and three sisters
of the guest of honor, Mrs. W. T. An
derson of 'Nowberg, Mrs. Edward Bex
of Independence and Miss Lily Huge,
Salem folk, who are interested in the
progress of the women 's buildiwr of
tne university of Oregon will be glad
to hear that Mrs. George T. Gorlingor,
regent ot university and head of the
women's builuma fund has .lust receiv
ed a memorial irift of $500 from the
Scott family in memory of the late
tiarvcy Scott. A bronze memorial tab
let will 0)0 ulaced on the cranrl ntnir-
case of the building, in his honor. This
hall will bear the names of nearly all
the. representative pioneer families of
Oregon. ... . . ,
- ,v
The CorvaUis Woman's club at ro
sent meeting officially indorsed Mrs.
Ida Callahan as their candidate for
the state Presidency of the Oreson
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Myers and Mr. , eaeratln r. women's clubs, the in
and it rs.
; lb' Webb rr w ' ""enient being signed officially by
' Wtbb " h0m foom.Mr. Mary F. Ikelton, president, and
Not ABIerm,
.mars the perfect
I appearance ot her com.
1 plexlon, Pcrmanrnt
and temporary skin
troubles are effectively
meealcd. Reduces
natural color and correct
f greasy skins. Highly antiseptic,
lustd with beneficial result L
f M cursavt agent for 70 van.
N -
Mrs. D. iB. Stuart, secretary. The club
sent the notice of its. action to the
state .chairman, ft publicity. Action
was tauen in recognition of Mrs. Cal
laimu's ability and general fitness..,
. . -
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lelund Boss and
two children have returned from an
enjoyame motor trip to tho various
beach resorts.
A party composed of Mr. and Mrs.
William MeGilehrist Jr.. and children.
airs. James Mciuilchrist and two daugh
ters, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Savage and
Mrs. O. F. Jforr have returned from
an enjoyable outing at. Newport. They
ware gone lor several weeks.
School Days
Next month the little ones will k starting off to
school again to continue their education, and parents
should remember that success or failure-depends
largely upon the condition' of the eyes. All children
should have their eyes examined before entering
school and now is the time to attend to it. Great in
justice is done to many children by accusing them of
obstinacy, inattention and stupidity, when, as ma:
ter of fact, they are only victims of physical defects
of sight. . Such children, with the proper ad justment
of glasses, often become the brightest of scholars.
Eye Sight Specialists
Across from Ladd & &Bush Bank
MOTORIC "continues to be the
chief social activity of the aea
son. Almost daily, tourist- par
tiei'leavo! the city? for a trip through
their own state or their , neighbor
states to the -.south and north. The
beauties of Rainier National park and
tho sights of Seattle and the Sound cit
ies, vie vritbv the'! wonders of the Gold
den Oate and southern California for
popularity , with; Oregon . tourists. Al
ways there, if the same variegated tale
of enjoyment to relate when the visit
ors return. (Generally it is marred a
mue oy ine reports or -me neavy lour
ist traffic, but even the everyday dis
comforts suffered because of the lack
of sufficient accommodations cannot
detraet very much from the almost unbelievable-natural
beauties of the Pa
cific coast states. Harold Bell Wright
and Jack-' London, have' made. Califor
nia scenery famous in - the literary
world, and the "Paragon City" on
the Sound has come in for its share of
publicity in more than one tale ot tne
west. It seems that 'by some strange I
trick of fate, Oregon has been shame
fully neglected. Aside from the 'Bridge
of the Gods' and a few scattered nov
els with historic settings, the wonder
state, boast of some of the most beauti
ful' valleys and magnificent mountains
in the world has been slighted. It is
comforting to read, lately, of the visits
of Peter B. Kyne, Stewart Edward
White, and other eminent writer, and
to pick up current literary articles
with distinctly Oregonian titles. And
it is not too much to hope that the
wonders of the Columbia and Willam
ette, and even the strange beauties of
the eastern Oregon country will soon
ral the .scenes if lUalifornila and
Washington in the world of literature.
... .
Reverend J. It Buck was host at aiu
informal dinner. Thursday, honoring a
motor party of out of town guests.
Circling the prettily appointed table
wero Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ward of For
est Grove; Dr. and Mrs. Anderson of
Forest Grove; their niece, Miss Nell
Hughes of Los Angeles, Reverend
Father Derouin and Reverend J. R.
Buck. . v?
A club of a different sort in "The
Oasis," formed recently in New York
city as a national center and club head
quarters where women living in .Now
York, as well as those from all parts
of the United (skates, may meet to ex-
Autumn Styles That Are Assured
And Inexpensive Too
Chosen with Trained Foresight, Every Selection in this Stock of
Women's and Misses
Coats, Suits arid Dresses
Has been certified in the Development of tho Season. This Stock
Surely one of Distinction Both from the Point of Style and in the Ad
vantage of Popular Pricing;
change ideas, professionally, artistic
ally and socially. "The OasiB" is do
ing everything possible, say its mem
bors, to foster a new sense of democ
racy which the war has given to wo
men. .
The clubrooms are in tho Commodore
hotel and here women from all over
the country who are members may
moot. Teas, musicales, talks and discus
sions on political reconstruction topics
are being planned. Membership in the
club intrudes also slipping service.
Tho niemborship is limited. A branch
haa "been opened In Paris and there Is
also one in London. Among the mem
berg are Gertrudo Atherton, Miss Ma1
bel BeardBley, Mrs. Frances Hodgson,
Burnett, Miss Hclon Dickinson, Mrs. J.
Hartley Milburn, Miss Rnth St. Denis,
Miss Keith Wakeman, Miss Martha
iieclmnn and many others.
Miss Elizabeth lvy, accompanied
by her mother, iMrs. 8. iLevv. is in Gal-
ifornia.'visiting relatives and friends
in tne various cities of the state. At
present they are in Snn Diego. After
epiTuuiiiK u wceA in kkiii irrancisco, iney
went by steamer to Los Angeles and
mtor to Banta Monica, Venice and
Ocean Park. At San Francisco and Los
Angoles. Miss Levy filled professional
Mrs. Ida M. Bnbcock is in Portlnnd
as the guest of her daiurhter. - Miss
JVtamio Bnbcock who is connected
with the Union Abstract company.
- ...J ..-..$29.75 to $85.00
COATS ......$16.48 to $75.00
DRESSES ... ........$16.48 to $75.00
Our salespeople wiH gladly extend every courtesy to those who desire to
become acquainted with the garments, even if not quite ready for im
mediate purchasing, r - "
'v -1' ' .Libeity .Street
Edison Diamond Disc
Disc Records
Sponsored by. the Balem Woman 's
club, the most influential body of wo
men in the eity, and given in the in
terest of he womens building at Eu
gene, the leetureNjf Lieutenant Lamar
Toqze at he 'larmory Jist Tuesday
drew, ft record rowd of appreciative
listeners. Always a favorite with1 Sa
lemites, the topics which Lieutenant
Tooze chose to discuss 'were those of
vital interest to every one- in attend
ance and the applause which greeted
tne speaker at irequent intervals dur
ing his speech was proof 'enoueh that
me lecture was more than a success.
The lecture was not, in the literal
sonse or ne word, a lecture. It was
rather an enjoyable succession of anec
dotes told in pleasing, intelligent
manner, recounting a soldier's .experi
ences and opinions. Elaborating clev
erly upon the human and sometimes
comical side of the great war, and
touching lightly upon the gruesome as
pects or the struggle, the speaker car
ncd his listeners with, him over the
long lonely roads of iFranee. throutrh-
pitcn Diack darkness and pelting rain,
or deposited them comfortably at a
soap box table in a tent jnst beyond
the lines with a plate of doughnuts and
cup of steaming coffee before them,
and Major Carlton Smith acting as
gracious host. 1 ' ; -
It was undoubtedly a success, and
tho Salem Woman 'a. club ia highly
pleased with the results ot the affair.
The money will be placed in the fund
ror tne women's building at the state
A weddiner of interest ia tht of
Marjorie I. Wood, and William Bevens. I
'.he groom being a graduate of the
Capital Business college and well
known in the citv. foneerninu the wed
ding which took place last Bunday the
('.veiling xeirgram says::
Miss Mar.iorie I. Woods became the
bride of William Bevens at a prettT
ceremony Sun da v afternoon at the
nomo of Mrs. Lela Brock, on Sandy , wwmubb; win be solemnized m New
boulevard. Kev. D. Lester Fields, pas-! York the latter part of September,
tor Rose City Park Methodist chnrch I M-9 ;owden. who is a prominent
officiated. The bride wore a smart . University of Oregon girl, elass of '14,
Salemites will be pleased to learn Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Durdall have re
that they will soon have an opportuni- turned from (Newport where they have
ty of seeing Corrinne Rcily Barker on boen summering. Miss Hallie Hinges,
the screen in one of Goldwyns latest who has 'been with them for the past
productions. ',Th play, stnrrjng Paulino two weeks, accompanied them home.
Frederick will be at Ye Liberty id aV - . . . . .
week, or two. Miss Barker is related to : . Miss Gladys Ruef who is employed
a Humber of prominent residents of at the stato house is enjoying a two
Salem and while here recently renew- weeks vacation at her horite in Hills-
ed old acquaintances ami made new boro. -
friends. h
Apropos of the subject, Miss Bark- After spending an enjoyable outing
er was planning a rush across the con- at Newport and along the McKcnzie
tinent" visit of two days at the Pen-! river, tho Misses Nellie and Marie
dleton Kound-up, as the- guest of Schwab have returned to their home on
friends, but has had to postpone tho (statesman street.
idea since she is having probably tho j
busiest time of her youthful career W. T. Jenks and his mother-in-law,
trying to please two directors at the Mrs. J. M. Winstanley, who have been
same time. '"Ordinarily,", says Miss enjoying an outina at Newport for the
Barker, 'it is a task to please one."' past two weeks, have returned home.
sne finishieg the last scenes in Mrs. Jenks and the children are still
"The Climbers" for Tom Temss, and: at he resort.
works every other day at the studio in
Pelham. The next day she works on a
Vitagraph picture under John Noble'
Reporting an ideal trip. Mr. and
Mrs. L. S. Sheldon have returned to
Salem after a twelve day motor tour
of Oregon and Washington. They
went by way of Olympia, crossing into
British Columbia where they visited
trienda in Victoria. The return trip
was made tron;h Seattle and .North
Yakima. At the latter plaee Mr. Shel
don attended the Washington ' state
Elks convention bcine a member of
that ledge.
Mr. and -Mrs. E. T. Bussolle and two
sons, Earl and Elbert, have returned
from a weeks motor trip to Mount
Sitverfon, Or., August 30. (Special)
The college set is keenly interested
in learning 'if t.lie engagement of
Mis Bess Oowden, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. R. A. Oowden of Silverton,
to Tmth Smith of New York. The
Salem's Music Dealer
Mr. and Mrs. Walton Younr and Misa
bome in KewhalL California, aftar alM5s Ceorgia, and sun Louis, are week
delightful visit at, the home of teir.'e" Rus at U Theodore M. Ban
sister, Mr. F. A." Baker. Thev were I reautenee on North, 14th street.
alse guest for a short time of their
T V ' ' 1 Mf . M M M M . t Washington house juest at the F. L. Poindexter
I residence.
gown of georgette erepe with bre-
telles of ribbon. After the eeremonv
the compRnv motored to the Crown
Point chalet, on the Columbia river
highway where a five course dinner
was served. Mr. and Mrs. Bevens will
be at home at 6T3 East Seventy first
street -Norht
. "Those present at the Ceremony
were Dr. Guv A. Woods, brother of the
bride, and family; Mr. and Mrs. B. S.
Woods, parents of the bride; Mrs. Lela
'Brock and Miss Ethel Woods, sisters
ft tne) brute; William Brown ' and
family and Rev. and Mrs. D. Leiter
"The bride is a graduate of the high
school at Boise. Idaho, and attended
the Albion state normal. Idaho. 8he
has taught in the public schools for
several years.
"The bridecroom is a graduate of
the .Buena Vista high schoei and of
the Capital Business college of Salem.
Je is the proprietor of the garage at
840 Sandy boulevard."
is at present ,in Portland purchasing
ner treusscau. and is the ituest of Mrs.
Ralph Service of Lncretia court. Mrs.
(.ewden and her daughter will leave
for "Sew York September 14, Mr.
Stnfota. reewitly returned from over
seas service with the New York ar
tillery. He is manager of his father's
big eavelap manufacturing concern
in Jfew York,
Mrs. Charles H. Cashier, president
of the Oregon Federation of. Women's
elubs, who was in Portland last week,
annoanrea mat ail clubs or individ
uals having amendments to present at
the Mate federation in CorvaUis Octo
ber 13 16, should have the same in the
hand of the president at Hood River
by September 1 so that they niav be
printed and go out in the official"call.
The program committee of which
38ia Mattie Beatty is chairman, met
in Salem Teeently and arranged the
tentative program which will be print
ed with, the call.
Miss Gertrude Eakin and Miss Alice
Judd are. spending a fortnight at New
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Emmett and
family left this morning for a ten
days outiug at Belknap Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. ,T. R. Jan?, accompan
ed by their daughter, Miss Crcta
Janz, and son Saul, left yesterday on
a motor trip to Netarts. They will be
gone aoout a week.
Br. and Mrs. Frank Barr. of Port
land, accompanied by their daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. David Eyre have re
turned from a delightful motor trip to
British Columbia. They left yesterday
ror a oriet outing at Newport.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elain and
daughter, Florence, anc in Albany for
a few days as the guests of Mr. El
gin's sister, Mrs. H. H. Hewitt.
Colonel aud Mm. E. Hofer, Lawrence
llofer and Captain and Mrs. Allan
Bynon have returned from a motor trip
to British Columbia where they wore
the guestg of relatives and friends in
v ancouvcr and victoria. -
Mr., ond Mrs. Frank E. Shafer and
h T. Smith are suendine a--fortnight
touring Oregon and California. AH the
points ef natural and historic interest
in the two states wiil be visited.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Benson and
Miss Mary Hopkins have returned
from a six weeks visit in Seattle.
Mr. and "Mrs. George H. Alden have
been entertaining their guests dur
ing the week. Mrs. Charles W. Lenfoot
of Onxko. Minnesota and Mrs. Charles
W, Russell of Fanwood. New .Ipmov.
Tho three women are former class-
ma tes.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brophy leave
today for Southern Oregon for a vaca
tion. Mrs. Brophy wiil go as far as
Drain where she will visit, friend
while Mr. Brophy and Budd Welch go
aiuit-r somn aeer Bunting.. The party
plans to be gone two weeks.
A motor partv comnosc) nt ir ..j'
Mrs. E. E. Dennison and Mr. and Mrs.
John Suttle. have returned frnm ).
liijhtful trip to Rainier National park.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Harris are visit
ing friends in Portland over the week
Whilo there they are domiciled at the
Imperial hotel.
Mr, and Mrs. E. T. Bussello will
have as ,their house guests for the next
ten- days. Mr.iand. J4rSj B. Hoffman,
of Mt. Lassiiii,' Caiiforniai'i- ' ' " ,
Mrs. Charles C. Atkiu, aoeompanied
by her baby daughter,; Harleen, left
for her homo in Fresno, California, af
ter a visit of several weeks with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miner M. Gray.
Miv and Mrs. Henry C, Greta: of
Portlnnd, accompanied by Miss Loval
Gray of this city, have returned from
fortnight '8 outing at Netarts and
other Tillamook beaches. Mrs. Gregg is
visiting relatives and friends in the
citv for a brief period while Mr. Gregg
is in southern Orceon in connection
Iwith the internal revenue department.
uiss x.uzaoctn uni was sponsor m
' their honor for a pretty dinnor last
Sunday when covers were laid for Mr.
and Mrs. Gregg, Miss Grace Howell;
Chalmer George, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Gill and the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gordon and
two children, Wanda and Dora, whe
have been envying a visit at- the
country home of Mr. and Mis. Sey
mour Jones, have returned to their
home in Portland.
Mrs. Lee Gilbert and two children
are home from a six weeks sojourn at
Seaside. . -
Mrs. Carrie Laiubrith who has been
visiting in California for the past sev
eral weeks, has returned to her home
in Salem. She visited in San Francisco,
M Angeles and Oakland, and while
in the latter city was the suast of
her sister, Miss Ida Moss, ft former
resident of Salem. - :
Miss Marjory luauman is visiting
friends in North Yakima, Washington.
Her stay will be of indefinite length.
Mrs. James Qden of Portland :
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. H. R.
White at the White residence on Fer
ry street.
Mrs. Goorgo II. Alden 'a entertain
ing as her guest her mother-in-law.
Mrs. Arlcta M. Page of Seattle. Ob
the first of September Mrs. Alden
and Mrs. Page will leave on an ex
tended trip to the middle and eastern
state. ,;- . . ... , .
Mrs. William Babcoek. her brother
and sisteran-lnw, Mr. and Mrs. W. V.
Parr, who are her house guests for the
season, returned Tknrsday.rom a pleas
ant so.iourn at Newport.
Mr. and Mrs. ' William M!ilchrist
have returned from an extended visit
in California. They brought with them
as their guests their daughter, Mrs,
William Page Douglass and her two
small children, of Berkeley.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bishop of Xew
berg are guests at the G. F. Evans
residence. They will remain a week..
Helsingsfors Reckless speculation
in currency is advanced as the reason
for the bankruptcy of M. Lilitrs, lead-
i n I.-; ... -u V Anfli
. i- ;""! "ngni are u placed at twenty five million f ia-
spendmg the week end m Portland. nUh mwks. ;