Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 29, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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This Is Better ?
Than Laxatives
- .
On NR Tablet Each Hi(ht For A Ndt
Will Correct Your Constipation n4 :
Make Constant Dosing Unnscaa- ,
. ry. ;Try lU-.- - ''
yi MI At Salem's neatest Women Armarel lm. arr k
vmsv . . wm
: 1 1
7 I
Store, Friday and Saturday
The new Fall garments are here in abundance, fresh from the hands of -expert designers and
tailors come hundreds of models, faithfully interpreting in the minutest details the styles, mater
ials and new colors that have wdn first place in the world of fashion.
, It would be hard indeed to imagine a more complete showing of decidedly stylish Women's
Apparel including new Fall Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, Millinery and Furs, or to as
semble garments of quality that would give greater satisfaction.
Yet in spite of their excellent qualities and expert tailoring their prices are moderate. But
you must really see the new arrivals to fully appreciate their many charms. Therefore you're
cordially invited to come and personally inspect the new models, and try on as many of the gar
ments as you desire. - Experienced saleswomen will gladly assist you and you'll not be obligated.
" Poor ' digestion ana assignation
mean a poorly nourished body and
low vitality. Poor elimination mouns
cloeseii bowels, fermentation, pntri
faction and the. formation of poisonous
gases which aro absorbed by the blood
and can led through the body.
The result is weakness, headaches, -dlzxine3s,
coated tongue, inactive liver,
bilious attacks, loss of enorsy, nerv- ;
ousncss, poor- appetite, impoverished '
blood, sallow complexion, pimples, skin
disease, and often times serious ill
ness. Ordinary laxatives, purses una ca
thartics salts, oils, calomel end the
like may relieve for a few hours,. but
real, lasting; benefit can only come,
through use of medicine that tones
up and strengthens the ulgestivo as
well as the eliminctive organs.
Get a 25c box of Natures Remedy
(NR Tablets) and take one tablet aeii
night for a week. Kelief will follow
the very first dose, but a few days
will elapse before you foel and rouliza
the fullest w benefit When you. get
straightened out and feel just right
again-you -need -not take medicine
every day an occasional NR Tablet
will then keep your system In good
condition' . and you will always feel ;
your best. Remember, keeping well is
easier and cheaper than getting well.
. Nature's Remedy (NR Tablets are
sold, guaranteed and recommended by
your druggist. ........
Daniel J.- Fry. 'druggist.
Elegant New Fall Suits
Bolted styles predominate, some
in KuHsiau blouse effort. Buttons
ploy an important port elaborate
designs in braiding handsome col
lars of nutria, squirrel or opossum,
decorative vents in contrasting col
or, ornament the dressier ' models. .
. Poiret Twill, Serge, Trieotine, Vol
onr are represented. Two new mater
ials, T1N.SKLTONE nnd PLUM
ETTE, will be sure to meet with the
approval of the flue woman. Linings
are unusually handsome,- Brown is
the lending color, with the ever
popular navy blue next. Prices range
$29.50 to?85.00
Fall Showing of Women's
The variety is so great that the
women of Salem and vicinity need
have no difficulty in finding a sty
le to please their individual taste,
here you'll find coats of all hinds
and for all occasions, some made,
with collars of self material, fur or
plush, principally belted models, all
popular materials including Plush,
Velvet, Velour, Hilvertone, Peach,
Bloom, Yalama and Bolivia, prevail
ing colors are Brown, Navy Taupe, -Pekis,
Plain, Burgundy, Navy: and
Green. Prices range from
$15.00 to $125.00
New Fall Dresses
You will be delighted with the
new Fall Dresses, for the styhes are'
more attractive than ever before.
Materials are Serge, Trieotine, Tri
colet Oabardino and Wool Jersey
Dresses. Smart coat effects, blouse '
and straight line styles. Every
nomas interestet in the new fash
wonins interestet in the new fash
ions should see these attractive '
dresses. Styles were never so charm
ing and 'there is a wide diversity in
modes of trimming. Prices ' range
' ' from
$18.75 to $55.00
-in i
Fur Neckpieces
You will -look more attractive, lie
warmer and in the front ranlt of
stylo, If you wear furs this fall.
There's no' end to the variety of
good furs that you will find hero
Scurfs, Muffs, Stoles and Sots, lu
tho Choicest and newest styles.
$7.50 to $75.00
Shetland Wool Sweaters
Sweaters and Sport Coals in tho
most attractive styles of the season.
Plain weaves or fancy, as you pre
fer. -Some have tuxedo front and
belt or tie sash. Large selection of
styles in every wanted color and in
various combinations. Prices range
w from
$5.95 to $15.00
Autumn Waist Models
A regular galaxy of new blouses ,
Most characteristic of the new
models are the round neck line,
blouses of this kind fasten in back
or side leavin a front panel. Some
' embroidered, others decorated in
beads. Embroidery, pin tucks, etc.
New Arrivals In Arrow
Including .Georgette and Crepe de
Chine inndtds, will graco our Fall
- Opening display, Friday and Satur
day. Flesh, white bisque, Copen and
blue are the prevailing colors, rang
ing in price from
$5.00 to $15.00
We, are .exclusive Salem
agents for the celebrated
hand finished Arrow blouse
Charming Fall Millinery
Your special attention directed to
an interesting advance showing of
the new trimmed hats for early fall
wear, particularly the smart tailor
ed effects.Specially priced at from
$4.50 to $12.50
High Cost Of Merchandise
Notwithstanding all the ' talk re
garding Jhe increased manufactur
ing cost W merchandise and high
profits this store shall do its ut
most to maintain fair prices and in
many instances, will be contented
with less profits this season, than
ever before.
Why We Can Sell For Less
Because we are one of a chain of '
Cloak and Suit Stores (owned by
this company) in Portland, Seattle,
Tacoma,:' Sponane, Salem and other
northwestern cities. Our buying pow
er is greater, and because of our
low overhead expenses and our pol
icy of selling for cash only we ea
sell for less and save you money.
k (I
' ' '
White Corner Building
Salem's Greatest Women's Apparel Store
mm mrMi
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ined it in July, 1910, according to in
formation received.
The report recommends that the
scheduled scale of spruce production '
equipment September 2 be deferred nii
til Secretary Baker and the war depart
ment make a full investigation.
"It is believed from the foregoing
facts, as set forth,'.', concluded the re
port, "that approximately $j,000,000
were squandered, misapplied aud ccn
verted to the uses of the Milwaukee
railroad interests. And such acts were .
permitted by- men in positions of Au
thority, whose duty it was to pre vest
such wasteful and unnecessary expendi
tures." "
, , ; . , ; .v:;r- .-.
Portland, Or., Aug. ; 29.-Thst ; the
initial report to Secretary of War Ba
ker bv Congressmen. Frear and McGee,
majority of the congressional sub-committee
which is investigating spruce
production in tho northwest was er
roneous is the declaration .which was
made here this afteVnoon by Represent
ative Clarence F. Lea, third member of
the probing committee. - ' '
Jjea announced that he will a minor
ity report by wire Saturday. . - '
'"Hunk," is the way he characteriz
ed thnt part of his colleagues' report
which- intimated that unless stopped on'
ly a salvage price of about 10. percent
of true value could "be- secured from
the $20,000,000 sale of spruce produc
tion equipment, which is advertised to
be held in Portland, September 2.
"Cunningly contrived for political
effect," is another expression which
was used by the democratic member of
the committee in his comment upon
tho majority report. -
"' -9 '3jgSIS3
Washington, Aug. 29. John i)'. liyau,
former director of aircraft production,
had nothingto do with building of an
extension of the Chicago, St. Paul &
Milwaukee railroad in which ho is hen v.
ily interested, into spruce forests, ac
cording to former Brigadier General
Disque, in a letter to Senator Thomas,
Colorado. The letter was made public
today following publication of a report
by the Frear house investigating com
mittee charging that Ryan had wasted
money while developing spruce produc
tion in the Pacific northwest for build
ing of aircraft. 1 ,
"The Milwaukeo railroad approached
that stand of timber "nearer than any
other line and with a view to conserving
the funds of the war department, I car
ried on negotiations with the officials
of the Milwaukee railroad," Disque's
letter satd. "
"When I referred to the extension of
the Milwaukee road, Mr. Hyan prompt
ly told me that he was a director of
that line and would not discuss any
matters pertaining to it. He asked Mr.
8tcttinius, assistant of wu-r to act for
him in every phase of the matter.
"I know positively that Mr. Ryan
had absolutely nothing to do with the
negotiations leading up to the contract.
I carried them on myself and had a com
plete contract with them before I left
Portland, requiring only the approval of
the director of aircraft production to
make it legal. " - -
Great YarmouthHSummoncd 'to at
tend a patient late at night, a' munici
pal doctor consulted a plan of his dis
trict, and found he lived half in and
half out of the area. The patient's bed
Wan eXnCtlV 97 ffUt fmm tha Hnvnunl.
boundary, and the doctor refused treat
ment, tie was upneld.
The Famous Beaalifier
Have yon tried it yet Thousand
everywhere are using it. It is a wonder
ful tonic for the skin, .defies hot sum
mer son, and causes wrinkles, tan,
freckles, sallow skin, blackheads, sun
spots, roughness, ruddiness to quickly
disappear. It bring roses to the cheek
and makes anyone look 10 years young
er. Gives youthful complexion and
" A skin you tove to touch." A single
application troves it. See targe an
nouncmeni aoon to appear in this pa
per. Ask your druggist about it.