Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 27, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    fAGE SIX
Doctor Issues Warning
And Tells How to Stop
Tobacco Habit
Now York: Ir. Connor, formerly of
Johns hoikiua Hospital, says: "L ain
often asked if I know anything to atop
. the tobao habit and I aHva.vs recom
mind Nicotol, which 1 have prescribed
wicn grant success. , .Meoroi contains
no habit forming drugs, i absolutely
liitrmlci'S and' produces astonishing re
bu!s in a very short time. The use of
tobacco sups the vinlity, vim, vigor and
ambition .of the slave who is enthralled
by its seductive effects. It undermines
the health and leaves the victim an
easy prey to general debility, throat
and lung troubles, nervousness, insom
nia, heart trouble, kidney trouble, head
ache tongue and- lip cancer and even
blindness. Physicians the world over
often trnco the start of the above dis
eases and many others to nicotine pois
oning. If you want to free von rself from to
bacco go to any dru store and ask
for JJicotoI tnbrets. Take one tablet
after each meal and in a short time you
will (have no desire Tor tobacco the
craving will have left you. With the
nicotine poisoniag out of your system
your general health will quickly im
prove. , .
Xote: When asked abot Nicoiol tab
lets, one of. our leading druggists said:
"It is truly a wonderful remedy for
the tobacco habit away nhead of any
thing we, have ever sold before. We are
authorized by .the manufacturers to re
fund the money to every . dissatisfied
customer and we would not permit the
use of our name unless the remedy
possessed unusual merit.'.''. Nicotol is
sold in this city under an ironclad mon
ey back guarantee "V all up to date
druggists including I). .1. Fry.
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All trains scheduled to leave over tho
Southern Pacific, Western Pacific and
Hnuta r'o from San Francisco and Oak-
Jantl, including suuuroan irums uowu
the peninsula were cancelled. No tickets
were sold ut the union ticket office of
the railroad administration.
A platoon of state railroad polico was
thrown around the ferry building today,
and others were stationed on the Oak
land and Alameda moles. It was an
nounced they were stationed "as a pre
cautionary measure." The strike ha
ot resulted in any violence.
Those on strike here include yarSr
masters, switchmen, engineers, firemen
and shopmen. The strike began when
100 men walked out of the Southern Pa
cific yards. The strike spread to tho en
tire bay district within an hour. It was
spontaneous, practically without leader
ship. '' ,. .'. V.'iV
... The men t a meeting last night for
mulated a group of demands which in
elude: ........
To keep your face powder on uso Der
willo. No touchinc up nil tho time to
.prevent your nose and faco from shin
ing. A dip in the ocean,' perspiration,
hut sun and wind have no effect on it.
'Instantly (beautifies the complexion. A
(tingle application proves it. All drug
gists refund money If it fails.
Reinstatement of all strikers of the
Pacific Electric on terms of their orig
inul demands; of all Los Angeles broth
erhood men discharged for refusing to
handle cms of the P. E.; of all San
Francisco strikers after demands affect
ing Southern California strikers are sat
isfied. '
W. B. Scott, federal manager for the
Southern Pacific, today issued a state
ment denying tho report that men had
been discharged for refusing to lil.ndle
freight to and from the Pacific Kleetrie
iu and about Log Angeles.
Tho statement follows:
"I noticed in one evening paper and
ono morning paper a statement attri
buted to some of the employes who havo
gone on strike to the effect that they
were striking because some of their
membership hnd'bcen discharged for re
fusing to switch cars to and from the
Pacific Kleetrie railroad.
"1 desire to state for the Southern
Pucifie that' no man has been discharged
for refusing to- handle business to and
from the Pacific Electric. Neither lias
any nmii been discharged for ally con
nection with the strike which has been
called or sanctioned by the brotherhoods
or their representatives. " '.
The strike was expected to spread to
day to Sacramento, Stockton and other
points. ' , .
The strike has puralzed California r.t
a time when thousands of sumnur tour
ists from eastern stuffs were returning
Several hundred tourists arc stranded
at Bnrstow, a junction point on the Sun
tn F in tho desert nbove Los Angeles.
Xo supplies hr.ve been received nt the
hottd there for several days, and pro
visions ar not adequate for the four
traiuloads of passengers forced to re
main there. ,
Los Angeles itself is threatened with
a serious food shortage. No relict has
been afforded siuce its mayor two days
ago warned that the city must go on war
Ocean travel between the two cities
has been unhampered but the boats are
inadequate to handle the great rush of
passengers. Mail service is paitially
maintained through' the boots., i
California's highways two systems
north and south connecting Los Angeles
and Han Francisco, are being utilized I
to the utmoNt by trucks and autos.. Stage j
lines, always busy, are now swamped.
Tho striko has spread in the fuce of,
the order from the brotherhood chiefs
that the men end the strike. Whereas j
the Cleveland headquarters of the broth
erhoods has refused to sanction tho
strike, it has the backing of. the state
federation of labor, which has termed
Los Angeles the battleground of labor
in California.
All transcontinental trains are com
ing into Sau Francisco, lint, none are
leaving-for the east. The trains ere
routed vis; Stockton to avoid Port Costa
whern the men have struck.
Women Will Discuss New
LegislationFor New York
Syracuse, N, Y., Aug." 7. ITi'lton
Press.) -The Women's Joint Legislative
conference and State Federation of La
bor in .scssloti hero today, were expected
to develop pluns for introducing into th'.
New York state legislature bills to pro
vide workmen's insurance, an eight-hour
day for women and a minimum wage
bill. Candidates to defect .those office
holders known to opposo this legislation
will be discussed. A drive also will be
made au, assemblymen accused of follow
ing the program of Spoaker Sweet,
looked upou as an. enemy of "welfare
Pre-War Stars Of Pacific
Coast Colleges Will Be
Back In Moleskins.
Portland, Or., Aug. 27s (United
Press.) Collegiate football on the Paci
fic coast is due for a strong come-back
during the 1919 season, according to th
early, dope ,
' The Pacific northwest experts to tura
out aggregations like thoso of the ante
bellum days, which trimmed the crack
eastern clcvents; like the 1913 Wasn
ingtou State eleven, which walloped
Brown, one of tho strongest teams i
the cast, 14 to""0, and the wonderful
University of Oregon machine of 1916, !
which treated Pennsylvania rough at
Pasadena, Cal., on New Years day, 1!)17,
winning by tho same score as that hung
up by Washington State the previous
year 14 to 0. I
Scores of Pacific coast college stars
temporarily gave- up gridiron battle for
fights against tho Huns. They are ill
the better lOr the different kind of
training they roceived, and are going t
thrill te grandstand and bleacher
crowds with all kinds of the "old
fight" In their come-back.
Tho California teams, according to all
indications, will be stronger than eve.,
and tho fans aro looking forward to tao!
greatest collegiate season blnco rugby
butted in and. spoiled the fun eight
years ago. . . '
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jlf ' cigereltee or ten pack
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3 home or office supply
sf or when you travail
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Unsightly pimples and
blemishes on the face are
sure signs that the skin and
blood need the purifying
and strengthening action of
Urml Sal of Anr Mdlcin la tha World
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We have several patterns of High Grade Solid Oak Rockers with wood seats
that we are going to offer at special prices during this coming week.
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H. H. King, Well Known Con
tractor Gets Rid Of Old
Trouble Taking Tanlac.
"I have sained .twenty eight pounds
since I commencedv taking Tanlac, and
am as well and hearty as I ever was
in my life," said H. H. King, a well
known carpenter and contractor who
lives at 5027 55th Ave., south east,
Portland, the other, day.
"1 was certainly in nd shape when
I commenced taking, Tanlac," contin
ued Mr. King, "for I had been suffer
ing Willi stomach trouble for about i
three years. I had riot been able to find
a medicine or treatment that would
give mo any relief, and just kepton
getting worse until I was simply all
in and had to eive up my mom alto
gether. 1 had no appetite to speak of,
and what little 1 uid eat would sour
and I would be all bloated up with gas
for hours at a time. I also suffered
from shortness of breath, and at times
I would become so dizzy that-1 could
naruiy stand on my teet. Thiju rheuma
tism hit me . In m-T right log and hip,
and the pains I had from this would
nliuost drive me wild. at times. I sel
dom got a good nights .sleep on c
count of the pain in my lop s(nd hip.
"One day a friend of mine told me
about this Tanlac,., and advised mo to
give it a trial, and I am mighty glad
T toOK. his advice, for it certainly did
tho work for me and 1 am & well,
hearty man again.' I have no signs of
rheumatism, now, and instead of lying
awake ami suffering at night, I sleep
right through until timo to get up in
the morning. I never had a better ap
petite, and eat three hearty meals ev
ery dav and never suffer a particle af
terwards. I am baek on the job again,
and never lose any time from my work.
Tanlac just can't be beat, and I never
fail o boost it everywhere 1 go."
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' 41
4 STORES . T flj
Letters have been received at the of
fice of the state engineer from the de
partment of agriculture and from the
railroad administration asking for com
plete data as to the irrigation projects
of the stiito, together, with estimates as
to water power and its aviliablity for
tho electrification of railroad lines.
The last of the fire patrol planes, sent
to Salem on the joint request of the gov
ernor and State Forester Elliott, de
parted yesterday afternoon for the cen
tral base at Eugene, from which point
tho big DeHnvilands will make the cir
cuit of the forest area, They carried
with them as ballast practically nil of
their field-equipment. While Salein will
no longer be known as an official air
plane base, it is assured of frequent vis
its from tho planes in their tours ot On
gon, as the field is a favorable landing
place. Iu departing yesterday Major
Hmith gavo promise that one or two or I
n.r,..l ,. l,n., t.. tnlra 1
part in the Labor day colebratiou, and
it is expected by Secretary Lea that
they Will bo here for the week of the
fair. -
ax Piedmont W
Peanut OiT
adds "tasto" anJ
nourishment to a may
onnaisa or French
The oil cornea to you
free from adulteration
or treatment of any
The fool o7 with '
th nut flavor
C w. Mubir o., r.
Among other matters coming before
the public service commission will bo
the question of forming a merger of two
farm telephone systems at Sweet Homo,
where it was shown in an investigation
by Commissioner - Fred Williams ta
tho combined pivtronage of the two sys
tems did not aggregate 200 connections.
Another matter is an upplication'of the
city of Portland for a private open
grade crossing at the foot of Columbia
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Mohama, Aug. 27. The fire warden
and a crew of men went up to the
South. Burn north of Mehama yester
day to fight fire which has gotten
quite a headway. A number of men
working on the logging road have been
pressed into service and it is hoped
that they will soon have it under con
trol. If .ever rain was needed it is now.
Mr. and Mis. CV H. Merrill are now
residents of Mohama, having moved
down from Gates last week. Mr. MeTrill
and four horses are helping on the new
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stout and two chil
dren aro visiting at the home of his
father and sister, Lewis Stouf and Miss
Anna fctout. -
Mrs. Lizzie llurdivk attended the
funeral of Mr. Kinisey, who passed
away Saturday morning.
Mr. Thoinpkins. while climbing into
his wagon one day last week, lost his
footing and fell, dislocating his shoul
der and rendering him unconscious; a
doctor from Salem was called and the
injured man is gettiug along nicely.
Blackberry picking is quite the
vogue these days, the price of 8 cents
per pound beiug paid. At last, the trou
blesome pest has been found profitable
and nianv are wishing ' their places
were adorned by the now welcome ber
ry. Threshing in this section is well un
der way and those who have threshed
have gotten a good yield and they are
receiving good price for it making
it profitable business.
The Mehama hotel has experienced
good patronage lately, being filled to
capacity some of tho time. A number
of the men have brought their families
irnd are either famning or renting
ToomJ, while working o the road.
Otto Kubin of Salem came up to (
spena tne weeK ena wiin nis parems,
the fire wardon came along and seut
him out to fight fire. He was relieved
from duty last night alid returned to
his work at the state treasurer 's of
fice this morning, y,
Misses Elsie Surry and Mario Wilson
of Portland came up to Mehama the
first of last week and spent part of
their vacation in our pleasant, little
burg. ". ;:
Too Early To Jalk World f
Series Plans Says Ridler
icw xi, in, Aug. f. xi a luu einij'
tor world series arrangements. A lot
of things may happen before October."
President Eidlor of the National
league made this comment today on tha
report that the national commission had
been called to meet in Chicago next
Tuesday to mako arrangements for the
world's series. :
Discussion of the existing estrange
ment with the minors was said by him
- e n;..n:ni i.f . v,a !
handled. -
Graduates Of Monmouth
High School Are Married
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Monmouth, Or., Aug. 27. A quiet
wedding took place Sunday, August IT,
at 9:30 a. m. at the home of Mrs. Addic
Shoro of southwest Monmouth,' when
her daughter, Miss Gaynclte, was united
in marriage to Jay Knapp of Portland.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Victor P. Morris of the local Christian
church in the presence of a very few
friends and relatives. Both tho bride
and groom are graduates of tho local
high school nnd are well a"d favorably
known here. " The couple left Sunday
afternoon of the same day for Portland,
where the groom is employed in a ship
yard. The bride expects to teach school
near Portland this year.
Bonus To Canadian War
Widows To Be Increased
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 27. An ad
vance of 20 percent to the bonus to
Canada's war widows and privates,
will go into effect on September 1, it
was announced tiy. They will get
$4S a month.
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