Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 27, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Get Acquainted
With Your Own Teeth
Foudw ud Exscativa Head of ths E. R. larkr System
T RUSHING the teeth two or three
times a day is fine, but it
doesn't go far enough.:
No toothbrush ever made and
no amount of brushing with any
tooth preparation will altogether
. stop the tendency to the formation
" of tartar upon the teeth, and when
. tartar forms, the foundation is laid
vfor tooth troubles without 'end.;,...
Your only salvation lies in having a thorough ex
amination of your teeth made by a dental specialist who
knows how.
Registered Dentists using the E. R. Parker System
make these examinations without any charge, and the
examinations are so complete that you have the satis
, faction of finding out. the condition of every tooth in
your mouth. ;
' You can also find out in advance How small the price
will be for such dental work as you may need.
. Why not have a free examination of your teeth today
according to the accurate E. R. Parker System? .
Dr. Wallace Hylander, Dr. Fred G. Bunch,
i Dr. Ray J. Greer
k Registered Dentists Using the
303 State St. Salem, Ore.
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Stone's instructions will be present
ed to a mass meeting of local railroad
strikers this morning.
At the same time a mass meeting
.will be held between striking street car
men of the ho a Angela railway and
official of that company in an effort
to break the deadlock which has effec
tually ended negotiation!. The com
pany offers torecoive the individual
application ofjho strikers. The srrik.
era refuse to return Artless taken back
s a body and given their original Stat-
Tons of' decaying fruits are either
lieing thrown into the river or turned
ver to the aity'a poor, as a result of
the freight tieup in the Southern Pa
cific yards.
. Auto trucks are said to be proving
bio to supply city and outlying dis
tricts with, gasoline.
itics is said to have broken the mail
blockade In Southern California.
Daily improvement on both Los An
geles and P. E. systems Is claimed by
road officials. (Businessmen admit in
dustry has been slowed up and a gen
eral business depression is prcvulent.
Santa Fe Refuses Freight
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 27. The
Santa Fe railroad has refused all bus
iness to points south) and west of Bar-stow;-iCal.;
because of "the rail strike
af footing Southern California, ft was
learned at the office of the division
: society :
. . ." - -..
. .-.-v.'
A party composed of Mr. and Mr.
P. M. Hill and children, Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Jones and children and Miss
Jermie-foM hove returned from. s two
weeks outing at Newport, reporting
highly enjoyable time and claiming the
uniqua distinction of having devoured
moro clams, rock oysters and fish than
any other crowd of their size at tie-
resort. -While ae .Newport :they were
domiciled: at the T, D. Jones cottage.
.1. '''! ,
' Mrs. J. I Stoekton and Miss Zoe
Stockton" , returned Tuesday ' from , a
three weeks' stay at Seaside.
-; y -- . .
' A lawn party' and ie cream social,
given -tinder the auspices of the ladies
of the Jason (Lee church, will be held
at the home of ' Mrs. E. E. Dennison,
1475 Korth Commercial street, this eve-t
ning. ; Everyone- i cordially invited to
come and enjoy a pleasant evening... '
Savenay, for two months a huge em
barkation Hrrp for American army
nurses, holding as many as 6000 nurses
at a time, is closed. .
The campwas to remain open until
September, when suddenly word came
to move into new barracks. Twelva
hundred itourses) and heir baggage
moved in one day. By the next day,
Miss Flora Ourtiss, head of the Y. W.
C. A., hastily packed and left, six
workers had knocked down several
partitions to make a. huge recreation
room, had hung curtains and -moved
furniture so that the nurses, might
have their usual cup of tea that after
noon and a party that evening,
The day following word came that
Savenay was to be completely evaeu
ated and everything hospitals, nurses,
units, convalescents and Y. W. C. A
hastily packed and left. At the end of
the second day after evacuation or
ders were received Savenay was again
a quiet French village despite the fact
that a train load of patients and 600
nurses came in that night and had to
be sent out and on to 'Brest as they
wore. ' ,
Choosing Spong's landing as an ideal
picnickinc spot a merry party motored
there Sunday everting and spent a most
enjoyablo time. Those in the group
were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Glover, Max
ine Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ijam
port., Miss Margaret Goodin, Mies Hel
en Dcckebach, Miss Ruth iBoor of (Port
land, Mark Skiff Jr., John Carson and
Charles Craig.
' '
Mrs. R. B. Houston of Santa Rosa,
California, is a house guest of Mrs.
Paul Schmidt. She will remain for sev
eral days.
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Griff th. who
have been visiting ill Marysville, Cali
fornia, returned home Monday.
The Eugene Mornintr Register last
Sunday carried an attraciv picture of
Miss Marjory Kay, charming member
of Salem's younsrer social set, with tha
following!- i . . ' - ,
Miss Marjory Kay, popular student
passenger agent here. Traffic to points I a' University of Oregon, and mem-
in California north of Barstow was un
hampered early today, it was stated.
Officials admitted that all trains
running into California may bo order
ed cancelled today, because of the
striko which was reported to have- in
volved Sau iFraftcigeo.
Yes; S. S. S Is Purely Vegetable
Nature's Safe Blood Treatment
On th Market Half a Century.
When you are in perfect health,
and are enjoying a strong and
vigorous vitality, It is then that
your blood is free from all impuri
ties. You should be very careful and
give heed to the slightest indica
tion of impure blood. A sluggish
circulation is often indicated by
an impaired appetite, a feeling of
lassitude ami general weakening
of the system. It Is then that you
should promptly take a few bottles
of S. S. S., the great blood purifier
and streng'iiener. It will cleanse
the blood thoroughly and build
up and strengthen the whole sys
tem. S. S. S. is sold by all drug
gists. Valuable information about
the blood supply can be had free
by writing to the Swift Specific
Co, 50 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
ber of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, who
has gone to Ienver, HJolo., to attend
the national convention of the soror
ity. Miss Kay is active in all student
body activities and will be a senior
next year. She is the daughter of For-'
met Stato Treasurer and Mrs. T. B.
Kay of Salem. Before 't to Denver
Miss Kay, with the alumnae represent
ative from this state- and the delegate
rrom tne ennpter at u. A. u was en
tertained in Portland."
Swimming, hikmr and a sumptuous
picnic supper were ths principal fea
tures of an all day outing, Sunday, at
Mehuma. Those that enjoyed it were
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kirk, Dr. and
Mrs. Delhert Burton, Mrs. E. Hardy,
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burton.
Mrs, Mary K. Kirk of Pavette Ida
ho. i9 visitino- at the home of her son
and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W,
T. Kirk. Mrs, Julia Head of Boise. Ida
ho, is also a guest of the Kirks. Both
visitors will .remain several weeksi
- ,"'"' V t
The woman who thoughtfully expends her money and who makes sure of purchasing quality
as well as style, will delight in the Autumn suits and coats which we have assembled.
Economy ever lies in buying right buying the suit that is correct in style and that is so well
tailored that it holds its trim lines and smartness through much service. :. -.. '
Our suits and coats come frbni makers who up hold the best ideals in garment making iii every
detail from cloths of assured quality to the finish of the slightest detail contributing to effective
style.' r . :. v.-' '" '.; V-'V-'--'.v'"-
"Where Shopping Is a Pleasure'1
I Plushes
No woman with any thought of style needs to be told
that "Plush" is the big word in her wardrobe this
Fall and Winter. For Coats, Capes, Scarfs, Throws,
Trimmings PLUSH is the fabric supreme.
We announce the arrival of our new Fall Plushes
handsome fabrics all 50 inches wide and of various
qualities to suit the purpose for which thev are intended
Esquimette Plush, a swell coating,
black only at yard ............$9.00
Saltex Plush -a beautiful beaver
coating, at, yard $9.00
Crushed Plushes are very good, we
have them in Mole and Beaver, per
yard ........ .......$130
Saltex Fur the very best imitation
of a genuine seal skm, yet produced
in a pile fabric, yard ..$17.00
A popular priced line of Plushes
suitable for Scarfs, Throws and
Trimmings, in black, brown, green
and taupe, yard ............:...$5.25
Another fine trimmerArabian
Lamb, black only, yard .. . .... .....$6.00
The very newest in Plushes a silver
tone effect, color is taupe, very sty
lish suiting, yard ! ....................$6.00
Children under eight years of age
of the First Methodist church will be
given a jubilee party at Willson park,
Thursdav afternoon from 2:30 to 4 p.
m. At 4 o clock the ehildren and their
mothers will go to the church and be
served' with light refreshments. This
Dartv is given for tfto utile xgni
rtearer society of which
Lea is superintendent.
Mrs. A. A.
Constipation "Ipsets. the .entire sys
tem causing serious illnesses to the
human family. Don't worry Hollis
tcr's Rocky Mountain Tea will drive
out constipation, regulate the bowels,
tone the stomach purify, clennse.
Without fail give it a thoro trial. 35c.
D. J. Fry.
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homo consumption, the V. S. was
nortinu about three and a half billion
board feet of lumber every year before
the war.
Then the war called for wood. It went
:t.. tomnnrniv structures of every de
scription such as camps, hospitals, ieere
; hnts. and the like. We must come
up with a sharp turn on tne mmm-r .,-,-
tion. A national iorcui ...
adopted in this epuntry or we faco eco
nomic suicide. The American Forestry
-nifinn nsks for the views of the
tiniberland owners and for
esters on this greatest of our reconstruc
tion problems in order tnata on
policv may be arrived at. -
We have just fought and won the
fight to save us from Imperial aggres
sion, but the ficht to save ns from cco
numie ruin is iust ahead of us. Are w
going to let the sacrifice of our heroes
go for naught t What of the future In
an economic sense? The situation i
just this: ,
The original forest area of the United
States was eight hundred and fifiy n'11'
Hon acres.
There now remains m virgin timber
- - A -WEEK-
about two hundred and thirty million
acres .or onc-f onrth of the original.
Our total acreage of forest and cu
over lands is about five hundred mil
lion acres. One hundred million acrwi
of this is waste land Which proauccs
nothing and one hundred and eight mil
lion acres more contain more or less see-
ond growth. A large percentage of this
second growth timber is inferior quality.
The new growth of tunber is not moro
than one-third of the amount which Is
being used or destroyed every yocr.
Thore is plenty of food in that las
paragraph but it s food for thought
What of Our home building program
when we realize that the center of onl
lumber industry is fast moving to the
Pacific coast? What of our home build;
mg program, when we realize that New
England is no longer self supporting in
lumber and that the Lakc'statcs, one
our createst producers of lumber, are
tnow importers of it frsm other states!
This means long hauls and high freight
rates which tho home builder must pay.
The time to build a homo is now for
without a national forest policy I do not
believe cheaper lumber can be predicted.
The forests of France, millions of
acres of which are sow" in ruins, kept
the Hun from retching Paris. Otliet
vast acreages had to be cut down for
war purposes. Civilization can thank
France for having a forest policy of
more than a hundred years standing.
Her forests answered the call of war
when war eamc. Had the war come fif
teen years later we would have been
pressed to met the lumber program. Let
us- heed the call of the forests before it
is too late.
Hero is the endless chain of recom
mendations for Lydia E. Pink ham's
Vegetable Compound. There is hardly
a town or village in the United States
from whicn women have not written
lettors telling of health restored by
Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound.!, f you are suffering from some
female trouble, ask yiur neighbor if
she has ever used Lydia. E. Pinkhaw's
Vegetable Compound. 1. many casts
you will find thut she has regained
health by its use and will recommend
it to you. .. .
Chicago Autoists from the city will
drive around Evanston, a suburb, from
now on. Police said complaints had!
been filed that urchins pelt drivers
with over ripe tomatoes.
Cleans all white
shoes quickly and
easily. Leaves the
fabric or leather
natural looking.
A dense lily white
that mattes white
shoes look clean and
new. Get a cake
at the nearest store.
m;t;H;n'Hmm;i:tTH:tiiiCTBHBfim S
llJvl Inlillnl tIMi(lliltlliMI I IIH
.1 .s.
Tho all-year -'round soft drink.
Leadership, siC2 esiablishod,
is strengthened and confirmed
by its followers and imitators
. Bevos leadership is proclaimed
by the largest rear uard that
t ever followed a leader.
r Sold evryvhr '-Ftnili fupplid by
grocer, druls nd dealer.- Viiloi
r cordially invited! to injxtt our pldrt.
Blumauer & Hoch.
Wbolesilc Dwtributnr. PORTLAVD, ORB.
Dan. J. Yrv.
WsrehoQse Maimsrr
1 i-i
ui.ii.iM.ehMu.u.i.ii.t.t.tir.mii.t.i.afc yrr er ,gvt ;J22S?;3
. -As i i i f .T11'. r. j. inn b