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Tomorrow and Thursday
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"Rose of the River"
v :: THIS FALL '
Washington Senator Would
! Force AboEton Of Con
scription Entirely.
Wholesalers Charged With
.Hoarding 283,900 Pounds
: Of 1918 Potatoes. -
pounds of potatoes since April 21 1919, 'rock, seventy toot below street level.
Henry J. Mignery, 1202 Western ave-1 Architecturally, the new office will har.
nue charged with hoarding 32,500 mnnize with the Sub-Treasurv buildine.
pounds of potatoes since M'ay 21, 1919- j which it will adjoin on Wall stroet, andjunaor the bill, but must be confirmed
1 Washington,' Aug. 25. Withdrawal of
the United States from the. league oi
nations two years after ratification, of
the peace treaty,, unless all nations abol
ish conscription within that. time,. . wat
1 provided for la a bill introduced today
i by Senator Jones, Washington, a repub
lican. ......
The bill directs the secretary of stato
to give immediate notice to - league
i members of the -United States intention
to withdraw because two years' notice
is required by the league covonant. The
bill also calls for election of American
' representative to Jlhe council and assem
bly directly by all the people of the
iUnited States and provides that. three
members of the assembly, elocted for
four years, 'must be native born Ameri
cans and at least 35 years old.
. Their election. is provided at the same
tkno and. through the Biuno electoral sys
tem as governs the election of the presi
dent and vice-president,
. Under the bill the first election would
be i'ii November, 1920, and those elect
cd would begin serving on March 4,
. Temporary representatives to sorve
until the elected onos takes their seats
are to be appointed by the president,
Search For Lost Airmen
San Diego, Cat, Aug. 25. (United
Press.) After another 48 hours of fruit
less search for Lieutenants- Frederick
W aterhouso and Cecil H. Connolly, army
flyo's missing since last Wednesday, the
Seattle. Wash.. Aug.' 25. Charged hunt was renewed -today with a dutach-
with illegal hoarding of 283,900 pounds "lt of troops from Fort Bosoerans E-id-
of potatoes of the 1918 crop " in the " -Spokane
Street warehouse ten Seattlo!'S the country to the east of here..
Wholesale produce dealers ere arrest The only authentic, traee of the two
edby deputy United States marshals I y""g officers, who left Yuma lor the
today on complaints filed by Associate I return to Rockwoll Field, is the report
TJnited States Attorney Conway. They by -'J- Adams, a mining cnginer, that
were released on $500 bail each. '" ho ha dsecn an airplane pass bis mine
Tlioso arrested and held for violation ; 40 miles south of Campo, Cal., on Wcd
of the Lever food control law -are:- nesday. Campo is a mountain town on
A. U. Herret, 1113 Western avenue, ; the Mexican border. The search "today
liBTrfi.l with hoarding 30:800 Dounds of centered in Lower California, where
with the banking institution opposite.
making a very, handsome trio oi build
ings for this section, of the city."
Is Resumed This Morning XSX&SiSSSi
& Co., at the corner of Broad and Wall
-potatoes since Ma? 26 1919
a H. Hohag, W. H. Hohag, and J. T.
Bice, 1015 Western . avenue .- charged
with hoarding 114,100 ' pounds since
May 13, 1919. - . ' - '' ' -
John Doe Nomi Kichard Doe Nomi,
: Thomas Styles Nomi and Edward Gody
Nomi, owners, of the Western Produce
company, at . 514. Sixth, avenue south,
charged with hoarding 6600 pounds of
potatoes since May 24 1919.
C. W. Chamberlain1 1101 Western
avenue,.' accused of hoarding . 40,000
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Leak lor ti uum GaU Medal on mwr ham
end ccpt bo imitation
Governor Cantu is offering every assist
ance to the American searching parties.
Two squadrons of planes were in the
air yesterday, one flying from North
Island and the other from the border
patrol base at Yuma.i -- '-.-
. Trinidad, Lower California, has been
selected as the base from wlucn the riy
erswill'pursue 'their. hunt today. , -
If Adams' report is true it means that
the missing young men are jar into
Mexican torritory. . The jnine whore
Adams is employed is 40 miles below the
lino and in especially rugged eouu try.
New Vaults Big Enough To.
Store AH Of World's Gold
Now York, Aug. 25. Huge vaults,
made Si stone, marble, . steel and con
crete, with ample capacity for holding
the gold supply of the world, were un
der construction todav for the new as
say office in Wall street, which will be
completed next March.- . . ,
The now building will be a potential
storehouse for billions of dollars in but
lion. . Not only will the building hold
much of the gold and silver depot of
the United States but a vast amount of
the bullion collected from foreign lands,
"We shnll have room in our vaults to
hold all the available gold on earth,"
snnd Verne M. Bovie, superintendent of
the local assay office. "All the vaults
will be underground. There will be five
stores of them, running down to bed
In this week'
Saturday Evening Post
Is a reminder that ARMCO IRON
is used in the construction of ,
f AMERICAN., j -
, I- ' yt the " 1
iL Mm t"-ca wnn A '4
' m Heater bura 'Tn ' ' "
COil. Wood, " j
Reiists Rust.
It rnlly double!
the life of a Gat
Range. .
Ask to sec the
Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.
roR s
by the .senate.
All questions of policy upon which
American members of tho council or as
sembly are required tp vote must first
be submitted to congress for its advice,
the bill provides. .
Trade Commission Report
Says Private Owners
Abusing Uses.
Washington, Aug. 26. Recommenda
tions that private ownership of refrig
erator and livestock cars be prohibitctf
were made in a report by the fedoral
trade commission today..
The commission declared that all such
cars should either be acquired and oper
ated as a governmcntjinonopoly or own
ed by. the, railroads. nd, operated under
government liconso &ad regulation. ? ,
The commission says Utat the big
$10, 000: Coast Securities Corporation, s . . . 1 ., .
rortland, $10,000; Astoria News com I J"Wt and hvestoek ears are enabled
. ' . ' n . . rn n-ni-n nnvnnr.nirA.AVAi. smnllrtir t'nrlA.
pany,- Astoria, $7auu; jsagie it iour , r, . B-?- -
Mills, Portland, $100,000; Transatlantic
Estates & Credit Co., Portland, $25,
000; Sunset Farms Co., Tillamook, $5,-000.
iPive new automobile hd garage
firms were among the list of new in
corporations, .filing articles at the state
house during the past woek. .c These
were the Monarch Motor Co., Portland,
capitalized at $25,000; Henniman Mo
tor Co., Portland, $10,000; 'Auto Sales
oo., Portland, $10,0000; Brown Motor
Co., Medford, $10,000; Auto Sales Jo.,
Portland, $25,000. Other important cor
porations were itarpentcr in
vestment Co.. Portland, $50,000; State
Orange Cooperative Exchange, Albany,
$5000; EndicoM Paper Co., - Portland,
$75,000; Mortgage Kuarantee. Co.,
Portland; wpringiield Mill Urain vo.,
Eugene, $30,000; Pacific Coast Supply
(Jo. Portland, $50,000; Mutual Invest'
ment Co., Portland, $50,000; Sumner
Loan & Ocvelopment Cp., Marshfield,
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The public service commission . held
a hearing yesterday at Hood River re
garding freight rates over the Oregon
Washington railway lines. , Tomorrow
there is an important hearing in Port
laud with regard to tho so called
Burleson schedule of rates on the lines
of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company. Both the fairness and the
validity of the schedule has been chal
lenged, and a thorough investigation
will be made. As the rates affect a
large number of .communities it i$ ex
pectod that delegations of interested
citizens will be present. Possibly the
investigation will occupy several days.
Tn behalf of the eastern Oregon ship
pers, "who have long felt the handicap
of discriminatory rates under the pre
war schedule, H. Corey of the pub
lic service commission, has addressed
letters to members' of the committee
charged with draftinir legislation reg
ulating railroad operations under peace
conditions, urging favorable provis
ions of this territory.
John A. Perry of Bend has been
awarded the contract by State Engin
eer Cupper for the drilling of a num
ber of test holes into the bedrock at
the .Benham (Falls reservoir site, to de
termine whether it will retain water.
Several holes will be drilled to a depth
of from 20O to 300 feet, and a larger
number of lesser depth in order to
demonstrate whether the formation is
erupted or stratified in such a manner
as to allow water to drain away under
areat pressure. The investigations at
the Bite are in charge of Prof. W. O.
Crosby of the V. S. reclamation serv
ice. -. -
2,000 Dallas People Mob
Army Foodstuffs Store
Dr.llas, Texas. Aug. 20. (United
Press.) A crowd of 2000 persons, in
cluding hundreds of women, today rush
ed the city's first store sale of army
food stuffs and carried away consider
able quantities of food wtihout paying
for it.
Police squads were unable to handle
tho throng.
Dozens of persons, including women,
were injured by riolice clubs. Tne srore
was finally closed.
San Diego, Cel.; Aug. 26. Another
night and day of searching has failed to
locate a iTy trace of Lieutenants Water
house and Connolly, army flyer miss
ing since last Wednesday. Mexican
troop detailed by Governor Cantu are
searching the Gulf of California ls
trietg. ' .
i i m
)$$ Keep 'era In The Circle $$
pendent concerns,
Cars of the big five" packors are
granted "expedited service," the com
mission charges. - : i
"The cars of small independent pack
ers are misused and diverted," It say.s,
frequently being out of service for ex
tended periods, in sovcral instances for
as long as six months." '
The commission cites traffic figures
showing how this "expedited service"
works out to cnablo.tho "big five" to
deliver their products in quicker time
than their competitor. Cars of tho "big
five" in 191? .averaging 80.8 miles tr-
vol per ear, the report says, while those
A Fit
that is not merely "satisfac
tory", but is so much better
that it can truthfully be call
ed a perfect fit in every
pair of
of tho small independent competitors
traveled 54.5 miles per day.
Tho "big five" on December 31,
1917, owned, according to the report,
15,154 brine tank cars, or about 90 per
cent of the total number in use.
In some cases, the commission charges,
railroads pay packers big allowances for
performance ol part of the transporta
tion service. Favorable arrangements
for the lease of stockyards to the pack
ers by the railroads also tend to make
favoritism of tho " big five" natural on
the part of the roads, the coniiiission
declares. Another factor the commis
sion says, is tho sale to tho railroads of
"bumper posts" which are manufuctur
ed by a subsidary of one of the "big
five." -..
The commission also traced allogcd re
lations between tho packing and the
private car companies which ldaso tho
refrigerator cars in which fresh vege
tables, aro shipped.
, , One company is the Fruit Growers Ex
press, which owns, the commission says,
5840 ventilator refrigerator cars and en
joys a monopolistie contract with ser
en railroads.
The Fruit Growers Express is owned
by the stockholders of Armour & com
pa'ny, according to the commission.
"The exclusive contract," says the
commission, "has in some cases oper
ated to the detriment of both producer
and consumer,
"The Fruit Growers Express has fail
ed to maintain its refrigorator car equip
ment in satisfactory condition with the
result that shippers have frequently suf
fered unnecessary impairment of their
products. "
Immediately following tho publication
of tho commission's report, Tlioinns E.
Wilson of Wilson & company and presi
dent of tho Institute of Meat Packers,
declared the commission's investigation
was conducted by men inexperienced in
transportation questions. Ho said the
report is diametrically opposito to thn
handed down by tho interstate com
merce commission recently which stated
the present system of ruies and regula
tions with regard to private cars should
not be changed.
"There arc admittedly too few re
frigerator cars.," he said. "Greater
mileage of packer cars was possible be
cause a load was waiting for every car
365 days a year.
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Thousand Men Employed In
Fighting Forest Blazes
Keep Burns Checked,
San Francisco, Aug. 2fl. Four forest
fircst raging in national forests in Cali
fornia hnve with ,twn AvAnnftmi. Ttnnn
brought under control this week, accord
ing to .me united mates forost service.
Tho cost of flo-hti
bocfn $13,500 and close to 100C men
hnve been employed.
One of the finm vat tn ha
UH j uu wiuiijnt,
uuuer control was a bud timber and
1.1 1. Jt! It T.. . .
i.utm me in tno nue Mountains, re
ported from Santa Hiirlmr,:,
en by a heavy- wjnd, the fire has swept
over 2000, acres and is 12 miles from
Nordhoff, sceno of a disastrous firo two
years ago. .
Work of combatting a fire in tho Kla
math forest, near Korks-of-Suimon, His
kiyou county, js hampered by tho iso
lated location and difficulty in securing
men. After sweeping 5000 acres, the fire
is only partly surrounded today and
with a 20-milo wind is particularly bad
on the north end, ,
Another Riskiyou county fire, near
Sisson in the Bhasta forest, i8 reported
under control today, after destruction of
the Perry ranch and reported destruc
tion of the Ney Hpring health rcsori.
In the faco of the fire, the patients had
to be removed to Dunsmuir by auto
More than' 200 men, including rangers
sent from all forests in tho state, buttled
the fire which hus swept 8000 acre..'
Three fire were reported in the Eldo
rado national forest, near Caldor, south
east of I'lacervillo. . This is confined to
.cutover land of the California Door com
pany, an naKiand concern.
"Forget It" Buy At Home
Washington, Aug. 2(1. The Fifth and
Fiftieth infantry repments will be the
troops sentto Silesia, according to wjvp
department officials, who told ttnofti-
ninlltf trmfWrnflrl :!i.mtMlflH -Mint hctfnm
would bf taken.
president Wilsoii', It was said, has ap
proved the plan.. -.,,. s . f. . , i i;
Should, conditions e.liAnffO so- thnt
American troops would not be needed,
the two regiments would be held at Cb
lenz where they are to bo equipped bo
fore crossing Germany into Silesia. -
The Fifth infantry is nt Camp Tnjrlor,
Kentucky,- and the Fiftieth at (fiinip
Dix, N, J. '
Packers Wa,it Justice.
Chicago, Aug. 20. (United Press.)
Attacking the federal trade commis
sion's report on nrivate car line as be
ing "diametrically opposed to that of
the interstate commerce commission,"
Thomas E. Wilxon, president of Wilson
& company and also head of the Insti
tute of America'! Meat Packers, today
issued tho following statement:
"The packers are willing to submit
tli - '"Vice of the federal trade commis
sion's i "'irt to the common sense of
the American -nb". There arc admit
teiiv too few r f ' tor cars.
"Greater milenire cf rrrkcr cars wi.a
nossible because a load was waiting for
every enr 365 days in the year.
"Horend.the use of the packer owned
"nrs among the nhiripcrg over tho entire
country and the miler.go will be reduced
with a co-sequent increase in the cost
of meat foods, or a necessary reduction
n live animal prices."
Wilson said the trade commisHjon '
report was made after investigation by
inexperienced men, while thnt of the in
terstate commerce commission was
hrndled by experienced investigators,
who spent six years on the job,
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