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Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon
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j the only newspaper in Balem whose circulation is guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
revelations given to the Prophet Joseph Smith as to the
destiny of the same," Senator Smoot says. Next we may
have Senator Borah explain that he read the future in
the cards he held in a certain poker game, and is there
fore certain that the League of Nations is at variance with
the destiny of this great and glorious nation.
Senators' Lodge and Poin dexter do not give any par
ticular reason for their opposition to the ratification, of
the peace pact. They are against it just from pure cus
sedness and don't care who knows it. ;
A medical authority says that "the minimum heat
production of basal metabolism is increased 17 per cent
by merely chewing gum" by which jargon he seems to sig
nify that by chewing a stick of gum in hot weather you
make yourself 17 per cent hotter. Moral:' Save your gum
for next winter.
The government saves the American public a billion
dollars a year by enforcement of the laws prohibiting the
Cfl f mnik for fraudulent purposes. If it were merely
n mot I.' I' fit enforcing laws many
more might be saved. The real remedy, however, lies m
public education. , , . . '; j tn
As long as the average human being is so willing , to
be caught and so eager to fall for every new wile of the
swindler he will step into every trap set for him. Wheth
er the crook uses handsomely embossed stationery as evi
dence of reputable position and prosperity, or whether
'v. o!hr anriai! t.n t.hp common desire to get something
for nothing, he continues to catch his thousands of dupes.
At the same time ne injures uie uuomcoo b"""""1-
order enterprises and honest advertisers. . .
.There is one ray of hope. Green goods and gold
bricks have about disappeared from the swindler s mar
ket The public was ridiculed and laughed out of the
habit of purchasing gold bricks. The jokesters and comic
cartoonists may be said to have assisted the authorities
in ridding us of that particular pest. Perhaps if a great
nation-wide laugh could be started and directed against
the foolish ones who' are caught by the mail-order frauds,
' these too would be put out of business by a slump in, trade.
The kind of man who "bites" for these things usually
hates worse to be laughed at than fleeced.
According to a dispatch in' the Oregonian, Senator
Reed Smoot, g. o. p. leader of the senate and Mormon
apostle, opposes the" League of Nations because it doesn t
fit in with the revelations of one Joseph Smith, star pro
phet, it 8.3'ema, of the Church of Latter Day Saints and
Plural Wives. .: ' 1 . .
"I ask you to read the many passages of the book
of Mormon "referring to this nation, as well as the many
. They're getting ready to link up an intercontinental
railroad system running from the Great Lakes to Buenos
Ayres. That's very fine; but who wants to go from the
Great Lakes to Buenos Ayres by railroad?
A Russian paper complains of the scant recognition
given Russia in the peace treaty, saying, "Russia seems
not to exist at all." That's the-truth and likewise the
reason for the omission.
Of course they might, for some time,
study only French and Italia i music,
but they will have to come to Germany
COMES TO SALEM i Sydney. An inland sea, 30,000 acres
!in extent is to be formed by damming
Arthnr B. Stillman. for two years con-! the junctions of the rivers Murray, Dar-
sooner or later. Thev will find it almost nccted with the University of Oregon, line and Mitta-Mitta. ine cosi wui uo
impossible to be without German musie,1 and at one time employed in the ac-1 $30,000,000 ,and mostly ex-soWiers are
and will soon- want to hear Wagnerian ! counting department of the Southern ( ta oe empioyeu. "..
operas again. : Pacific railroad, has been engaged as I - .
"Peace lias been signed: lot us have! instructor at the Salem business college; I
pence then at least so far as music w and entered upon his new duties yester- ;wpwfpl ' ! KlIV At 1101118
day. Eugene Register.
There will be another telephone strike right away,
u ' 1 nA nnaanrUlthe employes having voted heavily in favor of it. This
hundreds of thousands i . .WJ 7QV tLipiv,ro n- f
some of the older organizations set up and take notice.
Some persons used to be always worrying because
there would be nothing to take the place of the hop indus
try. How about loganberry growing.
A Roseburg banker flew to Eugene one day last
week. Another proof that money has wings."
Hunting A Husband
j Tint the boy man whatever lie Was
Bvt-im:u ti uv iuuiijij ' lor Bunu'umig
more than my mero outside. I .thought
a while. '.. -
''No,. I don't paint, write aet."
"Then, what do' you dot" Nothing
but curiosity held him now.
'! I live" I said suddenly. Vi
''Oh one of the idle rich investigat
ing Bohemian conditions?'
"Do 1 look it!" The boy shook his
head sadlyf and was i gone.
I jiVm left to my' scrubbing; and
dreams of my new life.
Tomorrow The Threshold of Bohenv.n.
By Walt Mason
y A
re D
1 "
I met Wornia (,'arewe yesterday, when
I was hunting for a place to hoard.
''Why not come' down 'near met" stle
So it has all changed. Tliiiigs happen
so suddenly.
I am to have a room Dear Norma
Curewe. No I mean a studio. It is all
so fascinating. Yesterday we spent a
good part of tho morning, Norma and
t, going around from building to build
ing. Some of the studios were beautiful
Tint fur beyond my means. Others 110
room.. . ; " "
At last wi! came to this old house.
Tho outside looks battered and worn.
The iron vailing can still stand. That,
is all. And the inside! We climbed a
dirty, narrow stuirease straight to the
top.' A child led us up. She brushed
aside her shaggy hair with a torn sleeve
On the top floor, ve stopped. A room
of many angles with (lust appalling
with mines unwashed was the one.
Norma Curewe gave one
... -, .. ci H.
quite 1 una noout, aociureu August npuum,
i wi ll known musii al critic today, "but
Huns Looking For Influx ;
! Of American Musicians
Berlin. (By Mail.) Musical circles
in Berlin and Dresden expect Ki great in
flux of American musicians as scon as
enough time has elapsed to allow what
ever rancor may be felt in that -country
against the Germans, and providing tho
United States government places no re
strictions upon such emigration..'
Tho belief provails here that it will
be but a short time before ait relations
between the two countries will be re
sumed with greater energy of purpose
comprehsa-1 ,'lttu before the war.
! "I am sure it will take time to bring
Kara, ' she sum
. . , , .,, ..... . ...,il
I hail moed over to "lie dirry wimiow. ' 1 uciicic im uik n-" .....o.v...
Pushed it up. AVhat I looked" out upon! public will come to a realization that
was ."quite charming." jart is above personal and nationalistic
A tiny square of park. Kngi4;' l ehil-1 hatred.
,',r,.n iilii'viiiir there. Beyond au arch of "Tim Hermans uroduccd many of
white, wliicli oeciconeu wuu
'VI like it. Norma " I snul The v:cw
iiiul won mo
Hi mi t ll( VJt'llliaiI3 (luruuvLU ....... j
stately Shakespeare 's tragedies while the w
wivs on, just as they played Verdi's
At S
"Tsithotenouchforvou?" It's a silly, idle question;
and it makes me sad and blue, and it gives me indigestion.
I could stand the sizzling heat, and look pleasant in my
sorrow looking forward to some sleet, or a snowstorm on
the morrow; I can take the cheerful view; till some jay
comes up inquiring, "Is it hot enough for you?" when
with heat I am expiring. Then my rage I scarce can quell,
and my ire I scarce can bridle, and I feel my bosom swell
with emotions homicidal. Commonly Tin meek and mild,
yearning for a: life of quiet, but this question drives me
wild, and I gladly hail a riot. - Commonly I sing and smile,
lM.it this query, vain and brutal, always seems to stir my
Wle, makes me feel that peace is futile. Calmly in the heat
I stew, till I hear some fellow asking, "Is it hot enough
for you?" Then I cease my patient basking. Then my
war paint I put on, green and crimson, blue and yellow,
and I strew the sunstruck lawn with the fragments of that
fellow. It is hot enoirgh for me; all my organs melt to
gether; I'd be swinish, you'll agree, if I asked for hotter
weather. . : ;; '
Established 1868
. . General Banking Business
Commencing June lGth Banking Hours will be
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
'VAnd the rent?" Norma was business-like.
"Twenty-two a month " said tho
frowsty little girl.
''Taken," said Norma, ''beginfrtng
So horo I am, in my studio in Wash
ington Square. A scrub pail of water
on the floor and I on hands and kucea
working away at my new home.
One-half of my room already h:w a
wet, clean smell. '
A knock. Then Norma Curewe She
looked dubious; at an unromantie Sa.a
Lane scrubwoman.
"You could get a woman to do it
for you .Sara," sue said with both
lunula in the pockets of her smocn.
"Hut I'm poor. I've got to."
''Oh," suid Norma when you come
to the decorating I'll help you."
1 thanked her gratefully. And th
was gone,
A double knock on the doo
"Como iul"
A stout youth stuck in a head of
long hair.
'! say, you're going to bo-my neigh
bor," lie said "1 thought I'd intro
duce myself." -He said it all with a
strong Scotch burr.
"Oh yes," I withdrew my hand
from the dirty water, a little startled
I at this informality.
'What do vou dot ' Taint t Writot
;Aett" llis questions were followed by
i lus person into my room. I knew l was
'' not a pretty night. A big checked ging
i hnm apron covered mc to my nock, 1
could feel my hair straggling-down my
operas and sousa s murcuos. "-"
tho American people have too much
common sense to neglect the study of
German music. It would mean cutuug
into thoir own flosh.
i there 's
your el
too mi
X " And
J piece '
X in eve
When is the time to buy jew-
We eerlainly say,- when
s such a' store us tliis at
Ibow. For who ever gets
too much of it f -
And there's magic in every
piece of jewelry, iu every watch,
ry diamond we show.
An unccas.ng effort to pro;
duce tho cfevercst stock makes
this store always unique, always
ibrimful and overflowing with
new surprises seldom equalled.
Hai tman Bros. Co.
Jewelers and Optometrists
Salem, Oregou
Our prices on shoes in stock are much lower than shoes coming in for fall, and
i we want all of our customers to get all of these low priced shoes that they can
use before they are gone as they are going fast. We are receiving express
shipments of Hanan Shoes each week and will continue through the season.
.''.' ''.'
We are having such demands on these popular shoes that it is almost impos
sible to keep a complete stock. Buy your shoes early is our advice and it will
only take a very short time to prove that this advice will make you money.
Robber Heel Day
ThaQuickener Press
.193 N Com l-oer Gala &. Co.
G. E. Brookins, Proariata
Hanan Shoes
Selby Shoes
Fox Party
Bergman Boots
Witch Elk Boots
Ball Band Boots
Wizard Foot Appliances
Next to Ladd & Bush Bank, 326 State Street