Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 25, 1919, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 1919.
Ladies' Coats and Suits
Come In and See Our Fine Line of the Latest In
The Quality, Style and Price will Please You -
GEORGETTE WAISTS ......$4.98, $5.90, $6.25 and $6.90
VOILE WAISTS..: ...................................... $1.49
We Have Petticoats
That will satisfy all : You will find theft in Silk, Heatherbloom and Sateen in
Plain and Fancy Patterns in Prices from -'.
$1.25 to $4.98
New Minerva Yams just received in a Nice Range of Colors.
Portland, Or., assisted ' by workers
from Dallas. The full Gospel will be
preached- on , justification; sanctifica
tior, a second definite work of grace;
the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and
fire; divine healing; tho eternal pun
ishment of the wicked, and othor Bi
We truths. Good ; music end ; singing.
No eollcctions, .ji ; .. 8-25
Salem Cigar Factory Is now making
"Lb Corona" and "Little Salem" ci
gar exactly they were mode before
the war. Smoking thorn reminds you of
old times. - tf
Toe candelabra offering box of St.
Joseph's church was broken into last
evening at about 8 o'clock and the of
ferings of tho past two or throe months
carried away, but not far as the thief
upon hearing the 'burglar alarm,- drop
Bed the money and fled. The contents
f the box- have been stolen once or
Iwice boforo and In order to guard
against theft, a burglar alarm had been
attached which was to give the alarm
at the homo of Father Buck. As no
services wero being held last evoning.
ae was not at home at 8 o'clock. The
We buy and soil notes, mort- ;
I cages and all kind of bonds. ,
J 14 Mfwnio Building
i Balrm, Oregon
housekeeper heard the alarm but be
fore aid could be snmmoucd, the thief
had mado an .escape. At tho Sacred
Heart academy, tho ularm was heard,
but it was supposed to be some one's
alarm clock end no attention was giv
en to tho alarm. - M
Crawford; canning peaches now ready
at Louis Lachmund's, ranch in Koizcr
bottom 5 miles north of Snlchi. Bring
our boxes. H. W. Bowden, foreman,
'hone farm 2!,F3. tf
; 0 '"
Mrs. Stith will move her millinery
dopartment in the balcony of Kafonry
Bros, new store Sept, tat. 1 8-26
Loganberries having made' such a
fine record . the past two years, are
now attracting a number of capital
ists, who are investing in suitable
land. Louis Lachmund and Vvm. 8. Wal
ton are reported to have purchased the
Hinrlcs Winkler farm or WU acres in
South Bottom. It is understood the
greater part of the tract will be plant
ed to loganberries, m. L. Jones, tho i
Lake Labish, farmer is reported to be
planning to go into loganberry raising
to such an extent that in a few years
ho will be one of tho ibig growers of
tho valley. L. H. McMahon haB trans
ferred his holdings, part known as the
Oliver Beers tract to the Hunt Bros,
cannery and the tract known as the
Hubbard farm to H. 8. Oile.
Dr. Kott, Bank of Commerce, 407-8.
1 i. r-0 -
We buy liberty bonds. 314 Maeorjc
building. tf
We ere on the markot for , your eull
pdcs. Don't let them lay and rot.
Bcniamber-a few extra d iirs always
Mrs. A. W. Bartlett and son Willard
were in from Rienroall this morning on
a business errand. The farmers in thoir
section are in the height of the thresh
ing season, and thev state that, the
grain is making a fine showing, some
of the wkent coins as hiuh a 70 bush-
Borne in handy , sj pick up your good i els to the acre. -
eull APPLES and tako thorn to tho
P:..o 8194 1010 N. lom'l
Did You Read This Advertisement?
Try Northern Flour,
every sack guaranteed.
It's a Bear.
At your gro-
- Radiators, fenders and gas tanks
repaired. Tractor radiators a specialty.
(Ford radiators for sale. 190 S. -12th
flt., Salem, Or. 9 22
Special revival services, location cor.
14th and A streets, Salem, Or. begin
ning August 24th and continuing two
weeks. Conducted by evangelists and
workers from the Apostolic Faith Mis
sion, Cor. Front and Burnside Sts.,
A recent report from the camp of
the Mn.ainas on Mt. Rainier states
that out of the band of 103 who start-1
ed for the summit, 03 hold out to, the,;
pValf, which is over 14,000 feet nlti-1
time. Among this group was Prof. F.
(J. (Franklin, of Willamette university,
who is nn enthusmt in mountain climb
ing having past experience with the
Sierra club in California.
The city of Salem Is now running
an employment agency since the fed
eral government went out of business.
The office of the agency is at tho city
hall and thoso who are looking for
work should apply to City Recorder
Race. The Ctumiiercinl club is cooper
ating with Recorder Race and every
thing possible will now be done by the
should be invested and work
ing for you. Tour first con
sideration should be SAFE
TY, INTEREST BATE should be.
fair and conservative. A high
interest rate very often
means a smaller margin of
safety and security.
VICE should be valued high
ly. We collect and remit IN
and. without
charge. , .
FARM LOANS on improved
farms In the WILLAMETTE
VALLEY are always worth
PAR. WE purchase LOANS
if you need to CASH your se
curities. ....
held in highest esteem by
BA..&S. No , investment can
give you better satisfaction.
Nine years in the business of
loaning money safely on
farms. OVEj TWO JdTL-LlO-i
LOANED without the
loss of a DOLLAR.
We will .be glad to talk to
you about YOUR MONEY.
314 Masonic Bldg.
Salem, Ore.
After Sept. 1st we will be lo
cated in our new quarters
204.207 Oregon building.
Artificial teeth, have expert plate
man, with over 35 years experience,
at my office. Dr. D. X. Beechler, den-
tist, sua v. B. tw. oans oiag. u
The mills of the Gods grind slowly
and the same may be said oi the fed
eral government when it conies to hav
ing some work done on government
property. About six months ago he
postoff ice department at Washington
approved of the pet-tion of Postmas
ter Huckest.ein to have a vestibule
placed at the south entrance of he
post office and to dispose of the two
heavy swinging doors at the south en
trance. After several months spent in
Securing drawings and specifications,
plans were finally sent nere ana bias
called for. This required hair a year.
However, bids were submitted Friday
as follows: Erixon & Jones $1685, O.
Van Patton $1788, George E. Wright
of Chicago $1900. Instead of the bid
being awarder! at once to the local bid
der, thev must be sent to Washington
where in the course of time the eivil
sorvico architects will think it over
and eventually there may be a fine
vestibule at the south entrance of the
post office. ,
For rent, a nicely furnished room in
a modern house, cose in, setting room
with bed-couch at $5 per week, or a
bedroom for $ 3pcr week: Phone 1709.
The old flouring mill elevator on
Trade street between Commercial and
Front is now on its travels. These trav
els are extremely slow as the elevator
was erected years ago when solid tim
bers were .iised and . its method of
traveling is on -rollers. A. T. Moffit
has the contract for moving the old
structure from its present elevation to
its new home at the foot of Trade
street, where it ill be nsed for the
storage of pulp when the new paper
mill bceins operation next spring. The
concrete foundations and pilmRS for
the mill have been placed so high that
the floor of the v'bnildine will be 36
feet above low water mark, just level
with Front street paving at the foot
of Trade. ; ;. ' .i
The . Biggest and Best Assort
ment in town at popular prices. ,
New shipments arriving every
day direct from the fashion centers
of New York and Philadelphia.
Every day sees new models here.
In buying direct we save you all the
middleman's profit.
Ladies Coats........
Ladies Suits
Children's Coats
$14.75 to $50.00
$22.50to $55.00
$6.45 to $12.50
"Our Prices Always The Lowest" !;
'rr v MjpH.'li2;' Phone IQ72
Com!. & Court Streets
Formerly Chicago Store
Attorney, experienced and reliable,' chants bank of S'tayton reported $17.
familiar with Oregon statutes and pro
cedure, desires association with lawyer
or firm with estaonsneu practice.
Would consider proposition of partner
ship or salarv or other practicable
proposition. A care journal. o-u
Phone C.O.D. Orders 198-186
548 State Street
103 South Commercial Street
299 North Commercial Street
Mail Orders 456 State Steet
city recorder to connect the job with
the worker.
Round Extension Tables
Oak Dining Chairs
Special new $85.00 Gas Range .....$50.00
Babcolin perfect floor covering, yard.......65c and 85c
es Furniture Store
271 N. Commercial St. Salem.
Ball Perfect Mason jars,
1-2 gallon $1.25
Ball Perfect Mason jars.
1-4 gallon .......94c
Ball Perfect Mason Jars,
pints ...............89c
Economy Jars with caps,
1-2 gallon $1.65
Economy Jars with caps, -.
1-4 gallon $1.25
Economy jars with caps,
; pints .......$1.18
Economy caps, per doz....28c
Mason zinc caps zbc
Jar rubbers, 5 doz for....25c
100 lb. Cane Sugar... $9.45
Wide mouth Keer self-
sealing lids 28c
These specials are for a lim-
sound and has proposed to turn over jted time onlv.v We advise
jointly to the two institutions 3000 , . ' j
acres of grain Kind m the Horse Hcav uujrui jfyur iiccuo iiun,
en region of that state, the property to
Become immediately available with the
proviso that thjp two'schools shall joint
ly guarantee to .im a certain auuity
during the remainder of bis life. Whetit
er this will prove au asset or a liability
to the benefactees depends largely np
On the climatic conditions in the afore
said eqnino paradise, for it is a region
where the crops are sometimes abund
ant aud at other times otherwise. .
... o .
Call Patton Plumbing Co. for your
repair work. Phone 1608, 820 N. Com.
Street tf
" o-
Willard Storage Battery Service Sta
tion will move to i38 N. High St.
about Sept. 1st. Your for better serv-
. 8 30
Governor Olcott is termed ' 'The Fly
ing Governor" in an article published
in the HeptemDcr sunset magazine wnx
ten by Milton R. Klcppcr, president of
the Aero club of Oregon. In writing
the story of the airplane ride which
the governor and Mr. Klcppcr took to
gether, the writer says that the gov
ernor didn't even take a tooth brush
along for baggage. Ho just placed the
aviator's hood over bis head, stepped
in the plane and was on the way. How
evor the ride from Portland to Sacra
mento had its thrills, even for a gov
ernor. Mr. Klcppcr tells in the story
that it was extremely exciting when
going over the Siskiyou mountains at
an elevation of 8000 feet for the engine
to suddenly develop troubles, and it
looked as if they would bo obliged to
make a landing in the forest with no
open space in sight. He writes, "alter
landing at Heading, tne piiox congrat
ulated us that wo were alive. o we
knew for certain wo had come, through
ov a narrow speak." .. ,;'
The peach canning season will open
this woek and will last about 20 days.
Wring your boxes and come to the orch
ard and get vour fruit. Phone 4iF2, Sa
lem, Bt. 8, our orchard Is on the river
road at end of pavement, north.
If a bank has an account on which
there has been no check given nor any
deposit made within seven years, a re
port must be mado to the secretary of
state every two years. Or in case of
a savings- account, if no money has
been deposited for tho account nor any
amount withdrawn for 12 years, the
bank must report to tho state treasurer
According to the July 1 report, here is
out little money in dead accounts m
Salem. The Capital National bank re
ported $271.48 and the Ladd & Bush
bnnk $134.64. The Coolidso & McOIaine
bank of Silverton reported $6.32 and
the bank at St. Paul, 25 cents. In the
Turner State bank there is $3.12 and
in-tho Security State bank of Wood
burn, -$39.52. Tho Farmers and Mer-
The Dallas National bank .reported
$35.63. This money will eventually go
Into the school fund of the state.
Sunday afternoon and evening the
maximum temperature in Salem was
80. For the benefit of those who have
any doubts as to whether this part of
the Willamette valley is a fine sum
mer resort, the high temperature of
Salem might be compared with tho fol
lowing, reported by tho weather bu
reau as the maximum for Sunday:
Phoenix 104, Pocatnllo 100,. Salt Lak
city 100, Boise 98, Medford 96, Sacra
mento 96, Walla Walla 96, Baker 94,
Yakima 94, Washington, D. C. 94, Spo
itane 92 while at Sitka, Alaska, Satur
day afternoon the maximum was 72. .
McMinnville has visions of oil and
sudden wealth and has tho sand stone
rock saturated with oil to prove that
underneath somewhere there is oil. J.
T. Moore of McMinnville brought to
Salem a sample of tho sandstone which ,
has the appearance of having been
saturated with oil. He says when firut
taken from the ground, tho oil can bo
plainly seen. Two miles north of Mc-1
Miniiville on the Yamhill river,, oil
seeping out of the bnnk. Drilling oper
ations are In prdgress on the farm of
J. W. Tilden; iust north of McMinn
ville. Geologists from California anil
Portland' capitalists are keeping a close
watoh on the progress being mado .
while drilling is going on. .
J. B. Hawthorne of R. F. D. 9, want
ed to sell his household goods bcfoio
moving. Ho put a classified al in the
Capital Journal and the same evening
tho ad came out he sold $90 worth of
goods. The next day he sold the rest
and-ordered the ad stopped. That is
tho way Mr. Hawthorne tells the story
of Capital Journal want ad results.
Do You Know
That GOOD VISION not only contributes to GOOD
HEALTH and to GOOD WORK, but to the full en
joyment of your outing? .
Better Have Your Eyes Examined.
204-5 Salem Bank of Commerce Building
should be applied in cnilv fall and winter.
ORDER NOW to avoid delay in shipment. Price $2.50 per ton f.o.b. at Gold
Hill. Minimum order 30 tons. Cash with order.
Newport fishing season opens; ling
cod sliced, 15c, and whole fish 12c per
pound; red cod 10c pound. Fitts Mar
Willard Storage Battery Service Sta
tion will move to S38 M. High St.
about Sept. 1st. Yoars for better serv
ice. 8-30
. . . - )
A oequest of unusual character is
held out to Willamette university by
an aged rancher of Washington. He
holds a, divided affection for both
Willamette and the College of 'Fugef
Tf Tl TT TTOti- YT1 t.
maiao wmii r arm
Early Crawford
Noted for their flavor. Bring your boxes to the or
chard and get them fresh. 3 blocks from end of
Twelfth street carline. $1.50 and $2.00 per box.
PHONE 516,