Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 20, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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"MABTIN" painter. Phone SO. 6-26
FOB SALE 50 head of breeding ewes.
J. H. Ehoten, Dayton, Or . 8-20
GULLS wanted at "the Glove Factory,
1455 Oak street, steady, work. 8-23
WANTED Dining room girl. 223 "N.
Com. 8-20
BUGS cleaned 40 cents per rug. Phone
16. BuCkner. ' . 8-23
" C ANINTNO peaches. Phone 56F12 Bt.
I, box 10A. Wallace road. 8-23
YOUNG man would like job driving
car or truck. Phone 762E. 8-21
iW ANTED To rent modern house. "W.
"H, Prunk. Phone 144. . , . tf
TUBNISHlKD sleeping rooms for rent.
. At 749 N. Com'l. - tf
TRUCK driver wants steady position.
Address 1284 sN. Front St. 8-20
SHOVELEE8 wanted. See Street Com
missioner Low. 8-21
"WANTED Second hand Cyphers in
cubator. Phone 649. . . 8-25
FOB SALE 45 new hop baskets. J.
.W. Maruny, 211 Miller street. tf
' WANTED -r- To rent a furnished
house close in. Call 5SF22. 8-20
WANT to list fruit tracts. Socolofsky,
341 State St. ' tf
: HAW opting neatly done. Phone
. -157Ar.- ..-.- . 8-23
JERSEY and Guernsey, cow for sale.
Phone 942. 8-21
WANTED Cattle and calves, any
kind. Phone 1576W. 9-5
BAVEN8TEIN apples 7pc per box,
delivered. Phone SOPH. ..tf
IBKAP apartments for rent, with use
f well water.' Phone .1737 W.. tf
H. B HAVER well driller. Phone 827J.
1165 N. 19lh St. Salem, Or. . 9-9
JOB SALE Elgin six, 1918 model at
Marion garage. tf
FOB the best shoe repairing,, go to N.
Brueck, 163 8. Com'l fit.. 9-13
8TEAiYEu d. r,ian ftgrse found on
streets is now at Club stables, Sa
lem, Or. 8-20
FOB hauling and true work try the
Farmers Transfer truck, phone 160S
. J, 1170 N. 15th St. A. H. Bieder
ruan. " 9-4
FOR SALE A modern house ready to
move into. Come and look it over.
45 S.12th St. F. A. Erixon. tf
WANTED For cash, a modern bun
galow by Oct. 1st. Mrs. L R care
Journal. tf
FOB dress making see Mrs. A. H. Bie
derman, 1170 N. 15th St. Phone
1608J. 9-4
NEWPORT cottage for rent in Sept.,
completely furnished; Nye beach.
Phone 71. 8-20
WANTED To rent 5 to 7 room mod
ern house possession on or before
Nov. 1st. Dr. Fred Ellin. tf
WE make the best power prune dippers.
Salem Mfg Co., 1396 N. Front St. tf
IAS. LYONS-practical painter. Phone
704. tf
W. F. WEIGHT, Turner, auctioneer,
Why not get himt tf
GOVERNMENT loans at 5 percent.
W. B. Smith, Salem Bank of Com
merce, tf
DEKORATO sanitary wall tint, best
made; beautiful new colors. Burens
Com! St. tf
WALL PAPER 15 cents per double roll
upward. Buren's Furniture Store.
179 Commercial. tf
FOB SALE Cheap, 5 room house, two
lots, plenty fruit: no incumbrance.
Phone 1393. 9-9
314 Elasssc Bldg Salem Ore.
EDISON disc phonograph ior sale at
1402 N. lOth St. 8-22
BALED HAT AH kinds 17, is field
at Waconda. , a BusseU. Phone
F3. 8-22
WANTED iOne drier, one trayer and
shaker and three prune pickers. John
Kuhnke, Bt. 4, box 70A. 8-21
52 ACRES improved farm to trade for
larger acreage. C. A. Baling, Bt. 6,
box 86A. Phone 109P21. 91
FOB TRADE Rough fruit farm, 25
acres, for small acreage or city prop
erty. Write J. Mather, gen. del. 8-25
FOR SALE 5 room modern house and
lots, cheap. Inquire 1693 Belle
sue. . 8-20
WANTED Te exchange ranch for
home in Salem. J. JL Bhaten, .Day
ton, Or. 8-30
TWO 15 or 16 year old boys wasted to
drive nails. Call this evening 660 N.
High. iPhone 1048M. 8-19
WANTED To rent 5 or room house
close in, prefer one with garage. Ad
dress V B care Journal. ' -tf
REODSTEBED Shropshire sheep : lor
sale all ages. John Doerfler, Salem,
Bt. '2, box 129A. 8-20
WANTED Middle aged woman who
needs a home. ADply 1760 Waller
street. ' 8-20
FOB SALE 1 1000-gallon galvanised
tank and 50 feet 1-in. pipe. Call
. ,1279 Nebraska St. 8-23
FOB SALE Cows that are milking
and coming fresh this week. Call at
725 S. ;13th St. - 8-23
FOB BALE 5 passenger Ford, old
model, in good running order. Price
$275. Call at 504 Belmont St. 8-19
FOR, SALE Cheap, berry ranch, 15
acres.. Write Henry Crane, Aumsville,
Or. ' 8-22
FOB SALE Fine brood mare, 10 years
old, weight 1700. W. O. Farrier, 6
miles south on Priigle raqd. . 8-20
EXPERIENCED man warts ; to- rent
prune orchard an 1 bcn.;ea. 83ft Di
vision St. 9-14
PEACHES for sale, Crawfordg and El
bertas, 1 miles from bridge on
Wallace road. Phone 56F13. C. C.
Chaffee. . .. 9-16
WANTED Modern house, responsible
party, no children? will lease for 6
months or year. X Y Z care Journ
al, tf
WANTED A truck driver, must be
able to take care of car; steady work
for good man. Address K care Journ
al. -21
FOB TBADE One lot and two resi
dences, cIobo in and of security $1,
600 for farm; will ipay difference.
Apply 469 State St. tf
FOR SALE One fine three-year old
colt; also one work horso. mile
south of Shaw, Or. W. W. Elliott.
, 8-25
SHINGLEB wanted. See Chas. Wilmot
In Mission bottom 1 mi. west from
Hopmore or 8 miles from Salem.
Address Oervais, Bt. 2. 8-J9
WILL pay half cash on house, bunga
low style preferred. Well located.
Possession 15 days. L. B. care Journ
al. tf
G. SATTEBLEE, Office 215-216 Mason
. ic bldg. Phono J 311, 1000. Beal estate
and stock sales.
FOB TRADE 320 acre rateh in Har
ney Co., Or., for Willamette valley
property. Box 77, Bt. 4 Salem, Or.
' 8-23
WANTED Position In Salem by com
petent bookkeeper and stenographer.
Will substitute during summer vaca
' tions. Address G S Journal. tf
EGGS, EGGS, EGGS Poultrymen I
can sell your eggs and make you a
profit. Address H T, 204 Henry bldg.
Portland, Or. 8-22
FOB SALE Nine room house, large lot
modern conveniences, double garage
close in, on street ear line and paved
street. G L care Journal. tf
NURSERY STOCK Italian prunes,
grafted walnuts and all other kinds
of nursery stock for fall delivery.
Also a second hand Maxweld auto
will trade for a good team. Brooks
Nursery, Lafayette, Or. 8-28
DUOKS-12 wild maWras for $20.
Tel 254. , .. 8 22
WANTED 50 to 100 hop baskets. Ad
dress box 355. Phone 124. 8-20
ALL kinds of hauling and truck work.
Phone 100,' A. Grmber. 9-18
WANTED Girl for general housework
Phone 105. 8-22
FOB SALE One mare about 1100 lbs.
gentle. Englewood store. 8-22
MOTORCYCLE to trade for oFrd. M 8
care Journal. - . 8 22
7 ACRE fruit ranch for rent for a
year, corner S. Com'l and Jefferson
road, oall at noon or in evening. 8-22
WHEN in need of a carpenter for new
or repair work. -Call 0F2 after 6
p. m. . 8-26
WANTED One or 2 housekeeping
rooms by man and "wife; no children
P. O box 443. - 8-20
FOB 'BENT Or sale, 5 Toom house
close in, $.50 buys this place. In
quire 755 N. Church St. 8-22
(FOB BALE Pianola, an instrument
that will play any piano, also 76
oils of music' Call 785 Court St. tf
FOB SALE Modern bungalow; will
consider light car as part payment.
Enquire .1135 8. 16th. St. 8-21
WANTED 'Place to store household
goods. Address W-20 care Journal.
. 8-22
FOR SALE Bodgers Brothers all steel
trailer witji .attachment for IPord
car. $65. Phone 89F22. ' 8-21
HAHLIiNO wanted with truck, either
grain or other products. Phone 1563J
or call at 1862 Broadway. 8-21
WANTED Furnished house or apart
laent for 6 months, dose in. Address
B O care Journal. . 8-21
FOR SALErSO head nf shoats, weight
so to 176 lbs. will sell all or a .part.
John H. Scott 404 Hubbard Ibldg.
Phone 254 Or 622. 8-22
(FOE SALE Four acres land with sev
en room house; just outside south
city limits. For particulars inquire
148 West Wilson street. 8-28
WANTED Head laundress and two
women to have, charge of little deaf
children out of school hours. State
school for deaf. 8-26
FOB SAiLE-On paved street and street
car line, a modern five room bun.
galow, on lot 50x200, with fruit the
. best ibuy in the eity for $2150. Phone
107SW. , - 8-20
O. A. C. Barred Plymouth Bock and
White Leghorn pullets for sale, also,
some choice New Zealand rabbits.
B. E. Waldorf, Bt. 5, Salem. 8-21
FOB SALE 2 large full Wood Durham
fresh cows, and 2 6-months old pure
bred Durham bulls, will trade 'for old
bulls. 715 S. 12th St. 8-20
FINE 7 room home with garage on
. paved street, 5 blocks from O. E.
depot. $2500. Laflar & Laflar, 406
Hubbard bldg. 8-20
SELL FOR US We have choice trees
of varieties greatly in demand now.
Liberal commission with cash ad
vance. Secure copy of contract at
once. Salem Nursery company, 1030
Chemeketa St., Salem, Or. 9-16
GOOD 5 room house bath, etc., good
basement, 3 fine lots, double gar
age, plenty of fruit and garden, on
paved street. $4250, $1000 cash.
Laflar & Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg.
, 8-20
WANTED To exchange 80 acre im
proved farm in southern Oregon to
gether with 100 Shropshire sheep,
(no incumbrance) for small dairy
and fruit ranch near oalem, will as
sume. W. A. Liston, 484 Court St.
FOB SALE On easy terms, one of the
very best 8 room modern homes in
the city. If you" are in the market
for a home of any size and price,
on terms to suit the needs of any
one, call at my office at 484 Court
St. We buy liberty bonds, and write
fire insurance. W. A. Liston. 8 23
I WANT 20 to 50 acres of cleared
land within 8 miles of Salem. Can
pay 2 or 3 thousand down; prefer
buildings. Address K K care Jour-
naL 8-23
FOB SALE 70 acres choice land on
good road, one and miles from
B. B. station, fair .huildin'gs; 40
acres or more cultivated, family or
chard. $100 per acre on easy terms.
Square Deal Realty Co. Phone 470.
I WANT houses to sell. While I claim
the best list in the city bar none
"I want more." I have the buyers.
For the next sixty days I am mak
ing a special offer to owners. Call
or phone for appointment. C. W.
Niemeyer, 215-216 Masonic building.
Phones 1000 and '1014. tf
849 N. COM. Y. M. C. A. BLOtrrf
Hudson Super Six $950
Studobaker bug $225
' 6, passenger Studobaker, electric
rights and starter, $485
1915 Buick 4 cylinder. $600 .
Chalmers 6 passeng-jr, A-l eondi-
tion $275
1916 Maxwell $400
5 passenger Ovreland to trade for lot
IP' 7 an si 70
191$ Overland $500
We sell oils, greasi, gasoline, vsed
auto parts, tires sad Accrtsories.
FOB SALE One 9 year old mare,
weight 1100, workB single or donble.
Phone 1071P12. ; . 8-21
2-TON truck and trailer for ale; this
is not unfc but si good buy, ran be
s;b at 1731 Broadway St. Will give
terms. 8-21
POSITION wanted by young man,
competent store salesman and snip
ping Biame.ger. Addiese A i 1947
Mill 8 , 8-21
SJX room bungalow for sale, 24th St.,
paved, near State St., lot 50x200.
Price $1830. Terms. See owner Bos-
tein Oreenbaum, 246 Commercial
St. - 8-22
LOST Somewhere, on street, black
pocketbook containing about $35
currency, owners name and address
written on inside; finder please leave
at Journal office; reward. 8-22
WANTED Party , who wishes to "run
a boarding house during hop pick
ing time, concession free; yard em
ploying 300 picsers.. Inquire Adolpii
cigar store. ; tf
WANTED Either man or woman to.
sell "Roosevelt's Life", a guaran
teed salary of $90 for 60 working
days, 38 hours a week. Write T T
. care Journal. 8-20
FOB SALE 6 acre tract, all cultivat
ed, one acre of prunes, 1 acre rasp
berries, house and barn, close to pav
ed road. Price $2650. See Fred Dur
bin, 275 State street. 8-21
FOB SALE Good five room "house,
large lot. Price $2500. Good 8 room
modern hiouse, corner lot, both
streets paved, good location. Price
$2500. See Fred Durbin, 275 State
street. . 8-21
FOR SALE 10 acre tract located on
main Pacific highway, all in fruit,
good modern bungalow. Price $6400.
Terms. See B. B. Grabenhorst, 275
State street. , 8-21
WANT TO BUY Small suburban
place, three or five acres with good
improvements, family orchard. Must
he near school and on good road.
Describe fully with price. Address
"Suburban" care Capital Journal.
KOP pickers wanted, will furnish tents
or wilt allow $3.50 if you lurnisn
own tent; free transportation from
station to yard and return. Pay $1.20
per hundred. Phone 59F11, Orey ft
Bishop. ' tf
HOME 1st sale, 8 room house, hot wa
ter heat and every convenience, all
kinds of fruit, gar dm and berries.
One acre on paved street near ear
ne. Beautiful grounds, for limited
' time "price on- ' reasonable terms.
.Phone owner 2440 or call 1805 Mar
ket St. tf
FRONDa .orchard tot sale. 20 acres
bearing prunes, 10 acres in apples,
pears, B. A. -cherries and loganber-
' ries, up to date;, drier, good house,
barn, i chicken -booses, S miles from
Salem ion good road. Must sell 1 on
account of - health. Price $14,000,
$8000 cash, balanci at 6 percent;
crop to go with plaee. J J care Jour
nal. Price 410,000 without crop. 8-23
Do you want to buy a good ranch ' '
Nice subuVbanhome .
Good residence in Salem
5, 10 or 20 improved acreage
Good stock ranch, if so
B-4-U-BuyCUs. Or if you want to sell
HBt your prorerty with us for fesults.
Pcrrine & Marsters; 306 Hubbard build
rag. . tf
5 room strictly modern bungalow,
full basement, all Duilt in features;
large lot. See it. $750. 41500 cash,
balance terms. John H. Pcott Realty
Co., 404 Hubbard bldg.
FOB SALE Nearly new Ford worm
drive truck with platform body, new
tires; a bargain at $650;. will accept
liberty bonds, or small car as part
payment. 147 S. Com'l St. Phone
937 or 1425J. tf
WANTED To hear from party who
will sell a tract of good valley land
somo improvements preferred; suit
able for small fruit, from 20 to 50
acres, and will defer payments, and
accept only interest first two years.
A B Y, Salem, Or. gen del. 8-23
WOEKING man will purchase small
home on installment plan. Fruit and
good lot. Have good job in city. Can
pay $20 a month. Don't want any
agents to pay consmission to. H care
Journal. tf
FOB SALE Bargain, 5 room house,
large lot with fruit, on paved street,
at 1393 N. 5th. Inquire at Gilberts
grocery or 424 N. 18th. 8 2
FOB SALE Or Exchange, 608 acre
sheep ranch, $33 per acre, for Sa
lem residence or small farm, or what
have yon Bt. 1 box 66, Browns
ville, Or. 8-22
FOB BALE 5 room California bunga
low, electric lights, bath, fireplace,
close in; will take an auto as part
payment, time oh part; block
' from paved street, one block to car
line. Enquire of J. W. Jones, 162 N.
Commercial street. 8-21
ftt mblng and Water Systems Installed
by QBABEB BROS, 141 Booth Liberty
81 .. Phone 650. Also agent for Pali
ba. ks-Mors Oaa Engines,
$$ Keep 'em In The Circle
Fall Showing of Ready to Wear
Here you will find SUITS, DRESSES, COATS, that have been mosUarefuily.
chosen for our "exclusive and particular" customers covering the demand for.
Character, Style and Quality
Council Orders Miles Cf
New Sidewalks Built
Dallas, Or., Aug. 20! At a meeting
of the Ballas city council Monday eve
ning that body heard the final reading
of an ordinance, which places the en
tire city in ' a cement sidewalk district
and immediately after the ordinance
had been voted, on and passed ordered
the construction of several miles of
new walks in addition to the walks
that are new under construction.
Bids will toe ealled for on the new
improvements at an early date and
eight o 'clock on the meeting night of
September has been set as the time for
hearing all objections against the con
strnetion of the same.
The council also passedjut this meet
in? an ordinance forbidding the driv
ing of motor cars by children under
the age of 16 years unless accompan
ied by an older person who is familiar
with the operation of a machine. Mar
shal ChaBe was given instructions to
see that this ordinance was observed
to a letter as the practice of children
of tender years operating cars on the
city streets is becoming a dangerous
FOB SALE 10 acres all cultivated, 5
acres bearing prunes, good crop;
small house, 4 inilos out. I'rico $3,
500. See Fred Ihirbin, 275 State
streot. 821
FOB SALE 5 acres in loganberries,
apples, peaches, a snap at $1275. 5
acres of good loganberry land, close
to highway. Price $1000. See E. B.
iGra'benhorst, 275 State street. 8-21
FOB SALE Well improved 10 acre
tract, 5 acres in prunes, 3 acres set
to loganberries, good bungalow, bam
family orchard, 4 miles out. Team,
wagon, harness, plow, cultivator.
'Price $4500. Hce E. B. Grubenhorst,
275 ritate street. 8-21
SALESMEN wanted! to visit school
boards, high class educational prop
osition (not books.) Worth $:H)00 to
$4000 to man or woman who cim
qualify. For appointment when in
Salem, address L M 25 care Journal.
. 8-22
WANTED An office position in 8a
hm by youn muriied man, experi
enced! in ailroUd accounting: and
traffic work; also familiar with type
writer. Jan furnish first class refer
ences. Address K, Bt. 1, box 38, Gcr
vais, Or. 8-21
FOB SALE Biver bottom ranch of
151 acres, 40 acres cleared, house and
barn, hard cottonwood timber, the
finest kind of loganberry land at
'. $05 per aere. Will take gome city
property in trade. Terms on balance.
Merlin Harding at Salem Hardware
Co. 8-23
BANCH for sale, 105 acres, 35 in cul
tivation, balance in pasture and tim
ber; 20 tons of hay . in barn, some
oals and wheat, 8 horses, 4 cows and
all implement included. Frice $70
an acre. Ideated on the Pacific high
way. 8 E L care -Journal. 8 21
8 rooms, 2 baths, full cement base
ment, furnace, strictly modern, cloe
in. A real snap. $.'1500, 41000 cash, bal
ance to suit.
8 rooms, basement and toilet; this is
a first class house, large lot, nice. $2,
200, $500 eanh, balance terms,
8 rooms, close to school on paved
street, $2750.
Modern cottage, 5 rooms; it's the
best in rial em. $750, $1500' cash, bal
ance terms.
5 room modern eottago. a beauty; it
goes for $1350 cash if sold soon.
4 room eottaee $50, half caxh.
404 Hubbard buiwing tf
Character and Quality
Advance Fall Showing
The Styles have been selected for their
ITY. There is a treat in store for you, in
an examination of our beautiful
All BUoc. Vic! Kid. Stylish
The shoe with the , built-in
stool arch support. ' Holds the
heaviest womon.. Makes high
heels possible.
Bid for the construction of the Ma
ple Street sewer will be let at aa early
date, the contractor having about four
mouths in which to complete the jb.
Washington, Aug. 20. (United Press)
Continuation of present railroad rates
and government guarantee of the stand
ard roturn until conditions again boeomc
normal wero advocated before the house
interstate commerce committee today as
the only way of preventing disaster to
the rail lines, by Thomas DcWitt Ouy
ler, chairman of the Association of Buil
way Executives.
Other features of the plan of the ex
ecutives were:
Creation of a federal transportation
hoard to have a genural oversight of the
railroad problem in the public interest.
VcsSug iu the interstate commerce
commission the supremo rats-aiaking
power with the direction from congress
that the level of rates ordered by the
commission shall provide revenue suffi
cient to Tay wages and other'expenscs
of operation ,a fair return oi the value
of the property used in publie service
and establish and maintain a credit suf
ficient to attract the now eapitu! uoces
snry to meet the public ncods for trans
portation facilities.
Greater unification of publie regula
tion, with cxcclusivo national control of
) me help you. ;
PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Hotel Marlon, Eaiem, Ore.
INCOME TAX SPECIALIST 447 Morgan Bldg, Fwtland, Ore.
Out Sizes U
"Style Shoes for Stout
NOTICE the neat and select
stylo of this ''Out Siae" model.
And. there ' plenty of extra
width at the ankle and across the.
ball of tlio foot to allow the full
formed voman plenty of com
fort.. ", ,. ' M -. - . .
"It's the .shoe I have been
looking for the last five years,"
said one stout woman yesterday, '
smiling. '
and '
the issue of new securities and the ex
penditure of now capital, with the pro
vision of federal incorporation of inter
state carriers.
Consolidation of existing linns Into
strong eompettiive systems whenever it
is fouud to bo iu tuo public interest,
with provision for the joint uso of ter
minals und equipment.
The iudebtoduess of the ranroad com
panies to the govcruinout on account of
new capital expenditures during federal
control to be founded for ten years.
Ouvler opposed the Plumb plan,
flpuasorod by the railway brotherhoods,
declaTing that under the plan tnc roaus
would be turned over to ono class of la
bor. "Instead of democratizing industry,
it would establish in industry class pow
er and privilege," Onyler said.
The promise of the Plumb plan pup
porters that it would lower Tatos Cuylor
said was "entirely illusory."
When your nerves are all
on edge and Bleep seems
cut of the question take
it bedtime one or two
Ltwat Sal of Aar Metikinti In Ik World.
old wrwkr. in Umm. 10c. 2JW..