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Four Old Veterans
of the Civil War
The Finest and Oldest Act on the Circuit
Music, Song and Dance
The Sunshine Smile Girl, in ,
Mr. and Mrs. V.'. II. Lcrehen have
gone on a month' tour of southern
.' California during which tiu.e they will
"' visit in Los Angeles, San Diego and
TKn ' Vra.nciacav'VnitIw lit "W TitTer eity
they will be the guests o'l Mrs. Lerch
. en's mother who -vill accompany them
, to Salem when they return.
Mrs. J. II. Lauterman tins as -her
' guest, her cousin Y. W. Wolfe, caiihier
of the Hank of California in 8au Fran
cisco, who is in Salem for a visit.
Among the social compliments given
"him wan a delightful dinner at the J.
H. Lauterman residence Thursday evo
' ing.
Honoring her little house guest, Miss
Margarctt King of Prossor, Washing
ton, Mrs. R. A. Miller entertained witb
. a delightful lawn party at her home,
WednosiLiy afternoon. The hostess was
assisted by Mrs. Daisy Melntyre.
, About twelve guests wero present.
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cooper and
son Kenneth, and Mr. anil Mrs. T. H.
Cooper motored to Salem yesterday
and spent the day with relatives and
friends in the cnpi.al city. They were
' guests of Mr. and Mrs. IX. W. Conger.
Corvallis Times Gazette.
Mrs. John Maurer, has hen entertain
lug her niece, Miss Lorraine Lombard
of San Francisco. Miss Lombard left
Wednesday for a visit with her sis
ters, Mrs. Vernon Parsons and Mrs.
Bryc. Kerr, before returning to her
' A charming capttnl city visitor is
Mrs. John Smith (Julia KcCulloch) of
Amos, Iowa, who is visiting her cous
in, Miss A. McCulloch (luring the
i ' month of August. Old friends are busy
welcoming her home again.
Miss Mildred Bradbury, a graduate
of the local high school with the
' March clam, has returned 10 Portland
1 i aftor visiting with her parents, Mr
. ' and Mrs. E. D. Bradbury. Miss Brad
. bory U connected with the Paramount
, Art-craft film company.
Bean Pickers Wanted
Beautiful camp ground, tents
and wood furnished. Good
Call 830
Salem-Kings Products Co.
L J. CHAPIN, Field Agent
The social club of the Eastern Stnr
will meet with Mis. Mary Cooke Tues
day afternoon at 185 JSo.iih Wiator
street. Hostesses, for the occasion are
Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Amanda Hunts, Mrs.
Bertha Kuhn, Mrs. Mary Howell, Mrs.
Marian Hollier an I Mrs. Ida Babcock.
Mr. Mnd Mrs, Curtiss Cross
l gone to JNeskowin for a brief
When they return .hey will bring with
them their two children, Edwin and
Frank, who are guests of their grand parents,
Mf. and Mrs. Frank Durbin.
Mrs, Joseph Si'hnlt, of T the River
road, returned W-dn.-sday evening
from Falls City, where she spent a
week as the guest of Mrs., Richard
Wicklander. Mrs. Wicklnnder and Mrs.
Sehults wero neighbors in Michigan
yenrg ago.
Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Pclono left this
morning for an ex-ended trip in Cali
fornia. They 'were occoupnnicd as far
as Medford by Mrs. Lrwis Mishler,
who will visit "in that City with rela
tives and friends!
Mrs. Z. J. Riggs will lnve Monday
for Tillamook with the Portland Hunt
club. Th etrip will he mi.de On horse
back and a most enjoyable tlmo is an
ticipated by those included in the party-
Lieutenant and Mrs. Maurice Race
(Maud Walters) whose wedding was
an event of last Saturday at Tacoma
have arrived in Salem and aro domi
ciled at the Kenilworth apartments.
Mrs. W. P. Lord has returned home
from a delightful oift'nsj at Seaside,
where she and Miss Elizabeth Lord
were guests at the summer homo of
Mrs. H. K Murphy.
t "
After an enjoyable two weeks visit
with her daughter, Mrs. William Burg
hardt Jr., Mrs. X. F. Proper has re
turned to her home in Poitland.
Friends of Mary Eli.-aiieth Bayne
will be pleased to hear that she is re
covering steadily from her recent ill
ness. Mrs. Daisy Meliityre, accompanied
by her daughter, Mis Anna, are spend
ing a -week at Lebanon as the guests
of Mrs. T. M. Jones.
Tomct It" Buy At Home
f-s HOST
Appear At Yoor
Best Instantly,
V m ncciv a wUn
caltcraraa wwnKKMl In-
vtutioa ya ui tec I
t yoor best, k bul lo
omentttt iwwfn to yoM
l wonderfully VO
soft tamcttiien that
beyond compares.
Mrs. M. J. ShaatftfH who has been
visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. H. Lanphear at Joseph, tor the past
three weeks, has returnee home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronaid Gbver and Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Giover wiil motor to
Cascadia. tomorrow for a . two weeks
! air. and Mra. E. A. Thatcher have
gone on their annual vaextion trip to
the mountains around G:ande Hondo,
where they are guests of friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles 0 Miller and
small daughter, Lois Ireae, 6pent sever
al davs in Eugene last week as tha
house guests of Mrs. C. T. lawyer.
J Mr. Carl Ruef (Florcne Elizabeth
i Nichols) is entertaining as her guest,
her aunt, Mrs. J. S. Jaiobsen of Port
After a delightful visit as the guest
of Mrs. Leo Schmidt. Miss Grace Ells
worth of Olyiripia. Washington, has re
turned home.
Mrs. George J. Pearce and Miss Dor
othy Pearce are the glints of Miss
Helen Pearce in Portland for a short
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strickland
have returned from Lake view, where
they have been visiting for several
Mr. and Mrs. William Eldridge are
at Gearhart for the remainder of the
The T. A. Livcsleys arc spending the
remainder of the summer at their Gear
hart home.
Mrs. A. E. Stockton and Miss Zoe
Stockton are spending a few days at
Miss Elizabeth Lord i.i home from
Oearhart where she was a guest at the
W. II. Eldridge cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. M. Garrison were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Liver
more in Eugene lust week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Littler motored
to Eugene last week for a short visit
with friends.-
Miss Jessie ' Miller has returned
from a twU weeks visit with her par
ents in Harrisburg. , .
A special invitation is given to all
members of the Salem Woman's elub
to attend the luncheon.
Mrs. II. V. Compton has returned
from a visit with her molher. Mrs. F.
W. Witham at Everett, Washington.
Emery J. Baker of Tuorna has been
a afiest at the E. T. Bunts home dur
ing the past week.
The IT. fl. Holt famil;.- a'e spending
a two weeks visit in sou'hern Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Thomas are en
joying an outing ot sc;idia.
Mrs. A,
villa, were
B. Conn and daughter", Ar
Purtla.id visitors last week.
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islation without a mandate fioin the
people. The railroad organizations hare
j raised a very large question, one which
1 should not be passed on by congress
'without becoming the issue in a general
.election. I am opposed to the bill."
Plumb told the house committee that
i his plan would allow roads to be re
' numerated for improvements and exten
sions they have made out of surplus'
earnings, should they be taken over.
"You would not allowed the railroad
owners aiiv return for a double traek
:they have built out of earnings due to
; careful management and efficient serv
ice!" Representative Montague, Tlr
, ginia, tsked.
"All of the money put back into th
'property from the earnings belong to
.tlui public ad should not be iucluucJ,"
Plumb answered.
At the invitation of Plumb, a confer
ence of prominent men from all tarts
;of the con i try was held to discuss tbs
railroad question.
Itetails of the Plumb plan were ex
plained. A national committee prob-
lablv will be formed as a result of the
conference, it was stated. Among those
j who attended Were Frank P. Walsh,
j former Governor Edward F. Dunne, Illi
nois; Frederick C. Howe, New York;
j Bail Manly, war labor board, and Oov
iernor Allen, Kansas,
i This is the conference Plumb annonn
!red in his testimony before the house
! committee recently.
j F. A. .Place baa recently purchased
from Willis Sumner houe and bit in
' south Salem on Church etreet. F. L.
j Xxake ho bought a 20 are tract of
j cultivated land nea Concomley on the
I Oregon Eledrie for f22')0. The tract ia
; about 14 miles north of Halem.
"Forget If Bay At Home
Try Salem First Ia Bnyir
forget It-Buy At Hi
By Lawreur 8. ILias
(United Tress si alt eincpoudeut)
Rio De Janeiro (U- mail) The
"alerte" and "all eha" sysiem.of
warning of air raids, wh'ri whs used
in Paris during ttw war, Lis been adopt
ed by the coffee planters if southern
Brazil ia unique ncssurc hich have
been ordered to combat f'ujt. A smoke
barrage is to be adopted instead of
the shrapnel which wa so effectively
used to "got" enemy e r uitffrs, and
the agricultural o'ficials i-f this coun
try believe that complia.,cis wi:h the
new regulations wiM provide against
a repetition of the tk.uirge of last
year's frost, which cost so many mil
lions of dollars to planters and also to
During tha winter of l"!(t an extra
ordinary cold wave, beyoi.d the memo
ry of the "oldest inhabitants," swept
over southern Brazil, ai d it was dur
ing this spell that the ti-st snow in
more than eighty years fell in Buenos
Aires. The frost found the ).!antera ab
solutely defencelessf and when normal
weather returned, ;t was tound that
millions of coffeo trees were killed
and a large percentage of the others
injured so badly that the vrops for the
next three years will be cut down by
about one half. Instead o' a produc
tion of 15,000,000 bags s yeur, seven
or eight millions is all that can be
hoped for annually until 1H21.
This frost had the effect of about
tripling tha local price of coffee.
The new plan which haa been evolv
The following casualties art lepoitcd
br the commanding general of. the
American Exeditionary Forces:
Killed in Action 4
Died from Wounds : S2
Died of Accident and Other Causes 19
Died of Disease - 8
Wounded Severely T
Wounded (degree undetermined)..- 8
Wounded Slightly .". . 13
w Killed in AcUou.
Andre Rryp, Brighton N Y.
James J Brunson, Cuscilla Miss.
Claude Fenton, Torre Haute Ind.
John Nell, Edinburg 111.
Disd of Wounds.
Wrilliam Seiler, Kansas City Mo. .
Rail Whittle, Des Moines Iowa.
William Fleming. Philadelphia l'u.
Kazmcr I.encrt, Irnnwood Mich,
Robert A Ruste, Montrose 8 Duk.
Jacob J Beromlzcn, Henley Mo.
Austin Bower, Bremen N D,
George H Bowling, Howardsville Va.
Pearl A Bufore, Lancaster Ohio.-.
Robert A Campbell, Weston ldano,
Clifford F Cot Bwkville lnd. ';
Louis Criscuolc, JS'nV York I Y,
Carl B Oylfo, Buffalo N V. .
Healer E Jensen, Btillnutu Minn.
Joseph A Logg, Cameron La, -Simon
E Mnrhurski, Milwaukee Wis.
James A llr.gnire. Philadelphia Pa,
Dennis R Meyer, Pittsburgh Pa,
Frank Meyer, Jamesvilie Wis.
George Milieu, Aberdeen Wash.
Joseph Miller, New York N Y.
James C Mitchell, Lewistown Pa.
John Moss, Galliporrs Feny W Va.
Leslie P Parrott, Endeavor-Wis.
Joseph Peyton, Baltimore Md.
Adolph A Pinneckc,' Akron Ohio.
Omar E Pratt, Atlus Mich.
Joseph Pucello, Italyi
Douiiuick Quia t i 1 iu ii i, Chesiviik Fa.
Paul Ernest Eusieo, St. Louis 111.
Carl Floyd Roseberry, MouudvilU" Mo
Mooiso rinlKssi, French Setilemeiit La
Earl 0 Sanders, Newport Ky.
Frank J Showalter, Wichita Kan.
John Hhupienis, Sharon. Pa.
Churles Henry Simmons, Carroll Ohio.
Fronre V Smith, Wenatehen Wash.
Gocbel Smith, Sadicvillc Ky.
Richard F Williams, Eupora Miss.
Willir.m C Williams, Palmyra Tenn.
Antonl Alfier, Port Homer Ohio.
Fred Basile, Monturo Italy.
George W Budlonm, Detour Mich.
Ernest Burton, England.
Laggiero Di Carlo, Chicago 111.
Daniel Healy, Hartford Conn.
Antouio La Roeca, New York NY,-
Benjsmine F McCollum, Jlurlington
Itoy M McLennan, Florence Aril.
Elmer L Maennaa, McCull Idaho.
.-iii.r Uin-rr. West Philadeiphm
......v.. . , r. ' MM,i
When you are con
sidering an order for
Bear In Mind
We prescribe and
make Quahtjr Glasses,
properly fitted and
perfect in workmanshipPromptly-
livered. DHA.McCULLOCH
204-5 Salem Bank of
Commerce Bldg.
I '?-'',;f N
X i
ed for getting the bti! of "Jack'
Frost" is beii.g put i'lt) effect by
the municipality of Itaja'uv, a city in;
ihe state of Santa l atha.iua. ia the
heart of the southern Hiazil, coffee!
country. Planters n other localities
will watch the effect of this cam- j
paign With the greatest interest and j
many are considering its .i-ioption. Its j
success will probao'y mea.i the enforce j
aieut of such a regu'stion in other dis-1
tricts where cof fe-J crops would be ;
subject to frost. j
The regulations are c nepulsory, be-:
ing issued by the agricultural authori- j
ties. Violation by plainer ui.der the i
jurisdiction of til:; - listriri yj tueui'
S'.ib;evt to heavy fiius. j
The prtiieet calls for the preparation
of fuel for bonfires north, east and j
west of the coffee proves at distances j
of thirty to forty metres apart. This
preparation must be "idi- early in '
the eool season and cou iiuied for sv- i
eral months. Each plan'er must collect j
sufficient wood tind b'ush to keep '
fires three nights in succession, and j
in case the fuel reserve becomes in j
any way depleted must maintain the
adequate supply. When theforcyisters I
see a frost, a signal to the planters to i
ht their fires immediately will be
given by means of the fiving'of bombs. '
The idea is to create as much smokel
as possible, and hay and rcen leaves j
are to be thrown on the (res. When I
the danger of froft is pa;std the plant I
ens will again be notified by bombs!
to extinguish their fires.
William Merren, Redruth, England.
Died from Accident and Other Causes.
Amos Bucher, Bluffton Ohio.
Mcllville Cady, Greenfield Center N
Oscar J Gallas, Pittsburgh Pu.
Samuel Gnnn, Philadelphia Pa.
Walter John Podcrson, Mason Wis.
Diniitrios N Votikidis, Hartville Wyo.
Hubert H Beck, Saxton Mo.
Clemie Byrd, Everett Wash.
Krikor 8 Donabediun, Fall Kivcr
Oluf Dyhdul, McLeod ND,
Vincent Pulcenckes, Tnnmqua Fa.
(Cspltnl Journal Speeinl Service)
Salein, Or., Aug. 9. Evergreen black
berries are beginning to ripen and
pickers will soon be numerous. Not
many years ago this berry was conmil
crcd a nuisance on a person's land. .
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Goode went to
Salein Wednesday, taking their son
Don to the hospital for treatment ot
his broken arm. Mr. Goodo returned
home but Mrs. Goodo will remain with
Don until his return.
O. Kennsrd, father of Mrs. H. J.
Rowe, is visiting in town.
Repairs now being made on he
bridge crossing the- Santiain river
here are beim? pushed as fast ns pns.
ajhle It Is expected that -the bridge
will be 0ened for traffic next Tuesday,
Paul Schonaglo a native of Germany
with no relatives in thiB country, had
both legs crushed at Camp 14 of the
Hammond Lumber company, near De
troit Tuesday. He was run over by a
ear loaded with logs. He was taken to
the Mill City hospital where he died
the following dny. He was iirt yenrs old.
Enrl M'nck, son of Mr, and Mrs. John
Mack, of North Snntinm has returned
home. He la a sargeant.
Miss Mary Schultz, of Portland, is
visiting at the J. F; Mielke home.
J. W. Mayo has purchased the W. A.
Weddle prowrty on Water street and
after making some improvements will
occupy it. Mr. Weddle and family will
move into the Lee Brown property on
Second street.
Mrs. J. M Kitchen is having her
residence painted and improved.
Miss Nora Cavin was married July
2.".th at Cnrvallis to W. F. Dunivan of
Alpine, Oregon They expect to go in
a few months to Wisconsin to reaide.
Relatives of Mrs. Wm. Nendel nre
here from Marion, Iowa, ninking the
trip In a Ford car.
Sain McQueen, a young man whose
home was in Brownsville was killed
by the breaking of a trip line while
working in n logging camp near Nia
gara, Wednesday.
Mrs. H. If. Kirk, f Halsey, is visit
ing at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
J. P. Wilbur. Mrs. Kirk is a pioneer
coming to the valley in 12.
W, R. Alvin of the Lebanon frentii
ery conmanv, was in Stnvton Wednes
day looking the town over with the
view of putting in a creamity here. Jt
is believed that a creamery here would
be e profitalle investment nnd many
farmers nre anxious to see one built.
K. D. Alexander visited over Sunday
with Dr. and Mrs. ('. F. Iloiintk, ii
. The fourth quarterly nnferepee f
th M. E. church will be held here Si t
urday, the BSth. conduced by Dr.
T. A. Carlisle who with his wife has
been visiting at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Titus Archer, at Kinui.,n.
for several months died tt the Arci'r
home Saturday morning from pneu
monia. He was "ft" years f age s:id
came here from Central Ike. Mich,
where the remains were takin for bur
it Th Poitland News, of die 7th, has
the full' v '" to oav regarding two !"
pie well kin- '- ffivfiri and vicin
ity: "Declaring G. A. Pratt, a
disappointed suitor had threatened to
kill her Mrs. Cora Hrndershott Mi
pealed to the police Wednesday night
fur protection. The woman said Prutt
had threatened to end her life and hi j
at the first opportunity. She wanted to
leave the house for the I'nion depot but
wss afraid. Patrolman Hurrhell escort
ed her to the station. Pratt ia said t
be employed by the Peterson studio."
Owing to a wahout on the Sta.v'nn
ditch nesr the Brown Petz-I mill Sat
urday, that instituf i'm was idle for sev
eral days. The bresk has been repaired
and sawing resumed as usual.
B. W. Munkers, who has been in east
ern Oregon fnr several weeks, has r J
turned home. He says the hay eroji J
is the best in that seetion fur year. '
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Humphreys are
Suiting lilm
EVERY day brings new
goods to our Biany depart
ments, from the ninny
clothes markets of ' the
Vnited States
OUR boys' suits are
the best made
they are just like
BISHOP'S suits for
men; cleverly de
signed features sug
gesting the most
appropriate models
in men's suits.
THEY preserve that
youthful touch that
makes them unmis
takably clothes for
the energetic hoy.
SPIRITED patterns in BISHOP'S fabrics, sty
led in the new waist-seam and Norfolk models;
priced moderately, gives the greatest economy in ex
tra wearing service, assuring satisfaction.
EVERY mother's natural pride is in her bov's
appearance; why not a BISHOP'S FABRIC NOW?
Stocks are complete; and prices may be higher.
. $10.00 to If 15.00
Every Family in Marion And Polk Counties a Patron
For work in factory. Apply Tues
day afternoon.
Salem-Kings Product Co.
camping at Caseadia. Harry will jou
ney over between shows to see that
they are enjoying themselves.
John Thonm was in I'ortland Sntur
diiy where h? purchased a now Re
public truck to be used by the Brown
Petzel company.
Earl VanNuys of West Stayton, is
hitine from service in France.
Clyde Hill and Harold Murphy are
camping at Breitenkush hot springs.
J. M. Kingo has received the new
auto hearse he recently purchased and
it i'l a handsome affair. However, none
of us are anxious for a ride.
Fall Wool
Now In
If you are planning on a
visable to order it now in order to get away from
the advance as the tailors are voting on a 75 per
cent wage advance to be effective September first.
Our assortment of fall woolens and overcoatings
are replete with excellent materials, while your
choice will easily be found among them.
Order now and get measured before the ad
vance comes.
D. H. Mosher
; High Cbs9 Tailor to Men and Women
Louis Hoffman, of Green Bay Wk,
who has been visiting at the Felix
Van Krmen home was accompanied on
his return as fnr as Portland by Mr.
ond Mrs. Van Krmen and -Mrs. Crump.
While in Portland they took a trip over
the Columbia highway,
Mr. and Mrs. S. It. Cole are visiting
thi'ir son at Astoria this week.
Miss Mildrird Williamson, of Salem,
Is visiting her sister. Mrs, J. A. Hon
dershott. .
J. X'. Mielke and English Bros, have
eneh Installed new gasoline filling sta
tions. suit for fall it would be ad- t