Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 07, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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fol Jonntol
Of all kinds can always be bought from us for much' less money than you
can get them elsewhere. All who have investigated appreciate this fact. All
who have not, owe it to themselves to do so at once.
Ginghams 19c, 29c, 33c and 39c yd
Percales 15c, 21c, 23c and 29c yd
Cotton Challies, 36 inch 29c yj
Cheviots 23c yd
Outing Flannel 3C 23c and 29c yd
Canton Flannel 19c, 21c, 23c and 33c yd
.Sheeting, 8-4, 59c; 9-4, 63c; and 10-4, 69c yd
Sheets, 72x90 9gc to $1.79 each
Pillow Cases 29c, 33c and 39c each
Bath Towels (plain white) 18c to 49c each
Bath Towels, fancy 33c to S9c each
Comforts $2.98, $1.50 and $4.98 each
IncorDorafprf Cs '
! All A
Nalt-m bund nnd othori lo the slute ton-1
j vcntiiiti of Klks Ht Klamath fulls next
I Welinniny. Kvery one of the l!j mem-1
bora f the Kiln, hai has miido ur-1
, ! laiigomeiiU to go.
j Raffing Is coming to town. j
"Tho Woman Thou Gavest Me"
starls Sunday at the Oregon. " 8S
J. .Mm. L, 0. Curtiss In having a won-
,'dorful hiiIc ou trimmed mid pattern
huts, to make riui.il for tho now goods
coming m. r:,i .v nigh Si. 8-
Amateur Cracksman "Baffles" will
1 in town thin wee!;. !
'agreed to pay the growers MO ton.
y"r ' wo ago when things looked
pretty blue for the pear interests
n round Viikimu, Hie big cannery peo
ple contracted growers for $L"i.;W and
they have now voluntarily mined their
price to a ton. while the same near
Hi I ln valley sell!) ut 70 a ton.
j (Capital Journal Special Scrviee.)
North Howell, Or., Aug. 8.-Miss
Pearl Plank and Mr. Ovid Coon.er
were married at Vancouver, July 26.
He is to give his wedding dance ai the
i cheese hail on Saturday evening, Aug.
Xi. ,
If. A. Dunn and family mulcted to
1 Xewberg to visit relatives Sunday. I
Miss Eva Stevens has returned to To-1
ledo after a few weeks risil here. '
Threshing has begun here, Hms and
Rikklcson started their machine ilon !
day at Bump's and Woelke Bios, starter
ike same day at Aug. Woelke 'a. The
vivid is heavy this year. Thomas bump
had 5'i aeres of graw onta that made
"ill bishela. Frank Hvnes had about
60 sacks of turnip seed which he lias
contracted for at 30 rents per bushel.
Wages r.re 50 eents per hour lor pitch-;
ers and 60 rents for sack bucks.
Mrs. Alfred Williams and son, F.ldred.i
me visit iiijj at the home of her mother,1
.Mrs. Jennie Schanp. i
I Lester Waltman had his Chevrolet!
jttolen while attending a show iu f.ilemi
the other evening. It was litter recov
ered at Chemawa, they having run out
I of gasoline and abandoned It.
j Isaae Stevens returned to the home
j of his daughter near Ktlaiaila last
Quite a number from Korth Howell
attended tho K. C. pienie at St. Ian!
Srnday. Tho br.U came between St. i
Taul and Mt. Angel was won by St.
Miss Ruth Manning of Portland was
railing on. North Howell friends i'llduy.
Miss Eva Pill -tt of Ht. leal has re
turned home after a two weeks' isit
vith relatives here.
Miss lu.rotliy Belle flrav has return
d to he home after e ji.iasnnt visit
with her gruudp;.ro,its, Mr. and Ilia.
1). Wieaner.
Mrs. r'-uees 8wn:fhoul having ob
tained k d'M.rec from her husband on
il-e grouiKii'i.f le.e tinn, is now domi
uled at fh.j ho i e of he' parents, Mr.
nd Mrs. Call li-ss.
Our yoim fo k are i '. bnek from
he Iniriiiiberry fi-'.H.' and the next thing
i'l order ii the (vr.'g.'oen bli.ekbcrrios.
We understand ' will pay piekers 5
cents per p :;-d ' r locking this fruit
that n few ve..'.-? in sold lor Ivi cents
and went to waste in ovefjr f?uec eor-
ner :i:.d psstuM.
Tor first clam work call Society
tloane.ra snii Di-uru. Y"i'). Klnl.. kl
I'hons IBS. tf T1" last bl,nd ct"",'""t ft tho season
0 . , ''' luled for net TuesJay eveninij.
Wlllard Storage Eattory Barvlee St.a- jT'" ,,"i,'l Me'i year inelndes in
tion will move tu :.MK A. Hili m. r,!, '""''"f "f expenses, the sum of
alwut Kept. 1st. Yours for better serv- 1 '"'00 f"r ,MII"l enueo'ts nnd by next
ire. 8 ;io , Tuesdny, this nnineiit will have been
(evp.'n.i.Mt. Ho far, 'he weather man hns
Tor those who ait accustomed to
looking upward, siirn the uiipliine hns
come atnon;;it us, there is now the
steeple of the First Methodist chureh.
iFor this teeple is now taking on a
Bow coal of puint a id thero is a ninn
uspeiHled in mid air from the top of,
the steeple, .puiiiliiij. a linliisiriously
as if he was on a iirmiml job. I
Ir. Carl E. Miilor Has opened Ws'
dental office at 510 511 V, 8. bans I
Wdg. Phone 341. tf
WUlard Storage nattory Servire Sta
tion will move to 2SS . High Ht.
about Kept. 1st. Youn for better serv
''. sao
Eualnesg lu marrlagt Uconseg at the
cuko or in
'.ivoreu nil. eoncens, as jn years pnst, i
due to bad weather there have been '
severnt postponements, bringing the'
last concert late in A igust
Look; 1018 Studebaker 8, bargain, I
y(. Terms or trndo. Oilmen's Auto
r.irnnnge, g g
Spwlal: 1918 Studebaker C, over
hauled, new paint, s."i). Terms or'
trade. lleson's Auto Exchange. 8!
Newport fishing season opens; ling I
cou snceu, i.w, and whole fish 12c per
pound; red cod 10c pound. Fitts Mar
ket. tf
Friday, August 8
1 p. ni. 1 mile east of
fair grounds near Tan
siege Nursery, route 7,
box 45. 4 head of stock,
hay crop in field, chick
ens and farm tools.
Watch for sale bills.
Prepare for the future! Vou can do
so nt Bishop's.
Champion Prunel. We are In the
market. le!ivor to l'hei company
plant opposite Southern 1'ue. Co. pas
senger station or nhonc 204. tf
Diamond T trucks and Farmers Spe
cial, Marion garage, 233 230 8. Com
mercial St. Phone 302. tf
Bead Bishop's
3d and prepare for
Besides the Johnny Jones at the Elk
lodge this evening, there will come be
fore the lodge 'important business,
which will include the appointment of
delegates to the Klniunth Fulls state
meet next week. There nre also several
'applications for membership to be vot
!ed on. The Hiilcin lodge of Klks with
I more than 1000 membership, ranks sec
ond in the stnte.
Mon! Look at our Island window for
snappy styles, at Jlishop's.
Why not dance tn Stayton Friday
night. Hunt's onh-itra insisted by
Vernon Sukow. Hig new stage leaves
Masonic Temple at 7:4."i. Hound trip
Wanted an energetic young lady to '
"Hill ocamy p,rr t,.,.il(i jiI8
(Volt, I
Letters are betii mailed today by
City Attorney H. W. Macy t6 inniiu-'
tnctiiiers of telephoMo apparatus nud 1
e.piipincnt in order that the eitv mav!
Ine vuunly clerk win Booit gel a line on the coxt of ..r,..ii,. j !
yesterday. The morning started off operating its own telephone iiliuil Lot-1
with the Bppl.cuti,n f Aug. Ueorge ter, ,,. also bci,iK mailed to a number !
ti Iman, 2.1, of Kilnn who aio.lied for!"' engineers and tirms haii.lliM.. 1
& hcitoM!, t., i hi;.... hi... i... i. ,.i , . ... a v
-""ill, illB II IIIM'OC ' " r .'.lip'ICS (o
jieiiiu. i ne scconii wns to ( liltou y,
Wmith, who applied fr a license to
aiarrytla7.nl M. Prime. Mr. .Smith lives
a.. ;i(i) lln.el avenue and ii a mining
engineer. Tim third license was issued
to Albert Weis, 25, of Ferdinand, 1 la
ho, and Agnes IlioaNev of Mt. Angel.
They will marry August 10.
iu uie
ago costs
uci inuirnia i,oi m
to the experience .m l training of K. T.
Iliiselle in the telephone engineering
t io!d. Mr. Hussellc aiibmiiteil to the
eny council several iiionlhs ngi
of innintennnce and of building
nicipni telephone.
Salem Cigar Factory U now making!
'l.a Corona" and "Little Salem" ci
gars exactly as they were nmde before
nc ri e nee. i the war. niokinv iIumm ..,;. ..I-
at rnv ot f.c, , 11 v. I...,,, !, .,, ,, ' i U li,... "
tiat, 302 U. 8. Nat. bank bldg. tf a-
or. Mott. Bank of Commerce, 40" 8.
Ti-y Northern Flour. It's a Rear
sack guaranteed. At vour grn-tf
Artificial teeth, have expert
wan, with over 35 vears exwer
plate I
Dance. M. B. A. hall Saturday A115.
to. i.o.,, four p.e-c orchestra. Aiiloi
lcavt.4 MjMitic l'et.i'le :.'lu. 11
Call Patton Plumbing Co. for your
repair work. Phone 1U0S, 2.0 N. Com.
Auction Sale
At Center street feed
barn, Saturday, August
9th, 1010, .V 1 p. m.
1 pair of Brown geld
ings, 5 yeans old, well
matched, weight about
1200 pounds, sound and
broke to work double,
set of heavy work har
ness, new.
Terms, Cash.
Phone 1211.
The New Auctioneer
Special meeting of De
ry Mumr 1 oinniaiulrev no.
S-,.- o J. J. " 'tin i.rtiiii!K
iT Aug. Jth. Work in the
Temple degree. Yi.v.ting Sir Knights
While pears havo
1 - - - ' "-1 V it)
, this i.urt (.f tht vtlW m - ....
w ' . ti n mil.
With the exception of on. berth, air vane,'.",, f ",! "f.,V;f,,rni l
reservations are till, 11 fr llie S. I."m ' v.i 'T' n n's m'Uf" tr"
.J'ecial Piillinaa wl V m i 1 c.rrv he ' I 1 1 I'' ,h" UM'-V Ml'X"m
1 frr-Y ,h'' '''' -T '"K cennery at that place his
Do you want your Freight and Ex
press out of Portland to arrive quieter?
ship via
Willamette Valley
Transfer Co,
PHONE 1100
We have solved the
problem of being ef
fi'iont and discreet.
At ail times we
strive to perform f
em duties in a man-
b t that meets wi'h ' "ZT 1
rred Justafson haa recently purchas
ed an improved five ' trii"t jus-t
south of the city limits, paying $:i(it)0.
lie recently came here from Belt, Mon
tana. On tho tract is a bungalow. Tho
land is iu apples'. 'lid peaches. M. K.
Peek hns purchased from Fred YV. Dur
bin a five room house at 1-ihl North
Winter s! reel. The consideration was
l.ViO. Hoth sales were handled by W.
11. Urnbenhorst k Co.
Tho Bosoburg Commercial club is
aeveial months ahead of the inleni
Comincrcial club in issuing a booklet
giving general in formation as to the
counliy in that par: of the state. The
Kotchurg booklet tells all about the
raising of broccoli, the winter cauli
flower, nnd the ot'-er industries, espe
cially prunes. All tnis information is
based on the HUH eisus and the lat
est information. Th, re has been no
booklet published by the Salem Com
nieieinl club since t0!S nml those writ
iug for infoiuintio 1 receive nothing ex
cept 'he booklet telling or what was
go'mg on around Sa'eiii four or five
years ago.
Telephone rates are now to b con
sidered by the public aervice commis
sion, pot on'y as to the legality of the
rates, but as to their present reason
ableness. On its own initiative, the
commission has set August :7 as the
date for a hearing. This hearing will
be held at the court house in l'ortland.
According to notie recently sent out
by the commission, all who are inter
ested may appear and be heard.
Tha pollc station is on th mailing
list of all other police stations and
when there is an auto stolen or any
bedy especially wanted, t"ie police here
receive printed notice. Since the first
"f the year, therj been reported
I'tO automobiles stolen in California,
and the police asked to watch out. Dur
ing the swtue time. u antes have been
reported to the polie as stolen in Ore
gon. The state of Washington reports
l;H iolen from Jan. 1 to Aug. 1, while
the city of JiidianaHli alone holds
the record with a stolen lit of 134.
Ariaona reports 5 stolen and from Ne-
vn.ia. there comes the report of only
New Coats and Suits for Ladies. New Fall Hats for Women and Children.
New Dress Goods.
Every Day Sees New Arrivals at this Store.
"Our Prices Always the Lowest"
Commercial and Court Streets
Formerly Chicago Store
wnen rnvae m m ecturea for far ,his season ho h hauled about 'hotel are W. A. Hurlburt and Party of
the Chautauqua, w.-.s in Silcm he was ;iom barrels of the fruit, aggregating Kureka Cal Mr 1, M a. a C
tTv'tn'Thf '",r,"dir"'-,h,tf r-"" h1'""1 h:m'm I h 'of Hilloror VIr. , ,J Mr,. H.
try that he anno'inied his intentions vi., , n r,-u... i..r. . . '1 v. i t, '
.-. . . r. j.iu,,,, 111, YCSlCniUV I ft"- .unuui Ul AttllilO.
of returning to th city nnd making
Halem his home, llo even took an op
tion on some prop.-riy. Now comes a
newspaper report from Port Towtmond,
that Private tl'eat, the Canadian lectur
er and writer, wes si favorably im
pressed with I'ort Townsend, Wn., nnd
vicinity, that he intended to make his
home there and bad taken an option
on some property.
Dance music at Brooks tonight furn
ished by Taluindge's 'nzf. baud.
A. F. Porringer, riding on route 9,
Salem, last week ?(M one Poland Chi
na hogi for pork, for $H5 to Cutsforth
brothers of (jervais.
Three Montana men I.. R. Johnson
and i R, Jacki:in -..f Kutte nnd J. A.
Ciniler of Hilling i--are registcri d nt
the npitul hotel today.
J. T. Richards of Orenco Han one nt
a visit with friends in Portland
I Attorney licmmtl Ttifiwn re)rumcd
1 this morning from Dunging county
.where he has combined lcL'nl business
wiMi a renewal of acquaintance of old'
'HeilUS. ;lh ,,! nrriv,.!- ;,..
Col. Carle A'brana left today for' Aiming the Oregon peopli) rev'if-lercd
ur, uere no win no roinialiy , nt the Mnrion hmel oilnv arc Mr. and
and honorably discharired from aerv- Mrs. W. h. Camp.ctl ,',f Tillninoiik
ice. From Camp Lewis he will go on' Mrs. V. A. Ooode of S-nvton, Mrs!
to Rellmgham to vidt with relatives. 1 Walter To,e and l..in,ar ' Tuoze of
Among recent arrivals at the Dliglt l'ortland.
Banco at Query's hall sat night.
Groceries and shoes and drygocds
are not the only things that are ad
vancing in price. ITaidwnre houses are
receiving letters from their wholesale
connections giving the information
that this fall thero will bo a great
shortage in tools for mechanics. The
factories cannot supply the demand,
which is foreign as well as domestic,
iPnints and varnis'ies will advance 23
per cent within a month or so. Linseed
oil is scarce and 'he price is rad
ically upward due to a shortage in the
flux crop. Turpentine is higher and
going higher and the smiio is true of
varnish. Ail prices on glassware hn,
been withdrawn by llie leading whole
sale houses nud the buyer now buys ;
wholesale on the market on date o in- !
voice. j
Wo buy liberty bonda. 31i Masonic
building. tf 1
Everybodys danctng at Brooks to- 1
The Rev. Alfred l'.itea and wife will
return iinda.v. from Will am in a, where
they have been spending the past three
weeks, to attend he rurnl conference ,
at Williunetto university.
Load up your n,a:hines, come to
Brooks tonight.
0 1
Dr. Jl. V. White left Tuesday for a
visit with his broihers and other rel
atives in Idaho, iwuth Dakota and Kan
sa. He ex Is to fturii HPonr rVpt.
fifteenth. j
Mrs, Wanrhe Unwnrd, who has been!
connected with the public library for!
several years, left lecently for Butte,
Montana, to join her daughter, Irene,
who returned to A'nrrna Some weeks
ago from service in Fiance.
A. D. Thompson left yesterday on a
trip to Atlantic coast cities to do his
regular buying for the seining seann.
tn the way east he will stop at his
home in Chatham, Canada, to visit with
Ieo Martin, of San Francisco stop
ped off in the eitv today for a brief
visit in course of a tour thmu;h the
northwest. He is engaged ith another
agent in the examination of banks for
Ihe federal authorities.
Superintendent Bennett, ef the state
banking department, left today on a
tour of rxaminatic 1 of the banks of
the state, starting with Tortlnnd. This
will fieeupy a lare portion of his time
for the next six months.
Commissioner Ki'k, of the industrial
accident commission, is in Portland to
day on a business ensnd.
Manager Bell, of the Willamette
Valley Transfer Co, gives a siTuht in
dication of the se,;sf ef the loganber
ry lysines iu the statement that so i
ITorget If-Bay At Home
Woodrs Auction Market
Corner Ferry and Liberty Streets
10:30 A. M. SHARP
Horses, Harness, Bugrgics, 2 rolls chicken
wire, 6-foot; 1 closed top buggy, barbwire,
tools of every description, chicken water
fountains and galvanized feed boxes, tool
chest, forks, rakes, hoes, 4-w heel trailer and
many other things. Farmers bring in your
pigs, cows, chickens, horses and anything
else you have for sale.
1:30 P.M.
Furniture, ranges, cook stoves, fruit jars,
rugs, carpets, dishes, crockery, lamps, clocks
etc. Everybody welcome. Be on time. Tell
your neighbors and friends about this sale
and bring them along.
NOTE: I buy and sell everything eitlicr
by auction or private sale. See me for re
sults. Will be located at 270 North Com
mercial street after October 1st, Schrunk's
old stand.
Phone 510 or 311 F.N. WOODRY,
' 1
KwtHtttmtittttt mnii m)H(mtt, j
Will make Special prices on them for this w eek only.
73c up.
Good fumed oak roll top office desk and chair
Special $13.00.
Peoples Furniture Store
271 N. Commercial St. Salem.
vnv luat is aiisjur,-..