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Only Circulation in Salem Guar
anteed by the Audit B urea a of
If Uuv
Oregon: Ton":ji! and Friday
fair except sharers and thun
derstorms extreme estjitefn fir
tion. cooler east portion; nitd
erate winds tn-st'y westerly.
a i fin rt (I ri :
Great Armada Passes In Re
view Before Secretary Dan
iels Off Diego Harbor.
San Diego, Cal.. Aug. ?. i V
a icbo.; jut) jacuic new, a rtuiii
last, it cn the job.
The Priifie coast' dream ot a jell'
oration, her iusistont demand of two
decades und her great expectation m
the past few weeks, were all realized
shortly after 9 o'clock this morning,
when tho newly created western arma
da, with its new commundci, Admiral
Hugh- Rodman, on the brulgo of his
flagship, the New Mexico, wun, ma
jestically past iu review bcior Secre
tary of Navy Josephus Dai. uls. The
cerenmny marking the official entry of
tlio fleet into its newly assigiKu home
waters took place off Coronado .beach,
just outside San Diego harbor.
Following the review, in which tho
fleet steamed past the Montana, from
which the secretary of the nuvy lia8
broken out his flag, all of the vessels
with the exception of the giuni ('tend
naughts, entcrud the harbor und took
up anchorage positions.
The six drendnanglits dropped their
anchors off Cnronado Islands and will
not attempt to enter the hnruor, despite
the endeavors of Sun Dieguns to have
at least the flagship, the New lie xico,
berthed inside. Admiral Rodn.s.n gave
as his official reason for keeping his
first line ships outside the fact, that
the harbor would be pretty well filled
with smaller craft of the fleet. Naval
men, however, put over quite a bit of
fleet propaganda by letting it be known
tlmt the commander was di&im lined to
take Kny chances until congress has seen
to certain harbor Improvements, w.ili-h
naval men regard as necessary ut Han
This same condition is said to exist at
a number of other 1'iicific const ports
which will be given a long distance
look bv the big ships and a hint to
have their congressmen get busy if they
desire a closer view.
The fleet completed its rendezvous,
following Its trip through the i'aiiama
canal, off tho CoMmado Islands yester
day. Following a busy day, in which
the finishing toltc lies were uddrd to the
shins' holiday get -up, anchors were
hoisted at 7:30 this morning i.nd, mov
ing slowly off in the direction of San
Dii.un. 17 miles nwrev. the various units
tli,.ir ll,,tt..,1 nine, a the hi-nd
the line being fanned bv the six Sportsmen 's club on Labor Day. Vnl
. ger was offered "diUfl and has accept
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Author Of Railroad Control
Plan 'JftPC NtriYfi Than
Ildll OCC! lliJie llldil
n Sees More 11
Mere Unrest
Washington, Aug. 6. (I niled Piess.)
filcun E. 'Plumb, author of the
"Plumb plan" for railroad control, ap-j
pescing before the house interstate com
merce committee May, declr.red It Is
re. oil and not simply unrest which (OH
f r ents the Vnited States.
"It is not unrest that confronts us,"
d, i.'red Plumb. " It is revolt bectuse
of industrial conditions n0 finger to In
1 umb asserted that "organizi ii hibor.
no;' realizes that further ndva.iics in
wi j;es at the1 expense of a cost ot liv
ing exceeding tlu. w vtlue lire wholly
futiir. To roircet tl is vicious system,
t,c interests of bo! i consumers and pro
ducers must be iotected, that tlie
Teal incn-rcsr in c .- u .... . , , ,
. . , i i ,i i i ofi, i...l wilh evidence connecting dim with 'he
:.!' human effort should be reflected.""""
t-iuc.lr in increased earning power of
Band Concert Program For
Friday Evening Announced;
The following is the program for the
band concert to be given Friday even
ing beginning at h o'clock from the
band stand in Will-on park:
March, Hail to Did i.lory Jewell
(Selection, l.ndv Luxury S hrneder
Walt. Visions of the Past IJHinsn
(liy Rccj iist)
Oavwttcs. St' phanie . - 'zibuika
Selection High Jinks Clark
Vneal Solo Mrs. Wti. Prunk
s.. r.. rn.de- Wavside ( hapi-1 .: Wilson
Overture. Golden !ceptre.... hlein -reil
March. Tromlione N ctiun t baiol-ers
f-tar Spangle! Banner
Buyers To Place Orders At
Post Offices Or With
Mail Carriers.
Washington, Aug, 7. Plans for the
sale and distribution of surplus army
food to the American people "through
the parcel post system ore now prac
tically complete and gales will begin
immediately it was- announced today
by the postoffice department.
Buyers will place orders with local
postmasters or letter carriers, it was
stated, in writing, in duplicate. The
cost of the nrticlo plus the postage
charges will be collected at
the order is placed.
the tune
Postmasters will order from distribu
tion depots, which will be 'located so
that consumers will be within the first
and second parcel post zone so far as
possible. The orders will then be mailed
from thee depots.
The policy of "first come first serv
ed" will be adhered to throughout the
entire operation it was stated. It -is
anticipated that more orders will be
received thau it is possible to fill.
Postmaster General Burleson has ob
tained temporary authority from' the
interstate commerce commission, it was
stated, to raise tho weight limit on
MUcel post to 125 pounds in order to
take care of some of the heavier ar
ticles to be sold by the government.
The regular weight limit is "0 pounds.
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Kilbane Offered $10,000
To Meet French Chairman
New York, Aug. 7. Johnny Kill
world's featherweight champion, litis
been offered lo,omi
Vah'er, the French
to meet Benny
chnmpion, in n-i
eight round bout bciore tne .iwarn
.nose Vila produce ana in tne increased
cost of the eiVniiioditv.''
1,0 Willl!(1 '"' commitiee that the
V rMiorma holders of liberty bond, in
j the .. lined States will look askance ut
uuv .liui c to umcn.ittee a six per vent
return on railroad securities, siic-h as
ba, heta ptt)MK wliile liberty (lmnd
l,uvers get but hj to 4' per cent.'
iteferring directly to labor's railroad
Plan, I'lumn sain:
The vast arniv of proilci'-eis for
who-i 1 nppc-ir urn imt divided but
cuoie before you ns a united force, pro
fou idly convinced of the economic
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uuiuu i itu l Lit guiji cuv i
I.c.s Angeles, t'ul., Aua. 7. With
Charles Mofiuire desd from an eleven
story leap efter he was confronted
dynamiting of the home of Os-ar Law
tier, an attorney. hv fnnday. anttinn
ties are today conn mieg uicir wnesu -
iiratiOB of his prs.inie connection witn(
tt,e case in tne iupe oi n in-many
iciearitcg n nee mcv-.,,-,,, ,.r,ni ,mic,
t , ,
persons have been under suspicion for
i , ,r . . ....
M -(ir.ire leaped' to fci. death Smmedi -
atelv after being told that a grand
jurv indictment of him would be
'sottglit tcl.iv. This followed discovery
1 0f ci.lnr-cc that McOwire purclniscd
idvnnmit re. ent'v end eviden -e of en-
miiT toward Ijiwle-, who r,ppin.id M-
.Owiie in a will ec.ictrst suit.
VetHrirce was aiant chief engin-
jeer of the puWie service nt;liti l"rd
He was in the hall (f jtiti.-e when he
Icpe i.
y rn-hed to the window
Every bone ir. his l"dy
Who Wants To Own A Gold
Mme With Loganberries
Paying Dividends Thus!j
Here is the champion logan-
'berry story of the season. -
. J. II. Huffman, living north
of Salem on thj liver road in
the Keiaer boDorn, from his
three and threi fifths acres
loganberry tract, picked 4li,-
4;!4 pounds.
For this amount tif logans, he
was paid $3711.7, The yield
per acre for this one crop alone
was 1U:U.
The acreage and number of
pounds picked is vouched for
bv Mr. Hoffman. Fred K. Man-
gis of the firm of Mangis Bros.
vouchci for tho amount, as his
cheek books sh-jw that Mr.
Hoffman really was paid
714.74 fur berries from the one j
Mr. Hoffman lives on the
road to flpong's landing and his
tract is about opposite the
Blake home and not far from
the Lachuiund tract, it is of a
sandy 'nam and especially
adapted lo loinbcrries and
Rail Freight Being Accepted
Today Only As Subject
- To Delay.
Chicago, Aug. 7.- -Kuilroad freight
was accepted by the government's lines
today "subject to delay on 'account of
strikes, " on orders issued by It, Jf.
Aishton, regional director.
Officials of striking shop men re
ceived the niiiinutic?iiient with enthusi
asm, declaring it presaged a complete
t it'll j In three day.
K. A. Milroy, assistant district at
torney, today was to question other
union men in his effort to obtain evi
dence with which to prosecute lor al
leged conspiracy to tie up government
Denver Mca to' Strike
Denver, Colo., Aug. 7. Six thousand
railroad shop men here plan to strike
at Jo. a. in. Friday. Similar walkouts
i throughout the lio:y Mountain region
are expected to lollow.
Spokane Shops Hit
Spokane, Wiisli., Aug. 7. Six hund
red shop men stru l; at the Ureal
Northern shops at Hillyard, adjoining
Spokane, at i a. in. today. This brings
tho total of raiirund workers now on
strike hero ta well above LiWO. I
ine ureat Jortjeia car men cany
in the week voted not to atiike but
reconsidered yesterday afterauou.
Food BUort in Iowa
1-Vs Moines, lona. Aug 7. Iowa
faces a perishable food shortage be
cause of the railw-iy shojnneu's strike,
le Moines wholesa'e dealers declared
Ues Moines wholesalers arc already
almost out of potatoes, vegetables and
fruits, they said. The meat supply is
also running law.
At local railway offices it was said
several ears of men's and vegetables
were (tailed ea ruV here. Severnl rail
roads have emba.goes on pcrisiiaide
shipments out of many punts in the
state, officials said.
Tacoms Workers Quit.
Tnconia, Wash., Aug. 7.-
hundied shopmen htruck at
) o'clock
today at Cue Northern Pacific ahoja at plunger in the Pacific until the Japanese
South Tacoms. At Atlburn, looo nien!,,,.,, ; getthd. Hawaiicn ter iiory
of the Great Northern walked out. Gen-; j uow a Japanese colony, aad t'a.ifo
eral Manager H. B. Failing of Hie Wl ;i,ia in fa,t becoming so. A reuieay uiust
waukee csvsteui said ruu'idhouxe mi n ou
eight of the It divisions were out. Car
men were also out on ini.uy of ;i,e di
visions. Seattle Promoters Seeking
, n ItT'U II L
ITldltU rUl IlliiiC ifiCCildil
c l. l
' S'-i,t!le, Yvn.-ti., Aug. t. Loeni
,. , .
imoters are making ai effort to
iaud 1 U Franci-co to meet
.either 1 oung Hector or Ole Anoerson,
the pic k of the northwest lici.vye,Light.
1 Anderson holds win our Hectoi. A
return match between the two lO'-al
ton s has been proiwspd, the win .er to
eet the Raa Franeiaco boxer.
i m
hicaso The res en Walter Finne
gan 'e Ooiy t icr of shoes ben he
went to t'i police itltion nas bec iuse
t th
w-,uM:i't fit w h iM :p men hr
They strapped him of everything
I eNe.
Allies Delegate Governmental
Authority To Archduke
Say Reports.
Police; Allies To Enforce
London, Aug. 7. (Unitwi Press )
A new agency dispatch from
Budapest today said the now Hun
garian socialist government ha4 re
signed and that the allied mission
lei delegated : goverrmcntal au
tiiorlty to Archduke Joseph.
Paris, Aug, 7. (United Press.)
Julius Peidl, premier of the new Hnn
gariau government has been overtluown
the pencp conference was advijed today.
The report stated that Archduke Joseph
had established a government.
The coup d'etat by which Peidl wr.a
overthrown was carried out by the Hun
garian police, it was said. There was
i.o disorder. The police ariested the
members, of the cabinet while tiicj were
holding a session.
It was held by the peace conleienee
todnv that the Kumnninu ultimt.tum to
the Hungarians, demanding surrender of
iNaterje 'h, upsetj the reparation terms
of t'n Austriaa treaty.
l'r nch diviskr.s iii tho Orient, it was
iMtYuetl todnv. I .e been ordered to
Budapest iu e;so the Iiumuiiiivn force
do not leave as ordered by Hut allies.
A small force of American tronpn.
under Cnntuin Novcs. toLithcr with
minor detachments of Frcnih, linllsh
und Czechs, are now uccupiiij iud
pest jointly with the Huniauiun.s, ad
vices to the peace confereiKt said to
dr.y. The peace conference was advised
that the Hungarian social -demociats,
rep resented by the Heidi ministry, lind
appealed to the allies not to permit
Kumninau ocenjintion and establii nmcut
of a react ioiiury government. Tne Ru
manians were reported today to be pit
lagiug Budapest und the surrounding
This action apparently had been tak
en after the Rumanian hud notiiiiu the
ila Italians tln.t inasmuch m, the minis
too terms embodied iu the Uumauion
iiltiinatiini had not been accepted, Ho
inanlmi forses wonl cross the Imnnbc.
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Establishment Of Pacific
Fleet Means New Era 0a
Coast Say
Wnshington, Aug
of r. Pacific fleet
prove o tlce
greate.t- benefit to the (ti"i(i nit,
s nntoiM and representative! from roast
stiites declared today, j scfc
"The I'aeific fleet means the lrfLtcdjf
recognition or ine i acme coasi un.i ine
imoorlance of the Pacific Ocean si, ate-
(.jciillv and coinincrciully," said Sci.i.tor
Phelaii. Cat. "There will alwavs be
be found in diplomacy id l-gidatlon.
Hut nobodv will listen to you m.less
yon are strong."
Senator ChHmberlain, Oregon, siciu:
"There isn't any question but that
Secretary Danie ls is doing Hie .lght
thing in dividing the fleet aad putting
uart of it on the Pacific coast. The
j whole Pacific coast line is prc tie ally
unprotected, except at Bremerton, ob-
'solcte fortifications at the mouth of j
the Columbia und incompo te ones at!
San Francisco. The fleet v i II aiforcli
the people of the const a fe chug of se-i
, urity. It will help stabilize conei.,ions
and thus increase the coast's prosper
Se nator McNarv, Oregon, ud:
"We are very glae the government
has seen fit to give in aclclcd protection.
iu this way. It will have a great talne
ia brir-.mg the ercst and t'.ie wet tn -
eeth.-r ami crei.ling a inoic hani ceii,. is
" . I i
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7, 1919.
- 1
Evidence Against Chicago
White Rioters Presented
Chicago, Aug. 7. -Evidence against
white rioters five of whom confess
ed late last night waa to be present
eel to the re -assembled grand jury to
day, following ita strike" yesterday
because, its members said, evidence
against negroes oniy was presented by
State)' VtcVorney K,oyae.
Yonng Man Returns From
Cruise Abroad With United
States Navy.
The beautiful blue Paaiibe river
waa most awfully muddy where David
Howard saw it. The Danube has sev
eral mouths as it flows into the Black
sea. but the cargo rhip "Western Al
ly" on which )-ounj Howard was serv
ing barely three months ago dropped
unehor at the main mouth of the gieut
rivur, where it is 1 anked up on each
side to force a current through the
snnd bar where the river pours, into
the sen.
David Howard 'vent into the nnvy
whea but 17 years old last August. He
returned home last Sunday with his
cUs. hnrge. In the om! year 'a time, he
has traveled half w.iv around tho world
got acquainted with Ifumniinn soldiers
v.-li ci ns he savs are halt boisheviK, vis
iled (s-iustnntinoiile and the. famous
island of Malta, rvubled till over the
rock of Uibraltar with a bptiuish prize
fight thrown in for jood iueaure. He
is the sou ot Mr. and. Mrs. . ft. How
ii tel.
Tho Roumanian ex-soldiers are a prct
ty dirtv and ragged looking lot, ac
cording to young Howard. Many were
(jflrefooled as they Worked on the docks
and clad in .gunny sacks, isoine wore
moccasins! made out of gout skins. As
tho month of the Danube is not so very
far from Kuia, mod ef the Koumnn-
lans who had served in the army had
become bolsheviks.
In t'nnttnntinopl? young Howard not
ed Hist the average Turkish citizen
was a pretty tougli lookiiiif proposition
The Turks he said "were a Jiard look
ing bunch."
At (librultar, where the cargo ship
was stationed fur ::() duvs, the sailors
had shore leave every other night. It
was near Uilun!t:ir that he witnes.sed
a genuine Np.mish hull f ght, paving
OO cents admission.
It was at this one fight that he saw
Jo horses killed, f bulls kilied and two
torrenclors injured. Just to tense the
bull into a gcHid fighting humor, horses
are led into the arena, Howard snid,
with the eye band iged next to the bull.
When the enraged bull saw the horse,
the torreoclors wc .lid skip out ami
leave the horse to be gored to death.
Young Howard also eonfiiinii the
as to the general ili feeling shown be
tween Knglcsh sailor, known as 'lime
juicers" und the buys of the American
navy. With the bus from the French
j navy there was al'vays a friendly feel
litigant when a bunch of "lime juic
ers'' and Aiiiericti: j.ukics met on
shore leave, there was generally a fine
tehnnie for a fights-Howard said Kng
lish tars were jut a little too slow
I with their fists and for this reason
I the American boys always came out
oct nhen lucre uas a scrap on.
Who remembers when Hi 'only noise
that marred th long. aiepy, huinmpr . ,,roT(lire, r t a n k for improvirjf 47 miles
iift''rnoecns wu th' oedisionai ratue o'iflf r,)il( ov,,r ((ie t,lmmit of the nunm
celluloid cuffs or a buggy tti.nin'jta-ln( a, a post load. Tins project call"
a'oiind f "Milkmm hardly cvfi marry, fr La.,e county paying half the e it
m tln-y see .) uinny women eariy la th'.g,,,! (),,. jjovernmeni and Mate "3 r
inorniH1, " wnz a dariu' statement o' cent each. Th estimated cost is cr,-
Lafe Bn.l, t '.b y. Ii"".
Big Financial
fully Wrecking Roads Is
Charge Made By Plumb.
By LC. Martin
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
Washington, Aug. 7. Charging a "systematized
plundering of American railroads," Glenn E. Plumb today
told the house interstate commerce committee that the
fourteen railway unions had summoned a national con
ference on railroad control to meet in Washington.
Plumb said the evidence upon nhichl Those Invited to the railroad erjfeo
ho bused his charges that bij;
based his charges that bill linaneiaVn,(s ,ie ,nK,, ,re!
interests had wrecked loada would be
reserved until "it could be properly
prepared and submitted to the jury of
congress and public opinion."
Plumb is the originator of the Plumb
plan of. railroad control, whi h too em
ployes bio demanding, uud is acting us
attorney for them iu tlu-ir campaign.
New York, Aug. 7. Armed with an
injunction issued here Inst night br a,
justice of the New York supreme court.
. i. - A : .. l ........ i '
cue iii-M j ui A nuicicctcii u ngue i.iiae-ii'
bull club prepared today to cniry its
fight on Han Johnson, president of the j wrecking and looting of the New ork,
league, to tho lost ditch. The nijunc-iNew lluven mid Hartford railroad, th
tloa prevents Johnson from mtcrfuingj Chicago and Alton, the rtock Island
with Carl May pitcher recently pnr- system and the Frisco lines art not spo
rhased from the lloston club, and also rudic examples of the highway roobory
restrains ther American U.iiie clubs to which the Americ an nntwi hn ben
from declining to play with tho Ynn-1 subjec ted as to Its ptiblio transportation
keen. It has been intimntid that an ! highways. Lending directly from Wall
effort would be mado to boycot the! Street and from the banking bflwe
Yankees if they asked nn injunction, controlled directly by the Morgan tni
agniiist Johnson. j Rockefeller groups, these facts show
Following issuance of the icstrii'.ning that there has proceeded a systematic
order, Colonel Jacob Ruppeit and Uou-j plundering of virtually alllif the publia
tenant Colonol Huston, owners ot thej transportation highways of the ti.iitet
club, sent telegrams to every club own ' stntcs.
rr In Hit American league, inviting! "We believe that a conarc3ional In
them to a conference here next Mondav,! vesti.'iiti'in will reveal that no nne rnll-
at which they proposed to discuss "the
case. Jehnsoa also was invileii to at -
The injunction will be argued the ibi.V't
following the proposed meeting.
Ma- s, it was stud, might In one
f the games today against l!ie Ht.)
Louis Ilrowns. That inattei is uj to
Manager Hii(;gins, Colonel Kuj -port . did.
lie has been told that he may work
Mays at any time.
Thousand Agents Spread Over
Country Today Searching
For Evidence.
Washington, Aug. 7. Kvidet.ce
against the packers will hi- print
ed to the grand Jury In Cluugo, .
which meets It threa weeks, Uuiteo
Btatei District Attorney Ciyuc of
Chics go said hera today.
By Ealph F. Couch
(t'nitcd Press stu'f corres)iident)
Washington, Au. 7. An army of
more than 1'tOO ants and employes
of the department of justice today
plunged into a nation wide hunt for
Eugene-Florence Highway
To Follow Jrow Pass Route
Portland, Or., Aug. 7. The state
highway comniissiii has definitely lo
euted the Kugcne Florence roB'l,
lecting the Low Pasj route in Lane
Commissioners Thompson and Booth
voted for the selected route which
... n,.n..,l her 4 h.iirnmn Itenson. whoctei in the camoa ,'n tomorrow, when
favored High Pass because the engin -
cer reported it would be 1 12,0
The other commissioners adopted the j
low I'ass rouie nt'eause mev ew. it
will serve the mo-t people. The rosd,
as now located, will connect wilh the
j Pacific highway south of June tiUB.
TI... ...n,,n;u;.,n h, iTia kfince tvel
,, . insirm'ted the engineer to
Interests Wil
Frank I . Walsh, former Joint chair
man of the mitiona! war labor board;
Joseph W. Folk, former governor rf
Missiiuil; Raymond Robins, John I.ind
of Minnesota, Edward F. Dunne, for
mer governor of lillinois; Dr, Howard
W. Bcuinis, Felix Adler, tiovcraor Allen
of Kansas, Julia I'. Lrthrop, kwid f
the children's bureau of the depnrtmeut
of labor; Judge Walter Clark, North
Carolina, and Dean Herman Heaaetdcr,
of the Vniversity of Cincinnati.
After annouueing the eaafc.-erc
I'liiiiib mid;
"During tnis week there bus come in
to the possession of the railroad broth
et hoods and ten affiliated railway la
bor organizations of the American Fed
eration of Uibor a set of facts never
spread before the American ponpio or
submitted to the jury of public opinion.
These facts tend to show thai i
roi;d system dominating auv part ot the
( i;j4,(HHl miles of railroads In the uaiiea
ihiatcs but has suffered and is sufferlns
a degree if not to the snme extent
from carefully deliberated manipuia-
tins f ,c sort that imve wniaco mu
ruined the railroads I have mentioned.
t reveal with tmpicasu ine vvia
' ,,f the words recently u'terrd befersa
(Continued oft pae three)
evidence to gain wholesale conviction
of food profiteers a id price gangers.
Spread over every section of th
Cnited States, this force of investigat
ors bctaa work under orders of 2UO
federal attorneys. I'nited States Biar
slia!s and deputies will help. Aai-ist-ane-e
is mailable fr'u a corps of train
ed agents of the fe-icnil i radct eomuii
sion. Attorney ticn -r-il Pa'mer waa ia
his ottice here today directing t'a
Fiisf arrests are expected within a
few days, it was nid at I a.mer a af-
f ie p.
Convicted profiteers may face jail
terms under the utr time food control
aits which gave l'-i!mer authority to
loicbr the "clan up" in tclogiiiiiea ba
sent to all federal district attorney
lute yesterday.
With the opening of this eampacga
today I'.dmer took the f rst step plaa
iic d by the governilieect in an citcnsiva
ec'iiomy offensive lo reduce liviaj
costs and curb Iioa.diug and manipulat
ing of food stocl.i.
' Acting under I'alner'a orders, th
! second step was lining taken in New
York, where Attorney I. J.' Krese.l be
gan organizing a f 'ice to move ajrainst
jthe big packers f..r alleged viotationa
of the anti-trust U.vs.
j President Wilson will take the third
'he adlresma congress on the need for
. new and permanent legislation to re.
I - -
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Chicago, Ang. li. Federal investiga
tion tsis under'i!y here today inio ti
ciiusi s of the strike of nboul u'J.IMO rail
way slioimeii in the Chicagc, (Jij'.rict.
The men, deptrtnn-nt of j'isl'.te ufrHH
declared, quit work without wnction of
the grand lodge of th- uni.ia. Al.'eg'd
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