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Dutiful Daughter Disdains
Dares; Declares Dizzy
Dives Delightful.
(Hy Gertrude P. Robison)
"If you're not bluff," aid the
office force to me. in the gentle broth
erly wiy which office force have of
addreiwing society editor, "you'll
take nil in that aiiplauc iui write
story nixiut it."
"Wouldn't it 'be possible to write
the story without taking the lidef" I
suggested. "I've done it befure with
eoticcri.s nitd tilings.'
"O well!" agreed the off:ee foree,
"if you want to be piker "
Which settled it. No one American
. 9ini, with "a long line of Scotch and
1 1 i n It forbcara, is going ,0 t-ulled a
)iiker. Not if iilie run heli it. ro I
wrn,0M'd up my courage in B roll of
ropy" &pir along with my pencil and
eraser, mi J sallicst forth. At the Ore
gon Kleetric depot I tcp.pcd into I
teJ-ikonc 'booth. "It's-me," I an
nounced intelligently when I reeog
nurd the voire at the other end of
the wire, "I'm g dug to take a trip
wilh Lieutenant ook thi afternoon."
"Not in n airplane!" eame the hor
rified reply. "Of course!" (I've won
dered since, what happened to my tem
per that afternoon) "did you upiose
I a froinjf (ln imvn mower f lint
listen, if they have to dig ie out of
the ilobrix and are able to UMemlle
my remain, I'd rather be buried in
the white niariiiiselte. Ami don't let
them curl my hair; It not ibeiug dono
this eaon."
u the way to Oleott field I con
sidered the advimbllity of nrrungiirg
for the proper disposal of my person
al effects at the office. , There is the
In Hi bottle that I iie for tl vnse when
ever 1 'ran salvage any flowers; my
fountain pen whic h really should be a
valuable aouvenir ns it Inn my name
engraved on the ilntrrel; nit old copy of
"The Outcast 's Prayer'' and a news
pnpr print of the late liicufcnnnt t!ol
onel Mcs'rno ami a daiiilv large irlmtii
ginph of I'optnin Ntufrin, Lieutenant
t 'oinptnti, ami a (nil dark officer whose
name I could never fiiul out, m board
the ship that through! them home. Then
them is I Jui I slack of lot ten from
France, in the drawer of my desk, J
wmrrrely Imped that they wouldn't
consider it necessary to rend those let
ters at the roroner's inqnet. Koine
of the boys were positively childish in
their utter iliii'tg;iiil of the censor!
At the entrance of the fair ground
I found myself in a modernized Latin
relet Oobbo position. " limine," aid
my conscience. "Iludgo not, " said
something eUe liside of me tliut. 1
have nt ninee been able to locttte. A
a rule I dislike cuiincienecs, they're
Hlwuys "hutting In" when one lcnlt
waul them to. This time, however, I
surrendered graciously. "Conscience. "
snid I "you counsel wisely." And
oleott. field lay white and level,
Jlkn & silver ipalih in a counterpane of
green. Atiove, a rewr tiny clnmt lay on
the sapphire flour sif the sky, us tho
the girl nugols had dropped their pow
der puffs -while frolicking with tho
slum the evening before. Lieutenant
t ook was milking a limiting- as pretty
an, x rare fill a thing an the Inst steps
of a good night waltz, and my cour
age rebounded. It certainly hnd ticen
at the lowent possible elu, and only
the thoughts of the cynically inhuman
office) foree hud kept jiio from bolting.
I'll roufesw right now there' tioth
ioil nf 'he hero stuff in my make. up.
What-n-or line of work those tlaclie
ancestor pursued it is rertnin that
none of the-iu were tiht rope walker.
If they were, there's nothing at all In
the theory of heredity. The faster X
K in un itiitoinuliilo, the happier 1 am,
and 4 could absolutely live on the wu.
ter; but 1 never fail to say a prayer
for a linppy death before climbing a
ladder to hang a mistletoe wreuth or
truighten a window shade. Jt ' just
one of the ninny peculiarities, that for
lark of unmet hing more tangible on
which to jdftre the blame, I lay to the
color of my liair. With a kind of lit
tle whimper the motor of the plane
Mopped and young Mr. McCroskey
rsme up to me. "Hitter leave your hat
with aonie one," he mid, "aud sign
thin" Whetenin 1 igned a fiird
that told any one who rami enough to
iiLiiwiigaie, uist I, i.ertrinle J'atrieit
Kobiaon, Hieing of sound mind, ete.,
and we were off. We tailed over the
field, skimmed for i brief second over
the ground, and rose ever so gently
into the tuulight. -For a few moments
I kept my eye atravght ahead of me,
indulging in an Almost pngnu delight
in the iudesf-ribable rhvihin of the
plane' uiution a it rose in long, an'
dulating stride, and then I looked
over the side. J-'ar below the land
scape lay, a patchwork quilt of tilver
and greeu and gold. Gradually my
heart lid from the general direction
of my knew, up into its normal loca
don and never, during the whole f
that glorious ride did i exiierieuce the
least fear. Inch i saving a great
b-al. When anvgne who is so strenuous
ly attached to the solid earth ran en
jov a trip in the air as much I dul
i nut one, tnere can nusviutetv be no
cause for fiwj-.
Wt were over the eilv now. 8ch
little toy city, with its Lilliputian
street curs and tin v buildings! (lone
was all the grimiicss of the peuitenli
ary, gone the glamour of enpitol uud
tun aolemnity of the supreme court
.iiii!iliug. Seeing it from above, it look
ed Tlue a little City of Hope, set ten
: uorlv in the most beautiful valley m
the world, ginled with blue hills uud
purple mountain anil watered bv a
winding strip tf sheerest rrvdnl. Avi
utors must be the greatest hearted
persons in the world. looking nt the
earth from (ioil own angle they see
how really trifling are all the affairs
Mint seem of such great moment to lis.
,Thoy get such n ibmnd, kindly view of
.things, observing them from the rlouds
that when they watch the hurry anil
ceaseless bustle around them, while not
in the air, :mhI listen to the heated ur
giiinents ami rnther unkind things that
persons say a mint emh other, they run
I think of how uuinipoi tnut ami alio
'jjcthor hildih it looks from above and
ask with the author of the I'uisiiit
of Huppini -" Little brother, littl
sister, whv D hotf"
Above the river liieutenuut "ook
shut i'1'f the inutor irlni; enoueh to tell
.me to notice how elenitv we emild see
into the water. And 1 fbunii inj'self
looking straight into the blue ibptlis
for a moment and Almost inimeilintelv
we were right side up again, mid he
was a-iking "Shall we iiirnl downf"
I nodded emphatically, not huvinit the
least idea what ho mount, nnd we
started on our ilownu in il flight.
Von 'II have to take tluiiile your
m'lf, or usk sum one else it you want
(o find out any details admit that de
scent; I've run out of adjectives. Ev
er so gruilunlly we lost the town, while
tho silver puich Hint whs Oleott fielu
detached itself from the green counter
pane and the trip was over. One could
wax extremely philosophienl over an
airplane ride, Alone with your pilot,
high above the world riding face to
laiu with the clouds, ami no sound in
all creation but the droning whirr of
the inuior; far beneath, the river
swinging slowly under the arched
bridges, while on its banks the town
lion as quiet as a city 'built of ilrenms.
Iots of pniiible material if one is in
rjined to coin thorn!
I've always almired IJoveruor Ol
eott; he has a real interesting profile,
nnd that affair of the bird bath in
Ih il statu house grounds appealed to
my fancy, Hut 1 never roi!'!i.od how
much my eentitnenlH are shared by oth
ers until I discovered what nn honor it
is to have nn aviutieu field named
after you. I do hope that if I ever be
come famous, posterity will take that
mean of showing its appreciation in
stead of attaching my name to five
cent cigar or a vegetable compound.
The young flight manager was wait
ing to unbuckle the strap nnd help me
overcome the difficult ie connected
with the current styles, which 1 en
countered, as I got out of the cork-pit.
Hi fatherly altitude wns quite oblit
erated bv a broad friemllv imu. "Like
it?" he asked. Like itf Mhnde of
Heotch and Irish ancestors, what a
question! -
Hands in my pockets in the appiov
ed Dorothy tiish fashion, 1 strolled in-j
to the office with nffe'eted noiichnl
.auce and sealed myself at my desk.
"Well," said the elfiee force, look
i up U"iu then res-pcs-nie Ivpewm-
was the ride " " None of
BAMY buggy for sale, goo-1 a aew.
1'hoae y .J or call i-it) N. High t. 8 3 !
WAVTKD-PaiiUcr Nfoaday
i'Uoae IrUTW or S74W.
8-2 I
sfKl'ilAMOr-A god ijme and cash
for a auiall firm. K. L. Wood, Bayne
Wdg. 8 5
UXST Last riaturday
glanses oa Liberty
and JsHste. (',! tithl.
ir of rimless
iXKU Jersey row f.r sale giing 2Vj
gnlluus; will freshen ia .Nov. il. A.
Terry, 2 miles east -.y!uin. Kt. 6. 8 5
FOIt SALE 1013 model Maxell 5 pa-
oniT ear or will exenauge lor mo
torcycle. Inquire 2.1.1 ,S. Church. 8-4
H UiJlauiJaLDllUllj-
M HAhK (Kurd radiators. ' second-
huna. tood as new. csaleui Auto lis
diator Shop. IMS S. 12fh St. 8 8
WANTKI) To rent, five or six room
house in east part of Salem. No chil
dren. .Must be good. Call 57 i, 8-2
LOST Veslenlav, some where between
the state house and Shipley's siure,
L'ibei(y ib.md, uumner 111172581.
Cull 7t or Hit. . g 2
l-TOR SAI.K -'heap or would trade for
a good Jersey l.o.Mr, a buy horse lu
good eon lition. No safer horse for
women or children to ride or drive.
I'hiuie 4."r'U. 8-3
llillllJATKO farm binds in the Suthcr
lin valley, Douglas county, for sale
cheap. A. P. Hi hrnsledt, 401 Maionic
Temple, Hulem, Oi, n-i
VK want 2ll more good houses listed
to rent and soil. List your (iroperty
with us. Laflur 4 Lnf'lar. 4mi llub-
burd bUg.
KA.NCU WANTKI) Wanted to hear
I rum owner of good ranch for tale.
state cash price, full particular. -i),
I. IJiiL'i, .M.nneupiili j .Minn.
ti ACb'l S with hiiugalow. ;t miles from
rnpitol bldg, on I'ortiand road, t2,
'MM, I :t00 cash, time on balance
Also 14 nines on river road, well im
proved, .1i)iil). Laflar Lal'lnr, 4il(i
Huilibnrd bldg, 8 2
MAIfffY IF IONKI.Y For results, try
me; best and most successful "Uome
Maker; hundreds rich wish mar
lingo loon; strictly confident iul and
reliiable; year of experience; do
criplioiis free. "Tho ' Suucessful
Club," Mrs. Hall, Box .1.0, Oakland,
D. ir. MlXSHKR
' how
n lis, il ve.l the .,il,,,l 4Li-,w,r i' f
ullblaine, etc. At bast I su se llial's
' . - ---- - . to r
""" "eon u. ! i : . . ... .ii '..
it youisejr.
Acrordiiig to everv known Irc( Client
what i saul
Aviator are alwavs voting and al
nosl always good Uniking. Lieutenant i
'.Kjl is ii u ekreptiun in the rule, and
jit for a nionieiit as the young flight
fiinimger was ansnguig the helmet on
in.r Hi-mi aim raiinoiiing me to aolil on
tu my hair (a though it weren't fast
sued ir the roirts!) I hnd a urely
fiiminiie desire to know if Uie head
gear wire beeomnig. M,,Mieune, with the
ur of Hir Wstter Kab-igh, placed a
iny Isd.b-r jn one of the wings, and
fter a few uiisjielcn remarks, oa my
part, com eruing tight skirts, I found
ey!M if in the rm-k pit. "Act,"' a Ivis--.!
Mr. Mcs"ronkey as he and the nir-
I'sn r fastened the wide Kelt about
ii-, "as though ynu were in a noe.
Hit esily and 4i 't 1e afraid to look
out. Jleltir put those gogjles dow.' , , ,
In-., it's liable to be wiudv." "Al ! Thev d.ni I do ,t, because they obey
right," I aiiMieicd, restraining ,B '"''at 4hey are told and grow the way
ivensh.-liiiing d' 'iie to tell him that w"' niennt to grow. Do yon want
I had voted in the June c-leetions. Whv , ,a l""sr about ill"
juiiiig nien ins st on a-suiming a gri4l "oh, yes, sr. til IKilIy, wh
iiiotherly sir, teirnr iless of the fact j ting int'i a bett r temper.
that this ta the dav of naiumal nro- "Well, li.ten." said the Faiiv. "snJi
they should have ruaxed. I hnd the
most heroic 'e of biav.ido and unri
valled fe.u Ici-sucns compos -d for their
ole MMidit! But the office force, be
ing the olfice force, nnd ossised of
no romantic sensibilities whatever,
went hack to their Remington and Oli
ver as calmly a though 1 had not
just risked my life, liberty and pursuit
of happmes because of th-m. O well!
what els cmild you expert from a
bunch of meat
Stories The Dew Drops Told
4 oiitiuued from page four)
was get
will tell : on
if ) Be Continued.)
Ii Milium mt universal riuht for wo-' I
nun, is more than ran understand.)
"H'-sdv?"' he siKi-.l. it tlia same tone
' ues ta a y.Mihg-ter when one tf f fi ft I
trN., s,f.r i 0j !,, bllt ,,(, rnt; !pv? necp caia icstircis ?)
acre tract located 2 miles from
Salem, .'111 acres eulti it"'!, balance in
pasture and T acres good ti cond growth
fir timber, 1(1 ae.iv of six year nt J
Italian prunes, 1 acre bearing cherries,
some npplcs, running waiei, 7 room
house, barn, good road. Itivestigute
this, l'rice 100 per neto.
10 acres all cultivated, f o 5 room
plastered bungalow, barn, well, family
orchaid, " acres 4-yeac old J iiiies,
acres loganberries, close to Pacific
highway, l'rice J"i'ld.
o acres of first clast Ii i nnberry or
prune land, located on roik road just
off of l'acific highway, 4 miles out.
I'riea I000.
It) acres nearly all culthated, good
bungnlow iisrtly finished, f acres in
apples, peaches and loganberries. Price
Hit) acre farm, "O acres cultivated,
some fine second giowth fir timber;
huiliM"!, close to d'aeific highway.
Price s."uH).
.120 acre farm 2 miles from Pacific
highway, SO cre cultivated, build
in". Price Holier acre.
10 acres, 5 acres of bearing prunes.
small house, lt cultivated. I lies .,
."iimi. US acre farm located on Howell lira!
j rie, .0 acres cultivated, house and barn,
j located on main S'.h erlon road. Price
i 12o per acre.
10 acres in hearing Italian prunes.
1 ti and year old. I'nce .i.iiiO.
I 50 acre tract locale.) 4 miles south
I of .Salem; 20 acres -bearing prunes, 5
I...... .... t. .1
I ii i -s u i jiriiis, sumr iiiiiiiii, uuiisi- ivn
nam. di ver, rock road, crop goes, l uce
1 ".."(),
5 room plastered cottage. Private
water aystem, just outside the city
limits. Price flJkH). 'a cash, balance
monthly payment.
4 room uiiidera bungalow, basement,
bnth, toilet, electric lights. Price ly.'rtH)
ii.nj down, J'sIhucc per inonili, 8
percent interest.
liood !i room modern l)im ;alow lo
cated 17D. S. High tret. lt.ee 750.
t room modern hus located on pav
ed street corner lot. Prie $i."00.
5 room uiodera buiigalow liMSted oa
pavej street, basemjit. Price I'Jl'OO.
Strictly ui nleru room home, 6 bed
rooms, Vnnge otjl osst fliont, rmved
street, l'rice 'ioo0.
Well improved H acre tract, 1 acre
of loganberries, it acre ot rherrie
and waluuts in full bearing, tiood 3
room house, bam. Price $IikM. HiHKI
down, Inlance at (t percent intcrent.
I acre all in besring fruit just cut
side of the citv l'-ants. Price jii'O. 100
Iowa, balance terms at ti percent in-
Norma Talma
An AiEiaal Comedy
"The Probation Wife"
From a cafe girl, to a slavey, to a lacy. See Norma Talmadge as Jo Mow
bray, the attractive beauty of the Domino Cafe
WOOD house and S lots, for quick sale
l.'iOO. Laflur Laflar, 400 Hub
bard bldg. ' 8 2
"I will only say that in my opiniononr wage demands," aaid Lee'
rYK KIONT Hinritl house, partly furn
I-Jiuil 7 per mentli.. Phone. lDiltlAI.
hDSTr-Jnne, a dark Persian eat, white
on face nnd legs, Hewnrd. A. W. Co
Phone Hill's evenings.
I'OH SALK One fresh .lersey cow,
heavy milker; one fresh in Oct. 2310
N. L'i nnd Hyde tit. 8-4
WAXTKl) iDeliverv bov, - perinauent
position; jntist know how to run
r-Vd. Apply N. Liberty St. Mon
dny 8 a. in. , , 8 2
rnfiDT imTici, wnuc
VUtmi HUUOli 11LT1J
In the case of li. H. Wnswam against
II. It. Moe and wife, a default taken
ami judgment "entered against the de
fi'iidunts for 312.75.
Tn (lie rase of M. Byerley agaioit
(lias. Ii. Hire, a default was taken
and judgment entered against the dc
fendnnts for till. This im-liidea 2-" at
tornev- fees.
If vou. want t.i bar or e!l see
j Hi ate treet
Esther Mnr MeCracken who i min?
Sherman Miw'racken for divorce, skj
the court for tin order giving her -."0
suit money.
Iouis Weitsenfel has ttied William
Shnffer for s;t.75 and 25 attorney'
fees. Ho alleges he hauled 53.j cords
of wood for .Mr. Shaffer at 2."0 a
cord and that there ia still due and
unpaid ''l.".".
the railrottd workers of the country wilt
not Btund for another survey of the en
tire wage aituntiun," snid Vvarrcn 8.
Ktone of the Brotherhood of locomo
tive Kngineers.
Faith In President.
"I don't know whether this is the
president's answer to our statement to
him thnt the cost ot living must be low
ered or we wou'd be forced to demand
wnge incernaes. If it is intended as tho
answer, I can see nothing in It that
uii'iins R reduction in living tost."
"If the government would take ac
tion to suppress the prnfitOiM-s to that
living costs will leave our nien enough
to live ou decently, we would not press
I tho railway department of the Amerl-
IiiMi declared the wajre. situation ia can! Federation of Labor, declared ttt-
now near a break, which may cuuso day official can hold the shop work
within a few weeks a strike of oil or-jers from an unauthorized strike, despite
gunieil rail workers. There are nearly the fact several thousand wiviked out
one million orgnnir.ed worker. yesterday, disobeying order.
"If the rest of the 4.)0,000 railway? , . , . . . A . .
shop workers follow the lead of aomo of, , '""' T, .
ii..- . . i. ii.. j . i i only one of the big rail nnionii to which
their men who walked out yestcrdav,
all other rail union may bo forced into
iiuinoiliiite action," Lee declared.
Answer by October 1.
Heads of the shop men today wen
to decide what action they will tako on
the special wage commission plan sub
mitted to them yesterday by KuITDircC'
tor Hines.
President B. M. Jewell, president of must have."
has submitted the president'
specinl wage commission p'ae.
"We will wait until October 1 for a
unswer,'' said Lee. "If a favorubh
answer is not received by that tin
or if no answer is received, the matter
will be placed before the men by their
representative. They will decide what
I must be flnnA to irnin tliA tnernfioAa sA
SiZZd, s
"Wilinni II. Smead po'se away lit hi
home iu Brooks Wednesday Morning nt
the age of ,"D years, 3 mouth and 3
days, lie wu boiu iu Oiogou ami ha
resided nitir Brooks for tne pr..il 12
years. The deceased leaves a wife, one
dnughter and two sons.
The funeral will be held from the
Evangelical church at Brooks F-lda
morning at 11 o'clock, and the ervire
will be conducted by the Rev. I.ovcll
of Kn'ini. Burial will he in the Pio
neer te neterv. Wcrvai Star.
tf i3.ZZ d ciZZ6l
to the
of a phonograph is pleasure indeed.
Jitneys saved and spent in this man
ner will add many
pleasant hours of
entertainment and
enjoyment you
thought could not
(Continued front page one)
though we all feel that both Tiesiilent
Wilson and Mail Director Hines want to
he.p the aien. " I
H Want Action. i
"We will not be ablrto control the !
en if this ia the answer to our de
mands," snid President Lee. "For,
vears we've been forced to f$r themj
this litand of medicine, which resulted
in dclav. They are immune to it now. J
I would not recommend such a oluHea
to them."
1 have everr eoafidenre ia Fresi-i
dent Wilson and Director Hine," id
Pr-sideiit Rhea, "but if thi mean
they have turned to eongress the mat
ter of wage increases, It also mean a.
(Ion delav and I fear the men w'il r
S3 fun-la Bait and milt strike." I
exist so easily.
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rs.M- - ujfri,1;