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Eitor aad' PublithM
August 2, 19:9
Published Every Evening Except Sunday. Sakm, Oregon-'cease to pass current and will exist only in literature and
I museums.
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(Written fur the
School Garden
meut of the
stairs. She dragged her apron of end Then I ikuiij rouud ill iny ki. t
put on a clean one. She brushed her ftced directly a lauglijng bov. Or so ha
PART I DOLLY LEARNa WHYi'"r braided it and put a ribbon seemed at first glance. Of eourte X
The Daily Capital Journal earrior boys, are instructed to put the papers on the
porta. If the earrier does not do this, missee yooor negleeta gettirg tba paper
a yon oa time, kindly phone the eireulatioa manager, aa thia ii tha only way
wa ean determine whether or not the earriera are following instructions. Phona
II before T:30 o'clock and a paper will be aent you by ipaeial messenger If the
tamer has missed you.
Ii tha only newspaper in Salem whoae circulation U guaranteed by tha
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
I If toy soldiers contributed to the militarization of the
erman people, and helped to spread false ideas of the
j glamor of war among other nations surely a general dis
jtribution of toy ships among children will stimulate a
j wholesome love for the sea-faring life,
j This is the belief of Chairman Hurley of the Shipping
(Board, psychologists will agree with him. Having busied
; himself for the past two years with the production of
ships, until the United Statos has the second largest mer
chant fleet in the world, Mr. fiurley is devoting his atten
tion 10 tne problem ot getting sailors for the ships.
It is a big and growing task. A generation of sailors
cannot be produced in a day or a vear. Men mav bp nh-l
'Minion CnmnnmiT m tnnvi f-hnvn - J.. 1 i. I K wnu nfrai.l thn j1u . r.tnc win. .1 Ml v'"t v.m . . ... .-
needed is assurance of a stPad 1 v moiZL ? J?. w - he . bit .of , ' 00 la,e t0 "e ""y Ia"J tb" bui.d.n,,, thruKh tu,oU-und
. ., . ., . , ...(juuij ui wv.u- arouiui tier nair auu let it bihk out do- -
on it. She acruobed her tcetti aao aer awting ick at once, (.oionujjt up to my
fingernail. She found the shoe put- ears, in a minute I heard a voice. A
You will be M,rrv to know thai JWlv i 'u''r buttoned her ahoos. But she gen,i,.lu!m-s vic9.
had beeu t.i.ug!...v. Xot v.ry r.aughty,! - ' f'"' 'eet temper. U V(,u drm,U tin,," it
but ,o,h ,. make her uni.appy.! . o wen, ,,. .W jjfct . -.aga. He picked it up
M jtii.'riuiiie was living to a-.ake vuiy ;, V " , , . - ' , . K, with his left baud. His right
careful aud wat in her habits. She "UUK uu"" uuu ",r "J- . -Uritr.
a v fliirn it a a fun int far fitiv ntW- "
w.ia in
:ih tum'lit to brush aud bruiil her hair
every inoiuin and t3 brus.i Inr ti-cth drops.
and her finger nuils. She know aha "Gu"11 ""Orniiig.-- said the
must put on a faesh gingham aprou, too. v"i,;t' ti,e l'i'dr"P "''
Rut t h id mum i..' nlie kin slei.l ae. " '"" " "lc
urn. t :..J Tv it.. r ..
'T-1 L .IT 1 . .
I - man you. ,i saiu, sua turaca
back. He was such a nice boy. Per
haps twenty-three or four. 1 should
have liked to much to have talked witU
Rut whr do "r "l,r l'"r ul cuulu,i-
viiiu on nuui,
There is,a demand in some parts of the country for
new coins of small denomination. It is due to the unset
tlement of prices. Many things that formerly cost a nickel
now cost six or seven cents; things that used to cost a
t ime now cost 12 or 1: . cents, etc. One city wants a seven
cent piece to facilitate the payment of street car fares.
Other suggestions call for the revival of the old two-cent
and three-cent pieces.
This, however, is rather futile. Experience in the
past has proved that all ordinary needs of currency can
be met by the simple system of ones and fives. It is no
great hardship to use two, three or four pennies for the
fractional parts of a nickel and one-dollar bills for frac-
tions of a five dollar bill. The two-dollar note survives,
imt it is used comparatively little. Larger payments are
generally in even multiples of five or ten. This system is
the product of evolution, resulting from billions of exper
iences in making change... It will hardly be altered now.
The minting of new fractional coins would probably
be useless for another reason. There is no assurance that
the prices are going to stay where they are. They keep
right on mounting. Thus a street-car fare wheh is seven
.vnts now may be 10 cents next year.
The nickel may practically take the place of the penny.
- cent will then amount to about as little as it has for
years in Holland, where it takes 100 "cents" to make 40
f p.Ms' in American money, or in liermany, where it takes
l.XJ pennies or "pfennigs" to make an American quarter-
Cellar, or the farthing in England, which is now little
. "ore than a tradition.
There are parts of the country where the nickel is
alrtady virtually the minimum coin. It may soon be so
everywhere, and pennies and other subordinate coins will
: iu i i i i . . - - - ;
i ii. i rui-niinn L"i i r a c nni'nn r r - wvniM 1 . i j i ... i 1 -i ' -iviiix wii i ir 11 r rni. it i it r i u
... "".-uuac Miiuiaucuaun YUUIllf men Will) lOntr TO an num. mic uiuiunca one snue, ana iirci - (' , ,. l,,,,,,!. I ,,k n.-. ..ut
to sea, who love the poetry and adventure of it and whoiSf: "i',-;"1-. JA' "mc..'a ,robu""-
toy muih of a hurry to huut for it. so V . . Jmv life to tho memory of Jim?
she let the shoe go unbuttoned. She SDouVur"t out "'1' How fooliahT Bettor marry l,h. But
had 0:1 vesterduv'a apron with two jam tho "m' VM burst out; no-then it must be another I hava
.pot, on it aud-worst of all-she did ,0 VTP my m wd fold tlJ-
m,t bras', her fin.-er n-iil n..r her "1 "' eolthes and brush uiy hair when : "e ii -f. ,i
not i.rus.t ncr linger n.uia nor nor ,'-.,,.,. . i:t; ,, let I eaught inyaelf up with, 'Hov
Tei'in. o . -
Khe sliimeil tlmvrl th 1i;iek atniri nud
was just running out the door when Uo,,y el aU t,h, y0" 1 ju
Mothermine came Out of the pantry as J'u Plcas .
right in front of her. Mothermine look- "''b mistaken, jf
at her. Dollv felt her loose shoe flap- ,l,,,t 18 llf ' 'uu ,l""k-
ping ..gainst 'her nnkle. She knew her W hav 10 "' be ery
hair was gtb king out behind like a -f fl but it, too.'
rooster s tin . She hid her soiled fin- ' "r" '
by play, study and experience have fitted themselves for
a sea career.
It is an excellent plan. Ships or boats always appeal
instinctly to children. It should be easy, with large num
bers of little Americans, to 'turn that instinct into per
manent love for water craft and all they represent, and
uius mrnisn inspiration lor the skill and knowledge that
tan be acquired as the boy grows up.
In the case of lads 'destined to enter other pursuits
it will do no harm. It will make good boatmen or yacht
men. of thousands who otherwise, would like their lives
without the wholesome pleasure of water sports. And it
should catch the lad cut out bv nature for a sailor and
put him eventually where he belongs, to the mutual bene
fit of him and his country.
l. t i.1 c r-
alnriea. Y,.i. rl,.n t h.ve t.. c.I.ev . uu "v "earuess, oaia nanei"
The Southern hotel of Baltimore reports that on July
17 there registered among its guests: James Pepper, of
New York; L. A. Egg, of Syracuse; W. A. Starch, of New
York; J. A. Sugar, of Chicago and W. W. Salt of New
ut ,ithai was nee(ed to complete the combination was
Mr. Milk of Dairyville, and a human omelet or blanc
mange pudding might have been the results
Anyhow, this Baltimore hotel could -safely brag that
for one day at least it had everything appropriate for the
glanced at my neighbor, lie was
glancing at me. No, lookUg with a
steady look.
A few mouths Ego I would bovo low
ered my gaze. Turned disVroclly uwar.
So a gentlewoman acts when traveling.
1 knew it then. I know it now. But
he was such a nice bov. 1 glaueetl
..... .... . O t :u( R11 nnn&n ulimi full i.li. u
ger nuns in th. pocket of r Jam-my ; - . - r , jllst 1ll!lrtor of , S(com, mow,
npron, ana trie to go past Motnermine. .. 7 . . 0 . ' , U He said
"Am'. v,. to teh ... ffo,.d e'g " roota into ine air ami try
morning, Dtdlyf asked Moliier.ni.io. D"'ke ju U'v K 'bn-would-
"Oood moiuing," auid Dollv, Tory " '"" " ,
fa9t , ' ' "les; but they don't
"But is it rcully my own Dolly or has1
some one else come iu by mislakcf I'
thought my little girl liked to be clean
aud neat. This little girl dots'i't koeiui
to care how ahe looks." j
do that.'
(Continued on page six.)
"I'm in a hurry,'' it id Dolly. "I'm
afraid the dewdrops will nil be gone."
"Do you tniiik tho Fairies will bo
glad to sec you with soiled clothes and
finger nails, aud with your allocs lino
"I don't know," said Dolly, quite
crossly. "I don't see why I have to be; some chocolates, and a tinv bunch of
so 'fuy. I don't believe the Fairies veMow roses.
When I rcuclicd the station, there
was Thin. Dear old Tom with his arms
filled. He hud a book, two magazines,
have to bother about being clean.
I am ufruid & weed Imp had flown In'
to Dolly 's heart.
"You must go back to your room and
I a 111 so bored."
: Then 1 heurd my own. voice. Sara
j U'.ne, proper, prim Sara I.nne, mho had
! never before spoken to an unknown muni
111 her life, saving. "So am I."
We laughed. That Inugli cleared
away our doubts. I knew he was a nico
boy. He knew I was a jolly liavcliijf
And he hud so much to say. lie htd
been in France. Was just back now.
He held up bis hnnd in its sling. Ha
was going to sec his mother, near Fair
ly. What a coincidence, for 1 was go
ing to Fairly!
How fast the morning passed. I told
him about myself, too. Myself with
tl reservation.
"After you've played a while, go
over there," he said, "Ther aced voot
make yourself tidy or you. ean not go Tom, beckoning a red cap,
Into the gnrdon at all today," (aid In apito of my protests Tom bought
1 "Tom, don't you renlize that people
will think you are my lover," I taid.kind there!'.'
tenzmgly. We had lunch 0n a little table placod
Your porter, more likely," said between us. Wo made onr ehoien with
By Walt Mason .
The Germans are disgusted, the ir blood for weeks has
boiled; their fondest hopes are busted, their faith in man
is spoiled. They say, "Our luck is rotten; we thought our
wartime sins ami crimes would be forgotten, if we wore
1 ious grins; we thought our protestations of sorrow and
regret would cause the allied nations to wilt, already yet.
Instead of which thev soak us, demand our. stock and
htore; upon the field they broke us, in peace they break us
more. And so the German bailers his future for his past;
we are the modern martyrs, ach himmel and dodgast."
We hear the German whining, who swaggered every hour,
when on his helm was shining the sun of pomp and power.
If he had been the victor, if he had done us brown, dog
pone his ugly pictur', what terms would he lay down?
Would he be strong for mercy? He's not that kind of
pent; but, swollen i'p nd pursy, he'd take our bottom
cent. He'd shoot us full of bullets, and give us grievous
hurts, and eat our best spring pullets, and swipe our Sun
day shirts. With Germans for our masters we'd know
what hard luck is; environed by disasters, we'd sadly sigh,
'"Gee whiz !" We hear the German grumbling and leefing
;it his lot; he thinks the terms are humbling, and all that
J.imi of rot.
Established 18G8
General Banking Business
Commencing June lGth Banking Hours will be
I Mothermine.
much laughter.
It was hus station.
I waved goodby
me a Pullman ticket. When he left, to the nice boy. He waved his hat I
If the Church Choir Should Sin? "ThiS ia fVio T nA nf "l fni W""t '! ba,,'t, "-:'"' in the car, piled with the assiduous I hope I shall see him again.
f!nvn in,1 Winn" -U U -u i s . .. """" x you migiu tei me go tnis once-i wnx attentions of the porter; my hUle roses! Tho porter stood beside me with his
hibition law?
would it be guilty of violating the pro-
Hereafter we should choose our United States sen
ators with reservations.
it s mean but iMlly couiun t quite in my belt, a velvet cushion at my feetl whisk broom. My bags were piled near
bring herself to say thnt, after til. and a magazine open in my hip, 1 felt 'the entrance war. Then I loaned from
'Do just as you please about chang-.like a spoiled child.
ing your things,'' said Mothermlne There was no one verv intcicstiug in
"But remember you ean not go into the ear. I waved to Tom, He trodo
the garden until you do as I tell you."j off down the platform. A nice bus
Well, Dolly went slowly back np-Jhnnd for some other girl.
the window.
There wns Harriet.
Dear, old depend-
(Capital Journal Special ferviee)
.Maiiou, Aug. 2. Mr. and Mrs. D.
A. Iloni; left for n vacation in tho
mountains last week. They expect to
Jie gone for n month or more.
liev. Mimics from Albany has been
pieei rliing at the I'rcahvterinn church
(lie last few SiiihIioh. He exjiects to
have charge of the services now oil
Smiilnv evenings.
Will and Ivan H.i.ll.y and Mr. Hod
on from Cluvcrdnlp were in Marion a
week ago Sunday. Mr. Hcdwn will tic
I he puMiiir at t'lovcrdnlc now.
Olui lladlcy is expected home any
time and the Mai ion people are looking
forward to having h;m over to the
Fiieiuls chinch to give lis an account
uf some of his rxpeiiene.es ill France.
Later announcement will be made as
lo the dale lie will be here.
Kims l'resmill hurt his head quite
bndly in nlein Thursday but we ttiiuk
it will not be acriuu, lie laiutad
while in th liank builiUug aud when
he fell bruised his head quite badly.
Klaiiie llroiiuer is the owner of a
"Tin Lizzie" purchased in hkileui
t'alvin Farlow, Paul Kay and Ernest
'urry have gone from Marion since the
new ifeius were sent in lat. niisi
thi ill.
ir Hiisell and family are living
in Marion again, they are living in
one of Will lladlcy house.
Mary and Amy Thomas were Rulcin
viitnr Thursday, also J. A. Colgaa
ami family. 1
The. loganberry growers of Mnrion
caii boast of a fine eroo this vear.
able Harriet, with little Tod on th
(Monday Beginning Over.)
Most People Don't -Think
Those Who Do Save Money
Deposit Year Years Years Years Years Years Years Years Years Years
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
law Protecting Elk j
Is Made PerDefal
"There is to be an shooting of ilk In
j Oregon during the year 1513. ' Such
I was the declaration made by State
'ilnnie Warden Carl I). Shoe.naktr, who'
hss received a number of inquiries as
to the date of the opening of the season
for hunting elk. In order that the Bus
mi,l. i-t;uiiliig may be comrted, the
uiime warden explained that the Iftutt
Ihw proterted elk until AucM 1, 1919,
'but this law was rriiealcd by te ISIS
legislature and prrpctual piOieetion
; wns provided for this nob'.e animal.
"There will W no f.-i season eg elk
in this state at any time unlrss the leg
j islntnre fixes one at nine futare e
-ion, Wc eii'y hav? a f w elk in the
Utme an. I an eoea wneii woal.t kill
I nucticnllr all rf t!n se off," Mr.'
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