Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 02, 1919, AUTOMOBILE SECTION, Page PAGE FIFTEEN, Image 15

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Commissioner's Court
(Coutinued from page 14.)
Moorei t Company Rum cot
bit's ! 1.00
School Superintendent. I
Ariuld. A X grading 8;h arnl !
nsuuM-ripIs -
llollicr, Muv do -.- . .
Brumbaugh, J F wnitn etc
at institute
Ihiily Capital Jouniul, The aolice
ef teachers exaruinatiou
iWrf, Pearl grading eiglh grade
manuscripts .... .... .... . ..
lulkersoii, Mary L supervisor'
1 ulhersou, Mary 1. advance fur
. stamps .... . ....
fiarduer & Keene medals fur spel-
Hung, l A grading Btb grade pa
pers Huhh.s, U V expenses account t
educatiou board mating
II umphrey, Gladys grading Nth
giade -mpers
F.ellis, John W expenses account
ed'-cation board meeting 4.00.
Liudgrcu, Auua grading 8ih
grade papers P.OO
Oregon Statesiuun notice of teach
ers examination C.ilO
l"ai UV Telephone and Tclcgrsph
Coiiioanv, The telephone and
mils'....' . .. 7.701
rattgn Bros pencils ......... 1.00
Held, Cora K truauey .Ifi.OOj
Poi.l, Mrs Oura E o board of ex- j
Ritiiners .... 12 00 ;
Scott, Fred L expenses Recount of
education board meeting ...
Smith, K C on, board of examiners
Smith, John V I. supervisor's ex
penses Smith. W M advance for stamps
r. tut express ..
Smith, W M traveling eipenses
Walsh, Louella grading Hlh grails
papers ....
. Fruit Inspector.
Van Trump, 6 II salary and cx
Dependent Mothers.
Hui lies, Lettu M relief ....
B'ureh, Lillie F do - .
Coppock, Lulu do
Gaucu. Auuie Alvira do 17.50 1
Gibson. GusBio do - 32.50'
... 7.00
Church Notices
First Methodist Episcopal Church. ,
Corner Slate and Church i:reet$ 11
dav service is held at 410 ( herueket
street at 11 a. m., subject of lible les-;
-wu - . ..-..i ..... .t,;i 'son,
9.UU ' " Wednesday evCHine testimonial
Idren "The lity of l.od. followed j mifrtis B, 8 p. m. Beading room, 2W
14 03 by t! regular iminiiug esage on j Masonic Teaiple, opea every days except
I "The Citv of Man's Life Fulfilled in , Suuiiay au.l holidays from 1 i:-io a. m. to
God"; 8 p. m., aermou, subji-ct, "What
'a Christian Is Kur." Hoth aernioa by
-W tbe iistor, Dr. Avisoa. At I:4j a. ni.
1 Sup-ri'iteiident John W. Todd will give
a eordial welemiieto atrr.nKer tnd vlsi
! tors to the Suudav school. At 3 p. m.
at 11 a. to., aubjert of liible k-s- v . p in
Love"; bandar achool at 9:43 . iTOSpCCl. UI ISplSl iUSulSS
Growlh la That Kree-
o p. ai. All are iiiviteu to uur aerviees
a d to our readiug room.
tioa Seen.
By Carl D. Croat
(Vailed Preen Staff Corrcspomleat.)
Itertia. (By Mail.) Oorm.iny just
Church of God.
S-rvices at 1346 North Church tiw;
as luliows: t-umiay acnooi, iu a. ui.: .;.,.;..:,. i.Hrj , .... .v.. .to.n
, Mr. Riwbraugh will have the ten-ice at preaching at 11 a. u.; Youu- IVoplea ."Busiuesa uaual." which nUnwd
, hpworth laguo will iioar spurts xrom g p. m. Weiluosday cvcuuig grayer th .
'M.l.aveehanieof the meeting. All young at the county poor farm at 3 p.m. We, with Ut.tl'uallv ,t prMCll, it te ,
people not otherwise obhgaUd Will be.ordinlly invite all to attend the ervu,r u ,e Mlallv rouf,rliu! elo
Bill vol' . iuia lliuiu w ' l J p. 1CCN. a. u. liicpie, HniUf
luily ushers during the uionth of August
Thus far 01 iy ltf out of tbe total of v0
menbers eoitiieing the Ort-m legisla-1
Hire have signified their wilurgners to
cooperate in a special sesaion of the leg !
uiature at tneu own expense. iHc nia-1
jorily of theae are within easy traeliug
distance of the capital, the outeonie
of the proponition will depead upon the
delegates from the isolated outlying dis
trict. Those who have expreed thea
selves to dnte are H. L. Idleman, of
Multnomah; Louis' Laehmund, of Mar
ion; 11. K. Crow, of Clackamm; Bin
Sheldon, of Jacksoa; Senator Patterson, I
UU;The mid week prnver si-rvice will ba
'held Thursday evening at S o'clock,
Associated Bible Students.
Leslie Methodist Episcopal Church.
Corner South Commercial tr,J Meyers
streets, Horauce X. AlJrich, pastor
IMS a. in., Ku iday school E. A. Khoten,
siiperinteiidciit ; 11 a. m., public woiship.
holy communion; 7 p. m., di votionat Thm. ., B(, No Tombs.
meeting of the Lpworth League, Leslie
Spriuger, presiileiit ; 8 p. ui., song service
trid an address by the pastor.
First Congregational Chuich.
I Coiner Liberty and Ceiitd streets,
1(10 Rev. W. C. Kantner, minister 10 a. m.,
12.00 Sunday schi'ol w ith clusses loi all, K. I.
'Ktaley, superintendent; 11 a. ui., sermon
2'-H , sub jeet, "A (ilorions Church." Tiiere
I w ill be "o evening services during the
4.1.92 nuintl! of Anjjimt.
.Central Congregational Chuich.
Corner South Nineteenth aud Ferrv
streets, II. 0. Stover, minister A com-
1 bincd service of the Sunday school and
141.2.1 morning worship at 10 a. iu., Sunday
jschiiul iu charge of Mrs. liurton Kd-
lo.OU H-nrila lltuvitititr lutl'ilmti hi tliA iin.litr
hristitiii Lndeavor at 7;1j p. jn.; even'
tuents nut the least of which are de
creased raw materi&ls, rolling stock,
markets aud an impaired labor suii-
Mivt Sunday at Moose hall for bludy j,v due to war conditions, lowered I'ood
in Tabernacle Shadows, Berean qitea- aiii iiulustrinl uurest.
tioa, page 2, question 46, from 10 a. But while the government has been
m. to 12 n. Prof. J. H. Gillespie of , w rsiling w ith Spartacus aud near-Spar-Ciniaha,
Neb., will give a lecture at 3j(a(.s troubles; with strikes; political
p. in. in the hall on "The Great Drnma agitation; new ronstiiitious and so on,
of the Bible When Eden Blooms, I (lermnn business men have been east-
Seals free and ' ; ,pt , i.k to work nnd trade.
no collection. Friends nnd public cor-. The first concrete evidence of this
tliullv invited.
uatious during the war until , ,.' w , ' '
i .i . ,l .T i., i ,i .'"' I oik; Senator Roy Sitner, of Laia
Kep. O. Sehubel, of Clackamas; Hep. J.
K. Kuiuan, of Clatsop; Ke). I-avid Ura
ham, of Ijiiic; Rep. C. O. Erowuelt, ol
I mutilla; Rep. IT. C. Gordou, of ilultuo
niah; Rep. Kugeue Smith, vi Multno
mah; Rep. George W Weeks, of Marion;
Rep. James Stewart, of Wheeler; Mrs.
Alex. Thompson, of Wasco.
i I fiy i if
mm a 'A
ULTi v.
' i
rr i r-v -r i?
Governor Olcott is in receipt of the
voluminous report of the child welfare
commission which has lieen engaged al
most continuously in nn investigation of
the Waverly Ruby Home in Port land
since June 11. This work was set in
Camp Meeting at Quinaby Park. Ibeen making a three weeks' invebtlgn
The anntml camp meeting of the Vm- tion iu Russia with a view to tiudi.ig an
ted Evangelical church opened on Thurs ' outlct'for Gorman products iu that war
day evening. The convention of the j weuried laud.
Sunday schools of the conference will! While much of Russia is in chaos, the
be held on Friday. The Woman's mis- business nieu were reported to feel thut
sionnry society will have ehurgc on Sat-'there is a fuwrnblo outlook for them w
urday. Mrs. Hall of Portland will de-'that country.
liver the address iu the afternoon. Rev.
.as jusi come io .-gur w.in me reporr . motion (l, M hy m f.)i(lemi(,
turn a iiuni iivr-s men B coiuuussioit iiH-t t: i
...... " "
caused the death of 14 children,
and it has been made up from a mass of
cerified evidence. It points to a number
of discrepancies and lack of futilities in
the iustitiiion but makes no criticism of
the board of directors, who are aasp
acteriwd as "faithful nnd devoted
workers." Among other things the re-
..'JU ini'' ser ii'ent H nYloi'k.
Harper, Clara do
Klewer, Minnie Myrtle do
McGratb, Etta do .... ...
Robinson, Tussle do
Woese, Mrs Myrtle do ..
Vliedbee, Emmr.. do -
Poor Account Continued.
Austin's llroccry groceries ifur
Mrs Strath
Urougher, A L groceries for Mrs
Huiger, Wm H rent of house lor
Mis. Donaldson .
Pacific Telephone end Telegrupli
Company, The telephone at poor
f u riu ,
Plant, Jas digging grave for Mrs
V. J Cliapuum - -
Plant, Jas digging gruve for John
Wnl kius - ... .... ... ...
Plant, Jas digging grave fur un-
k;iov.'ii man.
Plant, Jas digging grave fur Ja
cob 'Weber' ..a . ,i - -
Roberts, 0 M groceries for Mrs
- McAfee :
Paleiu Deaconess Hospital cart of
Mrs Jacob Weber- ....
Suleui Deuioiicss Hospital care of
Mrs. Maltha I'itkey
Wnlem Hospital care of Henry
Wells -
Siilciii llospitnl cure of Lir.r.io
Kiilem Hospital care of Jane
Salem Hospital Care of' Robert
huletu Hospital care of Stephen
Lucier . .. . ..
Salem Hospital care of Hobeit
Snlein llospitnl cure of Joseph
Salem Water Light and Power
Connie nv water service for Mrs
Mi rode, D L groceries for Mrs
Taylor, Earl E superintendent poor
farm .... . ... U07.57
Weiss. John burial of Mrs Adrian
Wi Her Bros groceries for Mis Me-
Lane -
Keedl ain, W I Voard of prisoners
Spun Id i n g lagging Cumpauy, The
Chus K window light
Valley Motor Company rreld bam
iu door 8''
Fire Patrol.
Stnte nf Oregon fire patrol as-
aessiiieiit - - 240.70
Ooplier aud Mole Bounty Continued.
I' li ailMunce for bounty.. 13.75
Tax Bebate.
lre Bros, rebate -
War Emergency
Willamette chapter Amerwan Red
Cross care of pntients during
cllowed WJW
dL-nlloned .. - - - 69-lu
First Baptist Church.
Corner Minion -and Xorth Liberty
iinrr iinrp-i the need nf Neffropuhon of dis
Germany has considerable machinery .,., ,h:i,in,, ,,;., ent f a
B. H. Neibel, D. D., of Hnrrisbuig, Pa., which she can export. One big electrical r,-jristered nurse as superintendent, a
corresponding secretary of tho mission-, supply house .according to iutoruiaMon,' )argor corp, 0f attendunts, rcorguuiza
ary of the church, will preach the tow ( has aufficiont products on hand for 4;on 0j tK, board and revision of to
siouary sermon on Saturday oveuuig. nearly a year to come. In this field, constitution, Tho "report points to the
On Sunday the Sunday school will bo; Germany hus been going onward, and rap)r,i of 2- deaths durino- the first half
held at 10 a. m. Dr. Neibel will preach will soon be iu the market to dobusiuese ; jgig gs evidenco that the Instintlon
at 11 a. in. In tho afternoon tiiera will with other nations. Before tho war, she iu ,u m.t, . tmsnitnl r a home and
' me a service at 3 p. m. and 8 p. m. The could export many articles io foreign hcil(.c ,,., uaV0 a ara toi disiased
j Chrisitai Eudeavor will be hold al 7 p. markets and undersell home proifurts. j (.htlilrn. '
ui. 1 11ns probalily will bo rather more uiffi- "
The meetings will continue through cult hereafter, because of limitation of A fruit and berry eannery company
the week and over Sunday, August illth. coal and raw materials, and a constant with a paid-up capital of '.'."i,000, has
25.00 'uti-M-ls it .v li V H 11 1) li t ' aiet.ger, v. u., ni l.eiiiHrs, iv increiisiiig cost ot luuor Olio to con- tieen orguniien at Aiarsnnciu rnrougn
iiinn'o.. i i .. i .r Jowa, will lie present and Dr. Noiliel, stuntly recurring strikes nnd a con- the efforts of the Lhamuer or coin-
' ntiiuiuv ki'iiuiii. H. ill iiiiiii' wnr- ...
"".ship with lireachiiiK, 11 a. m
ni., tojiics, morning, "Christ's Moral Im
perative nnd Ours"; evening, "The
be present and Dr. Noiliel stuntly recurring strikes nnd
u.lll lU.,.., ....!:.. . rl. .1. :.. I 1 1.... mitfua
r bum All I in ti-nlnu it l.u I Iiahiih Is Ijwi. I
QF course you will
iron electrically this
summer. It saves coal
for the nation's needs
and is far easier and
'cheaper for you.
To get lasting service the proper
selection of the iron is important.
For three-quarters of a century Landers,
Frary & Clark have manufactured per
fect equipment for household needs.
Trifle Mark
You probably now possess something
marked. .
Look for that trade-mark
on electrical appliances. It
assures you that the quality
of the goods so marked has
not been sacrificed for
quick profits.
trie will stop at tin ptirk during the I One factor overliwlu'd in gonrrol dis-
tiufliuru Tn rli-ien llioi'o 4L I lm ,i iu i- .. 1 ... .. IL,......H 'l..,!
. . m, , Cl " road north from Snlem, to Quinnby Ma is her sunplv of notush. This supplv is
tiou which is six miles irom the citv.
meeting, 7 p. m. Thursday evcuing pray
er and business meeting. Hlrnngera and
visitors welcome at alt the9e services.
Court Street Christian Church. '
Corner of North Seventeenth tiul
Court streets, R. L. I'utnum, pastor
The church where there is no "summer
slump" because the Bible school is kill
ing it. If you don't believe it come and
see. the primiirv department will be in
! unaffected by the pence treaty; and the
i world is clamoring for this for fertilizer
Jason Lee Memorial M. E. Church. purposes. And Germany can get this
Corner of Winter and Jefferson product out at only slightly increased
streets, Thomas Acheson, paslor. The cost over her previous price, while, at
program for Sundav, Auuiist 3, Is as fol- the same time, she can demand more
lows: Siindny school :4 3o. m., classes; marks for it than before in view of ths
for all aires under the care of caiuible i lowered value of the murk. In this wny
touchers. Public worship, ll a. in., sub- "be stands to gniri considerably from
ject, "John the Baptist on Baptism.
charge of the Bible school this Lord's KIlw(,rl 11 l'''giie devotional meeting at
1-00 ! day and they liavo a musical treat for
lis.,. Are you going to bo an excellent,
successful or a failure scholar! If you
laro not there you will be a failure, if
0.00 there successful, if there with someone
' I excellent. There will bo a little talk or
7.40' story by the pastor before the morning
sermon. The sermon will lie the first of
21.00 n series on themes of the hour: "The
Challenge of the Hour." Aa offering ,.
50.00: to be taken for foreign missions in an
swer to the world challenge. Wouthcr
12.00 fuvornble there will be a sacred concert
and C, W. B. M. program in Willson
Ju.OOjPark at 3 p. in. Miisicul talent, the
best in the community, will be present
30.00 ed. All who will are iuivtiu to bring
their dinners aud picnic with us at the
30.00. nou. i hour. The Junior C K. meets at
1 6 p. ni. There was n fine attendance
30.00 Just time. Young Peoples meeting at 7
7.00 service. Song service nnd sermon f.
in., subject, "The Mistakes of Three
500yOunir Men." Moniluv tveiiny: is the
monthly meeting of the officii,! board.
Every member is requested to be present
for verv urgent business. Prayer meet
ing Thursday, 8 p. ni. A welcome ex
tended to the public to worship with us.
Welcome a n vt line.
this one source alone
This business should prove vast agnln
A win m welcome is extended i within a short time, thus enabling the
J country to olitnin credits fo.' mateiiulK
7 p. Ill,
to the vouug people of north Snlem.
Come earlv. Everv woisliin. 8 o'clock, '"mi foreign countries.
subject, "The Place of Vision In J German business foresees that It will
Life's Decision." Special fentures for M under a Tast loud for a long period of
the day: A sermoiMittr' for children
during the morning service; the ui em
inent of baptism wi'l ulso have a place
vears, due to war debts unil indemnity
taxes. But the averttge German busi
ness man is prepared to go at his task
You See What You Buy Before PayingBuying; At Home
'a the service of the mornincr hour: siie-i"'"'w "o ,n11 K''t a stable labor mar
cinl music w ill be rendered both morn-! ket ami a prospect of profiting later on
ing and evening. If you need a spirit- Sociuli.ntion, however, may upset
uul uplift we can help you; if vou have ninny of their plans, for there can be
inspiration to impart to otheis'we need'"" question that there is a constantly
you. Everybody welcome. . Prayer
meeting Thursday evening, 8 o'clock.
Highland Friends Chuich.
Sabbath school til 10 a. m. Morning
wiiisliiup at 11 a. m. Christian L'noii.-
vor at. p. m. i reaciung ai o p
nils move nuimn won iucic 19 nui-iu iuu
increasing trend toward socialization of
many lines of business. Ilntr, the lime
conies, however, in which business Is a
state affair, the German business man
intends to go after .fresh trade, as ovi-
lenced by this freshly completed Kiiss-
inn probe. Germany believes that it can
take lher';"''1 0111 "IP '""st fnr 1,UI,'U!S,
A .....I I. ..'..CI -.. in.,.ivn:i,,nl f,.rni nf u-ol l it... vi.nii.r ,.,..11
who have reluined home fium the serv- " ""' W""h '
ice and a meniorial for those who have " w" r,'I,"r,"1 t,mt Rn'a
lsot their lives iu the service. A spe- ,1"",t'""v. f'vo '"" egr.cultural prod-
cinl invitation is. extended to all. Mra uds, particularly eastern Kussmn 1 cot to..
l ee will give the message. I. G. Lt-e
ami wife, pastors.
First Christian Church.
Corner High aud Center streets, Ice
land W. Porter, pastor Bible school,
8:45 a. m.j morning worship und com-
m u 11 h ni at 11 0 clock; evening wor
Mario.i Ccunty Holiness Association.
The .Marion Couiitv Holiness assucia
tiou is holding Its annual camp meeting ),,,, at g 0',.,M.k, The annual foreign
A sire-els, Avange .:HHInll nt-r,.,.infr of tlii. cnufrnu .-.tifin
lo'at Fourteenth aud
jiisis nuiueiu anu Kooens Willi ineir win ,0 ,.,p,.t,.d during tho duy's
00! wives are presiding. A great d:.y Sun-, al.rvi,.es. This offering wns due in
return for nmnufactured eoods. This
however, will probubly depend largely
ca transportation facilities which at
present appear to beiabail shape.
Horlick's the Original
Malted Milk Avoid
1 liaitations ocDUDtiiiutes
uay is expecieo. peelings au uay nun-1 Mar,.h )an( ,, he ; Rt ,.,. , R(t
upon u,e .rn. nooks, w men close oep,. , . , . vi,.i,v Maj( v,(nes
I Mt. Angel, Ore. Aug. 2. One of the
lliiippiest unions that has of lnte taken
Prayer meeting Thursday ut 7:30 liay ,;, 6 0-t(M.k , Ht.
COO day and a general invitation is extended
10 mi to come ana enjoy me services.
A. w ells, president. . 1i. r..t...a,.i,i. ,.,i..i tnr .. . " , .. ... .....
1 " -1 "- " .viarvs cniircn, w nen iir. . Aiiraei,
ino weess. uunng me pusior s an- r., of a little over three Score years
scucc at tbe coast the moiuiiig son ices nnd ten, became the husband of Mrs.
will be in charge of the eiders and Kosa Massing, about ten years his jun
Ihwioii. Sunday evening. August loth, ior. The newly married couple made n
union meeting at First M. E. (lunch for short trip and returned Friday evening
world iutvr-cliurcli movement. i"1"' were aroused at their home the
. I same evening t y a good noturcd sere
South Salem rriends Church. Inaile by a large crowd of their neigh
Comer South Commercial aud Wash-1 hmx n'1 'fiends. A dance on Tuwday
noti.n streets. II. K. Pi nibertoii. r.ns- "r' ' """" "J ""'""
Rev. Georeo E. McDonald of:.." nn.i i...i i. . . . ........ I.v weds the
" 1 IUI IJUilV B"- at 111,
St. Paul's Church.
Seventh Hundiiy after Triuity: 7:30
a. in., holy eoininuiiion ; II a. in., high
celebration and sermon; no evening
(services i it noiriisi. r.veryoouy weieoiue.
jj.jChas. H. PoWi.ll, lector.
Castle Chapel TJulted Brethren Church.
Cor :cr Seventeenth and Nebraska
i oruanu win preach al p. mi., rjundny,; ;,, t,)T worshin at II
............. i. 1.....1 .1... .......i
meet- ' ' "
O" 1 ' 1. i,. .L ki. .,!... I L - I
lllHrril. PIIIIII Lilt' dlll'KI'l III1IIU 111,- IIH1I-
lil oveninfl .... '
ami nm.i quaneriy coniereuce to elect Jl)0,.tii.cr dismissed to attend cau.n meet-1 V
cni'.f,.ri.ce ' . ,. " , ; ... . .. i- ' . n. wciisiio iioioc
-viii.r in lilt ii-ni (in .-.ill-ill r i iri'i in
I. .Ln. ...... .. .1... 1
...(;..,., v nr cuiMiiii . 'M.ieiei,, e. j , jn
Bible sehiwl meets at 10 oMock, sulc mi-crd.
jmt, "Christian Worship." Preaciing
pv serenaders betook themselves to the
where Barbara their
oldest daughter and her husband of sev-
jeral days' happened to be at that time.
:The bride and groom were taken by
n ci.K-s ..y ,e pernor in cnargc. ,,y employes at I aroma nave nan , ..-.. .,. ...... fuIII1l , ,,.,;.
"raver mfvice Thursdav. 8 D. m. A'waire increnses everasinir 73.7 ner cent I
United Evangelical Church.
Cottage and Center streets. Rev. G.
W. pfaffinaer Friday eireulateJ a f ' ,
I.tion here loi casa nu io ' Icordinl invitation is es tended to every-; since January 1, 1W17..
ner, viiwi-i- Hum ... .. one
on the --Mrd ai d burned to the gToiind.
ith eight tons oi uay aim " '"
tents, the loss being about -VW, which
Hr. Fsulkner, a hsrilwoncmg ,., - .
eould ill sfford. Mr. Pfsf finger report -jLovcll. pastor. The annual f.mp meej
Cll the lightning striking his big fir I ing of our church is io eeaaiea at Qum
tree and hitting all around. It seemed., aby Paik, six aiilcs north ef KaU-ni, on:
like a war wss in progress wi'h nisehine, the Ore.m Electric railroad over this
run iwnmn?. H reiHirts coiisidersble1 Su !; y. There will be no Services at'
iron ore in that section and attributes, the church. Services at the camp meet .
The Central Labor council for Van
couver has voted to affiliate with the
Clarke county granges.
tsi. msirnetiain as beiee toe came of
tt meting so much of the lightning.
Woo'lbui n lndi lendeut.
Vra4.ii'g1m, July S'J.TI.e louse
militnry affair conimittif t idny oril.-r-
rd a favorable reiHjrt O". tirf hill grain
ine the iiermanent rank of general tc over next rnnuar.
. . ... .. . . f -vt !
Jonn rerssing anu n-jiw
hicf of staff, Pershing taking prece
ing: Rundny siliool at 10 a. m.; Kcr.j
B. II. Neiliel. H. D., of Ilsrrisoiirg, Pa.,j
will preach at 11 a. in.; pleaching at Si
p. m. and 8 p. m.; Cliri!ian Endeavor at j
7 p. m. All the trains on the Oieii
Electric railroad will stop si the park!
durine the meetings which will continue
Chnrch of Christ Scientist.
First Church of Christ Scientist Sun
Not A nierms"
mars the perfect
appearance of hr com'
plpxion. Permsncnl
and temporary skin
troubles are effectively
concealed. Reduces un-
natural color and corrects
yiK'ttsy skins. High'y antijeptic.
I used with benetiriii reauHs as
SSj cirsvve aent fnr 70 years.
Major V. A. Livesley returned yes
terday from France, his wife having
met him in Seattle and accompanied
him back. Ms ior Livesler left Wood
burn ss first lieutenant of Coiupsiiy I,
but was soon transferred to hcsibpiar
iters company at Tours. His duties were
principally adjusting claims. He was
j promoted tw ice until he reached the
rank of major. Ma jor Liveslev looks iu
J the best of trim and is glad to be home
jagain. Before leaving for home he visit
jed Germany along the Rhine. Wood
burn Independent.
?$ Dca 't Let 'em Roaa
5$ Keep em la The Orcle $$
fam $ '' iaasW' .v,sA. : :: J
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siiip mill ibi ii iimves over to her siart
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mi!;' iivt.iy. The stveeps of the two
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s s'nk to the bottom, on Which
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ibiii ilcifiiiig out of tbelr cotirsa.
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