Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 02, 1919, AUTOMOBILE SECTION, Page PAGE TWELVE, Image 12

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Intimate Glimpse of Men and People
in France After the Bis; War.
X 13-pound Cotton Felt Mattress $13.00
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35-pound Silk Floss Mattress $22.50
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Extra Special Copper Boilers $5.13
Peoples Furniture and Hardware Store
271 N. Commercial St. Salem.
Do you want your Freight and Ex
press out of Portland to arrive quicker?
Willamette Valley
Transfer Co.
PHONE 1400
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your automobile in a garage, but what have you
done with your business. It represents MONEY
and is MONEY and therefore should be locked up
with an adequate and comprehensive ACCOUNT
Let us serve you in this capacity.
Public Accountants
Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Portland, Oregon.
Kev. B. V. Ktilly, who hits been pastor
of ft. Lulie's church, preached bis firo
Your Digestion
in Shape
Many ailments are caused
by stomach weakness.
Faulty digestion leads to
biliousness, sick headache,
dizziness, sallow skin and
eruptions. Maintain a
healthy condition of the
stomach and you will get
rid of the chief cause of your
sufferings. Do not neglect
the laws of Health. Keep
stomach, liver and bowels
in order by timely me of
well sermon lust Sunday nutl departs
thin week fur his new duties as chnp
lain of the Mnrjlhurst Cuthulic Nor
mill school, ni'Hi' Oswego. Hit health
would not permit liim to retitiu the pas
torate ltt'ru. Never wan priest no well
liked hero as Fr. Kelly and nil are snr
ry "to lose him, nt only those of tho
eliurrh lint tli whole liity.lmlepeu
By Houry Wood
I " ni t ! l'tvus Stuff Corresjioiiilont.)
Faris. (By Mail.) letnils have jus!
been received frulu Lille 1111 wuat is fun
M'ierod without iitctioii the iri-atest
t-oiitritiiintiun " made to the war liy uny
one single family.
The head of tins family was Monsieur
Vi nhee, a fnriner living at Keniitighe,
onr Ypres. At the outbreak of the
lie was the father of .'Si! iiviiio rhil
d'-en, fourteen girls ami tweutv two
jlinys. Of the latter, during the course
jot the war I'll fuuiiht in the French
r.-.iiks. mr inene twenty ,t!intemi were
killed mid three were erriiaiii'iitly (lis
ehari;i'il a the result of wounds nim
ting them fur further S r lee. Still nn-
ln'r was v.ounded four times during
the war.
In I !' 1 7. the widow of one of the sons,
Alfred, was also willed duriiii, ihe bom
bui'diuciit of unkerciio. Fdio ieft five
orphans. Biit even before this, Mon
sieur Vanhee had already giion'up his
life to the (lermtins. In Ortolu r of J!W
h had r to l.ille with one of his
daughters to celebrate Ihe Iiirt!id..y of a
relative. On his return ho , the two
wern niulit by a German patrol und
ludli .-li.it.
A winner of the Croix de Hurt ro when
only three and a half years old i the
uuiiproiiehnle record of little Roge,
Ibioux of Snint Ihe. 1'ra :ee. Kogcr is
now eight year old ami has only just
received the war decoration, hut his ci
tation mentions service that he per
formed nearly five years U(jo, when the
tiorinnns rushed into his little home
town out on tho French Alsalinn bonier.
Little Ho'jer flatly refusei, to have
any dealings with the enemy. Though
just a tiny tot he resisted the presump
tion of the Prussians who tried to make
friends with him. But Kngor wouldn't
lie won over, lie refused eun to sr.y
"boa jour" to the enemy and now
wears the Croix de (luorre for his stern
liess in the face of the enemy "ad -j
vnnces." .
tiveucss where doughboys arc lOnecrned.,
France has found still another means
of living up to the national motto,
"Liberty, Kijuulity, Fraternity." A,
simple "poilu," a private soldier of thej
second grade with nothing to his pari
ticular credit other than thai he repre -I
sents the great niass of the "poilus" of;
Francohas been named a candidate, for;
the French academe The "fortv Tin-
' mill!,, la ' ' I....-.1 .t.l...l .-.. ni!i I K..I, I i..,-. '
Jofi're and For It to their numbers
but it remained for the League of Foilus
an orjjr.u.iition of French veteran:., to
really undertake the dciuoeiatiziag of
the military branch of the most fa man.
of France 'a intellectual organizations.
The league has nominated Louis Arnould
Oremilly, one of its members, us fundi-j
date for the, seat now vaci.nt iu the;
academy. j
Approximately four thousand army j
dentists in a combined ntlack on thej
jaws of nearly two million dougaboys
succeeded in rupturing 67,loi leetii dur
ing one month alone. All records I'or
tooth extractions in the A. h. F. were,
broken iu that mouth when this enor
mous number of teeth was removed from
the aching ji.ws of America'! "over
here" heroes.
- Fulling teeth was not the only oei upa-
tion of the heartless army dentists, for;
during the same mouth 7li,no' tidings
were put i'l.
The chief dental surgeon of Ihe A. i.
F. reports that during the course l
hostilities seven army dentistt, were
killed by shell fire and thut over Jurty
were injured.
Advice to prospective bigamists. Be
fore becoming a bigamist, it witl be
advisable to win honors on the field ot
battle if you would escape the penalties
of tho law. . . I
The French military court has justj
pardoned a aoMier bigamist. Jean
Allele's home is in Coimnines. Iu 1910
he married Mile. Meurchiet und lived
, , . . , , ., , hnpnilv with her until August, 1914,
Travel by air routes and avoid the 1 .. , . ,.. .:..'
mien nr wan cumu iu iiiu
congesting of the already overworked
rnilrotuls. That in substance is the plea
now being innde Ivy aviation promoters
ill Oeriuaiiy. Time schedules of (ioinian
passenger-carrying air services, have
been received in Paris. Extensive ad
vertising of the air routes is being car
loues Kniitson, 17 years old, was al
most instantly killed Friday night near
his home, one half mile west of
Needy, when Ihe automobile in which
he wus riding turned over while pass
ing a binder driven 'by Harvey Hilton.
His ihal( and neck were broken when
he was pinned under the cor.
Iliivmer Frcdf richaon lit years old,
win willi Kiniisoii In the cnr. The boys
did not nonce the binder until almost
upon it and tinned to the right to Miss
it. The cur went into the ditch along
the roiid nml, in leaving tlui ditch
tinned Wit, Fredei ichson wus not in-
Is ii ut son mi a son of ('. (". Kniilson.
The bodv was taken to Aurora, Funer
al s.-r,ee were held Sun, lav anil liur-
iol was in the Swedish ceoieleiy nt
was wounded three times and was twice1
cited for the Croix de Guerre. In 1P1V,
while on convalescence leave he met
Mile. Detruit, and soon afterwards,'
married her. lie had passed hiniseif as;
j unmarried, and until the end of the war,
i ..ii ..ti in ... ..
i , , . in" III wen. iu-n vwihc im- nii.n-
iici UN, I in imi ncis in me iiro.eei iiuiui- . no. t i
. .. , , , i tice, und soon thereafter All e. Abelu
mc nut the ndvBiidnges of seroplane tra- ,'. , i . i
7 . ., , . . . . 'seeking her lung-lost so diei hus.iund.
vel over that of trains, and uructicullv , ... , - A .,
. . r Htm l.tnt.il liim Mint n1u,i f, nun wifil
II. ....l.tl.. ... ..:...!... 1 ID '
mi;iii( I hit jrui'in ni f;ir I lie i nil I imiiB
a chance to rebuild and to repair the
a... tv ti.i.l II.m i.n.l urn.,.
According to the time s. ho.lule " re- r"""'r ?,","l"';"l,,c' ,Wifc "Ul,"1l.'7 D"e
eeivel her,, ,..lr civilian aic service! wn 0,,'r '"M'l'V lo reestablish her
has been established between the Berlin
niul tlm iiilloK fif lliiuihiirir Ttiiiillvor.
vv,.i .....i .,,i,... ' viction of tin
... ..v....... ...... , .,.. ....... ...
the lurger cities.
found him. ,' tjhc also fiund wife
liiumber two. Wife number two i.greed
.that her claims on Abide were indeed
I home. The court martini
couldn't bring themselves to
brave soldier.
tho con-
Large shipments of salmon, better
known to the American doughboys nsi
"goldfish, " which were destined to be;
consumed by the A. K. F. tire now beingi
ahippeil lo the Italian army of ovi iipn-
tioii in the Tyrol. Great quantities of. Approximately t seventy-five new -the
sustaining but uiiH)pulnr food were stores will be opened next spring by
on hand lit the American win chouses in the ,1. C. Penny company. This is the
Marseilles when the war ended. With largest number of stores thut this com-,
the rapidlv diminishing demand of thell"l.v has opened at one tune and is
A. F.. F., much of the canned s.ilmon hus " ",s progiessive forward step that
ttic orita luxation nas ever ihki'ii aim
Ur...l S.l. ml Ant MHclM In iIm WnU
6M nmmkmn. In kasas. lUc. 1S.
Koikhuid. Me.- William Htowell lias
a cat which indilies tor linn mi the local
gulf course. The cat chases the ball and
Is by it until (slowoll catches up.
The transport TlmmnH left Snn Finn
eisc.i Friday with 711 recruits for the
Amen, nil iiriiiy in .Siberia.
li. A. Booth, stale highway commis
sioner, killed a rattlesnake on the Pa
eifie highway near Ashlund and took its
eight rattles n few days no.
been reshiened to Genoa mid llience ov
erland to the Italian front. Tin Il.iiiniiS,m'1".'" ':' '!','"
like the scorned American " goldfish,'
a food which long since lost lis nttrne
New Fall Woolens
They consist of the best hard fin
ished worsteds, blue serges, and the
very latest in overcoat woolens. As
this line must be seen to be appre
ciated your inspection will prove
time well spent.
Owing to our buying at a time
when woolens were cheaper we are
able to make either suit or overcoat
at a very reasonable figure.
High Class Tailor to Men and Women
Court Street
ft .
linnnels for rendering
ervioe to the liutilie. It means the re
sumption of expansion which was re
tarded due to i noses brought about by
war. This menus increased piirchasie
power and increased prestige iu the
mercantile nun ket.
Tne .1. '. Penny company whose
business was started ill U'l- as a part
neishlp, was ineoriNirated ill III 13 under
the laws of I'tnh. The company at the
present time operates one hundred and
iiintysmen department ptotvs in L'.1
slates, and is toe largest chain of de
partment stores of its kind iu the
The growth of the company has been
steady since the inception of the busi
ness. All sales are for cash, and the
satisfactory profits have been in a large
measure due to their ability to turn
their enpital frequently on this basis.
At the present rate the company's vol
ume of business in 1919 will exceed
L's,tlOll,O00.IUI. ,
The business of the company is un
der the luauugi'inent of the same men
who have been at its head since its
inception, mid the policy of making the
manager of eac h store a stockholder in
the business insures the permanence of
the organization. The :) IHMi.onu seven
per cen? ciiniiibitive preferred stock sdd
recently to their New tork and Chicago
brokers will be offered to the public as
an investment.
The execiitiie offices of the company
are maintained in few York Pity. Buy
ing ofiices are in New York .citr, St.
Louis and pit. Paul. The company until
the last few years oioriitrd their stores
almost exclusively in the west, but the
j owning of seventv five new stores is
i ii i ',ni 'lvance guard of a Ion" line of er
a nenri in .. .,,;...,. ... . i. t.
n . li ti I t I 1 mmiiuii in leniii iiiuu
i mwr. rcess'ic MHYHitflna s laicsi iiic-
Some fu to tinea
llauvrlh-lluliui $ur.
Famed 'Frisco Tea House
Loaned By Its Owner For
Hayakawa's New Release
Manv of the scenes
tare are in a tea enrden and tea omise
M. llsgawawa. owner of the .lspaiicm-left-garden
in tiulden Gate Park. San
wean to ocean.
An article by Mr. ,T. C. Penney in the
August number of the American maga
, , . . , , , n - . . uouun ' in. iuimiiiii linn
.n. ,. , , , . .... -m miiiiiiiiiiii.... .uprtj.fi.l 1- 1 ..c-
nutstde Japan knew Haynkawa sod.
vouno man
tt-c I .1., ... i.;. ...
iTsurn Anki his wife, in Japan years J,,,,,,,,, wha! M, ,,,.,,,,,.,, for itiU
,sgo, and volunteered the use of his.,,iv, 11(ff ,if, ,,nthllslm.
plnee for this and other produetiniis of
llnvaKawa. j
L i- -l:. . 1. . . i . . i. . !
r.iriT isi-uiiT was omiicii si iMreciori
Wort!ngtor,'. "d.s,K...I by M. llagaw. Tw rMmjM1 f . & families
-i... ... ,.. ,...,,. irili , V., , x,tu,.r J..I- I; .k
appear in several of the scenes of "A
Heart ta Pawn" to lie shown Sunday
and Monday at Ye Liberty theatie. A
beautiful Nii.i,neiM musical liromain
lawn at Mr. ami Jirs. J. M. W. lion
ney , the old hmuestisad. Th't seemed
to all the erfi t place for uch a
meeting, the old hoin has been sold
i - -J5i. :
I 1 r
P!ake our store your store. We carry
a complete line of Victrolas, Pathes,
Victor and Pathes Records. There is
nothing that will bring more pleasure
to the home than music. The Victor and IT
Pathe machines are two of the best.
Victor Outfits:
1 Victrola 1
20 Selections Oil V
200 Needles RJ
Pathe Machines
Play all makes of records better. You
have no par(s to change. The Pathe
machine is equipped with the wonder-1
ful Universal Reproducer.
s Pathe Outfit:
1 Pathe l
Y it20 Selections 0H1Y
200 Needles WfiJy
Him '1Ji;
1A i'.i-Kit'li'-t H ! -;:
uiu2i mm y 1 1 1
Trade In Your Old Machines
as part payment on a new one. We will allow you all it
is worth and give you your terms with in reason on balance.
Four Stores . , yf) 1
- i A
!J . -i- t--j'e!
Baby Sleeps at Night
whim ttw fomm-h work4" naturally And
boweis move trpely. Mn. Window iS . -up
i rtpe iii rwommentlrti ft quis.k
W nwrrmrirn mwA tvtoc. diwrrrxien.
con(tpon, flitul-wy. and mlpr aw
oeden. Help bbv'sdipT-ttt v ivltt
nH fKC th hflth-huiiHimif t:tp that
4 tow . Nthwi brttcr tur irt-ih:
ttrae. Thw rwMly eonrams no rr'i.i .
narmtic, !- i4i m any twr4.;ui
UtftSa ot th wynahtv' i4r- "
At mtt druggi
it. .. i it . . ...
iu- .nr. nun .urs. ,i. m. , jioimey,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Hull, Mr. and -Mrs,
h. Hall, Mr. mid Mrs. Cieo. Bnn
ney, Mr. and Mrs. '. K. Tyler. Mr nnd
Mrs. Hartley ilnnney, Mr. and Mrs.
1 11 II . - r .
j mil runnier, Jir. nnu -Mrs. jtiirry t ry
ler, llis. IJnwena Bonney, Mrs. Maude
iSfott. Mrs. Meier lnvls, Mies Lnuri
j .Homier, Miss Ethel Bnnnev, Miss Ina
1ionney, Mrs. Carrie Vomiir, Frank
Hiuiney, rraiiklin and iliarleg Tyler,
Kuliert Mentt, llertn Ilnnney, artha Ty
ler, Leon a and iSenle Benney, Rny
ltonney, Uarth Bonney of The Ualles.
Doris and Alv linvin, Dornthv nnd
Harry d'rycri Jr. Woodburn liidejieud-ent.
. 'President Requests House
lorostpne Recess Period
Washington, Auff. 1. Fresi
ilent Wilson has nsked thn
house to .postpone its propos
ed recess until definite Be-1 ion,
is taken upon his recommen
dation regarding the railroad
wnjfe situation. . The presi
dent's request was contained
in a letter to Speaker Oillett
But three vai-aneies remain unfilled
in the faculty of the Hood River city
Nearly nil the forest fires in Jackt.cn,
Idnn and Lane counties were set bv
1 Becuuse of a possible wheat short
age France may again lie put on
Dread rations in (September.
Ir. Malcolm McKinnoii, a prominent
pnysuian Dr .-na 1'uint, Iilaho, was
lightning, aoeording, to htate Forester killed Wednesdav evening w hen his ant.
Klliolt. ...t..nj .' ir-:
crnitiiiiu lll-HT JlUIUt-S.
J. C. Perry's.
i , . - I w Vl U'UiV H Will
k vi , r""K,Hl ly - Hsd.r!h,d wdl ,,, !, Bew hsnd,. and
Knhter for this engsgcnient
eoiiie made ihe ilsr one of pleasure is
well as sailnens. The latter would un-
willingly slip into our minds at times
yet it seemed everyone was willing to
add their l:t to th; pleasures of the
The dinner was indescribable, as it
was just goo l, which means more than
one can dosrnhe. It tin served aiiout
l p. ni. and Ihe afternoon was spent
in good old time visit with music,
from toe vii-troia.
The oldef guest present was Mrs.
Kmi!y Bmyle. of Fortland. a tousia
of B. t. Bonneq." is JS yesr old.
An additional guest was Mrs. James
Acre, a friend of Mrs. Frver, from
the getting together of all who tould Walnut Creek, CaL Othera" present
For the past few years flismonds have been steadily increasing ia value
snd in a very few years more, really good diamonds will be sesiee and far
more expensive than now. If yu contemplate buying a diamond do it
at once. We have a number of excellent values. It will L a pleasure
to show them to you.
Jewelers and Opticians
Northwest Corner 0 State crd Liberty Streets