Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 31, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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A man is as old as his organs ; he
an be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
Tke world's standard remedy for kidney,
Km, bladder and ark acid trouble
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vital organs. All druggists, three sizes.
Laja far BiM CM Madal aa ararr Wa
4 aeeepi aa Mamma
Some days ago Governor Olcott joined
wtih State Forester Elliott and District
" Forester Oe.il of Portland in a request
to the Washington authorities that an
air patrol be established in Oregon to
assist the forest service in guarding
sgui: st fires in the timber regions. A
message has ju8t teen received by the
governor stating that orders have been
forwarded from Washington to Colonel
H. 11. Arnold, commander of Mather fly
ing field, authorizing him to co-operate
with the Oregon officials and virtually
leaving the matter in his hand. A tele
gram was sent from the governor' of
fice this morning to Colonel Arnold
asking for further information as to
what might be expected. A reply Is
looked fur at uny time this afternoon,
and considering the uttitude of Coionel
Arnold as shown in conversation with
Governor Oleott it is taken for granted
that the service will be provided at an
early date.
n a s. e v. .
r'A I , h H K F
witk ,he ,,Iuvijitfa ,hat ,fc Ur Ui xl f r: -3v 1 1 - ii. ,:i,.,Li,.ll., ." - ' . ZT " '
A T be first elas. But he did rot happen For ItchblS Torture f """" 1
Cpsaroim ! L i.t w f. M " ') - - . 1
is M
To the Editor: We have been notS
fied through the column of the daily
press that the telephone rates are to
be increased the first of August.
Somebody" with whom the public
by this time are quite well acquainted,
lias turned us over to the tender (!)
mercies of the Boll Telephone corpora
tion to be plundered at will, or aacri-
with the provision that the hay had to
be first cla.-s. But he did not happen
to buy any from me.
To other farmers I want to kit thi.t
the price of hay this year w.U largely
depend on wlist we a. k for it. I dj not
meun to be unreasonable, but ai the
present high ot of producing a hay
crop we are enttiled to at ieist JiO a
ton for gwod baled hr.y in lae field.
The demand will justify us in aski;
that much for it. But if we sell for
what the dealers want to give us the
price will not ie that hih ami, as has
happened before, they will make the
1 told one dealer recently of fanners
who have been paid t-0 for several lots
fiee the convenience of a much needed of hay in the field bv a leading dairv
communication system, thir state com-j in the county. He ridieuled that dairv
mission had declared itself helpless be-jas paving more than was juutfiod. I
fore this mighty aoverignty, whom, bywaut"t0 MT that dairv believes in the
a single scratch of the pert has tfulU- .Uve ttnd k,t Uve. HfT- 0ur ,,,
f.ed the dwiaioa rendered by our com- re uwasW hniilA ,n
nation. The people have cut one choice . . . ..
--either bo down and humblv kiss ib''l"8 P1' ? th th ha rP blK
the hand that has smitten them, and ,h,, ?eT nd we rt l't t0 hav our
place therein the amount of ransom ha? 1,,f on our nn,,8 11 do not sell
demanded for further services, or as-' ( thoi' Pricf- Why do these dealers try
sert their rights by simply ordering I to serve the farmers as they do? Surely
out their phones. A goodly number are I they realize that without the farmetrs
pledged to do this, and we hope they their business could not exist. Yet, for
make good, if this movement were
general, there would be no increase.
We of course cannot tell how many
will go out this eoming week, but
we'll venture a guess that the linemen
will be busy for the next few days.
We do at least hope that those few
of us who feel they can afford to pay
the increase will get .better service
for their money than "we all" have
been getting for some months past.
Yours trulv,
MlOl'RI MllK,
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many receiving wounds. The negroes fi-;
nally dispersed. j
Hospitals throughout the south side,
where the negro settlements are located,
have been filled to overflowing with
wounded of both races. More tnan 300
who have bee shot and in jured by beat
ings are in hospitals, police estimated.
Several hundred others received treat
ment at home, it was believed.
Additional plans for order and regular
process of law, as well as pleas for
order, were issued by public officials
and leaders of both races. Mayor
Thompson and Governor Lowdeu asscrt-
profit if we will only ask it and refuse t& the law must rule and that rioters
to sell below a price that will return us wiU be vigorously proseeuted, while no
o profit. I uuderstr.nd that in Idaho Rro t ivie leaders urged their citizens to
aifd Montana they are already feeding kopp within their homes and desist r.-oia
hav and with no surplus on hand. I mi molesting whites.
looking for a big demand before har-J Several alleged rioters were fined in
To the Editor: What do the farmers vest times comes again. When I bought police court yesterdav and other cases!
in this section of tho valley intend to vetcn and clover seen rrora tne dealers Were docketed for today,
do regarding the price of hay 7 It seems, 1 paid their price, .now let tnem pay;
to me that there is someone trying to jours. A FARMElt.
eHtaViliuh tlm Ttricn at Al.t a Inn. itlw-inrrl 1
car. Recently a man made that offer $$ JCP AIT 111 TTlC Gfcle $$ $$ Keep 'flS !r, Tll Vfick $$
the farmers, who are busy from sun-up
to sundown and have to battle with the
elements to retur na profit on their in
vestments, find the selling part of the
' . V . I 1 ,
Knuic ma aiiiesi
Farmers, do not sell your hat at cost.
We are entitled to a legitimate profit
and 1, for one, am ready to quit if we
cannot get it. But we will gel a fuir
There is one remedy that seldom
fails to stop itching torture and relieve
skin irritation and that makes the skin
soft, clear and healthy.
Any druggist can enpply you with
Zemo, which generally overcomes all
skin diseases. Et-iema, itch, nimples,
rashes, blackbe.i H n-o?t esses give
way to Zerr.tv. Kr minor blem
ishes disappear r u'lt. Itching us
ually stops inst . A'T.o is a safe,
antiseptic liquid, clsin, cas? M uss and
dependable. It costs ctUv Xc, bu ex
tra Urge bottle, SI.OOl It will not stain,
is not greasy or sticky and is positively
safe for tender, sensitive skins,
The E. W. Rtae Co.. Cleveland. 0.
'$$ Don't Let em Roam $$
A Smashing Blow Is Being Dealt War Prices
'.' f
) I
Has Roused a Buying Frenzy Which Will Not Ceae
AND NO WONDER, for to find so many hundreds of startlingly low prices on the merchandise people
want most just at present, regardless of the ever increasing cost of so many commodities which means much
to every person and f amily. Not an occasional savirg here and there, but sensational reductions on practic
ally everything you need to eat and wear. Schrunk's entire stock of fine GROCERIES and every day neces
sities of life, also C. F. Hurlburt's h?gh grade stock of DRY GOODS, FURNISHING GOODS, SHOES, etc.,
is being sacrificed at the most sensational prices ever known in the history of Salem. You were promised
bargains and you found theme here! Each day each hourwill bring new surprises. We can not display
all of these two stocks on our sales floor at one time, .0 come daily for new bargains 1 REMEMBER! This
sale will continue until every article is sold and no reasonable offer will be refused for any part or all of
these two stocks or fixtures. ...
Two Big Stocks In One Monster Sale
Schrunk's $7,500 Stock of Staple Groceries and Hurlburt's $10,000 Stock
of Dry Goods, Furnishings and Shoes Now On Public Sale to Close Out.
BUSY! Well, Rather!
We have been too busy all week taking care of the Greatest Shopping Throng in Salem's History to
write adds or list bargains But the bargains are here New Ones, Too! And we are going to make FRIDAY
and SATURDAY two of the busiest and biggest bargain days in the history of Salem. A Death Blow is
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Slightly damaged CNrf'! 17vfvn CLVrMl? Black walnuts going at
double fold linings, as- i-tl d. HkLI d OpCUdl.
sorted!now0rthto SATURDAY, AUG. 2nd 1Uclb-
IS? laundry Soap lc Per Bar A.iHo(Kibreguior
36-inch wide fancy , ... . , . . 30c V glass- we close
... , ., Saturday only we will sell 5 bars of laundrv soap . ,
white wash voiles, for wth purchase of 2M or over in any de- them out now fc '
Worth to ioc, for partment except groceries. ' J5C
28c .
Children's medium All makes of fruit jars A sma ot of GoId Aunt Jemima Pan Cake
weieht white underwear (all sizes) will be closed Rimmed Dinner , t
Shirts and Drawers out for less thar whole- wbrth 35c onF 6ale' the
worth 7oc, for sale cost now for 10c
38c 19c
GruXout Plain white, full si, T'
M&uef "t Dinner PUtes, worth M-b.tod-.th
to close out 24c ow to cIose out at out at
$19 Bote 16c 35c
WE have for your immediate selection LEE UNIONALLS, SUPER
10 RALLS CAN'T BUST 'EM! These are of the very heaviest grade
of denim, extra full cut.
THEY are strongly made, tripple stitched, made for the use of
mechanics, painters, and for all purposes where you should be com
pletely covered up.
THE AUTOMOBILE OWNER should not be without a pair as
they are easily carried and when you experience trouble on the road,
they are handy to pull on, and your clothes are protected.
THEY are so easy to slide into in a hurry, use them around the
house, for cleaning the furnace, handling wood and all the many small
chores to be done.
WHY ruin your suit, when by investing in a LEE UNIONALL or
one of the other garments, you can lengthen the life of your suit and
save this loss it's an investment.
Invest $4.50 Now
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J Salem Woolen Mills Store
1 1 1 i ' mi ii. . i i , , "
' fc-.t -..a,,, n-i-,,1,,-,, ,!--!,.- TT- ...... .,... .... ". .. , 1
t " " ''ftflinTOflBSBsasssa iim"iir irsflBWiljlaMlHi ili'i.iiiii.iM
WRuliirirrtoii, July 30. CousidvrLnvi
f the oil In ml lcnsing bill was logun
liv Hid somite iiiljlic Hinds commiltco to
dav. Ki'orctnry T.nne iiiforuu.d the eornmit
tco Hint lie mid Hwrotiuy Daniels and
Hccri'tiuy Hnkcr linil been ti nri )!( to
complete their rccOmiiiemlutiotis remind
iiiK proU'ction of oil lumls iicci'snii.y to
insure a fuel eujiply to tho nuvy.
Fort Dudi;e, lowu. A dortor In a mo
torrur on bud roads hasn't u ehiiiirfl to
bent the stork thee modern times, I)r.
V. C. Sknhlue believed. He bought r.n
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Idry diiys, the truffie (lepnrhnenl Mtalen,
j while there is a Irijj drop in the Mini
jber of speideis arrested. There is n
considerable reduction in other forms of
accidents this month over the June roe
jord and this is attributed largely to tho
la.k of intoxicated persons carelessly
crossing streets.
j Thus far, a dry Han Frnmisoo 1ms
made no difference in the consumption
of water, neither has it materially n
fected bunk clearings. The latter show
only the usual annual xin oet last
year's business.
"Willi the averu(n liumnn beine lis-
iug 40 bullous of wuter a day, and the
k varying
there is no
mpti'in of
water here," suiil O. fc, (.'lernens, nisn-
nger of the Hjiring Valley Water eom
An Economical, Delightful, Light Place to
idling 40 gullons of wnter a day
1 usual amount of water drank
jlfroin a pint t0 thri'e pints, th
j j difference at all in the consnii
C. F. HURLBURT, Now In Charge to Close Out
270 North Commercial St., Salem, Oregon.
j Loi Angeles Record Cleat. er.
i Los Anodes, Cel., July 31. It has
taken just a month of prohibition to
'wipe out the Los Angeles chain gang
and to multiply the consumption of soft
"binks by thirteen.
j Those were the outsta-iidintr features
of the local situation today after 30
days without liiUor.
j June 30, when the nation went dry
ilh " were over 50 persons serving Jail
jsentei crs for drunkenness or vagrancy,
jof whom Duty were eligible or erv
ic on the county r'ain ping. Hut to-
'lay there is no chain g.i .g because there
sre only five prisoners in jail eligible
for service. What people arc drinking
' in the place of stimulants is shown
T clearly by the internal revenue oD ice's
report. During the two months of Mnv
and June collections of war lax on soft.'
drinks in I.os Angeles totalled I.",SI. i
90 or less thnn $7W)0 per month. During
July the collections have totalled !!,
3Mi.74, an increase of over 1-IO0 per
Automobile accidents have decreased
about 3i per cent accordinK to the best
estimates available. Consumption of
t Bio
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water had increased, but whetner this IsjSAVE MAIL ORDER POSTAGE BUYING AT HOME
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