Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 26, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1919.
11 Is A Pleasure to
Where You Are Treated Right
And where you know you arc getting good merchandise, and are sure you are
getting it at the least money. All who have traded at the J C pm.. rl i
this beyond the shadow of a douht Es.;all a! .TV:, ? Penne.Co-:.kAw
. - r-.v uovo uum irue witn hiHtiFS
July 28, MondiT -Chia Chin'
at Grand opera house.
July 30 Wednesday Uance
it armory given by lkV kdje.
Fine Brown Kid Shoe
Here is one of the neatest shoes you can
find. All kid leathpr. French Wl r.nnJ-
- j - y a
year welt sole, wing tip. A beauty at
All Black Kid Shoe
une oi the best wearing and most
Comfortable shoes to be gotten. Imita
tion tip, welt sole. Have in either the
French or Military heel
White Canvas Shoes
In a great variety of styles and quality
ac prices that will surprise you.
Pearl Gre? Kid Shoe
One of the biggest favorites we have
had this summer. To see it is to desire
it. rrench heel, imitation tip, welt sole.
A bargain now at
Of all the desirable shades of the sea
son, White, Grey, Brown, Black, from
$2.98 to $8.50
Grey Cloth Top 3kk Kid Vamp
A shoe that is very popular and a bar
gain. Have rubber tipped military or
French heel
. , ' 1 11 T"rr- --1 " ii i mil r r i
AH Around Town
I mini 11
W. E. CltO&BV
iMIM A81IM Knwlnml l..,. !.. .
,...,,,, B Jlu,t ruiurn-
f(t from a two wooka vacation spent at
INcWIIOrt. Tiler w..rn .. ..:..j ....
lh 1... .' : "-.-l-'ii uu
J ' v J. v. uochtal mi Miss
Th.. .., "'":
Y """ "iT aim round the
roads in excellent condition.
! Pyrex Trauspar.nt Orenware, erye
on tho table in the vessel you rook in.
KMiioiiucal, sanitary ami mitmruotorv.
Hill Iiiip on display at Hamilton ail)
tourt St. '
trf Northern riour. if a Bear,
vary sank g uaranteed. At your gro'
Touight, dance at M. B. A. new Che-
jnawa. d fmir liw r,.h(.arIl Au0
loavca Masonic, Temple N:HO.
iK)uii E. Eastman, one of the proiul-
Ill-lit business i,i..,t u:t. ....
; , , , '" "" ion OXper-
n-iiced the jv, of ri,linS in the air
with Aunt... L'l . ' "
...... .... ,,,., vOK front Snlem
....riiun in njjht niuiuleii an,l
return aitninat tho siml 1.. 11
" "iinuea.
ti ' ,H'"H" h ln08t I'litliusiastic over
ninnner with which Avia
tor Cook handled the Curtice piano or
.'onny as it ig generally known.
""' '".V'"K Mr. haetnian to Silver
on and Wk in the open highway of
he air, Lieutenant Cook hue earried
IJ pawenifere for an overhead view of
Malem, and all commented most onthin
m.Hhcally over tho eaM with which
the aviator handlo his plane and es
pi'cially on the eareful manner with
winch a landing was made. f
We mv Khart.
.. - - -4 v.fc an jnaeomc
BOT'l Dlav milt. In n. T rrj,
..11 r .1 . union
'HI for the irrow nir i-hiMn;ui 1.
Dr. Mott, Bauk of Commerto, 07 8.
Arttficl"! teeth.
mn. With iivnr .IS I .
T rinriente.
".ln?.0.,?Loe- D. X. Boochler. den.
tin, 3US u. 8. Nat. bank bldir. tf
Dr. Stone has moved hi fir
Com. Wt.
ter campaign ia Europe. There wilr
loon be offered at auction m,HH)
pound, of mutton, fre,h frozen and 8,-.
IWXUHX) pounds of pork. The onlv die-'
jcouraging feature for the "ult'imate1
consumer or average citiren, i, that '
ids will not be received for amounts '
le than 50OO pounds. j
0 '
Or. Stone hu
Com. St.
i o
IeJJCt at Query 'g hail at Uvealer
station on Sat. niah J.,lv ?ii M..rk 1
:ment served. Good floor, good music!
j 7-245
' T O I
1 ror first elaaa wort ceil Society
RZX' 1272 8ta-
I J. B. Johnson, recently from oversew
t ha, opened up a ehnp for automobile '
painting at 220 S. Liberty street and
asm a share of your patronage. First
clase work a ipceialty. 7.09
D. I Howard of northern Mississippi
who made his home in Kalem a few
winter, ago, i. again in the eitv, at
tracted to ihla ..I .L. ! .
.. . r " ",B worm Dy
the f,n Wlamette lummer climate.
This ia Vr l)A...r. t 1 l
- -.-.ii 9 .lourin irip to
oalem. Each tim v. v.. . .
u. . " . . - u reiurnsa 10
I -.1 ti.ue reiuruea 10
. J , . "Ffwuing ine win
. iuAKv. iar. iiuwarit has ex
tensive cotton interests in -Mississim,;
1 0
Prof. J. A. QlllasnU fv on .....
, r-t v
""perinrenaent or the Ne
braska Slat il..l,;tn ... .1..
has again consented to come to Salem
itP a jiuuiic Ji'cturo at itlie
Moose hall HnnHnv Tnlt. or
tome ind hoar wW Pp niu:
has to tell you. Seats free and no col-
lA.tin -
0 "
If you have ilml&n.
- - , " HunuiVBl BMJI
your plane at the airplane service sta
tion of Oswald & Savage, on South
( oinniercinl trcet, tire medalists. Vor
this puternrijitMw firm :. .... -..-.i-
is 19 inn uiiiv pro-
pared to care for automobile troubles,
.. iints esiaoiignca the first air
plane service station in the city. Tak
ing a peep into the future, tlio firm
Heckled to get in 011 the ground floor
for the Cnmino- 1inuti.ua. i
alem now hns about the most acUve
aviation field in the slate. There is
a Salem company owning an uirplane,
and thero will be continual flights l.y
army flyers, all of which will create
a demand for airplane supplies. Hence
the establishing ,by Oswald & Savage
f an airplano service station.
o - .w. BAin. Ill II III II T , 1 . ..
the late Mrs. Jennie Wil,l,i,i 1M tM ralt" of ia I. B. S. A
on sale Monday. Julv 2S. a T-.n ,.'luare W1,h xlt- Hinuir' Hear Prof.
Bush street. 7 .. ttllit'pii Slooso hall Sunday,
o- 7"-8 July 27, 3 p. m. ,7.'
Dr. 1. R flnrtnlTAf. IUU a a I 0
... i--...o"., u-ui.n, aaoore
bldg. eorner Court and LibcrtT.
As designed by the Arbiters of FasUon is very Shapely in Con-'
tour, with a decided curve at the waist Hough the outer gar
ments appear straight, the frocks really fit at the waist line.
The modeling of your figure into the new Ikes which after
Sii are nature s lines enhanced will iWnfl
. . -"I" viiiuvij UJJUU UiC vouch
W of m conel lierefore. it M be selected carefully. We lave many
txceLenl corsel but we call your partMar attention in ft announcement to
Warner 1 Rns Proof a corset designed on Hnes adapted lo a figure of tie average
size as here snown.
There are so many good things about Warners corsets that we might talk on
miennitely, hut we will name iust two-He SHAPE and the GUARANTY. It is
PRICES $1.50, $2.00, $2.50. $3.00
AND UP TO $5.00
Tj Wit 0 Proof
Phone 1072
Cora'l. & Court Streets Formerly Chi Stnm
- o v viviv
Dr. Carl B. MlUer Has opened his
Jental office at 510-511 U. 8. bank
Dr. Tj. R. BnrlnffAr HAn.i.
, . , V I MVUbMH, JUUUrO
ou.uor ouri and Liihnrtr
k.. in
bldg. Phone 311.
"See all the rest; then come and buy the best"
Izard Gas Generator
Makes Gas from Coal Oil
No Odor, Dirt Or Labor
No oil cans used to squirt oil to generate with, sim
ply turn a valve, light a match and leave it alone.
Placed in any range, heating stove or furnace. Ab
solutely safe and fully guaranteed. Cheaper than coal
or wood.
uenerai Sales Manager
VM Fourth Street. w
Portland, Ore.
State and County Distributors Wanted
Oiiy Q. Emery, guperintendent of the
i'liiiutim,ua f,)t n. ,, W,(k) h.ft thj
nftcrnoon for his homo at Hood River
j lie will Ktny with the Kllison-White
ehwitaiiqna service until Auuust "2
elosinif al Round Tp, Montnna. Mr'
jKinory sny,, ho l.ns the ye.tr divided
,11110 two puits, living seven months on
I hie Hpiile riinrh at Hood Bi,.. 0...1
jKivinK five months to siiporiiitendinir
einutmupia fr KllisnnAVhte. Next
Kverett Wn. Me ha, Inen w li l'; ', ,,
"Into for the pnat three years.
Alderman Til mi
fifth wnrd, who has been .ill for the
I'usi iwo weeKs with inf n-imntor-
NeWDOrt flshlnir uicm ...... i
tf eod aliced, 15e, and whole fish 12c per i
r vu vuu xuo pouna. JJUtS -Ma'
let. tf
feeling soinewlin
road to recovery.
TT - . ....
rlieumatium, is reported todav to he can work ,. .h.- i f.6"-..?.' i
at better Bud on the Winter clothes will be furnished. Cnli i
.V. . In! Hm ik,i m: .. !. ... I
I... i,wr oijieo in post 01 rice I
bldg, or phone 3:12. 7 2!)
Pyrex Transparent Orenware. .r-e
on the table in the vessel yon ,k i.
Kcononucal, snnitary ami satiafMctory.
nill line on tlnnlnv . n.i.,,iii
Court St. ' " W
Mr. nd Aim. o. 11 ttih.
iinte m,,rticin,, , diro,.,r.
r ut'incKcia t. rhone 724.
CU Patton Plumbing Co. for yonr
fonaif work. rhnn IfiiW pjn M
. - mvw. .uu . 1 . 111 .
Why ahtp bread from Portland. 7-20
BMem OKar Tactory Is now JuaWng
. nu untiH oaiem ' el-
jars exactly ..... .
v 1 1 u umiia uoiore
'he war. Smoking tkem remind yon of
kill tlmna -
Tha cost of high Uvlng baa been
aiiiin Siven another jolt, for now comes
the announcement throimh tho 8nlem
jiest office that airplane postage is
lust to be the same ns postage on earth
Heretofore, it has cost 13 cents to
send a letter W ...
ounce or fraction thereof. X0w it has
come down, as you raav send votir let
ters by the air route for two cents an
Ounce or fractinn tl...r..nf 4.... i;i.
dinary common postal rates. Xor Is if
necessary to hnv ..;..! I
"I'Mll nuiHHiiri
nt.nnp as heretofore. Any old kind of
" pinniii n mi ntiiri'ir m. ....... i
Aecordiiift to reports tho city water
in Kilverton is causiiiK somo litllo ainrm.
Ir is said (hut authorities hnvo declined
it impure after analysis. This it. due,
it is believed, to camps looaU'd ulong
Silver creek nbove the intukc. There
was time when the Hilver creek water
was liroiioniiced to he nf the tiurutt
the Ktate and no reason can bo assignee
ror the present condituvn except
above stnted.r-Nilvcrton Tribune.
Leave nothing to be desired in our "Made to Order"
Perfect fitting is guaranteed.
m'5 kalem Bank of Commerce Building
of those ft day and it is of tho finest
i i . . , Ijjnuie. -liiey are behind wuh orde,s
In an interview with P. D. Mcintosh,! which shows that Jordaa cheese is h, do
nril. t'l'r aitl fhna molrn. iLA linm.J Ui. r. -1
'"IU IUU IHli,
I t, Ai. 7; 'a tmp wili Bituwor. You muv Mnd
JUtLV ,bw"f Co. U l.j.enled paokae.. m the"' do7ot
r I l.ilii.i(r a pavuiK plant at Kola, nre exceed 30 inches in ie.h "
mratorv in ..... . .: .
li t I"??- H " u,lll""l'"l the con
1 - ! 0 r,,ll'nr bejiins with the
;! on the west end of the big bridge
Thy c-mnpany will Inter install at Rick-
reall. Jt will lnk ii. , ..
k.vvt riigine xor uriviujj.
Pvtwt IV.11.M......
' ..i.ui vyenwara, serve
!'n the table in the ves.el yon cook in
jhconoinical. sanitary ami atisfac:o,v.
rii II linn nn ,li.,,l. .. n .,.
fourt St. ' ' """""on 30
Now U the time to U m .
i mutton, fresh fn..n. -v. I t
ch...., .1.. " ' Pur
.... . Krrmnent u now ad
Attorney p. J. Kunt has moyed hla
offices to room 2li Hank ef i ommerce
1 hone 34M, -
Special commiinlcahrn Pa
cific lodite No. if , F. A.
M. Sunday 1 p. ir. fa attind
oncrai of onr 1st Bro. A. J.
Stmnff. Visitin- hrfltlir,.n ' I.! I III
vi,.,1 I., .x..4 n , I I aJ
- .il.uu.
free leoatint vi. .v..
, . ' - "i- oTvrcvni' I
eta the world, topie of Prof. J. A. Oil-
lesblA tti M ...... lii , , . . I
, v uau otinuay julr x7 1
3 P- s 7 26
o I
v-rt'uinir fo n." . . Z Z,.l i"1 "fnrf awiey .pent for
were intended for a 'detract. ... mu"h , 'I kl'""' "
We will counsel you
nhen yon need cur
assistance. We will
serve yuu courteous
ly mid - faithfully.
We are trained in
the most modern
methods of our ecien
tific profession.
mnni-L'er and chose maker of the
Choose Factory last week, wc kariied
that business has been exceptionally
iioud with them. Tn .tuna f.,..i.
., . .... --. ,ui imj
sliippin 10,000 worth of tno product
to Los Anjjeles and will ship a carload
this week to San Francisco.
The rnpncitv of the plant is 1000 lbs.!
The election at Pressor, calling for a
bond isio of 1200 for the erection
of a school building, passed without a'
dUaenting yote.
iKeep Them Home:
a - vv a,uM .
t mm .
victory Ito Overcoiei Ik
ai .,1323 , 41
Even our Faith.
What is a Christian's
Come and hear what the
Scriptures say.
ioose nail.
Subject of Lecture by
Prof. J. A. Gillespie m
Of Omaha, Neb.
The Slogan of Today and of the Future
Ship By Ttfttcfe
Willamette Valley
Transfer Co.
PHONE 1400
" ,M
Prices Reduced
:: Furniture bought before the rise has now arrived t
You can save Money by Buying this week
Peoples Furniture and Hardware Store
271 N. Commercial St. Salem. f