Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 25, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1919.
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Where You Are Treated Right
And where you know you are getting good merchandise, and are sure you are
getting it at the least money. All who have traded at the J. C. Penney Co., know
this beyond the shadow of a doubt Especially does this hold tnip with stthtq
As we are the biggest shoe
on iooiwear.
Fme Brown Kid Sioe Pearl Grev Kid Shoe
Here is one of the neatest shoes you can One of the biggest favorites we have
find. AH kid leather, French heel, Good- &d this summer. To see it is to desire
year welt sole, wing tip. A beauty at lt French heel, imitation tip, welt sole.
A bargain now at
irr! $10.90 ,
AD Black Kid Shoe nTfnril
One of the best- wearing" and most n. , ,
French or Military heel $?.98 to $8.50
$7i0 Grey doth Top ,BIack Kid Vamp
WliJf f ovo A shoe that 1S very Popular and a bar
nine tanvas oaoes gain. Have rubber tipped military or
In a great variety of styles and quality French heel
at prices that will surprise you. $5 50
' ii i i luiliilll i
I All Around Town
July 5, Kri.lay Private Pout
talks at rliaiitouqiiii.
July 118, Monday 'Chin Chin'
at Grand opera limine.
July 30 Wednesday iJniteo
at armory given liy Klka Icdi).
Aula Leaves Masonic Tempi at
7:30 Rouudtrtp 50 Ceuts.
Try Northern riour, It's a
' " -
ry tack guaranteed. At Tout to
VCT liberty bouda. 814 Maatmle
Wdg. tf
Dr. H. O. Epley, preaideut of the lo
cal rhaotauqua association, save 4hat
arraneuicuta hate alrradv been made
fur bringing the KIIimib White ehau-
tmntfU. In KjtUm ..ii v.. t . l . .
- - '-.iix s.nxM-iiTH-ii ior aim tne gen
l h,,i h V, "I"'"' .11 !
b. ti. .. ,k7. ,2" "t..
... r,,ry
B- m mmm . mmm a uuu mi n. . i i ii
o .
buyers in the country we
says the program this year was one of
im,i rviMiiy immnccii programs the
Kllimm White people Lave ever present
ed. Boy's play suits la the Lee Uuion
ull furtho KruwiiiK ehild Hinhop's.
Dr. Mott, Baui of Commerce, 407-8.
ArttflciI teeth, bare expert plats
man, with over 35 yean eiperlence.
at tnr of f icn . Dr T) Y Tu,...,i. j...
jtiit, 308 U. S. Nat. bank bldj. ' tf
I Dance at Query 'g hall at Liveeley
I'tnlinn on ut. nixbt July 2t. Hefresh
j motitB nerved, flood floor, good imiaie.
j 7 21
! Biuiiioaa houaee baring stamped en
velope, with the three rcut stump will
have until July 31 to turn I linn to the
local pimtnffire fur redemption at full
lvalue. Postmaster lluekratein says.
Ouring lli, month of August they may
l redeemed at the valuation of 75
i'er rent.
TV, a biv . , -
I UO YOU rUl Ktshnn'M ftyla1 VA..M
in... ..... 1 i J V . .
" '" " u""
ror flrrt daa wot call Society I
itinera and Uyera, 1278 State St.
Phone 1684.
I J. E. Johnson, rocently from oversoaa
ha, opened up a shop for automobile
, painting at 220 S. Liberty street and
:sks a share of your patronage. First
I class work a specialty. 7 29
j Prof. J. A. Ollleeplo, for 20 year,
and over superintendent of the Ne
braska State ni.t'iltitn ti... .1 1.
bus aaiu rousented to rome to Salem
... win g,ve a punne lecture at he
U.. " , 1, '"iiespie
lf -'" you. R.,t. free and no r.
i 7 2tf
A luaa appeared at a store at Brooks
few dava au u !,,,., ..........j
just a trifle queer. The sheriffs office
mn. urn ana nowers and Smith
wen out and got him. After consider
able questioning, it developed that the
man was an e.cnur fr.,. ti...
asylum at Vt Htellacoom, Wn.
Household IOnrt tar .!. n J-
. ''r- Jennie Wrld.idge will be
" M4V. uwui VI
."a,e iuda.v, Joly 2 n, m
k ltn)t iZ
' ' '
in i
to I rade
will save you a lot of money
Dr. L. E, Springer, aent'jrt, Moore
bldg. eorner Court and Liberty.
Phone 114. t
Dr. L. B. Bprlnger, dentist, Moore
bldg. corner Court and Liberty.
Phone 114. t
Call Patton Plombing Co. for your
repair work, rhone 1608, 220 N. Com.
Hreet. tf
Hatchet handlee to the number of
17,rlOO are offered for ml,, hv h ...
eminent at the fixed prir of four and
one half eenta each. Ther are in Chi-
Why ahip bread from Portland. 7 26
Dance, M. B. A. dat. July 26. Good
four piero orchestra. Auto leaves Ma
sonic Temple 8:.'l(l. 7. 25
Mra. Lncy Johnson proprietor of the
Hlem rooiininir hnuw dm fv.i.,m;i
utreet, broke her arm a fvw days aco
wiuie cranking an automobile.
Save the evening of July 31 for the
'.M-uiim pinue. 7.
Salem Cigar Factory U now mailnf
U Corona" earl "Utile 8nlein"Ti
"I Corona" unit "l.ittU h.i.,. ..
ff&ra exaetlv . tfcnv WA.a t. -
" j mitv ...nun uniurc
the war. fmoking; them reminda you of
old timet. tf
D. II. Talmadire. who tin.
lllalsey Knteepiine for the past vear.
.1.1 1 '
- "';" mat ne iiitemln to ,lipo
" m intereat, there and return to iSa-
- r
For you at
., ,
lib in J 4.v.:u!c.on
robes rend our ads.
Big Jitney dance at fair pounds,
Sat. afternoon and evening, (lood floor
good music,
o .
Michigan folk basket piculc at state
fair grounds July 31,t 6:30 p. m. 7 23
The funeral services of John Jake,
"o uich at tne ae or w h h..i.i
Salur.lav morning at 10 o'clock from
nev. i,einn.t 1'orter, pastor ef the
(First Christian church will condor'
j the services, llurial will be in the Odd
. now cemetery.
Big llUiev danew at f.f.
at. afternoon and evening. Good floor
R'uu music.
0 .
"Doea the TUtb of the I. B. & A
o,uar with Mt. Sinnif Hear Prof i L . ' tt K' 1 ''""" wrencHfd
A. Oillespie, Moose h. "undTv f'' lh, n,orni"' AI,hou'lh ,h'
July 27. 3 n m -";J 1W ' "t prions, it is thought thlft
' ' 0 -".Mr. IVrkin, will not o able to work
I. T. Wedei. n w. , .... v flr ,Mr"l "'.
M"'.r'!y .r.tM V h'.
- JurrZ.. "V"! Y ir. ,
O. E. Price and family are home
from a Tjcation rK-nt " at Seaside,
where they found the weather and aur
roundinga very pleasant.
Kdmund A.'Aldrich. son of the Kev.
end Mrs. H. X. Aldrieh. 34? Myers
street, arrived home yeMerdav, after
tea months with the 121st engineer in
Franre having rMi-.J Vim 4 ...t..
Thomas T. Shell, a merchant of Wal-
iowa, was in the city yesterday visit
ing friends. Thirtv years ago, he was a
neighbor of .J. E. Seott in. South Da
kota. Miss Buth Howard of Tatbot return
ed home this morning after a short vis
it with her uncle.
E. T. Busselle returned yesterdav af
ter businesa trip of several weeks in
Idaho and eastern Oregon.
Street Commissioner Walt S. Low
and party will leave next Mondav for
a two weeks outing at Breiteiibiish.
IHnald Milea returned vesterdav by
auto from a trip to California.
recovering and(Out of danger. In the
accident which demolished his automo
bile, he luffcred from a serious nerv
ous ahock beside a serious injurv to
his tongue.
Cloeing out our stock of flour and
feed, 254 8. Liberty St. J. D. Waring
Co- 723
Dr. Oarl & Miller ha opened hlj
dental office at 510 511 U. 8. bank
idu. Phone 341. tf
Newport flshlna aaason nruini- Kn.
od alieed, 15c, and whole fish 12e per
pouna; rea eoa lOo Dound. Fitta Mar
ket tt
The police are of the oninion that T.
X. McPhcrson. the man who nrnntor? tn
end hia life in the cold clear W ilia 111
etite and wrote hia friends about, was
not quite so anxious after all to nuit
all of a sudden. After auittinir work
for W. L. trailer, ho lost nft iim in
cashing his cheek for S0, but in writ
ing of his intent to leave iho rl,1
he did not inclose nuy money. Hence
juiw at present mere is no special
amount of searching along the river.
With tO in his Ilocket. thi oliininn I.
that he just left for parts unknown to
Ket auot ner joo.
o w.waw VI Htviicv OLTCLl fa 1 VI
It 1 .. . .
I'll in ii i uroan go? to rortinud ana
(IWrftcts ,thot much frnm iSlim'
perity. 726
Attomev P. J. ITiinfv fc.. nm-mA t.i.
offices to room 301 Hank tf Commerce
1 none dis. 7. m
Special communication Pa
cific lodge No. .- F. ft A.
M, Sunday 1 p. n fj attend
funeral of our late, Bro. A. J.
Strung. Visitin; brethren in
vi.id to attend. J"b'
NOW that th wtrA Anntrftl uai-A I.
Washington, D. C, has granted retro
activo pay to telephone employe", the
girls in the local office will come in
for some ready money. The back pay
Will be eStiniHtOil On ttia nmmoif na.,i.
was drawing. It is figured that it will
run irom fa ior tnos wno wero dra
ing the lowest pay to higher amounts.
Frae lecture VWi,in that
. - - j w.. wv..um-
eth the world, topic of Prof. J. A. Gil-
1. K. i ..-it 1 ... .. . .
im at .uuusu nan 011 in lay July it
S p. m. 7.og
Walter L. Tooze a.nnnnnrna that til
(HI0 has been rais.ul in i).a puniMian
put 011 by the Klks for tho Salvation
army. Tins amount is the minimum
Sl.'l""' A1111'8"11". Turner, Wood
silvi'r," raised the .piota
assigned them. Chester Alnrphy, own
"ic uuiHiing useu ior tiiauiuar-
icrs, gave tho use of the store room
free for the cnusn.
F. A, Leei haa a 6. acre rhurrv or.
hard included in his prune iarui on
the Jefferson way about five miles
south of Salem, Although this is regard
ed s S bad cherry year, his receipts
acres amounted to 21.u.
;ror last year, on the aaim. trad hi.
receipts were l;tn0. The price re'eeiv'
ed this year was 10 cents a pound
while last year it was eiht cents.
Under the auipicea of the Marion
county Holiness association, a ctiuip
meeiing will bo held at 14th and A
streets, fsnlem from July 31, until Au
gust II. There will be nmrninir uruvcr
I meeting at o'clock, preaching at' 10
0 clock in the morning and 2:30 p. m.
and at o'clock in the evening. Ail
ministera and laymen who arc intcr
isted in the salvation of s. uls are aak
ed to cooperate. The association offi
cers are A. Wells, president; it. K.
1 ' eii.ocnon, vice president : W. .1. Jolm-
Son. secretary and 1. (!. l.ee. Infurnia
tion may be had from A. Wells,
grounds, ,
While assisting in removing some of
the large pillars in .the Hughes build
ing formerly occupied by the Sjeneer
Th. car loTZ
Three car loads of rork
How long does a pound
of tea last?
! Depends on the tea.
Fine tea has more cups
of real tea-flavor to the
pound than common tea.
' On the other hand, you
drink more: it is so good.
Think this over; and
try Schilling Tea, the fine
practical economical tea of
this country your money
back (at your grocer's) if
you want it
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong, .
English Breakfast. All on quality. In
parchmyndined moisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
the Valley Packing eompany in the
construction of its plant just north of
Salem. It was shipped from Jersey
City, -V. J., at a cost of 8S00. There
"has also just been received for the
packing house plant, a Kewnnee Inde
pendent water system, which will be
most complete and modern independent
water system n the valley. It includes
a pneumatic pump with a capacity of
MO gallons a minute and a steel tank
28 feet long with a diameter of seven
feet. The roof of the plant will be com
pleted by August 10, while the stock
yards and viaduct scales, machinery
and equipment end refrigerators will
be placed Oct. 1. Tli owners of the
Valley Packing company announce
that the plant will be ready to begin
operation by Nov. 1.
The grades of those who took exam
inations for school certificates June 25
are being sent out todnv bv County
Superintendent W. M. Smith. For those
taking the examination for a one year
teaching certificate, an average grade'
of 75 is necessary before the certifi
cate will be issued. For those stund
ing the examination for a five year
certificate, a grade of 83 is necessary
and for a life certificate, an average
grade of 83 per cent with none less
than 70 is necessary. The certificates
will be issued upon request if made
within one year.
Constipation causes headache, sal'ow
color, dull, sickly eyes you feel out of
sorts all over. Hollister' Kocky Moun
tain Tea will banish constipation, reg-
unte yur bowels, purify your stomach
You'll feel better all over. 1). J. Fry.
Oklahoma City. James Frederick,
white haired negro, chnrged with gam
bling eoulda 't tell tho judge ,jut where
he was raised. "It wasn't in tha Uni
ted States,'' he said. "I think it wns
in Texce."
How Lydia E. Pinkham't Veg
etable Compound Relieves
the Ailments of Change
of Life.
' During Change of Life I had hot
flashes, riizi'.y spells and every month I
waawuawiui misery
I had a constant dull
pain, and would
always feel tired. I
suffered in this way
for five or six years
and was treated by
a physician and took
different remedies
wit boat benefit.
Lydia E. Pinkbam'a
Vegetable Com
pound was recom
mended to me and I
took it, and I believe I would never
have been well if it had not been for
the Vegetable Compound and Lydia E.
Pinkham's Sanative Wash. I am recom
mending your medicine to all women ail
ing aa 1 was, for I think it will carry
thera safely through the Change of Life,
and relieve the ailments that coma at
that perio. i."-Mr. ALEXIE C. NaNGLB,
Galatia, III.
Women whosuffer from nervoasneas,
"heat flashes," hack ache, headaches,
and ' the broea,' should try this famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink
hatn's Vegetable Compound, and if com
plications exist write the Lydia E. Pink
ham Medicine Co.. Lynn, Mas The
result of their 40 years' experience in
such cases to at your service.
! t" x W I
it -.-"""'(
ill --
AT 1 :30 P. M.
The New Figure
as designed by the arbiters of fashion is very rhape
!y in contour, with a decided curve at the waist.
Though the outer garments appear straight, the
frocks really fit at the waist line.
The modeling of your figure into the
new lines, which after all are nature's
lines enhanced, will depend entirely
upon tne snaping of your corset;
tnereiore, it must be selected care-
We have many excellent corsets, but
we call your particular attention in
this announcement to Warner's Rust
.Proof, a corset designed on lines ad
apted to a figure of the average size
as here shown.
There are so many good things about
Warner's corsets that we might talk
on indefinitely, but we will name just
two the shape and the guaranty.lt is
Accurately Designel and Guaranteed Not to Rust, Break
or Tear. Price $1.50, $2.00. $2.50 ,$3.00 up to $5.09
"Our Prices Always The Lowest"
Phone 1072
Com'l. & Court Streets Formerly Chicago Store
Boston, Mass., July 25. With a clear
sky and a light breeze, play was to be
resumed in the tournament tennis
matches at Longwood cricket club here
this afternoon.
Charles Dillingham 'a Greatest of Musical Comedies
Only Company Presenting
Original New York Globe Theatre Production .
Two Years in New York City - with its Two Years irr New York City
Wealth of Novel Effects mid Wonderful Scenes, Including the Flight of
the l'agoda and Airship C'arava is of lJrotty Girls Quaint Toy Bazr.ars
3 reople TiuglingiEgiing Numbers The Famous Clown Band. '
PRICES 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00; Box Seats $2.50. Seats on sale at Opera
House Pharmacy
The Slogan of Today
Ship by
Willamette Valley
Transfer Co,
PHONE 1400
Prices Reduced
Furniture bought before the rise has now arrived.
You can save Money by Buying this week
Peoples Furniture and Hardware Store
271 N. Commercial St Salem.
In the iScw England sectional dou
bles, R. N'orris Williams 11, and Wat
son Washburn opposed Josiad Wheel
wright and X. V. Oreenough in the fea
ture match. Williams and Va"i!ur
were sKght favorites.
and of the Future