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Don't Excarlmsnt with Catarrh;
t Often Leads to Drd Consumption
Yob Wa Never B Cured With
Sprayi and Douches.
Catarrh U a condition of the blood
Mid ctn sot be cured by local appli
cations of sprays and douches; this
hi been proven by the thousands who
hire vainly retorted to this method
of treatment.
Caurth should not be neglected or
experimented with. The wrong treat
ment is valuable time lost, during
which Hie disease is gelling a firmer
hold upon its victim, .and making it
more difficult for eren the proper
treatment to accomfflish results.
Though Catarfh mes its first ap-
oearanc In the nostrils, throat and
air paiuf a the 4iH becomes man
and more aggravated and r finally
reaches down into the tin K. and
everyone recognir.es the alarning con
dition that results when the lungs are
affected. Thus Catarrh way be the
forerunner of that most dreaded and
hopeless of all diseases, consumption.
No local treatment affords perma
nent relief. Experience has taught
that S S S. is the one remedv whicli
attacks the disease at its source, the
blood, and produces satisfactory re
sults in even the worst cases. Catarrh
sufferers are urged to give S. S. S.
a thorough trial. It is sold bv all
druggists. You are invited to write to
the Medical Department, for expert
advice as to bor to treat your own
case Address Swift Specific Co, 254
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. f
Wasliinfjton, July 23. rremdent Wil
son today issued a statement denying
t lint In' was iT"insil)le for the Mian
1 itn settlement, a reported in printed
Sliitl'tttl lll'K.
The statement folulwn:
"The presidenfauthoriic the an
nouncement that the statement car
Tied in several of the papers this morn
ing that he originated or formulated
the provision with regard to Shantung
in the f-reaty of pi-ace with Oermany
la altogether false.
" Ho enerted all the influence he was
at liberty to eiereise in the cireuiu
stances tu obtain a modification of
It In-ill and believe that the ultimate
jtiuu of .luiiau with regard to (Shantung
i will put the whole matter in its true
A statement from the white huuve
explaining the administration a am
tude on the Shantung settlement has
been expected ever since it came uu
dcr attack in the scnafc.
r . X 'JIN I
1 1
m mi
- X
sfltn 'I MSSfa mi 1 1...'. 4mA.
-.-"SJTi ,2isaajfc 1
. -
ii fll 1 i ! I i i j i II I I i Plf I if! if l!
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t tie lane in whiCi the jo'emor s
rldiiiiT, took an up s'dc down dive of a
w th'u iinii feet, ij; Sif.njj itself and
Addition Of Star Twirler Thrn!1-10 ""on 1 " S"1V M 1
I ine army aviattirs wno were due
I early yesterday afternoon, did not ar
j rive until after 6 'clock last evening,
j due to unfavorable firing conditions
Trade Nearly Clinches
By H. 0. Hamilton
( Toiled "Press staff eorrespon-lcot)
New fork, July 85. The National
k-afiie has made antther contribution
to Joha M.if'-raw's stiuxule tu wiu
Venterdav I'hil liouglaiui, one of the
and especially low clouds. And for the
same rea-son, the trip to Portland was
delayed several hours this afternoon.
The governor was not the only state
official who was favored with airplane
riding- this morning, as Dr. B. B. Lea
.Steiner, warden of the state penitea
Itiury was given breath of fresh air
from above. And so was former state
treasurer Tom B. Kar. Mr. Kav how-
This iMirro Aluminum Kettle
The smiling face of this splendid Mirro Alumi
num Tea Kettle is matched by a utility and durabil
ity that make him a lifelong kitchen friend. Here
are the ten big features:
(1) The highly ebonized, sure-grip, detachable
handle. (2) Handle ears are welded on an exclu
sive Mirro feature. (3) Spout also welded on no
loosening no dirt-catching joint. (4) Slotted ears
permit handle to be shifted to any desired position
without coming in contact with sides of kettle. (5)
Rivetless, no-burn, ebonized knob.
(C) Quick-filling, easy-pouring spout. (7) Un
usually wide base quick heating and fuel saving.
Alco prevents flame from creeping up around sides.
(8) Famous Mirro finish. (9) Beautiful Colonial de
sign. Also made in plain round style. (10) Mirro
trade-mark, stamped into the bottom of the utensil.
Star features (2), (5) and (10) being exclusively to
Mirro Aluminum, with its unusual features, is
sold at a price that is truly moderate. Come see it
for yourself and learn what a different and better
line Mirro Aluminum really is, through and through.
; Visit our housekeeping department for any and
ill kitchen needs. .
Cor. Court
Com'l. Sts.
Everything in Hardware and Auto Accessories
:.eS, queers m me "?. was ir.ueu .ver, wa, second in his family to take
to the Oiauls by the Ouua, who ook- k rU, MrJ Ky iend
in return Dave Roberton, outfielder. tbe ,hrUU of ,i1)lan, ridin Iast rrt.
Iteeeirtly Branch Rickey traded 1 Frank wi(h Umrr (,m theTior for
Snyder, one of the be-t catchers n jtll0 sir()iane ownei br , iovtl tompaf
baiJvall for fred hehupp, a useless. Among othera who now have had the
pi u i , r -,. . . .1 , i 'brill, of airplane ridin are Mrs. P.
Kobertson will fill a hole in the Cub, . E- j.-uiierton. .Vfrs. W. A. Pettit, L. E.
outfield very nicely, but IVed .Mitchell Kastmaa of Silverton, Julian Hur
negleeted to state what he expects to I roujfhs Hnrv Harris and P. E. Kuller
do to plug the hole wade .through the j ton
W uf XoUi4la. .... Aviator Klmer Cook has proved him-
Tho deal should practically eiuch the Lelf , m0Ht Mt4etory pilot and here
pennant for the Oaaiits. 1 he weak "pot (after he will be plaeed in charge of
on the '.New ork elub has been it;the ,U11C 0WncJ by ,ho j.,, eompanT.
pitching tatf. m-nton and Barnes haceHe is a former Salem high school st'u
worried along with pructica ly the en-,dl.nt ,uil live!( with hij in Polk
tire burden on their shoulders. j county. He wa, on the front firing
the ;ianti not a whit, for he has not
played ibull for a year, declining to re
port to iNew York.
Douglu has bi'cii a anderer aiuec
he first entered the National league.
Kirst with Brooklyn, he win traded to
( hii-ago several years ago anil thru
spent a teim in the minors before re
luming to stardom. Ifis refusal to keep
in condition was his main trouble and
he Keeins to have overcome, that.
line when the armistice waa signed last
.November, flying one of the swift
Spa ds.
This Is What Farmer Says Of
Tanlac-Gains 15 Pounds
Had Suffered 25 Years.
"You may know that Tanlac is doing
me a lot of good or 1 wouldn't have
coma nearly twenty niile to get thee
three bottles I am buying now," said
Samuel Bacon, a well known and pros
porous farmer who lives at Boring, Ore
gon, while in the Owl drug store in
l'ortluud the other day.
"I have been trying for twenty
five long years to find a medicine or
.L.. I.I
i r i ucni 911-111 uiai woiiiu overcome uit
toneeiisus ot opinion was turn ttio . trouble," he eontinued. "and Tanlac
prune nureagn in this county is ufli-jj, the only thing that haa ever done
cieutly large to guarantee, through pool 1 ma any good at all. During all these
ing of interests uf growers here, to se-jyears i suffered terribly from rheuma
cure top price for prunes, ami kIho tuatltism in my back, and there were times
the business is big enough to warrant When I was in such ibad condition that
the erection of a packing plant by mem- I couldn't turn over in bed, and after
born of the association. sitting down for a little while I could
As son-, us the present emu is liar- bardly get up again. My kidneys both-
vested the prune growers aieto per
fect their independent oguui.atiou and
proceed with plans for future huxiuflsa.
Douglas County Growers
Kept Own Organization
Rosebuig, Or., July 25. Douglas
county prune growers, at a mecling held
here yesterduy, voted 1 1 hold aloof kn
the Oregon Cionem' aiochitiuii, recent
ly organized s , stale wide concern,
and to continue "thiur count) associa
tion. It was stated that the Duuglus
county prune gruwers huve no paiticn
1 111 opposition to the state-wide associa
tion, but believe that it wouid be best
to give the question deeper stud and
wutch development before absnduuing
their present plans.
II II U ti l T
ILrl S LI!
$3.98 to $4.98
Extra Values
25c to 40c
3..Hioh quality ,
One visit to Salam in eyery 40 yean ard, owner of "Vive I.a France"; Sen
is the average made by Mrs. WildaUtor D. H. Looncy of Indepeudence, one
Haekett of Anaheim, Calif., who is inj0f the oldest breeders in Oregon; Frank
the city today accompanied by her son. Doefler of Silverton, who paid $jl00 for
They are on their way to Yakima, Wn., a young Jersey eow at the recent Curey
to visit relatives. Mrs. Suckett is a j 81llc who lla fil,c Jersey herd;
dauriitar of Willin,., fir.,,j i W- Kinety, pioneer Hereford breeder
, ui jiui-n-uy; ine .weivinney Drotners 01
Didn't Care What Happened
"I became a physical wreck from
stomai-h trouble and was a fit subject
only for the operating table or grave
yard. Beib discouraged, 1 gave way
to drink, which made things worse. I
Turner, also Hereford bredcrs; K. A. llt 80 1 li,,n't
care whut happened,
Hoover of Gervais, one of the leading, and wanted to die. Mayr's Wonderful
swine breeders of the state; Frank Remedy has cured me of evnrvthiiur.
tsrown or 1 anion, famous for Ins Niort
horn herd mid president of the l'neific
was born on Howell Prairie.
et Together Luncheon
Of Livestock Growers
. International Livestock exposition; Ken
A get together luncheon of the Mar- for C" h' Hawlpy 8,1,1 'n""' I. L. Fat
ion county livestock growers in the in- t T.T
terest of the Portland Livestock exposl-lo. Crawford. vie.nraill..nt ne rti ir,.i! I intestinal ailments, including aopendi
un, win oe nem at the Marion hotel to- ted Stntes National bank. Port bind. c,,.,!'- :me !loso wl" "v,w, ' oneT
O. M. Plummer, general manager of the iZlf- J' ' Frry ai
Am now in fine condition and feel !!.
years younser." It is a simple, kam
less preparation thrit remevea the ca
tarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract
and allays the inflammation whieh eana
es .practically all stomach, liver and
morrow noon.
Among the gneits will he Oyjil pjk-
Pai-i'ie I'lternntinnnl.
(By United Press.)
Yesterduy 'a winners: Oakland 2, Run
Frnncisco, Yeruon, Los Angeli.a.
Home runs: Hchlck, 8eals; Bohne,
Lane, Onks; Maggart, Shelly, Hi es.
The Beavers had to be suti.ified with
four hits off Jim Hi-ott, the Sculs win
ning 7 to "
The Ouks two two guinea from the
Bees. The first was captured six to
two, the second 11 to 8.
Arbuckle's gang gathered in their
third straight from the Haiuiers, 10 to
The Angela finally stopped llin Rona
tors by steady pltchiug frob Curley
liiowu'a to 2.
1 1
If you freckle easily, this is the sea
son to prevent their appearance or re
move these unsightly defects. Here is
a good old fashioned formula which
does the work.
lerisil1o, 2 ox.
Oatmeal, 2 table)Hionfuls.
L'se as directed in every package of
Derm illo.
This formula can be used freely, as
it is absolutely harmless and will not
stimiihte or produee a growth of hair.
Mix it at home then you know you
Imve the genuine article. Do not accept
11 substitute as there is nothing -better,
just as good or jut like it. Try it to
dnr and you -will be delightfully sur
prised. Your frcrklcs and tan will dis
appear as if by magic. The fiist appli
cation will aitonish you. This splendid
formula not only prevents and removes
freckles and tan, tint beautifies as well
and bringi to any skin that rosy white
velvety softness so much desired by
everyoue. No other freckle remedy dos
this. It is also splendid for dark sal
low nkin, roughness, pimples, fclaek-h-a.l.
sun spots, wrinkle., chapped
skin, and puts the bloom of youth on
your cheeks which will cbuv admira
tioa everywhere. You will look many
years younger and have a akin every
one ".hist loves to touch."
j X(TK When asked alout Derwillo
;one of our leading druggists said:
("IVrwiil is surely a wonderful aid
,ia removing- freckles and taa. It is
awar ahead of anything we have ever
mild b.fore, and we are authorized to
-refund the money to every disnktia'ied
'fun baser. SYe womM nut peimit the
1 ue if our name unlets the artii-le pes
,eed unusual merit.'' It is sold in this
city under a positive money refund
guarantee bv all department stores and
druggist iiii'luiting 1 he Fry and the
Perry drug stores.
ercd me a great deal, too. and I would
often have to get up four or five
times during the night, and the pains
111 my duck were so severe that I rare
ly ever got nny step. My appetite was
very poor, and vrhat little I did force
myself to eat would give me indiges
tion in the worst way. I lost lot in
weight and finally got so weak and run
down that I could hardly walk or stand
on mv feet.
"Hieu I heurd about Tanlue thru
my daughter who had been greatly
benefited iby tnliing it. In faet, she
was so pleased with Tanlac that she
bought me a ibottlc of it and told me
that she thmtght it was the veiy thing
l neeueil. Well, -sir, 1 .began to feel
stronger and better in every war be
fore I had finished that first -bottle.
I have taken three bottles so far, and
I ent so much tlint I actually get
us'inmeit of myself sometimes. What I
eat agrees with me, too. and I never
Imve a sign of indigestion now. I have
gained fifteen pounds in weight, and
feel like a different man altogether.
The puius have left my iback, and my
kidneys seem to be in" first class con
dition, and I never have to get up dur
ing the night any more. 1 am also free
frum rheumatism and in fact.vl feel
better in every way than 1 have for
many yenrs. 1 tell you, this Tanlac is
a good medicine, and has done me more
good than all the rest of the medicine
nut together I have taken during the
Inst twenty five years, ami 1 think
that is any its g a good deal."
Tanlue is sold in Salem by Dr. & C.
Stone, in Hubbard by Hubbard Drug
Co., in Mt. Angel by Ben Oooch, in
Oervais by John Kelly, In Turner by
H. P. Cornelius, In Woodburn by Ly
man n. Shorey, In Silverton by Oee.
A. Steelhammer, In Gateshy M.a. J.
P. McCnrdy, In Stayton by C. A.
Beauehamp, In Aurora by Aurora Drug
Store, In St. Psul by Oroeeteria Rtorcr
Co., in Donald by M. W. Johnson, in
Jefferson by Foshay It Vacon, and la
Mill City by Mnrketeria Ore. Co.
"Athens the vtiolct crowned," a
book of travel through historic Greece
by Lilian Whiting.
' limitation practically applied." by
Harold -Jlaeon Wood.
"The amazing Argentine" a new
land of enterprise by John Foster Fra
ser. " Amerieaniaeil socialism," Yan
kee view of capitalism. This book
shows in a fascinatingly clear and noa
technical style that socialis 111 in a true
American ideal, ibr James MacKaye.
"The riddle of the Purple Kmper
or," the disappearance of the precious
jewel which was stolen from one of
the sttcred Idols some vears before. A
tale of baffling mysteries, by Thomas
anil Mary Hansaew.
For the Children
"Work a lsv doings" br Kmma
"Blue bird for children." by f?cnr
gette (.ehlane.
"Winona of the campfire," by Mar
garet Widilemsr.
r.ight thousand pound? ef Imps, the
liISerop 011 the farm of Hamitt broth
ers of Lsne county, have been contra-1
ed at ") cents a pound.
Re-id. nts of the, lower I'nipqna river
a.-ar R.Hd.vort re demandisg that
Oniglas eountv construct within a Tear
a highway to the eountv seat.
Salem Sample Store J
141 North Commercial Street
i106 CfouS' th,7 a.re cominS here for real bargains in Men's, Women's
and Children s Shoes,. Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Caps,
bint Uses and Bags. Knowing wTiere and how to buy and using immense
quantities for our chain of stores enables us to get and make a lower price.
Below a few items for your comparison :
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Men's Work Shoes
Black or Ten Blucher Men's Athletic Unions
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J1 4Q Rubber Sole
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ti Qi in 18 AS bnoes, Cloth top to match, Louis
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Men's Dress Shoes $4.98
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toes and leathers Ie" 8 BI h!te
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C. J.