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Minimum charge, 13c
FIRST class room aud board close in.
495 N. Coin'l. 1'hone 1446. tf
WE make the best power prune dippers.
Salem Mfg Co., 131)6 Front bt, tf
HOOFS cleaued, painted, patched and
tarred. Phone C. C. Kays at 164S. 7 27
JA8. LYONS practical painter. Fhone
704. tf
FOR KENT 16 room house, ery reas
onable. Phone 173" V, tf
W. BEAVER well driller. Fhone 827J,
1105 N. 19 th St. Salem, Or. 8 S
W. F. WRIGHT, Turner, auctioneer,
Why not get himf tf
WANTED Late model Ford touring,
1308 H. Com '1 St. 7-21
WANTED To rant furnished house.
I'hone H23R. 7-24
YOH SALE Man's wheel price 12.
S4ti N. High. 7-24
FOR SALE Cauary good singer.
Fhone 151 W. 7-24
FOB SALB dty owner, strictly modern
5 room bungalow. Tel. 159.HM. tf
WANTED Modern 5 or 6 room house
unfurnished, permanent tenant.
I'hone 43M. tf
WANTED Experienced salesman for
men 'st furnishing, shoes, etc. J-23
care Journal. 7-25
TWO stray horses, a bay and a sorrel,
. on Dunn ' farm, Bt. 1, box 72A, Sa
lem. 7-25
HERE'S a bargain, a fine E. S. How
ard piano for sale for 1-00 cash. Call
at 519 Court St. afternoons. 7-29
IjOST-ack of halters, rope and
afraps on Dallas road. Call 21.WM.
-. ,. ' 7-26
WANTED Good shotgun 12-gua.ge re
peater preferred. Ben Wippor, Tur
ner, Or. - . . . 7-20
FOE SALE 6 ft. McCormick binder,
good running order, price S5. Fhone
351B. 7-24
FOB BENT Sleeping rooms and furn
ished apartments. Inquire 152 8.
Church. 7-25
WANTED Loiran inciters, 3 cent
per box. AV. L. Pray, Phone 1 12F3.
WANTED 100(1 suit to clean. C.
Kara Sparks, tailoring and cleaning,
1855 State St. Fhone 508. 8-14
DEKORATO sanitary wall tint, best
made; beautiful new colors. Burens
Oom'l St. tf
WALL PAPER 15 cents per double roll
upward. Huron's Furniture Store.
179 Commercial. tf
FOB SALE A good Deering binder,
even foot cut with tongue trucks,
' $125. F. M. Cook, Turner, Kt. 2. 7 24
.A NEW mandolin hnrp for sale, latest
improvement will sell cheap if taken
oon. 12S0 State St. 7 24
FOR RENT Nice, clean furnished
rooms close in. Phone 824W, 292 N.
Church St. 7 4
FURNISHED house wanted, 6 or 7
room mqdern furnished house. Will
lease for year. Call 2213. tf
FOB SALE Three young O. I. C.
brood sows, have pigs Aug. !. $75
aeh. C. Muller, 1 mile south McNary
Station. 7 20
Ws buy sad sell notes, mort-
gages and all kinds of bonds.
- 814 Msaonie Building
Balm, Oregon
-j XTrci , a xt a i f i ! i, v i. nk
314 Mason Bldg.
FOR SALE Baled har in feld, one
mile east of city. I'hone l&Ft. tf
HAVE good cow to trade
horse. I'hone 2GFS.
FOR SALEChoap one bay mare. 1S25
8. 13th. 7-26
ABOUT 50 rabbit for sale
I'hone 1217, 403 N. 20th. '
LOST tPuppy, part Airdale and part
rat terrier, near fairgrounds, reward
if returned to 12i8 N. Church. 7 26
WANTED Girl or woman to assist
with liht hoascwork. Fhone 972R.
50 ACRES 1 mile from town, extra fine
bldgs, a bargain. Laflar & Laflar,
406 Hubbard bldg. 7 24
FOR SALE Fresh Durham cow, five
years old, will sell or trade for beef
'cow. 715 8. 12th street. 7-25
FOB SALE 3 acres good oat hay in
shock $15 per ton. 2217 Fairgrounds
road. 724
FOB SALE Evenrude motor and row
boat, motor just overhauled, will sell
together or separate. Call 52F11. 7125
LOST Bag of bedding on road be
tween Junction City and Salem. Bo
ward. Bert Godfrey, 2519 W. View
Drive, Seattle, Wash. 7 24
LOST Bag 'containing 5 bathing uits
at Wheatland or Salem on N. Winter
St. I'hone 938J or leave' at Busick
grocery. 7-24
I HAVE a Ford roadster delivery to
trade for a 5 passenger Ford, or oth
er 5 passenger ear, will pay differ
ence. Write Auto care JournaL 7-29
A GENUINE Cliickering piano, rebuilt
and in fine shape, will sell for $250
cash. Bee Wiley B. Allen Co., 519
Court Bt. Call afternoon. 7-29
MEN wanted for sawmill and yard
work. 'o chargo for wood, water or
rent for families. Steady work. Ja.
Colo, Dcvitt, Or. 8-2
WANTED Neat woman for house
work, no heavy laundry, house mod
ern. Phone 36F11 or writ Et. 3, box
187. 7-24
WANTED 50 loganberry pickers, 10
days good picking; 10 minutes walk
from carline at Salem Height. B.
Cunningham, Fhone 21F2. 7-24
LOG ANBEBRY picker wanted; will
tako back and forth in auto morning
and evening;' 2c per lb, good pick
ing. Fhone 373 after T p. m. tf
WANTED 3 young men a salesmen
and collectors, permanent positions
with good chance for advancement.
See Kincaid, Singer Shop, 337 State
St. 729
WANTED To rent grain ranch of 150
to 200 acre with pasture and good
buildings; will, pay cash or shares.
Writo F E care Journal. tf
WANTED Wood chopper, $2.50 up
per cord, good eamp gropnd. Enquire
Blessing's cigar store, A. J. Ander
son, tf
! FOR SALF Nine room house, large lot
modern convenience, double garnge
close in, on street car line and paved
street. G L eare JournaL tf
WANTED To rent by respectable cou
ple about Aug. 1, small furnished
house or finite light housekeeping
rooms, down town location prefer
red; no children. Address P B X eare
Journal. 7-2H
FIFTY women wanted in preparatory
and packing department. (Sieu ly
-work nnd gind wages. Apply at once
Salem Kings Products company,
Front and Market streets. 7 26
the old reliable Page fence direct
from factory in car load lntsj Per
fection Automatic Ges Milwaukee
air presrare water systems, fresh wa
b'r direct from spring or well. L. J.
Davenport, T. D. Allen, Silverton,
Pae fence men for Marion snd
ClaokamM counties. ' 8U
2 LAIfOE lots nice house with own wa
ter systtm, $2100.
Very pretty 4 room bungalow at $900
Verr fin home with abundance of
fruit, $2700.
5 room bungalow oa N. Cottage $2(Wi
5 acres all. cultivated with some lo
ganberries, Tery good building
64 acres all nnder cultivation at
Square Deal Realty Co.
rfi , 1 1 1 l A T
i i v n v n ks w m i
Salem, Oregon
KHAKI colored tent for rale, in first
clas condition, !Cxl6. Thane 1431. tf
FOR RENT 3 room house, modern
conveniences 2 lots with fruit nd
growing garden, near Kings plant.
Friee $10. CaU 3u. tf
10 Loganberry pickers wanted;
picking. Fhone 10SF4.
WANTED loganberry pickers, 2 pick
ers to finish season 3 cents a box,
shack, bed and stove furnished.
I'hone Marion hotel. 7-24
WANTED First class solicitor, mar
ried man preferred, references requir
ed; salary and commission. Box 16,
Salem, Or. . 7 24
FOR SALE Jersey and Guernsey eow
giving 3 gallons of milk per day,
teat C.l percent. J. D. Waring (o.
G(X)I) 4 room cottage. 3 blocks from
State street, corner lot, east front,
S50, $20O down balance like rent.
Laflar & Laflar 406 Hubbard ildg.
WANTED iBright, keen salesgirls and
office girl; office girl must tie sten
ographer and have had some book
keeping experience. Applv in person.
H. W. aud M. L. Movers'. 7 21
WANT to secure a I'OO loan on aere
ai;e security worth $2."00;nlso a $1000
loan on a $2500 resilience with large
lot. Both parties ore very reliable.
See me at once. Socolofsky. tf
FOR RENT 8 rooms, toilet, sewer and
electric Hunts, $12 per month, 1215
Marion St.
5 room furnished flat, no children,
$15 per month. John H. Scott Bealtv
Co., 404 Hubbard bldg. tf
TO EXCHANGE 320 acres partly im
proved land over in the stock coun
try of eastern Oregon, on daily mail
route near railroad, for small tract
improved or partly improved land in
Willamette valley. For interview ad
dress C. T. Jones, Salem, Or., Gen.
Del. 7-24
349 N. COM. T. M. C. A. BLOCK
1917 Ford, first class condition (450
Light Buick four, express body $225
1918 Chevrolot sedan
8 (passenger Ovreland to trad for lot
1918 Studebaker $950
. 5 passenger, light Studebaker four
electric starter and light $500
1917 Saxon ix $700
1915 Overland (500
We wreck autos for their parts, this
enables you to got old ear part at
. a bargain. Cush pries paid for junk
8-passengor Studebaker, $180.
We cell oils, grease, old anlo part
tires and accessories.
. Concrete bids will be received by
school district No. 21, Marion county,
Oregon, dVr the laying of concrete
sidewalks at the Lincoln, Grant and
Highland schools. Finns and specifi
cations aro now on fibj with the clerk
for examination. Bids will bo opened
at the regular meeting, August 12ih,
1919. The riL'ht to reject any or ail
bids is reserved. A certified check f or
5 per cent of the amount of each bid
must accompany same. Addresj all bTH-s
in plain envelope, marked "Bids on
concrete walks," to W, II. Biirghnrdt,
Jr., 371 State street, Salem, Oregon.
7 SO
timber, general laud office, Washing
ton. D. C, June 27, Ima. .Notace is
hereby given that subject to the condi
tions anil limitations of the act of
June 9, 1916 (39 Stat, 218), ond the
instructions of the ecretary of the in
terior of September 15, 1917, the tim
ber on the following lands will be sold
August 20, 1919, at 10 O'clock a. m, at
public auction at the United States
land office at Portland, Ougon, to the
highest bidder at not less than the ap
praised value as shown by this notice,
salo to bo subject to the approval of
of the secretary of the interior. The
purchase price, with an additional sum
of one fifth of one per cent thereof,
being commissions allowed, must be
deposited at time of sale, money to be
returned if ! is not approved, other
wise patent will issue fur tho timber
which must be removed within ten
years. Bids will be received from citi
zens of the United States, associations
of such citizens and corporators or
janized nnder the laws of the United
States or any state, territory or dis
trict thereof only. Upon spplication of
a qualified purchase, the timber on any
legal subdivision will be offered sepa
rately before being included in any of
fer of a Isrger onit. T. 2 N, B. 3 W,
. 11, NW mvi, red fir 810 M
cedar 55 M, SW4 SW'4, red tir 740
M , none of th red fir er cedar to be
vild for le than $IJ50 per M. T. 9 8,
R. 2 E., 8e. 15, NE4 fir 1690
SI., hemlock 270 M., NW14 -NE'4 fir
18O M, hemlock 150 M, SE'4 NEW,
fir 1770 M, hemlock 250 M,
N'E4, fir 2390 M., bemlock 200 M.,
NEV4 NW'4, f!rfj30 M hemlock 130
t.. NW14 NW'V4, ill 1760 M., NEU
K, fir 1170 M.. hemlock 120 M.,
VW4 SEVJ, fir 1630 M, hemlock 50 (mininratrix of the estate of Edward
VI., HE SEVi, fir 1190 M, hemlock Iwver, dc-eased, in the eounty
30 M, S'vVVi SE'4, fir 790 M.. NEW (court for Marion eounty, Oregon, and
3W, fir 19".0 M, NWyt BW, firi.d art has duly sot the time for
2100 M.. KE'4 8W14, fir 1050 M, hearing objections thereto, snd the fin
SWV,, fir 1250 M, none of the , -vlemtnt thereof, for Monday Au
fir to be. sold for less tha (1.5H per M, g,t IS, 1919, st the hour of 10 o'clock
and none of the hemkek to be sold for .1. m. 0f swd day in tho court room
less than 75 eent per M. T. 0 S., R. 3 'f,f M-,j ,t Sal, in said eounty
E, Sec. 25. HW14 NWy,, red fir K ,, ,tate.
M., SEW NE'4. red fir 359 M, 8WH i iiti th; nth dr of Juir. 1919.
NK'4. red fir 500 M none of the red , EMMA L. DWYER,
fir tr be sold for les than $2 per M. Administratrix of the estat of ES
CLAY TALLMAN, Commisser, Gen- W4f( p. l,jet, deceased. 1
eral Land Office. US
' Whingto, Jul 24. War time ea
jb'e censorship, established May, 1917,
land exercised by the nary department,
ended last niht. The department which
i hand'ed upwards of 400,000 word a
idar and employed 1-05 persons i said
to be fhe only military organization
which made money for the gevera
Notwithstanding the facf that there
are four well equipped bakeries now
operating in balein producing bread of
a first quality, a local eoccera has de
cided to import and advertise a certain
brand of bread from Portland.
Thi concern relies upon the uport
of Salem people in the successful con
duct of its business, however, it pre
sumes to send eighty per cent of the
money spent with them for bread to
Portland, instead of selling Salem
bread and keeping the money in Sa
lem where it belongs.
As our prosperity depends almost
wholly upon that of Salem, we appeal
!to the people of this city to demand
Keep jour money at home and pre
serve vour local pavrolls.
Salem Bread Is Gccd Bread
WANTED Woman for general house
work, 464 N. Liberty St. 7 26
FOR RENT S room modern house.
quire 1481 S, Cottage.
FOR SALE 1913 Excelsior motorcycle
fully equipped $60. Lloyd E. Eains
den, 387 Court St. ' 7 26
TINNER wanted, state experience. Si
verton Blow 1'ipe Co., Silverton, Or.
The undersigned will receive sealed
bids up till 5 o'clock p. in. Monday,
August 4, 1919, for the purchase of 30
tons of grain and Vetch hay, crop
1919. The eity reserves the right to re
ject all or any part of a bid.
7-2S City Recorder.
14 acre orchard, 4 room cottage,
barn and chicken house near fair
grounds; la a dandy buy. Pay $700 and
take I'R- time on the other half. iNear
street car.
Good 5 room house on good treet,
one half acre, fine family orchard, 4
$1400, half cash. Is worth I'R while.
5 room modem California bungalow
on Ferry St. ready to move in at $1400
half cash. Is hard to beat.
8 room plastered house in S, Salem
fur $2200, $.500 rash, balunee like rent,
with fruit, berries and gariien. Is a
7 room modern bungalow, new, up to
dnte in every particular, for quick sale
$2750, $1500 cash, balance 3 years. Lo
cated near fairgrounds.
404 Hubbard bldg.
FINE 5 room bungalow South HMh
St. all modern, bath, cte, $1300 for
quick sale. Laflar & Laflar, 406 Hub
bard bldg. 7-24
10 acre tract, 20 acres of prunes, 5
acres of pears, some timber, pasture,
good house, drver located 4 mile
south of Salem on good road Price $16,
7 room modern home located two
blocks from the state house. Price $3,
61 10.
5 acres of good berry Innd located 4
miles south of Kalem, all cultivated,
good location, rock road. Price $1000,
10 acres nil cultivated, 5 acres of
bearing prunes, good crop, Laiahce of
land would make first class prune, lo
Hiinliorry or strawberry land. Price
160 acre tract, SO acres bearing Ital
inn prunes, 20 acres cherries, good
prune crop, balance of land in timber
and pasture, good house, barn, stock,
machinery and household goods goes.
Price $45,000.
Good 0 room modern bungalow, lo
cated nt 1290 N. Winter street. Price
Good 6 room modern bungalow close
to S'hool and carline. Price $1300; $"(M)
down, balance to suit at 6 per cent int.
Well improved 10 aero tract, good 9
room modern house, bearing fruit and
walnuts, close to carline, sightly loca
tion. Price $10,000.
6.80 acre tract, nearly all cultivated,
good house, best of noil, several ehick
enhouses. Price i750. Terms.
17 aero tract, 10 acres of bearing Or
chard, mostly prune; house and barn,
located on main Pacific highway. Price
$."i50fl. Terms.
363 acre farm, 200 acres nnder cul
tivation, balance timber and pasture,
house and barn, located near Silverton,
about 12 miles from Kalcin. Price $190
pur acre.
10 acre all cultivated, good 5 room
plastered bungalow, barn, well, 5 acres
prune, 2 acres in logans, 4 miles
from Helcm. Price $4500.
If you want to bnv or sell, see
275 State street 7 26
Notie is hereby given, that the un--,
dersiirned tin ma L. liwrer. inmirustra
jtrix of the estate of Edward F. Dwyer,
'deceased, filed her final account as d
Fleering Mill Unit Goes West
To Make Room For New
Paper Plant
The old elevator building of the
fluring mill on Trade street between
Commercial nd Front streets is about
to go west for the remainder of its
career. It has already been raised
from its old foundations and as soon as
the new concrete foundations are
ready at the foot of Trade street, it
will start on its journey of about one
block. The new foundations will be
built high-enough to place the building
above the average hij;h water mark.
Excavations are now under way for
the erection of the main building of tite
Oregon Pulp & Paper company's half
a million dollar mill. As soon the
old elevator building is moved, actual
construction will begin. It is to be of
two stories, concrete facing 80 feet on
aud with a depth of 275 feet.
As soon as the mum building is fully
under construction, the order for the
immediate shipment of the heavy ma
chinery will be givcu. According to
Joseph Kastner, suporiutendcut of the
mill, the machinery for paper making
is so extensively that it will require
close to 30 cars for the shipment alone
and the freight bill for all tho paper
inn king 'machinery will run in excess tf
$48,000, ull coming from Nc"w York.
Mr. Kastner fays the paper making
machine is most complicated, that' it is
constructed with as much caro as a
watch and that the machine ordered for
the Salem mill in every respect includes
ull the lutest ideas in the making of
such mueliiuery.
From the time a log is stalled into
the process of mulling paper out of wood
to the time it is turnel out as real ptv
per, the time required is only one hour.
Tho big machine feeds fust and from the
time the pulp goes into the iiiachino to
the time it is turned out as paper, there
is required but two minutes.
Mr. Kastner, who was formerly super
intendent of the paper mill at Camas,
ond who has had un cxpcricuco of 23
years ia paper making, is now a perma
nent resident of bulem. 11 o rccenn,
purchased the F. G. Bowcrsox property
in Murningside for a consideration of
Government Will Resume
"Trust Busting" In Fail
Washington, July 24 (United Press)
Attorney General Palmer has tet t
rest reports that prosoeution of anti
trust eases would be allowed to drop.
The government will resume "trust
busting" in October where it loft off at
tha outbreak of the war, officials said
The easo against the alleged steel
combine is the first docketed for argit-
Uicnt before tho supremo court when it
convenes in October. It was moved for
ward at request of the department of
justice. Similur suits, now pending,
probubly will be moved ahepri also.
Indications were also that the attor
ney general expects to look into the
affairs of the meat packers. Ho said
tho department has about completed i t k
examination of testimony taken by the
federal trade commission and probably
would hnvo "something delinite to
say about August 1.
ggested Single Union
Ut Coast Ironworkers Is
Up For Decision In South
Sen Francisco, July 24. Whether or
ot iron workers cf the Finnic, coast
will be considered as one big union a
establishing a basic wage for the imlug,
try is a question before the conference
of shipyard workers, shipyard owners
11 1 1 1 iiileriil.tin :ul heads of menus to
day. The reply of the em'i.loyers to
this propositi is awaited beore iuiUier
propositions ur presented.
The meeting is seeking to set a basic
n;;e for the shipbuilding craft. A basic
$1 per hour is asked by the r prisenta
tives of the workers. Those attending
the conference state it may two weeks
before un agreeme t is reached between
district meti.l trades council delegates
and the employers. Such sn agreement
will then bo referred to the various I
locals for approval. j
International heads of nine iron bih
steel workers uniii.m are hereto under- j
writu the agreement when rem lied. 1
The Use Of Kerosene
Means A Cos! Kitchen
Most women dread hot summer days'1
when th kitchen becomes as stifliog
as a furnace. It is plain, hard drud.iery 1
to hang over a cot) tov as f he ther 1
mometer mounts higher and higher.
Many women have found by putting
in a kerosene stove that tne'r kitchens
are kept coot and eomfortaMe even in
the hottest day in umnicr. !
But f he ami of good kerosene,' s ich
a the Standard Oil company's Pearl i
Oil, has many other advantages than j
that of keeping the kitchen cool. It is,
easy to handle - far easier than cither j
coal or wood. Furthermore, it makes 1
no dirt or dtst which musf be cleaned!
cip continually. It light at the touch
of a match, so there is no waiting for j
ihe fir to come up.
Pearl Oil burns up ebsa and produe- j
cs no odor. It is refined snd re-resfincd
by a special proccs which removes the ;
impuritien. Wherever it is bnaght in
rhe eity, in the country, in the moun
tains, or on the rashor it 19 always
he stme high quality kernel. It can
he b mht everywhere In 5 gallon cans,
tt in bu!k at slight saving cost.
Torgct If Bay At Heme
pecia! bale
Wash Dresses and
Wash Dress Skirts
Our entire stock of these unparalleled
Have been specially marked at prices that will
close out the entire stock
In spite of rising markets and an absolute knowledge
that we shall pay more for these garments next sea
son we are following our "old policy"
Thru these times of "High Costs"
We Are
You Can Always Do Better At
iiiiftiA ttAAAAlAAAAllli
(Capital Journal Special Boiviee)
Bickey, July 24. d). A. Harris has
rented his farm to A. W. Binogar. Mr.
Harris will speud the winter in Cali
fornia. Mrs. C. Howard of Portland spend
ing tho week with her mother, Mrs. C.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Dickinun ero enter
taining their daughter and husband,
Mr, and Mrs. A. Molar of Portland.
Mis Hanoi Harris recently received
a (leruian helmet nud several French
shells from (France, souvenirs of the
present war.
('ougratnlii(-ions are being otetided
to Mr. nud Mrs. T. Ie Knutis by tlu-ir
friend owing to tho arrival of a lit
tle son. Both mother and son are .doing
Andrew Parson has punhused a
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fiouiingt of
Portland are spending their vacation
encamped at the L. Dickman re.-idi nee.
M. M. Mngco ninde a business trip
to 4 rooked Finger Tuesday.
Mrs. .lames Biullong recently ref ura
cil to Portland after a brief visit with
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. Diekmnu.
Among the summer guests at the
Tliomns Wallace residence worn Mrs.
Wallace and daughter of Washington
and Miss Bowers of Florence, Oregon.
Halem visitor Haturday won) Orven
"See all the rest; then come and buy the best"
Izard Gas Generator
Makes Gas from Coal Oil
No Odor, Dirt Or Labor
No oil cans used to squirt oil to generate with, sim
ply turn a valve, light a match and leave it alone.
Placed in any range, hcatirg stove or furnace. Ab
solutely safe and fully guaranteed. Cheaper than coal
or wood.
General Sales Manager -
19:5 Fourth Street. Portland, Ore.
Stale and County Distributors Wanted
Fryslie and E. Lewis,
Mr. snd Mrs. K. Wheeler have as
their guests this week f heir sons, Rob
ert and Kugene.
Miss Meryl Whitney returned to the
homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P..
Whitney after spending several weeks
in Haleill.
Dr. and Mrs. Morefield, accompan
ied by Mrs. Ackman and daughter,
Dorolhy, mude a business trip to ( rook
cd Finger recently.
Miss Hazel Harris who has been
spending a few days with her father,
l. A. Harris, leff for Kerry, Oregon,
Wednesday where she will visit her
sister, Mrs. A. L, linker.
Cluster Horner of Oimpsnr M, who
recently arrived from France, h;is been
Hie guest of his bro'hePj W, O. H"ri'cr
ll'tre h one; hz(c, cVprncbbb treat
met that relieves itchir.ij torture ami
a';i.i irritation almost instantly w.d
l,!..t dc.inne and ajotlie lie ,n-
AiinydrumjutbT u 3"or $1 bottle
ofZcr.ioa!idai:ply itsdi-cctfd. Soon
you wiil (rid thai irritation, pimples,
1.1. cklu'-fl.!, eczema,!;!' tdie.riniiworm
a-d similar skin rrot:b!rs will disappear.
A littla Zcnio.tho ivnetratii'R. satis
fying liquid, is all that 13 mudi.il, fur H
mi-dies must skin eruptions, make
1 in wift, r.mootli ur.d healthy.
R. V. K.i-.e 0.. Cl-vl nid ''
jj 5lop licking Shin J