Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 24, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Editor and Publish
age of 77ie Capital Jowrna
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3 July 24, 1913 VC&
PnW;i,Al Frorv Fvrninsr EicciH Sunday. Salem, Oregon. the Northwest is simply a quarrel over loot, and interest!
- no one but the rivals themselves, both of whom are anx-
AdJrosg All Commnnicationi To , . ,.;V- A ' . ... iL
6v;i utiici anu iuuic puwcnui at me expense
of their weaker neighbors,
138 S. Commercial St.
twn- v. r.; M 00 Per Month , , . .. 4.V
Dally by Mail, per year-
Per Month-
W- D. Ward, New York, Tribune Building.
W. H. Stockwell, Chicago, Paople'a Gas Buiiding
A fierce discussion is raging over in England as to
whether women shall be admitted to the Episcopal clergy.
All the old arguments are being introduced on both
sides, and thus far the matter is in a deadlock.
ihe same controversy has raged in almost every re
no need of word. Our happiness was
auove ttiem.
As we got off the boat, I taw an old,
"Itl lady look at us. There must have
been somcf hiiig in oar faces. For she
smiled a tender understanding smile.
o she hail known. KoI
Jim and 1 studied an evening paper
tugc.hor on the way home. Yet 1 can
not remember the words I read. For I
caught myself looking at his hands.
1-ong, artistie fingers browned by the
He ramp jnt inide the door, to say
tfood bye. Our first by. Bat only
until tomorrow. .
I want no one to know it vet. I tore
off my hat. 1 fluffed up my hair, look
ingiuus beci since nine Degun. cut truly mere is no good1 ' at r In he imtm'- - "
j reason, scriptural. or otherwise, why women should notfJSi
th. make as good ministers as men. Most women are bv na-!". f" ar kne; a bar Lane
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port. If the- earner does not do thia, miswi you, or neglect, getnng tne paper imc muic uevpi ItnglUUS man mOSt men. iMany Women! I said nothing to mofher at supper.
layoa on time, kindly phona tha circulation msnager, a thii ii the only way! are qqA sneakers havin? A chqrm flnrl 1 trifr nf nor -Nl
W. e determine whether or not the earriers.ro following inttructiona. Phone, ' o "dv"Igj u u ? g ? ,
sotlmi'; of the treat news. But 1 al
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1 before 7:30 o'clock nd a paper will b. aent you by ipwUl messenger if the ;SUaSlVeneSS Seldom equaled by the Stronger SeX. And 'did, whv did .he look at me' so .Viiou
earner bar missed you. ' ' IWOmen are bv nature SVmDathetic and tpndpr It shmilH ,lvf Almost with trouble in her eyes.
U the only newspaper In Salem whoee circulation is guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulation
be easy for them to deal with questions involving human
nature ana us sorrows.
Breaking with old customs is always a slow, hard pro
cess and for women to take their place among the clergy
jui me nuica oi ,ngiana wni De a notable cnange, but
I that any menace to morals or manners would accommn
Tho m rnnd rate case now beinsr heard in Portland
is an attemut of the business interests of that city to
l-ove that Seattle has no right to pursue the same hog-j
nish policy Tortland always has. For instance, it took j
- pokane, Wash., years to get justice because Portland
insisted that all freight shipped to'the eastern Washing
ton metropolis, from Eastern points, though unloaded at
Spokane must pay freight through to Portland and then
have added the local rate from Portland back to Spokane.
Then, too, Portland for years kept Astoria from securing
terminal rates, although the latter was a sister Oregon
town and was actually on a deep water terminal while
Portland was far inland. At the present time nearly all
the freight schedules are so arranged, due to the man
ipulations of the Portland Chamber of Commerce, 'that
no industry can live in Oregon outside of that city. It
costs more to ship a ton of Coos Bay coal to Eugene from
Marshfield than it does to ship it to Portland, one hund
red miles further away. Portland fixed the rates on the
Coos Hay railroad, built because of the hustle and enter
prtfe of Eugene businessmen, so that no industry desir
ing to use Coos Hay coal for fuel, could locate anywhere
in the state except in Portland. Portland lumber mills
have secured discriminating rates which shut the valley
mills out on bids for government contracts," including ties
and other railroad materials.
And now hypocritical Portland, fighting for trade
against her more powerful and progressive rival in the
Northwest, professes to be battling for the smaller cities
of the state as well as her own commercial welfare. The
real fact is that Portland has attempted deliberately to
throttle the growing industries of every other town in her
trade area in order to foster her own interests. And the
method she has used! to attain this end has been the simple
one of manipulating freight rates so that they would dis
criminate in favor of Portland. As a matter of fact this
fight over freight rales between the two large cities of
' I thoughf- or moment of telling
Toin. I could see his gusp of surprise.
Tom would not be the oue to conceal
his feelings. I eould hear "You Sara,
why 1 never thought you "
1 laughed softly to myself.
(Tomorrow The skein twists)
Divorced Wife Of Former
German Baron Asks Relief
From Bearing Teuton Name
Pan Francisco, July 24. It will be a
linndiciip throughout their lives if two
prince and crown princess of Germany,
their grandfather, George McO'owan,
declares, asking thr.t their names bo
The world is now to be made safe for nlutocracV. ton
if that ill-savored term applies properlv to bankintr in
stitutions. And the process is very much the same as'"'""11 '',iUllT11 rc f"r(,d t0 retaiB tiBi
that resorted to in the late war. Bank robbers, the Hunslfn SZniofJrZ:
oi American unance, are to be overcome by the righteous
and triumphant force of machine guns.
A Chicago bank has taken the lead in this type of cage
roughly resembling an army "tank", placed partly within
the bank and partly outside, so that it can deal with rob
bers either coming or going. The cage has six-inch loop
holes, and back of these loop-holes are placed gatling guns
and rifles, with plenty of ammunition and men to handle
This may seem like an extreme measure. It is accept
ed as reasonable enough in the wilds of Chicago, where
desperadoes flourish more than in most cities. It may
soon be adopted in other communities, if the recent run
of successful bank robberies continues. ,
You can buy an Overland 5-passenger in first
class condition
For $425
For $695
You can buy a Ford
Roadster, good as new.
You can buy a Saxon
Six, perfect
All used cars sold by us are guaranteed tohj etao
All used cars sold by us are guaranteed to be
as represented
162 N. Commercial
Phone 1004
The children are the offspring of ex- already Btarted action to have her maid
Baron Wilhelm Von llrinckeh, former en nuuio of Milo Abercromlde, restored
military attache of the German consul- and the children mined John ivrd Maria
ate here. Von Britieken, who is serving Abereombie.
a sentence on McNeil's Island for vio- - -
lntion of American neutrality, agreed
to granting li is wife a divorce, provid
ing the children's names were unchanged.
The divorce was granted thig week j The district has an area of more than
and the wife, through her father has 100,000 acres.
The vot;ng of .",00!),0n(i l,umls by
the North I'nit irrigation district of
Jefferson county has been validated.
Ey Walt Mason
I wandered tottoy in the wonderful woods, a forest
majestic and grand, where solitude, silence, and similar
goods are spread with a liberal hand. Afar from the hur
ry and noise of the town I journeyed through the alleys
of nines; I thought 'twould inspire me to sit myself down
and write you some soul-searching lines. The fwest is
r.oble, impressive anil sad, as poets have wotted and ween
ed; but 1 was rejoiced to get back to the grad, and sit in a
room that is screened. The forest is full of unusual bugs,
which bite in unusual ways, and I am anointing my sys
tem with drugs, to soften the swellings they raise." The
forest's mosquitoes are larger than hens, they're hungry
and active and mean; the spots where they bit me are
looking like wens, and I am a sight to be seen. The woods
are the homes of malevolent ants, which thrive in the
shade of the trees; they crawl up inside of the wanderer's
pants, and eat all the flesh from his knees. The town has
its faults; it is wild for the cush, it's swarming with cal-lous-souled
men: but if vou would urge me to chase to
the brush, I say to you, "Never again!"
The buy at home movement ought, to be impressed
upon every resident of a community as the one sure way
to build up the business and financial interests of the com
munity. Sending out money for goods means that the pro
fit made by the dealer in those goods remains away from
home. That is why the Capital Journal declined to run
the piano sale advertisements of a Portland department
store, knowing that the same or better pianos could be
bought in Salem, or any of the towns in the Salem district,
for just as reasonable a price, and in that event the pro
fit made by the dealer would help build up the local com
munity. Whether its bread or anything else to eat, or
dry goods, or hardware, to give your local dealer the first
chance at your trade is always the better plan. He pays
taxes, gives employment, spends money in local improve
ment, and sometimes even extends credit when you need
it and the concern on the outside that you send your
money to does none of these things so far as your com
munity is concerned, These things are always worth considering.
The Corvallis Gazetle-Timos devotes an entire page
of editorial space to criticisms of Bryan and his Chautau
qua speech. And there are these who consider Bryan a
back number!
Miss Ida Tarbell should stick to magazine muck
raking. She doesn't seem to fit in very well anywhere
Hunting a Husbana
littli' roadster far off on a country
road. The hidden coiner of a restaur
ant, while we listened to ranturuua
TIIA1TK1! XXIV (Hungarian music.
Jim a-.ked me to go to Uuig land Itut it hnd licr none of thee. In
Willi In ui today. Ve, Jim! j stead that mos-f prosaic spot, a harbor
It has been n wonderful day. The ferry boat. l!ut to me nothing could
most wonderful in my life. It ha come have been more beautiful. The fat old
to me. To .Niirn Ijioe, aged twenty fiv" itfrntleman quite faded out of view. I
and not prefty. y J,in', dark eyes looking into
Thimgh Jim did fay Inline. 1 heard only his 'wonderful- voice
As we came back on the boat, the a he m,l those simple age won words
rather grimy boat, I felt tltst t was i" Will yon marry met'
on a fairy caravel. 1'or there on the1 By nil the rules of the Ksme, I should
upper derk with the late afternoon have denied him. Held him off. Kept
ui sending slanting ravs on the dingy him in suspense. But I cared nof. What
-boards, with a finy boot black boy who ,nre rules, when vrai have love love
)dl lliv
. I w anted to pvii-
Ih a quite waiting for You.
Established 1SG3
General Banking Business
Commencing June ICth Banking Hours will be
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
bald fat old gentleman eating a banana j He saw my answer on my whole
there Jam. t Merle akfu me to mar-i "liining face. And then jiit then the
r.v biui. j kind old gentleman turned away his
Somehow th's lat week I kn"w it . head,
nss rominf. I pictured it in a romsn- The few minutes before the boat
tic spot. The river at fwilight. Ilt drew in were precious minutea. We bad
jpm--J- . """"'V Vjasswi, 'im&v-"
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ttM 0. E. B'Ookine, Proprtstor
in the world nat
iTslIy has to have
2 package worthy
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Co look for
in the sealed package
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