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    PAGE TWO '" T i
By Gertrude Bobiaoa
TIlXfc! in one ?reat srouji of per
sons in tho world who shall never
he forgotten. No mstter how nteh
ed or crowded the min Is of other may
. there Kill always be a wide friend
ly place ' their hearts for thee. They
are the men who wore the olive drati,
nd navy blue, and fuint green during
the late world war. Just as goon m the
enthui m at their heme romiiix wini
to Ha dying down, some patricide or
ftanizatioa or loyal individual starts a
miniature celebration of their own. The
latest in this lino is the military ball
at the- armory next Wednesday," spon
sored by the War Camp community ser
v ire.
It will ie quite different tnim anv
1hinj that has yet lieen given. In the
first place, it is emphatically not a
public danee; in fact, so far does it
eome from lcinjj a ntIif aftair that
inviiations must be presented at the
aoor. And in the second plnce it ii ex
clusively for the 3W) siililiers, sailors
nd marines of Salem. Card inv'ln
tions are being issued to them; as for
the girls, personal invitations will be
Riven, and thine not entiling with an
escort will entue with eliapenuies. A
large floor eominittee will supply part
ners for the guests ami keep" them
duly entertained. Kvery effort is being
put forth to make this a never-to-be-forgotten
oeeasiou. The following prom
inent women are serving as patronesses
for the affair: Mrs. F. a. Stewart, Mrs.
Dan .J. Fry, Mrs. h. P. Boise, Mrs. V.
W. iKinbin, Mrs. Aliee II. Dodd and
Mrs. Joseph .11. Alliert.
Should auld aequaintanee 1 forgot
' And never .brought to Blind
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld Inng svnef "
One of ihn principal events on the
oeial calendar of the past week was
he aneml afternoon of he Kastern
tHar whiok was held last Tuesday at
the Masonie Tomplo. The. afternoon
opened with short and interesting
program eonsiatiug of tho following
mwnibers: INano duot ttjr Ma nine (Jlov
7 " KthotwymiB Kelly, i'iiino solos
fPretty Lass" (TWnon) and "Mer
ry Brooklet "(Virgil) by Mnxino (Hov
er. Healing, "A Homier Description
of Riibonsteln ' Playing 1 and 'lf I
ould be iby Hot;" by Ethclwynne Kel
ly. Piano solos "Music Box"' (I-e,b-leh)
and "Titsnia" (Wely) by Kthel
wynne Kelly, lYberty dnncew by tiene
vieve liarbir, an otnpanied by Mrs.
Horace Sykea, At the close of the pro
gram the young participants were each
preentei with a colonial bouquet. A
lovely feature of the afternoon was the
presentation of a silver sandnich tray
to Mrs. Joneph Austin who leaves soon
to make her home in California. The re
aiaining hours were spent in exchang
ing social pleasantries and the serv
ing of delicious refreshment!
A special apieal is being iued to
club women of Salem to aMend the lec
i re of Mrs. licbert ('. M'Crrdie at
the morning session of rlrlittauqiia,
Tuesday. Mrs. MeCred e is a fine speak
er and has a worth while message to
convey to everv woman. Mie is a fed
erated club Woman, formerly president
of the Washington state federation of
women clubs and now Washington
state director of the sreneral federation
board. She is also official lecturer of
the Washington state board of health.
The women in Corvnllia where she
has just lectured, are more than gener
ous in their praise of her. Mrs. Me
I'redie is a woman of national Promi
nence and will discuss eonditiona a
they exist In this country.
The sights of the Sound cities, a
long pleasant drive through the Wennt-
chee valley and a delightful trio to
take Chelan were some of the pleas
ures experienced by Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter T. Jenks who returned Vveilnesday
evenin? from a three weeks motor fn
in Washington state. One of the most
enjoyable stages was the passing over
the Wnoqnnlmio pass where a paved
road stretches on for more than a hun
dred consecutive tnllrs.
On the way from Waterville to Lake
Chelan Mr. ami Mrs, Jenks were join
ed by Tr. and Mrs. Winstanlcy nnrJ
their children.
IToldinjr an Important place in the
social affair of the week Is the line
party at Tfe Liberty theater given, tJ
Mrs. Frederick Thielsen and Mr. Amos
Wrong for Mrs. J. h. Van Doren,
Thursday. The party was followed, b
delightful tea at the Thielsen reii-
Governor and Mrs. Pen W. Olcett I Enterprise. Or.. July IS. (SpeciaH
will attend the National fcditurial as-1 At a quiet double wt'dJir-g, jlanstJ
soeiatioa at Crater Lake a!oiit the f.rst as a surprise te their friends. Helens
of August. Later they will go to 8a!t , Kay aad J. R. Warner ad Carrie il.
Lake city where. :Ue governor will at- Falconer' and Wayne K. Walter were
tend the Western (iovernorj confer-' married Taesday evening. The eere
enee, at the c !-. ef which, with the'mony was performed at Wallowa by
other state executives and their wives, j Keverend C. 0. Pratt, the roupUs driv
Mr. and Mr Oioott will make a tUree ieg there and 4utck in the evening,
day tour of Yeiiowstene National park I Mrs. J. Eonald Wagner i a daughter
aa guests of the etate of I tah.
Mrs. Olcott is. at preH'nt enjoyifg a
Miniuer outing at Caunoa IVatii.
Tho !draatie and musical recital
given last Wednesday at the First
Christian church stands as a milestone
m the history ef such affairs in Salem,
dence oa Lineoln and Rock streets. The
invitation list for the charming affair
included Mr. Van lairen, Mrs. William
Hurghardt Jr., ilrs. John Koberts, Mrs.
William Walton, Mrs. William Lytic,
Mrs. 1Mb Fry Jr., Mrs. Allaa Hynon,
Mrs. W. O. Westacott, Mrs. Joseph
Baums;artuer, Mrs. Sherman Thomp
son, Mrs. Frit Slade, Mrs. William
Plimpton, Mrs. fr. K. Kdwards. Miss
Aline Thompson and Miss Hazel Down
ing. s
Although "owing to the absence of
Mrs. Ztulue higs, no definite plant
have been formulated as yet for the
entertainmeut of Miss Ida Tarbell, who
will come te ialein in the near future
as a upeaker on the Fllison-Wh'te ehuu- of her audience. As for the selections
tautpia program, it is a sledded fact I by Professor T. 3. Roberta, entnigh can
of Mr. and M-s. J. S. Kay now at
Krielitan, Wadiinglon. Her husband
is a n of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wagner.
Mrs. Wayne K. Wagner is a daughter
of Mrs. X. J. Falconer and sister of
Fred W. Falconer, president of the En
terprise state bauk. and sheepman. Mr.
Wagner is a sn of Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
tveryoue wh is acquainted with thelAVagner. The bridegrooms are eeusint
work of Mrs, Lcland W. Porter, and ;and both returned receailv from artnr
who has any knowledge at all of John service.
Luther Long s "Madame Jtutterfly"
will realise thai any mere word'of An interesting f nest, during the past
praise would be entirely eut of place, Weck. at the Ueor Krown home w.
Commrms on Mrs. Porter's ability w,,,i kj.,ii w...,c .k. n-n.
have gradually aif ted .down to a few ..ri.i ,i,0 " v i' ,., i
emphatic exclantations Of surprise adeeied his discharge frem the service.
appreciation. Sergtant Krausse is extremely well
Airs. Siniera!, who sang four of the known in Kalem. and i the son of J.
airy, Japanese songs has assured her
self of a permanent place in the hearts
that she will be the guest of the isa
lcm Woman's club while" in the city.
Ever since her return from tho pence
eoi.ferenre -Mii-'a Tarbell has been lec
hiring in the I'nited States and her
first hand knnwlud.ui of the affair has
proved of infinite educational value to
her listener A record crowd is antici
pated at the, Salem rhnutaurjua oa the
evening of her appearance. Misa Tar
bell became a national figure at the
time of her expose of the Standard Oil
Honoring Felix Victor, who has re
cently returned from overseas service,
Mrs. 11. II. I minlord entertained a
group o ffrienda with an informnl din
ner Wednesday evening at her home on
South Liberty street. The prettily op
pointed table was centered with dainty
Cecil Brunner roses and covers were
laid for Mr. Victor. Mr. and Mrs. Will
Howen and two children, John and Ma
rie, Mr. ami Mrs. J. T. Welsh. Russell
Welsh and Miss Ruby Welsh, Mrs. Pel-
la Jeffry, Miss Florence Bone and Mr.
and Mrs. 0. II. Tunsford.
Reverend Alfred Bales of Salem will
be musical director at the Sunday
school session of the Gladstone Chau
tauqua tomorrow, professor Thero't or
chestra will p'ny. Reverend Bates and
wife will leave Gladstone park Sunday
afternoon for Willumina where they ex
pect to remnin two weeks visiting
Attraction Extraordinary
4 DAYS V? T7 tf m BETTER
rr Ye Liberty c
Ladies and Children are Urged to Attend the Matinees to Avoid the Night Crowds
Scenes That
Will Bock
Yon With
Beetles That
WiU Touch
Tour Heart
i i i'f , -
i ft U V.- V I I- 4t S
f l-sv, ' '.VV v '"'jf
r v, :r- - u r
v' " - "siiii' - " ' 1 f t 4
- II - - - - -- f f - - - ' - -I
j. - - -v '-V. -.i J
i ( , i-Jf.."' -
r - - - i . ! I wS
t If ;Ji')- f r -- . V
i .; 1.- vv'l' f.j!j
V .. - - y i'ioiMooiii'!"irw- - - ----- yr (
J sit.. HlllllltHIHt-'tllM.Mi-7w S, f Jf-'. 1
f J'iiilitiM.iliitlliHitilitiWi.S!ir.,j; j
nut lie said. As nsnal his hearers were
ti. Krausse formerly a prominent mer
chant of this city. He has numerous
friends here and during his short stay
was the honor giicst at a number of
tllWTIICS- ti&rtie aneiol aulImriniiG
si'ell bound during his pieces, and no , chief among which was an attair at the
one but himself could ever have knowu illihee el.,h Thor.rfnv .t k:,.i.
loitrteen guests were present. Sergeant
Krausse left last
home in Portland.
evening for his
Mrs. El.-ic Tiale; Simeral and Eva '
Miller, voice pupils of Miss Lena Belle :
Tartar, are to furnis-h solo numbers at ,
the Sunday services of the First Pap-
tist church during the next several '
weeks. Mrs. Jimer;il was heard to ad-1
vantage in a charming cycle cf Japa- !
nesc type music at the Christian church :
last Wednes Iny evening. Her work is
eharacterined by ease, sweetness and
accuracy of t"ne und clearness. Mi-s j
Miller is a recent addition to musical ;
circles ef this city. Her vc:ce is mezzo- j
soprano and especially full and pleas
ing in the upper register. ,
... -
A novel but beautiful weddinir was I
solemnized by Reverend Charles Powell j
ox Nt. Paul s Episcopal church at six
o'clock. Thursday morning at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. (!. K. Reynolds, 151
Fir street, when their daughter, Ethel
Reynolds was married to Harold Jew-
ltt of Canyon City, Colorado. Miss Jen
ny Boibell a ted as bridesmaid and
Karl Wonger as best man. Prista Weng
er played the wedding march from
Iohcngrtn. The bride wore a simple
hut charming ilress of white ereoa .de
chine and a veil of net adorned with
tiny mock orange blossoms. She car
ried a (forgeoust bouquet of whito
'brides rose and maiden hair fern. Miss
The Mary Pickford Company Fresents
In Jean Webster's Celebrated Story and Play
that the organ was a perfectly strange
one to his fingers. The program:
(irand march from "Aids'' ....Verdi
Siki from "Persian Suite," Stoughton
Mr. Huberts
from the Cherry Oardeu Bennett
1. The Iris Garden; 2, Mona Mine;
:!. On the Chiang; i, The Ureen Pavil
ion Mrs. Bimeral ,
Selection from Madame Butterfly....
.'. Puccini
Mr. Roberts
Aria, One Fine Day Puwini
Miss" Tartar ,
Duet, Every Flower Puccini
Mrs. Peterson, Miss Tartar
Rending, "Madame Butterfly" ......
Joha Luther Long
Mrs. Porter .
Memories St. Clair
Miserere from II Trovatore".... Verdi
Impromptu .. Taylor
Evensong . Johnston
II rand Processional from "(jueen
of Sheba" Gounod
Mr. Roberts
The marriage of Mis Helen Harris
and Eugene tirabenliorst was solemnis
ed -Wednesday afternoon July Kith at
the Presbyterian parsonage, Reverend
Anderson officiating. The bride Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. TTarris of
N44 Center street, and a graduate of
the tin loin kigh school class of 1917.
For the past year she has 'been em
ployed in the office of the U. ft Shvp-
ley company. Mr. Urabenhorst recently
returned from service overseas where
he was a member of the 2&I engineers.
I lie couple will make their home in
Salem where the groom is connected
with the state highway commission.
Taking advantage of the warm wenth
er and good roads, a merry party of
seven motored to Wilhoit early Thurs
day morning and spent ithe day picnic
ing. They returned in tho evening bj
way of Spong's .landing and eniover a
swim before eoming home. Miss Alia
Jones sponsored the charming affair
anil among those invited to enjoy it
were Mrs. Harry Olinger, Mrs. Ed Bak
er, Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. McLaughlin,
Mrs. Dan Fry Jr. and Mrs. T. A. Rob
erts. ...
Salem admirer of Carrio Jacobs
Bond are envying the opportunity that
Portland folk." had last week of meet
ing her in persoa and enjoying an en
tire afternoon in her company,
Mrs. Kond, musician and poet, Tdril-
osopher and genius, who Is just return
ing from a six weeks' Alaskan trip
her first vacation in IS years stopped
off in Portland to visit her children of
the Carrie Jacobs Bond stub and the
recital given for them and a few
friends Tuesday afternoon at tho home
of Mis. Beaumont will ever remain an
inspiration in tho minds of those who
had the good fortune to be present.
In her quaintest and most whimsical
fashion Mrs. Bond told tho children of
her first effort in the field of song
writing and how she had no money so
she had to write her own verses and
for the same reason she eould buy no
cover designs, so she designed her own
and then came the great success which
has attended her every effort since. It
has meant years of hard wirk, but the
response from the publie has justified
it all an I today there are being pub
lished between' 400 and 500 of Mrs.
Bond's songs, over 500.000 eouie of
'A Perfect Day" alone haviuz keen
Then followed an hour of songs and
stories, of pathos and humor, of cvery-
itay life and of children a problems, of
philosophy for grown lips and gems of
nougat or many kinds.
"I mil going to sing you a little
song about what to do when you can't
help things; people don't like to lis
ten to sermons, so I put my sermons
into a lino an I here is this-ciie." she
viiii, ami men sue sang "vmen ton Imeetin-. The squadron consists of
inn't Help it Forget l." Mert-tmes Marian (iilhert, chairman;
She gave one of her beautiful new M. Frances fcwopc. Anna Rureham,
songs that Madame fwhumann Heink Ella B Cittings, Madge J. Mcars, Ma
has heeu sinning for ii months in hor.bel Bur'on.
concerts, nK several of the time hoa-1 Attention, was cailed to a svmposiiim
ored favorites, closing with that story to be held Fridav at the W. C. T. I'.
of the old mnn to whom the best pnrtjrit cottage, tllndVone Chautauqua, on
oi traveling was gemng aome, aim ""fist the w. C. T. C. has done for
witn tne strains of "llxme. fwect
iiJMiin-'ii i liiim ' Mr""
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1. $. ltplnj (Eo.
A guest at the homo of Adum Burns,
is Miss Agnes Burns of Worcester,
BobeU'a gown was of pale blue cremv Mass. Aa is usual with eastern visitors
de ehine and her bouquet of pink I she is very much impressed w ith Ore-
sweet pens, roses and maiden hair fern, i gn and cpecially tho Willamette val
Besides the family und a few intimate I ley.
friends the employers and employes of j
me notn grocery company, where the Mrs. Jihs Wiles, 4.i .North winter
brido has been employed for tho fiaet I afreet, is entertaining her cousin, Br.
year, were the only guests present. !' Clark and his wife of Denver,
Immediately after the eeremony light Colorado, for a few davs. Dr. and Mrs.
..,C. ...1. ........ . - I J 9 !!.. -1. . .1-. .1. '-..- J-
v on uie louring ine urine coast.
refreshments were served.
After visiting a short time wilh
friends in Salem the young couple will
leave for a honeymoon in California
and from tRere will go to Canyon City
to make their home, where the groom
has large manufacturing interests.
At' the Multnomah county W. C. T.
V. executive meeting, held Monday at
tho central library in Portland, it was
planned for tho August institute to be
a big open air -meeting with some prom
inriiv spenKt-r, u poMloie.
Arrangements were begun for the
annual convention in tfernlenrber. It
was voted that no luncheons be served
by the entertaining nninn birt that
each delegate be responsible for her
own nieslsi it was thought that the
work entailed in serving luncheons de
tracted from the more important busi
ness of the convention sn I worked n
hardship on 'the entertaining union so
that many of the members were not
able to attend the meetings as they
Report from the various unions were
quite enrnuragii.f;. Alliinn union re
ported two prayer leagues in opera
tion. St. Johns union had held meetings
in six churches and the Adventists'
camp meeting in the interests of the
Jubilee campaign. Willard union huh
welcoming m iny new members and had
the promise of a ,"0 liberty bond when
the rest of the union's ouota should
be raised.
Mrs, Mnry Palmer, president of the
Albina union, had secured a half hour
ut the meeting of the l.ents grange to
yresew me w. t . r. r. work.
St. Johns union holds its annual ric-
nic in Colombia park August 4 and
invites members of other unions in the
county to join them.
lho president, Mrs Marian Gilbert.
announced that a "flying squadron"
had beeX 'organised for the purpose of
visiting the various unions tu assist and
encourage them in raising their quota
of money and members in the jubilee
campaign and requested that the un
ions notify her or any member of the
ipiailnm of tee time an I place of their
Justice and Mrs. Ltiwrcnce T. Har
ris. have returned from a week's out
ing on the McKenjo.
Mr, and Mrs. Z. J. Riggs who have
been touring California for the paet
several weeks, will arrive In Salem
Monday. Immediately upon Mrs. Riggs
Jarrivul final and definite plnns for the
entertainment of Miss Ida M. Tarbell
will be made. Mrs. Riggs is president
of the Salem Women's club.
s .
After a brief visit with ner sister,
Mrs. W. J. Culver, Mis. S. , Asehen
luenner of Los Angeles is romling a
short time at the E. K. Mat ten home.
(Continued on page three)
Home" running through this selection.
no one's heart strings eould fail to be
touched. Mrs. Bund then grariotis'v met
hiT young admirers and their friends,
file left at midnight for California,
planning to spend a few weeks at her
mountain heme at flrosnmnut back of
"an Ihego, before leaving fny the east
to attend the convention of American
unnic by American musicians.
Salens tent of Daughters of Veter
ans, known as Barbara Fletcher Tenf
Xo. 2, was ibily organised at the r
rt'ory last Wednesday evening. Mrs.
rrsneea Mackey of Vancouver, post de-
individiials and nrj;anirat-ons.' Everybody-
is invited.
Mr. Mary K. Slater, sujrrintenilent
of Christian citizenship, fent in er
resignation and it w voted to sk the
state fliperintcndeit of that depart
ment to fill en' her trm.
Mie Mary Bahcix-a. who ha, been
vi.sitiug her mother. Mr. Ids Bnbeo-k.
has retunud to Portland Miss Buhcrk
is connected with the I'nion A hr tract
office ia Porlan4
After sK'ni!ig a week's visit with
her parent", Mr: a id Mr. W. A. I,
psrtmenf secretary of the Alaska and(,,,n- M. RaVh Harris has returned
t aey mmie is iwrg.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor llendrirksoa of
l'lmm,ng Prairie, Minnesota, were
gmts at Ooic.-nor (limit's hnire dur
ing the wek. i
Wnshington department, was chief in
falling officer. She was ssisted by
Mrs, Siurvvant, preid.t of the Be'sy
Kess tent of Portland and Miwi Carelyn
herer, national pstri-i'ie inpeetor.
The newly elected president, Mrs. F. A.
KI'inM, presided afer the inslatlatioa
rerrmnny. Forty eight charter mem
bets were received.
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