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eli' Activities II
A A A A . . ..... aaa....... ......... .......
First M. E. Church.
Corner Mate and I'htirrh streets, K.
X. Avium, uiiuiter. l'la-s aiei-tiug tt
(:! a. in. Similar hwl at a.
in., SuNriutpnilrnt, Juha W. Tutiil will
wi'l'oiup strangers sutt visituts. 11 a.
in., a brief luessaxe to the beys and
Kilt oill precede the. uiormti 511111011;
.1 i. in., rtgular s-riee at the Oid i'eo
Jcs Himif. At 7 p. ni., 1'aul ioiiry wi4
li-nj the Kiiwortu league, Vuitug iH-ople
generally tin! rrtuftiinj soldier yr-' itie Sill flexibility of volume.
iKtilsiiy will lie wi'h'ome. At 8 p. ill.,
tLe iiur. Dr. H. N. Avisua will siieuk
on Spiritual Ijiw iu the Natural
"TVii.i-s" (Mandril; offertoiy, ' Ber-1 urda.r eveuing at 7:3M'
reuse in A" ( IH'llirui k); cumin. luiuii,1 iu !1( hall at M o'clix k.
"Abidii With Mi-"; uostlude iNuurt).! iU open air. 10::iU o
iI(m k. Meeting
f-iuu dur mora-1
clm-i.; huuiiess
only little Indiaa girls to !ar w.Tii. and Mr. Parr of Delia Tan Delta.
KvmiiiK srri.e: ' Bcn-ema-' tllcCul-j meeting iu tlie hail at 11 o'clock. 8un- hunliaud was the firit shoemaker Portland Orcgnnian. July 1.
liu); offertnry, "From tlieJjiuJ o. the day school at S p. in. Tinted mission vu French Prairie and at firt put soles Mr. Parr is a sua of Xlr. and Mrs.
Sky-blue Water" (('adman .;Euuy);j meeting at 3 p. ui. V. P. U at i p. at.jo:, moccasin before be got tool. He'c. A. Parr of Woodburn and has many
i Hnuur in vi "'sihvi i. m- ui uw!n air iiiiM'ini at t p. ui. naiVa- ,,. I ,1.
. ' ...... .. ... un
it;. .;.. ... ,n congratulations. Woodburn Inda
mie unruu wi 1 be beard for the inst.tirti miin,. in tl hull mt riA
time in ehuri-h iiiiuir. Critira hu urard 1 nnt.li. ..r.;, IV i.. J"1"'" C'a-y ever aure
The death of Mrs. X. !. S-e'.lard at
12:3(1 Friday afternoon raused a wave
of sinrerr rrow to asi over the riu
munity. where he was le!d in auck
hili e-tss'iu by ali.
Cuiharine I. Fitietald was oorn oa
the Fitx;erald lanJ einim, jt murth
at of Woodburn. on OrtutHW 12, lM.
She wai th daughter of Thomas and
Mary Fitzgerald. tShe rivcivel hor edti-
ration in Portland publir senools ana
at St. Mary"s aeadeniy. In 1S she
married X. S. ."v-ulVurd and to this ideal
j union were born five eniklren. ail or
whom with her husband are living at
firat pair of boots the friends here who join the Independent 1 1
two brothers Dr. Ilenrr FiWserald of j
Good Digestion
and natural bowel movement
result from the use of .
tup ory-in last Vteilnesiuty wne ui.:nu
m.biiM in ttiei. Iiraid.tt if iTm tnli:ii Iklltll.i
si.r Kobeits won the hearts ul Iht i;uUi-
ence lu the siileudid arrtintiini'i.t ofi
uf these uwtini;. ('apt. and ills
officers in cliarne.
Nuini'i Cliurcu.
The aervi.-ea at the Xaaareue church,
Iluut- ""' ll!i built at Ht. Louis but he af
'terward traveled around and did work!
Ut tli.i .lirfrn ... ...V,... fH t, .
. .... ........ (l. t tl II. UV O. .l IJUK ujja
the slough road through Woodburn; Joseph Uine. after a protracted ill
was railed Deer creek and thtie werr nesa died at his hmue eant ut Wmirl.i
tassiea. Frank Cliurehill, tue Xhieteeiith and Marion" atreets. will be: i1"' of dei'r couar ai "m '"lk
ur(uuist, has had years of Irainin at
the orxi n, aside from his work as pro
fessor of piano with the exieniun dp
iiartmeit and he and (.'liorintet l.iier
have prejiured the day's projimin with
r . it ...
Sunday school. :4j a. m.. W. P.. Uardv.! "0"""' tuuepemient.
8 p. m.; YounK Peoples meeting, 7 p. iu.; LYCrylhlO III ReldlIlSS
........... i' n"s, y.
Wednesduy. The Morning servicts will
: services will occur at a liter lime, out
ill the ineiiiitiine Ut) urgent Kilst end
'invitutiou is extended to all nuu will to
.'share in the services uf the church 11
' augmented by the new instrument.
iJoes the .Nazarene ( uurch Maud rorT . hverything is opining up fine
We will be plensed to have every one, the annual chautauqua to beain
who mar be interested in this sunject,
be present. A. Wells, pastor; F. .Wells,
Jason Lee Memorial M. E. Ciiuroh.
Corner of Winter and Jei'fersu'i
atreets. Tliomas Arhesuu. nastur. Huu-
thy arhuol, :4j a. ni., Charles iltigemun tr''aX ui forethought. Dedinitory j ,,,, i. The subject will be "What
ujieriiiteudent, clnssea fur nil agis un
der I In" care or efficient teaclu is. Pub
lie. worship, II a. m., subject, 'The C'en
tennry Celebration at Columbi. , Uluo. "
Fpwurth League devotional nieeliug, 7
o'llm k, yiiiing iienple espciiuliv are cor-. . J ,
du.lly invited. Kventug worship at 81 Court ChrHUan ChurtU.
oVIixk, subject, "The Challenge of the Corner of Court nud North icu
First Vear of the Centeuarv Piugruiu." I teenth alreets, K. L. Putnam, pastor.
This service will be evangelistic with liible school at 10 H. in. sliaip. Our(jay afternoon.
plenty of good music. Hpeciul music ! contest against " Huiiiiner eluiiip ts ou.
buih niiirniiig anil evening under tho Let every member of the school in the
lesilersltip of Prof. Clark. Wi c ordially ! city be present. Which classis going to
iuviieit tlie public to come and worship ; h..ve tho lurgest nvcragc atteiulauce fur
'with us. Don't forget piiiyiiiueeting' the summer f Hear " Convention Kchos"
on Tliursdnv tiveniug at o'clock. I by the pastor. This will be i, Blirriiig
i Portland and Judge Thomas Fitzgerald
I of Pendleton, also two half sistera,
iMrs. Honors Murphy and Miss Mary
I Hershberger of Portland, beside other
: relatives.
I Tn.. i.,.,k nn4 4.A Bnlit in evtult-
burn, at 9 o'clock Friday evening, July !: ,i, ,i,..wi . .ifj ,h f.
... . - ...v u.. ........ ... ........ ---
I ' ' . , , ,. literal sermon, she M a woman in ten
r. was nora ai nurniigtoii, tbouMnrt. She
j n w., ou vrrrwurr i-. i vi, anil was ; vntiil wife
-was a faithful ana ue
loving mocher who was
tl JUiU ill lUaUiiltM -the son of Fraud and Olive Uviue. I of a'a tJlollsh m(lfh of her el.il-
rOt fnanfaiinna lmPPnTiW-1 . fan"'V fa"u' ,0 Uren, was a woman with a beautiful
rUI VBAiUdUqiia UpeCmg;Woodburn several year, ags. He leaves Lhariicter, a devout Chr.stian and very
r.na Irvine, two itauchtcrs. k-,.;hi..
Woodburn and Delia ofi Tl. funeml n Kutulav morninir last.
sons, Willis andlreouiem hiirh mass beine held at the
also grand-, st. Luke's Catholic church nt 10: 13.
the church being filled with sorrowing
Leslla Methodist Episcopal Church.
address on the great thought! gknned
from the excellent addresses at the Tur-
Curiier South Coinniercial and Meyers er convention which hns just cluseu.
streets. Home. N. Aldrich, pastor. t:4S' Juuion Christian Kildeavor, 3 p. m.
a. m., Sunday chuol, K. A. KnotenJ Voung People'! meeting at 7 p. ni. riong
MiM iinteiMl.nt. II a. ni. and 8 p. m.,'emce and sermon, 8 p. m., tubject,
public worship, with seriuuti by thnj''rown Him King." The monthly
..iisti.r: 7 n. in., ilcvntiuiiul i;i of .Bible' school conference Tuesday even-
l.ciigue, Leslie Hprii.gir,; 'K. P- '' evrT n""e ,nuul
winker be preseut ns very iinpuriiiui
lini.tter Is to be eonsidered. Prayer meet
.inif Thuisduv. 8 p. iu. The public is
(lie Kpworth
St. Paul'i Chutvh.
Filth Huuduy alter Trinity:
in., Duly roiniuuiiioii; II a.
prayer anil senium; n p.
and seriiimi; H p. ni
pisyer ami aililress. fcverybouy
come. ( hailes H. Powell, rector'.
7::i0 .
uriliiillv invited to nttend nil services.
Von will always be glud you cuinc.
Centrsl Congregational Church,
Comer Houth Nineteenth and Ferry
wt reels, 11. C. Htover, minister. iSiiikImV
ticliniil ut IDa. m., Mis. Burton r.ilwanls,
siiieriiite!iili'iit. Muruiiig adilrcss i.t II
iiVliiek. ('Iiilstnn Knilwiviir at 7:1" p.
in. Cuiiiiiiuiiiiiii nud teceptiou of lui'iu
Iters nt 8 p. ni.
Highland Friends Church,
s.ih. Kill Kchuul nt 10 a. m., Knrl
Pniilt, superintendent, rlusses fur all.
Morni g vrorslilp Ht 11 o'clock. Chris
tin it Knili'iiMir al (i:4u p. in., and pn arli-
i it it at a.ii. ni. At the evening service
tlie pnstur will continue his h smii.s on
tlie " Itniik of Itevelutiiin." Player
meet i n j on Tliuisiltiy at 8 p. m. If
you am not ntlieiwise nf f ilmteu you
iwl find n wchniiie with us. 1. 0. Lei1
and wife, pi.htors.
First Congregational Chui'cli.
Corner Liberty and Center streets,
V, C, Kantuer, niiuister. 10 a. m Hun
duy school with classes for nil, W, I.
Hinley, hiiperinteiiilent; 11 U. in.,
ship with sermon; 8 p. m., "The He
ligiuii of a Perplexed Hunl." Following
this address there will be gi.eu a mo
tiun picture issue by the treiisuiy de
partment of the I'nited Stntes bearing
the title, "llnliling On."
Cliristlnn and Missionary Alllanc.
Services bu next Thtirstlny uftemoon,
July H, nt 032 Houth Ciiii.nie rclal
street, nt 2:1.1 o'clock, llev. J, K. fe
of Piirtli.ud will eiintiiiue study (if the
"Hook of Hevcliition." All most ror
iluillv welcome,
First Christian Church. u i
Cuinrr High and Center street, I.e
land W. Porter, ptistor. Hibii st lm.il at
!l:(.'i a. in., lesson, "The Lord's Sup
per," Dr. H. ('. Kpley, supeiiiilenileiil.
Mm .'nig HOi'idiip ii 1 1 il i' ii i u. it I. iu il at 11
fi 'cluck, sermon, "Th, Inside of the
Organ." Kmlilivur meeting at 7 p. m.
Kteuiii'x serbon nt 8 o'clock, "Ti.e Men
(ml Needs." Moniiiig music; 1'iaees
i. mill, "(Hiiiv tu (iitd,'1 (Burciny); an
tlicin, "TUoiKAvt My Hiding Plane,"
( II .'i bert ; pieliide, "I.nrgu" from
Evangelical Church.
Seventeenth nud Cheinekelu slieeti.
Huiiiliiv sclioul at 10 a. tu., C. T. Doty,
superintendent; F. W. Liuiriier, pastor,
will preach at U a. m., subjut, "The
Moruiug Star," Hev. 22:10; Mrs, V.
W. I.iiuiter will be the lender f.ir the
devutiunr,! service! of the Y. P. A. All
hire Invited to attend these seivnis.
There will be a meeting at the Mis
sion, 240 Mtutti street, at a t elwr Sun-
Vou are inviwd to ct .
tend. This is the different uieetiug
Wells, superintendent.
I " 'a widow
for Pearl of
this Ileaverton. and. two
.M-ur next umiay, July su, with a Ice- Hector, of Woodburn
ture by Dr. Joseph Clare, speaking on 'children.
me n nut ie oi me mission revomuon u i.v M. ., k...i .. .. i n. -.i .t....
..... v- . ... i " io, ii.. relatives ana menus, ino ceieuinm
As this a subject ef espial nt.T- (working, of a kindly disposition to all was Fr. Bernard Murphy of Mt. Angel,
est to soldiers and sailors aud marines, ',d his last thoughts were for the . nephew of deceased! ' There were flow
he chautauqua management announe-lc0,fort of his wife and children. He ers and beautiful floral emblems in pro
es iree amnissJun to the Dovs who arc wn
letlher in uniform or who present the.of America and joined the caniD here I fmn, . ,tiatne Ih-. d Mrs.
s.huv-u iiiu Man iu
Associated Bible Studeuts.
The Associated Biblu Students
hold their usual study iu Tabemucle nl of the old time songs such as
Shadow!, hours 10-1S a. ni., Moose hall, of Ages.'
At 3 p. in., lecture by Kvangeliat (iulis
--I .. . v .u u i . . i' " - j"...... .... bump in'..- iroiii a uisiaiici- ttere i-t. aitu Mim.
Card ISSUed hr the Nalem i iilllntiir.'inl l- tona ill- ...l: a.i n.... ... . ,
A leliib poucy oi j uuu was mr tue tlenry l"itzgoraia of I'emtleton, Junge
r.i , . . A. , "cui-iit ui uis who. land .Mr. Thomas rH7.geraia oi renuie
II. C. F.pley, president of the lo- Th f.mor.1 -.. hu . o ..i....i, .... r. u m.r.t, xi;..
cat chiiutauqua announj'es a special tn,i.- .(., .4 .1.. ... Ur!. ,.'i r.:..i 1 in...
evening, count of the number of friends nresent . Curs Mnxie of iPortlnnil. Milton Fitz-
serviees were held outside under a I gerald of Pendleton, J. B. Kennedy and
tree, Key. Arthur A. Ilarnmun of Ku- family of Portland, Vinton Murphy
community sinir for Sunday
This will include the singing of
Dallas Says Chautauqua
- This Year Best Yet Held
iuy (I. Kincry, director and platform
manager of the thaiitauqua, is already
in the city. He will have charge of the
program next week. He say the pro
gram fur this year has been giving the
greatest satisfaction, according to re
ports received from the south.
gene officiating.
Belle Passi.
Interment was a!
Miss Mildred Woodruff
(Capital Journal Special Heivkv.)
Ih. Hi. a llr .Inlv II) Tint l-
White (.'!.,. utu.Hua system's progrim1-.,,"" 'lrJ nf nd Lvnn
. , .i1 ,. , . were married last evening at 8
this year fur the Dalliis chautnui.ua is .... , , . . . . '
llm I. ..at nvnr liriim.ht In I in i itv tint ..... ... '
-"" . ", . cuts, air. anil Mrs: 1, T.
program su far exceeding th..t ot for- joo, Mullory street. Rev.
j' "'Rh- -" , nuicniusiai perioriued the ceremony,
Bergeant George Adams arrived home
yesterday from Sun Autonio, Texas, on
a 30 day furlough. Sgt. Adams has had
some very remarkable experiences and
narrow escapes. He is a member of the
4th balloon company and was in the
same convoy to France as Company- I.
Ho landed in France about the first of
Woodruff, January, 1918, and was in neaily all the
Arthur L. drives after that. His ilauueiuus duty
was to go up in observation balloons,
tukit rthntoirriLiiha nud mukn 111:111s nf (be
('.V nnninv1! nnultiiint Ilia 1.allii.,u iva. 1iii
constant target of the Germans and at
one time machine gun fire hit it and
parachute, slightly
hurting himself but not permanently be
and son of Portland, Mrs. Beatrice Hoi
den of Portland, II. O. Hodupp and
family of Portland and Benj. Smith
and family of New-bcnf. The pall bear
ers were Jos. Aieher, Theo .NVhl, J. B.
Hunt, Georgo Miller, llenrv Hall and
M. J. McOurmiiek.
Interment was in St. Luke's ceme
tery. Woodburn Independent.
'1 1 U' mi CUWi
This superior purely vegetable
preparation for correcting
baby's troubles contains no alco
hol, opiates, or narcotics.
Brings gratifying results for
mother and child. Formula cn
every bottle.
At att Jrmtrittm.
J. C. Perry
and best
numbers are yet to appear, I h lecture Klvira Thurlow was maid of honor and
by Dr. Josejili Liu re on the "Kiddle of Fred Packwood was best man.
the Kussinn Jtevoltiun" Tuesday even- relatives and a few close friends of
iug was interesting and instructive, to the bridal eooi jiere present. The
l...ll. ..I.l uti.l .r..i.i i.l.k.l mill U-llM hlnnl. I.riilit u-ll nnU'i.A.I in .-kU. .........
""Ill IIIU nuu J'M. i..n, n,.u .. .n . i . ....... .,un ..nu.i, , , . Ill.r H " 1 ' 11 ' I , .
Iu l.,v...l l,v nil W J Hi,.,!!, v nf with luce overdraw. I.enh I'urklny Wi-.i"0 tn,m' d0W11
u,,..k.... VV.al.:.. u,...k.. IVa.Ii,.,. att snuff "At Dawnimr " lr 1111.I Vry
I 1 "niimn.""! I ...v...., n ......... ,Ki.J u. 1 .!,. V, ...,...!.
i-nrr win silil tneir honeymoon at "" 'S"
Mount Hood aud will go to Kima, Wash n,B,y aouveiiirs and is enjoying his visit
the first of September where Mr. Parr 'home. His term of enlistment in the re
will bo principal of the high school, 'gulars, in the above company, dors not
Both are V'niversilr of Oregon grnd 'expire until next March, when he will
the bride in tho class of 1918 probably re-enlist. He holds a tillot's
191 7. i license for balloon work, Woodburn
Mrs. Parr is a member of Phi Beta Phi ! Independent. '
Tl .. Tl. .. ... I..- .. tiniirB, tur urtiiu ill
First United Brethren Church.
Yew Park, C. W. Corby, pastor. Bible
school nt 10 a. in.; preaching ut II .
in. by Hev. (). K. Master; V. I'. H. C, K.
in the evening ut 8 o 'clock.
Salvation Army.
Open air meeting on Stnte street flnt-
Mary Adel Hays at Chautauqua
Famous Colortura Soprano of New York Will Make
Fourth Night a Notable On
V - . - . : ' I
' .4 1
Mary Adel Hajn, rolurahua soprsuo of New Turk, will bring to all niusle
lover ona of the great wusUul treats of tb season on the fourth night of
Chniilsiiqiii. Few new singers In recent years have attracted wider oniment
or greater praise ftoiu press ard public than MN llity.
8it!pNliig MUi I!m iu the evening ctMn-ert will be three splendid assist
fug srtlws, Hubert MUliml. flutist; Lowell Paiton, pianist and acvuiiipanhit,
fil Jinn.' Chapman, violinist.
day evening ui "America at the 1'i.rt
lug of the Ways," a lecture particular
ly interesting. Mr. ilindley is well
known to a number of Diil.us people
und received a warm welcome, while in
the city.
Lewis (Quintet was exceptionally gooft,
the ex-sdldieis making n "hit" with
the Dalln people. In the evening the
ilrtiuiiitie reading "Turn to the Bight"
by F.dmiu M. Whitney was one of the
must clever performances ever p.il on
a stage in this city and Mr. Whitney
held the uiidienco which packed the big
tent ill un attentive mood for i.ioio thnu
two hours. Toils v Ida M. Ttuibell, not
ed journalist will speak and tomorrow
will be one of the biggest days with rnc
Cr.echo-Hlovak Imnd and William Jen
nings Bryau as the drawing curds. Pri
vate Pent will appear Biiiuluv evening
and (ho cliuutuuqiiii will close Monday
with n illiist rnted lecture en "The
Closing Dnvs of the War" by Henry
Warren Poor. The chautauqua asso
ciation were inure tliun successful in
pusiug of season tickets this year, more
than ifH'0 worth of tickets above the
guarantee being sold. A committee uf
business men nre now lit work among
the citizens signing up guiuai.tuis for
the ilmutuiiipia for next ycur and lute
Thursday ul'ternooit after but n few
hours wuik hud prncticiilly as iiuny
signers as went on Hie guarantee lust
One of our oldest pioneers Mrs. Mon
ica Pacqiiettu, relict of Pascal l'n,uette
died nt the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Fnvnk Hull, at Hrotts Mills, at nine
0-clock Sundny evening, in her 8S:id
year. The funeral was Tuesday mora
ine:, services being held al the Mt. Au-
gel Catholic church and largely attend
ed, Rev. Fr. Berthol bong the leicbraiit.
Interment was in the Mt. Angel Catho
lic cemetery beside her late husband.
All of the children were present but
two, Juhn Paiptette who is somewhere
iu Alasku, and Mrs. Cecelia liuwerd of
Centralis, who Is ill.
The life of Mrs. Pauuetle is closely,
. .. . .. .i . ..t . ... i .1...
itlentitieu wiiu iiiis secuou nuu nv !
remembered with esteem and for her
many acts or kindness oy an oi me
old timers. She was bom iu 188 In
Canada and crossed the plains with her
parent, Francis and Susan Pluard, In
1M1. They arrived first at towlitx
Prairie, then later came to miromor,
.Washington, then to Champocg, Oregon.
Here tho Hudson Bay company of which
Mr. Pluard was a member, dissolved and
!Mr. Pluard took up a homestead, pre-
emptio'i and donation land claim. At
one time he owned the old Lemeiy.
Dodge and Chase places. Susan Ptuaro
died at the age of 88 years and Fiancis
Pluard passed avray at the age ot lus
years. They are buried at Highland.
Monica Pstuette niarrieih Pascal Pa
uuetle at St. Louis in 18.il, when she
was 1.1 years of age. They had twelve
children, eight of whom survive her,
the husband and father havi'.g passed
nway 0 years ago. The survit lug child
ren are: Pascal Paquette, Mission But
turn; John Paquette, Alaska; Mrs. ( .
celin Howard, Centralis, Wash; Albert
Paquette, with the Bohemia Lumber
conianv, Dorctia, Ore., near Cottage j
Virove; Jsmes I squette vumi .Mills;
Mrs. Riie Holt, Scut Is Mills; Mrs. Ade
laide Ksston, Buvd, Ore, a. so a l.nge
number of gi an J children and great
jraad cbiljrea.
The wedding of Miss Mabel Isabcile
Boscop, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Ed
ward Boscoe of East Woodburn, r
William John Clancy of Portland,
was solemnized nt 11 o'clock Thursday
morning at St. Mary.'s Episcopal
church in this city. The liev. Archdca
snn H. D. Chambers of Portland offi
ciated. Preceding the entrance of the
bridal couple, Mrs. Beulah Barlow oBs
rue of Portland sang "1 Love Vou
Truly," Mrs. T. '. Poormnn accom
panying on the organ.
The bride was attired in a simple
frock of white erepe de chine beaded
in pearls, her tulle veil bcig held in
place iby an orange blossom wreath
previously worn by her mother. She
was attended by Mrs. Frank Wolfe as
matron of honor. The best man was
Frank Boseoe, brother of the bride.
The church had been prettily deco
rated in white and yellow by friend,
of the bride.
Following the ceremony at the church
a sumptuous wedding brcakiait was
served at the farm Huiue ot the brides
parents, to which a number ot relatives
and friends were invited 'Woodbnrn
Portland Woman Dies Of
Injuries Received When
Knocked Down By Motor
Portland, Or., July 10. Miss Fianeia
Settler died here from inji.rics re
ceived one month, ago when she waa
knocked down by an automobile driv
en by T. W. Sullivan of Oregea Bity-.
Coroner Smith has taken charge of the
body and will investigate.
No other remedy, win so
surely and quickly correct
stomach ailments, regulate
the liver and improve the
general health as a dose of
LstsmI Sal f Any Msdicias is th. WMl
Sold mnrwbw. la Buss, IOc 21m.
ag Joyou
A solid week of the best music, entertainment and lectures that the country affords Ellison-White quality.
A Bigger and Better Program than ever this year and the whole week is yours for the price of a Season ticket
Program Booklets and Chautauqua Talk to be Distributed Socn Watch for Them.
26 Big Attractions
Famous Writer and Humorist. Worth the price of a
Season Ticket to hear his "Two Years in Hell
And Back With a Smile."
Noted Coloratura Sorano of New York appears on
the fourth evening assisted by her Company
of Recital Artists.
Five Musicians known throughout the Chautauqua
world. One of the Big Musical Attractions
of the Platform for the last Decade.
Jaroslav Cimera brings his Famous Czecho-Slovak
Band for two full concerts on the fifth day.
Madame Helen Cafarelli, soloist.
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Season Ticket Prices: Adults $250; Students, $1.50; Chidren, $1.00; War Tax Not Included
SALEM, JULY 20 to 26, Inclusive
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