Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 18, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Capital Journal Design
Accepted By Community
Federation As Insignia
' f k ' ' i t
People Of Berlin Seeking Re-
T- iniii a
wY iVfaxttwiJ (,f . A OA
I AC I , VJ&fjeraorL I
I o ,Vf1aclcY JJ .
grooks) Jnarion.
"Keep Your Money m tne Circle" is to be the watch
word of the Marion County Community Federation, which
met in the Commercial Club rooms last night, with John
Steel'hammer, of Woodburn, presiding.
The design reproduced above, whch was designed in
the mechanical department of The Capital Journal and
-which has been repeatedly used by The Capital Journal in
supports county development, was unanimously voted as
the official insignia of this federation of Marion county
commercial clubs.
Def From Excessive Rests
Now Asked.
By Cut D. Droit
tl'nited Press Stuff Correspondent.)
Berlin, (By Mail) Berlin is facing a
serious housing prohlem. There ire in
sufficient house and rents a.e vastly
high. Out of this situation it develop
j ing a demand thut the municipality do
something to alleviate conditions, par
ticularly the eouditiois of the poor, lie
eon try the question became so grave
that there were threats among the pOp
lace t go a rent strike that is, to re
fuse to jay rent.
While this proposed refusal ae iu
part frum the communistic spirit of tho
times, it was iu part the expression of
a long continued dissatisfaction with
quarter and with prices. Iu somo of
the outlying distiivts, people live in
barracks, and they have loii,g since tired
of this mode of existence.
As for even the well-to-do, the hous
ing situation is difficult. Juat as in
the American national capital during
the war, peoplo advertised frantically j
for apartments or houses and offered j
fancy premiums so are Hermans heie ad
vertising constantly, with the bait of a
large reward for desirable places. I
. While up to this writing tuo rent'
strike proposal has been merely siKri.liel
threats, the question of housing has
come up quite strongly of lute for gov-
eminent consideration. And, ouo of the
answers given in the course of testi-j
liiouy on the subject was that the illicit:
trade in lumber and building matt rial I
jut as with the "Sehleichhaudel" in'
food hud mudo prices of building I
stuffs soar out of rcueh of ordinary con
tractors. In line with development of socialis
tic proposals here, many persons would
like the government to go into tho hous
ing business on a large scale but this
hug not so fur come to any material
Berlin's housing deficiency arises
Any Rags, Any Bottles,
Any Scrap Iron Today?
Wreck autos for their parts and deal in hides,
wool, etc.
We want anything and everything of any value.
Steinbock Auto Wreck
ing and Junk Co.
326 N. Com! Street
Phone 305
"Portland, Or., June 14, 1919.
Dr. 8. C. Stonet
Enclosed please find 57 cents in
stamps for which ipleasc send me an
other box of your Stomach Powders &
Blues Reliefc i'lease send at early date
as convenient. Also find my recom
mend which I am only too gtnd to give,
truly hoping it is satisfactory uiid not
to long. I could write a small news
paper of the wonderful relief it has
given me. I would be only too glad to
talk to the suffering ones in persoi
about your wonderful Stomach Powders
& Bluos Belief. Thanking you iu ad
vance for a quick response,
491 Williams Ave., Portland, Or.
A solid week of the best music, entertainment and lectures that the country affords Ellison-White quality.
A Bigger and Better Program than ever this year and the whole week is yours for the price of a Season ticket
Program Booklets and Chautauqua Talk to be Distributed Soon-Watch for Thca.
Ig Attractions
Famous Writer and Humorist. Worth the price of a
Season Ticket to hear his "Two Years in Hell
And Back With a Smile."
Noted Coloratura Sorano of New York appears on ;
the fourth evening assisted by her Company
of Recital Artists.
Five Musicians known throughout the Chautauqua ;
world. One of the Big Musical Attractions
of the Platform for the last Decade.
Jaroslav Cimera brings his Famous Czecho-Slovak
Band for two full concerts on the fifth day.
Madame Helen Cafarelli, soloist.
Edwin M. Whitney, America's foremost intrpreter of
Plays, presents in monologue form the Metro
politan Success, "Turn to the Right."
Member of American Food Mission to Europe, for
mer assistant to Hoover in Food Administra
. tion work. Grea Lecture on Reconstruction.
Season Ticket Prices: Adults $2.50; Students, $1.50; Chidren, $1.00; War Tax Not Included
SALEM, JULY 20 to 26, Inclusive
both from the fact that there has been
considerable influx of war workers,
and from the fact that, during the wa,
it was impossible to attend to normal
building requirements. The tendency
toward socialization has developed re
cently into a movement for municipal
purchase of the street runway svbtein
will bo taken over within a lew weeks
According to tho franchise granted
the street railway company, the city has
the right to regulate fures; and while
it permitted a wartime raise to 17H
pfennigs, it now hits told the company
tlii.t this cannot be cnntinued. A drop
back to the old rnte would mean Hint
the company would lose humircux of
Owinr; to the increased attendance upon
the second and third duys of the ud
dresses, the board saw that ho was a
popular orator, and ho win picvailed up
on to accept 1'30 for tho three address
es, to in part reimburse him lor his ! knockout bv fittinif out the ruiiiiirossed ' bm
expenses. It wns at tha state fair that1 air hose with nickel slot machines. j
Jir. myaii met the "siigo of Lebanon" Alton
TFI FrRAPHIf TARI ftlH l",a' "fl 1" tho Umo honored bell oa
IADLUjUJ Icamby churches. Itov. A. Nordoi thinks
habit is the strongest point in liunmu
Waukecan, III. (Jhit,k men hen- nature if they Ko to work bv the whis
handed the "free as air" udniio I tie thev will irn to church bv the mmn
At this time, it appears th.il control land agreed to visit Lebanon. I recall ft, !,.... We're Rood sports,
The Slogan of Today and of the Future
Ship by Tick
Willamette Valley
Transfer Co.
PHONE 1400
Portland, Or.. .Tune 14, 1913.
To Whom it May t'oneern-
1 have been a constant sufferer of
stomach troubles for the past six years.
Have suffered untold ajfony rnd mis
ery and spent money doctoring with
first class doctors. Have been told bv
them that I had ukvrs, ewe? aru a
growth in the itomaea. TT.ive trie I s
many kinds of pa'ent niej.i ir.cs ant '
remedies which helped cthjnt. Wit "n .D.' r!-i A---.--d...t..,
lost my appetite broke !own iJ&rjM$ tttSl VXtgQtt
Hit nerves, couldn t eit (irinu or .'iec
;n minute of pet'r was a wn-cK ii
fa t all over. I fi in;l; lust in weight
f .'il 100 ;ounds to r.;nnt 111 p MU'ds 1
line and existed on col., trcjh. street
" ilk to which the dor. or ordered 'ne to
add one teasp-imiful of nmltei i!k in
glass of milk I drixik. I suffced. t.o
one knows but myself the nvVunwii in
'ird misery with t.iat fonstant nng
Uing, burning, turobb.li -!HHUi i'u in
my stomach. At tiii.'s 1 n iu'd get per
f'"t!y (!spomlent t'i enrrcMly jiray
to die. Hi) over a vear ago I hcird of
lr. S. ('. Stone's Stomach HowdiT? and
IBlues Relief and thought I ,1 tnk-! aii
1 other chance, and thank "Jod, mv heav
enly Father, it did art has proved my
relief and help and I KMieie inre. I
eat and drink anythi -;; I tee I w.int
and crave at any time. As I say it is
i over one year ago but 1 oonstiirt! keep
ithe powders in my h.'iilt and when 1
feel the least distressed 'T avy one of
iniy family or friends coinpluin I am
only too k'1"! 't mix then n dost and
i See how quickly they are relived. I
I can't recommend it too MixMy, neither
i can I sav by writina asJ nuike one
iknow and understanr1 lii' rdi'f it has;
'given me from suf'erini; nnl'ild a'orr
and I say to each and eery 'ne who is
suffering with in!' si i j. lini p'on-
ach troubles this powd'r is rurth its
weight in gold. Am onlv tori p'r-rl to
tell other sufferers what r.dievjd ine
nd truthfully believe will re'.ieve
4W1 Williams Ave., Portland. Or.
jlr. None's Stomach Powder
land Hlncs Relief
A woman waited at tho
wo union ittation here two hours for tho
oiiig Uovcrnor Lord, Jlilton Miller,: llr.,i ,.i,i .. i,,,!,!,,., , ,n Ilia; Knur fiver. When hi Inonired nnd
Mr. Uryau and family and iiel'lerso:! I ','urlnon ns thev stripped him of l.10l '' urned she had missed it. The flyer
Myers Koiiijj to dinner with l'iesmen 1M,i Wati-h," hut left him tc I cents n""ll! i,s tw" .v'll", "K8- '
liii!lownv nnd w ife on, the stntc fair; pl;r fl4rc. I
grounds. This wns prior to IWrt, the! ' ' I Willows, !. "Horry to leave you,
year he received his first noininiiUoii for , . ,r , ,. , ... , ! hut the miiwiuilos have liecnme too
the presidency.
Albert Toiler, in To
Chicax. Mrs. JV. 0. Conk will liny I
'tlaud Jounial.
tliousnnds of murks aiinnimllv, n'ld this''l71.1,rAl II" D.. At IT- .
fact is being used as a club bv llie city I TOrgei IE Dliy At 110016
in its program of Hiking the eoucern
. 1,, i ....;,. ' ...... i i..f.
iall the coffee mills her stoic wl!l sell .,,, i., ; i... '. .. . n i
, , v.i i . . ,. 'ur 1110 J'cr uy lu minor of under
her. Yesterday she tried out n mill she;j10 t,mul,Kil ,, ,). ,., l,,,,
jfcud just brought homo and ground out
a shiny gold piece,
Keep Them Heme-
Ciimbv, Minn. Till) NtcHiii wh'mtle
Kour transport from l'.icst, arrived
at New York Monday with Jj.MO
I troopp.
For indigestion, liver complaint,
stomseh tfouble, Idues, de.M)ndency
and "Down in the mouth."
S. C STONE. 11 D.
(Scenes DmgStore)
2U North CommBTclal Btrwt,
Salem, Oregon
FttOM S&
OoruolUUoa an4 Adrle Fre
"Speech Is Recalled
Dee, July 6. (To the Editor of Hie
Jouiiiul.) The writer, always having an
interest in Oregon and Oregon state
fair history, wishes to make a correction
of fact recently appearing in The Jour
nn 1 relative to W. J. Bryan's first
speech in Oregon. Tho item stated that
it wt at Lebanon in 1897. Tho fact
that Mr. Bryan has become a national
character makes this matter of the mere
imiiortunce to- Orcgonians. Iu 1414 or
I am uncertain of the year, but
think it was ISHj the board of direc
tors of the Oregon state fuir voted to
have as one of the features of the state
fuir addresses on the money question.
President Cleveland and John hhermnn
hud forced it to the ftunt. Xo national
party had at that time tnkeli u petition
against Silver. remember that Jef
ferson Myers wni one turniucr of the
board, and -William Galloway was its
president, and United Htate Hinutor
Hour was chosen to talking uguiust sil
ver tui W. J. Itrvan the latter then
known as the editor of the Weekly
World Herald Omaha, Xebv wn the
one agreed upon to seak iu luvor of
free coinage, free coimige of ailvcr was
popular in Oregon nnd was not a party
question. Such leading republicans l.s
John H. Mitchell, Binger Hermann, .
R. Kllis, Thomas H. Tongue, C'l.arles W.
Fulton, Charles H. Carey, Julius C.
Moreland, Jonathan Bourne, Jr., Glenn
O. Holmaa and a few thoimand others
were earnestly in fn,vor of free coinage.
At th last moment 8nator Hour de
clined to eome. No reason was given.
It may hcvp been that he later expretcd
to meet H. W. Bcott and Jeff Myers in
the elevator in the eapitol at Washing
ton, D. C. Mr. Hryai came and deliv
ered three speeches at the grandstand
on the state fair grouads. He, his wife
and two children, wore the g:ieU of
the state fair. The str.te fair had uo
state and at that time and was strng
gliug as (test it could.' Mr. Bryan nude
no charge whatever for his tcivieea.
Starts Sunday, July 20
Her New Salem Home
Her Own New Company
Her Newest Productions
f i
Ll nil MiTa. r Jh-m - 'tMmi SB x elf t
v T 1E 7Tr. TCI" t . ,i.7i v.n . Z r
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'!.,(., AX..
eral Lnd Office.