Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 18, 1919, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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-FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1919.
All Aro
I oess
Batiste ... 35c and 49c yd
Organdie 35c, 49c and 59c yd
Perisian Lawn 49c and 79c yd.
Voile .29c and 39c yd.
Flaxon, plain and fancy 19c, 21c,
25c, 29c and 35c yd.
Dimity 25c, 29c, 33c, 35c, 39c yd
India Linon 21c, 23c, 25c, 33c yd
Long Cloth 21c, 29c, 33c, 39c yd
Nainsook 17c, 19c, 25c, 33c, 35c, 39c yd
Hope Muslin . .23c yd
Muslin 18c yd
Linene 39c yd
Pique ...39c and 49c yd
Wh te Skirting 59c yd
Middy Twill 49c yd
Indian Head ...33c yd
Sheeting 55c to 69c yd
White Art Linen (pure linen) 69c yd
Slip-on Sweaters $1.79
Fiber Silk Sweaters ....$7.50 to $10.90
White Canvas Slippers $125 to $3.75
White Canvas oxfords $1.49 to $4.50
White canvas shoes $1.98 to $525
July 18, IMJit Cherrias.
band eoneert at Willsou park,
beginning at 8 o'clock.
July 20 2 Ellison-Whito
Chautauqua in Salem.
July 23 William Jennings
Bryan at cbautauqua, 8 p. ni.
July 30 Wednesday Linnee
at armory given by Elks lodge.
ilJtt, Bask of Commerce, 407-8.
Try Northern riour, It's a Bear,
ery tack guaranteed. At your gro
eera. tf
Look, mother, at Bishop's Island
window it will interest you theeo Un
ioiiullt fi.r the kiddies.
Granj dance at M&cleay Saturday
night, (l.ind in naic. 7 111
Dance at armory Sat. night
There ni a Urge attendance of the
Presbyterian eontjrcHation at the pin
Die nmver mcotinir scrviee nt ilm tr
grounds lust night, the service, being
ft an informal nature.
Dr. J. H. Oarnjobst, recently return
ed frolll l'Yftnce. hue vnalliiiuil III. n.aM.
tie, 14 U. 8. National bank bldg. 7 17
Dance at armory Sat. night.
Call Fatton Plumbing Co. for your
repair work. Thone 1C0S, 220 N. Cora,
etreet. tf
W bay liberty bond. 914 Masonic
bldg. tf
Pirothy Gish, brst known to Salem
film funs im the "Mttln disturber" in
11. nrtu of the World" is nnitl to
weigh' only 117 pounds, comprising 100
pounds of rjcniin, 10 pounds of uurve
and 7 pounds of humor. One of the
nerviest and most comical thing she
ever undertook is shown in the latest 'listed in company C of the l'Mh Kan
1'arnniount draina "il Ml (hit Kim Vet' fans infantry nndVrvcd until tTTe close
inandcr of Kit Carson Kt, No. 28, of
the l'cndlcton O. A. R. In lsti2 he co
in which she undertakes to in annuo
a ruilrnnit anil to ilniir a hesitating lov
er to the ninrringe: altar, and t the
same time conceal the fact that she is
at the head of a corporation and heir-
to severnl millions of property.
mi rum, which constitutes a mot de
lightful comedy from start to finish.
is full of jur.t such ",ja.&'' movements
land astounding situations ns the "lit
tlo disturber" delights In. Hhe is sup
Kirted in the- piny by Oeorge Fnwcett,
jKichard Hnrtholmcss, Kulim Oraves.
Edward IVil and I'orter Wrong. This
racy comedy driuna -will appear at the
Oregon theailer tlifoe eveninns Sun
day, Monday and Tuesday and along
with it u extra good vaudeville ser
ies. Dance at armory Sat. night.
The funeral services of John W.
Welles, who died at the home of bis
son jn I'nrllnni) Wednesday, was held
this iifternnon flt the chapel of Webb
& louuh in charge of l. A. K. fledge
wick post No. 10. He was pant com-
You Just Try
NR For That
Get your organs of di
gestion, assimilation and
elimination working- in
harmony and watch your
trouble disappear. NR
does it or money back.
One Dny'g Test Proves A'nJ Best
Ths stnmach only partly (llsenti ttin
.!,'. Th Pr'W'' l tinlshi-d
In tlis InteHllriMi hi.r II;.. fm4 i.
tnln.1 wliu Lilo fum the Uvur.
It must be plain to any enP..1 PP.
in ho rrailirrs this. Hint tli
lornii.li, liver and bv, i.,uat -with
..i inn iimiij. ir HiH.-suva tr-mwus
" avonii'ii ur nvenviuin.
mis ruct mi exnl iins-why
","i!oi Iti.llj-. mi ,,i,. ;M
'iflT Ilium or I, lr,,i !,,,.:.
wiwcw ss mm const'na
If Tun Bm tie e
f.tMI'IIHtM l-M..M
---- -- i.in-.r.H r)..,!.
Truihl smppittn, n:o n.-rvciii, iK..i,Jt
r-,rrcy ni.,1 f- .. T-..,r ),,. ,tl, '.l,,,,!,,,
way. ti.l n t'.ls B.hde nril s-i'i a r,)
ft Njturs't B.m.dy (NH TableU)
nr'it today ai'rt smi-t taking1 It.
Otv It s trlul for a wick or Im
Daniel J. Ytr, druggiat
nm! Jest how mtirh bett
ri. cio mit" quicki your
...u til l.l'l uillO Uii t
f l,ii U '.)' !..- .......
, .. ... j." ; lANlll'tl lOUKUe
i-i-ara i p r.-vt jvur oi1. oki-tlnm n .
!" ,, f '',"r:'" H"" ' "I'1, Hi'.ly
r.ruliir as
1 fj f f,'''(l"'u't r cmei'y
i ' i 1 ' t.ii.v t, . f
t ft V' ""-" ''"i ' ' '
"U t I... no rink Tbe.t
f.'jitiiro'e r cmei'y (Ml
1 I . . . v. f i , VUU
- i if r Cl M 1 VO
tuk. II 1 y Itiiihit IVonlA
ti... l a tuA b.-xt prixif of trn
Nature's r.emi)y h .
...t thin : y.. , cm tni - fr
n.'i", oiiiallimMoil. In.ll.r..i:
r v, r fiC
T.ll 'ct:i
h l.i
Ril l It
you to
'.:. or
v rv
i ria
! fill
i e 'i J
of the 'i vilu w ar.
Hunt's orchestra will play at anoth
er liig dance at Htnyton Friday July
IS. Anlo leave Masonic Temple at
7:S0. Konnd trip 5(-e. T-8
o i
Loju dance at Oervala Saturday July
1!. Hunt's orehestrn. lo there. 7 19
In the case before Judge Bingham
where-in R. 1). (iihsnn ashed for an in-
junetion agninst H. H. Hidgeway to
eoiiipei .vir. ItnlueH-av to de ver ki
berries to Mr. flibnon', the court refus
ed tho injiinetinn. The ease ill later
no tried on its merits and as the mat
ter row stands, Mr. liidirewnv mav sell
on the open market, Mr. Gibson alleg
ed mat tie hum gone to some expense in
building a diver at Liberty and that
having rontrneted for Mr. Kidgeway's
nemea, ho also had contracted with
the Hulem Fruit Union to deliver a cer
tain amount of dried Insane. That he
would tie damaired should Mr. Nidse-
wuy fail to deliver. This will add one
more to the eipiity eases to be tried
before Judsje ltinghnm, as all these lo
ganberry suits are cases in equity and
are not to be tried before a jury.
First Christian church United Circle
Friday 2:;l(l at the ehurcb. 71S
Four piece orchestra at M. B. A.
danee Sntiirdnv night .Inlv lliih. Auto
truck leaves Muanuic Tein'pltf :.'I0. 7 I.S
A civil service exam at:. .; ;o. tull
way clerks, male and feiuule il Ur
held in Salem August S.'i. Those inter
eted in this work may receue infor
mation and aiuilicntion M ti I) k at at r ttin1
post office. The cxnmination is about
the simplest one given by the civil ser
vice. All thnt is required is plain spell
ing, common arithmetic as far as deci
mal fractions and weights, nrdinnry let
ter writing, legible penmanship, abili
ty to copy friiin plain copv and then
something abeut the geography of the
t'nit.-d StatesJ 'Of fllllSA Ull.. AVI..U,. ...
be examined, there must be submitted
wnn trio application, a photograph,
Which is ennumnxl m-Stk t. i
when the examination is taken. The
im ones net necessarily begin at once.
I he successful annlii sni. or., i.,,. i
en the wsitiiig li.i for n, ypar 8nj
? Hi1 Beedcl. Women who sre
chosen are iriven irlt iv. t..t..i
statiens. It pays from lluu to iro
a year.
o - I
I OUT funk or n m.a. u m
bottlee, metal, Iron, broken down autoi
and rarta of nti ci;..- . ,
V,L n . .JuBk Co 824 f . Com. Bt
Ajtifici"l teeth, bar expert plat
nan, with ever 35 years experience,
at my office. Dn D. X. Beechler, den
tist, 302 U. 8. Nat. bank Mdg. tf
Blng and Lambert eherriea. We
are in the market bring them to our
big plant opposite S. P. Co. passenger
station, or phone 204, Phez Co. tf
For first class work call Society
Cleaners and Dyers, 1272 State St.
(hone 1684. tf
Balem Cigar factory u bow making
"La Corona" aad "Little Salem" ci
gars exactly aa tkey were made before
the war. omoking them remind von of
old time. tf
Or. Carl E. Miller ha opened hia
deatal office at ilu-JU (J. 8. bank
bldg. Phone Sil. U
Now that the word haa gone out
there is an airplane in Salem, and that
the Vommen-ial club is in a receptive
mood for securing aviators to do aoine
commercial flying, half a dozen or
more telegrams have been received by
-Manager McCroskejr from men who
have been in the service. One of the
aviators wired that he was engaged to
go to Argentine next October to lay
out airplane makl route for that gov
ernment and that he would be willing
to Help out here. Others wired their
qualifications. But just at present Lieu-
tenant Oook is on the ground and hav
ing Deen a front line liver just when
the armistice wa signed, he will be
given an opportunity to try out the
plane of Lieutenant Browne. If he
makes good, there will be commercial
living over Salem within a lew days.
Lf uot, some of the other aviators who
have (offered their service will be
given an opportunity to fly. Anyhow,
after waiting since July 3, the chances
are that those who want to take an air
piano ride, will be given the opportuni
ty within a few days.
; v-l,'T-s'rA H
Comparisoa Is The
True Test Of Value
Just step in and compare our silks and dress goods
with others being shown around town. Not only
price, but compare quality.
Compare our chiffon taffetas in all colors at
$1.98 Yard
Compare our Georgette and Crepe De Chines at
$1.98 Yard
Buy old papers at the Journal office.
rive and ten cent bundles. 7-19
For rent pleasant, dean outside
sleeping roows, close in. 558 State St.
naslniiguni hotel, opposite count
house. 709
All Royal Highlander and friends
are requested to be present at a weenie
roast in Albert's play grounds near the
blind school at 8 o'clock Monday eve
ning. July 21. Bring cups, weenies,
oread and butter for yourselves and
friends. There will bo a short program.
Ity order of committee.
"Our Prices Always The Lowest"
Phone 1072
Cora'l. & Court Streets Formerly Chicago Store
Phone 114.
L. B. Bpringer,
corner Court
oentlst. Moor
and Liberty.
"Motorlife" will clean any gasoline
engine, oil vour engine perfectly,
save you gnsoline, and give you more
power. Revere tires gives you the best
mileage. Clark's Tire House. 319 N.
Commercial street, 7 19
The Coming Kingdom, by Evangelist
(Mlespie Sunday July 20, 3 p. m. 7-19
The desire of all nations is the Com
ing Kingdom, iloose hall Sunday July
-'(), 3 p. m. 719
Evangelist Clllispie has again been
secured to speuk at Moose h'all Sundnv
duly 'M, 3 p. m. 7-19
A warning has been sounded by a
leading dry goods merchant who keeps
;in toucn with tlio market, that now is
(the timo to buy cotton goods, and as
an investment, it would pay to lay in
Buy old papers at the Journal off ice. 10 8lx m,,IU ' "'1.I.,.'"-V- " w'" al8 PW
Five and ten cent bundles. 7-1!) f,.y mnn w'" "'" heavy overalls
a. mis n nuer in uuy now, f or tne COt-
. iton market is going up and then up
? , IT J Tfi ling -!in, according to special advices rl
od-sliced, 15c, and whole fish 12o pcr.,.ivn,l it,;. mn,n;,.. ii,.. ;., ...
,-iound: red cod 10c pound. Fitts Mar-'ii, . ,,, t'.i . .!.i...i....i
. - ...... .. . v ...... ub a niiuii-Aiiiu
"' j price that will mean $.! a pair in Sa-
0 'em, as soon ns present stocks are sold.
Dr. L. B. Springer, dentist. Moor I Londnle will v selling retail this fall
bldg. corner Court and Liberty . at from 40 to 4"i cents a ynrd and Amos
Phone 114. - tf I keng ticking at 50 cents a yard. The
Prices Reduced
I To make room for large shipment cf Furniture bought
before the advance, we will continue our bargain sale
Peoples Furniture and Hardware Store
271 N. Commercial St. Salem.
" ttlHttllltlHltlHI)ltHIH
present market quotations justify these
prices, t'ottnn is selling at M cents a
pound. A few year ago the grower tations.
was lucky and mndo money nt 10 cents
a pound. Hence the warning to buy
now while stocks are selling at the old
price before prices are niado to con
form with the present wholesale ouo-
Keep Then I!one$$$
The House of Kuppenheimer Clothes'
mffKM'mmmmmMm ftf s
S If v Um-, I I I "
" ' ' ;. iTI IT itri . - ..! MSWlssl.ri I j I ',
Salem's Big Dance
Tot the V-irtftl. T. TT
op s gives health, happiness and saves
wanning. See hland window Ui,hop's.
Oo you read Bishop ' ads If not'
todav. I
Cbatrtauana tickets. nia nil
'git yours today. lUrtman Urns, jcwelrv
1 store.
I "Daddy Lorg Legs," the latest
MasY Pirkford film he shown
three davs at the l.ilwrtr theater, be
ginning Kiindnv. This is a film that is
especially interesting to children a
well as the grown up folks, according
to those who pnw it in Portland. And
:hey do say thnt a boy in the picture
i ah. ut s attractive as Mary hcrM-lf.
."Forget It" Buy At Home
Two-Piece Suits
'Stylish Cool
Air-O-Weave Suits as cooling as a whiff from Greenland's icy mountains and as stylish as full of down
right quality aa those famous designers of
Could make 'em.
Ideal suits for business, evening, vacation, dress or general wear."
"Salem's Men's and Young Men's Store"