Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 16, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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r w!f,
VAXTKr AVivman for geneial house
work. 464 X. Liberty St. US
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FOR RKXT-Jirnishea
rooms, l'hone 209351.
WANTED Plain sewing at home.
THE Miller, rooms and apartments. 633
Ferry 8t. I 20
WE make the best power prune dippers.
Salem Xlfg Co., 1390 N Front St. tf
BOOFS cleaned, painted, patehed and
tarred. Thone C. C. Kays at 16 'S. 7-27
JA9. LTONS practical painter, i'hone
704. tf
OATS and cheet hav for sale at $14,
in fioJd. I'honc lw'r'31. 71'5
ONE nice, airv sleeping room for Tent
at 712 State St. 7 16
GIRL or lady for housework. Catt at
6S6 Ceuter St. T-1I
WANTED Man, woman or boy part
time to care for grounds. E. Hofer.
703 & Conimercitl street. 7 16
GIRLS wanted at the Glova factory,
14"4 Oak street, for steady work. .
WANTED 1000 suits to elean. C.
E'.ra Sparks, tailoring and cleaning,
1855 State St. I'hono 50S. 8-14
SALE A 3 year old driving
mare; new rubber tireii. top Doggy
and harness. Phoue 35 IK.
? IS
R)K SALE Thoroughbred New Zea
land ani Angora rabbits, cheap, 50c
up. K. DuRctte, C.ervais, Or. T-21
BARGAIX (40 acres large bouse and
barn, good location, close to town,
40 per sere, will take home-up to
;5U0. F. L. Wood, Bayne bldg. 7 16
FOB SALE All or part of 320 acres
' one mile from Marion, good build
ings; would take good house in Bali-m
as part fy. A (fine dairy farm.
Win. Hall, Marion, Or. 7-19
MUSIC box for sale, cost about 1100
wheu new, sell for 20. 519 Court
St. , 1-18
FOR SALE Young team, 6 and 8
years old. weight 1200. I'hoae &F4.
WILL ipay up to $25 reut for modern
5 or 6 room house, walking disia ice,
reliable tenant. Phone 1000. tf
FOR 8ALE 500 cord of body fir
wood. Baker, 615 Ferry St. Phone
1806W. 7-19
HAY 'No. 1 elean clover,
loose. Phoue 105F10.
FOR .SALE-Clood team, call 5SF4.
FINE organ for sale, .tftO, easy terms
if wanted. 519 Court St. 7-1S
'FURNISHED house wanted, 6 or 7
room modern furnished house. Will
lease for year. Call 2219. tf
FINE Chiekering piano in good cin
Htion at a genuine bargain price.
Tho Wiley B. Allen Co., 519 Court
St. " 7-19
FOR SALE No. 12 De Laval cream
separator iu good condition; one Wi
nona wagon, like new, complete with
box; one bean spray outfit, one lSx
14 tent; one hundred bushels of field
oats. Phone 107F13. 7 17
house at 1023 'N. 17th oa earline.
1 mile ea-t of SaHAY FOR SALE S.-vea tins oats a-.d
7 1 heat aav ia field, will stll all or!
I pert. J. II. Arnold. 447 S. Cow l1
r-.iom famished Phone 2499M. 7 IS i
R)R SALE Used tKf Brothers tour j
i DESIRABLE position o ?n for inte
ing ear at Bonesteele's, Commercial j
and Kerry tt. i IS
WANTED Someone to take contract
for hauling wood. Apply 162 'North
Commercial street. 71f
gent wotnaa, fafa'v guarantee $ 00 !
for first six months. Address J-16
care Journal. 7 16
LOGANBH"RY pickers wanted; will
pay S't to 3 or 4 pickers for few
davj forking. Phone Marion hotel,
FOR KENT Furnished room, sleeping
north and carafe. Phone 910M rWANTra
call 1311 Ceurt. TIT
FOR SALE Buff bantam chickens; 1
heating stove; 1 exteaeioa table. 260
X. 15th.
40 ACRES of heavy timber land for
sale or trade; will take good 5 pas
senger auto. 260 N. loth. tf
LOST Tuesday evening, man's blue
coat on aylum road. Leave at Jour
nal office." 7-17
FOR RENT Two good grain and dairy
farnls, level, irrigated. Owner, box 5,
Turner, Or. 7 16
FOUR loganberry tickers wanted. W.
11. Harris, Kt.4, box 33, Libertv.
7 18
CENSUS clerks, (men, women). 4000
needed. $92 month. Age, 13 upward.
Experience unnecessary. For free par
ticulars of examinations, write J.
Leonard (former government examin
er) 13S2 Equitable Bldg, Washing
ton. 7-22
WANTED Salesman with light car
for delivery? for tea and coffee route
in Salem. Business already establish
ed bond and reference required; ex
cellent proposition. Apply tlraud
Union Tea Co., C. D. Morrison, Mgr.
448 Washington St. Portland. tf
W. BEAVER well driller. Thone 827J,
1165 X. 19th St. Salem, Or. 8 8
room at 15:
: 8,
7 18
WANTED Girl for general house
work: Phono 1367. 7 10
HOUSEKEEl'er wanted, cook for four.
Call 314. 7 19
GRAIN hay for sale, well cured in
good cow. Phone 76F11. . 7-17
3 LOTS, with house, 5 rooms and up
lairs. 995 S 22d St. Joe Tallock.
liARGE 9 room house and S lots for
Rale, or will rent, nt 555 8. 19th
B o owner, 241 N. High. 7-19
FOR SALE 20 acres Liberty district,
14 acres prunes, $4200. F. L. Wood,
Bayno bldg. 7-16
JLAY will trade 4 tons of good hay for
good cow. Phone 76F11. P. A. Hen
ningaon, Sit, 3, box 252. 7 17
WANTED Family for loganberry
picking, house furnished for family
of 5 or 9. Box 13, lit. I, Baloni, IN.
Beer. 7-16
I WANT to "jay one thousand heavy
hens, will pay' top price, bring them
at once. Phone 2199. Cherry City
Voultry market. T-21
TARRY UP One black shoat, weight
60 lbs., right ear split and upper bit
on left ear. L. F. Hill, Bt. 8, box
125. - tf
WANTED Dining room help at Ore
gon state tuberculosis hospital, pay
$40 per month with board, room and
laundry furnished. Phone 433. 7-16
FOR SALE Ford worm drive truck,
1917 model, good condition; also al
most new 1-ton Maxwell. Call at new
Fohle folds, "e"7 t. tf
GIKL wanted for general housework,
good wages. Phone 1496M or call 444
north 14th fit. . 7-19
MEN wanted at Tile works near fair
grounds. Salem Tile A Mercantile I
DEKORATO sanitary wall tint, best
made; beautiful new colors. Burent
Com'l St. tf
FOR SALH-4no pair of good hortes,
5 years old and new harness. Call t
1410 Saginaw street evenings. 71S
WALL PAPER 15 cents per doublo roll
upward. Bnren's Furniture Store.
170 Pnmn.o.ninl If '
WANTED Wood chopper, $2.50 nip
per cord, good camp gropnd. Enquire
Blessing ' cigar store, A. J. Ander
son, tf
1 s '
WANTED To rent, 6 room modern
house with garage. Give particulars.
Theodore Mayuard, 2019 Wet more
ave., Everett, Wash. 7-19
FOR SALE Modern six room hone,
close in on paved street, terms if de
sired. Will consider ear in good
shape. Owner J-14 caro Journal. 7-14 : WANTED Loganberry pickers, 2c per
PRUNE orchard for snlc, 18 acres bear
ing pfnnes, full crop; 12 acres in
Royal Amies, apples poars and lo
ganberries. Price $16,000. full crop
with place. $10.(100 cash, balance
terms. P O caro Journal. 7-19
TO TRADE nisll grocery stock and
fixtures for" neat, close in home.
Write exact location. Renter care
Journal. 7-16
FOR SALE By owner, modern 5 room ,
bungalow, built in china closet, book 1
caws, deiks; cement walks, full base!
meat. Phono 151HM. ' tf i j.vu g.L!v
box; free
of earline,
transportation from end
Phone 92F3 evenings or
TAKEN from Hunt Cannery Sat. Fly
er bicycle, No. 62202. Reward $10 for
return. Call 1193 S. Liberty St. after
S p. m. 7-1"
FORD car for alo, will put on cither
touring or roadster body; this car
has been rebuilt and is like new. Sa
lem Velio company, 162 X. Commer
cial street. 7 16
103 acres, 2 houses, 3
barns, silo, windmill,. stock and im
plemonts $1(100 down; also 10S acres
fruit and dairy land. D. i Eastliurn
Autnsville, Or. 71S
FOR SALE By owner, 100 acres of
land, ninety acres under plow, all
cam bo cultivatl-d. l'rice $."o per
acre. No Btumps or stones and is on
a good road, five miles from Eugene.
Inquire at corner 1095 W. 7tu and
Van Buren, Eugene, Or. 7-16
FOR SALE Or trade 16 room roomirg
house partly furnished, in Albany,
Or., f- steer' snd .men; wslks,
all mot elose 'i s' 1 cfse to
high s'hi-'i a fJ I ;. Mra. M. K.
Bilyeu, 306 E. 4th St. Albany, Or.
7 J
MISSION c-rom the fact that we
eliminate the middle man and deal
with you direet we can offir a mod
em 4 room bungalow, which has
been newly painted and papered,
with barn and chicken house for
$800, terms $25 cash and then $10
tier mouth, with T per cent interest.
Oregon Realty Exchange lnv. Oo.,
407 Hubbard-bldg. 7-16
PERMANENT positions permanent
and temporary positions open for
young women with or without experi
ence. Applications will bo received
during tho present strike at our cen
tral office in fnlem, Telephone build
ing, 1,70 North Liberty street. The
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph com
pany. tf
To rent grain ranth ef 15P
u 20 acre with pasture and good
budding: will pay cash or shares.
Write F E care Journal. tf
3e A POUND, berry pickers smile; 15
wanted tomorrow, early; free trans
portation. Call 51F22 between 6 and
midnight. 7 16
FOR SALE 5 room modern bungalow
located at 1290 -V. Winter street,
bath, toilot, electric lights, fireplace,
basement, corner lot. Price $1H00. W.
11. Grabenhorst Co., ?75 State
street. 7 18
FOR SALE 4 lieup, nearly new Kim
ball orjan and Edison phonograph.
451 S. 16th St. i 22
MEN wanted for lumber yard and plan
ing mill. Pav 4o to ;0 cents per hour.
Apply Ed's Plaee, 463 State St. 7 22
LOGANBERRY pickers wanted; will
take to and from yard; 2c per lb.
good picking. Phone 373 after 7 p.
in. tf
WANTED Ladv assistant bookkeep
er. Address iu own handwriting stat
m age, experience and references.
Vallcv Motor company, 200 lliyh St.
LOST Wrist watch, left on Salein
Heights car with package of loganberry-
tickets, with name Kempton
on leather case. Telephone 281J after
8 p. in. 7-17
FOR SALE At Woodrv's auction on
Saturday July 19, 10:30 a. m., 1 fine
Holatein cow age 8 years, frosh 5
weeks gives 4 gallons per day, test
5.4; also good veal calf 5 weeks old
and 1 grey mare weight 1130 lbs.,
age 12 years, good work marc. 7-17
FOR SALE 10 acres all under culti
vation, 5 acres of bearing Italian
prunes, six years old; small house,
best of soil. l'rice $3."i00. 5 acres of
good lognnberrv land all cultivated,
l'rice $1000. W. H. Grabenhorst A
Co.. 275 State street. 7-18
timber, general land office, Washing
ton. V. C, June 27, lm. JNotace is
hereby civen that subject to the condi
tion! and limitations of the act of
June 9, 1916 (39 Stat., 218), and the
instructions of the secretary of tho in-
tenor of September IS, 1917, the tim
bor on tho following land will be sold
August 20, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m., at
public auction at the United States
land office at Portland, Oi.'gon, to the
highest bidder at not less than the ap
praised value as shown by this notice,
salo to be subject to tbe approval of
of the secretary of the interior. Ihe
purchase prite, with an additional sum
of one fifth of one per cent thereof,
being commissions allowed, must bo
di posited at time of aule, money to be
returned if gale is not approved, other
wise patent will iwmo for the timber
which, must bo removed within ton
venra. ,Hnls will be received from citi-
ITPTTF'V!iWJjr-!jg!.ri 0( the United state, associations
0f sl(,n citizens and corporations or
PRUNES, TRUNKS, PRUNES Igani.ed under the lawn of tho United
75 acres 4 miles from Corvallis on! States or any state, territory or dis
the river bottom in proven prune trict thereof only. Upon application of
section. 28 acres 'bearing prunes, 4 a qualified purchase, tho timbcr on any-1
acres cherriis. Trees mostly six years i legal subdivision will be offered sepa- I
old and getting better all the tiine. . rately before being included in any of- j
Prune crop this year will bring own- I for of a lnr;;er unit. T. N., R. 3 W.,
er about $ i00U. acres in Bruin. 10 Sec. 11. NW M red fir 510 M.,
cedar 55 M., KW KW'J, red fir 71');
St., none of the red fir or cedar to be I
sold for le-s than $l..r0 P"r M. T. 9 H
K. 2 E., .H'c. .", NKVi NK'4, fir 1690
FOR SALB10 acres all cultivated, 5
acres of four year old Italian prunes,
2' acres of loganberries, family or
chard, good 5 room plastered bunga
low, barn, chicken houe, well, good
drainage, sightly location and close
to Pacific highway, 4 miles from Sa
lem. Price $-toiK). W. II. Grabenhorst
c Co., 275 State street. 7 18
Whew Its Hoi.
FOR SALF. Modern R room house cor
ner Kt, paved street. Price $2,100.
Modern 7 room house, basement, furn
ace, east front lot, bearii g fruit,
garage. Price $3600. W. 11. Graben
horst & Co., 275 State St. 7-18
100 acres of good land, 75 acres in
oats, cheat and wheat, 25 pasture and
hsy, fair improvements, two hams, lo-
ated between Turner and ,.!anuii. U
Set 1-3 crops. Price $11,000, $3500 cash,
balance 10 yearc at 6 uercent. A fine
"buy. .
130 acres, six mib out, 60 acres in
croos and hay. 9 grqde cows, 7 heifers,
1 Ilolste.in bull, 2 brbod sows, 3 shoats,
1 boar, 1 heavy team of hois-si all
farm machinery. V also get all the
crop at $22,500! $7500 cash, balance to
suit at 6 pereont.
60 acres on river bottom goes new nt
$125 per acre. Your own terms. Only
2Vj miles out.
80 acres on Howell Prairie with 50
acres of wheat rnip, fair improvements.
A good buy at $160 per acre un good
37 acros, 20 in crops, first clafs im
provements, and good fumily orchard.
$7250 on good terms.
We advise anyone deiroug of buy
ing property to get busy. Prices will be
higher next fall and place harder to
eet. Now is the time to buy a home or
7 rooms, modern, full basorrent, fur
rnce, two baths and toilets eompleto,
dote in, only $3500, $1500 cash, for
quirk sale. ,
5 rooms, modern, basement, furn
ace, bath and toilet, good location, $,'!,
000. $1000 cash.
These will be sold soon, so If U want
a home right, get bnsy.
404 Hubbard building
These are the days when one ap
preciates light weight undt. gar
ments. ,
This man is dressed cool. He is
comfortable and smiles at the heat.
We can make every other MAN
arid BOY just as happy in cur un
paralleled line of "SUMMER UNDERGARMENTS-IS.
V. D. and
MUNSING. The leading lines in
HV l
The greatest value on the
market today
Vanity Fair undergarments.
Its economy to wear SILK when "vitXi
you can get VANITY FAIR
Extra Special for Men
Dress. Sailor Straw Hats 35c
While they last. We are going out of the Men's
Hat businessSo here's your chance.
Genuine Panamas $5.00
You Can Always Do Better At
.goodIgooog f
Mays Quits Boston After
Argument With Manager
Cleveland, Ohio, July Carl Mays,
the submarine hnrlor, has quil the Bos
ton Box.
This followed an argument with Mnn
ager Barrows, it is said. Mays left the
team in Chicago without saying good
bye to Barrows and now is in Hoslon.
However, he is quoted aa sajuig "Ed
Harrows is a fine fellow and a gentle
man, but I cannot preserve my slfre
spect and remain with the Bed Sox."
Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and New
York American league clubs are said to
be seeking the services of Mays.
Try Salem first In Buying
Salem's a Good Place to Trade
T '
w re"
WANTED To buy a small improved
place, will pay Vj cash, H in city
property. Address 120-1 X. Winter,
tSalem, Or. Phone 1005J, 7 21
INCREASE your worth, fine little 6
acre tract for sale few miles from
Salem, house, barn, well, garden, straw
berries, raspberries and flowrs, 414
care Journal. tf
W buy and sell notes, mart-
gages and all kinds of bonds. ,
- S14 Mfsnaie Building
Balm, Oregoa
FOK SALE 'Nine room house, large lot
modern conveniences, doublo garage
close in, on streot ear line and paved
street. G L sure Journal. . tf
TO TRADIv Furnishings of rooming
hous and other holdings for improv
ed elose in acreage of $2500 to $3300
valuation. Give location. Owner care
Journal. 7 16
FOR 8A1K By owner, modern seven
room house on paved street near car
line. Full basement, furnace cement
sidewalks, built in china elimet, book
cass, garden, rose bushes, shrubs and
walnut trees. Address M H W care
Journal. 7 18
SPLBN'PID 5 acre home tract, 2
acres in apples, pears, peaches, cher
ries, prunes and small fruits. Fsir
bnildings, all fenced, near state high
way, household goods, implements,
separator, hor., buggy etc. $w0
down, balance terms. J. Warren Clark
Rt. 1, Jefferson, Ore. 7 16
I 314 Mason Bldg. Salem, Oregon
seres in pasture. Good build'ngs and
fine laud. Priced right at $0,000.
47 acres nil cultivated. IS acres in
o'd pruno orchard. 2 acres family or
chard. Only 3 miles from Corvallis
in good locality. New six room bun
galow, new good prune dryer, barn,
garage, store room, water system,
and another t of fair buildings for
hired help. 7 to 8 thousand dollars
in buildings. Price $17,500. fcome
terms. Kinney k Co., dealers in orch
ards, Corvallis Or. Home of O. A.
C ' 718
319 N. CO.f. T. M. C. A. BLOCK
1018 Studebaker $0.")0
5 passenger Warren Detroit, Conti
nental motor $-23
1918 Chevrolet sedan, fine condi
tion $00
5 p:isenger, light Studebnker four
electric starter and lights $300
1917 8axon six $700
5 Pa-sengcr Maxwell, will make
good bug cheap.
1914 Overland, ezy terms, $130
1916 Ford, first class condition, $375
1915 Overland $300
We wreck autos for their parts, this
enables yon to get old car parts at
bargain. Cash price pt-id for junk
5-passenger 8tndebaker, $189.
We sell oils, grease, old auto parts
tires and aceesorie.
St., hemlock 270 M., N W i4 "N K V, fir
SM) M hemlock 1"i0 ,f., HKi NKW,
fir 1770 M., hemlock 2i0 M., 8WVt
M:'i, fir 2300 M. hemlock 200 !.,
XEVi NWy. fir CIO Jd., hemlock 130
St., NW'4 XWii, fir 1760 M., NK'4
SK'i, ir 1170 M., hemlwk 120 M.,
XWVi SK',, fir 1630 M., hemlock 50
M. HE't, fir 1100 M., hemlock
30'M., SW'4 SK',, fir 790 M., NK'
SW14, fir l!t.0 M., N.W14 HWVi, fir
210O M.. 8EV4 SW'14. fir 1630 M.,
8VVi SWy,, fir 1230 M., none of the
fir to be sold for less than $1.30 per M.,
and none of the hemlock to be sold for
less than 75 ecnN per M. T. 9 8., R. 3 j
E., Kec. 23. 8WU N"W4, red fir 600!
f., 8K'4 SK, Tfd fir 330 St., 8W !
NKV, red fir .100 Vf., none of the red j
fir to be sold for less than' $2 per M. 1
CliAT TALIjMAX, Commirsioner, Oen-1
era! Laud Office. 8 16
" -Mifprf-i.
PlBrtibljir and Water Systems Install
try GEAEEB BEOS, 111 Sooth Liberty
Bt, Phone S. Alto agent for Fair
backs-Mors Oa Englnea.
$2.00 PER LOAD
We have a few lcada of loose
straw in our warehouse, that
we will sell at above price as
long as it lasts. Good, bright,
clean straw. All that you can
haul for $2.00. Come quick
if you want it.
Phone 160, 255 State St.
Permanent positions open for telephone men with or with
out previous experience.
Young men desiring to learn this business may enter as ap
prentices in switchboard, repair and installation departments or '
in other hranches of the service. Excellent opportunities for ad
vancement. Wages $1 to $-1.50 per day to start.
Experienced men, qualified to do switchboard, installation,
line and repair work, will be employed either for city or out-cf
town wcrk.
Wages $G per day.
Applications will 1 e recci'td during the j resent strike at
Telephone building, 170 North Liberty Street, telephone 15.
The Pacific Telephone and
Telegraph Company.