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News for the Housewife
at Preserving Time
Here is a recipe for preserving syrup that will give you
finer jams, jellies and preserves and save you about one
half your trouble.
Instead of all sugar use only one-half sugar and one-half
Karo (Red Label).
You will find this means clear, firm jelly; rich preserves
u ith heavy syrup ; and delicious jams, mellow and "fruity".
Karo is a fine, clear syrup, with a natural affinity for the
juices of the fruit.
It blends the sugar with the fruit juice brings out all
the "fruity" flavor.
Furthermore, it prevents even the richest jam or jelly
from "candying". ' 1
It does away with all the uncertainty of preserving, and
just about cuts the work in half.
For cooking, Baking and Candy Making Karo (Red
Labef) is used in millions of homes. In all cooking and
baking recipes use Karo instead of sugar. It is sweet, of
delicate flavor, and brings out the natural flavor of the food.
pp C C A copy of the Corn Products Cook
rlCE; Boofc j, an ready to send to you as
soon as we receive your name and address. It
contains any number of helps to the woman
who expects to make preserves, jams or jellies.
VI liaro nmmmg hi
II 1111 "tirniMM""""-"- 'l H" ."MS imf I Ml
;r s ftp J
--v a i ni' ,. - i . I
. v j
v 1
cracivi sugar
Uakzs perfect
jainsjeUies and
It will be worth the price of any cue cf these suits
Extraordinary qualities in Wool Worsted, Jersey
Knit, Bathing SuiU for Men, in solid and cojnbin
ation colors of black, purple, red blues and preens
sizes 08 to 52
Mixed Cotton and Wool In p!i a
d.. qusnUct, ihm1 combination
of , t ft to 4il . .
. K .00, ti. Vi 85, $3.00
$3.25 to $1.23
l-arge Assortment of Meit'i Cot
ton Untiling Hulls. Sue to $1.60
Hnv's Bathing 8tut at
.'. ,...7r to 11.15
Women's Bathing Suits
Sizes V& to 4t, Short Skirt, V neck, Sleeveless, extra
jood. Wool Jersey Bathing Suitsthe kind that
would cost double our price on the markets today
in black, purple, preen, blue and cardinal, trimmed
with white, yellow, orange, green and maroon, at,
$3.65 to $6.43
S-i u t
Itr.'t.ir.c " .
3UC to U.65
liw ami I ij.'h tnr-s
2. and 50c
Rubber ami EulitwtiJ Head
ear i f msny style .130, 8.', 50
Kubheritcd Huit B X
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i '
are also a omp bore a there art 127
art in lnaring iih five aeraa bod
iH'arinx. There are several lrg farmera In
this distrtH, which Incluila th M. L.
.Innea trnct of 1U arrea, oa which
thrr are SI nlers, the H. W. Jones
tract of 1400 ucrii and the Moisaa el
tnte of mare ttuin 1000 acre.
Homer Ooulet liaa planted hia 2"0
acrca a follow: Winter wheat 40 acre
lrln)f wheat 20, clover IS, hay rop
11, other fron, SO, and one acre in
boaring at'le. The A. M. Atpinwull
entate ha 3." aewa In bearing loptn
lerrii. The renter of M. 1 Jonea in
t-luito II'J aertMi f potxtoet in their
rroM. liiii Ijirlimund haa 4 area 'a
bearing peaches SO acrea of bearing
pear, 10 acrei of bearing prune tree,
and 27 acrea of liearinjr walnnta.
In tlii scutum i the big Keiser bot
tom prn.no tract with l:'.' acrea. V. H.
Vtfan of Oervaia owna S 1 0 acres, and
this year he lui it aa followi: Winter
wheat II ai'ren, apring wheat 20 oat
clover 2.1, potatoea 22, field beana
M, other crop .11), ailea in bearing K1,
one half acre of rheme, Ifl acrea peach
ea, .1 acre in ueara beaning, 7 acrea in
! priiiun, 10 acrea in loganberrira, 30 ia
i blackiif rricn ami t acre in itrawber
i no.
, I.afo Townaencl alw misea hit ero
ou ku .Vi;l acr farm. He haa aa fvl
l(i; Winter wheat .V, l"t wheat
125, oat 40. barlcv 21, rve S. com So,
, clover 4.', other hay rifw 4.1, ap(Je
3 iKroi ihi-rr.cs 3, ai:d prai'nc S acre
j Other eitennivo owner of land in
'tlna ditri.t are h. Jl. McM.ihon tMI7
! arm, S. A. Mel 'all 6.1.I aciea, T. A.
j l.ivtaler :! acre. W. W. itarpole 3.H
la.'na, K. W. Manilla 2:t0 serc, liar-
riiwn Jones :. acrea, N. J. Wade 212
aciet anl K, V. Jonea 32 a.'rea.
In tlnst d strict i located the famonn
Weaver ilam land, with which the bcav
erj had nothing to do. Thin i ai call
ed the Ike lrnh district and the
beaver dam land ia worth !00O an
I acre, now that water rihta have all
1 h,-e satisfactorily wttlett A lighted
I mutch will ct this hcavrr li.im lanl
; !uriiiN'. It is great for onions Bad P
tatoes and men.
Woman 'a power in A merit is well
illustrated bv the thousands of women
who entered almost every line of boa
lines to replace mea who were diaft
led during the war. Health proved ther
, atrongeat asvt. Mnr women, however,
j developed weak, Bcroi.a end:t .on
and eonld not stand the strain of a
Ituaineas life, Hoca wi'nrn sh.mid r
imoithr there is one tried and trnc
I rrntedy in l.ydta V rishm 's Vege
!tsMe "nmj'oud, which for frty five
I years has b"c r.-s'iiriKg h"'!1! ?-t
j strength to the womej of A ia n.
: society :
ik By Gertrude Bobiaoa
THE exodus of Salem folk to the
various beach resorts and Califor
nia and Washington points con
tinues steadilT. The exceedingly hot
weather leads" added impetus to the
emniigratioD. The drawn shades or clos
ed abutters ia the dirfereut reaidcutial
districta of the city speak eloquently
of the quiet interiors, and amninon vij
iose of level beaches and shining sand
and the cool wet wind blowing in from
the Pacific. Or they bring picture of
smooth 4'alijfornia loads running on
and OB between rows of branching
palms and bnuutiful acacia; of lakes
and little rivers where the sapphire
sky is reneetod in the snpphire water;
of high mountains in blue gauy gown
and lacy white boudoir caps, standing
on' tiptoe at the edge of the world.
They sqieek. those closed shutters
and druwu shades, of empty little nurs
eries where the painted bunniea and
puss in boot look down from their
panel in real disgust at the unnatur
al order of the room. They tell, too. of
darkened libraries where the friends
who never fail wait silently in .their
Klaus casta for the prodigals' return.
Autumn and the early frosts will be
quite welcome to the deserted home
in the eity, 1 "m sure.
Mr. 'and 3h. William McC.ilchrist
urO spending a month's visit in S;m
Francisco as guests of their daughter
and son in-law, Jlr. and Mrs. William
The spacious grounds of tlio Dnn. J.
'ry home on High street foimisl th;
setting for tTie aniiiial pw'tiic of the
Vriscilla club last evening. This is one
'of tho most attractive women's clubs
in the eaty and numbers a great ninny
prominent women in its personnel. The
evening was pleasantly jmsseil with
music nnd aocial converse and the serv
ing of the elaborate picnic supper.
About twelve members were presenr.
Uuests at the Miller Jle.Oilchrist res
ideiice arc Mrs. McUilehrist 's father, J.
L. Jtuell, and her sister Miss Kdith
Hiioll of iStm Francisco, 'lhcy win
spend the aunimer in the cnpitol city.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bell and two
da mi ht era motored to Portland Mon
day. They were jtiined by friends and
the entire party motored to Seaside for
a few days outing at the beach.
Mrs. W. C. Kantner and Miss Con
stance Kantner arc planning to leave
either the latter part of tliis week or
the first part of next, for ike Wash
ington where thev will spenu tne re
mainder of the iiumucr.
Mrs. O. A. Nye and two daughters,
Uiis and Doris, accompanied by her
sisters, Mrs. t 0. Oray and M:ss Alda
Scoville, left yesterday for two weeks
at Newport.
lira. H. . Marvin ha as hot house
guest her tglet arid bnlicr in law,
Mr. and Mra. V. U. van Piyne oi ne
lan, Washington, who motored to n-
tern for a week a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Dyer and Mra.
Ourtiss B. Cross have returned from
brief visit in Portland.
Mra. C. W. Orilberf of TWaverton i
giiest at the Lee Gilbert residence on
state at reel.
Miss Oladys Steavenson of Kafoury
Brothers, ie spending u abort vacation
at the home of her parents.
Those who attended the 'recital giv
en by Misa Magera recently in the
Orand opera house, and had the pleas
ure of hearing Misa Lucie Adele Both-
er, will be interested io icarn iubv sue
will leave for France, Sunday, where
she will marry a fttnioiie inuaician. Miss
Becker has been in Portland for the
past three months, visiting her brother
Kene Becker, and during that time has
distinguished herself aa a violinist of
exceptional merit. Her departure will
be imiurned by the numerous club wo
men whose acquaintance she made dur
ing her short residence in the rose city
Mr. wnd Mrs, George W. Jonea who
have been visiting in Halora recently,
returned to their home in Tulare, Cat
iforma, yesterday. They were accom
panied by Mrs. Blaarhe Jones and
daughter Misa Florence, whose guest
they have beea, who will visit numer
ous citie of interest in the southern
state and remain in Tulare about two
FucuJj of Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Kijigs
will be pleased to hear that they are
expected home this week. Mr. and Mrs.
Higs have been making d'tuiled
rour of wh forma for the (xi few
week mi. I fioiu the word received by
friends in tslem from time to time.
the trip has been one f profitable en
jovment. Arthur W. Smither. 1tant eah
ier in the Halcm Bank of t'ommerce.
and Miss Ksther A. Mais of Milverton
were ninrricd vesterdsv afternoon.
Mrs. . K. Turfman and son Oliver
motored from Seattle for a short visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mis. J. Oli
ver on South Winter street.
Cools the stomach, wahe out the
bowels, drives ont impurities, helps
the liver it's Hullister'a Kocky Moun
tain Tea. Take it once a week daring
hot weather and see how happy b4
contentcl von 'II be. 3.1c Tea or Tab
leta. D. J.Frv.
' U- - f the 204
You think you can't
afford good tea it costs
so much per pound.
You can't afford poor
tea it costs so much per
cup. . -
Schilling Tea is the fine
practical economical tea of
this country.
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. ' All one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisa
Women, Misses and Children
This store specializes on Feminine Wear and
Feminine Articles Exclusively.
. -t .
You will find here a complete as
sortment of wanted merchandise
ready for immediate wear or use
always at a price that you will be
pleased to pay.
Standard Makes
Reasonably Priced
"Where Shopping Is a rieasure"
11 (k fljipH GIo.
Liberty Street
Salem, Oregon.
You have slocked your money in a safe, placed
your automobile in a garage, but what have you
done with your business. It represents MONEY
and is MONEY and therefore should be locked up
with an adequate and ' comprehensive ACCOUNT
Let us serve you in this capacity. ,
Young People Of Church Re
solve Opposition To Sun
day Skews.
Turner, July lei. The twenty mnth
annual convention of Oregon -Christian
churches closed with services held Hun
dav. Rev. C. M. Yoeum, representative
of the Foreign iliristian Missionary to
ddy, preached and the -Bible school
sewion waa held under the direction of
Airs. Clara O. JCson of Forest (irovc,
state auperintendciit. A communion
service was held at 3:30, following the
communion sermon by Rev. S. Karl
Childers of Albany. The closing ser
mon was delivered at 8 o'clock by Rev.
( tftrlea R. Drake of Grunts Pass.
Saturday afternoon the Christian nK
deavorers unanimously adopted a res
chit ion opposing Hiffiday picture shows.
Tho It stale board, headed by Rev.
Elijah V. Htivere of Kugene as presi
dent, is planning a vigorous enmpnign
to furthe.r advance the Bible school,
missionary and other departments of
Christian work during the year. A sya
tenmtie advertising and publicity cam
paign is beinjr worked out by the board
Mrs. Ralph Harris cf Portland has been
nppoiuted publicity manager. The con
vention pnrk will.be improved by the
addition of nmusement features for the
old and yonnfc. Swimming pools will
be built in the stream which crosses
the grounds a few hundred yards to
the rear of the tAliernacle, and many
conveniences for the occupant of cot
tage) and other camper will be pro
vided. Jt In
aVTT WUtUlUvIO liVIl all lHnn .kino fnr thn slli ff. d .vret
MiiMffn Plow Pnnrt Plow i treaty between Japan and (lermany.
vuivua vmj VVuil I ij i Government officials 8ny they have no
i 'knowledge of it.
Chicago, July M. (United Tress.) There was much discussion today ov-
Eliniinctiona at the national clay court er whether the president, on his tour,
tennis tournament had sifted down the; would invade ldahn, home state of Hen
lung list of eu Irani a, leaving few ktiirtator Korah, chief opponent of the lea
when the iilnv was resumed here todav. !ge. U was considered likely the pres-
The coast still has three net whir.7.crs;f nt wouin mane a speeen, proDuniy ar ; three months, miners atruca is
in the running. One of these ia Bill l'i" w Koran a own towns
Johnston, former ehampiou. Ale! Teoplo and conshtucnt, hi. rcnon for ,
Graves and Robert Kinscy brinjj np the uri"u lae Lmlca 10 Joln "",
, ., " Messnie.
inc. itn nesc tnrec c-an x,.nc .-cans, - pre!ri,knt .,, ,d,T ,0 keop Thirteen hundred miner, have struck
play.ng a atelier K. me the coast hou80 for mcmbfr, 0V rongrf5, i Kent,
expected to be repreented nt tne ririlsn. I '
Public Accountants
Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Portland, Oregon.
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tal tour, the president is expected to
have a long1 conference with Secretary
Lansing en route home from J'aris
to learn from him the jirewnt feelinj
in Europe and bring Up to dafe the in
formation he will use ia his speeches
appealing for support for the covenant
and treaty.
An early reply is anticipated from
the white house to Senator Lodse 's res-
& Wash with wwk aotv Jt
1 tioa erf Woe atone or tJ
I bme water, dry thor. iCTjL
Wighry. follow with Bjht appB- If J Rv
csooo of- lHi
yicKS VAPoiiinSl
Salem's a Good Place to Trade
from 10 a. m. until noon. He will ite
voto those hours to meeting senatoi
and representatives whether they have
appointments or not.
6 Bellans
Hot water
Sure Relief
London, July 10. While union lend
ers were discussing today the jjovejn
meat's demand for guarantees tnat no
strikrs be called in the coal mine fir
auscil bv a rlisnute over the iMicrntioii
i 1 1
of the tSnnkcy award.
riaVfJ. 't'to r.wl: '5irtIil'1S5 ,5itiVi:t 1
outfit cvttvftuA&
jurjiuJtcvv tjvatt -cvVl.
DUiilctU e UAVU
Tht jurulhtatt
ft. & j;ti
".vf rl
rr ' t - .'--,1 1
f as W
09 mm M, I I " tin aw ii fc. "S. i
Every grocer everywhere
'sells. Kellogg s everyday.