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THERE- a bob-white ut is the
And a n in bud on the wall
A life of love ii the fragrance,
A world, of joy in the call.
There isn't a moment fur worry
Or sorrow or trouble, at all"
-Wi'a a bob white out in the meadow
As! a ruse in bud oa the wall!
Honoring br house guest, Mrs. K.
Wa'hi'nv of lot Angeles, Mrs. C. P.
Bishcfi nntcrtainrd a eoterio of friends
at a prettily conducted tawa party last
Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. .Wathenr was
formerly of 'Malem and during her res
ideiie here took aa active part in the
affairs of the l'ren!vtnrinn church.
The laditfs enjoying Mr. Bishop's hos
pitality were Mrs. l'ark, .Mrs. Junk,
Mia. Crnidit, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Alt
aian. Mm. Allien, Mrs. Pea fee, Sir.
Bmall, Mra. Muier, Mra. llarren, Mrs.
Ke.iu and ilrs. Cotupton.
- ft
The lun,, suminer evenings and good
country roads offer pleasant induce
ments, to city folk wlio are compelled
to remain U town during the greater
part of the kamuier, to spend the eve
nine hours at some quiet pirnie spot or
river resort. These informal gatherings
re perhaps the moat popular form
cay croup
Thursday evening, choosing Rpong's
lan linn as their destination, and eat
a altogether enjoyable evening. Those
ia 'I lie party wore Mr. aud .Mr. W. W.
Moore, M!i Kdna Hubert and Harold
Huberts of Ureensburg, Kansas, Mr.
nd Mra. Lewis ilishler, Mir. and Mrs.
wwj.eu. uunug ,..o pre.,,,, .cason, Lughery;
and every evening sees motor art.c. Kugene-Adelaide like, Mary :ilen
leaving town for the various p.ctur- M , Mk- iKlorence-He.-
esiue spot. , Polk and Marion conn- , , y j , Bum urn;
ties. A cay croon motored from town iL s.i .,,,. '
. G.iWaao,Mr . J.a Twd and wn roin,1I(lell Whittaker; Mc.Minnville
i','-.rn2i t i , K V,"' Aller.n, (re forian,
a a HlUott, M.se Lucille Moore, ai.W,I(b uNVH0'nl. Klaim.th Falls-Mar!
Miss Mdna Bolierts, ivho, with her
fcrothe, Harold Koberta, is a guest at
the W. W. Moore home, left last eve
ning for a uriof visit in Oregon City,
Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Moore
aud family, accompanied by Mr. Rob
erta, will motor to tregon City to join
her. Monday tlieeulire (rty will take
wp up me -in .mum nignway return- jiarsters; Wasee r'raneel Tat,
lag to Portland la tho evening and
ending the folloaing day in the me-1 The Daughters of Isabella wiU hold
roolis. They plan to rotura to Salem a special meeting tomorrow trternoon
Wednesday. j at the Knights Of Columbus hall on
State street A large el ass of candidates
Mra OWk NeJsoa of Portland Is the will be iuitiated and a full attendance
Ifneat of Ir. and Mrs. W. II. LytU wt of the momJbera of tha jriaiIsiatiou is
tae Cotirl rtmeiita. doaired.
t'l !li 1 - ,. ''" . ....I, i
By Gertrude Bubisoa
The vampaign for the woman ' build
in j fund of the University of Oregon
.will be the popular cause for which
j several affairs Will bo given at the
j Oregon '. ),, during the summer.
Dances arranged by the college stu
j iteuts and alumni iH lie featured at
Seaside and "Newport. At the weekly
tune-boon of the aliuuni of the univer
sity considerable interest wa erpress
ed in these affairs. Club women thru
out the statu are sponsoring the fund
i ""J are planning teas and other bene
f"- Ett,'B undergraduate girl in the
,u"1511' "n"x v
summer vacation for thr ean of the
women's 3urldiug, aud the following
state wide committee of young college
women will carry on the work of ar
ranging benefit fetes in her home eity.
Astoria dorothy Wootton, Nellie Par
ker, liracc ilauitneratroiu, Ami Lugus,
Helen Grinluilm; Albany May Bal
loek, Hnriett Van Tassel, Katherine
Ltviiigoo I; Ashland Mary Mathie;
Athens Katherine Pronm; Baker
Virginia Leonard Burns Annette
''Leonard, Helen Uiggs, Ilolen Purling
tun; Bend (Margaret Thompson; Illy
Marjorie Kdanll, Itlanoh Warren; Co
c)uillf Mjnrvell tikcels; Corvallis
'adys Mat his; Cottage GroVe Jessie
ihtlUs )
MuCord; xburg i listie Meek; The
Oranta Pass Florence Kiddle, Jean
ette Moss; Gardner Georgian Perkins,
Xareisa Jewitt; Uillsliiiro Klixabeth
Peterson; Hood Jiiver Helen Carson,
Prances Blir.aflieth Baker; La Grande
lais Bryant, Mildred Oliver; Medford
-Kteie lwreuce, Htith Wiliftin;
M"arhfieldi Nell Warwick; Myrtle
!jri. Dnlaell; J'riiieville-Dess! John
son; Oregon -City Ira llhertj Myrtle
Creek (Margaret Bounds; thitai'io He
ii a Adams, Terrewsi Cur; Oswegif
Margaret Gray; Pendleton flula
Rmith, Grace Rugg; Portland Hi Jen
Anderson, Theodora Woppeuhafh, Lao
ia Rnnd; Hiilem Marjorie Kay, lorii
Churchill; H-appoose Mnrjorie TIolo
darn Ht, JI.!cii Alma Ditto; Kiddle
Kraneea Prater; Bosriburg Ieona
m s .w- me
iki jIk .(r7-'V
race ioung: Dallas Maude
i ..srriniiiin
ii i mil it wmri iiiii :
irai . i in.-
Iced Coffee
A Delicious Summer Drink
A pot of Folger's Golden Gate
Coffee just as you make it for
breakfast (rich, not rank); pour over
a tall glass of cracked ice, sugar and
cream to taste a flavor you'll re
member it's different
Note Ihe fradrano
i i i ii
The Women 'a Foreign and Hume sail
sionary societies of the fSrst Method-
: i-- : . j -i . I. 1 1 tL . . .nKIIJ
I joint meeting at the hosae of Mrs. B.
E. farrier, 1065 Court afreet, Wednes
day afternoon. The meeting was open
ed by a hymn scripture lesson and
prayer, roiloweu py an iniormai pro
igram rnnsisting of an instrumental so
llo by Miss Lyra Miles, reading by Miss
I Mabel Garrett and a whistling solo by
,Mrs. C. (.'. ( lark. Mis, Miles also spoke
very entertainingly of her experiences
in New lurk citT during the past win
,ter, when she attended Columbia uni-
iversity. -
Mrs. Carrier was assisted in serving
, dmntv refreshments br Mrs, IT. G.
IBoyer, Mrs. t'. A. Clark, Mrs. tT. G.
,llolt, Mrs. Konald Glover. About thtr
,'ty Jadies wcro present and enjoyed a
'pleasant afternoon.
A rnre treat is in store for Salem
music lovers next Monday, when Wil
liam Wallnee Graham of Portland will
present his pupils in recital at the
Pirst Christian church, at 8:.10 oVloek.
Kaeh student is an accomplished vio
linist and well able to hold th atten
tion of the most eritieal audience. A
special feature of the program is the
selection played by Wallace Graham,
tort year old son of Mr. Grabnm. The
I Sixth Air Varie Panda
Virgil White
Bereiiaue Aloskowski
Itenska Swart ,
Sonata ...1 Schubert
Allegro ffiusto, Andante, Minuetto,
AIlegTo vivave, Allegre moderato
Scire Buell
Cnnxonetta A. d'Arubrosio
Ruth rerl'wh
Wallace Graham
.. Oade
Marian Emmons
Mary iHehoettle
Leona Wiedmer at the piano.
Numerous out of town guests are
visiting with Kalem friends during the
simmer snontlhs. One of the most charm
iag is Mrs. Roiiert Mc Murray, who a
compunied by her small son, ' Robert
Jr., ia visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry
Hawkins. Mrs. McMurray it well
known in the eity and is being wel
comed by a host of friends.
Mrs. James Teed and small son are
I visitors at the home of Mrs, Teed'i par
i-iua, -nr. aim irs. r. u. ;rnrn,
Mr. and Mrs. C 15. Richards are in
Ashland pnssing the Week with friends
f r '
On Wednesday evvaiog at -the High
land Friends thureh, the piano pupils
of Miss Isola M. Smith rv ljr6t
pablie recital. Fur. the short time the
pupils he beta atudyicg 'hey each
plaved their aeUcfions well, aud did
credit to their teahr. At the close
ef eanh aner little Isola Cailene
Scott aanded the player a bouquet or
basket of flowers brought by some
friend present.
Miss Grace Hherwnod, a late gradu
ate of Willamette uaivemty. pleased
the audieae with three Wautilul solo,
readeriag thesa ia her sweet eharauug
The church waa beautifully decorat
ed with large baskets of pink Joro
thy Perkins rtes, and karmonkzing
dra pings.
Miss Isola Smith has been teaching
for three years and received her tntin
iag for teaching from Miss Lima W oi
ler. .
The program
Coe to School . Siaulding
AVe Weut to the Zoo ..r Spauldiug
Gladys Miller, Gre Ilynn
The Country Dance Dale
Prances Graham
Bright Eyes Orth
Juanita Williams
A Child s Good-iiu'ht .: Spaulding
The IVetty Shepherdess - Nirtorio
Mary Jlurley
Doll's Dream
Mabel Smith
Sing Robin Sing
Viola Bailey
Duets '
The Indians are Coming .
At the Circus
Marie Hitchcock, Klla Hitchcock
Just a Bunch of .Flowers Kpaulding
The Water Mill - Bpaulding
Gladys Powell
Bird Song Rogers
Benlnh Graham '
Playing with Kitty Renard
The Pirst Robin Rogers
Gladys Miller
A Song of Home Roylo
Such a Lil fellow Dichmont
Miss Grace Sherwood
Military Array Kern
Moueta niitiams
Oh My Kitten - Kern
Skating Otto
Gircus Parade Grant-tecuaeter
Marie Hitchcock,
March of the Little Holdiers Williams
Elmer Vnn
Tho Robin's Lullaby ....... Krogmann
The Bee and the CloveT Geibel
Grace Flynn
T)own the Stream Maxim
The Musical Clock Heins
The Ride oa a Trolley Car
iiuth Davison
Fairy Xmllaby Spauldine
In tho Blasgsmith Shop ....Pruyn-Hull
Klla Jlitchcvck
At Pawning .... Cad man
Mis Grace Sherwood
II Trovatore Verdi
Mrs. A. M. "Nicholson
The Pixies Goodnight Song .... Brown
The Dance of the lJutterfliea.Wnsmore
Marion Brets
The Plantation Melody Bmith
Uncle Kemus Grant Nchaefer
Lowell Carpenter
L Jongleur .
By the Spring
Cinderella 'a Walt a ..
fFairy Tastoral i..-
CJaudme W est
A Dretfm Song Formao
Wsjlfcr Nymph Sehotte
Prelude No. 7 Chopin
Thnlma Owens
Impressed by the great majority in
the chamber of deputies in ifavor ef
full civic rights for women, the au
thorities of the city of Paris and the
department of tho Heine have largely
widened the opportunities for the em
ployment of women ia the department
of Lha eity hall and the prefecture.
Heretofore women were emDloyed at
the city hall in inferior elencnl posi
tions only. The eomjwtition for all
the higher ofXieo positions including
the heads of bureaus, have now been
opened to them.
Mrs, .Nancy Despain and Mrs. John
Isaacs, who were visitors in Salem
last week, were honor guests at a num
ber of Salem social functions. One was
tho luncheon presided over br Mrs. Lee
Morehouse and Mra. A. JL Schaefer at
the homo of the former on Walnut
street. Covers were laid for Mrs, De-
spain, Mrs, Isaacs, Mrs. Norborue Ber
kley, Mra J. F. Kobinson, Mrs. H. II.
Ilaltoek, Mra James Weh-a Mrs. John
Vert, Mra M norr house and Mrs. Schaef
er. Evening Telegram.
A ffrour. of twelve srirls. known as
the Nornsii Hub of MjMiuuvillo, mo
tored from that eity early yesterday
morning and were the xuculs of Mrs.
Joseph Richardson for Hie day. All the
point of interest In and around Salem
were visited and a delightful luncheon
served by the hostess. The party re
mained over for the band concert and
then returned home. Mrs. Richardson
waa assisted in entertaining them by
Mrs. II. J. Schulderman.
One of the caveat itivenile nartie of
the season was giveu tiy Miss 8allv
Kh at her hr-nntiful home. Inst AVed
nesdny afternoon when a host of lit
tle belle and beaux gathered to en
joy her hospitality. F.verything that a
cnmi neart eotiut rtisire waa at the
services of children, and every detail,
from the merry gnmes, to the abund
ant refreshments and pretty favors,
waa tn Keeping with the ha) -pv occa
sion. Nothing was omitted that would
in the least add to the storv book
rea'.ity of the nartv. and the host of
little ones that crowded the large house
and romped on the spacious lawa gnve
ready testimony to the complete aire
eesa of the affair.
Salem folk are looking forward
eagerly to Wednesday nnd keening that
evening open for the recital at the
Pirst Chris ian church, when Mrs. In
land W. Portt", assisted ly a group of
"Tai ariists, will read J,.hn Luther
ling's famous pniduction "Mad-tme
Butterfly" in rostump. profi-ssor T. et.
Keberta. renowne.1 lmrally as aa ei
eeptional musiciaa, w ill p"reide at the
sew pipe prttan and Miss Lena Belle
Tartar and Leona Osborne Peterson
will sing some of the original seJef.
tiona of patjon, of high e!as dramatie
M-s Peterson have alre-uly mails 4heir
rrputaii.ini ia musical circles; as for
Mis. Porter, her marvellous taleat and
Power ef intefpr. tation has woa f or j
her a moat enviable plaee in the affec
tions ef j-atrens of h'jrhciai dramatic
work. rhe is a graduate of the i'nier
soa sihool of oratory, in Beston and
beifore; 4t marriage .was connected
proaainentiy with lvcnim wo k thru
out the states.
Albany, Or.. July 11 t.; ccialV
Kenneth L. Carter and MiTerlc Hnle
tw prominent Aihany young people,
were married here Wednesday Boon.
The ecremonv was iierformcd br Pr.
Georjre H. Vour.g, pastor of the First J
Baptist ehurch of this eity. Mr. lar-i
ter i a sna of Virgil A. arter who i
renreeesitcd Benton eountv in the state ;
legiatur for several terms. Mrs. Car- )
ter is a daaghter of Mr. aad Mrs. -E. !
M. Hale of North Albany and was
gradnated from tho Albany Hijh school j
this year.
All business women in the country I
are to be unittd ia one big federation. ,
This includes actresses and nurses, art-1
isU and stenographers, journalists and (
shoj) girla. everyon. in fact, who is
eeonomii-aily in(k endent. All this will j
take place in tt. Ioiisi July 14 and ;
Miss Lena M. Phillips attorney and
executive see ret a ry of the a.Mional i
Rnsineso Women's committee, pointed!
i out how this was to be done, at a meet-1
' i m .1 a..- 1..W- !
ing fir rue Tiuaiiiess vrn ,iuis un
recently at the national board building
of the Y. W. C. A. in .New York.
"This is the first federation of wo
men's clubs which will have economic
improvement for its object," she ex-j
plained. "The national league of wo-i
men workers hinges on recreation for
the working woman, but we ho-,ie to im
prove the business efficiency of worsen
all over the country."
"Many women who became profes
sional nurses about 15 years ago," said
a delegate from Hartford, Cona.,
"would be infinitely happier and more
efficient in another line of work. The
simply went into that because it was
one of the few professions open te wo
men. The elubs hope to establish a bu
reau of information in different cities
where statistics of every trade and pro
feasioa are kept, a record of technical
schools so that the candidate for a pro
fessioa may find out at on'ce whether
she ia qualified and where she can got
the best training."
The North Salem Women c'mb held
its regular monthly meeting last Wed
nesday at the home of Mrs. Edward
Sehunke, 924 North 6th etrcct. The
session opened with a short and en
joyable program. Mint Mabel Marcus
pleased tho ladies with two lovely vo
cal selections, "1 near a Thrush at
Eve" (Cadman.y and "If I Knew You
and You Knew Me" (McDcrund.) nd
Miss JiSusabeth fryer rendered "Ka
mennan Oatrow" (Bubenstein.) Elec
tion of offkera followed in which the
following women were elected to the
various offices: Mrs. E. A. Toothacre,
president; Mrs. J. F. Hutchason, vice
president; Mra. Charles Glaae, secre
tary; Mis. Merlo l'runk assistant sec
retary; Mra, A. A. Graiber, treasurer.
Mrs. Toothacre appointed the follow
ing women to servo on the various com
mittees: Civie commitee Mra. Myra
Shank (chairman), Mrs. E. Both, arid
Mrs. Boy Shields. Program eommittoe
Mra. F. 1 Purrino (chairman.) Mrs.
W. F. Fargo, Mu. M. J. Hunt. Maga
aine committee. Mrs. W. F. Fargo
(chairman,) Mrs. Merle Pmnk, Mrs.
"Edward rVtranke. Membership commit
tee Mrs. Boy (Shields (chairman,) Mrs.
M. J. Hunt, Mrs. E. Jtoth. Press re
porter Mra. T. L. Purvine.
The eighth birthday anniversary of
little Frances Martin was duly eelebrat
ed with a pretty lawn party at the
homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Carey F. Martin, last Tuesday. After
a pleasant afternoon spent in playing
outdoor games, the little misses were
served a delicious lunch. The pretty
color scheme of pink was carried out
ia the table decora-Irons; of swet peas
and ia the dainty favors that marked
the plaees of the following guests:
Mary Khea, Marion fchaw, Elinor
Schmidt, Margaret Morehouse, Flor
ence Jones, Elaine Brown, lsahelle
Morehouse, Bertha Babeock, Maxine
Meyers, Marjory Marcus, Josephine
Harr, Margaret Sterner and Virginia
Mia Sarah Lansing, Miss Eliza No
lan and Mrs, Walter Denton assisted
Mra. Martin in serving.
Queen Marie of Roumania during a
recent visit in 1 arts when she attemi
ed sewsions of the provisional eouneil
of the Y. W. C. A. for work in France
hold an audience with Y. W. C. A. sec
retaries there. The audience ws a re
sult of the cpieen s request for cooper
ation from the Y. W. C. A. for relief
work ia her country.
Although no plans are perfected as
yet for the organization 's work in
Roumania, work will probably be be
gun there in the near future
Mr. and Mrs, Charles L. Dick and
daughter Franees, of Portland are
giiwrts at the Milton I Meyers resi-.
draee. Mr. suid Mrs. Ihck are former
Nftlem residents and are toeing welcom
ed by a host of friends,
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Olinger and Har
old, and Mrs. 1). W. Matthews are j
spending three or four days in Harris '
burg as the guests of Mrs. Lloyd;
Shisler (Gertrude Cunningham.) j
Interesting visitors ia Salem are Mrs. ,
llf ie Elmer and ilaughter of Pnrtluu'i, I
M are guests of Mrs. Adlev wrerz St !
her home on l!th street. Mrs. Elmer I
motored to Hnlem w ith her daughter '
and son in law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles !
tleverand, last Tuesday. Mr. Cleveland
went oa to Corvallis weer.i a: is deliv-1
ering a cours of lectures at the Ore
goa Agricultural college, and will join!
Mrs. Klmer later. He holds aa import-'
ant piMtian at the Iter son Po'ytechaie
school ff i'oftland.
Interes'iag Salem vi:to-s who ar?
planning to pas the -.i:imer in trie
capital eity n-r Misw Jessie Hr,rh!mi
of Pittsburg and .Mrs. Jnme a. on-
nell of Santa Mnmca, Cahfo'ira. T'ley
are gur:s of Mrs. J. W. Uarhiton.
Among the clisiug rri!al whirh
have been given in Sub m reeeutiy none i
was more enjoyable than the one in '
Horlick's tho Original
Malted Milk Avoid
Imitations Substitutes
Women.Missesand Children
This store specializes on Feminine Wear and Femi
nine articles exclusively.
Ycu will find here a complete as
sortment of wanted merchandise
ready for immediate wear or use
always at a price that you will be
pleased to pay. .
1. & Winj (Ho.
which Professor T. 6. Roberts, assist
ed hv Miss 1ena Belle Tartar, present
ed his pupils. The Roberts horn, 270
South 14th street, where the recital
was given, was beautifully decorated
with fragrant sweet peas and Dorothy
Perkins roses. As is usual with the mu
sicals of Professor Roberts, the entire
program was as nearly faultless as an
affair of that kind can be.
The program:
Duet, Album Leaf (Byers.) Mamie
Hillman and Mr. Roberts.
Bicycle Walta (Goibel). Mary Schei.
The Frogs Desiring a King (Spauld
ing), Alvin Kurtz.
The Bold Tixie- (Brown), Isabella
Playful Rondo (Greene,) Thoebe
Hunting of butterflies (nirach,)
Dorothy Keaser.
Solo, The Sunshine of Your Smile
(Ray,) Erma Tompkins.
Pixie's Waits Song (Brown,) Priscil
la Fry.
Duet, Pixies' Waltzing (Browa,)
Frank and Mildred Sutton.
Under My Loved One's Window
(Lange.) Chester Kurtz.
The Flower 8ong (Lang,) Hasel
Winiwawa (Ortb,) "Paul Lee.
Basket of Roses (Albers,) Richard
Evening Bells (Geibel,) Russel Leh
man. Reading, The Highwayman (Noyes,)
Hasel Long.
, Duet, Over Hill and Dalo (Fugle
man,) Richard Schei and Mr. Roberts.
Raxaphone solo. Only a Year Ago
(Albers,) Carl Turner.
Con Amour ('Beaumont,) Mary Miller
The Myrtles (Waihs,) Hard Long.
March iFantasique (Smith,) Ruth
Silo, The Birds Go North Again
(Willaby,) Miss Tartar.
Duet.'ll Trovatore (Verdi,) Mrs. Phil
Aspinwall, Miss Ruth Aspinwall.
Mr. and Mrs. Page A. Broyles, who
have been viairing friends in the city,
have returned to their home in Port
land. Mrs. J. K. Ransom aud two children
of Walla Walla are vacation guests ot
Mrs. W. H. Brets on Highland avenue.
Mrs. Charles C, Thompson and chil
dren, Charles Ireton and Dorothy, are
visiting Mrs. Thompson's parents, Mr.
Vacation Resorts
A vacation is a good investment. Best and change are very bene
ficial to bodily health and mental vigor July and August are the ideal
vaiT.tioa months. Attractive summer resorts are within easy nach. Fx
cuisioa tickets are oa sale.
Reason Tickets from 8alem 3.83
Week-end Tickets from ISalem 4.95
Corresponding fares from othor points.
treason Tickets from
Fares to Neah Kah Nie, Manzanita and Bayocesn slightly
higher corresponding fares from other points.
Season Tickets from Balcm
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Hoason Ticket from gfliem !
Sessoa Ticket from Salem
II Day Ticket from 8ale m
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l'ark wi! open about July 1st.
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Corresponding fans from
Hpecial Fares ia effect to Columbia- River Rea.hfs, Mt.
Rainier National l'ark, Shasta Resorts, Yelowstonc .National
Pnrk and Glacier National Park.
Inquire of Ticket Ageet
and Mrs. O. Ireton, "27 South Commer
cial. Mrs. Thompson was a former Sa
lem resident aud in well known here. '
Her visit will cover a period of about
two weeks. -'
Former resiaeuts of Jlickignn enjoy
ed a picnic last evening at the state
fair grounds. A sumptuous lunch was
served and the evening spent with
reminiscent conversation and old fash
ioned dances. '
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. II, V. Collis
ion during the past week were Mrs.
Oompton 's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
W. Witham of Everett, Washington.
Mr. and Mrs, Richard Roberts are be
ing showered with flowers and good
wishes upon the birth of a daughter,
July 8, Hlic has been named Janet Ruth
Mr, and Mrs, E. L. Craniblilt are re
ceiving felicitations upon the birth .f
a baby daughter, July 5, 11119.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jones of Sat
Kranciseoi aro Kalcin visitors. NMr.
Jones was formerly iconnected with the
state blind school here and they are
well and favorably known in the city.
Tho annual midsummer picnic givtfl
by the Woman' uVlicf Corps to Civil
war veterans and Ladies of the Grand
Army of the Republic and their f ami-,
lies was held in Marion square Thurs
day afternoon, and was well attended.
A short impromptn program was ren
dered preceded toy a "community
sing", led'by Mrs. C. C. (lark. OthfT
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MJi tLM arv sT sTB)
I W"--" - H - b3' MJ . al av vi,.
j rwnovv ti iuy aiiu
is . l - : . . .
v happiness lbt comes
lo one thru possessing
a SKin ot purity nu
beauty. The soft, dis
tinguished appearance it
enders brings out your
natural beauty to its full
est. In use ovrr 70 yesrs.
. jfjino
other points.
ran scon,
General Passenger Agent.
hi 'U V