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Uitor and Poblish&r
July 7, J!'19
Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon
Address AH Communications To
(The flailp.jjjflbipl Uounml
136 S. Commercial St.
B1!t. by Cirritr. cer mr 5.00 Per Month-
DUy by Mail, per year $3.00
Per Month..
W. D. Wa'd, Kew York, Tribuns Building.
H. Btoekwell, Chicago, People's Oat Building
Corncobs, it develops, are good for something besides
pipes or fuel. Heretofore they have been on of the grat
est waste stuffs in American agriculture. Of the billions
of bushels of corn produced every year most of the cobs
have been thrown away.
Now the Department of Agriculture reports that al
most the whole cob can be converted into valuable sub
stances. More than one third of it can be made into
crystalline glucose, which has many uses, one of which
is the manufacture of alcohol. By a newly discovered
process 45 per cent of the cob can be transformed into
discussion of the League of Katlous Covenant, article by article,
written by William 11 Taft. ex president of the United SUlti,
George W. Wickers hid, Xonacriy United States attorney general.
A. Lawrence Lowell, president of Harvard University, and Henry
W. Taft, of the New York bar.
Until this Kint ttio provision? of
various kinds. These were in ('listen r
before 1914 and the war has brcugnt In
The :
an "adhesive," suitable for use in making fiber board !xxll,a",1.",'e!lm'c ,hat fu: therewith.
i i r i mi , i i ,P , eerneil with improving comutio'is . in usi'ful in ni'iuv
and paper boxes, or for bill posting, labeling and many i,i,-i, people f ..i.,y Coui.t.iMjWiii survive.
Other TJUmOSPS. take, or oiiL'bf to tr.ko. an intoies:. Hitherto the
Daily Cspital Journal carrier boyi,re instructed to put the papers os thsj4"1 lFi uuac
sa. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the pane' ! Other purposes.
i you on time, kindly phone the eireulation rnansger a. this is the only way Tng ck;ef objection to this adhesive is its brown Color.
re ean aeterrjiins wnetuer or not me curriers are juuuwiuh iniiiui. ., . , , , . . . , ...
1 before 7:30 o'clock and a paper wiU be sent you by special memiengsr if the 'if it COUlcl be made COlOrleSS it nUght replace the adhesives
aarrier has misaed yon.
Jj the only newspaper in Salem whose circulation Is guaranteed by the
Audit Burean Of Circulations
" From London comes the assurance that
Hohenzollern, former kaiser of Germany, and 71 of his
accomplices are to be tried before an international tri-
bunal but. that instead of being made to face outright the
charge of murder, they will be accused of simpler and
minor crimes for which the supreme, penalty will be exile,
t,r sole confinement.
All verv fine and regular, but what's the use?
The world needs no formal trial to be convinced of the
puilt of the kaiser and his aides, the Allies least of all
When thev took up arms against Germany the Allies,
France, England, Italy, United States and a score of les
ser nowers thereby issued their judgment. They condemn
ed the German government as guilty and not only of in
descriminate violation of the rules of civilized warfare,
but they returned the verdict of murder against Wilhelm
and his underlings.
To call unon an international coui't to fix the respon
sibility for the war we are but casting doubt in the face
F thp cw arations we made udoii entering tne war. ino
court on earth could convince us of Wilhelm's innocence
The violation of Belgium's neutrality is already an es
tablished fact and no court sentence is necessary to send
the guilty to St. Helena on that score.
If Wilhelm and his gang of arch-criminals are to be
' tried they should be tried as individuals and lor murder.
Let them justify if they can, the ravaging of Belgian and
French women and girls, the execution of Edith Cavill,
the ruthless slaughter of women and children and other
ron-combatants such as lost their lives in the sinking of
the Lusitania.
Let them justify those atrocities, or pay in kind. To
submerge these crinuos under accusations of technical
violations is but to mock justice.
The Fourth of July does not seem to have been as
fatal this year as usual.
races hitherto ru'etl by Ueriuai.y unci
now in use, thereby saving great quantities of foodstuffs i1'" "lli,,s a,'i'1 "nt, ,,i,",'ifi'" ,0
used in the fcrm of starch, dextrine, flour paste, etc. It First, to protect ami assist peks on
is said that the relacement of all other adhesives would tl'tir ' to eompu-to indepemienje; to!
require only 3 per cent of the corncobs produced in the;;1
United btateS. Lie of popular government. Duiiug that
This IS lik'P finrlitirr n frrp.ir rtw trsct rvf foirilo lonrl 1 I.-i i.a they would be likely to im:ke
... a ..b.v, .. v.v Vi xvxv j miu. whidi mitrht expose t Item to
Or an ineXnaUSUOie deposit 01 SOme preClOUS metal. And It external and internal perils. The second
is one more proof of the resourcefulness of modern ol'i'''t tu ir,vl,t 8elfish l'xt'1'''tution
Wilhelm science.
The human race is using up its visible "sources now-!u ti.
adays at ante which alarms many people. But there isl .t'T 8ft "llmanu
Ey Walt Mason
Whoever said, "Revenge is sweet,'' had no experience
with foes; his guess was wrong, yet men repeat his idle
words in verse and prose. If sonic one docs you grievous
wrong, you'd like to rend him limb from limb; perhaps
for years you yearn and long to throw the harpoon into
Lim The vengeful thoughts you entertain don't do you
any good at all; kindness alone is safe and sane, old sores
sre poor things to recall. Perhaps at last you have the
chance to punit.li him who did you harm; you prod him
with your poisoned lance, and find the trick has little
charm. In fact, you feel as small and mean, when you
have squared an ancient "hate," as though you'd run a
submarine for Wilhelm. Prussia's castoff skate. Bill
Johnsng swiped my pointer pup, and ran the blamed
thing off its legs; I vowed he'd take the bitter cup, and
drink the wormwood to the dregs. But when I'd thought
for half an hour, I saw how vain were loud laments; I
paid aloud, "Revenge is sour; the pup was worth but
twenty cents!" My fies may hand me jolt and jar, I do
not let my blue blood boil; forgetfulness is better fr.r th?.n
nursing grudges till they spoil.
probably little ground for fear. It has generally been true
in the past that as on material gave out another appeared.
It will doubtless be still more so in the future. Nature is
incalculably rich and we have not found a tithe of her
treasures. Whatever mankind needs, trust human ingen
uity to find a way to get.
(4'apital Journal Special Service)
Mrs. J. T. Hunt has returned from a
several weeks visit in 1'ortlnnd. She
was aceompanied by her itatighter-in-law
Mrs. Wio. Quires, who will be
in the neighborhood some little time
visiting and putting up fruit.
Miss Marian Fennell of Marion as
a reeent guest nt the home of her uncle
and aunt, the Jos. I'ennells.
Mrs. Opal Aicholls of Idaho is the
guest of Uer aunt. Mr IhirSam. SUe
intends eniling File summer in the
Willamette valley.
O. Itenkle of Ikeview was a Sun
day niiht enest at the home of his sis
ter, His. Mary Billings.
Troy Wood drove up from Portlani
or oiijint to ti:ke. an uitcre:. Hitherto the different bureaus have K""lrul,.v ml-'" "r B ov" cunnay
GerniaA Colonics. t )W independent of one another: but vis wi,h l,are,l,s a,ul s'Ht'1'-
first of these articles dials with it is obviouslv better adiuiiiistraiioa to Misses Florence and Alida llecker
pluce them under one supervising au- n.nv to "'Jtland and taken po-
horitv, here information ulw.it them '" a eoniivtionery store.
.an lie reaililv collected, so tuut the' ........ ......... ... ...... ... .
council uud aenil-lv can discus Incm.i TmTUJ v"11I,or ?' ,he '"""C 0'Mr1'
bring grievances to light, deuund ei-!''TP ! ' 'm -V"y i.
, , . , Lawrence Kvans or MiMiuuri has
"'"".""; ""' "u'se!h lms ".bee" the house p.est for a week of his
the object of Article XXI. J cousins, the J. T. Hunts.
The work done br the men.jus of, Xi K, Tvlor of Buena Vista was a
t.e organization iu the wur hs.v, been so week end 'guest at the J. H. Bdford
;re:it that it seemed possible tu nmke home.
i !ur.;er use of it for the relief of suf-. Mr. and Mrs. Ed keener, Veil nnfl
ferinj; in time of peace. Moth as i. iee- Will and Mrs. .1. T. Hunt motored out
ognition of its services and with a view , to Thomas Sunday, calling upon old On
to further work, the menibi ;r. of the nedian friends.
League agree by Article XXV to pro-' ! Mrs. Albert Fennel! of Ma-
moto the establishment und co-opevatfnn ri"n ote at tl,v Fenncll home
of national voluntary orpanitia:i of ?lneada.v to visit his auut, who has
the Red Cross. ' e" vor-v' IU( 18 l,,w'.v voiivalescinf-
, , , .Mrs. Thorpe an old friend and Nortk
l'nkota nei(jhhor, but who now lives ia
rove:uint have dealt almost eicius.vely among the ullies many more to unify
with the organization of the league i the conduct of military action, end the
and the prevention of war. Article ! vust auxiliary anmilr aervinM fnnn-t-
Souie of these will be
e as well as in aar and
(nt luii kn aid peoples and natural re
lsoui.es. These colonies were won by
nations that lichied to viu the
shall not lie maltreated ,and thi.t one of
the victors shall not mo:.opolize to the
exclusion of other countries any raw
products essential to the indiutiiei of
the world.
These thinua arc properly placed un
der the control of the I.eairue; and if
so the plan of mnndataries actirg nnder
contract with the League, and render
ing nn annual report of tfieir itewnrd
ship to the eouncil, with a permanent
Bruce Dennis, editor of the LaGrande Observer, a
former Kansan is not proud of the late Jess WiUard, of
r iiiii iic i iriuoi no. r mai u uaiio iium ivaiL5..s, iiic numc i.u untion need accept a mandate
of Gene Ware, Preston B. Plumb, John J. Ingalls and a
score or more of other national characters, but the name
ot Willard will never be engraved in gold in the state house
nor will there be any monuments erected to his memory."
Now lets hear from that other illustrious Kansan, Editor
Ingalls of the Corvallis Gazette-Times!
The enemies that Postmaster General Burleson has
made ought to entitle him to the gratitude of the Ameri
can people. He is the strongest man in the present nation
al administration and has taken without flinching the
abuse that has been directed against him by those who
desired to use his department to the detriment of the pub
lic welfare.
Hindenburg and the rest of thse Prussian leaders
who want to be tried in the kaiser's place probablv figure
that notoriety and even possible punishment is preferable
to the abyss of oblivion that is yawning for them.
Financially at least Mr. Jess Willard has not been
knocked out. He is said to possess a big cattle ranch, a
flowing oil well and a few hundreds of thousands in cash.
Columbia is to get $25,000,000 without an anologv.
Most anybody would be willing to forego an apology for
twenty-five million dollars.
Hunting a Husbana
rilAl'TKU IX.
Why lmd I " thoughl lessly declnred
that 1 nils n L'iniliiute of .1
oiiveut in 1'rancef If I had g.
but I do not spenk Trench. I hnv
been in France.
it pleases, but if it does so it accepts
the trust tinder tlic conditions pre
.scribed by the Leugue. The whole plan
marks a EreRt step forwnrd in thy ree
ognition of the common responsibility
of civilized nations for the weaker peo
ples of the earth; in contrast with the
principle of exploitation for the nation'
ul benefit of those who can succeed in
conquering and owning thein, or who
can by purchase, bargain or force of
arms obtain a transfer of th" m from
their formermasters. To establish the
principle, to provide for Inspection and
publicity is a long advance, Mid may
be expected to have its effect upon
the government of all natives races
whether under the control of the League
or not.
International Responsibilities.
Arhiele XXIII carries the conception
of le (i.ot.Mbi it v, iiiettud ot' exploits
Hon, still farther, applying it to the
conditions of labor, the treatment of
all native races, the white slavo !rnde,
the traffic in opium und other danger
ous drugs, the trade in arms 111 disorder
ly regions, fair commercial oppprtuaity,
and the prevention of disease, ivery
one familiar with the difficulty of leg
uliiliug these things properiy juder the
pressure of competition will appreciate
the Importance of concerted .."'.ion. In
such mutters the work of the League
must be consultative and advisory, be
cause over the legislation and adminis
tration of its members in il.eir own'
cinmtiics it has 110 control. Hut tne
meiiibeis themselves covenant to do
these things, and i .1. the disc of labor
to endeavor to maintain fuii and hit
inline conditions not only ill their own
country, but also ia all other to which
Iheir commercial and industrial rela
tion extend. They agree further to
ma 1 11 1 ui 11 for that purpose tuo i.t'tesiary
interim! ionul organizations. The pub
licity which will result cannot fail to
be of great value, and the tutu! iffict
ninv be expected to be large anu highly
Established 1SG8
General Banking Business
Commencing June lGth Banking Hours will be
from 10 a.m. till H p.m.
"And what do you dot" I n.li.'d.
"1 am ti e governess 0f Millie Merle'
tiny sister. I speak French. Oh ves.! bcneficiul
but I knew vim, a Parisian, would know! Matters of Common Intctcst.
I'rench.ten soon." Article XXIV deals with international
::. ds - Khe slopped. "Tell," I said ear- bm cans for the administration of mat-
never nest ly, "of course I won't tell. I kuotf'tcrs of coiuiuou interest. Few person
And now, I wwi to pay, how hard it must be." At th. lute of have anv conception how niniiv of these
well for my lie! Here before the eyes , sympathy in my voice aim went en. '"exist. The best known is the universul
of my hostess I should be expcivd. Hie told me of her life alono In this postal union, but there are many other
Mademoiselle was presented. A sober strange land. Of her intenso loneliness. relating to telegraphs, wireless, agrt
dud figure with sad eyes. I ll. ought Iif the terrible fear that obesiiej Iter culture, railroads, river nigatiou, iu
caught a look of fright In tho.e brown) day and night when she could tiud no dusti ial und literary property, lauita
eyes. Or was it merely the reflection work. tioii, crime, scientific subjects, and oth-
uf in v own, I "I would wsh. I would eli.iu. Put er things. Koine of them 1111 I tide all
We threaded our way to a comer of I have not the strength. 1 knew that civilied countries, some ouly those
the 100111. We wink do 11 upon a daven j way tneiiiit sickness. I fell my self! neighbors directly concerned. There
pott. At least 1 did. I notiiid Mdlle. , lost. " , nr0 Hso a number of comniiions of
Vetin sut erect, her feet dose together. I Poll Merle was coining towards lis. ,
She rolled and unrolled a tiny wad ofj"U-t u sck Knglish, Mdlle erin,"l
handkerchief. I sat mute- fea, ful. 'said hurriedly, "just as a favor to me.",' n-tnittru txrr.
Should 1 throw mvself on her .u.Tcv,!ur hostess was with us. Mdlle spoke in i T0 B J;
confess my slip, or- (English. "It has n.eaut muvb to iuM, FRESHEN UP QUICKLY
.Mademoiselle spoke. It was in l!ng-1 M.lHe. Lane," then bowing lo uu she
.is,,. "1 would ask a favor ,f you," left the room ( , ldJ, V.
she paused, and I noticed I ho 0e.1t Heat j I leaned my head against a cushion. ,,, ,, exha,;stim ,1SV0 Clim.
of n little pulse in her throat, "oure Saved! It was ad I could think at ,,, to take awaT ,,,,, frMhnem and
kind you are young your a.e b. auti-j first. Hv lucky chttnee I w.is Mved. U!11,ll ,,, fkin t0' wrinkle and sag or
ful -(I, beautiful, not by the largest ' Hut 1 was resolved. Never again ihonld , nf.r a tedious or frettul day indoors
stretch of imagination) and she ended 1 lie. No matter w liar my predicament j one often has urgent need 'for some
" vou are woman. I am not 1'rencli! ",l shall be utterly truthful. quick rciut inator. Mavlte there's a
Then to th startled question that ( tomorrow The Jiae
No, 110, 1 urn not s-lOnwe.)
sprnog to my eve.
tiermiin spy. '
She s.ke fast. Almost incoherently
she told me of herself. She was a Her
man giil, who without friends in this
t utility, was dependent On iierst If for
' "Thev
wish me to Work when thev .earn 'hat
I am of tiermsnv. I would starve.
Points of the 'dance on for the evening, or Some oth
!er social event. How in the world can
- 'one make h"-re!f presentable, looking
washes out the as she doef It's quite easr.
helps i .lust get an ounce of powdered saxn-
!liit and a half pint witch ha.el at the
1 nearest drug store, mix the two and
(Vols the stomach
bowels, drives out impurities,
tne nvcr 11 s llonisler js Hocky .Mniin
itain Tea. Take it once a week durinr
:tiot weather and see how hamv and loithe tb face in the solution for two
3.V. Tea or Tal lor I ltro minute. Then look into your
mirr.ir and belioiil the won.Urful trans-
forn-.atinn! Wrinkles have vanished,
loose, tired muscles have been rested
A tear slipied down .Odltlii 5 d UUOu l.t.CC 10 llduv and "firmed ut." nisrks of fstimie
1 say I ;.m l'reiich.i ,h:e flown, and vou look so much
On orphan, which I am. At once I have VHprl C 9 l.flrtn PiTfa fft TreJa brigh'er r.n l Tnunger vou can har llr
, iconteiited vnn'il be.
do net like me, they do not 1 ... n r " p
Her voice broke.
!i.r cheek. " S(
iSalera's a Good Place to Trad
Ira W. White and brid of Portland
risited over Sunday at the home of
the latter' parents. Mr. and Mrs.
tirant T. McOuire, of this cilv.
Mr. White, stm of .Mr. and" Mrs. W.
L. White of near aurora, and Miss Ktta
Meiiure, dnuhgter of Mr. and Mrs.
Grant U. McXtuire, were married in
rortlantt Sunday, June 22, at the home
of the groom's sister, Mrs. Carl Nunen-
camp. The wedding was a quiet affair,
only a few immediate relatives heinir
present. The bride is a lovely girl and
a native of Wood'burn. where she was
raised and hasia large circle of friends.
The gruoni is n fine young man who
was on the Maxiean border and recent
ly returned from service in France
with the ir2d infantry band. They
spent their honeymoon at Seaside and
will make their home in I'ortlnnd.
where Mr. White has a position in the
post office. 'Woodburn independent.
oust Knlcin, has ibeen the nurse ia
Mrs. Crawford Moore and little
daughter of Portland came up to spent
the 4th with friends in Salem.
Rev. and Mrs. E. 0. Kantou am lit
tle ones came home Friday from Far
go where Mr. Runton bad been assist
ing in revival meetings for a couple ol
Captain Albert Wolcott of Company
A, Portland, and wife were Thursday
and Friday .guests at the home of hi
sister, Mrs. E. O. Ronton.
Xantasket (Reach, Mass. Francis
Klny nrl his family motored here ts
enjoy the bathing and were stripped.
Home one stole their car, the entire
fnniily wardrobe, Klay'g watch and $0
Pes Moines. Iowa When Lizo Lee
shimmies she wants to let the town is
on it. Cops pimrhed her on a ilowntows
corner when the shimmy was at Its
The Story of the Growth of the
Salem Bank of Commerce
As shown by a comparative statement of our resources:
June no, 1910
June :10, 1911 iii siqqi
June :;0, 1912 $222,124.:2
June :I0, 1913 $241,302.07
June 30, 1914 $287,273.76
June 30, 1915 $213,020.81
June :50' 1916 $293,928.00
June "0' 1917 $327,319.15
Jum 30, 1918 $429,937.37
June 30, 1919 $625,295 9S
7" w
Salem Bank of Commerce
Report of Condition, June 30, 1919.
Loans $262,128.63
Bonds and warrants 198,091,35
Banking House 24,500.00
Overdrafts 1,166.81
Fixtures 2,900.00
Cash and due from banks 136,509.19
Capital $ 50,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits 9,220.37
Deposits 566,075.61
wii-k f.ieiuis sympathy. A!., you
cannot le crue to me. You will not
i Salem's a Good Place to Trade '
U'lieve vour eves. No one need he'.tatf
to tiy th
lite .etn
i, the ;trh lissel ami nxo
so perfectly hsrmlcss.
B. L. STEEVES President
S. B. ELLIOTT Vice President
H. V. COMPTON Cashier
A. W. Smithers Assistant Cashier
B. L. Steeves, S.B.Elliott H.O.White
W. W. Moore H. V. Compton
Geo.F.Vick J.C.Perr-