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    They Help Feed 1,720 Men Event Dau.
And, As Side Line, Mend Clothes ofSixhj
THE DAILY CATITAT.. TOTTRK'AT, SiT.PlT OPrpAxr o.:.rrv..- TT-.iir
. 5 f , .. .. ..... --..,
e'J .V i.vt-P
v.:Y t -
v , W?; Jn "
vojdngjmus rariors: lioe$lolLrigafioa;J!OUEIiai V
( ulumliiis. On in., Julv .V
If you want tfl up t t
on.evprj-thin dun t at;
"Lft'a tfp luta tln jt.int
and h(Xt Wr."
J'ul it tlii r:
Ujt hare a wt in the
for a rtKiling bn rri;'('"
That 'a tki ttrw uanir for m
Iimiik adopti'd by Mtliuiiata at
temlinj; thfir ccntmary rxpnsi."
' ait ' " ii aclrrlrd out nf
tlmufatiil of auggmt iuim m:i,li'
to the fonti'iinrv rxpnit;( n rmn
mil ire for a lt-a r'mlir nump
fr the iii'H' nuft drink r
lorn. Aiming the iig)entiiiii were:
l)rv dar, rafoon, ii;iatiut,
Midulmn, ruiiittl'on, nicetivt
ntimip KUtsun, einiKiinnri', nun
Hilda and jnethoterin.
Mitt Genevieve Clendrnin and MU$ Marion Tiffany Show
How New York's CWU Art Working to Provide
Comfort For Sonlitr and Sailor Vititort.
Thoy ire wallrcis In th ban.
IcBt re'auriinf In New Yoik.
They ii liiaki la-di like prufi
alonal bmiseinaiiN, and if- "a
Mitch In time mv nlnfl." they
hare naved aeveral hundred thous
and f I hem. All of which lit a
ralhor Rund record for twrt New
Yurk uliln who uever were wai
tresses before,
inakliift a bed
V. M. C. A.'a blt Eagle Hut In
"V"" eenter of letlville In Lon
don. An member of tha New York
tuff, MIhm (icri"veve Clendmiln and
MIhk M;ii1oii Tlffuny are doing their
part taking rare of tb llj.Onn uoya
ho are nerved In a month at thin
one "Y" hut.
There I eeidom an hour of
knew little alxmt the day when a crowd of aol
ii nd whose aewiui (Iter and tailor are not eating
wa dune for them. or writing letter, caching check
Tbla miracle, nf Induntry ha and buying money orde. , getting
been wrought by tha need of the free or rut rate theatre ticknt or
Bryant I'urk, New York alnter having their clothe wended. Sleep-
ot the Kuglo Hut which U the lug accouimodulioua controlled by
the "Y" take care of 4.500 men a
month, another 1,000 tee New York
from "Y" bue. and a aluiilur num
bir lu autoniobllue lent by owner.
Twenty fire thousand letter and
card are written In Eagle Hut er
ery e k, and a three-cent etmp 1
old every hal,f)mlnute. In one
month the "Y" caahod check and
exchanged American money for for
lf n to a total of VAJV). of which
10,417 wag turned back at the
counter where post office monoy or
deii are wild. Seven thoutand cut
rate theatre ticket were pur
chased, and 2.705 boy got free tic
ket which had been contributed
through the "Y" by their friends.
And the dinner frlcaieed chic
ken, hamburger etcak, biscuit, pof
pie. pork chop, rout veal, cod
lUh rake, fried oyster and roast
beef, all for a quarter a portion ex
cept the fish cake, which are cheap
er. Everything else I a nickel
oup, Ice cream, pie. cider, cake
with marBhinallow nillng and the
like. If there I any surplus at the
end of a month after satisfying sol
dier nnd sailor appetites at theie
prices. It roe Into a few extra fop
the following month.
Just because Miss Clendenla ani
Miss Tiffany happen to live In the
Fifth Avenue section of New York
has been no bar to apron and
plates ot bacon and egg for a ta
bleful of hungry soldier and sail
or at seven-thirty in the morning.
Nor has It prevented their being
nn the job at eleven o'clock at
night. In fact, to far as Eagle Hut
Is concerned, they are Just two of
the 200 or so workers In one of the
city's "Y" center where boys from
France and Frisco are n.aH.iii
themselves at home.
l'crey A. t'upr atate eris.rwer, left
yesterday fur a trip through the ith
era irt of the state in eunneetiou with
irn.tion matters. He expect, to
toil at Great Tans where he will in
spect the Uold Ilin and the Grant
l'aaa Irrigation Distrirt l.rjjtTta. The
Gold Hill irrigation distrirt i a.Vin
for the certification 0f iwo in
bonds with which to enmplete the ron
ntrnetion work..Tlii ajiiount ald aub
atantially eomplite its irrigation v-
a, tem eoveriua ahuut ."mnmi acres of land.
lne Orsnts Vam itrigation district is
aking for the eertifieation of $.-.),ihii1
4t in bonds for the installation cf a mmp-
ing plant for-the irrigation of the first
I Mr. fupp.r then go over a aum
ber of irrigation dintri. U that have
recently been, organized in Klamath
ife county and then go to Lakctiew where
4c surveys re juM beng completed for the
adjudicstion of a number of streama
.tributary to tioole Lake the niot im-
Iortarit of which are ITev.s creek and
.Cottonwood ereek.
x,. . iii r , .. J Mr- ('l'ix,r will go to Summer Lake
Mt. Angel, July 5 At least I.W0 where an irrigation ditrie. i. K..,,!
visitors were in Mt. Anuel Monday organized for the irriL'ation of lands'
aesiitiiij in the program following the 'th the waters of Ana rivr. a tribu-
ruurtn Anniiitl f onventiou i.f the 1). it. ? ' Summer lake. rrm Summer
K. Stnataveibaud of Oregon, which K,'1,K' he will go over the Silver lake
held here yesterday. Most of the vis-1 irrigation district project at Silver
itorg were from 1'iirtlaiiil, coming byjl-ke, Oregon, v.hich ha been organ
special train of six coaches via thej'-ed for the irrigation of S,(miu acres.
Willaiuette ajley Southern. Others! This project expect to apply shortly
came in autos trout rurtltuid ShIciii, 1 'or the certification cf 4iKl.0oii in
j Sublimity, Stayton, Uervais, Wood -, bonds with which to coimtruet the pro-
burn St. raul, .Mclluuivillc, etc. There jeet.
was a parade to the church at J0:i." Mr. Cupier exjiects to return by way
Pontifical High Mass was lend by Kt.'of LaPine Oregon where he will go
Jtev. Abbott i'laeidos, O. S. It. at I0:.tn. j over the Morson project under which
The parish hull was not capable of 'construction work is now in progress
holding any more tUau about one third for the reclamation of the west unit
the crowd wishing to participate in of the project consisting of about IH,
tlie extensive program held there at Ot.0 acres, there being 27.'Hin acres in
Quick Reference To Firms That Giro Serrice Oa Shorl
Where Bayer And Seller Meet We ,
Recommend Our Advertisers.
Salem Electrie Co., Masonie Temple, 127 North High-
-Vaia IK
nH SALE Good S room house with j
modern convenience on large lot,!
abundance of fruit, on paved etreet. j
6 room houso, small barn and fine i
lots with abundance of fruit, onlv 2 !
mode rrom paved treet and school.
l-'iH). Square Deal Bealty Co. tf
AUT08 without drivers to aire, 1 dol
lar per hour. 197 8. Oou. 6U Phoa
399. u
We will pay you more fa for year
household goods. Get oar bid before
you etl. People Furniture and Hard
ware Store, 271 37. Com. St. Those
36 acre all the best of river bottom,
"3 cultivated, well fenced; 6 room!
bungalow, barn, hov house, chicken
house, family fruit, growing crop if i
Jld soon. This farm is worth 250 r CtTAUri UIUTi TAAHC
per acre, but to move it quickly uiXUalMlATSiJ uUUDj
will take $b.-i00 on easy terms. 1 5TO CASH REQUIRED Good overeoev
100 acres. 90 cultivated, house. 2 . n,i .,,:. .n v..,i.
barns, lots of outbuiklings, well fene- j ai instruments, shotgun, rifle, heat-
. , tioTw vu bcuuoi ana ffiauon, e
:."W p. ui.
The Common Average Shows
How Ford Cars Lead
the project. At Hend, Ore'on, Mr. Cut
per will go over the Tumalo project and
other projects in Deschutes county.
i Kan Francisco, Julv 5. Cliartrine that
Xo strong evidence of the wiportaut t.r;l,c"t!d ""einpti to aeci.r erbl
fact that the Ford Motor ear has be- tat'n ,( -.th Wepfcoiie
come a veritable part of the ha of the Am tttlk,e 'iavo hent frus by
people, could be asked for than is giv- he tw lct '
in in the rcgistrution records cf the ,'. ot,B to titrate the bun Fran
.ri,,.,. atu. .niA -a -i..- CIM0 labor council today announcpd
1 1 that St hai mmnAil in r ftnialiA
fight in behalf of the telephone work
New York, July 5.-
The irnnsport
with 186
Pint C.ime - R. IT. F..
Boston : 2 II 0
HrooMyn 4 10 3
kc;it.nin mol tiow.lv; I'l'effer atil
.Hicond gallic
Boston 3 12 4
Brooklyn 13 18 1
I'lieney, Kent I, Filligim tmd Gowdy;
Mit hrll niid Kiiie(er.
r.' V..rk 10 7 0
I'liiliidelphin H li5 1
':(iiev. I'iil'iiii noil MiiCartv-! R iev.
- . '
'I. firJ All. I A.l.ni.a IS.
. ..... ! .klltilll., .tlV.
('.'liter :i
years he turned over to his wife all
his money but that instead of suving
it for home, she njirut it recklessly.
Also Ihiil she did uut waut to live on
a farm, clniming life was too dull nnd
uninteresting out iiu the eolintry. He
nsks for the divorce himself and also
the custody of tho five year old child.
How To Get Examined
For Auto Mechanic
For instance, iu the month of Janu-
...... l. .. ... ....... ii i.ii ..... .. r ft 1 1 ..... I. .. .
ui, iii.-iv m-iv iiiT-w aia ill lilt inhkv. , , , - ,1 .,. , , . . . ,
i .i . . , . m Nothing will be left undone to win
registered in the state of Montana, of j , . , , , ,, -
il i. ,m l. , in - industrial freedom and a liviLg wago
which 4790 wero Ford cars. T u ru?ans , . . ,, ., t. , . . P
P i , for these girls," said the statement ui-
one Ford cur for every other, of every , . , ., ., ... . ,
1. . ,ued bv the council officials,
muke end M0 over. This proportion is , , ,
very eeniy niuiutained in mo otnor i i . TEAN3PORT ARRIVES
states, mere are more tnau o,uuu,uu
motor cars iu operation in the United
U... .. IL.... ... L.lf .1 L!.L '
ru... -n, r ,, vv-..a.. Ul suks 'o Mount Vernon arrived today
i ...i., . officers and GG."0 men aboard. The
Truly, Henry rord has been t, kreat C8sprt cn , ,og offi(.erg anJ ,453
factor of benefit to humanity as ho has mMf just prpefdc(1 nor. The Ltvhthan
brought the most economical solut.ou to ,th M34 ()ficerg ,nd 7329 e w
the great problem o transpotrHtion,' t(Hl to d(K,k Amt MJte 5
and by the fruits of hi genius has link- m
ctltown and country, community to com- " m
munity, aud made the whole country a! OFFICEE WAS DROWNED
common meeting pluce for ell the pco- ,
1 v Lawton, Okla., July 5. The body of
vu.i uj -uvu I Lieutenant Colonel H. H. Batiman, for-
On tho loth day of Deeombcr at 1:55 lnpr at.tin(f conmianding officer of the
p. m. in tho year 1915, the Ford Idotor Ni..th f:ni,i ,.iii,.rtr vnrt sill wn.
(company cast one inillioutlT Ford covered from Medicine Creek here to
, model T motor, the famon power plant ,iav. where the colonel irave liu life to
of the famous Ford ear. It marked a gavo private soldior from drowning,
great achievement when 1,000,000 mo-i Colonel Huteman yestcrduy afternoon
tors had been cast eonsecutivc.y, with- Mw private Joe Bukoby, Muscatine,
miles from Salem, onlv s3 per acre,
115 acres, 23 cultivated. 8 room house
barn, garage, all nece-ss-ary outbuild
inss balance of the place in timber
and stump pasture, fine family or
chard; only $70 per acre, Vi cash bal
ance 0 percent.
117 acres, all the best of river bot
tom law); 60 in cultivation and in
crop, which all gooe; good 8 room
house, two old barns, ail well fenced.
IVi mile from Beuna Vita, owner
waut to return to Eoope; only $73
per acre.
For best buy in rnnchca or city prop
erty see
SOCOLOFSKY, Bayne building.
Call 398. Highest prices paid for
jock, second hand good and machin
ery. Be rare and call 898, get the right
price. The square deal hone.
271 Chemeketa St Salem, Or.
Ii. Al. Travis hn brought suit agaiust
.1. :. Stupletou. It is ulleged thnt the
dcfeiiiliint gave a $90 note in 1914 to
the Cottugo Jroe .Naliou.il buk aud
that there is still duo on the note $71.-
i,t. The bank assigned the note to the i for examinations
pluiutiff for collection.
Every automobile mechanic in Sa
lem or in fiu't, from any part of this
section of the state will find it neees-
mflre ti tm tn Iknrt1utwl to ttt.inil on nr.
amination as to his fitnos to folIow breadth of change from the iowa, rillu a horse into the treachc.ous
tho occupation of auto mechanic.
The law passed (by the late legisla
ture provided for aboard of automobile
T..l. Vl k...... rt..tian.l .....I foil
A Hull') WllllHC iiiii.i,iivu m.
Inriirinnt itncjirrn
Un April 8th, at 1:J0 p. m. Iu the 0ff. The colonel ran to the bov'a as
year 1919, the Ford Motor company cast Stance, but the lady's strangled hold
nip inree miiiioniu mouei i uioior, ana plled the office down. Anollier offi-
runniug from the picnic ground,
'r urrcll; IlnmiJtull and
. K:ime
w anli'ii 'lon
N" Turk .".3.3.'Z".'"
, '!". ttlnl( linnsn, t.-ill nd l'ici
wh; St'hncider, Nelson end Haauah.
lu tho matter of the estute of Karl
Wood, 'tho court has s'Oiil'irnied the sule
of two third 'interest itiT- acres in
the donation land lnim of 1'eter fox,
in T ii K 1 w itur $j;;;i:(.;i:i. The wid
ow si ill owns one third iutercsl in the
li acres, placing liy the sale, the vslu
tiou at $:i.oo.
Boys Aid Big Store
In Patriotic Display
Second aamc - I Incidental to the nntriolie character
"isiiiNutoii 4 10 0 0" the Hig ictory i'aradi' yesterday
few oYrk 8 9 0 were several features thnt made good
rhaw and Gharrity: Russell and ltuel advcrtisiii( for locnl firms. One of the
- .most uniiine nnd effective ''stunts"
f irst gnnie Iwns pulled off bv the Hnlcm Woolen
jkiladi'lpbla 5 7 1 Mills Htore, in which they were assist
lx)!"nn 3 12 1 ed by about Lr0 vigorous boys. I'rc
Itogi-rs and AlcAvoy; luniont3 aud vious' to the celebration the store gnve
B hmiu, , i ...i . 4i.... i
(fiber helmets, with a decidedly mili-
.......... C 9 1 tary air about tliem. Such wns the de-
3 8 3 maud for the bead genr that the entire
.Staling,-; Fiiber nnd lot went out in about 40 minutes.
j Along with them went a stipulation
I that they should oome buck on the
2 9 2 morning of tho Fourth fret a bunch of
0 9 2 free fire crnckers and whistles nnd get
iotliorou and Into the purude in a body. The boys
Iwern all on the job when the parade
'started, end thry inude a noisy, notice
!bl(! feature as ihin- marched in double
I file, the lender carrying the national
Colors and others displaying banners
bearing the mime of Hishop. They
stuck to their job well iu 'pite of the
heat nnd the fact thai at times the
parade moved so rapidly that they had
to sprint to keep up.
In tin r I T1h' Wo"'1'11 willH S("rll n'reaily the
OlVOr'C Slllt Of Xelli.. Torn- l,nut nlnmlin llliainnai ill its linn in
auaiiist Henry Turnidge, the court he city, is planning to eiiluige their
"I'l'ointed John TimiM 1.1- w.th. floor sntree in the near future to ac
r' " gitnrdinn t... 4i eotumodate their growing business, nnd
Msonlv Cr "ri,''B.dftfrnasnt B also to make rot mfor a distinctive
com,,;..; ', An"W(,ri" ho boys' department. In view of this they
'"l the defendant acknowledges 'are investing thoiistmils of dollnis in
alio March 1(1, 1()H( and tliati"'0 finest modern fixtures, including
;!f) ."'' '"' with him onlr until April P'nte glass cabinets nnd cases that will
out i ''' alleges she ieft him with- n01' nly make for convenience nnd
He ,,".V r,,ll!",n' d ajjniiist h.is ,w ill. I00'1 condition of the goods but will
er r "f nso intiii(r with oth- (freatlv to the attractiveness of
11 anil iul. .1 . . . .1... ...
a-v.. .i - " 1111 court mat lie lie hw riuiv.
of the . ,.i. VOr''0 "Winst lier instead !
I.im-s nnd
& reid.
anil o,i
Why not? Read Bishop's ad today.
a. j. .
Court House Notes
mechinc exammers and also provided ir vnn MmtifMy ti1P ia PVCry de-
inui iiiis uoru Miionni meet oi-lliontniv ,a;i .;,in, . C l.'.i.i ' . ... ..
, i..., .up o was r. I most (irownea aitcmpriu
v .1 . i. :.. .... . L .. c: ... K .
tii-nmle. At.ii... Klmml, Fll .,,,1 v. n". F-"" """. "' uatemnn.
RPnp Ford model T motor thnt was east.
The boerd of auto mechanic eaamin- Thro' niiI,ion of onp l,ic,, uf m?
ers are sending out blank, to county I lsm rasf' onc aftlr the 0,her'
clerks asking that nil mechanic fil'l. change, is certainly about OS strong
out blanks and send in to tho board ty evidence of perfection as it would be
possilileto-conceive. Already now more
Government coal production figures
point to the "greatest coal shortage in
history" next winter, unless production
is stimulated 25 per cent or more
throughout the nation.
Shipment of cattlo interstate without
having them properly tuberculin tested
i prohibited by an order just issued by
the secretary of agriculture.
Capital Journal
Daily Market Report
to save
July ;.
The law provides that tho Iboard
shall notify the county clerks from
time to time of the time and places it
will meet and thnt ny mechanic who
wishes to tnko the examination must
notify 'the board of his intention by
the 2(lth of the month.
However, if the auto mechanic is in
no great rush to get in first on the
exnminntion, no great damage will be
done, as the law provides that no fine
can be imposed until six months after
the luw becomes effective. As there
was no emergency clause, the law went
into effect May 29.
Tlte law ilescrilics a mechanic who
works on nutommbiles as follows. "An
iiiiloiiiobile mechanic is defined as any
person who thitll work for hire or hold
himself nut to work for hire upon any
automobile or automobile truck.''
There is an annual fee of $."). Each
until mechunic is allowed ono helped
but this helper nnirt work with the me
chanic who has stood the examination
and has a lie ens,'. Definite information
as to the workings of the biw may be
had from U. (I. Buyer, county clerk.
rntsT M. E. CHURCH
thnn 3,000,000 Ford er.ra in daily serv
ice, nnd more thnn 3,000,000 alone let
rying this famous model T power plant.
A further pressing fact is that there
has not ben a dny in the p.'.st tiiree
vears when the Ford Motor company
has not been moro thr.n 100,000 tars be
hind orders for immediate delivery, andj
the output at the present time is In ex
cess of 3000 cars per day.
W. T.
252 North High Street
i.'hurch and Ntnte streets. 9:15 a. m.
class meeting. 9:45 a. m. Humbly school,
John W. Todd, superintendent. 11 a. m.
sermon by Dr. It. Avison on "Wav
ing your lffp. " 3 p. in. Mr. Ifosebraugh
will spenk at the Old People's home.
7 p. in. Mrs. Mary I'arounngian will
lead the Kpwurth League. 8 p. ni. At
the evening service the pastor will
scak on. "A Oreed for our time."
(iood music. Strangers will be Cordial-
lv welcome. R. X. Avison, minister.
Bill Hart, Charlie Chaplin,
Fatty Arbuckle and three acts
i r n 0 .i
Less Than Million Men t Vaudeville tor those
Now Remain In Army! eW the best lo be had
JULY 4th AND 5th
Sign of Good Shows, Where
Everybody Goes.
Wheat, soft white 3.10
Wheat, lower grade o asmple
Oats, new 80e
Hay, cheat, new $15ft 11
Ha'v, oats, new il.'ifJSlT
Barley ton : W30
Mill run ..... M3
Butterfat - - 53c
Creamery butter : 5536c
Pork, Veal and Uotton
Pork on foot lh-tgWc
ing stoves, ga dove, suit caso m4
1000 other useful articles to. aell W
trade. What have yont The CapitaJ
Exchange 337 Court St. Phone 403.
YOUR used furniture, stoves, earpeU
and tools, a we pay fair price for
everything. Call 947
2S3 N. Com'l St.
Hats Blocked
HAT BLOCKING I clean aad block
la dice' and Men 'a hat. Just re
ceived hat renovating machine. It
gets the dirt, Try it once. C. B.
- Ellsworth. 495 Court St. fiedem, Or.
50 year experience, Depot NstionsJ
aad American fence.
Sizes 28 to 58 in. high
Paints, oil and varnish, ete.
Loganberry and hop hooka.
Salem Fence and Stovf Worka,
250 Court atreet, Those IU.
J. A. Rowland Furniture Stcrs
Buys, sells and exchange new us
2d band furnituro. AH kinds ot
repair work, light grinding, fUiag,
and brazing a peeialty. Bight
price. 247 North Commercial .
Phone 16.
refuse of U kind removed on meat
ly contracts at reasonable ratM
Cesa pools elcancd. Dead animals re
moved. Office phone Main 167.
... 45
Washington, July 5, Army demobi
lization figures today show a present
army strength of about 93d,ii00 men.
Discharges to date have to takd 2,755,
707129,080 officers and 2,626,027 men.
Sinco the armistice was signed tncit,
have sailed from France l,5o2,!i$2 68.
710 officers and 1,513,972 men. There
have been landed in the United Stntrs
1,461,38862,089 officers nnd l,3l9,29it
Army enlistments to dute lotal W
diLl.e'l0,,n"na V.J. Creso,
. . " "nswers
resou I
son, the '
I Yes! Mallory hats at Bishop's. Oct
yours now!
Much interest was manifested in the
assault case brouglit by Nick Miller
,ng:iin4t John A. flltt and Lieut, ('has.
Coghlan which came up in Justice
Iluyes' court last Thursday morning
for preliminary hearing. The clinrxes
was assniij upon another with a dan
gerous weapon. After hearing the evi
dence District Attorney Max tiehlhar
moved tlmt the case be dismissed and
the court did as requested. John ar
son represented the defense. Wooil
burn Independent.
Expenditure of ."lOO.OOO.OOo during
Cfe married I i e'n ,hoy!,,", nox' fiv ynrs in developing u nit-
v n s,, . . si an'1 tliat hey tionnl waterways system is proposed in!
"m n! a ii,.
- ' '"mi, ior Id
Portland, Or., July 5. C. F. Kendri-
gnu, secretary or tne mciai i runes
Council, claims that 10,000 niclnl trades
ii.A m.A
n oriirrs urt: in.i iivii'itiiiit; ji. mi: aumc tnt ... n . ,
i ,,., The new Woodlmrn cannery started
which was called as a proles ngninat M()11(, momi tor , Iaj , ,,
the convi.-t.on of Tliomns J. Moonev. , hM Btmwi 01llv fur a Bnort tjinp f0
The shipyards, in which tne metal niakc cy ci,n?es in the sealer.
trades workers employed, announced there is a force of 2.1 which will be in-
siispension of ojierntioiiH for ten day e reused) after the logandwrries have
beginning July, so it is impossible to been hondlcd and these are now being
definitely determine exactly hew niuny canned At present. Tho capacity is
men nrc "striking." 1 1200 cans an hour lndccndeiit.
niiimiiiJi.i" '"".' ,'
ftiTUi-. Salem s a Good Place to Tradebalem s a Good Fiace to Trade
Our Want Ads
are the Bait that
catch the Big Fish
Result Try one in
. tomorrawVDaoef
Veal, fancy -
Cow .
Spring lambs
Ewes .
Sheep, yearlings
Egg and Poultry
Ksir an - -
Hens, live -
Old rooeter 15
Broilers - 23e
Strawberrie 12.15
Radishes, doz . 45c
Potatoe ... $2
New potatoes 4c
Green onion do 40c
Onions sack. ... 5.50
Cabbage - 4Hc
Head lettuco 70
Carrotts 45c
Bunch beet 45c
Cantaloupe $:i.304
I nut
Watermelons 3',ic
Orange $5.756.50
Lemons, box $78
Banana - 9 Vac
Calif oruia grape fruit 0.00
Um.ey, extracted 20e
BetaJl rriee
Eggs, dozen .... 4550c
Creamery butter 65c
Country butter ... 5.)(at:0e
Flour, hard wheat 3.103.25
Portland Market
On Good Beal Eetate Bosurity
Over Ladd k Bush bank; Salem Ortgoa
eent interest. Prompt fervice. S4S
years time. Federal farm loan bo 44
for gale. A. C. Bohrnatedt, 401 H
tonie Temple, Balem, Oregon.
Portland, Or., July 5. 'Butter, city
creamery 52(o .l.'lc
Eggs, selected local ex 434ic
Hens 2.127
Broilers U(a 27e
Cheese, triplet 3739c
- - Cam
Receipts 14
Tone of market slow
Good to choice steers 9.50(Tt 10.50
Fair to good steers H.50(i9
Common steers $"i.50(a7
Good to choice cows ard heifer
Medium to good cows and heifers
Fair to medium eow and heifen
Cnnners fl.lOfaO
Bulls $'4.50(Ti7.50
Calves tdH 13
Receipts 210
Tone of market strong.
Prime mixed $20.1020.6iJ j
Medium mixed 19.60i9.SJ
formation about Life Insnranee )
3. F. Hutchusoa, dist; manager for
the Mutual Life of N. Y., ef fie t
371 State St., Salem, Or. OffiM
phone 99, residence 1396. M
1255 N
Oar Price are Bight
M. ZANDLEB, Preprieter
, Summer Street, Salem, Cregoa
-. ..-
mowers grousd by machinery; all
kinds of grinding, lock smithing, ant
brellae recovered, light repairing of
all kinds. 347 Court St.
McCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. Walter Lenon, C. C, P. i.
Kuntz, K. R. k S.
ROYAL Neighbor of America, Ore
gon Grape camp No. 1360 meet every
Thursday evening in MeCornaek hall
Elevator rvice. Oracle, Mr. lwr
rie E. Bonn, 648 Union St; recv
der Mrs. Melissa Persona, 1413 H.
4th" St. Phone 1436M.
eorner Commercia! and Trade street
Bill payable monthly ia advance.
Ph-ee 606.
Out of CO students in the pnarmaey
department of the University of Wash
iegton thii year 30 are women.
To replace the old building recently
burned, tho school district of Empire,
in Coos county, has voted (and of
Rotth nnd mixed flS.lOQ 18.35
Pigs $17.0018.60
Bulk $20.0(r20.:i.l
Receipts 307
Tone of market slow
Prime In nibs $12,506 1:1
Fair to medium lamb ffr 12.10
Yearling io?8.50
Wethers 6.50(S8
Ewes $o.50(&8 .':I2t