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July 3, V.M9
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EJitor Sad Pabl:ih
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Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon.
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AW WW W w w v .
..u.-i., ..t nf rniiffimin is cursed bv it fallowing
the flooding of many 01 its vaues vy aiuiuaj .
The main point of interest in this fight on epidemics of ;
disease, however, is that any epidemic may be conquered ;
bv thorough and systematic prevention work by an) j
community. And cleanliness is the keynote of success in .
l.. n tt.,n onmnn'nme omnA Hrninntyp and the clean- i
ncai i on nn.-.c .uiii."f,' tj"" "o
ing up of all refuse and litter.
T,..,. f..mtTin PAGEANT
Tho Mpsonotamians are eoing to become peanut
growers, much to their own good. For many years they
have used peanuts for food, parching them intj sweet ,
meats. They have had to import all tney used, novrner.
A year ago the enterprising British planted peanuts
on .i small riot of ercund only a tenth of an acre near
mJS&S uZ ' the ancient city of Bagdad. This planting grew and bore
fruit. Mescpctamian connoisseurs are delighted with the
peanut produced.
From now on the peanut industry is going to thrive
in that land. There is a ready and eager market for a
large crop at home, and any surplus can be exported to less
fortunate places.
Another reason why peanut culture is going to be of
value is the former absence of any oil seeds. ery few
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m yoo on time, kindlr phone the circulation manager, a thia the. only way
can determine whether or not tne earners are louowmg rauu. -
il before 7:30 e'cluck and a
rrir has naased you.
U the enly newspnper In Salem whose circulation is guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
; ' The town of Hamburg, Arkansas, in 101G reported oil-yielding plants have even been raised in Mesopotamia
2:512 cases of malaria. That is more than there are people Peanut cil will be a welcome product,
i-.i Hamburg. Some of the victims reported may have A few years ago Americans would have been aston
lived outside the corporation limits. Some of them must j ished to hear of the humble peanut being treated with such
have had the disease more than once. At any rate, it is honor and serious consideration. This particular mem
a bad. record. ber of the bean family was long looked upon as a frivol-
In 1917 Hamburg had only 2"9 cases. Last year the ous edible closely associated with amusement parks, cir
number fell to 59. There is a reduction of 97 per cent. cuses and ball games, and occasionally offered to ani-
The lmrovement is the direct result of work carried !mals behind the don t feed or molest signs.
on by the Rockefeller foundation. There was nothing
mysterious about it, neither was any great expense at
tached to it. The people were instructed as to the causes
if malaria and the best way to remove them. Pools were
drained, sluggish streams were ditched and where it was
not possible to remove stagnant water, oil was spread
over it periodically all well known methods of extermin
ating the mosquitoes which carry malaria germs. The
people screened their houses, guarded against the for
mation of standing pools of water anywhere, large or
email, and took other precautions.
It is part of the general campaign waged against ma
laria during the past two years in Arkansas and Missis
sippi. There has been great improvement throughout
those states.
Similar campaigns were cconduc'ted by the Rockefel
ler foundation last year in Central and South America for
the elimination of yellow fever,, which like malaria, is
carried by mosquitoes. The venture was especially suc
cessful in Guatamala, where it was in charge of General
Gorgas, the man who first won fame by cleaning up the
Panama canal zone. He reported on December 4, that
yellow fever had been stamped out in that country.
buch successes should inspire any community suf
War changed all that. The peanut became a very
serious foodstuff indeed. Peanut oil and peanut butter
became mainstays of the national diet. And as a luxury
the salted peanut ranked as high as the aristocratic
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i. ;N ; v,-a K
( Iff f : y2$h i s
-kiiH' i - i
Are you planning for a vacation taken either all at
once or a day or two at a time? Everybody should.
Vacations may mean that production stops alone the
ilne of business for a little time, but they also mean an in
creased production 01 a kind which no once can afford
to disregardhealth and energy. , ,
Better loaf for two weeks or three or four, aid work
the rest of the time at 100 er cent pressure, than work
fifty-two weeks and seldom above 50 per cent because
brain and body are too fatigued to meet the strain put
upon them
Ui course vacations are expensive. But not to take
one is the most expensive thing anybody can do.
A London doctor testified at an inouest that thp th.
ceased "drowned" himself by taking a deep breath, after
Qernard Fcrghsor
TTiat ft Is not necessary to ro cut
side the United States to obtain the
highest quality of music and the
sweetest voiced singers has been
(iumonstrated by Methodist Centen
ary Celebration oflWals in mustering
ocal end instrumental artists for
jrreat pageant, "The Wayfarer."
at the Centenary Celebration, Co
lumbus, Ohio, June 20 to July 13.
Celebration officials have aiijrment
ed the already splendid and dignified
musical program with the national
ly-famous Gloria Trumretcrs. Thinl tralto, and Helen Ncwitt. sweet-
celolirnted crnnizatLn heralds the veicei lyric-drarr.atic siira'.io, takei
review of missionaries frcm St. the lea.linn snxire parts. As th i
Pnul tc David Livin.'stme and the
Christian Leapue of Nations with
musical peals from the trumpets of
thanuartctte. Thefviirtrumpetcis are
Kathenne Williams. Lcuise Oura.
Cora Roberts and Malel Ccnrrr.an
The Gloria Tnimncters are hoard
throuKhout the irrent caeeant "Th
Wayfarer" in which ThM Karlo
ereatest of Amprirnn tenor Ber
nard Fertrusnn, noted American uari
tone. Viola Ellies. the Amfican 'on
Prophet In the war scene Karle has a
sik'iidid nvportut'iity to display his;
fresh, resonant ana rich tenor voice
which John McCormnck has pro
nounced "the bert temr V'.ice that
America has proJucel." Karle has
the leading male soloist rale in the
taireunt. sharing homrs with Fcr
iruson. The leading female solniitu"
parts iro to Misses Newitt Hid Klli
who appear as the Heavenlv Mes
fedne from either of these Blames to do likewise. Yel-li,.:n ;.i .1 ' X. ? i, ,F f '
howfeve,-, fortunately, is not at al, p.eva.ent in the 55M ZZL SJJ
i. v. vv;v lllVttliU
ed States. There is far too much malaria, however. Oregon
is freer from it probably than any state in tho union,
By Walt Mason
I tad listened for. perhaps. &a Jiouj tt
so to a man tulkinj; ubout hmisell,
"IVrhaps we should join the oth
ers," I said.
"No, not yet." lic''l llic ciijitaiii
isntcliiag my Imnd.
I diil i;iit pull it away.
It wan all in the way
Nixl niiiiui'iit ho had iiniiiiw.Nod both
mv haaiN. lie klsxed inc. iSut it fell
tin for t nj; t i'ly oh the tip of im note. I
Hiil not pull myself away. 1 dkl not
i'Ni'ii ery out. Knr the experii nee was
all too new ninl ixeitiuo; me. J.
stead I roil1 slowly ami said lu tis laliu
a voice as I could summon, "Lit us no
back to the house.''
We did. On the wnv we talked ahout
the trees the half hidden staiins
anything that struck our gaze.
We parted casually, too, on the ver
andah. He joined one of the lauL'iiinr?
n.wl,lm, t U i.r i .. , ,. .A'T". I watched him. He hi.irb.cU.
t'liomt-m. ui U1U insn KOTlUnilC He flirted
uals who all their lives have been trying to drown them
selves in nooze
The Capital Journal's prize ring bulletins had the big
crowd of the day yesterday. No other news of the fight
except that given by this paper reached Salem until G:40
in the evening when the sporting editions of the Portland
papers arrived and it was an old story by that "time
The father of the
About four o'clock Wednesday morn-, Huston, Mass., July 5. -Kdiloiinl de-
I nl v J. Adam .1. .Mihler died lit , i . i, . ... .. . .
lit ?!"
a news writer union
No. 1 and have voted to strike liulese
llie Hilton I'lildishers' association rec
oni.c their rilit to (oani,1 uv.i to
blltlraill. eolledively.
The strike vote followed .i'eri'1 o
fercures with the proprietors, who are
said t have told the reporters' confer
ence committee that their reiiuests indi
cated that ore;aiii.ed labor wp trvinj
oonni or comroi ut jls meeting to steal control of the odiloci:,
lincrilOOIl aiiplOVL, tile so- of the l,n,,er
Hi! rl men I mil i.lii . .f ltfiul..,i
his home south of Hubbard, at the aire, . "
i of I'J. Iicccnscd had not been well for I"'r "'K"""'''!
What iui.tterf s,,iie years and on aeenuni of a euiu
of c.ipcreiiee. plication from which there was no e
cape, ins triends helieveil the time
Would soon come for him to puis Mi.
He is survived ibv his wiiov aa I son
Kenneth and ilaujjhlcr .losic. Services
were held at Hopewell diun-li Thurs
day aftevaooii ut three, intei unnt in
in ai-by nmietery. --Iliihlinril .;t
I The
' l liui'Miay
lectiioi of a committee of ;.u ')r(you
eitiens as provided by u, t of llio last
legislature, to co-operate with the na-
' " """ml""' "i oieniai iiyyiuio in Mamalli c unity
",aK!i.r a li.vsicl,i Mirvey t l.ie stale, n,:
The coiiimittec Selected is .is f,o:.,u. ...
ui! foicics
As h resull of a il:i in eoiisti'.ietcd for
"tT.'it; pin poses on MiiniL'iie river in
(,'niii'' out a trim b the
,ie of Mun.sey was drowned ntd Sf V-
I oiheis uarrowlv esenueil.
r. ..., I ; . ' J i U l r . ivviiiiiv "v urn. em-is uarrowlv esi
Ihe fata gift of beauty came to friends of mine, but!us saul to h'e l)(icn, a Spaniard, his mother an Irish', 1 that i J tt.iVtr!lT'dSV-lK"-
jjftt to n.e; I have a broad and sawed-off frame, and mis-l'he was born in New York. That combination UTtl sZ
fit features, fierce to see. When I va young it vexed mo ould make a Sinn Feiner of almost anybody. i h,. . m. g. h. Bumett, !,,.; jdSe , iri,prE ! , 'S
sore that I was lacking charm and grace, that in the sum- 0 , ' l';Mv' !"! ''; -"s- , ' s"'":- i,v n,e M.,r,,v i
ir.Cr months I VVniV ninu inillinn fi.nnl,! mi.- Saleill Seldom fit' TiAVoi- cnr o lo,.... J .".''! th'.' blue-eyed "Fee" m . 'and the concern i movii
11 it jiiomns i wore nine million lrcckljs on mv face. The
inonins wore on, the swift years fled and I was busv
molding verse; and often to myself I said, "Old Time can't
wake me look much worse." And eazintr in tho hinkinir
glass gave me no goose-flesh and no blues: the months'
mient whiz, the vears m o-ht iviss.t v,n,i j..i: sure
oaiem seldom or never saw a hrtrw ivnvA A " .lc.. ,T... c.i.. r-.. i n .
occasion than gathered here yesterday. And it was IZZZ "y m nm ln m" ' f'
iiu iiaiurea crowa tnat made the host nf vonrfr, i.".1 "..arttW,"a
- . - V v biilil!
cut liv ih" Vnitcit
Hon linr..r'1 ulonfl
railroad has heea sal-
nK"rZ company
concern is luovui" its oitu'timent
om Astoria.
Irvin Cobb, syndicate newspaper correspondent, was,
Ulllard WOU d w n. Anrl i.. ' . rf'"'!'
t . . o r ' iv uw iiv .... v;vuu nan h.x i h r ir vitrnr r
onarms to lose. My lovely friends were in despair when? n ms JudSmt this time as he ever is
crowsfeet came around their
i . -j-' " v.4i liiv I'i'iii'iii ;i .
a?Vii e fnih fT boudoirs with their sighs. lying across the ocean seems to have become ilre-idv ' -
Apollo wept and walked the floor when h:ildn, nvo,LX an ordinary achievement lUleacl f r-.,
U ... L. 1. 11 . - ,,..v 7, v j iwwr v
i.iuu, ami vfiius wrung her hands and sw
SWOfc hnr.inen
r nose was crowini? rod. Tt'a tfnn-,i ,i.
that when Time and Beauty have a bout, when sylph-like
forms grow coarse and fat and Titian hair i 8f ailing out
,i TrXS W maP ' think he's out of
luck at first; but while Time mauls the lovely chap he
dares the years to do their worst P'
Established 18C8
General Banking Business
Commencing: June ICth Banking Hours will be
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
ion were none lone" she said, "did
you enjoy yourself?' I knew at once
had lost one mavbe friend. I had
11, - ( iii.nir one eneiiiv.
cobb was as nearly right, Then i s,- i.n Merie, with a sc,iCr
clan tiKiire beside her. She v,as eom
i"H toward me. I had a mu.ior.t of
panic. It must lie Mademoiselle, Verin
I I de,' I, v (m,w ,,,,1),
ins f iiiiu..'. Yes, it was Mi'; r.ini-
1 , , , (.loiolnvhato ( ears the Wnv I
And now pvrrv lin,lir -v,.,, t I '
thn ' 3 uu,t u-niP?ey was sure to
turn the trick.
Hunting a Husbana
f'H ll'TPU fur
.. , . I ' The
--iv.rt, IUl 1 MiOlKtl Olll limn t,.ib nl
ir... re,. . . ' ui
(.'.'s. me in,, on . a,.f( ,, . ,
Miss Sadie Koth wa n dinner guest
" "-il 31 av UOStet er Snln
aad Mrs. .loo Kmiffmun, jl'r. and
lleniv Deetz and ,1n,ilii, i
,.l,.,l ii V1'
ui,, nun Aaiiiiinnn and
rtunv .mis i er were H
Dun Kaiiftman mid Jake V,'l
j Mr. and Mis. ilehiu 0"iv
j daughter, Mary, were guests f i'
AintiH T ifia ..., e...
I lenrne.1 ..... . u." 01 -M'-lla
"IM U . Ijit 1 f Till nil! (II V D tha
ii i - nt iiirnii' ill
no. nr.
Ladd & Bush
At Sale,,,, in the state of OreCo ,
The (Vptain worst on and on.
mi one memo. It ,. I,; ...i
M iss
;uests of
"t lnmself, if xou wonM ".v-
.' Mr.
hn Uork-
it no
lidit on cvcry.iii,,. . j , , i ,r- Mrs. Melvin Buik f Mo-
11:01 nist t,.. ,.,..( , . ,'. . "re. ion, ,i (- ,,i,,u were iriies of
,'''.,1, St. 'IT, I, I TUI'l It . -
the hmise oiirtv
''.oia. i had done it. 1
i " "uiii nt mv e
standinir !o,.., ,x. J l,, . '. s,"l' "efore some : ril""lr Ktnuliiy.
. " . in,,
a lit-
HIS Ali i ,n,m..l ..
lawn. "I""1
!V Viil(i hat. .
rr M fminyf asl., ,,,..hc , . L . ,,,.' ' . .n.a ' !
M"ain, lookinir down ,,t I. , ... ' ' "n!" "'d he 1 nois
iiumnn niituie." j
low lv
Hut the ca.tain let it dr,,,, t
.is,iaiiy of ,, if,, ,n
"0, do tell mo more alioo
T T. .
S I'eetZ WHS
Kaiiffman Sunday
Mr. ii nd Mrs.
lave heea
H. Ilo. teOer nml
Ruest uf Lester
laswcred i
I were
here. lTc',lllM''antly,
it." I mi,
Ham fihrnck from Hi;,
visit inK the hHt week
nr Hub-
lu. siion tii m. " What
iti 1., ,i..t,t
I. , With l'rl..,,,l. , ,.
a, launched KCain. "If nil 1 ! ' r . Z -'1 "'m" "
as easy a tl,i r (v....i. . ' "'""1"'"'.
i, , "ui:, it i i-i , . .
Then tho n,.u,
1 interrupt,.,! lriV thonelits. ' !""' Hl,r,'i a Kfiene bov
I lou-re the :.
II ve mot hero,"
'lie meant it too.
l.elnn.1 T7....1
most interest:!, ,M .. ,,. . I ""IJI1 player of iho Cil
he said. And I know' Citv Juh- n"?'- Vy V"f Kan""
what Lad I done, wi!h 1 S.T '
I -"an and discount
'veidiafts secured ,i iinsMiired
l oiids and warrants
l:uiikino; hoime
ti.... ... "":
; i om a..roved reserve huuH
'"ioucs i,rr ciearn
asli on hand
of liiisiness dune 'Ml, 1!I!V
f,42 4(12.1''
i(f house
in nil nil . HM.i.i.Mi
resources, documciiliirv ""JiZ".'.' - 37!,.rNn.l
' J55.0lr
..4,0,'17 073 ".i
'irital stock paid i
-rim lund -
lncln,,.i .),',,()f.i1s suhjeet to ehoi'k
."nnd certificate, of dopasit
"-""or checks outstanding -
( citified check. h
Time and ssving," AxiZZlZZIZ
r that the above statement u ?f .ho' f"ve-named bank, da aolemnlr
" 10 l"? wrt of my kawledso and belief.
Subscribed and sor ... h- I'. ALDRICH. Asn't. Cashier.
"ri nic this Hth dav of .1,,!,. itiin
trKO. II. RICIIKS; Notary Public
-My commission expires Februarv 24 1KX 1
COR RKCT Attest : ' -
A. K. Bl'SU,
L. II. Bl-HII,
Directors. i
... 34 403.ril
... 23ri,9H8.!i7
... 2,2,307J
8 91).t4
.M 037,073.35