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Editorial ram' of
Elitor and Publisher
ammi journal
July 1, 1019
Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon
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(The 3niln.li2ipl journal
130 S. Commercial Et,
rally, by Carrier, per year.
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$3.00 Fer Month
A Cleveland, Ohio, man is said to have invented an
"anti-carburetor", which dispenses with the carburetor
cf an automobile and feeds direct.
As a result of this invention, he says, it will be pos
sible to run ninety miles on a quart of gasoline, and even
to run a short distance on water alone should gas give
It sounds like a fairy tale, but the public will be hope-
lul that it is one of the fairy tales which will come true
W D. Ward, New York, Tribune Building.
W. II. Stocawell, Chicago, People Qai Building
A discussion of the League of Nations Covenant, article by article,
written by William IL Taft, ei-presldent of the United RUlcs.
George W. Wlckerahao, formerly United State attorney gowsial,
A. Lawrence Lowell, president of Harvard University, and Henry
W. Taft, of the New York bar.
ARBITRATION' law, mid thus e arry out ono of the j.ur-
N'Butor Lodge objected to (hi oiigi-'poses expressed in the preamble; mune-
.,-1 t . ,i i i" tin firm istiihlishmi.iit f Hi, nnrinr.
n. i i i ai i ,i i -BI t cuxcuuni upua tue irrouaa 1 "
practical, a reduction in price should accompany the re-J hie international dispute or Zli 1 aiuo"?' ?,ven"
duction in demand for gasoline, and feeding the machine! I'ithor t the Unfile tourt ur t. the! A Long Step Forward
n.DalC.p.t i l, Sl.ator Kwt, ou t!e otBor member of the League resort to var in
fo.u im trr u ut. i ';, -.,v., ' i ' ' Y . . . ... ; hand, objected that it abandoned the "regarii of the covenants above re-
is yOO OS lime, ftlUUtJ I'UUUII ID, iivuwuvm utuu , . ' . - j .
we ean dotermine whether or not the earriert are following initructlona. Phone
Lurks in cheap "self-fitted
spectacles- A full realization
jof this may come too late to
repair the damage done, and
the comfort of perfect vis
ion may never again be real
Get the best. They are cheap
est in the end. At the same
time you can learn the na-
MOW II Only Some enterprising SOUl COUld invent an principle of eompuUorv arbitratwa for . 't shall ipso facto bt deemed f,,- f -TA f ,.,,K1Q . .J
ul": for human beings which would reduce ! '-'- Bti,. t01eUd. to h.v. . ' M r V V a
.ir ha. miad yon. W It hp niiantitv of food Pnti.nl tn lifp with 9 Pnnmtnnt ' 'V '!d f ?f. .,.0thr! '"mb"8 ..?.' 'h.! !hW Safe-guard yOUr eyes
li the only newspaper in Balem whoee circulation it goaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
the quantity of food essential to life, with a consequent Mod to
reduction in prices what a blessing it would be!
California held an election yesterday to vote on a $ 10,-000,000-bond
issue and it carried by an eight to one vote.
You must take off your hats to those Calif ornians when
it comes to enterprise and the nerve to back it up. If we
are rightly informed this will probably bring the amount
cf the state's road bonds up to $100,000,000, but Califor
iirliitnitinti. By the revised
(Article XII),
"The members of the Leng.ie
j;ree that if there should arise be
tweeu them any dispute likely to
lead to a rupture, they wiil submit
the matter either to arbitration or
. to iniuiry by the council, Uhd they
iiKree in uo case to reaort to war
until three months after th cvard
by the arbitrators or the leport by
the council."
This provision clearly adapts the
pn fipha rontendeil for by the A.aer
ienn deli-:;ntea to The Huirue. It is s,.
The lawyers always manage to get what is coming to ,,lo"1",tc xm, whjby it
Ithem. For instance, now that the fruit industry has be-Uhaii Kr ht... .....'...r; 1p.Ui.!i
,.,tv,c . r.,. nil nnvhn.1v knows thfv liiiv iret it overicome a very valuable asset to the state, we find the court wll" ' ,her rogmo to bo mit
Z t V. !m Vei" hyom And hi S& "?d with suits to forceV annul contracts "rSSj
!4:n nnA nt?nr.c nr. cnhu.pf tn voonrvpnt ntfjipka. i s- lawyer is enjoying tne prosperity oi tne &v
tUIIUIIUliano Uliu "wv""J v u"j-v. v a ww. . Uf. , ,,. J ,, 1 . u. J. .. '1L u
Tr i PctimntPd that t h a buff np d sease took 400.000 llu,l-o'" nL-iuiy wuuug it wua.min
American lives last fall and winter, and as a result of
Hiuuiisn a permanent court of """""'s tuuKmw. . ,
111 lUbUlCi
not to rejoice unduly. It may come back with devastating! w growing so rapidly in wealth and population that
Pf L. a.'V V lliHIVl A AAbkV tlIV, tHUbt
One of the most discouraging things about this dis
ease is that, unlike most epidemics, it does not confer
immunity. Its victims may catch it again within a few
venint O severance of all trade or liimn-j
c.al reiatroua and the termuutiou oi all ye have brightened the
intercourse between the, memberj of the 0
League and the covenaut-b.eaking OUtlook for many. Let U3
siaie: r.i me exi)uision irom tne
your eyes glad at
Eye Sight Specialists
iai Artuies xi, xii, xv and xvi, Opposite Ladd & Bush Bank
voncenunf; which Senator Hoot v.rote,
League of the covenant-breaking state,!
uud (3) such military and naval action
as may be agreed upon by the League.
The amended covenant ccrluii.!y has
not weakened the provisions of S i.e orig
death and disability cost the nation more than $2,000,000,'
000. We do not want this to happen next winter or any
subsequent winter.
There is much force, then, in the appeal made by Sec
retary Lane for a congressional appropriation to pay the
cost of finding out exactly what this enemy is and con
quering it. lie says:
All the union telephone girls want is $4 a day for six
hours work and recognition of the right of one Julia
O'Conner, of somewhere, to run the whole system. Too
bad that anyone would oppose granting such modest demands.
If the people in the summer time thought more about
0 Uu: i i i l a-- i. i ii i.ij.
ti n,w ;a nn nconf rW onr, o fWiwanr. so vp n. juus aiiu less uuuui me leiiiperaiuie, mey vouiani
teen years, it is equally possible that there is a bacillus 6U"er s,) much from heat-
that may lie dormant througa a certain period, becoming
active at stated intervals and producing the periodic
waves that mark certain diseases. The bacillus of influ
enza should be isolated and identified, so that we may be
ttble to cope with it in future appearances.
"Once the bacillus is found, medical men can evolve
Fime way to kill it or make it drunk so it won't work. That
has been found to be the most effective method of ren
dering many germs inactive."
We made the Prussians the war germs of the human
race inactive at a huge cost. It is just as necessary to
f ubdue the "flu" germs. And bv setting to work the ab
lest medical scientists in the country, with the best facili-'
ttfs ohtninnhlp. it r;in Drobablv no accomplished tor a
- - - - " - i - - v
Celebration begins tomorrow in Salem. Biggest time
in the history of the Capitay City for the next three days!
Hunting a Husband
. that the 1 irxt man
: nili wiifl t tin mm I
1 a hi I he Mer h' nouse nnri v : I whose knew- . : r
t?vo traction ot 1 per cent oi wnat tins enemy nas cosi ,lf .,, ,,, ; id f a few lut.,krrtor-
us during the past year.
The girls what prettv fresh faced
typesl The men, t'Ki had that well
CIIAITKU V. 'groomed look that told of outdoor life,
an lmrdlv reali.e that it ia T. rV ! Wi"rpJl. ,Iu,,. .l'oted himself to me
Lane -ed twenty five years, five ;',WH5 lanppoiiirea. u um seem ,oo oho
years private secretary, who :n a guest
at the Merle house party! I whose knew
" Io you know you're very different
from most girls," he said, balancing
toast and tea, "You're so simple and
was nice to
promised to
Ey Walt M
pa;'', or a chapter from an r.nglish1
novel. I
I look around nt my room. Hew dain- j Hnnf foiled "
ly anil vol now simple it is: i lie wnne
wood work mill the Colonial furniture, trolled
I ae lnijtue ciiriains snnviiii; in tne
'iri'i 'e. My own bath wiih its sunken
tub and lis Milished nickel.
T. leave these prosaic detail:
look out of inv li'iuteil v. iiolnw
ureen law ns tennis courts mid I'
iMid, the ;;:uileiis, behind all
clipped hedges.
t then our lostess Dell Merle
up. She 'seated herself beside
Wilfred tills me that vou liae iu.-t
;ri'tunied from ulirond ,' That you were
and to educated in a convent in France f Was
Lovely ;t it,,. Hncr: Coenr? 1 have tVicmis -"
)ell Merle Innkeil at me with her
evenly ; bright knowing eves. "Vou and 1 must
speak French together. I'm afraid. ' or by
diplomacy, they will submit the
wholo subject matter to arbitration;
and by Article XIV, whieh requires the
council to formulate and submit to tne
members of tho League for adoption
plana for the establishment of perma
nent court of international jusiioo,
which shall be competent to hear and
determine nay dispute of an i.iternn
tioual character which the pa.'tiea may
submit to it, and which may also give
and advisory opinion upon and dispute
or question referred to it by the council
or by tho assembly.
Root's Criticism.
.Senator Itoot urged an amendment by
which the members of the Lcaguo
should agree to refer to arbitration all
disputes of a justicnblo clmrneier,
which he defined to be
"disputes as to the interpretation
of a treaty, as to any question of
international lnw, as to the exist
ence of any fact whieh, if estab
lished, would constitute a broach
of any international obligation, or
aa to tho nature and extent of the
reparation to be inado for any nsch
The revised covenant, without spe
fificady adopting that definition, in
Article XIU, declares nil disputes of
the character mentionod by Eenntor
Root to bo
"among those which are generally
suitable for submission to arbitra
tion": and further, that for tho co.ibidiTfillon
of any such dispute, the court of arbi
trnti'ni to which the c;;ae Is referred
shall be the court agreed on by the par
ties to the dispute, or stiplilalcu in any
convention existing between tlTi. If,
however, the parties to any such dbpute
should fail voluntarily to nilur.it it to
nrliilrtitin'i, they are bound, by Article
XV, to submit it to the coune';!. In
th.it event, the council is to fmVivor
to el' foot a settlement, and if it f.n! to
do so, then it may either unanimously.
a luiijuiitv vote, publish a report
I think those provisions arc well
devised and should be regarded as
free from any just objection s far
us they relate to the settlement
of the political questions ai which
they are really aimed. Tl c pro
visions which taken together ac
complish this result are of the high
est value. They arc developed nat
urally from tho international pruo
tice of the past. They are a Teut
step forward. They create an ia
stiution through which the public,
opinion of mankind, condemning
unjust aggression and unncoessaiy
war, may receive effect and exut
its. power for tho preservation of
pence, instead of being dissipated
iu fruitless protest of lament
Indeid, the revised covenant obvious
ly aims nt a wider field, mid embraces
wtihln its scope the settlement, not only
A large number of Nlverton boya at
tended the baseball game at Scotta
Mills Sunday. The game was lttwco
Silverton and Scotts Mills and closed -with
a score of 4 to 1 in Silverion'a
favor. i
H. K. Kicliardson was iu Portland
Mrs. II. E. Browne visited ia Salem
T. E. McCrosky and Mr. Bac.ilng oa
the Salem Commercial club were in the
city Friday on. business pertaining t
the Salem celebration.
'Oscar Strelhammer of Snlem was la
the city Sunday.
Leo Childs of Salem was in this itf
Mrs. Harry Bray and Mrs. E E. Tar-
lor visited at the Cherry city Saturday.
of political, but.of legal question! ai . r, " "
',..'., , B ' . . here renewing old acqamntanem
well. It is therefore, a great improve-
Praise Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound ai the
Greatest Remedy for
Woman's Ills.
There's always something more to learn, however
Much we wot of now; important truths, that throb and
burn, man ought to store behind his brow. Physicians -net seem that 1 muid ever walk nat loot weeping?"
dwell in every town whose unused minds have gone to ',"!".
t-oi'ti; mey turn uie neipiui journals (town, tney uo not drinking tea.
study, they do not read. They have diplomas on the wall;
what more could any patient wish? Tlu-v wait for the in
fresucnt call, and sigh, "Dad blame it," or "Odsfish!" And
there are lawyers on our street who quit their studies
long ago; in fourth rate court rooms they repeat the few
moth-eaten things they know. The doctors who are win
ning fame, the lawyers who are coining dust, know wellj .,,,'',,,.
that in life'lmsy game none can afford to carry rust. The i EXECITION OF PACT
things we learned in days of old will make a base, tho seers! Continued from page one)
relate, on which to rear a structure bold of knowledge !,,,, u,u
I bnihed my face nnd hands. I slip 1 though, I'm rather rusty." jeoiitaining a statement of the f:icts con-
peil into a liht dress. One that I had, "Oh, don't " I mi id with H little - taiiiiug a statement of the facts of the
made invseif. (Say it softly here). As choke of emotion. Hut it was not of , dispute and the recommendation:! deem
As I went down the staircase my hands 'the kind she thought. led just and proper in regard therito.
were icecolil. I was nervous. It ilnl M cunt even tnniK or fiance with-ilf ii,,. renoit i nnnnimniislv annod tn
'bv fill the momliers of the onnoil. ex.
urallv into that room, where the group r-he put her i.and iu mine and said1,,',.. ti,n,, reiireseiiiiiu. ttin ili ii.uti its
were chntteriiig and softly, "I umleistHiul. lint I do WBiit ,,,. ,j,, . .,
I- ' ' ' 'uill, nn tmitv t. tlm Hiatnifi, nhi,h
1'ic been anviug this chair fori will mean so much to her. And to vou I ,.,,' , ,, ",,, .,,, i,.t;.
vou, said Wilfred Hale as 1 pushed too. she added. ,. . ,, ., , ,
. ,' . ,. ' , , , , ,. ,, i the report. The council mav nlsu r.fer
aside the portieres. I am dressing for dinner. More ami; 1 , .. , . ., ,, ,
At first the room was a confused I more I seem to be entangled in the ; 'V "c,ch dispute to the assembly, and
blurr ef fuces. Kach indisting-.iishal le i sillv lie 1 told so carelesslv. I wh have sl,:l11 r'f'r . t(VVft. of "m'r
f.o.n Hi eoiher.Hul giaduallv as 1 sank never been abroad. I who have never l'a"' f""r'',', uil.v" a.ler
in,, a low chair near a group at the seen the outside of a convent door! ,ll, ""bmissu.n Ot the dispute to the
ten t:ible, 1 gained mv self eenfide'ice.' (Tnmoi row " (letting iu UeeiK'l ") leouucil.
Tliy defect in this plan is thut it fails
the Adiiatie'-' av ""Bn "!,.v ru" onmiiig ui,.n lite
ituutio'i possibly had a bei;r
op; osi-
l , ... m l . i . . .
li'e.-n ar.u up-io-daie. inemenwno tninlv tney know jiu 0n the last minute rimng
enough will cut but little grass below; they'll always find i providing for leaving more
the sledding tough, and few to mourn them w hen they go.i!r""i' " the Rhine than w, originally
No man can know no much, in sooth, he shouldn't to his'1,u,t');J; , u
books return; there's always room for one more truth, a 'i.vTherwe
there's always something more to learn.
Established 1SGS
General Banking Business
Commencing June ICth Banking Hours will be
from 10 a.m. till Z p.m.
ill have t.i ! r.p-
ejecutive council of the
lcin;ie f tint ions, tlier will have lo con-:
form with leagne rnlea. j
Russia Is Heard. i$
M. Muhikoff, former Russian s:iir
sador to Paris, ndlressed tie five
ithis nioining with repanl to Bess,, r.i W, !
it was learned from semi-official;
sources. Mulukoff is flip filst H issinn '
r- tre. eiitative ta aiitrnr offidiiHr be !
f .re the delegates. It was point ! r.
ed out t.tilsr that this l partly the re
sult of allied recognition of Admiral
The big five p'simed trHr - re
.luoe consderition of the Austrian
treatv, if complete enmntitti-e nppoint
meets were finished and oliur details
The new Ita'inn delecstion I dv!ar
ed ia hold a milder attitude Cn the Ki
E Umie i-lUm thaa the funm'r ?omniis
sion, out i?c
at the carle
drsiic to have
iiolii'ii disposi'd nf in thi.
treutv, altliouh thew is som
tion to this.
iu l.ians.i meantime tae Aiisinan r.e e-
Vinerieaa u' "r ' St. (ierumiii anuiiog meir
call by the allies. Voluutrfrilt, they
have moved t smaller (pinners to re
duce eipenaea.
incut upon the original scheme,
Kilverton, Or., July !!. Miss Mabel
Porteifield, a nurso from ovcrijoas, is'
visiting Miss Doroughty, matiou of the
Silvcrton hospital.
Mrs. Elizabeth Downs of Foitlund is
visiting relatives ia the city, i-h? will
return to her home after the Fourth.
Kilverton is making great preparation!
for her chautnuqua and Fourth of July!
celebration. Tho ehautauqus stilts to- .
day with a big musical number, l'.oclhs New Haven, Conn." For two years
md s'tunds of various designs are bung I suffered with a female Weakness,
constructed on most all of the vacant Pin; "tf and, painful periods,
lots close in I Bnd I ws so weak and tired that I was
v :' D ' . i: I not able to do my work. A friend told
Miss y.vuiu Brown sis er of Uo. t. HTlet0U9eLydi8 Pinkham's Vegeteblo
Krowne, is t0 be the l.uddcs of Lib-, impound and it gave me (rwat relief,
city fur the 1'ouith. Jliss ilmu id ser My pains left me and I am now able to
will iippenr as Columbia. I do my work and feel fine. . You can pub-
Miss lilanclio Btevenson visited with lishmy testimonial and if your Vegetable
Mrs. Brewer at Siifem Sunday. Compound does others as much good as
-Mrs. I'annie SStrango of liosoliuig ia it has me I will be very much pleased."
visiting ut the (irant Davie home over Mrs. CliARLES E. Morgan, 87 Sea
the Fourth. 1 treet ew haven, Conn.
Mr. ii'id Mr. fieorge S;eel!iainmer
end T. Kirstugeii are spending a
uavs in Ionian, i mis ween. -ir. oieei- because it contains tho curative,
hammer expects to complete the H'irin- strengthening properties of (rood olj
er's degree of the Masons wuile there. ' fashioned roots and herbs, which act
( has. Webb has been employed by ' directly on tho female organism,
the city council as nlghtwtvtch. rrv .
Mrs. T. A. Ileal and son, Donald, ' .J1" rnJ,,IT? 7W ?h
. lonft for children in their homes vet are
were in Salem Saturday. ' ieniecl this happiness on account cf
The logging camp closed down Sulur- some. functional disorder which in most
day night until after the Fourth. Most cases would readily yield to Lydia E.
if the luggers Bnd their families came Tinkham! Vegetable Compound,
down from camp Sunday. Tho nulls . . , .
will be closed Wednesday r.nd remain jfc"'"'1 Pw cP,hn
, , , , , ;, !.! ontl1 tney have pven this wonderful
dosed for the balance of too week in micine a trial, and for special advice
rder to give the employes a I'M'J" write Lvdia E. Pinkham Medicine Co..
celebrate. Mtg.fcfclla Lynn, Mass. The result of 40 yeara
M r. .lelin Wolftird n in Si.le. i rvit- experience ii at vnur service.
The reason T.yt'in F Pinl'bom'a Vnw.
few , ptuhlrt Pnmnnnnd ia ttn wn.et.fn1
Enjoy a Swim the
I By Foiled Tress.)
erdnv's winners: (ssli.
niiincil or the nsemldv for detcrmiiia
tion of disputes of a justicabld feature.
This ouiissioii is somewhat empl.asiwd
by the provision in Article XV, that
"if the dispute between the parties
is c!aio i d by one of thrr.i, ui.d iS
found by the council to arise cut
of a matter which by inteinit'om.l
law is solely within Jhe domestic
jurisdiction of that party, the etu..
cil shall so report, and shall u.ake
no recommendation as to its settle-
I la this ease, the council niu.-t be gov
i cruel in its decision by inleinitii.ral
law, whcjer.s there is no such provision!
in express language made bindi-.jf n;wn !
ithe council or assembly with cspi'ct to
isrrixi ig it their recommendations jr re-1
pert conrernitif disputes, even of the
I nature deserilwrt in Article Alll, nnd
f the, defined by Senator Root as j'isticable.
s.vitel Hut it can hardly be imagined that
.1, Ver-
Tiie Ouks took the firt g.;u.e i
wivk from the Solnns, Mi) l d-
the fact that Ult BBatart gathered tha come il wou'd decide, except upon
he's i i o jwrll recog lied principles ef iatcrna-
Fonr mnt ia tit fifth gave tks gamt tionr.l law. any dispute which involves
to the Tigers over the Bees, 4 to 0. . ithe interpretation of a treaty, a qaes-
McuiIhth of the I.oj Angeles Kad atioa nf international law, breach of in
Kra wisco clubs didn't a git ch..nce to ternational obligation, or damages f:oru
cither vote vt yfor ball yesterday a .i h breach. It also mav feao:iab'y he
they i-re traveling. The ck'! wit! rssnmed that there will grow -jp i.i the
meet the Kaiuiers "on the Kit tc r ' J application of thev provisions a lo.ly
s eager to sptt.e the isue crouos; the Angels will sap ous jiti cf preccttents, wiio-a in theie.elves will
t possible motirnt. The with the IteaTera at Portland. ron-tltute edi fications nf intvrnaiUaal
"it 4iCS?. ;J ' . J
"Come on in fellers the water's fine"
That3 the cry of every one that has been in
swimming at
enlson s
Prices 15c and 23c
of Court St.