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iav fii.r. gentle wo?Teriv wlaji.
- (23,000 KEADIXJ DAILY)
Only Circulation in Salens Gw-
anleed by th Audit Pure a of
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ill III P I j
Committee Emends OfficialM H Will
Invitation TC People of
Valley To Celebrate
Fourth Here.
r. .
By J. F. Hutchason
Are YOU coming to Salem for the celebration and
welcome to "The Boys". ' Of course you are going to be
here for one day at least. July 3, 4 and 5 are the official
days and you are not only invited, but if you live in Mar
ion County, YOU are expected to be here to help entertain
and make this event one long to be remembered by those
who fought your battles.
To "Tha Boys'
Every soldier, sailor aud marine in
Marion and Polk counties is iuvitcd to
attond this home earning. Wear your
yiform and come on the morning of
the third if possible. Go immedatcly
to the Salem Coiurnereitil club and reg
ister. The War Camp community er
vice will attend to tho registration and
Ithis department, which is under the di
rection of John W. Todd, is very de
sirous of having every "man register.
When yon call at the Commercial club
a program which providea for a free
pass to all entertainment and gives
full detail of all that ia going on in
tho city, will bo handed you. You will
know where you are to room; have a
Jiass to the shows, dnuces, receptions
and 'banquots and your meals will be
(provided for. Everything possible is
attended to and you will bo en
tertained to the best of onr ability.
Suleui welcomes you home. He mire aiid
come. If you don't come until the
Fourth be sure and register before 2
p. in. You can tnke a lady friend to the
reception and dances bring one along.
To the People
Thi home coming. and official wel
come for "The Hu't belongs to the
people living lu (he ritinity of Salem.
Everyone from Marion and' Polk coun
ties are invited to eome to this cele
bration. Come at least for a part of
each day. Plan to be seen here at least
one whole day. Remember that you can
come to this celebration niuT nieet the
defender of your homes make them
lad that they went to war and at the
oiune time glad that they were spared
come home. Jinuemjhcf that the
world is now at peace ami this is vour
kanee to celebrate. "If" you are pro
German don't atteud this celebration.
'Everything has been done for your en
tertainment while here. You can pick
ifrom the many attractions listed. Read
over the list and then when you eome
you will find more attractions that
were Hot listed.
The Flying Machine
The flying machine ia an assured
fact for the. three days. A new, but
tried and tested machine will be here
the morning of the third and if you
want to take a trip in the air turn in
your name to Mr. MK.Wkey at the
Aslem Commercial club. The air trips
will start at Salem and those who fly
will havo a trip over Salem, Srlverto'n
nd Dallas.
The field at Salem ( in fine shape
and all flight will start and end at
Balem in order not to take chances ia
lauding where the field is not in prop
r shape. Stunts will be over Willson
ipnrk in the heart of Salem. This fea
ture alone ia worth your time.
The Par sue
The baby parade will bo held at 10
a. m. the morning of the 4th. The priz
es are very liberal. Drew up the baby
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and it at a premium
"C'mon Ton Willard!"
4 "At 'la boy, Dempseyr'
These r.d a few more are
4" only a small prt of the trange
noise which will eminatc from
scores of hrnky throats a Vol
4r Capital Journal tells the rouid-
by ronnd story of the big fi?tie
4 battle in Toledo for Salem fight
fans on the afternoon of the
4i Fourth.
4t And over the dh of the root-
rs will go bellowing the red hot
new of the scrap, blow by Mow
and step by step. On a direct
wire from the biz arena, TV.t
Journal United Press op."Htor
will catch the movements of the
fighters almost' as rapid!? ns
they hsnpen. As fast as he gi !s
them, via the megaphone route.
It a big, wide street In front
of The Jour al office, but there
won't be anv room to play
marbles there Friday afternoon.
Arid it 'a a big voice thnt 11 be
liehind that megaphone from 1
o'rloek until the "big thing"
is over. But it's "K R. O."
so shake a leg.
New Section Created And
Prizes Provided By
The war babies are to have a chance
fur a prize in the -big baby paiade of
the morning of the Fourth. The com
mittee ia charge happened to notice
that the all-important wur babies had
Wen over looked. Hence a new de
partment was organized aiid for the
best decorated vehicle carrying a rail
war baby, there are prizes of " and f !.
Now if any mother or aunt or sister
has boon too busy to register for the
baoy para. le, the committee is willing
to -help out by now offering the privi
lege of registering and entering the
bby on the mominif of the Fourth.
This must be done at the .hand ataud
in Willson purk.
Those who- cannot .take the time to
come to the -Commercial club to regis
ter, may telephone Mrs. O. C. Locke,
Phone 2r, aud the entry will be made.
In deciding points for prizes, the
judges will fuvor real ilowcis instead
of paper flowers. As this ia a real
flower country the genuine article will
wore several points over the manufac
tured article.
After having the baby properly reg
istered, those who are to tnke.pait in
Ihe parade ara to foim on Court street
opposite the state house. The lino of
march will then be west to Cottage
street, south on Cottage to State, thence
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fiction Commenced To Com
pel Growers To DeJiyer
m-Kiun uiej icareu wreir tun iu ; provide, for an trerage army of 123,
the Salem Fruit Union might be made 000 men during the fiscal cur which
valueless, should tho PUez coinptny
br suit at any time nguinjt the
union, three stockholders, Louis Lach-
mund, J. R. Linn and S. M. Kndicott
have brought suit aguinst tile hoard
director of the Union and liobert C. '
Paulus as manager, to compel them to
force member of the Union to deliver
loganberries to the Union
The di....r of ie Nr,!em Fruit
Union against whom the suit u directed
;are Frank Gibson, W. I. HI n ley, Hoy V.I
lOkmitl (V ft Mil... V
T. btol and
C. Paulus aa
!j. J. McDonald, with R
..,.., s... ,
T The injitiction granted lat Saturday ,
by Judge Gorge G. Bingham in which j
'the 8u!em Fruit Union was dineted to i
I deliver its lojran to the' Phex coMpany I
jdid not relieve the situation rs far as'
Tithe Phei eoinny is concerned for the1
j reason that the Kalem Fruit Union h
ino berries to deliver, and could hav'
! : i
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1 1 Chicago Hog Prices Touch 1
J New Record Price Of $22
i i
Chicago. July 2. (United Press.)
4rlHog price climbed to a new record of,
H-r hundred pound here today.
i The opening of the market found a
4c rosh of buyers and prices jumped 2.3
!to 31 cents above the geneiU mumet
ajt-oi esierfl..v. neverai oi iuc iiigpaca -
er dropid out of the market, co.fi -
4tient thit a reactiftii would fo.low. I
ajt'l fTiin f-itnres (soared in t mpathyj
with hog prices. They .atii.d a'i thi
4t Wi f,-jui tj 3 cents. !
First Of Four-Day Demonstra-
boss To Start Friday,
Sua Francisco, July 2. (United
Press.) Oae uiilliou men will quit
work Friday for four days ia the first
demonstration in behalf of Thuuia
Moone-y, Belig Sehulberg, of tho Inter
national Workers Dcfeuse League, told
the United Press today. Tin., Lumber
represent all organised trades, and will
affect practically every city ai.d t'.wn
iu the United State.
"The approximate union vote cast on
the demonstration was 128,000 to 22,
000," said Sehulberg. "ousidering
that uniJa meetings usually diaw SO
per cent of their attendance, and thitt
this does not include a- number of heavy
radical labor organisations not affili
ate with the A. F. of I the number
of workers affected ia at least 1,j00,0OO.
"A tally of the vote shows tho best
response to bo likely fu Detroit, Minne
apolis, Chicago, Iiutte, Seattle and Ta
coma, (ireat Falls, Moat., aid Torre
Haute, Iud. Tho biggest single craft
ready to walk nut is the United Mine
Workers, with a heavy membership in
Pennsylvania, West Virginia and mid
dle west and far west."
The cigi;nnakers' orgnniration of
which Saurpel liourpers is a u.er!er
voted to strike in New York, Ronton,
(.'ontiuued on pagn two)
President To Ask Ratification
Of Senate Early Next
Washington, July 2. Prcude at Wil
sou, it was expected by many uremuers
of congress today will appear before
lire senate next Tuesday to present the
treuty of peace for ratification.
Meanwhile both house aud senate
were in recess. All appropriation bills
were finished and the vs-catio.-. ws vot
ed last midnight. Congress nil! meet
agai i July 8.
Following the president's add.o::t the
senate is expected to stnrt debate, on
the treaty and covenant while tho h)us
iiets to work on prohibition eufjrce
merit legislation In am attempt to pnt
teeth into the war time prohibition act.
The measure driven to liui.I passage
in the fourteen hours sessiou yesttrJay
The army bill carrying i"5,C00,444.
The sundry civil hill carrying t'jOS,
The District of Columbia budget car
rying $15.0).
A deficiency measure carrying a num
ber of small item totalling $.22,000,000
The artny bill as finally ag.ovJ upon,
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DO 4 I. I,rir... D! 'J
Dirigible: Measures 534
Feet From Stem To Stern
The R 34 is the largeM ri-ij
dirigible in the world. From
nose to stern she measure K34
feet, her greatest drnrneli,r is
li.t feet. Froin the bottom of her
gondolas, amidships to the high
est point of tfie ship is a dis
tance of WJ feet.
The ship carries three boat
below the ga bag. Hei total
gas capacity is 12,O00,0Oli cubic
feet. The craft is equipped with
a wireless system as puweiful as
that of the great ocean !iuoM.
The R 34'a weisyd is thirty ton
and she can carry a useful loud
of 21.21 tons. Her power is sup
plied by five fiunbeani Mjoii
engine of 1M aorsr-power, each
driving four pusher propeller.
Her maximum speed is r;.i..j nau
tical mile an hour.
Under coinir.ar.il of Major 0,
H. Scott, the B 34 f arrie a total
erew of thirty.
Lieutenant Commari'h-r Zeih-
; rv I.ansdown, who is makiiia .li
ia; trip i representative o: tie
, United State risvr, hes bief.
staff comuiCnder of the Aaicr.'
raa naval air forces in i'laiec.
Portland, Or.r July At-
tacking wth a hatchet, K. W.
Stafford, Jr., killed hi one year
old son late yesterday oftcr-
noon, fatally injured hi wife,
wounded his five year old son,
set fire to his home and tsea
: committed suicide. Mrs. Staf-
j ford died this morning.
' Stafford is believed t a-
$ been temporarily insane. Ha
came here with his family thre
4c months ago from Matowa, Miun.
to become superintendent of the
plant of the Kterling Food Prod
ucta company.
Stafford ia an eieaptai f
the Minesota state guard bud
son of a prominent business maa.
k of Barnum, Miua.
Big British Airsiiip Puts Off
From East Fortune, Scotland
For America Early Today.
Wireless Late This Afternoon
Says All Well And Reports
Average Speed Of 49 Miles
An Hour.
Washington, July 2. The British dir
igible E 34, aa route to tins country,
will land at noon July 4th, official ad
vices from the British air mlajioa to
the army air terries stated today.
I.oudon, July 2. (United Press..),
The great British airship H oi, the first
Fast Fortune, Hcotla id, .'uly
!. Jut before he eli.nbed
uboard the R 34 this morning,
Lieutenant Commander Zaciiery
I nnsdowne, V. B. N., who is
making the flight to An.e:ica
with the British dirigible, gave
the following message to the
United Press to be delivered to
his four year old son, KaUU.ul,
at Orand Rapids, Wis.!
"I expect to arrive in tha
United Htates in an airship by
the end of the week, I will boo
you aoon. Cheerio. Dad.''
dirigible ever to attept a traasAtlaatic -e,;.,?,
... son mile, out at aaoa at George Carj-erUier, Luroaa
v. .:. .,,, .j
(Greenwich time) today, tea noma aa
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Pinky Kerr, who ii jent b:Kk from S
band contest says that playin a t'iba
horn is worse' havin' your wife with
you. Mrs. Tijiton Bud's nephew in
Ohio is a ncrlxois wre-k. He secats
liquor but can't locate it.
Kings Products Company
Sues Growers To Enforce
Observance of Contracts
Claiming that its market price for ktt price should be paid, that the grow
loganberriea ia 54 eenta a pound, and era did sign the contracts,
for this res so it should ot pay more! The growers claim that the Witten-
,thaa this price, the 8alem Kings Prod-; burg-King Products company instead
ucta company has brought suit agtust!of attachiug slip to the contract
Brace Oina-ingham, & V. Baurp, lintt j agreeing to pay the market price, as
Aspinwall, C. H. Dencer, O. L. Pencer ,'they had promised the growerj, attach-
Clyde Harrin, August Lenta, J. W. La- ed a printed slip"as follows: "If the
follettc, L. H. liurdick, llowa'd Kump Salem Kings Products company raise
sad A. E. Harris.
The uit is in the form of a.sirins the 1
court lo issue an injunction to p.tveut'
these growers from disposing of their)
' logaa n the market, but to tell them
(to the Strlcm Kings Products couipany
The growers, through their attorney,!
elaira that the Witteuburg K'.n r.od-jkct
acta company m July of ltK ngreedj
with them to pay four cents a pound s
the minimum prices for logaus, with
the addtiional agreement that the open
market price should be pa-id at all times
during the life of the ten year lon
tiaet. Growers gay "Trick.."
That at the time the contract was
signed, the Wittenburg King Products
company agreed to attach a s i( to the
usual printed form of contract, proud
iug thnt the growers should at ull times
be paid the market price. Tl
under this agreement thut Iho opit; i;iar-l
Attorney General's Office
Keening Tab On Ye
Of "Hard" Drinks.
Washington, July 2. (United Press.)
The attorney general's offioo today
closely watched the entire United
.States for iflslrruci4 of violation of "the
war time prohibition law. It wai un
derstood that arrests would be mudc in a
number of rases where 8.75 per cent
heer was 'being sold, to provides court
tests on the validity of tho test at ap-'
plied to beer of that strength. This'
will probably Ire the only step taken1
uuti the United Btatoa upremi court,
meeting ae October decide whether
2.75 per cent beer is bitoxitat.ag, or
r -
unless congress passes nn enforcement
act specifically forbidding sale of.
1 drinks containing more than one-half of
u:ic per cent alcohol.
"The department of jutico will .alto
HteiM to nee that these saloons am
closed, if newspaper accounts of condi
tions re correct," said W. L. Vrierton,
nsvistant attorney general.
The most flagrant instance of open
violation of the law reported to the
attorney general ' office wa in Atlan
tic City, where aalion were said to be
selling "hard liquot" and lgnori'ng the
Report were also received of some
offeri:tjr whiskey for sale in beer and
wine hottlea. These iristniinck wr Iso
lated, however, and for the mout r-art
urohibitioa appeared to be effective.
fCarpcntier Will Tour
America Early In 1920
I.ondot, July 2. (I'nitoil Prow.)
1 - ft 4 - , It ,.1.1 A 1a.I.w
heavvwerght champion, will tour Ainer.
ilea the first four months of UM.
MacDouald, who will bundle Carpen
tier during the tour, said there would
be no ehnai-e of his man Inectiiig Jack
Icii.i-r, Mike Gibbons or Mike
O'Dowd before April.
Jack Johnson Training
Mexican Generals -Now
I.o Aagelea, Cab, Julv 2. Ja .'k John
son, farmer hevyweight champioi of (
the world, is in Mexico City, acting as.
athletic trwaer for a party of noted
Mexican generals, according to I. N. i
Hnyder, IO Angele contractor, who
has just rrtvrned from a ix wombs'
tour of Mexico. Knydcr say. Johnson
i a idol of Mexico City.
Dying Vfcds Relieve Fire
Danger In Michigan Woods
Sault Ste Marie, Mich., July J
Dying winds early today gave, some
hoH! here that the forest file which
threntc-ed villages for forty n.iles est
of here bve abated and can (h- check
cd. No lews of life has been reported
Karlr today an effort wa mt.de to
t r, 1. , rt -m.
g-, which were reported in mincer
ls,t eizht. but all effort, were nns..!! -
i. Whether wire, had been deroved
a. ot eertala. .
their buying price to other glowers in I
1918 0r thereafter, this eoatract auto-
maticnlly calls for the market puce. '
Company Faying 5'tC
Tho Salem Kings Products efltupany,
successor to the Wittenburg-King Prod
pet company, claims to be paying it
other growers 5Vi cents while .hi. n:ar-
price ia nine cents. ThM aa their
market price is cents, notwitm tnnd
tag conditions, the growers surd should
sell nt 54 cents.
The grower claim the Salim King
Products company practiced fiaud ia
attaching to the contract the a-g.'eeimnt
to pay "their" price, instead of the
market price.
In asking the injunction Xom Judge
George O. Bingham, the Halcm Ki.igs
Product company allege a follows:
That on July 30, 1D17, a contract was
U,aile with 11 F. Bump of Brooks to sell
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Konenkamp Says Union Not
Strong Enough To Wage
' Double Fight.
Chicago, July 2. (United Procs.) S,
J. Konenkamp, president of tha Com
mercial Telegrapher Union of America,
at noon declared th striking telegr
pliers of the Western Union and IVstnl
Telegraph companies will go haci to
work this afternoon.
Tim utrilr., wu. JnolnreH nff hepiiliss
w are not strong enough to fight the
government, as well as the compuni"S,"
Koneukamp said.
Konenkamp issued a statement in
which Postmaster General Burleson was
takon to task for "marshalling tho gov-
ernmont agenwie to tight against th
1 J L!.
woraers, uni bi. pan "
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Hun Governmet Prepares
For New Counter Revolt :
. will Ire viilueiesa. me irraiH-s wmuii"
London, Julv 2.-A1 KxchnnRe Tele- j several articles practically ideu.ical rr
graph dispatch from Copennagcn re-, provide that the treaty ,, iteeliv0.
ported toduv that Germany Is Uneaten-: regards (iermany .-anvii.g out Ure mi.i
ed with a new revolution. Ury trn.s of the treaty of I ans. .hi
Covemnient forces have occupied the .means that America and Great Britain
principal buildings iu Berlin. Troops' will be equally Interested w.lJ, Traaco
with machine guns are on guntd MJ la the demolition of the Rh.ne .ortifi-
l,l',..r. are t,atrol ina the streets.
Traffic is hampered. Many factories
are closed down today as s result cf
the disorder.
Principals In Big Scrap
End Training; Both Ripe
For Fast Go, Say Backers
Toledo, Ohio, July' 2. Tactic
of would be bettor on the cham
pionship boxing bout here July
4th are holding down betting 'o
Adherents of Dempeey ai de
manding odds. Willard' sup
porter arc refusing to supply
them, although most bet have
been made at odd of 10 to 8,
with the ehampion tho favorite.
The wise money is sttruging
with Dempsey, but the holdn-
of it are not willing to put it
down at evens.
Texas 1 reported to be send
ing several hundreds of lv-ou
sa'xl of oil dollar here to be
bet on Willard.
By H. 0. Hamilton
(United Press Staff Correspoudi nt )
Toledo. Ohio. July Je Willa
today planned to wind np training for
today planned to wma np irainina ----- .
hi. July 4 bout with Jack Demtsey. Iters, appeared the advert.m.at tl
Hi. roinds were oa hi. program of. cigar knowa as U "
I . i ee t'mt
,pamng wnn a n; -1
.probably means ne wunase .,;
1 nto the country in hi. .uto.nobile.
(CoutinnsJ oa paf eight)
in ma
KM J-iy laKCS U3 iTCL'Cni
M. M. M a ff ws 11
Of Selecting Cos'iteeTo
Afeinister Terns Of Pcsce
Agreements Of America ArJ
England To Air France
Against Germany Frame!
Practically As One.
, By Fred S. Ferguson
(United Press Staff Conespoi.deut.) -Paris,
July 2. -The big f.v o wos
scheduled todav to appoint the commit
tee which will direct execution of tha
peace treaty,
This body, which new consists of
Secretary Lansing, Foreign Becrctary
ttaliour, Foreign Minister l'icl'oa, For
eign Minister Tittoiii and Luroa 14k
kino, was also expected to consider thet
personnel of tho permanent npuraiious
committee and the committee ou Uul
gwrian bonndnriea, ,
Foiuier Kusaiun '" Ambassador Mnla
keff and a 'Rumanian. reprcaealaiiv)
were to be heard on the houiaiuau
DessniubiHn boundary.
Hcports from Turkey imluate that
three separate bodies pf troops are
crating in Asia Minor In opptntiou ta
ullied octnpiition. Their leaders, it was
said havo refused to recognir.e the u"
thortiy of the present govcrniotnt at
Turk Uprising reared.
A general uprising is fcar.'d whon tha
Turkish peace terms are made publia and
toniderable difficulty Is jiiticipaUd
in enforcing them.
, i-ne treaties whereby America and
,. ...... 11.,.. ..'.J T- . .
urvat Britain aro piougcu vo
4k.. ......... n itnnrnvfikntl nfrrrreojliail
Ibv Germany are so interlocking tNa
Ifajlure to ratify one will nuulify tho
' other, it wn learned today, if tha
senate does not accept the IMtish pt-ct.
wus wild, the American itoeuaisnt
ications aim acconipnsnu.ci u.
, military requiiemeni
It was suggested
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By H. C. HamlUoa
( United I'ress Wtnff Correspondent.)
Todelo, Ohio, July I. Fuke
tickets have made their appearaueo ia
different Part of the eountty, acecid-
ing to fompluint made to Tored peuleo
this morning by Frank Flooruer, Te
!Rickurd'a partner in promoting tha
Willard Dempney battle here ou Juh 4.
Yesterday a Cincianati man exhibited
'to Floiirner a ticket wh he caid he
!had purchased in Cincinnati ftr 40.
!This ticket, while not elactiy li'so thos
I ued by the promoters, was aiarked
lwilk the test nrrmlM-r tmd rMWliun, an4
' carried the title " Willard Dempsey"
fight printed across it. Stamped in .!
acroi tnc luce or me urn bj..-.
the price tor the irest seals ioi
If.i'j arena - )').
The Cincinnati man thoiht e wt
Willarrtibuying the ticket at a fi ilrs.oui..
li..l,v ,.! numkr. la fi:i ei
Flournev a-tr.i tne .o.e.....
- . .
try to be oa the lookout tm , cou i,t nc.
''""'S 'hB Ui