Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 28, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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(Dje Sailp-Hol Journal
SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1919.
'uand 0 never
siwaased there am.
such a pood
That's what thousands of
skillful housewives are saying about
the Universal Combination a fine cooking
and baking range, resulting, from over forty years' of
manufacturing experience. For best cooking and
baking results at
J --" ?ifi 'i I
4x M
To All Colonels And Captains
Of the Klks Mulvution armv iomn
servicti campaign, sKenlinn. On or be
fore 2 o'clock p. in. Monday June 30,
11)10, you ari to turn in at headquar
ters, 121 ii. t'omuiereiul St. your full
Icpurlit, iiM-cipt bouka and funds Col
tec ted. Therefore rush to complel inn
the canvam of your districts, (ieneinl
Charles K. An-herd, Kxalted Killer 3til
B. I. ). K.
1 wivh to thank my friends and
aighliora for their assistance slid flor
sl offermga during tliu death and bur
ial of my husband. Mm, t', H. l'atter
Bids will be received for B0 eords of
second growth fir wood at the county
slerk' office, until 2 p, m. July 12,
Jl IH. To Hm delivered where designated
iy th couuty court. The court reserves
the nnht to reject snv snd nil bids,
I'. (I. HOY Kit,
Jne 2 .llv .1 t ( Mimtv ( l.-.k.
Eiisick & Street
120 South Commercial Street
AI! kinds of Auto repair
A-orkHome of the Auburn
Beauty Six
paeish War Veterans Dance
hafer "
least fuel and labor expense, own a
Combination Range
Burns Coal or Gas, or Both Combined
No Parts to Change!
A wonderful cooker, but a combina
tion assimpleasany single et w ra n ge .
Burns coal, wood or gas. No parts to
change when you shift from one fuel to an
other. Merelyturningonthc eas changes the
range from coal (or wood ) to tras and vice versa.
Burner and dampers operate automatically.
Compare it with any other you ever heard
of! No other on the market but requires
some operation, which furgotkH niifclit re
sult in disaster. The one ranp which is
aktlutely taftl
Not only easy to operate, safe, and saving of
fuel, but sanitary, labor-saving beautiful and
durable too tha very range you have want
ed, at a price you can afford to pay. Let us
demonstrate I
I Hid will be received for tho hauling
of IDS cords of second growth tir wood
and 1(1 conls of oak pole wood, at the
county clerk 'i office, until 2 o'clock p.
m. July 1-Jtli, lit lit, from the county
ifitnii at Hopmerv lo Salem to be dcliv
iered where designated by the cuuntv
I court.
reserved by court to ri ject any
and all bids.
County Clerk,
Jno 28 Jlv 3 S
Dane at armory tonight
To All Colonels And Captains
Of the Klks Novation army home
service campaign, attention. Important
meelinu at Klks Kulvutinn i,m. l.nA.1
'quarters at 7::I0 this evening all of-
ii . n mum mienii una meeting to re
port on the territory covered and that
.remaining uneanvassed. Also to confer
on matters of great importance, lienor
sl has. K. An-herd, Kxalted lluler 3J0
j H. V. O. K.
i Danes at armory tonight
Word was received from Lieutenant
lltrowne the aviator who is to il be
tueen Mhlem and ilverton next wwk,
that he would nhip hi airplane to Ash
Inlid instead of fikin; the chances of
living ever the Minkivmi mountains.
Loganberry pickers shotUd bs on
hsnd Mond iy niorniiig, the ilOth, com
mence ia the morning, enst I) St. near
Powers dryer. M. K. l, trer.
'' , 1 1 -m i ins
iJvt3. r,
There will not bs any preaching ser
vice in West Shalom Siimlnv evening,
Juno 2!Mh. The pastor, Kev. K, (1. Har
ton, will preai-h in Fargo.
Dance at armory tonight."
Norma Talmadge will be seen at her
very best at the Orcgou theater Ban
'lay and Monday, in tho gripping film
picture ''Her Only Way" tho storv
ff a beautiful girl who is caught in
conrneting impulses between whjit she
considers her duty to the home of her
father in an arstocratie circle of the
metropolis, and the love of a poor man
in a viTage. Iioth environments are
photographed with rare fidelity and
: the play of emotions on the part of this
;siar favorite nmke every foot of film
ifascinnting. Jlis Talmadge will have
; among her supporting cast Afiss Jobyna
j How land, the beautiful original olf the
famous "(libsiin Oirl" drawings, and
ilso a talented dramatic actress. In
jthis play Mi llowland plays the part
i of an unwrupulous and' ambitions
vnmp to perfection.
Dane at armory tonight
I nl.MAl.ll. -
I iM-i-riirory ana lire repsir
biwineiis for s.ile. A fine opportunity
for siiinenne with a little pi tul. 1'.
V. Nieuieyer, Masonic Temple.
Wanted chamber maid. Phone Bltgh
Salem CUtar Tactory is now making
"U Corona" and "Uttle Kalem" ei
gars exsctly as tacr were mado before
the war. Cmnkint them reminds you of
old times. tf
July 2 3 Annual session Ore
gon SpanUh War Veterans.
July I Wednes lay lance
at armory for iSpaui.-h War
July 3 Reception to returned
soldiers af Marion square, 8 p.
July 4 Big Fourth of July
celebration in Salt in.
July 5 Homecoming for re
turned soldiers.
July 35 Commercial air
plane flying in Salem.
'.T' iStfJ
Try Northern riour. It's a Bear,
every sack guaranteed. At your gro
cers, if
Artlflcll teeth, nave expert plate
man, with over 35 years experience,
at my office. Dr. D. X. Beechler, den
tist, 302 U. S. Nat. bank bldg. tf
James and Gordon McOilchrist have
bought the Clarence Jury 17 acre fruit
tract in the Rosedale section, adjoin
ing the tract of Dr. O. B. Miles. The
consideration was $0000 which includes
Hie present crops. The tract is planted
to eiht acres solid of loganberries with
additional logant) planted between ap
ple rows. Mr. McOilchrist estinmti-s
his loganberry yield this season at
four tons to the acre.
I buy Junk of all kinds, rags and
; bottles, metal, iron, broken down autos
snd parts of autos. Utve us a triul.
Steinbock Junk Co. 320 N . Com. St.
Phone 303. . tf
I o
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Terwilllger, grad
uate morticians and funeral directors.
I iv vutMiicnuin wi. nunc , c, u j
Dance at Turner Sat. night June 28.
(lentlemeu 50c. 6-28
Dr. B. F. Pound, recently re '.timed
from service, announces reopering of
his dental office, 5th floor U. S. Na
tional bank bldg. Phone 1B. tf
Dance Sat. night June 28 at Query
hall, hivesley station. 6 28
The srclal Elk train which will
leave Portland Wednesday morning
August l.'i to carry delegates and olhef
Klks to the Klamath Kails state eon
vention, will reach tnlem at 10:40
o'clock, and arrive at Klamath Falls
at So 'clock of the morning of Thurs
day, August 14. Tho Pullman cars will
be used ns headquarters for those who
attend from Portland, Oregon ity, Sa
lem, Albany, Kii';ene and down tho
line. Vmiii its return, tho solid train
of Pullmans will reach Salem Sunday
evening, August IT. Included in the
speeinl enftertainment to ire given by
the Klamath nils lodge of Klks is s
venison ibnrbwue, trout bake on the
rim of Crater lake and trip to Peli
can lodtfo. The fare including Pullman,
is :U.50.
Blag, Lambert, Tartarian, May Duke
and Kentish cherries. We are in tho
market bring them to onr big plant
opposite 8. P. Oo. passenger station, or
phono 204. Phes Co. tf
For first olass work call Boclety
Olenners and Dyers, 1272 State St.
Phone 1CH4. tf
litt'e Jean Kantner la an artist. Em
bryo singers and lovers of good music
shi old hear him tonight St the Kirst
Congregational church 8:15 o'clock,
auspices of the choir.
Dance at armory tonight.
Viavl the old hoe remedy.
A. ti. Koor, Marion hotel.
Do bird notes appeal to yon? Hear
Jean Kantner, roloruteia boy Soprano,
at the Kirst Congi-egalional church to
nittht, 8:I.T o'clock. Tickets ,10 cents;
children under 14 years, 3j cents.
There was a ripple of excitement on
Slste street Yesterday afternoon when
a rear wheel detached itself fwn an
automobile being driven by R. A. Peter
son of Portland, and snintiinj across
the strovt smashed into the door of
the Morris optics! office near the eor
aer. No condensed milk or cream used in
the manufacture of our ice cream. The
car of
Yick So Tung
Chiaese McJIclne and Tea C.
Bss medicine which will curs any
known disease.
Opea Sundays from 10 A. U.
until 8 P. U.
l.-l South Uighbt.
Palem, Ongoa Phons 2J2
I Don't be sorry afterwards that you
fc! didn't hear Jean Kantner, the pheaom
,inal boy soprano, at the First C'ongre-
.gationai chureh, tonight at 8:15 o'clock
'Tickets 50 cents at Will's music store
and at Patton'g bonk store.
Tha Diamond T farmer special truck
headquarters will be in the new build
;ing next to HiU on Ferry St. Phone
, 210.
j "Century" individual chocolates,
the taste lingers, 5 eents at the Spa.
j Superintendent Todd. Miss Cosper,
!aud Mi Sierling of the city schools,
I were in attendance upon the educa
tional conference at Eugene, as was
! also Mr. I'arletouof the department
or purine instruction, iioth Air. ar!e
ton and Mr. Toild presented papers I
fore the delegates, who numbered a'ont
-"0, representing schools in all parts
of the state.
Home made ice cream, like mother
used to make, at the Spa.
The Spa only " Century '
chocolates 5 cents.
i At the Elks headquarters for the Sal
jvation army fund campaign the fact is
made apparent that Salem in still short
of its (junta by a considerable amount.
: Manner Walter Tooze states emphat
ically that the. campaign will be con
tinued through next week if necessary,
as there are hundreds of citizens who
have not been solicited thus far. The
amount set for the citv is 1 15,000, and
$20,000 for the county! It is highly de
sirable that this figure be reached, for
if the city succeeds in raising enoiiuh
for the proposed building here they
will be entitled to an additional fund
of ifOtmo from tho state Salvation annv
fund. In this connection the manager
states that all captains and workers
are expected to report at headquarters
with all receipts, checks and reports
by 2 o'clock Monday afternoon.
Wallfelt takes the place of house lin
ing and is cheaper, you simply stick it
on with Hex Dry paste. Huron's Com'l
Plain soft toned wall paperr, at Bur
en 's, Com '1 St.
Dr. Carl E. Miller has opened his
dental office st 510-511 U. 8. bank
bld,T. Phone 341. tf
In order to arouse greater interest
in the 4oddess of Liberty voting con
test the committee in charge have thus
far been issuing a certain number of
complimentary coupons through the
press; but it has been found that the
pressure for funds will be so great that
they have decided to discontinue the
complimentary vi tes herenfter. All
those interested will secure their votes
at the places designated, nnd ns it
means only a cent a vote it is hoped
llifit th" demand will be strong and
Dr.' L. B. Springer, aentlat, Moore
bldg. corner Court and Liberty.
Phone 114. tf
Century, the best individual choco
Iak made. S cents at the Hpn.
Tinted walls in newest shades, with
correct cut out borders matching. Hur
on 's, Com '1 St.
Newport fishing season opens; ling
eod sliced, l!5e, and whole fish 12e per
ponndi red cod 10c pound. Fitts Mar
ket, tf
In the case of John B. Holman vs
Carolyn II. Meyer, in which the father
bruught action a ;ainst the dauhgier to
recover 4O0 nnd costs, the jury yester
day returned a verdict for the "plaintiff
in the sum of 240.
Dr. L. S. Spricger, dentist, Moore
blilg. corner Court and Liberty.
Phone 114. tl
Vrted chamber naid. Plione .-t'lgU
h'ifc. 8 2C
Marriage licenses were recently is-!
sued st the court house as follows: Con- :
rail KanteRwrg and (lladya Harper, ;
both of Salem; K. A. Lee and Lillie;
lioehmke, both of ISalem.
Dr. Mott, Bank of Commerce, 407 8.'
Call Fatton numbing Co. for your'
reptiir work. Phone lliUS, 220 N. Com.
street. tf
Ws buy liberty bonds. 314 Masonic
bldg. tf
The HayesYille District Sundav
school convention will be held at yuin-j
aby park tomorrow, beginning st 10
a. m. Among other features of the pro
gram will be sn address bv Kev. K. J.
Alien and by Kev. S. W. lnncr. Bas
ket dinner at 12 o'clock and sessions
throughout the afternoon with sp.eial
music. By special arrangements the
Oregon Klcctiic cars will stop at luin
Wo make our own Ice creams. The
Try Rex Dry pasts Just once. Bur
ea 's, tim 'I bt.
L. E. Kcrnian, ths floater who was re
cently taken into c.istody by Officer
Thompson on a chaige of vagrancy
aud for earning a h aded revolver, has
I been given his liberty by Judge Kace
loa the stipulation that he take a job
in the machine slum at ick limthers
garage. He claimed to be as ex-Canadian
soidier, out of employment.
hTs attention of all golf enthusiasts
is called to the fet that the qualifying
rounils in the tournament for the sil
lier cup will be piaycl at the Jllihee
country leub grounds tomorrow. Aa in
vitatii-a is extended to all idarers.
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every set of granite ware 9-piece set $850
New Perfection Oil
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3 burner .. S2L25
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It is just as easy to have
Becoming glasses.
SheDtex Shur-Ons Meet the Mode
Let us supply you today while you
are thinking about it.
204-5 Salem Bank of
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Ned MY Sherry, the man who was con
fined in the county jnil some time
inee and recently undertook to saw
his way to liberty tiy cnttlnz s veral
of the iron bars, concluded yesterdav
to change his plen from not guilty to
(ruilty, end was Riven his sentence,
whereby he goes to the penitentiary
f.ir aa indeterminate period from one
to three years. He had been in jnil
anoui inrce wccks, but the fact that he
had steel saw shout him was tw.i i;.
covered until Thursday niht. llow he
(Dtuinetf them is a mystery to the of
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Carl Palmer, just home from ovc.sncs
arriveil i'i Hubbard last Friday after
noon, having made his home-coiiii.it ns
much of a surprise as possible. And
he succeeded. There win also a sur
prise for him when lie arrived ui.me.
lie w.-s not aware thnt a little gi.I hn.I
been born to his brother r.nrl and wif"
and on arriving home Carl's surpti
a id delight were equally great. Hnb
Uird Enterprise.