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Beyond a Doubt
"Threaded Rubber or Wood Insulation"
N. C.-4 "Willard Equipped" Oa First, Trans-Atlantic
Flight. AO three nary planes use Willard batteries on
big jump.
"Our engines worked perfectly," said Comman
der Read of the NC-4.
The NC4 carried Willard Batteries.
On the long jump, high in the air above the fog,
the Willard Storage Batteries functioned perfectly,
never a miss or a skip.
Ten S. 0. R. Willard Batteries, with Threaded
Rubber Insulation, were on the NC-4 as she blazed
the new trail and made hititory. Four batteries were
in use and six were held in reserve and NEVER
Absolute dependability and constant perform
ance were essential so Willard batteries were chos
en and lived up to their reputation.
Every unit on the NC flying boat had to' pass a
thorough inspection and rigid test before it was used.
Willard batteries were not chosen on REPUTATION
alone they were selected because they earned and
continued to earn that refutation. Our customers
will be interested in this fact. Everyone is talking
-'about that wonderful feat of the NC-4 and we are
proud of the part that Willard batteries played in it.
Degge & Barrel!
Auto Electric Shop
Plwnc203 418 Court St.
DsHas-To-Boston Squadron
Threaded Rubber Insulation
WH.LARD berVice liELra tiiem
TIib fleet of seven r.irpaiio now fly
ing from lmlltts to Motion, are V i linn
The night before t lie planes won) to
leave. Jiiillua, a government messenger I tlu
came in lln Williinl N'rvirt' Station
there, to secure hulteries which )ml
been left for recharge. No unit wim
there hut the iiiithtwtitchma i, who tried
lu the bent of In til.ililv to ut.-onimn
ilute the messenger, lie r oved the
batteries from the line and not t lem
ready, liut lie put in the stundurd vent
Ana Creek.
Open from Klamath FsJ's to a point
two snilea inside Jiational Far boun
dary, and ia fair condition. CWd by
suow between this point and Crater
Lake. Xo detours possible. Sl.culd be
opt ii July 1. .
Mcdford Klimstj. Falls.
Open and in fair eond. ion, Mcdford
to Klamath Falls. Kin road still eloeed
a account of snow. Xe detours jiossl
ble. Should be open about July 1.
Jiedford -Crafcj Lake.
0H'o and in fair condition between
Medford and Park boundary. Closed
by mow between this point ai.d Crate!
Lake. No detours possible. Should be
open about July 1.
Brokings-Gold Beach.
Open between Brookings and Cold
Beach, and in food eon.litiou except
about two miles oil 1'istol Hill, which is
Grants Pass-Crescent City.
Open entire length and in good condi
tion. Crescent City-Gold Beach.
0cn between Crowent Citv and Gold
Hetich. In good condition between
Crescent sad ISrookings; rough north of
Urokings, and very rough and u:udi;y at
the Meyer Creek hill.
Euget JFloreD.ee.
OiK-u between Kugone and Violence,
but in poor condition in utui.y places.
Koad will remain open all summer, ex
cept immediately after heavy tains
ttough and nnrrow in places, with many
sharp turns; should be undertaken ciily
by experienced drivers.
Open between Kiddie and liller and
in good coudtiion. Douglas county 1ms
a crew tutting down some of tlio tuui
grades bet we u Cuuyouville and Tiller.
This work will take about three niorths
Cottage Grove-Disstcn.
Open and in good condition between
Cottage (irove and tlio Fusitnii ranch.
Cloacj for autos between this point and
Hohetuiu. No detours possible. Wagons
can get over this roud, but it will not
be open for autos this year.
Barlow Oak Grove.
Open between Zinziig Hnngor oUtiun
and Hig Meadows on Salmon river. In
fuir condliion for ten miles to llig Muo
hole, and from there is in bad condi
tion, lioiid closed between. Hig Mea
dow and Clear l.uko, on ni count of
snow, should be open about July D.
Pacific Highway.
Open and in excellent condition ex
eept where roud cunslruutiou ib in pro
gress between Medford und Kiddle.
Koud is open to traffic at intent!'.!, dor
iiijj the day and closed lit interval
during blasting operators, lnvtng is
in progress between Grunts l'.iss und
Itogue river, and a detour over a rough
road on the north aide of the river Is
Open and in good condition.
Three Rivera.
Open between Wilmniim and Tillu
inook. Six miles through Crnitiic Hondo
ludinii reservation is very rougn, and
pructicnlly impassable fur sccial days
uflor heavy rains. Construction work
is in progress between Dolph und Itcbo.
Also River.
Oj'en, Corvalis to Wuldport. In fair
coudtiion us far ns Missouri Head. Fas-
Tacotna, Juno 2S. (Special.), llnrio snble but very rough, Missouri Bend to
Baiidou-Gold Beach.
Open Kiid in passable condition for
I light cnr, entire length.
ZHtor Motor Service Bureau Dtviayot QevimiA
Realising Fuel Economy Expectations
.1 ; ,.:;jf writ to rrcrent Kcalttttian Of Claimed Eflcienff
B x,i i. .i t.in Ulu i
X -.!ii-.' u. eri o'. c.;r
IF..VTLY IT HAPPENS that a motorist who pur-
tj obtain troin it as high gasoline economy as
in advance that be .should secure or so high as
:rs oi the siime make and model are known to
t) .,ii:n;. is always a ciusj ot ni: satisiaction ana chagrin, lor
it is u lural tor nerj owner to desire to do as well as anyone else In this
ro r-nf Sinn' of thj c:iief taes tor low fuel economy are comprised
i.a:on2 t!.? i . 1 i.v.iu: Too rich ruiini:r; 4d;u:-tment of the carburetor.
Means ahouli le iov:i:ed for ln:i;'o:aruy enrirhening the mixture,
'::en it ii, ve-i .ire!, but th rcful:ir adjiHtment should bo made while
t'.o e:iRic? i.i !:--:it. t a.id s!toubl b? a titllo le.inor than that giving
iii..x!.t urn ;u:! :-; v,ier. l.;ck ot tljhr.ie.-s of the rllr.ilers. duf to 111
t..t'.-d :isto.is i in , linpert'ertly sxutins valves and defective gaskets.
.Mi:.t:min ; of t!iv v Ivm, inclil'liin' fail ire tr oj rn fuliy and close prompt
ly and in cur.-v .t lii.iin.; of the tjiark caiuim too early or delayed firing,
lm;crfK-t va;,( io i and mixture v illi air of the fuel tipilied. due to
faulty Matnlold c-ntt ruction, laik Ql heat supplied (be intake system or
too low vyliuJ r v. alt temyerHtureR. o:-i: i:;ii:ied by too low rooling water
t.'iur.ei'utu:!. Intt ii'l puwer w.ibie, duo to tlio negative work Incident
upon proinatuit: i,:n;tion, resultms from carbon iiirrustatlons of faulty
jacketing. I'nu.uial tnctit ual losses, caused by inadequate piston lubri
cation atlnb'.iU:!'!'! to oil of improper uraiio. quality or condition. Ab
normal l iiwor los'-e in housings. reullni? from lark of lubrication oi
from the uso of unduly vlscoun lubricants ami frirlional rcsistanc i
pri.duieil bv br.,ke bands which do nut fully clear their drums. An'
by badly all: m U road wheels.
(H'.iu.im; i.viti uy i kom
l'Mt.M LK.liTlVti I'LWT
W. L. write: A neighbor of mine
has one of Hie Kaaollne tn;:ine
driven farm licMing plants anil II
orcurcd to me that 1 might charge
my auto battery "from it and saN-?!
taking It to town, it this can lie
done, please explain tho method.
Aivwer: A plants of this kind
generate direct current und us di
rect current Is ncui-ssaiy for your
purpose, you v.in readily churno your
battery from lliisHourre.
Ir:n k.s i.r roi:L-!i p!n-t !t itic ro:id 1
Ansuir: .Most likely It Is In tin
Kteciini: gear. Looseness at the endi
MONARCH Ranges outlast other ranges because
they are protected from Rust Damage by Vitreous
Enameled Linings INSIDE the Flues.
. MONARCH ranges are unbreakable because they
are built with Malleable Iron Castings instead of
BRITTLE Grey Iron.
MONARCH ranges continue giving the same satis
factory service year after year because every joint
is made PERMANENTLY tight by riveting instead
if bolts and stove putty.
We like to sell MONARCH ranges because every
buyer becomes our friend.
ii inis is
mm i jn
Dario Reslr To Compete
In Tacoma Races July 4th
Heat a, one of the most famous cintnr
car drivers on any track, will bo seen
at Tiiconui for the first time at the
.1 11 1 v 4 events on tho Hiieedwnv. nVstn
has been nttiacted to the iiorlhweit us ijlrs. Owens.
a result of the record of the track for p. y, Johnson of West Virginia hiu
last seven yeais. Cnptum fcdon ! ., n tlio iruest of bis uncle ai.d aunt,
a SO volt oiilfli. each 4 l wait lamp
passes about I 13 umiieres and 5 of
these will paw between i and 7 aui
pcrea. Arrange tho circuit o that
I he rnrreni i)-t sufpllns th.-se
lamps l.so liov.s 'hrouKh your bat
tery, nuiklns' e.r i-iat current !
passim? in tho ritlit df.ecllim. The
followinK leit can '.e ueil: Pif 'I'''
wires eoinlii',- Iriii liio lamps ' id
thnt from the nthor -!d" of ihe r;r
cult In'o a tuiublcr of waler, eon
talnlnB a little aalt. Tha wlru k v
Ing oif Ibe liuro Ran bubtilej shoulil
l.a ,,tin,tpil l.i lli imi::mvo or ( )
pest of the b.utcry. The wiring t-,l'!
simple; from one -i.de of (he ropplv a:.
circuit to ono siil! ot :n oar.K oi
lamps,' from the ntber side of ihe
lamp tunk to one side of the bat
le.ry and from Ihe oth-r baifery '
terminal to the o;hc r t de of the
supply circuit. There should be a ,
KWitch Included.
II. C. H-kst What Is Ihe nioi
likely rotir. e of an annoytn rat-
lilt. tf' a! ib forward end r,f my ri.r. ,
C.-hieh orettrs wVii'ii drivirif over rai ,
yi.fjfion.1 al inl"mt f.
eoiiiws i"':)-i' Htcs.i t.'
of the tic-rod, which connects tht
two ivhrcis or at tho tnds of the rod
which connects the steerinx dtvico
Willi ono wheel, los4 inoiioo ut Ihe
Me rinjr knuckles or loose beurinK
j ud losi in, nt i.f the front v, lp-rls may
I ciusv liiis-. Looseness ot till VlOOll
upon lis supports or luWt of tigrht
la?'! at Ihe front sprirfis may pro
du'x such u no:se.
ii'jiK r.T(inf; nni'if
s. I. T. ar,ks: liver) liiias con
sidered, what is the bt-t on it; for
u;-c la tiurttiir.K inner tuiei lhat
can he lurried upon u t.'ar?
Answt! Wc prrsi'Pin hat the
!li:!e pcrtable X'oleaniic.r.s would ho
it lied t tie be;. Ti.eMO make ue of
pia p:rcd' pHlehe;;. taeli- of which
e.rrl'"i i'3 own fuij, s.ulli -ii.it to f a-tti.-h
th he.'t required lo vultantse
It. A vulcanixeil tube repn'r en-: lie
ijtibl!y nirute it. ihs miinn'r.
I'ntch.-s itllln d merely by - c men!
und ecc vuli'.tnir. 'd islve rootl rrx'ilts
in I
i h
pn ,
repair is 'h
..I p:-.!'-he-,
i.n-1 rf ti'j.r.t'i: t :
tifd wiih r-'isoiin"
are to l.e Ii id of
Ray L Farmer Hdw. Go.
Cor. Court and Commercial
Phone 191
' .'jESSk3tXS3CSB TV-
iilnrii H til br
1 1 I,. C'i i,y!i. t 'ii
u.lil('i'd in Ik. I
c o tin i fit-:.
Smith, has mine to Ashland to visit her cut for the evening.
.... t. ..... r.j i s. c.
Ilickenbacker, A.ttericnii nc0 of aces, llMr llml Mrs. M. W. Johnson, since and Tnn.iiy. ai iko i-enar, no.ven tun ., , .
r...inK as refere. Uiuis Clievrulel.dean I t,.,.,.!., v il i.'avo for Twin Falts, Ida- MrB- t'hiiiiibers, deputy ornanizei of, lem on Wednesday, where they will re
of all American rurers. Is iils.i cmiilncl 1...1.1 r. i f,it.i the Maccnbee lo.lL-e, visited the Donald 1 mniii unlil next apriii
Monty's Tire Shop
157 S. Commercial St. Phone 428
for his iniiiul nppeiiiauce at the .Speed
lodge on Tuesday; It being a call meet
0fin(r not nuinv were present, but a fine
Mr. and Mrs. (ienrRe Lamb attend
ed a reunion of fntnily a::d friends in
i and a general flood i rort'miid last Sunday me. ti
way. I ho five drivers for the 1IH!, ... ..... m ... c,,.,? Weii"er
i.v.m.u in, Ii., 1,. 1!.i (!..,, ...I.,i ciirr1 ... ......... . : ouch wr.a served
.;. i;.. ii... ' ..... .'. .... !K,wMo" ''- "-'vl "" " "'l'.,. Vnfl.l,. thoaa fortunaita to bo 1 students of the normal whom they had
ini'ii, iicnrue tiiuK secoiiii money in
.1... ... ...li.i ' . . ... ..
Vlnita. ai he know nothing . lh .,.,.". " . -l"-, S,.w York City where they vts.ro,, Mrs,
v M w.iiiiiiicti ut ut nr
L'en Thev have just returned from , .
H n. t".T "... u j ...... Thn Ins .'nt Star htiil a closinir meet-
Spill tyK! of vent pliin which was need
ed. The error wu discovered at 10
'clock the net nioraiiiir by J, A. linns
broiigh, of the Willard HtoruKit itiittery
i'onipany of Teias. The plane were due
to stait U Uh.'IO and the fUinK field
was rijjht miles froni lhillns!
Mr. Ilaiisbrounh didn't stop to com
aider if ho hud titan to make it. He
seised the plus, jumped in It is eai and
proceeded to nti iliustintlou of
S'cd W illard service. At J0;t
lie arrived at the flying field. At
10,311 the planes left the urou...l with
the riuht vent (dims in their Willard
1 latteries. News.
While I'sst tl.i visit
.i,. i.i... t i... r...i: n- ..... 11 ' ' H ' .... ...
,,, , ,.. ,,.,,.,,.,. ,,.,w. . i...!!..,!.,!.,!., WnshiiiKton, I'. C, v.ni
liickcbacker w.ll bo the honor K,iest r ai)J (ilu,r Urf,e ciUl,Si
at a bnntpiet at the Tnconta ( ommereial i Mf n,11I.,,s Hfcouchuiiso of .Fargo
club the evening of July 3 when he1 , JlU1 on Momly.
wdl relate some of Ins war esper.e.ices. , ()f ntf0 ,lls diMS klui.
Kirkeiiliacker litis "ti Hun plnnes to Ins . .... .,.... i.i i.i, .. rii.,,,li.v.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Hroon of hptiiig
field. Or., and Mrs,
I West Woodburn were Potuild choppers
Ion Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Pmitli am fam
hu. f c.lenwo.id. Cul.. arrived ill lon-
credit and is the hern of tho molor car
industry in the treat war.
(f apiinl Journal Mpeciul Serviced
ing Friday evening followed by a so
cial time, serving fine cakes tiiey sre
noted for, with struwberries and cream.
Ths dance given by the Mncci-bee
lodge Saturday evening was a decided
success, socially and financially. The
music, furnished by the Kent's o.chcs
tra .tieina e xcetitionally coed, l'ort'
W H. I'ar.ih tllnni Aurora, Hubbard, Woodburn asa
i mvieni an naving rein-w..iM..-B
Ii.,.,. I.I n. i 'an i. n it huniliiv mcui anu are in.- Ku.i,.n
-,nd Mrs. Lore,, Censing on June 3, a "" J- M,,,'r,,
!on. Mother ami babe doi-.g fine n.'' 'rs- Mar 1 u'y U
ti,.. falli.-r sett.ii ft up the ri;a.s comet,. Oregon to locate per,n.iently
thi-. I. tl,.., r.i.t .hill. All vrc and we hope may decide to cast tneir
' proud ef liitn. " lot with the PonaUlites.
fiaticis.o. June 27. Hubert A. I. u ..i 1.....1 t t.. n..,..i.i Mr. and Mrs. I'nytmi h Ker nu.r..
Johnson, foimer lieuleimnt colonel of nn Kii.r,tn led from Salem Tuesday after anding
the Twentieth enginers and s prominent lloi fsii ticr of Ton.iuin .nent Mom I several days there
lumberman, died here last hleht fnilim. .1..,. 1.. n 1.1 Mi honhia
Kan Fii
ing an nperation. A f tw
ith friends.
Pnowden of Vortlnnd,
the boat ding
1I11V iu Ihiiuild,
fliivs nr.. hA 11 . 1 xi.. it' 1. .a 11- .1. i t hna beeTl running
notifed that he hud been raided were rn,li,. . th J...n. .(... nn 1 house si Hie Brim wood camp, Ietk lor
me riemn war cross, juiinson had Tuesdnv.
large luiitlcr interests nt Klatunth Falls C, ft." i
skins of l'ortlnnd spent Bus
day in Honuld the guest of Mr. and
The Crowning Glory
of a car is the top. The ob
ject of a top is to keep off
the sun, the wind, the rain,
or the snow. In addition it
ehouid go up easily and
quickly in the emergency;
and wfien it is up or down
should give an added touch
of beauty to the car We
make tops that fulfill all
these requirements.
1T1 S. High Street
Portland on Puturday.
Mrs. Hite of Ilutteville visiiil
titer, Mrs, Owens, on Tuesday.
11 11
tiic prorAiirMni"
A Wrapped Tread fire
IScst Known Tire in Europe
Now made in V. 8.
6000 Mile Guarantee
Mr. and Mrs. lmuaii leu i.ir i or.,n.. 3()(J
on r ri.ii.y sun ........ "
.... I .1. ,u., 1
Mill U ll Bt 1110 dunuauu ""
Nob Hktd
Ntm Skiit
Nnn ikid
Nob Skid
lucludes War Tax
..i:! ...r.ii
, - ... I ..sij nun riotl
I Mrs. Ionian left for Fort. and - , M
30X.1H Nob Skid 21.75
S2i.1V. Non Skid
The Hoffstettors ot lomiuin, n 51,4
brought the five acre cherry chard in 32x4
Donald are in town this week gathering 8.1,4
the cherries of which they lav a nice j4l4
,rnp, having bl to t lie woouuurn
Mr,. W. F.. Allison of Kirksville,
Wis., is visiting her sister in law, Mrs.
t W. Johnson for a week after which
she will leave for Ocean Tark, VSmuV SfliJ riain
ington for the summer. She will then .Ws-IH Non Skid
meet her daughter, Mrs. C. K. Totnp- -3S Nob Skid
l: I ,l,il.lr..n of Walla Walla. ,lx N" -k"l
nw,l . - ti V.. ki;.l
not. seen for yeurs. A tlelit.htiul day
was spent renewing old times.
Mrs. John Singer was at home to
about twenty Indies Thursday at her
beautiful country home k mile f'om
Mrs. A. K. Feller ami Mrs. F. Mercer
were in Salem Monday night.
Iigsnberry picking will he in full
wisg in and around Ponaid just as
sns as the sunshines again. FuWiag in
tlio l'erkett yard was to hac tM-gtin
Thursday morning but besusc of the
raiu was postponed.
Mr. Kennedy ef the Kennedy Si. dey
Wood company came out frm Portland
on Mo.:ilay to lok over the idtjaiion at
the yard.' They have hud to put in a
large bridge to facilitate their .fi ling,
j . j . 1 . .. 1
but it is Rt'Otit compictcn ma un v i..,p j
to ship out several cars a wee tiom
now on.
Mr. sad Mrs. A. L. Connelt have
moved to Hie Smith timber true:, where
Mrs. Coniictt has charge of tU Loard
ing house aul Mr. Connett is hauitng
to the station where they are ship, ing
to Fortlund.
You Can Speed Right Along
If your car is equipped with
our tires. Ordinary accidents
will not come your way.
Punctures, skidding, etc.,
will be things of the past
Our tire service spells auto
riding economy. Divide the
cost by the number of milee
traveled and vou'll find our
tires far cheaper in the end.
474 Ferry St. Salem. Ore. Phone 3C4
(Capital Journal Special Scr . if i .)
Palr.s, Or., June CH. After, being pe
titioued by a big majority of business
man n.ul ntl.pr ItrnmillCttl CltiMUS. MSV-
in'ior Kisser has decided to life the bn
41 111 1" ' - . . ..
The Battery Shop
Automobile Electricians
3509 Kile Guarantee
Factory Firsis Ktsndard Makes
...11.25 u.r
.... 15.25
. f San Frahcseo. The motter
daughter H1 remain sstil Sepie.v,btr
Slid the sons divide the time between
Ocer.e Fark aud Frisco daring that
Mrs. Heto-t, who has been sihi1Isj
itue time villi h r due. h. . . l a
. 17.!
. SO.'Kl
. 21.75
. 2'kafl
. S5J5
-tlv Filled
the business section of the town on I
the Fourth of July. Mayor Kistcr's
action in ski'tjt the people to f.Mirtttej
a suae" Fourtk was ia respo.i,. to s j J
letter from the state fire martj,.! ask ,
ing that all due caution he r,.cMcd f
Batteries recharged and repaired.
Magneto or battery type ignition troubles ad
justed Generator or starting motors repaired.
New batteries for any car.
All batteries tested FREE.
a ij-,?ints Tinr ni rtnirin ... i.i. r. uii.
Non Skid
Non Skid
Mail Ordi rs Froti'
C0011111 rein! snd Court Street
Salem, Oregon.
, .... r 1 .
j ' IB rciraru 10 in. -i;in0j pi iit. wn.ii.
S tw'sre uually caused on titat day by fir.:
3.73 works of some ntaaner. M.?ror H:-sir
8 K.yhd stated thut he would close tc town
39't';ght to fireworks but upon the riscn-
5.25 tat ioir ef the pi'tition w:th the tara-s
of the lus'iu-sa men affit.-d he .atcd
"in that Cfs." he would sot be lie.J re
ipensible f ioulil s fire occar' o si
wiilingtB It the boys have then fjort
ia cciebiaiisg.
2G3 North Commercial Street
Phone 413
If Yea Can't Buy It la Sakia Yoa Dent Need It.